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The Divine Stranger

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 3, 2017
    8:00 PM


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Let's pray Heavenly Father. Again we ask that you would please speak to us Lord prepare our hearts hiding behind your cross bring this message together Lord as only you can in Jesus' name we pray Amen. The Bible tells us in the Revelation Chapter three. Verses eighteen and nineteen it is addressing the Laodicean church who is the Laodicean church we are and the Bible says there are as many as I love I rebuke and chasten do you think God loves you yes and because God loves you because God loves us as a church the Bible tells us that he rebuke us and He chastens God loves us He wants to see his people redeemed he wants to see his people saved Amen. And so when God speaks to us. His desire is to penetrate our hearts. The Bible tells us that the church thinks that it is rich and increased with goods with need of how much nothing while not knowing that it is miserable naked wretched and blind. And so tonight. I want to share with you what I believe God is seeing in his Laodicean church and what we need to do to be ready for Jesus to come again Amen. So. Allow it to burn. Did you get did you catch I just. Allow the spirit to convict Amen why because this is not God condemning this is not God trying to make us feel bad but this is God saying listen you need to search your heart because the Bible says the heart is desperately want to see fully want we can who can know it. So this is God calling us to search our hearts and by the way let me tell you something God is merciful God is merciful he invites us to repent he invites us to come to him he doesn't just call us out and then leave it at that He has mercy upon us in ways that are just mind blowing. How many of your of the story of David who did some pretty messed up things. David do some pretty messed up things he did some pretty some pretty seriously messed up stuff and you know what God gave David an opportunity to repent then you know he slept with your RA is wife Bathsheba and then had your Raia killed. That's pretty messed up would you agree and the Bible tells us that the prophet Nathan comes to him and gives him this whole story about a man who had only one that a sheep and another man who had everything and the man who had everything took the one man's little sheep and David was so angry and you know Nathan that's what should be done to that man and David said that man. Should be killed. That man should be punished and then Nathan says to him. You are the man. You are the man you are the man you know what David does what does he do. What does he do. Does he say no that's not me you got the wrong person mistaken identity no he repents he repents In fact I want you to tell with me a second Samuel chapter twelve and I didn't just show you this very quickly to show you. How amazing God is Second Samuel. Chapter twelve seven Saniel Chapter twelve verse thirteen. And David said into Nathan I have sinned against the Lord and Nathan said on to David The Lord also has put away the ice in the hour shall not die praise God. David repented and God says to him You shall not die praise God Praise God Amen that next verse is kind of messed up though. I don't know if you read the next verse. How be it the cause by this deed that has given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blast mean the child also that is born into the shall surely die. There are consequences to our sins. There are consequences to our actions David a spirit but this child dies. That's pretty messed up wouldn't you say you almost think God is that is that fair we're not told who this child is all we know is that it's a boy. The child has no name so all we know about this story that. I was. Is that the son of David having done no wrong. Sufferers on behalf of the guilty that the guilty might live. But of it this is why Jesus invites us to repent he is the son of David. He is the one that died on behalf of us that we might repent that we might come and have a chance of eternal life and so he invites us repent as many as I love I would be you and I chase and I'm not trying to destroy you I want you to know all that I want you to be see. I died for you being innocent. You being guilty I died that you might have eternal life so with that in mind I have set the foundation for us to realize that God is not out to try to destroy us Amen so when he points out to us as a church listen this is what is bringing in division this is what is bringing and inability for you to complete the work that I gave you to do over a hundred and seventy something years ago if you repent and put away your weight will be able to wrap this up and go home so the Bible tells us in Matthew twenty four you don't return there right now is not the twenty four verse twelve and thirteen if you're interested in the text the Bible says because iniquity shall abound the love of many will wax cold so what is the Bible telling us that as time goes on. Hatred in the hearts of men. Are is going to increase. Men are going to come more hateful there's going to be more anger let me ask your question as you look at society today. Do you see this verse being fulfilled. Let me ask you another question. As you look at not society today but in our church today. Do you see do you sense a spirit of division a spirit of anger yeah might I even say a spirit of a hatred that seems to be permeating. The people of God. You see beloved satan is trying to infect God's church with hate and he's doing it in a very in sin us way. The love of many will what's called that's what we're told. But he that