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Overwhelming Fear

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 2, 2017
    8:00 PM


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Let's pray let's pray Heavenly Father guide us Lord as we open your word. Give us understanding give us wisdom a lot I pray that you would speak through me. I pray that you would take complex things. And make them simple to understand. And Father may the message come out as you intended to. This I pray in Jesus' name amen So my message tonight is untitled over whelming fear. Overwhelming fear. I have a question for you how many of you have ever experienced over whelming fear All right some of you some of you have never experienced over whelming fear is that safe to say yes. Well it is my prayer that by the end of this message it will be your desire to experience over whelming fear. Don't get up don't walk out please. Please I want to set the foundation for tonight's message turn with me if you will to Revelation Chapter fourteen and verse six attacks that we are perhaps all familiar with Revelation Chapter fourteen and verse six the Bible says. And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach on to them that dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made a heaven and the earth and the sea and the fountains of waters this is and time message that is to go into all the world Amen. And God's people are to give this message with power and authority in fact in the Book of Revelation Chapter eighteen we find there an angel descending and His glory lightens the whole world and he cries out with great power he repeats this message took for people to come out of Babylon meaning that at the end of time God's people will and must go forth giving a message. But they must give it with great power and authority Amen. So how many of you want to be a part of that message. So it's not I want to set the foundation first by talking to you on a very personal level and then I'm going to speak to you on a church level and then we're going to understand something very very very important for us to understand why Satan does not want unity in God's Seventh Day Adventist remnant church so part one. There are three major time prophecies in the Book of Daniel. Those time prophecies are who can help me out the seventy weeks followed by the twelve hundred and sixty year prophecy and then the twenty three hundred day prophecy OK how many of you have ever struggled to understand those prophecies and what they mean. All right so what we're about to do right now is hopefully simplify those three prophecies so that you will never forget it you will Watts never forget it not listen. Go with me to Daniel Chapter nine and let's just take a brief look at the seventy weeks prophecy Daniel Chapter nine and I want you to notice with me verse twenty one. The Bible says Yea while I was speaking in prayer even the man Gabriel whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning being calls to fly swiftly touched me about the time of the evening mobilization and he informed me and talked with me and said All Daniel are now come forth to give the skill and understanding. Notice of me verse twenty four the Bible there set seventy weeks are determined upon by people and upon my holy city to do want finish the transgression to make an end of want since to make want reconciliation for iniquity and to seal the vision and prophecy and to unknowing the most holy. Know therefore and understand. That from the going forth of the commandment to restock and to build. On to the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and threescore and two weeks the street shall be built again on the wall even in trouble as times and after three score and two we. Shall Messiah be cut off but not for himself let me just stop right here. Let me juice down. What we just read for you what we just read the seventy weeks prophecy was basically a prophecy pointing to the coming of Jesus All right pretty simple yet so are the seven week prophecy which began in four fifty seven B.C. you count seventy weeks or four hundred ninety years and it brings you to the ministry of Jesus Christ roughly in a nutshell OK now the seventy weeks prophecy. In essence pointed to Christ coming to his temple want you to pause right here or just come with me to the book of Malikai chapter three Malakhov chapter three. Malakar the third chapter and noticed with me verse one Malika. Chapter three. And verse one when you there same in the Bible says Behold I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me and those whom Lord whom you see shall suddenly come to his Want to his temple even the messenger of the Covenant whom you delight in behold he saw it come saith the LORD of hosts then the seventy weeks prophecy. Was basically pointing forward to the time that Christ would come home in his ministry and in essence to his temple we find Jesus in His ministry walking in the temple cleansing the temple minister ing in the temple OK if you're with me so far just let me hear a nice Amen All right so we're not going to look at the twelve sixty right now nor the twenty three hundred I just want to show you something that is actually quite amazing that the do you know that the seventy weeks prophecy is a very personal prophecy. You may not have known that but I want you to check this out because Did you know that in the Bible that you want I are called temples did you know that so so the Bible says no you know that you are the temple of the Holy Ghost check this up if you've ever struggled with understanding the seven we prophesy or understanding what