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Shopping for Pearls

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse




  • September 2, 2017
    9:30 AM


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Father in heaven thank you so much for bringing us up to the mountaintop Lord we have. Seen in the Bible that you meet your people on the mound. And we have come before you today with open hearts with humility asking that you will show yourself to us and that as a result of as a result of our encounter with you we might surrender all to you and that more importantly than that we might become like you. And so as we begin this session here as we open your word teach us. Speak to us amid the Holy Spirit. Guide us into all truth we pray in Jesus name I met my wife and I we write on a personal finance blog and as you can imagine. We like to save money. Perhaps the better word is that we're cheap I wear that with a badge of honor. So this weekend what we get is it. Is S W Y Z but it's also Labor Day weekend so if you're like me your e-mail inbox is being filled up with Labor Day sales right Home Depot come in forty percent off all appliances no money down. It's a season for shopping and every holiday now in the United States seems to be attached to some form of consumer activity Black Friday right that's the biggest one. But I want to tell you a story this happened in the city of Geneva in the year twenty fifteen Geneva Switzerland twenty fifteen a Hong Kong billionaire OK so a billionaire from Hong Kong was at auction and he set a world record for purchasing the most expensive diamond in history by carrot. He purchased a rare twelve point zero three carat blue moon diamond for a record forty eight point five million dollars forty eight and a half million dollars for a blue rock but that's not all the day before across town in Geneva also this same billionaire from Hong Kong was an add on another auction this time he bought a sixteen point zero eight carat pink diamond and this one he only spent twenty eight point five million dollars. So in the matter of two days this man spent seventy seven million dollars for a blue rock and a pink rock but here's the punchline of the story. Guess who he bought those diamonds for. His wife and. It was for his seven year old daughter I have a little girl she better not get any ideas. But I like your reaction because you in your mind's eye you can already Invision what's going to happen when dad gets home a sweet heart you wouldn't believe what I got you look at then this. Over the shoulder and she's back to playing with her plastic toys from Wal-Mart or the thrift store but your reaction is telling. Because the gas the horror the shock. That's exactly what I want you to feel. Because you know seventy seven million dollars I don't care how shiny how beautiful those diamonds are. It's extravagance it's unnecessary it's a waste right were these purchases worth it. From our perspective as a Bible believing Christians understanding that there is a world to warn and a heaven to win and to hell to shun and the soon coming of Jesus Christ and millions and billions of people who have not heard the Gospel are these purchases worth it no. But. I'm here to tell you. That Biblically speaking. According to the Bible. Sometimes extravagant purchases like this in deed. Are right sometimes they are appropriate sometimes extravagant purges indeed are biblical How do I know turn your Bibles with me to Matthew chapter thirteen. Matthew chapter thirteen and the clued that I gave you was in the title of our message this morning shopping for pearls we're going to begin reading in verse forty five of Matthew chapter thirteen we're just going to read two verses. We're just going to digest we're just going to drill deep into these two verses verse forty five and forty six the parable of the Pearl of Great Price and perhaps at the end of our Bible study together we will see how this story. Ties in with the theme of surrender for a weekend together Matthew chapter thirteen beginning in verse forty five the Bible says again the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls who when he had found one Pearl of Great Price went and sold all that he had and bought it so we read this story and we think Yeah I've heard this before I've read in Christ object lessons Yeah that's nice but less posit moment let's think about this this merchant man that Jesus is talking about. For one pearl how much of his net worth that he spent he spent all of it what percent is that one hundred percent so at the end of this transaction how much of his net worth was left zero listen carefully so let's go back to our Chinese or Hong Kong billionaire. And let's just for sake of argument let's say he was only he was a small billionaire OK if there is such a thing he only had one billion dollars OK that's the minimum you must have just at least one billion to be considered a billionaire right so let's just say he only had one billion dollars he spent seventy seven million dollars for those two diamonds how much money does he have left some of you are really quick on the draw with your math but I actually calculated it so let's just make sure we got this right he would have nine hundred twenty three million dollars left nine hundred and twenty three million dollars left at a billion dollars when he spent seventy seven million that was only seven