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  • September 3, 2017
    7:00 AM
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OK this morning we're going to go back to my favorite book of the Bible. We are going to look again at a nother very familiar story in Daniel. You know we grow up as children many of us hearing these stories and listening and you know being in thrall and God always gives us something new. Always something to read in live in and refresh our understanding of Him So we're going to look at the story of Daniel Chapter three this morning Daniel Chapter three we're going to do quite a bit of reading so I hope you are ready to hear directly from the Word of God. So Daniel Chapter three verses one through seven never can as it were the king made an image of gold whose height was threescore cubits and the Brett there of six cubits he set it up in the plain of Dura in the province of Babylon then never can as are the king sent to gather together pay attention here the princes the governors and the captains the judges the treasurers the councillors the sheriffs and all the rulers of the provinces to come to the dedication of the image which never can as if the king had set up verse three then here they come again the princes the governors the captains the judges the treasures the councillors the sheriffs and all the rulers of the provinces were gathered together unto the dedication of the image that never can as are the king had set up and they stood before the image that now because it has or has. Going on in verse four then Harold cried aloud to you it is commanded over people nations and languages. That at what time you hear the sound of. Another list OK what time you hear the sound of the cornet flute harp sack but sultry dulcimer and all kinds of music you shell fall down and worship the golden image that never the Knesset or the king had set up and who so fall it's not down and worship with Shell the same hour be cast into the midst of a fire burning firing furnace. Therefore at that time when all the people heard the sound of here comes again the cornet flute harp sackbut psaltery and all kinds of music all the people the nations and the languages fell down and worshiped the golden image that never can as are they came as. Did you get something out of that those first seven verses what was there a lot of lists who's that it lists Thank you George Les I mean list of people and the lists of where they came from who they were and then lists of instruments list lists list you heard them all twice did you catch that. You've heard everything twice one is happening here. Is that there is a unified group of people. Isn't unity beautiful. There is a unified group of people and all the leaders from all the provinces from all the terror to the territory of. BABYLON were brought together they are described as a group of people nations languages and I hope you're immediately thinking of some passages in the Book of Revelation where nations people languages are brought together. And look at what they are brought together for why for worship. And there is a threat of death if they fail to worship is this ringing some bells from another book Daniel and Revelation go together so if you're reading something in one of the books it should ring bells in the other book right and look what's interesting here is that how do they know when they're supposed to worship. Music gives the cue a harmony of music. A unity of music now I'm going to pause here I debated if I should share this next portion or not but I think it's important topic to talk about. We're going to take an interlude. And talk about music. You're not going to hear from me you're going to hear from the Word of God OK Christian education pages sixty two this to sixty three we've got a lot of reading your To Do So stay alert music was made to serve what oh holy purpose what was the purpose of music. It was holy purpose to lift the thoughts to that which is what your noble and elevating and to awaken in the soul devotion and gratitude to God So who created music. Absolutely and look at what he intended it to be going on music forms a part of God's worship in the courts above there is music in heaven and we should and Devore in our songs of praise to approach as nearly as possible to the harmony of the heavenly choir think I heard some of that yesterday during our divine service singing as a part of religious service is as much an act of worship as is prayer and I would say congregational but there's a problem testimonies for the church Volume One Music is the idol which many professed Sunday keepers So what it says. Sabbath keeping Christians worship music was created by God to lead us to devotion to. God to worship God. But what have we savage keepers of done. We worship the music Satan has no objection to music if he can make that a channel through which to gain access to them minds of youth I remember were all younger than God so that makes us all young and so when turned to good account music is a blessing but it is often not once in a while not on occasion but it is often made one of Satan's most attractive agencies to ensnare souls. So going back to Daniel Chapter three. In this one chapter we hear music mentioned over and over and over again in relation to worship. Look at these verses we read chapter three verse five and six and seven also OK those those musical instruments are mentioned there then if we go to versus ten and eleven you know the story so I'm just skipping to these verses that will King has made a decree that every man that she'll hear the sound of the cornet