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False System of Worship

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • August 22, 2009
    4:00 PM
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dear heavenly father thank you so much for this day of worship that we can all come together and praise your name Florida I asked to come and speak to me today hence speak your words and let the years in the eyes of everyone in this room be opened and your guardian angels to be an standing guard this building has we discussed this very intricate topic abortion I love you human so it works really well to start out with discussing a little bit of the scientific side of what's going on inside of our frames the only reason I really really wanted to start out whole advertising business in the last talk was just ceiling inside of your head they spend billions and billions of dollars trying to affect each one and every one of us this is so calculated and so setting they know that this works but what happens when the devil gets a hold of the same information now we all have a wonderful opportunity to come together and to worship we don't know how much longer that we are actually to be able to openly praise God worship together like this and you know this day has been predicted that it will come to an end we know that and the war that is happening here on this Earth is going to be about worship but if you are sad Darren asked yourself the question why do we all worship why is it each and every single one of us this need inside of us to worship one God created all of us with his deep desire in the war is going to be in our worship and we know that him or him or were shot at an extremely important to understand what is true worship what is it what you mean to have true worship is there a right way worship is there a wrong way to worship body turned Matthew four ten Mrs. Christ speaking to the devil when he was tempting him and that Jesus sent him a hand Satan for it is written in the house of worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve so coming up the words I do now Jesus himself is saying that listen God is the only one that deserves our worship in fact later on Jesus speaking to the woman at the well and she's asking him about worship and hey you know like if you say we should worship over here is what Jesus 's response but the hour cometh and now is when the true worshipers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth for the father seeking such to worship him God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth so there is a true way to worship God we know that God is the only one that deserves our worship the spirit of course even nonphysical part of you that senior emotions her character your soul and Brandon pointed out in the last presentation our character is what's under attack seeing and focusing time after time on evil characters don't we take them on just like the advertising industry will show you a bag of chips enough time by the product as our characters are spirits are what's under attack now let's look again enable here we see chain saw he was worshiping God he do not want to work he only sent to worship God in this way I think the fruits and things in mind labor and I can worship God in this way I wish a lot what I done forceful was a result of that default system of worship that she had set up here and all of a sudden the and he murdered his brother he delivered the Israelites coming out of the land of Egypt and they may rest on Mount Sinai Moses went up the mountain in the ten Commandments he was known for no more than thirty days and because they all have this deep need and desire to worship something someone anything else started to complain Aaron is pleased with a single link Kathleen to worship something so they said is false system of worship and when Moses came down and realize what his people had gotten themselves into a huge cost to see arose out of this member the story may limit his donkey remember what failed him was asked to come and curse the Israelites receiving Israelites shall come out of wandering anywhere just standing on the edge of Keenan and they were looking indicating about ready to take over the land all of the Midianite kings were looking at these people that they heard stories of her many many years that they were in a common possess their land and they were scared out of their minds and it heard anyone here who ever Olympic would curse of the cursing whoever he would bless the blast of a safe haven please come curse these people because we know that if they have on their side is actually nothing that we can do to them so they love their request week ago Kirsten member you can only bless them three times taking told they will not be deeply serious him for going down to the last feelings feeling how many thought about any automatic was still in desire of the money became active in many nineties anything you want to know how to beat the Israelites you see as long as they are in true worship with their God is absolutely nothing you can do to it it's in every last person in your army against them and they would be defeated back to you what if you get into worship anything other than their God they will fall prey to your devices and all of a sudden they were God 's favor will leave them and they will be you are so great at reading that Bailey's request the same erosive festivities throw some parties let the Israelites just witness how you worship your God and they won't all start to fall prey to spiritual idolatry so that's exactly what happened he started throwing parties they started sending just a few million nine women into the Israelite camp not be noticed and they started becoming friends of the men started taking them back and before long idolatrous practices forced were being brought into the