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  • September 2, 2017
    7:30 PM


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That's our heads for a word of prayer before we start as reverently bar heads. Loving heavenly Father we ask oh god at this time the Holy Spirit would guide each question that is selected that it be the right one that's needed as well that you deal with each one of the speakers that you would give them the wisdom needed for them to answer the questions in a manner that is concise and is a matter that is practical and a matter that is facing to you. In Christ's name. It says as Protestant Christians should we or is it OK to participate in movements such as all lies matter black lies and matter little lies matter any Bible verses are spared a prophecy is appreciated thank you. It's all right to participate as long as you have the right moment in. Your involvement has to be different from others are doing it because they want to make their lives on earth better and there's nothing wrong with that purpose but out because we know that we can participate but our goal has to be we want to make their lives better. Because our goal is to get them to see Christ in our lives it's through our actions and not necessarily to change this world to be about a place but to change them to be a better people. To be ready to to meet the Lord where we will have a better place so yes you can be in the world but not of the world. Principle that is helpful not just in these types of issues but in general and that is that when we accept Christ and when we're baptized into the something in this church we have joined a prophetic movement with a prophetic identity with a prophetic mission and everything that we do in this life must be subservient to thought which we have committed to so our careers our relationship. It's our entertainment how we spend our money on and on down the list the one question has to be does what I do or what I get involved with help me advance the mission of the three angels and the answer is no they don't do it but if what we do can advance that by doing what we were just talking about your By helping others to come into close relation with Jesus to understand who he is to manifest its character yes in fact there have been things even back in the days of Ellen White that she joined up with some of the popular like the temperance movement as one example in which she joined with other non Adventist organizations to advance what might be called secular or civil reforms but the underlying mission that undergird to why she participated and washing courage others to participate is because it helps advance of the range of message and the three messages going to the whole world in this generation is the only solution to say no matter what the issue is so that's a helpful context to think through all the difficult questions I apply just going to what he's saying I believe in you know standing up for what is right against the abuses that's going on in the government and everyone else but there's a quote that kind of balances out as well and so we keep our focus it says talking about Jesus and says yet the savior is the Fundies I've ages this is yet the savior tented no civil reforms he had no national abuses and then the national enemies he did not interfere with authority of administration or of those in power he who was our example kept aloof from earthly governments not because he was indifferent to the woes of men because the remedy the not lie merely human external measure. That you can never vote on a church board a change of heart and this is to be fish in the Cure must reach men individually and once we generate the heart so he didn't at the root cause I mean I think it's good to be in ball but to really saw the party go back to the root cause and the with the heart so our next question we actually have to think they're there they can be combined as one so the theme with this weekend is surrender moment by moment how do we surrender. How do I know that I am truly surrendering and not just modifying my behavior sounds familiar. You're going to have to come to the rest of brother Jackson some of our committee three hours tomorrow to ask questions but anyway let him take it from here. There Any quick answer questions and even after a long answer the question bottom line is and I asked one of a couple of them today and the closer you get to Jesus the more certain for you look in your own eyesight and the more simple you look in your own eye sight the more deeply you surrender to Jesus moment by moment so how can you tell usually we say well you can tell because you are growing you can see how you grow more righteous but if you walk in close to Jesus the closer you get to Jesus the more sense for you going to see yourself to be and the more deeply committed to surrender you will become so that for me lets me know it's not behavior modification to the behavior modification says you change it so when to say as only Jesus can next question I'm going to join the Marines if I had to take my if I had to take the life of one person to save many would God forgive me I'm going to join the Marines if I had to take the life of one man to save many would God forgive me. Well you have to ask more specific questions about the situation for one thing I mean are you doing this in self-defense and defense of the people that you were serving you know the administration has a long history of involvement in the armed forces we're all familiar now with the conscientious objector who. Who was drafted or who joined willingly joined the army I believe but did not carry a gun and refused to and was a saver of life and saved many Now there are others who don't go that route and you know I'm not here to cast judgment on their decision but what is your motivation. What is your motivation and what what is the repentance you know is God is not God is able to save us no matter what we do what we have done what our lives have been in the past are we participating in these behaviors willfully. Are we putting us in a place where we are actually arguing against the Holy Spirit. Or are we sincerely seeking for that conviction in that conversion the repentance that leads us to actually put away things that have been bad for us so I don't know if that addresses the question specifically but what is really the underlying motivation of the act that we do and then the repentance that we ask for. I was going to mention that the question is phrased as sort of two different questions. The question is can God forgive if. There is no sin God can't forgive. But that's