it has to do with me personally listen to this every time. A person accepts Jesus Christ. Every time Jesus Christ and tears into the temple the seventy week prophecy has been fulfilled on a very person on level with you. Every one of us that accepted Christ into the temple when you are allowed Christ to come into your life and to set up his home in your temple in a sense the seventy weeks prophecy on a very personal level are you with me L A very personal level the seventy weeks prophecy has been fulfilled in your life. How many of you have experienced the seventy weeks prophecy. Yeah because Christ came to your temple and guess what every one of you who just like the Jews who had an option are we going to accept Him or reject Him every one of us has that same question brought to us will we accept the seventy weeks prophecy in our lives on a personal level or will we reject it because you know the result of rejecting the seventy weeks prophecy was that the Jews were cut off are you with me so far so wow praise God I can now personalize the seven we prophecy remember the seven we prophesy is a literal prophecy that was fulfilled in the time of Christ but on a very personal level every time a person accepts Christ into their life they have fulfilled the seventy weeks prophecy how many seventy weeks is that we have in here. Look at that you get it now. You're a seventy week year. You get it right so now we're good to go everything is going to be fine from here on out praise God that the road is going to be just nice and dandy except. There's another time prophecy in the Book of Daniel is there not what time prophecy is it it's the twelve hundred. It's the twelve hundred and sixty year prophecy and remember what was that prophecy about it was about Satan persecuting the people of God. So now you know why persecution comes in your life after the seventy weeks you get it you get so listen now understanding our so what I am living through right now I accept the seventy weeks and it makes sense the twelve sixty comes after the seventy weeks so that's why after you accept Christ all of a sudden it seems like the dragon is breathing down your neck. That's right it seems like man after except a cry before cries all of life was like yeah whatever but after Christ it just seems like this trial in this trip elation but now I understand oh I'm just going through the twelve hundred sixty I get it now I understand. You see a bit of a listen it's very interesting in the Book of Revelation you know a Revelation twelve The Bible talks about how this the man child was caught up to heaven you know that story talking about Jesus that's a seven week prophecy isn't it Christ coming to this earth living his life dies is buried resurrected in a sense they haven't Revelation twelve one through five is all talking about the seventy weeks prophecy a woman close with the sun getting ready to give birth to the Messiah That's a seven week prophecy Yeah but what happens right after that. The woman goes into the wilderness for how long twelve hundred and sixty years God is laying out for us your personal walk in prophecy but the reason that you don't need to be afraid of the twelve sixty is because the Bible says that come sustained the woman in the wilderness so says just not just left in the wilderness to fend for herself no God took care of his people in the same way you and I can rest assured that as we are going through our twelve sixty God is going to take care of us but but in order for him to take care of us we must feed on his word because that's what he does right he gives them bread in the wilderness he feeds them he sustains them see beloved only those who fulfill the seventy weeks prophecy who fulfill the twelve hundred sixty are the ones that are able to preach the end time message because wait because wait there's one more prophecy isn't there. Isn't there one more what is that prophecy on the twenty three hundred days then shall the sanctuary. Yeah I'm not feeling it and you know if you really really. Then some of those sanctuary. The tempo be cleansed and when the Temple is cleanse that sets the way for the coming of Jesus crimes so beloved on a very personal level then that's the seventy weeks the twelve sixty the twenty three hundred applies to me you know you have persecution and those that live godly example persecution but there comes a point in time what God wants us to move beyond just being stuck in the wilderness and get to the business of cleansing the temple not I can see people I know this doesn't sound bad but I can see people in terms of numbers you're calling your number Pastor Young calling you a number. You see Check this out now I can understand my mission in terms of numbers because for the atheists and the person who has never known or met Jesus I not understand OK we got to get this guy to be a seventy week or yeah we don't just traveling for twenty three you can't just become a twenty three hundred or so you're right you got to introduce him to Christ first. Amen the seventy week or so now I get it OK but guess what there's a lot of people who have already accepted Christ is our right does God have people in other churches and other denominations that are his people yes except guess what they are living under a counterfeit twelve sixty. Are going to view them you see in a counterfeit twelve sixty that's where Satan thinks the change times and laws that's the deceptive twelve sixty that's twelve sixty on Satan side so we realized oh man this is a seventy weaker but right now they're trapped in the wilderness. So we've got to move them from twelve sixty to. Twenty three hundred