Israelite camp and Israel fell into a false system of worship and it wasn't long before Moses finally realized what was going on and God gave Moses the decree to annihilate anyone that was involved in this idolatrous practice to imagine the Roman people having to go out and slay your own people because of their following after other gods so they were standing on the edge of the promised land the semi- promised land here warning of worship was issued in Deuteronomy twelve thirty and thirty one instead after they had been destroyed before you careful not to be ensnared by how Irene about their God saying how do these nations serve their gods he will do the same you must not worship the Lord your God in their way because in worshiping their God they do all kinds detestable things they even burn as sons and daughters in the fire as sacrifices to their gods forgotten or just until we watch how they have their worship service because during that time you will fall prey to their their worship style perhaps the most memorable when you think about this system of false worship is Shadrach we check in the middle here M.D. nothing is golden I don't know if you remember why Nebuchadnezzar came up with this golden idol he had been given the dream here where he was told that Babylon was going to be taken over by the Medes and Persians and so on and so forth don't history of the war in Nebuchadnezzar in his arrogance to know that one will always stand as an artist rendition of portraying the idle in an arrogant stance like this but there's something I really want to point out to you we have many many different systems of false worship set up today many different ones but there is a system of false worship said today that has strong writing similarities to this story is anybody would take a guess of what system of false worship we have been a you know what this is interesting a golden idol in the middle who was even in the same sort of stands here easily clears is the cream of the crop is easy to be in an actors world this is what they all desire to get to and what are they doing the I wanted him clean goes on here their faith in each other thinking each other these little tiny statues in recognition of their merits are things that they're doing right with the Oxford dictionary definition of worship is a worldly definition to treat someone or something with a reverence or adoration appropriately geeky so it gets even stating that worship is only appropriate to God whatever to honor given to someone in recognition of their marriage so I definition deal with the Oscars is actually called it's not even called the television show what they call it's called the ceremony the Oscars ceremony by worldly definition is in a sense a worship service in crisis typically this second most-watched show each year with forty million people watched the show in two thousand and seven that evening over the number one most watched show is suitably attractive when genealogist beat the Super Bowl no Michael Jackson just be in many eyes on the television at one point in time Michael Jackson it's amazing to me that is important in world from so here is a clip from the show you now three types of these little tiny statues we give each other the Oscars is of course honoring film is one and these which is television the Grammys honoring music to show you a clip from Brownstein uncle Barry John Stewart when I come out and tell you exactly what this little golden image is that they give to each other and him him a you and I will be in an and is taking the most watched show in the visited not go out over time and not very many people are watching television bases how fitting they are in what they're doing and just like Brennan said there's a bit of truth in every single joke it is a Hollywood inside joke in there obviously saying look we may see reality television is reality television is now taking a chunk of the pie consider making fun of it going great now you guys need to be worshiped like us making fun of it but in a sense there's still a bit of truth to it on here if you want to take just what the name Oscar means to go to need a little baby websites I have baby on the way and thought they looking at baby names and stuff is fun scary Scandinavian and old English in origin and meaning his divine strength and fine spear divine wisdom of course from more like God this beer is a weapon is it possible they are godlike weapons being used against us is impossible that there titled these things for what they are is anybody know what this building right here is the shrine you are correct this is where the Oscars was held until nineteen ninety nine they moved into the Kodak theater it was held here for a very long time the shine is founded by these two guys right here William Florence and Walter and lambing their high-ranking Scottish Rite Freemasons I don't want to go into huge discussing of what Freemasonry is that's not what today's purposes I do however want to point something out to for those of you in the room do not know what Freemasonry is it used a secret society where you climb different ranks to get through these different levels and the farther you go higher and higher you get into this piece of terra-cotta cultic knowledge became the first second and third degrees there generally helping the community they're doing very good things but when you start to become thirty first thirty second and thirty third degree like most of our major leaders in the world when you start to find out that they follow the light bearer Lucifer and point is not to point point this is real or not but I do want to show you something fascinating about the Oscars him Hollywood is a long time a summary and a very open about it I had you not treat John Wayne Siegel Duke Ellington aligned using household names openly makes on his