endures on to the end shall be saved in yours and what endures in love those who. Stop pile. Love. Those are the ones that are going to make it through the end of time the bible tells them first Corinthians Chapter ten that the things that happened to Israel happened as a example on to was upon whom the ends of the world are come. And the history of Israel is what fills the entire Old Testament so we're going to do something tonight that first going to be what but we're going to do this very quickly and I like to do things quickly. You're about to take a crash course on the seven churches of the Book of Revelation this is a super duper crash course this is going to be super juice. Because this is only setting the foundation for the message. Are you with me all right so how many churches of the Book of Revelation seven churches All right so far so good let me see if you can tell me the names of those churches in order you can look in your Bible if you want to but if you can if you can yell it out for me just go ahead so Church number one is F. assist church Number two Smyrna church number three Pergamos church number four fall your tyro church number five Sardis church number six Philadelphia and church number seven Laodicea what time period are we in right now the Laodicean are here's a question why Well let me explain. In the Bible the numbers one through seven represent a complete cycle of time what every one complete cycle of time so you look at the Creation Week one through seven was one of the numbers used to represent a complete cycle of time the creation week so when we see the numbers one through seven in the Book of Revelation they are telling us of events that happen over a period of time. All we need to do to understand when that period of time begins and when it ends is to find its book ends that make sense Sol the seven churches begins with a vision of John seeing Jesus standing in the midst of seven golden Council states and he describes himself as the one who was dead and now was alive so what we know then is that the seven churches begin shortly after the death burial and resurrection of Christ the seven Church is the Church of the judgment the Laodicean church the end time church before Jesus comes again which lets us know that the seven churches covers a period of time from the. Resurrection of Christ all the way down to the second coming if you with me so far to say amen very good so now all we need to do. It's figure out what these time periods represents All right so the first church is a church with AFA says and that was the church and I'm giving this to you in a nutshell form that was a church that started out strong but then they ended up losing their first love OK this is the early church period don't zone out on me OK because you're going to need this in just a few minutes you know to be sold Donadoni church number one F. asis the church that began pure began zealous but then they ended up losing their first love they fell from their first love church Number two is the Church of Smyrna and in that church we were told that they would be thrown in prison for ten days they would be persecuted and so it is symbolic of the persecuted church which would basically represent the rolling persecution era where the early church was now being persecuted by role Nero etc right so first church period time of crisis up to about all say one hundred eighty and then the second church period is the Roman persecution so bought one hundred eighty on we're up to about three hundred eighty where we are introduced to the third church which is Pergamos now who knows what this third church period represents what timeframe roughly what's happening in this third church period by the way the word per the mass means exaltation through marriage. Exaltation through Mallory's what is marriage it's a union Yeah Was there a union of the Church sometime in the three hundred eighty S. that exalted them to a position that they did not have before yes and we think of a man by the name of constant thing right Constantine was an emperor and here's what happened the Church of that time period rejected Jesus Christ as their ruler in the place of Constantine to guide them and protect them. Compromise. Church State. Which leads us to the fourth church which is the Church of fire Tyra in which there is a woman described by the name of jazz the bell. What are we talking about here who is jazz Adele OK this persecuting power what time period with this represent. Right the dark ages out of how many of you following so far OK so far so good all right Dark Ages very good all right the fifth church is the Church of Sardis and the word Sardis means those escaping. Those escaping I want to ask you a question Is there a church period representing someone as scaping out of or coming from or let me say this way. If they are OK. You know I we got a pastor we got a good good the Reformation right this is the Protestant Reformation they began the Reformation but did not complete the Reformation who completes the Reformation what church Philadelphia. Can someone tell me what the Philadelphia church who is the church that comes upon the scene that completes what the Protestant Reformation started the Seventh Day Adventist Church the Church of Brotherly Love where people came from all different denominations to work to get there or to accomplish or to finish the Reformation. And then the final church. Laodicea be with me so far Laodicea and what are we doing now that this is the church that is waiting for the coming of all right these things were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come is actually. Have a question for you. Did Adam and Eve start out perfect Did they lose their