flute harp Sachar sack but sultry and dulcimer and all kinds of music shall fall down and worship the golden image right there it is again the same list given verbatim and then in verse fifteen now if you be ready that at what time you hear the sound of the cornet flute harp sack but sultry and dulcimer and all kinds of music the fall down and worship the image which I have made. Why would Daniel spend the expensive time of writing this down over and over again not once not twice three times it wasn't easy to scribble this out back then they didn't have their fancy little typewriters. Right it took a lot of effort to put this down in writing and here he is mentioning it over and over again a list a list not just a summary but a list a detailed list. And any time in the Word of God that you see something repeated. God wants you to pay attention he is saying are you are you listening are you getting this I'm telling you over and over again because this is important I want you to get this why is it important to us last day of vents page one fifty nine the things you have described as taking place in Indiana this was at a camp meeting. One of our church congregations are conferences the Lord has shown me would take place just before the close of probation One is that. Like right right around the corner every uncouth thing will be demonstrated there will be here's the list nobody likes to hear. Shouting with. Music dancing and what does this do the senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions so at the time where we have to have our mind so fit to decide to discern the good from the evil this is when. Our senses are so be numb by easy. We can't even be trusted to make the right decisions going on a bedlam of noise shocks the senses and perverts that which if cunt conducted a right might be a blessing the powers of fate Haneke agencies blend with the din and noise to have a carnival and this is termed the Holy Spirit's working those things which have been in the past will be not maybe will be in the future Satan will make music a snare by the way in which it is conducted councils for the church I was shown that the youth must take a higher stand and make the Word of God the man of their council and their guide solemn responsibilities the rest upon the young which they likely regard the introduction of music into their homes instead of inciting to holiness and spirituality has been the means of diverting their minds from the true have we allowed music to become a diversion music was created for God to lead us to God but the devil knows how to take what is good and make it a mirror and we are bringing it into our homes. Frivolous songs the popular sheet music of the day seem congenial to the tastes the instruments of music have taken time which should have been devoted to prayer music when not abused remember when not abused it is a great blessing but when put to a wrong use it is a terrible curse it excites But here's here's what here's the problem with this it excites but it does not impart that. What is it. Strength and Courage which the Christian can find only at the throne of grace. You see sometimes we go to things that we feel like are giving us that high. If you weren't at my presentation yesterday on addictions I encourage you to listen to it on audio verse. Because we fill our emptiness we fill the lack that we feel with things that do not give us what we're really looking for it's just an emotional high whereas it's what we need to do is go to the throne of grace while humbly making known his wants and with strong cries and tiers pleading for heavenly strength. Y. to be fortified against the powerful temptations of the evil one we're talking about surrender. We're talking about giving over what we think is giving us the power. And going to the True Source Satan is leading the young captive Oh what can I say to lead them to break his power of infatuation he is a skilled charmer whirring them on to perdition now we're going to we're not going to spend time today talking about the different forms of music that is a question that I want you individually especially of this is something you struggle with to go home and to look on audio verse and look for books and read and study and find out what type of music is it that I should be listening to. Don't just look at what I shouldn't be listened to should not be listening to but look for what should I be listening to what will fortified me and lead me to the throne of God. We know that music plays a role in whether or not we will become conquerors whether or not we will have the victory. So let's go back now to our main topic for today. Back to Danielle. Let's look now at what were the losses. What were the losses or maybe we should say Who were the losses in this story of Daniel three we read this Daniel three versus two and three so we're not going to read it again but let's look at the individuals who were apt this event OK there were many people we saw the list there were princes there were governors there were sheriffs rulers of provinces captains judges councillors and treasurers and this is sort of my summary of what responsibility these individuals have. Princes the royalty the royal line governors were heads of state share of county officials rulers of the provinces were district leaders captains were military leaders the military was here you have a list you have the royal blood and then you have the government leaders and now you're looking at military leaders but you also have judges those who determine the laws of the land you have counselors the lawyers and treasures the financial