every time we bring someone into this movement they become twenty three hundred. So so now as I look at these prophecies I can to OK I get enough I remember now yeah I know that seventy is about because I've personalized the I know the twenty six is about I've personally the twenty three hundred I personally that those are the ones that are going to be preaching this message at the end of time you've got to have Christ living in your heart. You've got to know what it means to be persecuted and overcome it and you have to know what it means to live a life dedicated to Christ that he's able to cleanse your sanctuaries those are the ones we're going to preach that any time message with power OK so that's a level one now we're going to go to Level two. So. Level to turn with into the book of Matthew eighteen. We're talking about the church not. Matthew eighteen Matthew Chapter eighteen and we're going to begin. With verse three in fact let's begin with verse one and at the same time came the disciples on to Jesus saying who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven and Jesus called the little child on to him and set him in the midst of them and said Verily I say unto you. Except you be converted and become as little children you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven Whosoever therefore shall hold himself as a little child as this little child and the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven and who so shall receive one such little child in my name receive of him so what was happening with the disciples there they were trying to figure out who is the WHO IS A GREAT is who is a great is you know what that's a very dangerous spirit. Who is the greatest. Who is the greatest who is the great IT Who's your favorite pastor who's the greatest. Telling you man you fill in the blank is greater than you fill in the blank right now no this pastor is better than this no no this speaker is better than this speaker and you know what begins to happen when we begin to engage in that spirit of who is a great is yet there is something that begins to happen even in the hearts of teachers speakers pastors right. There exists this danger of seeking to become the greatest and that danger opens the way up for a lot of division within the church you're not feeling ME LOOK AT ME LOOK TO MY understand what I'm saying so the spirit of who is the greatest the disciples had so so we're going to come back to that so let's read on verse six she's a second was to come as a little child and then he says in verse verse six but whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea now when Christ talks about offending the Little Ones Who is he talking about. Is talking about children. Yet he's not talking about children he's talking about newborns he's talking about Christians that's what he says that's why he says except you become converted as this little one and then whosoever shall offend one of these little ones right so he's not talking about children yes jesus Yes Jesus loves the little children don't don't get mad I mean a pastor said he sees us does love the children OK he does he does I know you said in the song from what I know he love but the text it's talking about those who have given their lives to Christ better hang a millstone around their neck by the way that's why Babylon has a millstone put around her neck. Because she was seeking to lead astray God's people. So so reading on so Jesus goes on to say I'm down with me to verse ten so all take heed that you despise not one of these little ones for I say unto you that in heaven there angles do always behold the face of my father which is in heaven for the Son of Man is come to save that which was laws now is very interesting because Jesus here is telling us he came to save that which was lost these little ones were ones that were once lost but repented and were saved. Are you with me and he says don't offend them he says look I came my ministry was about taking those who are lost and want leading them to repentance if you read the same account in Luke fifteen the Bible says He says there there is joy in heaven over one sinner that repented parent account so from being lost to being saved he parallels with repentance. He goes out to seek to lead others to repentance so so watch this one must share in that notice Matthew eighteen not to eighteen and verse fifteen so now check out what he's about to do Moreover if I brother shall chest as against the goal and telling his fault between V. and him alone and if he shall hear the if I have gained by Brother but if you will not hear the then take with the one or two more that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be want established and if you shine the glad to hear them tell it on to the church but if you neglect to hear the church let him be on T.V. as as a heathen and a public in. Christ here is laying out the process of reconciliation of what everyone reconciliation. Why because Jesus himself just happens to be into reconciliation remember he came to seek and to save that which was lost not only are some do you think by failure to follow this principle there's a lot of division in God's Church you think so yeah yeah if we would follow this principle there would be a lot less strife in the house of God You agree yes now do you think God follows his own advice. You know all right so watch this. So the process of reconciliation is this if you have an issue with someone what do you do you go to them yourself I got a question for you did Jesus have issue with mankind he did that in not yeah and according to Matthew eighteen if you have an issue with