first love interesting. Book of Genesis the people of God start out. On fire for gong. But then they lose their first loan book of Genesis. Kind of parallels the Church of effort since what's the next church Smyrna or the persecuted church can anyone tell me what the Book of Exodus is about do you have a persecuted church in the Book of Exodus yet. You have very interesting and soul they are persecuted but you know the story that this is about from Exodus and then we have Deuteronomy numbers we have those books that speak about Israel and God leaving them out of persecution. Then we get to the Book of Joshua and judges. And Joshua Judges the children of Israel who were before persecuted now enter into the Promised Land Yeah and then something strangely sad happens there because once they get there they have a priest a judge by the name of Samuel But the people begin to say once they are in this position of and saltation they begin to say hey you know what we don't want a priest ruling over us we want to King your feelings. And so they ask for a man by the name of a song that sounds to me just like the history of the Pergamos church who said we reject Christ as our ruler we want a man ruling over us very interesting as a result of this Israel begins to really really mess up their mess of someone's soul that by the book of Second Chronicles they have now gone into captivity by a power named Babylon while that's very interesting because the fourth Church describes the people of God under a persecution power by the name of Babylon do you see what's called going on here it's almost like the churches of the New Testament parallel the history of God's people in the Old Testament but wait there's more. So after the children of Israel are in captivity you know that a man comes upon the scene by the name of as row. And he begins a work of reformation. What church what church Sardis But remember Sardis did not complete the Reformation Philadelphia did let me ask you did as your begin the work of reformation yet but that he completed No No Someone else came along Nehemiah. And near Maya completed the work that as your began. Nehemiah's work was a real. His work was to repair the breach. Step down. Nehemiah was to be a repair were of the breach what does God call his people at the end of time to do repair the breach and so after Nehemiah Genesis now Israel is simply in a state of waiting. OK everything is done we're just waiting we're waiting for the coming of Jesus we are waiting for the coming of Jesus however when Jesus gets there guess what condition Israel is in. All right you see what is going on that are you following me Israel was in a fog What word would you give me Laodicean. That's a good word they were little more neither hot nor cold the things that were written in the past were written for our admonitions upon whom the ends of the world are come in other words beloved the very same condition that literal Israel was in when Jesus came the first time reflects the condition the risk that we face being in when Jesus comes the second time Saul let me ask you was Israel spewed out of the mouth of God. Was literal Israel cut off as a result of their lukewarmness Yeah so what we need to figure out is OK OK We've got a case study before us what was the condition of Israel what was Israel's problem that caused them to be unprepared for the coming of Jesus because we don't want to make that same mistake we don't want to end up in that same boat and but I have good news for you according to the prophecy will be ready when Jesus comes again. Let me rephrase that according to the prophecy some of us will be ready when Jesus comes again. Is that OK because this is true. So some of us one of voided the mistakes that Israel made and some of us will actually make the same mistakes so now we need to know what is the mistake that they made and I'm going to suggest to you that there were two mistakes that they made going to look at number one first so Malakar chapter three verse one Malakai chapter three verse one Malakai. Chapter three. And verse one the Bible says Behold I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me and the Lord whom you see suddenly come to his temple even the messenger of the Covenant whom you delight in behold he shall come see if the Lord Jesus Christ is being described in chapter three verse one but he is called an angel is very interesting why is he called an angel. Is because he is a created being no he is a why he's a messenger he's a messenger so Christ would come as an angel but he would come as something else as well. Turn with me to the book of Psalm sixty nine. Some sixty nine and verse seven. Song sixty nine and verse seven. Because for that I say I have borne reproach shame has covered my face let's talk about Jesus yes talk about Jesus this is not psalm that is a messianic song watch and notice the next verse I am become a once stranger on to my brother and and what L.D.N. unto my mother's children. So Jesus would come as a stranger now I don't know this word stranger means I want to just give you another word for it the word stranger signifies and when to say that again. The word stranger signifies foreigner Jesus. Was going to come not only as an angel as a messenger but he was also going to come as a foreigner. That's interesting. Why would he come as a foreigner why would he come as a stranger you know John one ten tells us he came into his own and his own want received Him not why didn't they receive him. They didn't recognize him he was a stranger he was a stranger he was a. Foreigner. What was the everyone foreigner. So how. Would Israel treat the foreigner here I may try seeing it on this side of protein. How would Israel