not the real question. QUESTION The real question is driving up the route is this the best choice for a Christian right and I just want to share one verse this is Jesus when he was brought before pilot this is John eighteen thirty six he says My kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world then what my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is my kingdom not from hence again this goes back to my answer to the previous question is which kingdom are we fighting for what are we what are we trying to accomplish and what am I doing to advanced the ultimate cure and the solution to the problem and the answer is Revelation fourteen versus twelve and so our. Pastor has something else to. Thank you. John chapter eleven verse fifty this talking about how to kill one man to say many says I was a thinking of the corrupt religious leaders of day and they said in John eleven fifteen or consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people and that the whole nation. So it. Is OK to kill one person so we can save the whole nation and that's why they killed Jesus. Means. Doing. What it was when you serve in the military Our next question. Is. Why does addiction happen. So you can listen to the messages from this afternoon on audio. Right Alister it'll be up soon. So anorexia believe me. These are food addictions basically these are addictions of or issues of how food is used not consumed so on and so forth these are real problems that certain people face now we talked about today is that in every addiction what the individual is doing is trying to fill a void there's a loss there is pain they're suffering in their life that has led to the development of this addiction it an addiction actually produces a biochemical response in their brain that eases their pain. And so they're really medicating themselves with the behavior with the substance and yes even some food can be so the behavior patterns of that I would say in a quick answer look for the pain the suffering that they have experienced in. Earlier part of their childhood or even that has precipitated. Star was he saying. That. She struggled away and she went to a lot of. Health Ministries to overcome her appetite to lose that weight and. Discover the root cause we talked about it and she realized what was in it clicked in the mind was actually she was very slim her whole life and she had suppressed negative thought in a mind finding it clicked when she like twenty two years old the remembrance of her had unfortunately raped her when she was a little child I come back to twenty two and she's talking about came to her and. Her pain so this. Our next question What made you decide to become a pastor and or whatever profession you may have. So in other words how do you. Choose what you are right now. I have not an ordained pastor. But I I have been called to ministry by God. And I long story honestly but really it was a series of events in my life that led me to to understand the importance of nutrition of diet of healthy lifestyle in a process of learning the importance of this on our physical health but also on our emotional health our spiritual health and in other ways. And just the joy in seeing people come to that realization and understanding that they can actually do something about these issues. And wanting to help them and wanting to serve them so it's been a process for me I'm not the type I am not the one who knew exactly wanted what I wanted to be when I was twelve years old you know it was a process I went through different stages but I know that in every state because of much prayer and much speaking of guidance from trusted counselors as well that all of those different aspects of my professional development were what God was using to prepare me for where he has me today like there's a question of what you want to be when you grow up and I'm not sure I feel like I'm grown up yet. So I may I may change Mike you know a path a few more times but at any rate the underlying motivation behind why I do what I do I sort of have a strange job that I work for audio verse which didn't exist when I was a kid so I never knew this was what I wanted to do. So. There's a statement found in the book Education Page two hundred sixty two paragraph one it's a chapter called The Life work and this has been sort of my driving driving force behind how I choose what I do with my time in my life is a success in any line demands a definite he who would achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view that worthy of his endeavor such as set before the youth of today. It's all young people out there looking for what to do with your life guess what God tells us right here it's. The heaven appointed purpose of giving the Gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest that can appeal to any human being it opens a field of effort to everyone whose heart Christ has touched. So I have not been called to the ministry in the sense of as a pastor and I'm OK with that. Because I don't have to be a pastor to do what I just read. And so right now I'm in a position running a nonprofit organization. Supporting if you will supporting Ministry of. Environment local church and doing things like you know things like that and speaking and I believe in other ways you know giving Bible studies and ministering to others. Whatever career I'm in I'm going to be trying to achieve success that God has told us and that is to give the gospel to the world that's it there's nothing else who or the of our time. I guess what inspired me was a that every time I came to a critical point in my life this text always popped up somewhere. And it says the Spirit of God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach. Has set me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim liberty to the captives of the prison to them. And so I guess God speaks through His Word and also speaks to Providence when he opens up doors. You know Minister of the gospel I really believe that you. Can and will. And you know to me the thing about Jesus the he broke that caste system down of the clergy. And he broke it on he says and. You know that these supposed they were an ordained minister there. You see the past as preaching. What actually then is says that the disciples preached and many of the priests became converted so here was the lay people preaching and the passes became. So God is going to use every single one of you it is called you and. He doesn't want to share. Just. A website dedicated to work through free. And much more if you would like to know about.


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