pre- started Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Warner Bros. and twentieth Century Fox for all high-ranking Freemasons McCain had this year please call any sonic tracing board the one on your life is right now what this is for him to use it when people are initiated into Freemasonry they teach the first second and third degrees how to spot freemasonry in real life so there's different single thing here only to people who have been initiated and know what they are can spot them out so I has a ladder there's a sign with a life leaning toward it notice the checkered floor things mean something to Mason 's okay Freemasonry has long used things of sun worship in their service ceremonies this year the Masonic picture where it's called the son and the song is the head of man they view sun worship in their practices and will I give inside of this shall notice the ceiling you can always tell you're in a free nation building when you cease elements of sun worship or elements of song motifs in the top of the thing here are opting to be Germany's illuminator and song motifs that the human is add him and what I just told you this is in a high ranking Freemasonry building you notice anything unusual uses any change this picture here this thing is also called the Masonic tracing board right here notice the checkered floor don't change the picture here savings yielded better notice the checkered floor notice the archway notices that someone with a song motif being down to a little life surely moving in and in the center what disease is the last time it was ever held in this building this is the Mason saying we own this this is part of our operation and to most people 's heads goes right over the top you have no idea even how to be a level goes in fact they knew the whole operation to the Kodak theater this is the Kodak theater here in right here had anything inside the theater you still have the picture of the archway still have the checkered floor the sun motif on the top six all the elements of free masonry just moved over here this here is called Lindsay Babylon in fact if you go to Hollywood to go to this little place right here easily down the street from your watch them build this whole thing this actually is called Babylonian court right here this is the date of each type system enforce this is sung worship is still incorporating all of these elements into their business in fact some were shut and we know where it started I swear we first get our writings and where sources started was with Nimrod Nimrod died he was believing winning the stars and how the whole start to worship and follow the stars started to happen but I think different it started well before that if you turn to Revelation twelve and is detailed to a third-party the stars in heaven and did cast to earth what do we know stars are angels in fact you Isaiah fourteen twelve twelve to fourteen however someone from losing from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning however down to the ground which thing we weaken the nations set my heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will be like the most high the site via a worship being more famous than God originated Satan wanting to be more famous than God PCC is stupid all he's done is he's taken what used to me these wooden idols that people used to worship actually don't do anything they don't talk they can fall over and I break everything is and you know it's actually better worshiping in a little wooden idol what if we turn it into people now we have stars of all kinds basketball stars football stars movie stars baseball stars you name it there's a star for everything out there that is being worshiped in fact even Kermit the frog here who is actually not even alive at his own star iniquities don't immortalize them in first committee for one and now mysteriously given expressively that in later times some shall depart from the faith giving giving heed to seducing spirits I is for those of you that were in status this morning talk a little bit about my experience leaving my home Christian faith might happen to them that I was trained and I knew I will say just like this I gave heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils why how was it that I was able to be raised with so much knowledge and leave it at a drop of how is that possible I was absolutely obsessed with television movies and anything to do with acting green select agent acting I wanted to be an actor so bad in fact when Brad Pitt came out in fight club without her coat I will try to be like the Alice of I followed what these celebrities did I read about them course here in the grocery store you know they're all doing anyway to get away from it this year why is it that celebrities are so attractive and how is it that they're able to to to delete so many people a year before I get to that is a little article that I just found recently in time magazine celebrity worship isn't good for your health interesting to hear how my life has on him and him to a little bit of celebrity worship and now new scientific evidence or research has found that celebrity crushes are not only common but maybe even healthy a study published September ten this last year suggests that the celebrity worship may in the lot I got cut off by PA maybe I see rates that are well basically what this article is saying is that you celebrity worship is good for your health because if you focus on celebrities life enough usually than the hero type using an at the top you start to take on their characteristics as your own because the more that you focus on when you take on the heroic characteristics as yourself now what is that mean for us Christians if you focus on Christ's life enough what do you do you take on the characteristics of Christ if you focus on celebrities like I know what you do you take on