someone what do you do you go to them yourself don't send somebody you go yourself can anyone tell me what prophecy tells us that Jesus came to mankind himself what time prophecy. Look at you guys. Yes yes Jesus came because he had an issue with mankind and he wanted to talk hey listen you know what I've got an issue with you you guys sin and you know all sin is against Jesus. So when you sing you sin against you so he came hey listen you know I want to try to work this out. And what the humanity do when Jesus came they rejected Him They didn't listen. So Jesus goes back to heaven they don't listen and so well they don't listen well what do I do now do I destroy them no. You take two witnesses. Yeah yeah how many of you are tracking with me yeah did Jesus send two witnesses. Yeah yeah who are those two witnesses. The old and the New Testament and how long that they. Twelve hundred and sixty years this and you know you offended you you spoke against it and let me ask you when if you're familiar with the prophecy found in Revelation Chapter eleven what did they do to the two witnesses did they hear them no no they didn't hear them so if you reject the one that came to you and then he sends two witnesses and you reject them then there's really just one more opportunity you take kids to the church and. Does God raise up and and time church. Can you tell me what time prophecy points us to the raising up of that in time church from hearing today from. Beloved the reason that God has called the advent of Smoove into existence is because he has given us the ministry of reconciliation. It is the final attempt at reconciliation before are you catching Who would have thought that not if you Chapter eighteen lays through this. But of it this is absolutely amazing because now you can understand follow God Listen the whole purpose of not to eighteen is to reconcile you all of the one who has turned against God That is the whole purpose the three angels message is is not designed to scare people it is a message of reconciliation with our Heavenly Father that's what we have been called to do and you see love in this and carefully. You cannot reconcile others to God If you do not have the love of God to eling in your heart. You have a friend who had an issue. That is in the Senate that way. Have you ever had a friend who had an issue with someone else. OK Back Soon yes and you knew the other person that the friend had an issue with and you wanted to do that because this is your friend you don't want your friend hurt you don't want your friend be an outcast and so you want out of your way to work out to try to work out that situation and say guys we don't need to be doing this right. But I would listen if we love Jesus. We have to understand that Jesus does not want to see one person lost and he wants to be reconciled with every single human being. So we as his friend should be are OK now she's wants but so our mission as a church is to help reconcile the lost to Christ and the only we can do that is if we have the love of God running in our hearts therefore therefore it is no. Wonder then that Lucifer know that God's people are supposed to be exercising the ministry of reconciliation Well what better way to disqualify God's people from the ministry of reconciliation by making it so that they cannot even reconcile among themselves. Oh. You mean that's why Satan is bringing division into the church. You guys are supposed to be the ones that are reconciling the world to God and you can even reconcile yourself you see beloved that's why say it wants to bring division in the church listen to me if genuine love true love Godly Love I'm not talking about counterfeit love if Godly Love is the way that we bring unity reconciliation then Satan has a weapon that he uses to bring about division Listen turn with me first John. First John you need to see this weapon first John chapter four. First John. Chapter four. Verse seventeen when you get there please say amen Check this out God's first round chapter for us verse seventeen here in is our love made perfect that we may have blown this in the day of judgment because as he is so are we in this world pause right there don't read any further look at me look up at me stop do not read any further. What do we need in order to stand in boldness in the day of judgment. Love So when we're going forth to the world and telling them about this this God that we serve we're trying to tell them that God is love and we're trying to tell them you have every reason to do what love go right and that's how we bring reconciliation God's weapon for the end time is love that's his weapon if you want to stockpile some stockpile love. Or a man you know in their hood. To see everybody like OK we do we have our cans of food and we have this and then we have got no God says I want you to stockpile love for the last days so you don't get it because I know what your satellite love but that's not exciting. We need to be stockpiling things like that OK watch one check this out that's read on verse eighteen there is no what's fear in love but perfect love cast out fear because fear have what torments he that fear it is not made perfect in love. You see beloved the opposite of love is fear. And so if love is what unites the people of God Then Satan is going to introduce a spirit of fear into his church to cause division do you realize that it is fear that Satan use to cause the first division between God and man watch come back with me to the Book of Genesis you need to see this Genesis Chapter three Genesis Chapter three. Genesis chapter three in verse one and notice what the Bible says Here now