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What Was Accomplished at the Cross?

Dee Casper


In this message we walk through the cross, its ramifications on the plan of salvation and the process of justification.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.


  • September 23, 2017
    11:30 AM
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God in heaven thank you for this privilege to come into your presence in prayer and I just asked now that what the people are needing today what I freely confess I don't have and so I pray that your spirit would be present in a powerful way you would open our eyes to the beauty of the cross and what it means to us individually and as we go through the course of this day when we be more affirmed that indeed the message of Christ Our Righteousness is meet in due season in the thirteen those message in verity and it is what will prepare people to stand in the day of God. Bless us all God I pray and show us your glory and I ask this in Jesus' name. And so we're embarking upon a three part journey for those who aren't aware. Well first of all the message is going to be what was accomplished at the cross and the think he was in order thank you for the opportunity to be here I'm from unseen Media Group the media ministry in southern Illinois and. Formerly was a tennis or to see boy for about three years and miss it missed it so much to talk on mom and moving not too far from here say more reasons to visit. And see me to group you can find more about her ministry on our website here unseen dot any for times take a leave it that we're media ministry creating content to reach young people with the Gospel that's our burden and we have three meetings today actually right now this afternoon at two thirty and another at three forty five we'd love to see you here this afternoon at two thirty will be on the lawn the covenants and the message at three forty five will be had to have assurance of salvation we're basically walking through three phases of the plane a salvation justification sanctification and what leads to glorification we're going to cover the Ministry of the Holy Spirit and how to be able to stay in that time so I'm really excited for this I've prayed you know me I know you kind of so I'll go ahead and get started. Again this morning's message isn't titled What was accomplished at the cross there are some very hopeful documents I'd like to share with you before we begin if you just want to take down the references for these the first is the signs of The Times December thirty eight hundred eighty nine and the second is from the materials Chapter eighty seven pages sixty five to sixty six. Phenomenal article the one the signs of the times just ridiculously good on what was accomplished by the death of Jesus even the angels were made more secure uniform beautiful reckons there are so too prefaces to this morning's message The first is this. That my remote isn't working as well as my i Pads on going to ignore it that's the person that's OK The first quote is found here from the materials there's very helpful for me to kind of understand what the focal lives need to be of what we preach we do not abandon some people fear that you know if we start preaching more about Jesus we're going to abandon our courtrooms that make us peculiar I don't think this is an either or thing I don't think it was ever intended to be I believe that we should not run from our peculiarity we have a beautiful message that centered in the sink she wary and all of this can still be Christ's and you don't have to abandon one to uplift the other and then you can preach present truth while talking about the loveliness of Jesus and that's my burden today but something that helped me to see that is what's in this quote here in one thousand eight year olds page eight forty two and eight forty two forty forty eight fifty five says the preaching of Christ crucified has been strangely neglected by our people many who claim to believe the truth have no knowledge of faith in Christ by experience. They continue. Having technological difficulties and for an item here such as can be only found actually go back because. It is this neglected part of the ministry which will be found the great instrument in the. Conversion of souls and then leading to the high standard of holiness which every church needs in order to become a living Church two things I see from this the first is that this is going to lead to the conversion of souls the preaching of Christ and Him crucified and his mission minded seventy AD miscreations are we looking for the conversion of souls yes or no All right well this can help with that here's the second one that also will lead to the high standard of holiness which every church needs in order to become a living church some of you may have attended churches that you would deem as being dead there's not all of the life there now a lot of growth of Angeles tickly no other friendliness amongst the brethren maybe we're told here that the cross actually leads to a high standard of holiness to make it a living church and how many people have heard someone say yeah yeah we're the know it the Gospel everybody knows that what we need to do is give them the meat you never heard that before the problem with that is that it's not Biblical. Like the cross is called me in due season we're told this be a prophecy first of all and second of all it's the preaching of Christ crucified because the same company would say and the rightly frustrated that it seems that the church has lost its zeal for holiness I don't argue with that actually I think that is true but the answer we're told is actually found in the preaching of Christ and Him crucified she says this will lead to the high standards of holiness which every church needs in order to become a living church so removing crisis and are crossed and heard continual preaching in our churches will actually lead to holiness to lead to discouragement or legalism most likely if you preach Christ with the standards it's a cheap level it's attainable it's attractive it's possible and it's powerful and that's the point that she makes she says there must be a life giving power in the ministry life must be infused into the missionaries in every place that they may go forth giving the trumpet no uncertain sound but with heaven sent awakening power such as can be found only in the preaching of Jesus Christ. His love His forgiveness his grace beautiful so this is kind of why I've been more convicted as of late to have this central focus and lastly this and eight hundred materials to anyone she says the want which is what's lacking and the desire of the wants in the religious experience is the acceptance of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospel what most people are missing in the religious experience is this understanding we're going to be unpacking this throughout the course of this day but like to begin with the sobering story so I was teaching in a school evangelism a few years ago and I was asked to come as as an adjunct instructor teaching on Christian service so what else is preaching in the afternoon on the cross I love to be here for this so as this person begins a story they didn't grow up a Christian became a Christian later in life in their late teens I think but they they were knocking on doors after their