treat this stranger when he came as a bible tell us to be careful to entertain strangers because some have. Entertained angels. Yeah you don't know unawares you don't know. So the Bible says entertain strangers listen remember when Joseph. Was. The second in command in Egypt and his brothers came on to him but the Bible says that he made himself strange on to them. They didn't know who he was he was a stranger they did not recognize the one whom they had sold into captivity and who was now exalted to a position second in command. They didn't recognize him he was to them a stranger much like when Jesus junior to the disciples on the road to N.A.S. and they're walking with him and they're telling him why they are sad and what the Bible says that if they did not know him they said are down only on stranger in Israel Christ was the divine stranger he came as a foreigner in fact in Philippines to five it says he took upon Himself the form of eight serve in. That word servant is the Greek do last it means slay so hold our way to it Christ came as a foreigner and as a flavor. How Yeah someone thinking with me some want to sing with how would Israel remember we're talking about the things that happened in their time here is a foreigner not one of us not one of ours a foreigner a slave. Jesus hides himself under the flash of the foreigner. Takes upon himself the form of a servant a slave. So the OK let's see how you treat me because we all know that if Jesus came in glory everyone in Israel would praise him praise Jesus not let it be we all know that so Jesus could not come as himself because we all know how to put on performances we know how to cry when we sing we know how to feel the warm fuzzy when a sound feel the warm thoughts we so choose A says I'm going to come as a stranger I'm going to come as a foreigner I'm going to come after slave why because I want to see who. You really are. Who are you really I'm not what you say Laodicea I mean Israel. I know what you say I know you know the right words but come on. I want to know. What's really in your heart what's really going on inside so Jesus comes. As a foreigner. Slave. As a captive much like Daniel. Is there any sin in the Bible record of Daniel. No but you know what he was taken captive with his people he let interesting. Daniel was taken as a slave with his people he identified with his people even though the Bible records that he did no wrong so Jesus comes as one of the he dons on the armor of the calling although of a foreigner and it comes and now the question is why would he come as such the answer is because the coming of Jesus was to reveal the farts of many hearts that's what the angel told me or the one who is born of you is going to reveal the thoughts and the intent of many hearts so he comes disguised as a stranger disguised as a slave Check this out. Come back with me to the very beginning God creates man. Book of Genesis and we know that at some point God would use the human race to judge Satan. And his angels no you not that we shall judge angels How do you think those are for Satan felt about that was he happy no he's thinking that the human race is going to take his place the human race is going to push him out the human race is going to alternately judge him and condemn him so as a result Satan hits the human race. He hates the human race he hates the human you might be want to watch it he hates the human race and when you hate a race that makes you racist. So Satan was the first racist. Are your feeling me. Say tender love it was a racist. We all like the human race so we want to own press them and make them slaves and do everything we possibly can to break them and to destroy them and we want to put our own spirit of racism into the human race make them just like us so Satan gets to work we look at the story of the exodus of Egypt. Why there's Egypt in slave Israel they were while they were races. They were against the race of Israel they were against the people of Israel and they actually said Come to let us. Let us in slave them lest they become greater than arson number and some war break out May raid they rise up against us so remember we talked about last night fear fear they were afraid of these foreigners they're going to take our jobs I mean they're going to. Ruin him her just they're going to take our our land. Most of my land. You take our land because some water. There's a hard message guys. And listen listen please listen OK if it burns let it burn. If it doesn't burn praise God Amen amen I write so don't anybody like that in fact you know. Kind of three. We love you Pastor Meyers one two three. That didn't sound convincing. At all. So their argument was they're going to take our stuff they're going to rise over us and they're going to you know take everything that belongs to us and push us out of this land and it won't be ours anymore is Egypt had a problem with the racism and they have a problem with nationalism each It is the greatest nation on the planet there is none like you I mean there is none like us. And like this was their problem. And so they oppressed the people of God fowle had a say tannic spirits. And was a spirit of superiority and so here is what God knows he sends a man by the name of Moses with the Gospel you see beloved listen carefully the gospel. The Gospel address of your Prussian. Of God's people. The gospel was not this thing that was out there hey just go tell them to be good love one another and this endure their slavery and then in the Gospel delivered them from all pression God literally says to Moses I have heard the cry you know that tells me if I want to be like Jesus if I want to be like my Heavenly Father then I too should hear the cry