the characteristics of that celebrity that's why through repetition of evil acts you see in movies derived on conflict you wouldn't watch it if there wasn't a good guy bad guy and all of a sudden visit Yosemite Sam this character arc and change it a little good most of the time people probably wouldn't even watch so I articles are witnessing this article here is a new connection take on the characteristics as yourself because people form bonds with their favorite celebrities are you considering their integrated on the onus that there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that humans are human brain is not well-equipped to distinguish between real relationships and psychologist Colin Harris social or math one and some of the benefits that people get from student relationships with celebrities maybe the same as those read from real friendships in real life interactions it's okay I connect power maniac if for example makes you feel better about your chaotic life juggling work and family as long as you realize that she won't be there to talk to you through your next family crisis now isn't that just like Satan to come up with a system of worship that you worsen these people as you are God but yet they won't be around during your problems of course Michael Jackson news articles talking the talk in the media the you know how I talk about Reagan and Princess Diana is is your is a is a and he is a girl in Iraq is in a a is is is is wrong and will and will and in and in and is is a winner is him so we have people like Danville Washington and you don't get it's really hard to hack somebody's character because I don't know Denzel Washington I never met him all I can go off of something that he said he said he is handling these when you ask how did you do this type of performance I prayed to the spirit of the dead and when they came inside me I was in charge what we know about the state of the day is not exactly trained in the spirit of and moving as they were talking about was glory so here what are some of these actors and actresses into what kinds of things they involve themselves into two strikes propel their career the crowd known as one of the most evil men in the twentieth century this man was so evil that a documentary that was made on him from the BBC that they didn't come across any sort of religious perspective and name themselves for life what this person was seriously the most evil man in a whole century he was so intense in the demonic practices so into a cultic writings he basically said that he was Satan 's handwriting man if you get to the bottom of a lot of the writers from Hollywood a lot of these issues you will start to see Alice to Cali 's name pop up all over the place the Beatles all these different people their influences from him and him okay I started the church of Satan started the church of Satan off of his writings so this guy is is hugely involved in the occult world he wrote a book called magic in theory and practice for he outlined three of the main ways that you can become possessed by demonic spirit here is his many said their breathing method of invoking any deity the third is the dramatic most attractive in all I certainly see I permit foreign appeals to his imagination through his aesthetic sense is insane a great way to become the fastest is to publicize the character while interacting till six years of acting classes I was trained how to empty myself and to take on this character and to live and breathe and sleep and basically become that person to your e-mail being that person 's life inside of you to do the act I agree with what he is saying here Socrates said that revenue is the Muses of course the spirit inspired acting up I inspired them and herself because they are inspired that they are simply inspired to utter that some use in Calhoun for no part of my knowledge you say what you say but I possession what do you see how a lot of truth to it think about it number the story that Christ told when the demon was cast out of the man any energy making and he found the man's life in order to his house completely cleaned up in in in in order and peace units there was nobody home what even do it with seven more unclean spirits and brought them back to the man was worse off than when he started so going on with this insane is it possible to meet was asked by the Spirit of God and do not possess the spirit of God is it possible to be able to have a different series possess you because you see with the man that had seven unclean spirits team that came into his house you think that you knocked on his door and said excuse me sir know so very possible that you are not on God 's side you can be used on the demo site to go through a little bit of movie history here really want I don't know who this guy is he was so new just in his day in the nineteen twenties that I was in the Brad Pitt of his day he was so ourselves by so many people asking me really harnessing these movies were about half CNN and him is that he still isn't working wherever he went there were such a huge crowd that would follow him around and have police completely blocking the streets and asking why it was said that when he would smoke a cigarette syndrome down the ground rules and dog piling tried wrapping to get home and have a little shyness I was hugely worshiped Yahweh is God is inspiration for his movies was from his wife it said it was was in charge of actually writing a lot of the movie scripts that he would acting so here is what it cost to set every night balancing is like Natasha would hold a séance coming forth of the spirit world her creative undertaking been with the paper he and she was going to entrance to start writing her outpourings were typed up they were brought to set the next day and given to the director and these of them these are the stories that were