conversion kind of this radical conversion experience they were knocking on doors and they get to this guy's house I forget if they were just distributing literature or selling literature I don't remember which that's not really the point so you just of this door and he says hey I've got this book for you man the guy says come inside so he comes inside in his have a seat he has a seat he says well what was the deal actually still standing but he says what's the deal man says hey I've got this book and it talks about the fact that Jesus died for you and the guy says and. What do you mean and Jesus died for you man and I said so what so what you guys to sit at let me tell you a story and I began to tell him the story about a guru of his this man in particular was was an eastern religious of some sort he had a guru and everyone in the village hated this guy for his beliefs because they were different than their views and this guy was a great mentor to him helped him tremendously in his Christian growth or in his eastern religion growth and he says because the people hated him and didn't like what he was teaching they decided to take matters into their own hands they took the guy from his. House the bottom end of the wood in a chain into a tree and did things I'm not going to share with children present or from a pope on Sabbath but they basically removed his clothing and inflicted severe amounts of harm upon this man in waves to prolong his death for. Animals are investigating him every step of the way and the man is weeping as he's talking to this baby Christian and says what my guru with through was way worse than what your Jesus was. So why should I put my faith in him. This guy has no to do like he did tell me that when in the bible studies and he just kind of wrestling like how do I answer this I don't know what to say because what I got wind through was technically worse than what Jesus went through six hours on the cross that I don't know. And the only thing he can muster to say at this stage is. What the book is and what has to say and then he he closes a story and addresses the students of the school evangelists eventually and says Is it just the amount of physical suffering that Jesus endured that makes him our Savior and if so nervous just how much physical suffering he went through what makes his death just dying for the good of humanity what makes his death any more meritorious than if of Mahatma Gandhi or Dr Martin Luther King Jr or any other martyr for the good of humanity now please don't misunderstand me this morning and not downplaying the sufferings of Christ I'm about to explain them but the point is a valid one that many times we tell people what the Gospel is we decide this died for you there's more than that and what that means to them and there's more to that to this is read like to communicate with you this morning. So what gospel of him Well according to Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus has the saying he tells the disciples he's giving the signs of the times which are very relevant now. And so in Matthew twenty four fourteen he says and this gospel will be present all the world is a witness to all the nations and then the end will come up so I'm led to the impression of the language that Jesus employs here is basically a if A then B. format when a happens then B. is going to happen so when the vis gospel he seems to be specific this Gospel is preached all the world's witness then the end will come why have a logical question for you. Where is Jesus. Jesus isn't here so it seems to me that would Jesus was communicating to the disciples was kind of a prerequisite for him to come and there must be something about that process that we haven't fully gotten right yet or has it been carried through to its completion it's one of the other maybe it's both Yeah I believe that the this gospel aspect is part of what will be helpful for us is the gospel that Jesus was preaching Revelation fourteen goes on to say that the everlasting gospel will go to every nation tribe tongue and people very similar language to Matthew twenty four verse fourteen so unless of the impression there's a connection between these two well what is the everlasting Gospel we get some insight manuscript thirty two eight hundred ninety six the message proclaimed by the angel flying in the midst of heaven Revelation fourteen is the everlasting Gospel the same gospel it was declared in Eden when God said The serpent I will put in the between the and the woman in between the I seed in her city so the everlasting Gospel is the same gospel that was praised in the garden before Adam and Eve fell back to right after they fill in Genesis three they fall they're separated from God God immediately makes atonement for them something that's innocent dies for their sins to cover them with their shame in their nakedness which they will help place faith in the sacrifice for what will happen later in the cross and not only that but something innocent had to suffer on their behalf and then God tells a serpent that the seed of Eve is going to cross your head but you will bruises heal so twice in the Gospel answer given in Genesis three we see a suffering messiah this theme continues in his he will be bruised and even tunics of skin in the same jury service God said I've had enough of this distance between you and I as a fifty nine versus one and two says Your sins are separated you from your God and God is our Source of Life so separation of the source of life inevitably leads to death God says I've had enough of the separation and then. Twenty five in verse eight he says let them build me a sink she wary why that I may dwell among them and this is the beautiful thing about the sanctuary message because there were two key sinful figures in the sanctuary a priest and a sacrifice Jesus fulfills both responsibilities and this is very good news for us because the very person who's administering his own merits on our behalf is also acquainted with the human predicament. We are in such good hands guys in the midst of the investigative judgment in the sanctuary service of what we believe is happening in heaven right now we are in very good hands Jesus understands and he's the best person for that job but essentially he teaches this to the Lamb is slain one of the prophets say that the Messiah will suffer what did Jesus say I'm going to suffer in the disciples hated this because I mean this messiah guys is good like suffer for people like that's not near as awesome as walk on the heads off the Romans and getting our land back we're not excited about this at all they wanted a militant Messiah not a suffering the size so they rejected this message initially but then when Jesus is resurrected there's disciples who are dejected going on their way back to the road to M A S they're talking Jesus Hey fellows what you talking about all man haven't you heard and then Jesus says Didn't you know that he had to suffer you should have known the whole bible said so but he says Didn't you know that he ought to suffer if you never believe in the book of Acts what gospel the disciples preaching that Jesus suffered go read the sermons or preach in the book of Acts they talk about the suffering messiah lastly the Book of Revelation were told about the lamb who slain the central theme I see throughout Scripture in the plan of