if I am not hearing the cry of the old press if I am not hearing the cry of the oppressed something is wrong with my hearing. I'm not hearing the Gospel whatever it is I'm hearing whatever is I'm doing it is not the gospel because the Gospel is designed to to live her own oppressed people and if I look down on Oprah's people I've got an issue myself are you guys feeling you understand what I'm saying so God sends Moses and he delivers each hit out of captivity he heard their cry listen to me. What are we. We are Seventh Day Adventists and then what is one of the chapters one of the most Seventh Day Adventist chapters. I just made that up yes. In the Bible come on give me an advantage chapter Exodus twenty OK very good give me the other while there's one more I know where you go and I see the other administrator's OK Revelation fourteen now give me the other Revelation chapter OK Daniel eight that's a lot of us are right now my our now our There's really no more Daniel no more revelation the way you've used up all the books that give me the other Isaiah fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight. Is this not the fast I have chosen to loose the bands of wickedness to let the old pressed. Beloved listen to me if our gospel if our ministry if our mission is not to deal with those in our society who are being all pressed we are not doing what God has called us to do we can preach all day long and do evangelists six series all day long if we are not out on with boots on the ground minister into the oppressed. We are not doing what God has called us to do and therefore he says that's why you call out to me and now you ask why do we fasten you tonight here why because you're not keeping the Sabbath. Is this a facet of call No it is how can I called you to lose the battle for you this could not hide by some from Van own flats you know what that means don't turn your head the other way. Be empathetic remember how Jesus came in the Bible says that we hid as it were our faces from him. We turned our heads the other way and score and like yeah you know it doesn't matter how many of us turn our heads in scorn to the press ten plagues are poured out upon Egypt to solve their racist problems you didn't catch that. Stopping slave in my people no stopping stay no more people No OK Well the poor plagues on you the plagues are poor now upon a racist nation. I love you. Does God hates those who are racist. No. How do we know that well this isn't. In the story the actions of. Guess who left Egypt it was a mixed multitude you know like this about Egypt since they left with the interest rates. Egyptians got converted. Till I was out here not enough not already and God Guess what God receive them. The intention was not oh god is not racist God is not racist so he says hey Whosoever will let them come and so guess what it was a mixed multitude that left Egypt and now watch this come on think about this now think about it right where Israel OK we are all Israel and the Chechens have been just totally do in our kinds of stuff to us as a people that were just like man what are we going to do about this and now God has come to deliver us and some of the Egyptians are leaving with us and now we're the majority and they're the minority Exodus twenty three turn there with me Exodus Chapter twenty three. Exodus twenty three verse nine when you get there same in. Exodus twenty three verse nine also Israel. That all shall not all plants are stranger for you know the heart of a stranger seeing you were strangers in the land of Egypt do not do unto them. What they don't tell you otherwise you have become just like what you hate but love and listen to me racism is a human problem did you catch up just now racism is a human problem you see in America when we hear racism we think that the only racism in the world is like you know a black white Mexican. That's it every other day nobody else has races for none of that guess what racism is everywhere you find it in every culture. So why we think of it in the context of where we are in America today remember that there is racism going on around the world why because racism is a sin issue why because Satan was the first Frist and all he's trying to do is to put that spirit of hate because in the petition abound the love of many South what's called that's what he's trying to do so God tells Israel don't do as they have done unto you live it is nine hundred thirty three and thirty four tells us the same thing remember that you were a stranger in Egypt so do not treat the stranger in any way that will disappoint me do not treat the stranger as you were treated in Egypt however the spirit of racism began to penetrate Israel. Because if you read in the Bible over and over you see God again telling Israel why are you all pressing the stranger you see why was God so concerned about how Israel treated the stranger. Why. Why. Think about it because when Jews of Cain he was kind of God was trying to set them up all right guys treat the stranger because no one knew who Jesus was coming as. No one knew who Jesus would be everyone was a sister promise child is this a promise so hey listen and treat the stranger well. God was trying to prepare is your so now when Jesus comes but listen when Jesus came. Like when the Pharisees got mad at Jesus you know we have our derogatory terms think about the races that are a target for the Jews it was Jesus you Samaritan. That was racism. Was it not that was race the Jews have become races any other nation OK Hey no don't touch any other nation why because they are the gen trials but I haven't checked this are you know it is when Jesus came to break down the walls he was dealing with the issue of racism breaking