the serpent was more subtle than any piece of the field which the LORD God had made and his son so the woman gay has God said you saw not eat of every tree of the garden and the woman said unto the certain we may eat of every tree of the fruit of the garden fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said you so much eat of it not a soul you touch it lest you die and the serpent something to the woman you shall not surely die for God doesn't know that in the day you eat their role of then your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as gods knowing want knowing good and evil check the song Satan. Led He listened carefully to fear that she was missing out on something wait a minute. God is holding something back from you. Something that you need to know yourself and this way what God is doing what Satan introduces this spirit of fear and watch this remember when Adam and Eve comes to Adam and she offers him the fruits do you think fear rose up in Adam's heart you know what was he afraid of. Losing the fear. Fear lead to division between God and man what you think it does between man and man. And when God comes in the garden. Adam what did you do I don't know was what afraid when they hear the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day the Bible says they hid themselves because they were afraid. But I would say it's an used fear. To cause a separation between God and man Adam actually says I was afraid because I was once naked I was afraid because I was naked you see beloved out on and Eve experienced over whelming fear and overwhelming fear leads to sin which leads to overwhelming fear. Which leads to sin. Which leads to overwhelming it's a never ending cycle. They were afraid of the suffering they were afraid of what everyone the suffering that God was going to inflict on them in the garden they were afraid of God in its character they saw got to someone to be afraid of so when it comes walking in the garden they are terrified because of the suffering they think they're about to experience but then God does something. Remember why I was out I'm afraid because he was one naked. And so what does God do. He covers him what is God telling Adam. Don't be afraid you know many times that term is used in the Bible fear not fear not be not afraid Fear not be not afraid it is not Be not afraid fear not. The entire message of the gospel is about fear no. Don't be afraid of God In fact the Bible tells us that Jesus looked with me this is powerful notice with me Hebrews chapter two verse fourteen and fifteen Hebrews chapter two verse fourteen and fifteen see who Yeah Hebrews two verse fourteen fifteen Let's know what the Bible says. He was who for verse fourteen. Bible says here. For as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death that is the devil and deliver them who through what fear of want death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. The gospel is about breaking the bondage of fear. Let me say this way the gospel is about over whelming fear. How many of you know what it's like to experience all over whelming fear. Yes I love it I want to know what it's like to overwhelm fear I don't want fear to overwhelm me God wants you. Through experience over whelming fear over powering fear that's what God calls us to do he says I have not given you the spirit of fear but of a sound mind. The purpose of the gospel is to rid us of and on God The fear how many of you want to experience overwhelm me. You couldn't give them. Because when we begin to experience overwhelming fearful of it something amazing begins to happen to the devil has no power over us he only has power over us when we are fearing. The kind of fear God does not want to experience. So when you read all through the when when Jesus is about to be born the angel says to Mary fear not fear not listen to me. Check this out. When Adam and Eve see that animal suffering and then that suffering animal the skin taken from that animal who is now dead and given to Adam and Eve It's God saying I don't want you to fear why because one is coming who will suffer on your behalf do you understand what that means. Christ the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world came to demonstrate to us that God's love should overpower fear and the life of Christ demonstrated that very thing. I want you to think about how deep God's love was for us God is trying to tell us this and. By the way how many of you if you were Jesus you know let's not phrase it that way. If you were yourself. In that trial that she just went through think you would experience fear Jesus one of your very own is about to betray you are you going to give up on loving them now you still go through the suffering Jesus says yes. I'm not going be afraid I'm still going to go through the softly Jesus you're disciples have forsaken you are you still going to go through it yes God's love overpowers fear Jesus they're about to spit on you and beat you and Mark you are your friend that NO NO NO NO NO God's love overwhelms fear serious you're on the cross and they are mocking you and love to get you you have been nailed to the cross will you come down from across no because I need to demonstrate to my people that the way that you overwhelm fear is through love. How about this Jesus. The father has forsaken you. Not how would you come down from the cross no how would you allow fear to to lead you in god because you know when where when we're afraid we do crazy things I'm alright yeah when you are afraid you do crazy things yeah let a snake come in here right now and see what I do. Some of you know the story right or know the