redemption is this Jesus will suffer I believe in a suffering messiah is a much needed component in the everlasting Gospel not to neglect again our unique message of the first angel's message which by the way I'm coming at the in the message I'll tie that comment anyway it's a good point. You'll hear it later are so how often my question then would be how often do we hear messages that highlight the sufferings of Christ and I'm not talking about a mill give some blood back how often do we hear this in our poll puts generally not very often. Thankfully that changed for me this summer I did hear somebody else preach about that. Skip that slide because it was this is an old slide show of it was July fifth and I realize heard that but I heard a bit to other people who heard the sermon priest first time I heard X. It was July fifth two thousand and fourteen and I remember think it was the most pure gospel sermon I've ever heard in my life they just walked through Kissimmee through the cross that was a commentary just what happens and I vowed I would never commit the sin of not preaching that ever again which is why I'm sharing this with you this morning I met two other people who heard the same person sure that message like twenty years ago and they never forgot it never one heard it in fact your whole in a dorm or ship twenty years ago it's other have not forgotten another person heard it someplace else as if they've never is this vividly impressed upon their minds it tells me something right if something can probe the depths of our being like that must be important and we wonder why our older younger or older generation or younger generations are wrestling with assurance of salvation three B.N. is getting an alarming amount of phone calls from Seventh Day Adventist adults and pastors who have no assurance of salvation that's a problem. Our young people are wrestling with feeling good enough for God They wrestle with feeling that they can be saved because they're hearing a whole lot about what God expects but they're not being told how God enables them to do it he expects so they think either I'm a loser or God isn't reasonable will deal with those two aspects this afternoon or both messages so I believe that we're not hearing the full depths of the beauty of the Gospels part of what's missing and I believe we have it within our myths we need to go look in high and low to find it here's the Gospel Jesus risk the turtle Fellowship of the Godhead for you to be state he receives only eternal existence for you to be saved we're told second great the verse chapter five verse twenty one that God made Jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him Jesus did not write a check for the price of sin Jesus literally became sin and receive the wrath of God toward sin to set you free. Far different than that not someone who's filthy stinking rich writing a five hundred dollars check this is someone risking their eternal existence because heaven would not be heaven to him without you. Knowing that maybe even people in this room will reject that at some stage in their life he's still going to give up because that's what it would take to say them if they would say yes. So if you understand the definition of shame versus guilt this takes on a greater meaning because God made Jesus who knows and to be sin guilt is that I've done something wrong God uses this to awaken us to our need of Jesus right in John Chapter sixteen the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin righteousness and judgment he says the world not just religious people so when you've not done rightly the Holy Spirit conviction of this why to just make you feel like a loser never be good enough no to point you to Jesus who died because of your wrong doing who offers a solution to your wrong doing so shame says that I am something wrong guilt is that I did something wrong shame is that I am something wrong so guilt says I have stolen shame says I'm a thief shame says I'm an alcoholic guilt says I have a problem with alcohol you are seeing the difference it may be what you wrestle with but it's not who you are and this is really good news for us because God does not identify as by or since he identifies us by the righteous life of His Son Jesus it says that God made Jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us he became sin he identified with us so that we could then be identified by the righteousness of God in him in Jesus what we say yes to Jesus We are found in Jesus and that's good news for us in the sight of the Father and Holy wall very very good news for us today so you no longer have to identify yourself with your sin because Jesus became that sin in your stead and you become the righteousness of God in him now. I want to explain Nell the weight of sin what you imagine with me this morning with this afternoon now I want you to imagine with me that you stood before a holy God and a holy law with just. Of your sins only one. And no mediator no one to defend you no one to vindicate you know want to stand between you and this holy God and believe in the. How would you be feeling right now I need verbal feedback what are emotions and thoughts that come to mind how you would be feeling in that moment standing before a holy God a whole lot with just one of yours and I'm with you personally probably committed more than one like me in my right in the way but I'm not asking for one only got a hold of a how would you be feeling verbal feedback. Filthy scared she shameful no hope condemned gradients or it would be so hard for you physiologically and psychologically that you would probably drop dead from terror right this little it happens to people that they have moments that scare them so strongly that they just drop dead and the law requires blood right this is something that is needed to atone for our transgression of the law we're toast that's just for one of your sims but I want you to imagine the shame the condemnation and the unthinkable wrath of every god of God for every sin. I mean all of your Since not just the one all of them and every sin from the fall of Adam and Eve all the way until the second coming of Jesus Christ in every single human being just a mast in a large pile right just like a dump a whole pile of the shame condemnation guilt the inner were pointing at the finger and shame and the unmingled wrath of God All of that. Now he to put on the shoulders of one man at one point in time remember you told me how you would feel which is one of your sins compound that by infinity. This is why Jesus tells the disciples of Matthew chapter twenty six that my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death. Jesus at this stage is to the point of the second death talked about in Revelation chapter twenty and other places he's already the point of complete extinction and separation from the father in a moment. Now. Jesus when he walks into the garden tells the disciples this they're seeing a Jesus they've never seen before Jesus is always calm cool and collected all the time but at this point in time Jesus is a mess comparatively he collapses to the ground the moment he sets foot in this garden and the disciples had to help him up he collapses again because this weight is now upon him and they carry him forward and the psychological agony that Jesus is incurring here is so intense that he's now