point seven per cent of his net worth. And that's all that's of the only had one billion So what I'm trying to say we hear the story of such a extravagant purchase but was it really a sacrifice for that man seven point seven percent of the net worth for those of us in this room that's maybe a couple hundred maybe a couple thousand dollars. But the Bible tells us the story Jesus uses this illustration of a man who sold one hundred percent for one pearl. So what does jesus trying to tell us if we look at such a worldly case as this Hong Kong billionaire and we say was that extravagant that's going too far that's crossed a line that's extravagance but Jesus says. There is something worth far more than that. And it's called the Pearl of Great Price. So let's let's take a look at the story. What can we learn from this story. Let's go back to verse forty five. Again the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful. So who is this person notice the language as being use it's not a window shop for. It's not someone laying in bed at night not able to sleep browsing Amazon on their smartphone. This was not just someone who had money burning a hole in his pocket and wondering how can I spend this money on myself the Bible uses the term merchant man he's a businessman he's an investor he's an intelligent individual who is looking for some weights at Vance his financial position and he's looking for pearls. There is and intentionality to what he's doing so contrast this was not a man who was moved by impulse this was not a man who accidentally accidentally stumbled upon a pearl and just out of gut reaction not having control over his credit card he accidentally purchased and sold all that he had it was not that kind of a man. It was not by accident he was not coming home that day and strangers wife. Sorry sweetheart you won't believe what I did the day. He went out with an intentional desire to obtain something. He was a man who had done his research done his homework his count of the cost he understood value he'd done this investigation his research a study so let me use an example. How many of you have ever bought a car. Or a house or even a computer big purchases thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars purchases and would you ever walk on to let's say a car dealership and say Just give me whatever you got sell me the first one that you got. Doesn't matter nobody would do that you know how that would work right before you buy the car you're going to be pounding the keyboard. Craigslist blue book value Consumer Reports you're reading all the reviews you're watching the videos you're talking with people who have the car and when you go on that lot you understand that you're there to fight for every cent you're there to negotiate. And so this merchant man is not going out there just randomly you know being allowing his arm to get twisted every which way by the slick salesman on the lot this guy was doing as homework and he was intentional about finding the deal last year on Black Friday time I was in somewhat of a sudden similar circumstance I was researching a computer for my wife is one of those situations where I came home one day and I had this bright idea as a sweetheart I think you need a new computer No I don't I can use your computer no I think you need a computer I would love to behind your computer so we had this conversation as a black card it was around the corner and you know what happened I had my spreadsheet busted out. You know all the features we wanted to Best Buy and we were pounding those keyboards tapping the screen checking the brightness reading the reviews and we had a budget and we were trying to keep our money within the budget. But we spend weeks for computer. And what does the Pearl of Great Price represents. Jesus tells us again the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls and I sit say all of this to make this one point and that is compare the effort we exert in researching the latest purchase be it the latest computer car house clothes camera up toys whatever you want put it in there the amount of time and effort and energy researching that compare that with how much effort you spend in seeking the Kingdom of God we open the Bible in the morning and we say oh I don't have much time just read whatever. Or we say oh jesus will understand I'm busy today it was a late night this merchant man is giving us the illustration of what it takes to obtain that Pearl the kingdom of heaven it takes intentional effort we got to study investigate research we got up put forth some effort because nobody is going to wander into the kingdom of heaven accidentally. No one is going to be arm twisted into making a decision for Jesus the decision is only going to happen when we set our mind to it there's a familiar passage we sing the song Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. And his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you what the Seek ye first the God looks like it looks like this merchant man and so how did this. Merchant man know that he wanted to buy that per. Well. He's got to know how much is worth ahead of time and we can only identify the worth of the Pearl if we had done our research first you know how it is sometimes you go to a store might be a close out store or you go to a thrift store and you don't know what things are work maybe you go to someone's garage