leaders I mean who else is missing from this list. Right who else is missing these are these not the people who run the government who run the state they were all there. But. It was someone else there oh you're not thinking of who I'm thinking. God's people were there are you thinking of three certain young men there were Malta to. Malta to remember in Daniel Chapter one let's go back there very quickly Daniel chapter one in verse one. In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Juda King never can as are king of Babylon unto Jerusalem and be sieged it and the Lord gave to haul your Kim king of Juda into his hand. God's people were there. Including very likely if we were to look and see the history of this king of Israel you can find it in Second Chronicles thirty six five and six where it says about King Jehoiakim he was twenty and five years old when he began to rain and he rained how many years eleven years in Jerusalem and he did what that which was evil in the sight of the Lord his God and against him came never can as are king of Babylon and bound him and betters to carry him to Babylon who was living in Babylon at the time of the golden image the king beleaguer of God's people do you think he was called to this place. Chapter three Daniel Chapter three again verse four when the Herald says his message he says to you it is commanded Oh people nations and languages remember that Babylon brought their captives to their capital city so that they could be part of the kingdom there so if the leaders from all these nations were here in Babylon do you think they were commanded to be brought here to worship so the leader of God's own people. Because of their sins God's people were captive to Babylon the royals the leaders were among those who would have been summoned. And you have to ask how many of God's people how many of the mighty men of Israel were lost that day but as you know. There is always hope Daniel three verse eight. Where for at that time once the music played and everyone fell down to worship certain Kell DNS came near and accused who the Jews they did accuse the three that stood they accused the whole nation because of the three. They spake and said to the King Nebuchadnezzar okaying live forever. We'll skip verses ten and eleven because it's the going back over the music verse twelve there are certain Jews whom thou hast set see their accusing the king here that has set over the affairs of the province of Babylon Shadrack me shakin Abednego these men Oking have not regarded the. They serve not by gods nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up then never can as are in his rage and fury commanded to bring Shadrack me Shaq and Abednego and they were brought and they brought these men before the king what were the points of attack that these men brought to king of and never in this. It was driven by envy certainly but let's look at this closely verse twelve the end of verse twelve these men King have not really have not regarded the me they serve not by gods nor worship the golden image without. There were two points service to the King they have not regarded the these men that you set up as rulers they don't regard you king they don't really serve you number two their religion. They don't serve your gods and neither have they worship this image that you have set up. Service and religion the two points that they were at. The service to your state service to God going on. These men are brought now before the king in verse fourteen and fifteen never can as are set spake and said unto them is it true oh Shadrach me shakin the bed me go do you do not use the service my gods nor worship the golden image which I have set up now if he be ready that at the time of all the music you fall down and worship the image which I have made well but if you worship not view Shelby cast the same hour into the midst of a burning fiery furnace and who is that God That shall deliver you out of my hands did you notice that he asked. Why don't you worship my gods and why don't you worship this image but did they ask about their service. He knew he could not he had no. Way to ask them to question their service to him but he knew that they worshiped a different god. Patriarchs and prophets page five zero seven as the three Hebrew stood before the king he the king with convinced that they possessed something the other wise men of this Kingdom did not have they had been faithful in the performance of every duty they served their king faithfully even though he was a pagan and the king knew he could not bring any accusation against them regarding their service and because of that because he knew how faithful they worked to him he would give them another trial if only look at the desire in his heart if only they would signify their willingness to unite with the multitude in worshipping the image all would be well with. I don't want to die. But you put me in a bad spot. I have all these nations here and if I let you go they will rebel as well please don't make me do what is their response verse sixteen through eighteen. Shadrach can Abednego answered and said to the king oh never can as are we are not careful to answer the in this matter. If it be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will. Deliver us out of by hand king he will. But if not be it known and to the Oking that we will not serve by gods nor worship the golden image which thou hast said. They don't say they will. We're still going to serve you. But we serve your king. We serve the King of Kings first and he will deliver us. He will what in the world could have given