down the walls of separation so that there is neither Jew nor Greek so. What happens they have the spirit of racism not only do they have the spirit of racism but you remember when things were getting too heated pitch with Jesus and they said listen it is expedient for us that one man perish that the nation perish not nationalism chose. The train it's the way they treated the stranger and nationalism that's what set Israel up to fail they had put the nation of the world over the kingdom of heaven and they did not care about the stranger the press and when Jesus comes. They're not ready for. You ready for this and if you're ready for this. You're going to have to be ready for this number Peter Peter so on the day of Pentecost You know Peter had like deny Jesus three times and then he goes out he weeps and then we're told that he's converted right yeah and he's now given this life and to the Lord and on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit falls on Peter and Peter gets up and preaches a powerful message three thousand Jews converted in one day. Three thousand that's power how many want to be like Peter Amen. And then in Acts chapter ten. Peter is on the rooftop. And he has this vision. The unclean animals three times and then he doesn't know what it means rise kill and he does know what it means and then three Gentiles come to greet him. And a Spirit says to him go with them doubting nothing now what would peter be doubting their Gentiles so Peter was a pastor hold on another pastor on the day of Pentecost Peter had the Holy Spirit poured out upon him what do you mean yes that Peter did not know the heart is deceitful eat. So Peter Goelz and he finds Cornelius and the Holy Spirit of what I want them and Peter is like I get it now what God is cleanse that Carthon our common God to show me not to call any man common all unclean praise the lord amen Peter get said now. Say praise Lord with me praise the lord except if you read chapter two prong said that he had to rebuke Peter to his face why because when they were eating and the Gentiles He was eating with it and Jews came in guess what Peter tried to say no I'm not with them. Cast what was still in his hearts but I will let me say something and you know I love you. I do in the administration we can talk about any other saying. Yeah there's hatred in the church yeah there's this in the church yeah there's adultery in the church but we talk about race in the church how dare you racism all my best friend is Mexican. I mean my coworkers are mexican not my best friend my coworker. My neighbor is black. I got a white friend we tend to want to cover Did you catch what I'm saying but have a listen to me we cannot get into heaven with racism in our hearts. So God is doing everything he can to show us the same mistake that the Jews made in the time of Christ that we don't make that same mistake those same mistakes the gospel is about breaking down barriers when I became and I've been is this little in my testimony when I was brought up the Bible was the white man's book to me. That was that's what Hip-Hop told me the Bible the white man by the white man but man so you know I was I am a white man's world and. You know I. Was like OK yeah right and and then I would listen to all these other religions like you know Nation of Islam and all these other Afro centric Hebrew Israelites and how the white man was created by evil scientists named Yaku anyone ever heard that yeah yeah and argue like. All right NOW COME ON NATIONAL you're going to a little bit too far now right as I got sound stupid so for me religion was really kind of all stupid because none of it made sense to me. Until I was introduced to Adventism not like this. And so interesting enough I was baptized in Brooklyn New York. And it was all black church. So I just thought that Adventism was a black movement. You know. So. When I met my first white admin is I was like. Look at. Ours like you know this movement is powerful when a white man joins our black move me. What. I think the wagon was of looking at me like it was a matter of if you. But I was happy here I look at that look the Gospel gets rid of the color line. When the Gospel is truly planted in the heart color is no longer an issue. And we cannot go into every nation kindred tongue and people with genuine love if we don't have genuine love for every nation kindred tongue and people. And we cannot demonstrate love for every nation kindred tongue and people if we have separation in the advent of how what how are we going to go forward with a message for every nation kids are telling people when on Sabbath morning we're dealing with segregation in the administration. Tell me how that works you see while the three angles messages are supposed to be going forward Satan is doing his work and let me tell you the work he's doing because you need to know this you see in the Book of Revelation there are two beasts described one that rise up out the sea and one that rises up to where we are. The one that rise about the earth it's described in these words this piece had the horns of a lamb but it speak as a track what nation does that represent and a specific lead represents the Christian element of America horns of a lamb. But speaking like a dragon Now how many believe that one day this beast will in fact speak like a dragon with your hands. One day this piece will speak like a dragon. And I need to see your hands and I hold them nice and high believe that OK guess what you're all wrong. You're all wrong the Bible does not say that this beast will speak like a dragon the Bible said this speak spake as a dragon which means from its very inception you know enough in me. From its very inception it has