physiologically bleeding through his Poor's. Jesus' body is a mass hysteria right now because again he's bearing all of the weight of every sin that ever has been committed and ever will be committed why. Because he wants you to be justified. He's becoming your sin at this point in time and receiving the wrath of God towards him to spare you so that you can now become the righteousness of God in him. But the story doesn't end there the disciples have always seen the Jesus who's calm cool and collected all the time they don't know what to do with this guy and it's freaking them out at this stage and he's usually calm cool and collected you know whatever that the waves are crashing over the sea or is Jesus in the boat sleeping he's fine there's another situation where demoniac stands up in the middle of the church service and says What are we to do with YOU JESUS YOU SON OF GOD out Jesus rebukes the demon of the man sits in this column in his right mind and another one of the gospel accounts we see two naked demoniacs running in Jesus full steam at the gatherings Jesus rebuked the demons and it says a loose account they were seated include in their right mind. Jesus Kong cool and collected right now they don't know who this is and all their hopes are tied to someone who's a told by a wide and they're perfect peace and confidence in the midst of every hardship and now Jesus they don't know what to do. That Jesus is a wreck the disciples Oreck they don't know what to do. But this process continues United are the same situation can check out emotionally psychologically right we have this hardware built within us that we go into heavy trauma we just turn into vegetables we just get the thousand yard stare and we just check out when it gets to be too hot the problem is Jesus isn't afforded that option. There's no escape hatch for Jesus I mean yes Jesus technically can walk at any point in time that's true. But he's not allowed to numb his pain and to check out he suffers not only that Jesus suffers alone Jesus then begins this process of praying wrestling with God and begging him to change his mind Jesus begging the father to change his mind. Three times in this moment we're told his R.V. age is that Jesus was walking for human sympathy and affection Jesus longing for human sympathy and affection just for a touch just a word of encouragement just something at this stage his for human flesh as longing for that and you know what Jesus gets from us nothing. Absolutely nothing and she says continues to trod the wine press along in this voice of soft Street comes to Jesus and says hey jesus these people don't appreciate you. Just leave them. Here Jesus where your disciples right now and where are his disciples right now sleeping and of the eleven remaining because Judas has already bailed at this stage certainly James John and Peter will be there for Jesus when he needs them he even tells them I need you to pray for me they're sleeping Jesus the closest friend you have on Earth right now I don't care about you. The people you're about to die for what are your disciples of betraying you this very moment. The people you're about to die for they don't value they don't appreciate you Jesus just walk and Jesus can walk right now but he continues because he's thinking. Even when he's praying to the father to change his mind you come to Jesus as mine and he says the word nevertheless he's thinking of you I want to know other way father. But for them if this is what it takes to do it. Thinking of you and his agony. We think about ourselves and our reckoning Jesus is thinking about you continues. The couple he's wrestling with and he says Father please let this cup passed for me is the same cup mentioned Revelation Chapter fourteen the cup of God's wrath that will be poured out upon the wicked who were never supposed to be there by the way the twenty five forty one says Depart from Me you curse in the everlasting fire prepared for who. The Devil and his angels humanity is not on that list. But God has to purge SIM from the university only people who are destroyed are those who have not relinquish their hold upon the thing that God's wrath is directed towards and he's given this variable warning. The only people who will be a lot of the people who did not take hold God to believe in them and the deliverance if you want to give them the unmingled wrath of God is being poured out on God This is why Jesus can emerge from the two months on a morning because only God could receive the mingled wrath of God and lived to tell about it but Jesus is enduring the wrath of God toward sin why because he became sin the moment he set foot in that garden that transaction began. And it was no picnic I assure you and then were told when he wrestled God into the third time we're told as are of ages that she says his decision is fur his decision is made he will save man had any cost to himself that nevertheless is your saving grace and what ends up happening is that actual good read this we're told that God suffered with his son there was silence in heaven and could mortals have viewed the amazement of the jailer coast as an silent grief that watched the father separating his beams of light loving glory from his beloved so they would better understand how offensive it is. This is what sin does. God the Father had to remove rays of light from his son because his son was identifying with what you did. This is your fault. This is my fault. We did this and if we understood this we were told to take a thoughtful hour every day reflecting upon this very time why because we forgive it. You'd be lucky to hear this from a pope but once a year yet we're told in a thoughtful hour reflect. We need this we need to hear it more we need to read and study it more because we for good daily what our sin did to Jesus and continually does to Jesus and to the father. Is God suffered with his son but then God says the angel from the right hand of the Father according to loose account to us to come down towards Jesus's and to do for Jesus what we did not do in a desire of Ages were given some more insight in this were literally toll that this angel comes beside Jesus and it says that He cradles the head of she sits in his bosom. And speaks tender words of encouragement to him reminding him of the promises of God. So that he'll keep going. God had a sin and Angel to do for Jesus we did not do for him. We were there for him but God loves him enough me loves you enough to ensure that this process continues we're told in a very similar happened to John the Baptist as lonely prison cell that angels were sent from heaven to remind him of the promises of God so that he would continue that's good news. So he could do so that means never I'm hurting alone he can do the same thing. Just for me just for you we're told that he would have died in the garden had this angelic visit not happened the wrath of God was so severe it was so difficult Jesus never would have made it to the cross were not for this. Just imagine what Peter James or John could have said God was able to use them the best age if they were praying. Remember Peter said I'll never feel you he failed I'm the most. Talked about that in Sabbath school did me now he's betrayed by a kiss Jesus is brought down there's a group of guards here with a whole bunch of implements they have nothing to do with