sale or yard sale and they're selling all of this junk and you just think oh it's all junk. But maybe buried within that junk. Is a pearl or a diamond that's worth millions but we will never know it if we had not spent the time to study and to seek for ourselves that leads us to the next question. So now we understand this was a merchant man he was a businessman an investor he was seeking diligently for the pearl he understood the value and so we asked the question so why were you willing to spend so much. Why were you willing to spend so much for one pearl logical question right and I believe that merchant man was spin that question around and say you know what you're asking the wrong question entirely. And again the stems from us not truly understanding the value of that Pearl because we look at it and we say wow that was that sure was expensive I sure hope it was worth but this man I believe would look at us and say What are you talking about this was a screaming bargain. Let me illustrate to you what I mean by that I mentioned earlier that my wife and I were shopping for a computer we had a budget and budget was about six hundred to six hundred fifty dollars for a computer so we're shopping and trying to find the best deal but we ended up buying the computer for seven hundred dollars Now wait wait wait you're saying you say that you are cheap you have a personal finance blog you help people save money you broke your budget right you said you're going to spend six hundred six hundred fifty dollars you spend seven hundred dollars We're going to revoke your you know your card for being cheap Well here here's the rest of the story. For six hundred six hundred fifty dollars I could buy a six hundred sixty fifty or six hundred or six on a fifty dollars computer. But we found a computer that was prized as seven hundred dollars but it was worth over a thousand so all of a sudden. The question changed. The conversation now is no longer Why did you spend so much the question becomes oh how did you get such a deal and what I'm trying to say is that is exactly the conversation that we would be having with this merchant. Will come to him and say look you sold everything you had one hundred percent of your net worth everything how could you spend so much and he's going to say do you know what this is this was worth ten times one hundred times a thousand times more and it only cost me this much it was a screaming bargain and you see we asked this question even that question of why would you spend so much it just reveals to us that we really do not understand the value of that pearl. And why do we not understand the value it's because we have not sought it we have not studied and to seek the value he saw an inequity of value it was Miss Price and he realized it was worth everything he had and more but that's all you had to give. An objectively he realized that there is something greater here than merely his own material possession and that leads us to another I believe logical question we can ask this merchant there's a merchant man went out there and he sold everything right want to sell it means everything he cleared out his bank account liquidated his investment portfolio his retirement his kids' college fund he's sold his house his boat is car everything is on the altar. And we ask him this question we say you know what. Were you going to live. What are you going to eat now how are you going to pay for your daily necessities How are you going to take care you're a family and you understand that we can't stretch this parable beyond what it was intended to do but I believe this question illustrates to us an important calculation when we think about the relative value of things. I want to introduce you to another passage this is in second Corinthians Chapter four because when we think about the value of this Pearl of Great Price Yes indeed it is costly in a sense. But we have to measure it with the right measurements circling Corinthians chapter four and we're going to begin reading in verse seventeen. Second in chapter four verse seventeen this is the Apostle Paul rioting. The possible you've got to remember this was not a man who grew up or just simply lived his entire life in luxury this was a man who was persecuted severely for the truth. He was shipwrecked in the in the sea multiple times he was beaten and left for dead stoned the trade bit by venomous vipers I mean this guy has been through it all been in prison I mean this is Paul notice what he says in verse seventeen seconds before. Or hour it was the next two words lined affliction wait a minute Paul here is saying our light affliction your affliction Paul does not seem like to me. You give up everything your your being betrayed by your country when you were shipwrecked beaten physically assaulted left for dead bitten by snakes locked in stocks in the deepest dungeons and you're saying you're saying what is this. Line affliction just a scratch I just want to mention I want to drill that into you because this is what we're trying to we have to see the context of what this person is trying to say Paul in this context of severe persecution he calls a light affliction and he says which is but for a moment. Is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory in verse eighteen this is the key this is the key while we do not look at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen for the things which are seen are temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal. And this is important points back to the question we asked the merchant man he when he sold all they had to obtain this pearl of great prize yes it cost him everything yes there is the question of OK who is going to take care of me now what about housing and shelter and food and transportation and gas and all of these things yes but what Paul is saying Paul the man who did give it all up the man who was persecuted beyond words he says all of this is merely momentary. All of this is a light of flexion. And all of this is temporal it's temporary it's what we can see here touch taste and feel but what is of eternal value is what you can't see. Is what you can't feel it's what you can't physically assess with your senses and policy remember remember remember where the true value lie. Even in the world today. Even in the world today one of the biggest problems particularly of. Those of us in the western world developed world here in America one of the biggest problems we have and I'm talking in the personal finance realm as well as other realms is that we cannot put aside what we see in the here and now to think about the time to come I mean we're not even talking about heaven. Heaven is like really advanced. I'm talking about the next paycheck. I've only got thirty dollars left in my checking account whether my getting paid next why do people live that way is because we've lost the ability to delay gratification to think about the temporal only to think about the future. And you know there's a word for this and that is faith faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. And so you know even when you look at the most successful worldly people in the world let's say the entrepreneur is the big C.E.O.'s guys like. Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or whatever in all the biographies that you read about them one of the most uncanny abilities that these guys have is ability to not simply dwell on the here and now they have the ability to project their view if I can use a spiritual word to see through the eyes of faith not merely the here in the now what I can see hear feel and taste but project to what can be. And it's a rebuke to us because most of these men are godless faithless men and we as Bible believing Christians we who have this thing that God has given to us called faith the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen we ourselves struggle even worse than they do. And this merchant man with a book with a Pearl of Great Price is illustrating to us the importance of placing right value on not just the physical material things that we can see but what we cannot yet see and that's where our feet needs to be strengthened. I want to share this passage with you this is from the book desire of ages page one fifteen paragraph two. Since he last heaven this is I'm a lucifer OK since Lucifer have lost heaven he was the term and to find revenge by causing others to share his fall we understand the great controversy we understand that this is Satan's M.O. He is out to get others to fall with him and he knows he has but a short time but the desire ages goes on the goes on to tell us what one of his most successful schemes are OK you ready one of his best tricks up his sleeves. This he would do by causing them to undervalue heavenly thing. And to set the heart upon things of earth desire it is page one fifteen program to makes it very clear one of Satan's weapons one of his most successful ploys to trap us to make us fall within is simply to help us to undervalue that which we cannot see heavenly things into place all of our of worth and our value on the earthly thing. I want to illustrate this point you're all familiar with Apple computers the company who started that company who started out. Steve Jobs OK everybody you know Steve Jobs I heard the other other Steve right there to Steve's was an act case Steve Jobs and Steve was in the act did you know that there was also a third founder of the company and you want to remember his name it's good that's true there was a third owner but there is a reason why we don't remember his name is not because its name is not Steve. His name was Ron Wayne Ron Wayne and he was the adult founder there were three of them Steve Jobs and three Steve was nagware young whippersnappers. Ron Wayne was out in the business world already he was an engineer I believe and he was I think in his forty's at the time he was one that actually drafted up the founding documents but the reason why we don't remember who he is is because Ron Wayne sold his entire stake in Apple after merely twelve days. Twelve days after the business started he sold his ten percent stake in Apple guess for how much eight hundred dollars. Some of you know where I'm going with this what percent stake that he have ten percent OK so he's sold his ten percent stake in Apple which by the way is the most valuable company by market capitalisation today. For eight hundred bucks is sold. You know how much that ten percent stake would be worth today well Apple currently is valued at close to eight hundred fifty billion dollars So you do the math. Ten percent will land him close to eighty five billion dollars to drive this point home when I first wrote the sermon of while back that stake was only worth sixty five billion. So in the few