being made that he wants to Valentino movie this is known and automated writing the musical world there was of the stories we are those of the ways that the directors get a lot of this content an easy time that Valentino with Allaire America was founded on D D religious and moral values very very deep religious moral values is the devil has which is coming to a very close he can outlive any of us that he wants to work through the human race he's got time to go through a couple different generations working that point any meeting hopefully doesn't have another generation it can get to our start to show you how Satan has been working at this four hundred here's what came out because America was standing deep religious moral values set outside of the marriage was start being looked at as you as popular Trinity and was being redefined in American society and then all of a sudden may west to the scene that may west is known as one of the single women that affect the way that men view women and women viewed man in a marriage relationship case here's a little clip what she had to contribute to the scene at him time is that I have an domain West was starting to unlock some of these biblical values that were instilled into the American society here's where Mae West a lot of her ideas for her scripts which he was upset yelling had been able to come up with a script idea she would walk about a room same forces forces come to me and healthy registry him she when they hear voices and images and slot was revealed to her and may would summon stenographers to work with her around the clock and she would lie in bed in a trance like state containing this as the spirit entered so once again is another person with highly involved in spirit worship and then all of a sudden you start to see it in her work and it doesn't take a far stretch to understand may west I'm no Angel this sensational Mae West these are huge huge things to state at this time in America's history and the Marilyn Monroe hits the scene once again starting to unlock farther and farther is moral values in our society and here's what she had to contribute so as him shot a man that is now in an are you him him know him he is on him to be a AAA he lived and will and will and will have a error is in and I will if she was involved in its summoning spirits to come into her while she was acting here even people around her said I didn't understand how she would just be so lively we throw camera honoring then she just wasn't saying when you weren't here's what Marilyn Monroe was quoted saying Jacqueline Hyde more than two and so many people they shopping sometimes I wish it was just me she was she lived a very tortured life and in fact even if you read it and how her life and she was absolutely just that what she had done and taken part these moral values just like filthy Mister Hugh Hefner himself amazing that he says that you know something about values is an theory you start to look at seventies movies that Marilyn Monroe was involved in and once again it doesn't take a far stretch to understand where's this inspiration coming from a weakened sensation of the lonely girl and remain online don't bother to knock Mammon relevant lexical of the new doctrine of Marilyn Monroe today we are so bombarded with sexual content do you mean that we don't even bat an eye call it original sin lead us into temptation sex drive says he's leaving Virgin territory in the remake of foregoing courses are making a comedy about it but the register where we find today why why are they so have to you our sexuality sexuality such a prominent thing that Hollywood has long long may use it against us there is a movie called American five thousand high school is located near a year long time ago there was all about teenage sex and this movie was was horrible I mean that the content of the movie was was nothing not just get rid of it there would a way to show you a clip of a news company that went around and pass some of these kids that saw this movie what did you think about it what was your favorite part is on him to any idea sex and the reason and the biblical boundaries that God gave us this wonderful beautiful things less have anything to do with your life coming from this hearing she knew these poor slaves have no idea that these people are targeting these things him me personally this thirty thirty five forty involved in one beginning to a marriage is a lot of people out there is a lot of serious I see out here are you guys talking about sex are you talking about the biblical boundaries of sex because of why is Hollywood at dinner sex you see God gave us this thing called the relationship because it is a model after his own relationship between God God the father Panasonic on the Holy Spirit a little family became a family Eddie and the way that we interact with our family is a way that we can understand the love of God the devil has long been wanting to undermine and under and that can break the family unit apart because if he can twist your sexuality chances are he can twist up your spirituality so you can start to see if you aren't talking to your kids about sex we examined young married couples out there that have young children their mechanic from their friends from their from all over the place to start giving them the bill the reasons that God gave it to us I love Lucy what could simply be wrong with I Love Lucy love with Lucy and my brother and I have probably watched every single episode of this every single one I think is one you can show me that I haven't seen but here's what I want to show you the devil is the most subtly created being on the planet all he has to do is barely twist something where did Lucille Ball I see as becoming TV star because Time Machine she's starting the I Love Lucy she was a major film actress it was the eldest career