what they're going to need for Jesus he's a man of peace even when Peter tries a lot off Melkus is here and does Jesus put your sword in this place Peter I don't need your violence to protect my kingdom. I have legions of angels that could protect me if I needed it but I don't. And they're not taking my life. I'm giving myself for them. And for you. Put your sort of way Peter many of our old members need to put their swords away their violence is not helping the king. Saw how it works Jesus won the battle by giving and by living for them not taking life from them or taking the liberty of conscience or choice and when Jesus is being betrayed by kissed by Judas he has the own selfish love to refer to Judas as for Haven't some of us in this room right now there's people in our lives that we cannot call friend. Because we feel betrayed. We feel neglected and abandoned. Jesus can call Judas Fred they know what that means by his strength you can call them friends. Reconciliation is possible through the power of the cross and it's needed because a revival will not come of the seven they have missed church without repentance and reconciliation those are prerequisites that's what it took for the early Reagan that's was to take the lottery repentance and reconciliation but we can start with me. And everybody else that he has to repent me. He's given an unjust trial where that where the word justice even invited to the conversation is a sham of a trial we're told Isaiah Chapter fifty two that Jesus is literally beaten beyond the point of recognition. You cannot physically recognize who this man is anymore. And I'll leave it at that. His sufferings were physical but they were only physical. Universe and it's both. He's brought before the Jews you know they have to say what we have me do with the king of the Jews if we have we will not have this man is lord over us we have no king but Caesar and give us barabus. This the very people Jesus came to say that's what they had to say about him we will not have this man is lord over us we have no king but Caesar give us barabus before we're too hard on the Jews we do the same exact thing when we choose our choice hims over Jesus. Who are just as guilty we're no better than them none of us. Every time you wrong to that choice instead of Jesus you're saying the same thing I will not have him was Lord over me I have no king but Caesar give me a ravenous that's what we do to Jesus sin costs something. It costs so one we can't run from that. We can't hide in our theological bunkers and our theological arrogance in assume that that's going to deliver us and that day then he's get brought to the cross they nail him to this demonic torture device they heed the stone of the air they slam it in the ground every nerve and sinew of his body downward and firearms through every nerve of his body and yet we're told that the physical pain was horribly felt in comparison with the emotional psychological and spiritual agony that Jesus is occurring right now is hardly felt it was eclipsed by the other pain he was contending with then his doubted intended by the people around him saying if you are the son of god save yourself one of the ministers to crucify beside him says if you're the son of God Save yourself and us irony of ironies is because Jesus is the Son of God that he's not coming. And he's already saving them they just haven't figured it out yet he had just a rumor he can leave you at any point that boys this officer he comes again a Jesus you can lead listen to these people you're going to die for them. Jesus continues because he's thinking the only cause of the Jesus has had for thirty three and a half years in his life on this earth is the presence in the approval of his father and now even this is gone. Jesus is fighting what he feels to be a battle completely along. It's as if the father doesn't even exist he's nowhere to be found according to the experience of Jesus he's tempted to believe this. And words come out of the mouth of Jesus that you would never expect to hear from God himself. My God my God why have you for sake in me. God is saying this this is what your sin did to Jesus. This is what my sin does to Jesus but were given some amazing counsel desire of ages that in that thick darkness God's presence was hidden it looks like midnight at noon day and you wonder why here's why just like on the Day of Atonement whenever the priest could not go behind the veil until he first walked in the incense to protect himself from the unmingled wrath of God towards sin. Same thing as what happens here the cross in the thick darkness God's presence was hidden he makes darkness his pavilion and conceals his glory from human eyes God and His holy angels or beside the cross the father was with his son it is presence was not revealed because had his glory flashed forth from the cloud every human beholder would have been. It was an act of mercy from God that these people who deserved to die who were crucified his son that even they could be saved and have another chance God shrouds himself for their sake. Jesus doesn't need it and that dreadful our Christ was not to be comforted with the Father's presence if he tried the wine press alone and of the people there was none with him you know why. Because there's time to you and I tried that one personal. Even one with us and he did that for you to be able to offer you a comfort in the strength that you don't have from anyone else that only Jesus had to endure the deafening silence of God get into the silence of every friend he had on earth and he could provide straight and solace to you in those same moments that's good news bad news for Jesus on that day but it's good for news for you today in then. But there is one thing that keeps Jesus nailed to that cross and the keeps him going you know what it is. It's you. It's the thought of losing you. Jesus cannot bear the thought of losing you heaven would not be a place to live for Him If you could not be there. And some people are not going to be there and he's going to suffer for eternity God sufferings do not end even though ours do the wiki to have it way easier than God the Father does because their pain eventually ends they eventually cease to exist God's pain doesn't go away because people whom he created in His own image will never be there so don't you tell me that God doesn't care and then we're told that Jesus is incapable of seeing through the portals of the tomb at this stage he is fully convinced in his own life that he will never see the father again he will never see the light of day again and even if this plan of salvation does work in your saved he's not going to be there to see it because he sees how it fits of sin is in the side of God. You know when a child first realizes the darkness in the world and you see the light go out of a child's eyes which is awful to see. Just imagine the experience that Jesus had He's never sinned he's never felt guilt he's never felt shame or get in one moment the garden he's all the sudden responsible for every sin the ever has been committed every sin that ever will be committed and he's burying your shame. It's overwhelmingly unfamiliar to Jesus his experience while being separated from the only thing he's known consistently for three years the presence in the approval of his body. This is what in did the life of Jesus. Yes he