been a lamb like Beast looking Christian but speaking like a dragon Now would you like to know how our pioneers described it this way why they describe it this way I want you to listen this is your Ryan Smith Listen to this next this is from June ten. Adventists review eight hundred fifty eight. This what you are Smith says next he says a piece with two horns like a lamb but he spake as a dragon this we believe means the United States the government is land like in appearance but dragon like an action in profession it is a land of liberty but in action it is the land of slavery and oppression. Let me let me read it again. And profession it is a land of liberty but in action it is the land of slavery and all pression. That's how pioneers Jan Andrews let me what he says Jan Algy's no power previous to this to war and peace has been in prophecy symbolized by lamb like horns they must symbolize our power in its embryo state with a mild form of government probably the mildest that ever existed mark the language of the Declaration of Independence of these United States we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created free and equal that they are endowed with certain inalienable rights among these are Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness where ever appeared a government with a declaration so lamblike in a place where the people are pledged to carry out such a declaration we should expect to find a god like class carrying out the principles of the Bible to which it is so nearly allied love thy neighbor as thyself. Here is a government placing men as persons on equal footing learn like an appearance Yeah a crisis like Jesus call the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the of the world but as presented by the Revelator the scene is sadly degenerate when the beast begins to act instead of carrying out lamb like professions he speaks as a dragon Yes that very national executive body who have before them this declaration of independence and profess to be carrying out its principles can pass laws by which three million five hundred thousand sleighs can be held in bondage slaves what are they men like ourselves except perhaps in their complection the Declaration of Independence should have a clause supply and should read all men are created equal and free except three million five hundred thousand. Our power you need yours listen carefully our pioneers identified the limelight piece as a miracle primarily because of racism. Let me tell you something else they said. They said don't expect the beast to reform the spirit of racism will be in this beast until it is cast into the fire that's what you're right Smith said Now what does that mean what does that mean. Very simple. Just as every other Send gets worse and worse till the end of time same with racism while it appears to have you know all we have gotten away with we've done away with this and done away with that guess what the spirit of racism is still alive. It is still alive and please listen to me the spirit of racism can live in any body the spirit of racism can live in any heart regardless of your color many of us are taking on the spirit of the lamb like bees we look like lambs but when we open our mouths. Behind closed doors. We're speaking like the dragon. We are being conformed to the image of the beasts Yeah God calls us to fight against this. God calls us to hear the cry of the press. God calls us to be empathetic God calls us to sympathize with those not with our own. With those who know not of our faith who are struggling because they are being oppressed because they are being you fill in the blank as God's people we are supposed to be here for those people we are supposed to be there for the foreigner. We are supposed to be there for this stranger our pioneers were abolitionists did you know that they combined the preaching of the three angels messages with the current social injustice of the day they did not deal with what social injustice the way others dealt with it they dealt with it by preaching the three angels messages and connecting it as the answer to the social issue of the day but other than we separate the preaching of the three angels message from the social issue of the day racism crime poverty we are doing an injustice to the Gospel the gospel becomes powerless when it cannot answer the issues of people who are living realize living in real poverty we must find a way to take the unadulterated three angles messages and make it address the social injustices of the day that's what Isaiah fifty eight calls us to do. And when we begin to do that let me tell you doors are going to open. Because instead of marching alongside people who are trying to throw bottles and we're throwing bottles with them we can say hey guess what I got a better way I hear the problem I know the issue but there is a better way there's a better way but love and we have that better way. And so the better way doesn't say no you're not you're you're issues are imaginary and you know you come on pull yourself up by a bit know what we're supposed to be doing is showing that better way. And one of the as a church our voice needs to be heard. Silence is unacceptable. God calls us to speak so listen you need to start doing everything you can possibly try to do in the Bay Area we just started the ministry I didn't tell him to sit here but just stand real quick stand up stand up stand up see those servers fight the hate fighting this is the ministry this is the ministry that we just start in the Bay Area's probably about eight months old or a little bit more than that and we are trying to find ways to get our young people involved in taking the three angels messages to our community