suicide to leave the big screen and go to the little screen and become a a a little tiny television actress and was looked down upon in their eyes and here's where she got the idea was from Carol Lombard it was the spirit of actress Carole Lombard who guided the steel ball and taking a chance on television and accepting the offer to star in I Love Lucy the glamorous comedian died in an airplane crash in nineteen forty two appeared to Lucy nineteen fifty one and we know that the state of the net because Lucille Ball except the spirit urging to take a chance honey she made television history now thinking back on I Love Lucy what was the television show really about what was it about here couple him him to clean herself telling the truth don't you dare constantly I Love Lucy was about a manipulative woman who constantly lied to her husband her friends her family everyone around here all wrapped in laughter at the show was about was deception lying wrapped in laughter today were so bombarded with line weaving me he's an outstanding show is about then Jim Carrey liar liar if you really think this new this is a moving apart always doing the same look there is it time that we need to live there is just the right circumstance just the right situation that you need to not tell the full truth just fine you see what the devil is doing a lot of the movies today and a lot of Olympic people always come up and say what about chick flicks what about this what about that for Catholics mostly about love the look of some sort of made this scenario has this ever happened in the street links visit girls and dating is abusive boyfriend but all of the man of her dreams walks in the door what he should do she leaves the guy in abusive relationship to go with this guy and he was a viewer like the energy left divorce to this guy who was leading her to go with this person it's usually some sort of twisted thing that's basically saying look there is a time and a place that you are able to break the ten Commandments and be careful of that but even under the guise of laughter and and these harmless looking things sometimes all they do is just undermining one of the Commandments that he and their peers sellers here with an out of work actor he couldn't get a job in a lifetime and if you read his biography on he goes into a little bit about talking about how he started to invoke spirit worship into his life and his career started to take off these is at him down and there is an ten years Peter Steller says about acting is likely immediately laid yourself wide open and say I want the character to inhabit my body I want to spirit to take charge of me so that I can produce what I hope to produce Robin Williams was once asked by us weekly how is it that you are so only in such a brilliant during the years when the answer yeah literally his life and all of a sudden you're in you get this energy and it just starts going but there is also that they need his possession in the old days you have been burned for it but there's something empowering about it I mean it is a place where you are totally it is a Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde we really can become this other force GREs director Taylor Hackford from defender Sebastiano a complex the demons in him and I was trying to tap into him and utilize that and of course the devil 's advocate is all about playing the devils did when it is Leo is like a medium he opened a thought in his mind receive messages coming from another person 's life says director and he still falling from total eclipse a totally different directors has with Leo you might see thirty people come out of him in a day is what Johnny tells us magazine I know I have demons on thirty different people sometimes think about some of the rules of this guy plays barely even looked at some of the trailers of some of the new movies that come out and I am just like all these guys are just plain sucked dark characters in the Los Angeles times sound Morgan says this about he keeps increasing performance seems to summon demons no one could have imagined accessible to him totally worldly newspaper is saying wow this guy 's performance was done amazing to me as I have and you can wonder what the words that are coming out to these people 's mouths I mean me think of anything to the end of their life and be like oh sorry God I was playing you know selling my soul to the devil when you've got everybody knows there's this war between God and Satan some of these people just having a hard time believing that it's real there was a little writer of the comic book series he executed with a bunch of comic books need more thinking on this movie called the watchmen and V for vendetta he wrote a Superman needed from house to Johnny that movie to get a league of extraordinary gentlemen with Sean Connery this guy is so open about his demonic possession he has has totally said my career took off when I started invoking spirits and my writing so the movies and things that you actually are seen are movies that he has has fully admitted that he has written on your possession that here's a little clip from him he actually worships a little God like on the snake with a little like a lion head on and listen to what he says about Christians and is is is is is is not as nice as a will is will is all you will see a will and in a you are you will and him who is a him all and will so that I will buzz I will fail soon as I is a and in a you class as in a you as you will that is a is an all in so here this is why it's very important to know who was right he was making these movies one of their belief systems because as you're going to the movie theaters and you are sitting there in a dark room staring at a blinking light twenty four frames per second your brain is thinking on the right side of your brain opening