died physically but his sufferings were far deeper than that. This is why it says in John thirteen of verse one that having loved his own who were in the world he loved them to the INS to the other in and of himself. Then Jesus ascended to heaven and the angels blow a gasket just losing their minds and prays to Jesus because even in this point if you read the article what was accomplished by the death of Christ even the angels were made more secure by the death of Jesus not just us the angels are in praise and Jesus literally looked at the angels and says no. No and he presses into the presence of the Father and he has to know was it enough. Was it sufficient. And we achieved a victory for his children. And I can imagine how emphatic the yes was that God the Father gave him but I assure you it was great. And the word he meant was involved at least once and when Jesus leaves the presence of the father then he accepts their worship and all of Heaven loses its mind this is where we're told Revelation Chapter twelve that the heavens should rejoice but that the Earth should be wary because the devil realizes he has been a short time because he's been cast out. Revelation twelve is the fulcrum of the plan of salvation his arguments have lost all weight in heaven now the question is What are you going to do with the information at hand they've made up their minds have you that's the question Jesus overcame the devil has made a way for you and I now receive the fruit of that victory we can overcome don't you dare let a preacher emasculate the Gospel and tell you we're going to keep sinning until the second coming of Jesus that's a lie. The cross is deficient the clips from all sin past present and future Jesus intends for his people to be victorious in a stand on the sea of glass as a people who perfectly reflect the character of God That's nothing to be afraid of nothing to be afraid of the crisis presentation of that truth is something to be ashamed of. But that truth itself is not something to be afraid of because the gospel is good news this is why so many of our members are not sharing their face because it's not good news for them. We don't realize that we ourselves are accepted in the beloved in that crowd to give us the ability to overcome your not to scare people into evangelism anymore. The cross brings us radical change of the people's experience you're being told the loudest language possible below that you are accepted in the beloved. And your valued by God we're told Jeremiah thirty one of verse three The Lord is a period of all to me saying Yes I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness I have drawn this is what the cross is meant to do John twelve thirty two I if I be lifted up will draw all men to myself This is what our preaching should do this is what our lifestyle should do this is what our conversations with our godless neighbors should do it should draw them to Jesus there should be a salt of the love of Jesus in everything that we do the love of Jesus is of this hippie liberal stuff it is the power of God to salvation according to Woman's one this is why Paul said that I'm not ashamed of the gospel because he sought to change his life we shouldn't be ashamed of the gospel it's good news Jesus pours out his life to the dregs knowing that you could walk as a chapter forty two or sources that he will not fail more be discouraged he's not given up on you and I love business a chapter fifty three eleven with you that moment but Jesus is a relentless pursuing lover first of all and he will not stop loving you until you read your last breath. He's going to miss you. That's the gospel that's the gospel. This is the way to be places on you individually and this is the message that has to go to your world if we're going to go home in our lifetime we've got to get this right guys we have to don't abandon the central pillars right I believe that the cross is the central pillar in the same jury is all about the cross in the ministry of Jesus we don't neglect those we don't abandon them but don't start talking about that stuff without an uplifted suffering messiah because they find their power there their truth but they find greater power from heaven when they're centered in the cross of Christ it's not an either or it's a both AM This is the message that Jesus preached this is the message ultimate For told of this is the message of the New Testament church fell in love with him this is what we need to go home and. Jesus would have to go through all of this to remain to redeem just one of us just one we need to understand the fact that we bear responsibility for this. I am responsible for what I just explained. Your responsible for what I just explained really the format for all the sermons in the book of Acts especially the first seven chapters the Old Testament prophecies for told that Jesus would come your sins killed the Messiah they said that in every one of their sermons repent Jesus is at the right hand of the father was one fifth I forget what it is but this theme is regular It should be part of our preach. Your sins are responsible for the death of Jesus but guess what you were so much on the mind of Jesus that he would rather suffer and lose you the never have a chance to have you and it's that type of love undeserved love that draws you. In it causes you to be willing to sacrifice anything. You want to eat differently dress differently live differently talk differently be a better husband a better father you've got it the least I can do and by your strength and by your Grace let's go after the Gospels meant to do my sins killed Jesus and it does something doesn't it does something to the human psyche to see. This and this is what we're supposed to have the Romans two verse four says of the goodness of God leads to repentance this is good news. Repentance is a gift from God but it comes in response to the cross and I believe the new covenant in realizing all of God's will and to do for you when you don't deserve it or almost have to five Mercy says that knowing all of this stuff the Jesus we go through that God showed His own low for us some of us wrestle with unhealthy pictures of God the Father we can roll with Jesus but the father is just a mystery to us we see him Is this like disconnected disappointed parent we just wait for me to blow it so you can push the red button but woman's five eight says that God showed His own love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us that means that God Do not buy a used car on you know car Trader dot com or whatever Auto Trader and pop the hood when he got home and realize that this thing is just a mess inside. He knows more about the depths of your brokenness than you do I was in reality this morning your way uglier than you think you are. And so am I on the inside your good looking people on the inside were a mess and God knows the depths of that openness and he still paid that price in for each of you individually do not hide behind corporate acceptance today John three sixteen is true God loves all of the world of a god so also loved you. You can accept it. And don't hide behind corporate accountability either yes all this in the forms for the glory of God but you've sinned and fallen short the glory of God I've sinned and come short of the glory of God corporate experiences don't give us the full answer to