weeks. Since I wrote the sermon till now his ten percent would have grown another twenty billion dollars. And to add insult to injury for the past forty years I understand Ron Wayne has been struggling financially and so I share the story not to say oh so much money but the drive home this point. Think about that reaction they just have. You had a visceral reaction did you not you have this feeling like Can I slap that man right that's what you're thinking you're thinking what a shame. One. Way or gonna cut this guy's I'm slack he didn't know the future and the vast majority of technology startups crash and burn so he might have been the smart guy he might have been the one that made off with one hundred dollars when everybody else lost everything but here's the point. We don't have that we have this reaction to a man who gave up eighty eighty five whatever billion dollars. Yeah yeah it's always Yeah what a shame. But imagine what the angels will say in the kingdom of glory when your name is mentioned and they say he was not willing to pay the price for the per. He was not willing to give up that which was hindering him from attaining that Pearl of Great Price what with the angels. That guy's sold out his eternal treasure for a mere eighty billion dollars There's no comparison in value. And you say Ha ha that's funny I'll never have eighty billion dollars Yeah sure Probably so but how often do we sell out the pearl of great price for something worth far less Esau sold it all for pottage stew what with the angel say when they look down at that young man he was not willing to pay the price he would rather date that girl that he knew was not good for him rather than obtain the Pearl of Great Price that woman would rather prioritize her career for a mere three score and ten years on this earth rather than the Pearl of Great Price that family was too comfortable in pitching their tents Ward Saddam rather than moving for the salvation of their souls the Pearl of Great Price was too costly for them what with the angel say about us we thumb our noses at Ron Wayne we say you fool. What the angel said. Look at us and say you would rather have the fancy car than of Jesus. You rather continue visiting that website watching that T.V. show rather than have Jesus. Who is the food. The merchant man gives us the illustration. There was no hesitation there was no prevarication there was no one during whether or not the Pearl was worth it he knew it was worth it and the moment he saw it he knew he had to buy it and so some of you here are now saying all right all right. Where to swipe my car. Where do I pay to womb can I make out this check I want that Pearl. I sure hope we think that. But at this point we need to introduce a balancing thought to this passage let's look at Isaiah Chapter fifty five. As you're turning there. As you're turning there you realize that this parable is is likening the kingdom of heaven the plan of salvation if you will as a financial transaction. It's giving us this picture where we have to go to the marketplace we have to have an exchange we pay something to of ten in the kingdom of heaven but wait way. Isn't salvation free. Isn't it a gift. Yes it is so we have to make sure we maintain the balance of Scripture Isaiah Chapter fifty five beginning in verse one. Oh every one who thirsts come to the water and you who have no money come buy and eat yes come buy wine and milk without money and without price why do you spend money for what is not bread and your wages for what does not satisfy. Listen carefully to me and eat what is good and let your soul the light itself in abundance incline your ear and come to me here and your soul shall live and I will make an everlasting covenant with you the sure mercies of David. So here we. We. Have to harmonize two seemingly contradictory concepts in Scripture the pearl of great prize tells us you've got to sell all you have a buy this Per is going to cost everything but yet here and Isaiah and lots of other places John three sixteen write a lot of other verses God makes a very clear salvation the kingdom of heaven is free it's a gift there's nothing you can do to earn it or deserve it and. Are again make sure we're on the same page here. So how do we how do we harmonize these two opposite paradoxical concepts OK I think this is where we have to make sure we understand that when we talk about the Pearl of Great Price Yes the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant mass seeking a beautiful pearl Yes but that Pearl is not merely talking about and in animate object. The pearl is not merely a place is not merely a mansion and heaven is not merely the gates through which we go into the holy city the pearl represents a person. Jesus is the Pearl. Jesus is the kingdom of heaven He is the Way the Truth and the life and no man come of the Father except through him. And so when we come to this realisation the pearl is actually a person now I think we've got some material to work with how can a cost everything and yet be a gift How can a free how going to be free but yet be so pricey How can these two things harmonize and I think the secret is the word relationship. How many of you here are married you know. All right this is this is a good gentleman who are married. You of all people will understand this more than anyone else on your wedding day. When you stood before the pastor at the wedding