them this is sure ans. How in the world could they say he will do it did God tell them by the way today when your over at this image did he send them a message did he send them a vision in the night not that we know. But they knew their god. They knew his word. And they knew his works look at this exodus three verses two and three. And the Lord angel of the Lord appeared on to him this is to Moses in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush here is Moses in a wilderness and he is called to a bush that does not burn even though it is in Gulf in flames. The bush burned with fire and the bush was not consumed you see they knew that if God wanted a bush to be on fire but not burn. He could do that they also knew that when the Israelites were walking out of Egypt and through the wilderness even for forty years in Exodus thirteen the Lord went before them by day and a pillar of cloud to lead them by the way and by night in a Pillar of Fire God could use fire to light their way if he wanted to he could make it a pillar that moves. Anybody else ever done. They knew the story of King Elijah inverse the prophet Elijah in First Kings Chapter eighteen and the challenge on the mountaintop was call the on the name of your gods and I will call on the name of my God and the God that answers by far your let him be God They knew that God answers with five. They knew in Second Kings chapter two that Elijah himself was taken to heaven in a chariot of fire they knew that God could have Chariots of Fire. They knew. As it says in Deuteronomy four for the Lord thy God. Is consuming fire you see they knew that God controls fire they knew that God could do with fire what he wanted to do but not only that they knew that God is fire why should we be afraid of being thrown in the midst of God. Isaiah forty three but now Thus saith the Lord fear not. For I have redeemed the I Have call he by that I named the how are you mine when thou pass this through the waters I will be with the and through the reversed they shall not overflow the when bow walk us through the. Fire that our shalt not be. Burned neither shall the flame Kindle be they knew God's promises and they said he will deliver. Prophets and kings. Their faith the faith of these three young men strengthened as they declared that God would be glorified by delivering them and with triumphant assurance born of implicit trust in God They added but if not be it known to the king that we will not serve your gods nor worship the golden image which. You see we are all going to face this test we don't know what that fire will be but we will all be put to the test will you worship me who ever is asking. Or will you rely on the God who promises with you. No matter what the situation may feel or look like. You see they knew God They knew his words they believed his promises and then they verbalize that they talk and if we just put keep all of that those facts and figures about God in our minds but we do not talk yet we are missing out on the actual ization of those thoughts so we know that once they said these words to the king his fury increased are when we face people who don't like to hear what we say they are likely to get even more upset with us. But in Daniel Chapter three verses twenty four and twenty five then the Knesset the king was astonished after he had the fire heated even more I don't know how you do that but he did even more hotter. And these men are thrown in so much store that the so that the soldiers who throw them in Arkell. But in verse twenty four. Then never can as are the king was US Tanishq. And rose up in haste and spake and said unto his councillors did not we cast the reason men bound into the midst of the fire. They answered and said unto the king true king verse twenty five he answered and said Lo I see how many four men loose walking in the midst of the fire. I have now heard. And the form for. His Life The Son of God How did he know what God would look like. How do you know that this was the Son of God. If it were not for those who talked of him. And who demonstrated who God is to the king. Never can as read the King it's a beautiful story just looking at the life of King never can as are ones the Jews come into his life I encourage you to study that in the book. In his time of utter disregard of the God who He knew because he recognized him when he saw him he knew about this god and he disregarded every message that was given to him about this god and said you will worship who I will worship you will do what I tell you God Himself come. And look at me. I'm here for you. The. A few years ago I was working in Guam beautiful island. And as it was our Sabbath that to Vittie what we would do was go on hikes and one of the first hikes that I went on was to a beautiful cove just absolutely gorgeous it was quite kind of treacherous getting down there but once you got there it was just so worth it and so we were just milling about the group of thirty or so of and then after a while I saw a group a small group kind of go off to another part and it there were some beautiful rocks over there and I said oh how do you get over there that looks really nice how do you go get over there well I didn't know how to get over there but I really wanted to go so the church pastor who was with us he said all just follow me I'll take you over there and so I said all right and a friend was with me and we just followed him and he went through sort of this very old looking forest part of it and then he went through these Bramble Bush's and then he went over to this rocky formation and there were times where I could only