story right like for some of you it's a it's a brief for some of you what I fear has a way of leading us to do things that we would not normally do if someone came in here right now offering you the mark of the beast mark of the beast mark at the base mark you like are you crazy but if you're under our condition of fear you will do things that you would not normally do where fear was not present that is why Satan is constantly seeking to produce an atmosphere and a spirit of fear within our hearts because he knows that if he can get us afraid all. And time events how many of you afraid of it the reason I just want you to think about how many of us are afraid of and time going on in the I mean we sound like like the Christians from the other churches I don't want to hear about it the piece NO NO NO. I mean we sound like that where afraid of God has not given us the spirit of fear you see listen so God is trying to get the spirit of fear away from us by replacing it with the spirit of love because love over well most fear that's why the Bible says on yourself with this mind because he that has suffered he who loves Jesus so much that it the love for Jesus overwhelms the fear of suffering my love for Jesus is so deep it overwhelms the fear of suffering that's when Satan can have no power or authority over us. It is that kind of love beloved that brings unity in God's church because when we have that kind of low. There's nothing Satan can do to separate us so so check the sign you need to see this listen for remember how Peter got scared. And deny Jesus three times you member that and then after Jesus resurrected What did Jesus say to Peter three times. Do you love me Peter do you love me Peter do you love me Peter. B. opposite of fear were you with him nor was I me. The opposite of fear. Love. And then he says reconciled. Feed my sheep. Feed my sheep feed my little ones feed money so. Satan's and time weapon is fear. Fear of the End Times men's hearts failing them for fear of the things coming up on the earth beloved listen it is fear that will lead many of God's people to betray one another mother betraying children betraying parents and it is fear that will lead to the betrayal of our brothers and sisters not only that this gets a little bit deeper do you know. That one of the greatest causes of deception is the fear of deception you're not feeling me you. See saying doesn't care how he makes you afraid as long as he can put the spirit of fear in you he will bring it on and that's because of his in the church you see Eve was told that she was being just hey God is howling something from you he is deceiving you and he was I What conspiracy theory way while who you mean. Guess what I got some secret information that God doesn't want to know. And you know what check this out that same spirit has penetrated God's church because for some of us have everything why do you think they have white chairs in here. Hold on wait wait you think this funny right go online and look up white chairs I am not going to be deceived I am not sitting in that white chair you may be deceived but not me. And now all of a sudden you got it first it was just me but now twenty people believe that white chairs is a conspiracy. And before you know it those twenty people go talk to twenty other people and now you've got this faction in the church that believes that wherever you see a white chair watch on sayings coming this is the fear of deception but how do you understand what I'm talking about. Satan uses fear to bring to vision and not within God's church some people are so terrified of being deceived that they become to see all these movements that are springing up because why Well listen there's a fear of not being in the hundred and forty four thousand so now if God's church is what eighteen. What eighteen million What's the number now twenty million if God's Church is twenty million but only one hundred forty four thousand to make it through but I gotta find a way that all bunch of people are wrong see I'm telling you man on the only one not wearing a tie. Everybody else is off I'm telling So we begin to find teachings that may not be so popular see this is not mainstream telling you Matt and P. We're not going to say this but I'm trying to let you see how the devil hauntingly uses fear. As the basis of division in God's church so now yet this is some secret you know like of the church as a whole yet they reject this but really it's the truth and because we want to be among the remnant of the remnant of the remnant of the remnant we want to be number twenty four of the hundred and forty four thousand it's not good enough to be like a hundred and four you know one hundred and thirty nine and I stand no no no I need God to know that you know I was one of his like you like. The you know listen it's what we might call the Eliza syndrome. I alone am the Florey. I alone and got to be like Eliza there are seven thousand other people that you haven't met yet. That's really hard to tell him but beloved listen to me this spirit of fear fear of being deceived fear of not listen you can have a fear. Of not being the greatest. Who's the greatest. Why is everyone going after that pastor but they're not coming after me what think what New Edge what new thing can I come up with to gain a following but I'm telling you. Just because someone has a following doesn't mean that that someone is speaking the Word of God Let me tell you many wins many winds are blowing in God's church right now and I want to know why it's because of the spirit of fear. Everyone's afraid of who's going to get tossed out of the boat when God comes so