altar and you said I do on that day. You have experienced what it means to sell all that you have I had a teacher once my dean in college he said when he got married to his wife he said. What's mine is now hers what's hers it still hurts. But you understand what I'm trying to say. How much did it cost you to buy your wife's Yes I do at the altar. There's going to be some smart alecs out there is going to give a you know funny answer but yes there is a cost to having the wedding and all that yes I understand that but what I'm talking about is is there a price is there a dollar value at which you can pay your wife and say OK if I could if I just upped the prize How about instead of two thousand let's make it to fifty two thousand and twenty five hundred OK Will you marry me now. With there ever be this kind of a dollars and cents negotiation for a marriage relationship no way. But yet does it cost something yes. Gentleman does it cost something yes. If you're not going to say yes your wife will say for you. And this is the point. When we come to a marriage relationship it's an illustration of that relationship we ought to have with the Pearl of Great Price when we say I do to Jesus that's the day we get lowered into the baptismal tank and we come up bearing his name just like when a wife takes on the name of her husband we take on the name of Jesus Christ when we're baptized and so we're walking in harmony in married match Ramoni And when we are married to Jesus there's nothing we could do to change his love for us. There's nothing we can do to recommend ourselves to say hey will you marry me now he wants to marry you now but once we get married to him just like in every relationship it's going to take some work married men and women. Does does having a happy marriage take effort I only like to yes's all the wires away. Yes And this is where we have to remember. That when we come to Jesus and we accept him as the Lord of our lives and we marry ourselves to Him It's now a relationship. Is not a one time transaction and just like for a man and a woman to not just be married one day and then forget about it the next it takes a continual walking together and there are different words for this it might be called loyalty and one you know to some or devotion to others or consecration to others let's use the word that we've chosen for the weekend so render. When we buy the pearl of great prize What is the cost the cost is the surrender the continual daily consecration of saying Narmada will be a vine be done. For continual decision making or saying not what makes me happy the most but what makes the other person happiness. And that's the substance of this concept salvation is free yes holy Louis or Jesus will save us the way we are nothing we can do will to no Manish or increases love for us yes but once we are married to him once we accept Him There is a cost there is a cross to be born there is a cost to discipleship. And the Bible tells us that we must love the Lord our God with all our heart mind soul and strength. And this is where I have to go a step further. And that is a sometimes we have this idea that oh if I have to exert effort in my Christian experience it's legalism police. Does it take effort sometimes. To be faithful to your spell. There's a take effort sometimes to not hold that bitterness inside does it take for some time to say I'm sorry. But I believe there's a take effort sometimes to not look at other women for men sure there's a take after some times for women to not talking complain behind husbands back into shares falls with other people yes sure it takes effort to reconcile it takes effort to not fight in the first place it takes effort to do all of these things but yet when we have a relationship with Jesus the moment we have to put forth any effort we say Oh we always love it makes no sense when we live a life for Jesus. Exerting effort to please Him does not mean we're trying to earn our salvation is simply reveals how we love Jesus you are him it's like imagine if there is a young man who was in love with a girl. And the girl is of again and he's not what do you think the young man's going to do. He's going to become big and so fast your head will spin. And what would we do we pat him on the back and a boy that you go getter but oh I've decided to become a Christian and Jesus tells me I shouldn't eat certain things we don't want to be to extrude I don't want to be a fanatic I don't want to be like those weird people what's the problem here. If there are two women a man and woman in law would anybody say what I have to take a whole day off my studies take the day off work to spend with her why would I want to do that. But yet one day in every seven God has taken time out of his busy schedule. From running the universe to spend with us and we say we'd rather go to work. We'd rather spend time watching T.V. or moaning or long. Why is this so difficult for us to understand that yes maintaining a relationship with Jesus yes it might take some effort but doesn't mean we earn anything from it it's simply means that we love Jesus the Bible tells us that we ought to resist the devil and he will flee from us that sounds like effort to me. But the effort is not so much at all look at me Jesus the effort is Lord I love you help me to do right help me to make you happy let me please you in all of that I do say and that I am the problem with so many Christians today. That we want the crown but we don't want the cross we want the prize but we're not willing to take the yoke. We only want the verses that say salvation is free and without prize but yet we are not willing to accept the ones I say it's going to cost you everything you've got Jesus has to be our Lord and our Savior Yes salvation is free yes there's nothing we can do to earn it but yet it costs us everything we have the Pearl of Great Price is worth every penny. It was taken to heaven in a very first vision this was shortly after eight hundred forty four great disappointment and there in heaven under the tree of life he saw she saw some saints who had been laid to their graves before October twenty two and as they conversed together those saints who died earlier looked at L.