see his back because he knew where he was going he was you know he was just go in and I just had to struggle to keep my eye on him while climbing over rocks and trees falling trees and all sorts of things trying to avoid the spiders and I mean it was treacherous stuff and when we got to the sort of rocky place we had to actually clamber over some rocks and there was a point where have I think I'm going to lose him and just at that moment I saw the back of and I said that's where I need to go I have caught a glimpse of my leader and I'm going to follow we have a leader who has been through every situation we could ever go through. And he does not always reveal Himself to us in fullness sometimes that's just the back of this but he says follow me. And today today in the time of the end that we live in we are to keep our eyes we are to fix our eyes on Jesus we have to know with assurity Where is he now there's a lot of confusion in the Christian world about where is Jesus now and what is he doing we need to know where he is and what he is doing Hebrews nine twenty four for Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands which are figures of the True but into heaven itself why now to appear in the presence of God for you for me. He is there because of you Education Page two fifty four how often those who trusted the word of God though in themselves utterly helpless have withstood the power of the whole world have you seen those examples in the Word of God. Guess what they're not the only ones Such examples are not found in the Bible only they of bound in every record of human progress multitude of others have witnessed to the power of God's word against human power and policy in support of evil. She says are the worlds true nobility. This is its royal line. In this line the youth of today are call to take their place or you can accept that call. Or you can accept the call to be amongst royalty. And God says read those stories of the examples of those who have done it before you you. Can be among them as we close. Yesterday I encourage you to listen to the divine yesterday to hear about from Daniel Chapter one what were some of the keys to conquering I'm just going to flip through these to get to today keys to conquering we are called to be faithful even in our secular responsibilities. We should not give anyone an opportunity to say that you. Just don't do your work well you are just a OK Student We should not give them any opportunity to disparage our God because of the work that we do. We need to exercise our faith in the little things even in the little things we need to come to God we need to know God we need to believe his promises and if there's one thing you remember out of this entire presentation if there is one thing you remember remember this look to Jesus. Look to Jesus. Prophets and King as we close page four eighty eight. We're talking about surrender because we want we desire to be a reflection of God. Here is what. Is the result this is how it happens a noble character is not the result of accident we're not just going to fall into being. A person of good character it is also not due to special favors or endowments of Providence no one has been given not a single one of us has been given a special treatment when it comes to character building we do not have any special more special grace or skill than anyone else it's a level playing field. But it is the result of self-discipline of subjection of the lower to the higher nature of render self to the service of God and man. Who do we serve are we serving ourselves. Are we serving our job are we serving our church or are we serving God by serving God It does not exclude serving others. We must have God driven service to others. In order to truly be serving him the surrender of Purcell So as we closed today I want you to think. God. I surrendered myself to you. Have I read your words have I seen the examples in your word and throughout history that show me what it means. Rendered to you. Forgive me for not having made those opportunities that you have given mean forgive me for not doing that which I know is right. But today. I asked for a new. Day Lord. I believe. I believe in you and I believe you. Can do. And I believe that. If that is your prayer invite you to stand with me as we close. Family father Lord God creator of heavens and earth. Who dwells with the. Lowliest of one of us. Father. We're just not able to fathom what you want to do with our lives Lord as we hear these stories of these mighty men of mighty women of old father it just puts us to shame. Because we see our own sinfulness we see our lack. But Lord we pray that today you will make your promises real. Or that we will not just look at these stories but we will look at bees as a call. On our lives. To follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before us because they are following Jesus and we want to follow Jesus no matter what. We don't know what the world is going to throw our way. Whether it's today tomorrow months or weeks or years from now we don't know but Lord we know. You. Are a God who is a consuming fire. Lord no matter where we go. No matter where we are if we are in your will. You are there with us. We claim your promises and Lord we present those promises back to you we put them back to you Lord and we say Father you said it you don't lie you will bring it to pass. We ask you to bring it to pass in each of our lives. And before it's too. The rest of our time together. Because. God's word. And much more if you would like to know about.


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