in need we're trying to teach them the importance of understanding the social issues of the day and not responding like everyone else but responding in the way that Christ would have us respond. The love of God is needing his people to step it up. To put the kingdom of heaven over the kingdom of this world. To treat the stranger in a way that we would treat Jesus Christ himself. So are you ready for this we're getting ready to close in five seconds prophetic time. Someone wrote that out for me yesterday I don't know if they are here OK look check this out now if you're twenty five now if you're twenty five. Yeah you know where this is going right now if you're twenty five and I want you to know it was me verse thirty one Matthew twenty five or study one when the son of man shall come in His glory and all the holy angels with him then shall he sit upon his the throne of His glory and before him shall be gathered all no nations. That one nation is the Greek word ethnos. Wow. Well all nations shall be gathered before him and he shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divided his sheep from the goats and he shall set the sheep on his right hand but the goats on his left then shall the King say unto them on his right hand come you plus of My Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world for I was hungry and you gave me meat I was thirsty you gave me drink I was a stranger are what I was a stranger and you told me N Now listen took me in does not mean you took me into your home. State what it means you accepted me I was a foreigner. And you accepted me I was in prison and you came on to me then shall the right just answering saying Lord when did we see you when did we see you we don't remember seeing you all we saw were strangers yet. And then he says to the wiki Depart from Me I was a stranger you didn't take me in and you know they're going to respond Whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute you know that if we saw you we would take you in you know that because we love you Lord yeah you did see me. You just didn't know it was me see you knew how to play the game but when you thought I wasn't looking when you thought it was in me when you would that was me that was me but I've listened to me God is trying to speak to us he's trying to tell us don't make the same mistake that Israel made. Don't treat the stranger like Israel treated me the Bible tells us the last shall be first and the first shall be last. You know when Israel was an Egypt who was the first. Egypt who was the last Israel. You know became the first fruits. Israel you know what happened to Egypt they were destroyed Check this out there Moses was called out of the wilderness he was called out of the wilderness and he was sent with a message and that's that is eight more in the message was for God's people to serve him and that's this twelve his message was. Come out of Egypt and Exodus fourteen there was a destruction of the way Moses was sent to preach to the last he was sent to preach to the least of these God has a movement that has come out of the wilderness and they've been sent to minister to the last the least the ones who are afraid because they don't know what their future holds they don't know if they're going to have a job tomorrow they don't know if they're going to be where they're going to be don't know if they are safe in this place. They are the foreigners the strangers the oppressed gods I want you to go to them and tell them come serve me and I want you to tell them come out of Babylon and I want to let them know that there are pressures will no longer Oprah's. We have a message for the world but God says for us my people you have to see what's in your hearts and when when we can demonstrate within the church a nation of a people of every nation kindred tongue and people who actually love each other when we can demonstrate that in and in the church. Then our message will go forth with great power in the world so what's in your heart. What's in your heart. Ask yourself what's in your heart you don't know what's in your heart is to see from the wiki God knows what's in your heart. God knows what's in your heart. North show me. Show me in Mar heart who I am get it out of me Lord. So that I can have your spirit to falling in me hate is hate is hate. If you hate the oppressor you are no better than the your price or show me what's in my heart do I have a hatred. In my heart because only those who love will make it through the last days my appeal to you tonight is very simple. Change my heart will. Change my heart but more than change my heart Lord change your church. Help us to open our eyes to see our condition. Help us to look around and see what do you really look like to the world. And then Lord we repent we thank you for the son of David. Dying on our behalf while we were in our miserable wretched naked condition. Now the Lord fixes. We repent and fight you to pray with me. Heavenly Father. We need your grace we need your power father we need your love doing in our hearts you know if we cannot love one another. How can we love you. If we cannot love one another how can we go into every nation kindred tongue and people Lord please forgive us. For the picture that we have presented to the world. Forgive us for our lot of empathy for our lack. Of involvement. With those who are oppressed forgive us for the way we have treated the stranger the Lord make us like you. Purified. And then. With the message you have given this we pray in the precious name of Jesus. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. You would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W.. Or.


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