-Y. and her company and said Please tell us what was the greatest trial the most costly experience you had to pass through in order to make it to this place. L.-Y. energy company looked at one another they fought long and hard. They tried to conjure up in the most extreme form the persecution that they went through the bitter disappointment the pain the loss the uncertainty all of these things they tried to bring it to mind they tried to compare verbalize how hard it was and you know what only thing that they could say. Heaven is cheap enough Heaven is cheap enough. I don't care how much that Pearl of Great Price looks to you right now the price tag that Jesus has for you is going up and may look different for different people. You may look at and say I'm going to have to change my career path that's an expensive price to pay some of you might be thinking oh I'm going to have to go say I'm sorry to that person that I haven't talked to for so long that might seem like a very high price to pay. Some of you may have to give up certain vices that nobody knows you have. You think no one will ever know but Jesus sees you and he says Do you want that or do you want me and as you contemplate this as we move into this appeal now I want to think with you with this parable in a different perspective. And that is why we might be wrestling with the cost that Jesus might have for us. We have to realize that Jesus has placed a value value on us. Because our pearl of great prize the parable doesn't simply represent us looking for Jesus as the Pearl. It represents Jesus as the merchant man looking for us the Pearl. Just like the merchant man that we read about did not go haphazardly accidentally stumbling upon something of value he went out intentionally seeking after it he knew exactly what he was looking for he was not about to be cheated he saw in you one pearl of great price. And Jesus looking at you he says no price is too high. And he looks at us and he doesn't say oh I might pay that prize he did pay that price. Unless you think all but he was God he had the powers of omnipotence he had the angels on his side comforting him and and bearing him up lest the dashes for against a stone. Remember gets. Not my will but thine be done. Jesus Wrestled Until great drops of blood poured out from his forehead and as he lay there in anguish we see what it takes for the cost of ourselves. The cost. Of purchasing that Pearl of Great Price and lest you think oh it's because he's got the sins of the whole world upon him we're told that if there was just one soul on the face of this earth Jesus would have done it for them. It was for your sins he done you individually not even necessarily the whole world collectively in the vigil e Jesus saw in us the Pearl of Great Price. Jesus soul that he had to purchase us the per what are you willing to pay. For him you are worth everything to Jesus what is he worth to you value to close your eyes and value it and father you know that we have individuals in this room in this tent. Who need to make a consecration to you this Sabbath morning there are individuals who are counting the cost in their minds right now there are there are things in their lives that they know they must give up they must pay that price to receive Jesus as a pearl of great price. And so right now while every eye is closed and every head is bowed I invite those on to the sound of my voice who recognize that Jesus is tapping you on the shoulder and saying you know that thing yeah give that to me Jesus is talking to some in this room and saying you know there is something that you have to give in order to obtain me all of me. And if that's you out there I invite you to raise your hand right where you are. Raise your hand my hand is raised as well. This is a commitment to say Lord Jesus there is no prize too high for that pearl of great price whatever it takes whatever pain in my cause I recognize it as simply light affliction. God bless you God bless you Father in Heaven you have seen the hands that are raised you see the desires of our hearts you know that we are genuine as we seek your help in our weakness Lord take our hearts for we cannot give it change us into your image for we cannot do that give us the faith through value heavenly things appropriately and to put aside the dross and the moth eaten and the cankered treasures of this world that we might have a pearl of great prize today we thank you and we pray these things in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more sermons please visit.


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