yourself up to the optimum amount of suggestibility that you could possibly be i.e. a state of hypnosis and you're sitting there soaking in these guys his thoughts and pick apart some of their movies Lieberman that she cannot stick upside down thinking all these movies are our our glorification of elucidating character and demonizing the God character and he's very very full about saying that Christianity is a dangerous mindset it might you seem to the dark ages is what he said that when he started to involve himself into spirit worship I decided I was going to become a magician all of a sudden a lightning bolt hit in a not bit strange for my head I was looking back probably some sort of borderline schizophrenic state I found myself seemingly in conversation with an entity that surround my head and speaking lucidly to me I was very spaced out striking battle far I like an idiot I must have been unbearable for two in three months I've integrated that into the rest of my life is a huge Alastair Crowley follower he's very open about it and these are the types of of philosophies that he's incorporated into his movies stands on the base and I started the church of Satan they stop Alastair Crowley writing says this about the television television is the mainstream me and major mainstream infiltration for the new seating and religion it seems that our Satanic family altar which is ironic that he called this has grown more and elaborate since the early nineteen fifties from that tiny fuzzy screens huge entertainment centers covering and signing with an entire wall in several TV monitors what started as a respite from everyday life has now become itself a replacement for real life for millions a major religion of the masses and how many times this is coming from the dark side this isn't even from the Christian perspective he's saying that look this is a major religion of the masses have we let this become a major religion of our masses in our churches way when we all been trained to deal with was in college I could not wait till the sun went down on Sabbath Brandon and I would go to the movie theaters and we are moving will will want to tell two o'clock in the morning I just couldn't get enough of this stuff and of course it was replacing real life for me him I is him and I I I I I I I you are coming and how many times have you seen these movies and these things and just get up and try to take the good from the bad in fact we rarely sit down and really contemplate the words that were said in a movie when you leave you talk about maybe the scenery vaccine but these things are able to be just implanted in the back of our minds just like the advertising industry repetition they are able to start to change your God is start to change who is six and we are truly worshiping the more that we focus on these these characters and the more that we focus on these actors we start to take on the characteristics of them and if manner involving themselves in spirit worship what kinds of characteristics we actually really starting to take on me tell you the reason I started this whole thing out with this story of the Garden of Eden I renounce the children coming out of Egypt is because go home and read data read that story the account of the Israelites in Egypt like we are in Egypt now we are standing on the edge of the promised land just like the Israelites were standing on the edge of the promised land when Palin was asked to come in person just like the Midianite kings and the kings of the world see their people into Israel's camp just to get into this house will worship we are also having things descend into our homes via the television which ninety nine percent of people all have an enforcing and witnessing how the world is having their worship ceremonies we will fine-tune a plastic state just like the Israelites did many of us will will lose our way and lose our focus am speaking of this from first-hand experience I lost my way because of this and God is such a merciful and gracious God he can turn around anybody's life do not stop praying for people each of us have a family member or someone that we know that is not in a relationship with God Navy had that our series of professing Christianity but many tell you these through the prayers of my friends there Brandon knew my grandma my family Cintas people that brought us out in my life has been changed because of it I know anyone's life can be changed and tell you I was so obsessed with this kind of stuff that now I haven't watched a movie and I don't even know how long I can watch a movie on the worst person watching the anyway to see that it is if you notice what was in the background that the checkered floor and then all that stuff if you notice that there are so many different layers just like the Brandon show you where there's there's you know the girls are painting a rapid stretching around doing almost everything is so many processes by the time it gets to you was the viewer you have no idea what the studio believes with the person that wrote it believes anybody and it's impossible to do much research on subjects I pray no that this is a major infiltration and this is a major thing the devil is using to try to lead us away from God etc. dear heavenly father thank you so much for your Sabbath day today that we can come together and worship Lord be with each and every person in this room as they go home with this information in the think about it and thinking about what went when it means in their life and Lord I just pray that that you soften hearts and open the eyes have it everyone here Lord give us the eyes for you for Christ let us put on Christ 's characteristics and focus on him and Lord give each and every person the loving relationship that that you want to have with them eleven


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