take individual responsibility and individual acceptance so the question is a Jesus can forgive you and God the Father can forgive you why is it that we wrestle so strongly with believing that we can be accepted and forgive. Why is it that you will forgive you. I'll tell you why there's accuser the brother in Revelation twelve His name is Satan and he's a liar. And the father of lies as to how Jesus views you any thoughts of shame and condemnation do not come from Jesus he uses guilt and conviction those point you to Jesus shame and condemnation make you feel so overwhelmed to them more than this to you can't even come to Jesus. Listen the one and ignore the other believe the truth as it is Jesus this is why it says in Isaiah Chapter fifty three in verse eleven that knowing all what Jesus would have to do says that he shall see the labor of his soul and be satisfied and by his knowledge my right and servant shall justify many and he will bear their iniquities. He's satisfied before he goes through it while he's going through it he's satisfied after he goes through it looks back he's satisfied why because you're justified your justify He said this by that's the gospel of Jesus Christ that's good news for you today that's the answer for justification wherever you've been whatever you've done if you see your need of Jesus in this very moment you can repent you can ask God to forgive your sins and you can come home he's waiting on you at the edge of his property just like the prodigal sons father he's waiting on you to come back and when you come back he's waiting to greet you with open arms you could be justified today by say yes to Jesus for seeking your sins and letting Jesus do in news three you and for you Would you couldn't do for yourself this very moment you can stand justified before the Father and have assurance of salvation right now if you're well the shaman condemnation unworthiness that came in today in response to the cross that's good news that's what God wants for me when I close with this thought there are some other things I usually share that say what the cross achieve but I think I'm probably in a time. Yeah it's been fifty minutes. So let me close with this quote in maybe what I'll do is like it a nice little freebie is right before this afternoon's message walk through that briefly unless someone says No I just keep going then I'll keep going up feel guilty it's up to you but I'll finish this first and you said OK are a good idea. I leave tomorrow so you can kick me out at like five o'clock so this is from Ellen White who wrestled herself with assurance of salvation if you didn't know coming in her Christian experience the first two to three chapters of the first are the testimonies covers this beautiful here's the point so was just resting that they could be saved by God she had helpful given by God to her for this person this is what she says the Lord has given me a message for you not for you only but also for other faithful souls who are troubled by doubts and fears regarding their acceptance by the Lord Jesus Christ some of us may be thinking hit the next light then because that's me his word to you is fear not for I have read deemed the I have called the by thy name that how our hearts lie. You're wrestling with assurance of salvation are wrestling with feeling good enough God immediate response is your life. I've paid for you ivory deemed Jew I've called you by my own name your mind you desire to please the Lord and you can do this how by believing his promises by believing what the Word of God says about you not the accuser of the Brethren we have sympathy for the one that uses those like a plow mule and we don't believe Jesus. You can please God by believing what His word says about you he's waiting to take you into a harbor a gracious experience and a bijou BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD So in forty six Tim you get a time of unrest but Jesus says to you come and to me and I will give you rest. The joy of Christ in the soul is worth everything and then are they glad because they are privileged to rest in the arms of everlasting love your justification is not based upon what you do it's based upon what Christ has already done and it's accepted by faith. And it's made tainted by walking by faith by walking in the spirit and not in the flesh walking in the flesh according to my understanding of Romans seven is not taking responsibility for your sins. Not taking responsibility continuing to do your own thing walking in the spirit is continually depending upon God This is why says Romans eight occurred this afternoon that what the law could not do save us God did power by sinning a son in the whiteness a sinful flesh and on account of sin he condensed in the flesh overcame sin the flesh Why so the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit if you're walking according to the spirit you walk in harmony with the commandments there's nothing wrong with that is not legalism it's a transaction of love that's it nothing to be afraid of there the gospels also not a license to sin and it's not a means by which we bring ourselves into God's favor with our works that's Babylon just to you know Babylon and in time the ology in a prophecy is not just the Roman Catholic system that is founded upon works it's any man made religion in which you do work to bring yourself in the favor of God. We have brethren in our own ranks that are in Babylon right now. They're part of the remit but they're living in experience in Babylon and God says come out of that and actually explain this here in just a moment so what was accomplished here the everlasting Gospel is the message that will lead people to fearing to fear God and give glory to Him when you encounter the cross you are in fear of offending him and in fear of disappointing him and you want to live your life to the glory of God first angels message made practical the Gospel leads to that everlasting Gospel first and it's an appeal to the everlasting Gospel is that the suffering messiah leads to the appeal to prepare why because you're living in the day of judgment but whenever you're living the day of judgment with the suffering messiah who's atone for your sins you're not ashamed. You can stand with great confidence that God is my mediator crisis my Mediator now will we feel that I get everything together at any stage no but you're going to be wholly dependent upon Jesus every step of the way right unworthy though you may feel if you're depending upon Christ as your righteousness your view does righteous. And this is the difference between imputed imparted righteousness that will do that this afternoon that's a big misunderstanding in our church of not knowing what those words mean that I believe is the answer to assurance of salvation that's at three forty five but it can lead you to stand the judgment on the shame because you are continually abiding in connected and surrendered to Jesus whatever he says all do one hundred forty four thousand all the land where ever he goes whatever Jesus says do you do because you love him you know he loves you and he would never leave me some place is going to lead to my harm or even my own happiness steps to Christ tells us people are cherishing this view that God is pleased to see his children suffer and she said we need not think that she says all of heaven