they're trying their best to prove to God It's Me Lord it's me I'm faithful are there everyone else is going off but on faithful and Listen beloved That is the spirit of fear that's Adam pointing to Eve saying it was her it was her it is not the reconciliation that God wants us to to be exercising beloved listen to me I'm not saying that you know you don't call sin by its right name I'm not saying that there is no such thing as error in God's church that needs to be spoken out against but what I am saying is that much of the vision and God's house right now is because of the spirit of fear and has planted the Spirit of Love how do we overcome we've got to overwhelm fear we have to overwhelm fear. The love of God must be so deep in our hearts that we are willing that we are willing to go through Listen some of us some of us fear. Our fear of losing out on heaven. Must be overcome Yeah I won one thank you thank you. Listen you say Pastor that doesn't even sound right hold on. Hold on. When God was about to destroy the Israelites. And there was Moses what Moses say to God Moses was willing to meet your I got an idea where the way that I agree brought me on. He was saying you know kill me and you know just bring me back in this you know block me out of the Book of Life just don't destroy your people that was the kind of look most of us love surpassed the second death most of us are struggling with the first death. Let me tell you why beloved me tell you why it's so important because listen at the end of time remember this remember this we are told that when God Spirit withdraws we will feel as if God has for sake of those. It will feel like he hasn't but it will feel like that we want to have any evidence that God is with us and in that time fear might overwhelm us unless we have overwhelming love because if we have overwhelming love and sense of well God is for second you you're going to be lost you might as well take the mark of the beast we will say it doesn't matter if I'm lost I'm not serving you I'm not taking the mark of the beast and I will not die now. Why because I love God and even if it means me missing out on heaven I will not bow down to you you see people have it that's the kind of love the kind of love the woman we must be willing to suffer. That second death just as Jesus was willing to suffer that second death all right I'm closing the time is plinking got like five seconds left but in prophetic time. Five seconds. Some of it works some want to work that out for me so I can know how much time that I have I'm serious I'm finishing Jesus Jesus said when he comes again will he find faith on the earth what is sad because faith works by love if there is no love. There can be no faith. We must have overwhelming love him when Jacob was wrestling with that angel. And he must have been afraid what do you think it's dark he can't see who he's wrestling and then he realizes this god. And then check this out. The Bible says that. God said Let me go for the DAYBREAK you. Ever thought about that let me go for the day break you. See we don't get the real the real power behind that because we hear it in the King James let me go for the day break if that's not how it went down. I want you to imagine God saying get off of me. Get off of me you're in a fight when you know for you don't say Let let me go for the day you know where the stinking Chaika let me go home for the day break it no care at all that's what I got that's what you do when you know a fight right you're trying to get some gal for me it's not a get it's the. Cats that's what happens when a fighter jet and I want you to imagine Jacob knows this is God himself and God is saying jets are for me. Don't touch me. How fearful would you be would you experience overwhelming fear then you might move you mind but you know won't take of love for God overwhelmed his fear. I will not let you go I know you can destroy me I will not let you go unless you bless me and if I die in the process I'm not letting you go Jacob's love overwhelm. History. But love it when we have that kind of love in God's church I believe that the vision goes away. The exaltation the wanting to be the one who brought forth this new truth the one of the one who is responsible for this movie want all that. Because now Christ becomes the center. Of the my appeal to you tonight. Twenty three hundred. I think it was a twenty three hundred in here if you're not of twenty three hundred yet if you're not a seventy week yet you need to become a seventy week or. Pill to you tonight. Experience over. Here we got overwhelming we can overcome and it's got to be God in Christ. And with that fear we will have and will surpass anything this is one of them and when God's people have that love then they have every right to go into every nation kindred tongue and people and with authority bring reconciliation between God and man. Until then it's hypocrisy. To reconcile. But watch how you get in a church. No no no we have to live what we preach. Heavenly Father. Thank you for speaking to us. I want to pray for everyone every minister every ministry every person that struggles with the spirit of fear that is often this guy's under something else. Lot I pray that you would remove that spirit of fear from from Yorkshire. That you would help us to experience overwhelming fear instead of fear overwhelming and. Forgive us Lord. Forgive us. For fearing you. For trying to impress you by doing our brothers and sisters in church forgive and. I've been guilty of it too long. This. Word. And much more if you would like to know about. Or.


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