is interested in the happiness of their. So only place the lamb is going to lead me is where I would want to go if I could see the in from the beginning that's what we're told obedience is not a bad thing surrendering your will Daley's decision by decision is not a bad thing it's good news. The problem is the person we're surrendering to we think is abusive and neglectful. That's why we wrestle and this is why the everlasting Gospel is the preface for everything else that comes. It's also a message that overthrows Babylon's way of thinking when you encounter the everlasting Gospel penance is offensive to you we have our own form of penance called outreach for some of us I love outreach is the gospel commission but some of us are trying to do things to get off our back because we know we feel them during the week you should serve God Repent and serve God so more I was saying don't serve God but some of us are doing deeds in our church that are good deeds we're eating differently we're addressing differently but we're doing it for the wrong reasons and our motives matter and why it was a forcing object lessons I think or maybe the desire of ages as they do not obey when they do it just out of a sense of drudgery an obligation she says that not obedience in the eyes of God and when it is either because you don't care or your heart's not in it God says for what sin for a reason comes frankincense and in Sheba for me he says your offerings are not pleasing to me why because I want to your heart. It's the heart that brings the worship to God that is desirable in your heart is right when your heart is surrendered every act of obedience you give is a fragrant offering before God not to be seen because you are sick you couldn't do without Jesus. If you choose to it's alludes to this it says that were saved by grace and that out of ourselves as anyone should boast that's if you choose to eat so the third thing is through an encounter with the fate of Jesus the faith of Jesus is that he treats you as you are in Christ as He will become But he views you as that now. When you haven't and that's what the whole cross is all about the faith of Jesus was not Jesus's just faith in His father it was his view of you that this is worthy because I know that in need you already you receive what you deserve because you're going to see what I deserve that's what it says actually that we receive the things that Christ deserves we become heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. And so what happens for us when we say yes to Jesus the faith of Jesus is that he treats you differently than you actually are awakening within you to become what he saw you could be and we can vouch for this we've had mentors and people who saw something in us that we didn't see enough. And by believing what they said we became something we never thought we could become That's what the Gospel is he sees something of great value in you that he was willing to give all knowing that you wouldn't share if you accepted that by faith so we encounter the faith of Jesus it awakens a faith in Jesus with an US That's what Romans eight says from faith to faith chapter one look at this will quit. You give me permission. So if I get anyone believes in any tumblers out there that's with your permission Well Miss Chapter eight A ones are in verse sixteen and seventeen so we're asking what did the cross accomplish what is kind of walking through this range of messages briefly and we'll cover a couple of the things in the close. Almost chapter one of verse sixteen to seventeen says for I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ why for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes for the Jew first and also for the Greek for in the Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed the faithfulness of God to His covenant is revealed this is the amazing thing about the covenants because every person that God made a covenant with failed Jesus came as man and as God so that the hand of of flesh could take hand with divinity and be reunited in covenantal faithfulness and when this happened this allowed us to be reconnected with God Jesus walked a successful human experience and he lived his guide that gives us the opportunity to be reconnected with God because it says For in it the right is of God is revealed from his faith in us to our faith in him from the faith of Jesus to the faith in Jesus as it is written The just shall live by faith the people who live by faith believe the things about them the god beliefs so faith is believing what God believes this is the experience of God wants for us Revelation fourteen twelve says something very similar that here they they keep the commandments of God Why because they took hold of the faith of Jesus you cannot keep the commandments of God without Jesus living in you and it's an encounter with a faith in Jesus that lead you to accept Jesus as an excess as a Revelation fourteen to it was meant to show these are the consequences of so many accepting Jesus right not the prerequisites to receive Jesus you are seeing the difference you don't keep the commandments to then receive salvation you keep the commandments because you already received salvation it's a fruit of salvation. Right. So this faith enables us to receive Christ imputed in him part of the righteousness which leads us to keep the commandments of God are good these five one thousand and twenty one and already did from memory Romans eight three to eight for the Lagna. Do save as God did or to cover that Revelation fourteen twelve other verses is a very similar thing so and my slides by the way I'm going to give to Joe and he will make sure that their wants and they can get them through email or whatever teacher I'm moving too fast I'm giving all my slides and the audio from this week to him so you can have them after the fact so I still have a good steward of your own or. So in Romans Chapter five versed in this is the imputed important thing really briefly. The actually an aspect of the gospel I should say Romans Chapter five verse tip this is super important. Because it's not just the death of Jesus that we need if all we're talking about is the death of Jesus we're not actually preaching the Full Gospel and here's why five immersed him for if when we were in a maze we were reconciled to God brought back in to fill it with God through what the death of his son the much more having been reconciled we should be saved by what by his life so. The wages of sin is death not to insult your intelligence but a way does what you deserve as a result of the work that you performed puzzling which is amazing here because you contrast that with the gift of God and eternal life which is Christ Jesus you don't deserve the gift right so what I owe the law and what I owe God according to my sins is death Jesus is death cancels out the death the IOW because of my transgression when I accept Jesus of course not just universalism here's the problem now that I've accepted that I know me to live a life that is free of sin in the word thought or deed until the second coming of Jesus or I go right back into debt I now need access to a life that I have not lived and this is where the second part of this verse matters is not just the death of Jesus that's the imputed righteousness' by the way that Jesus clears my dead before the father that's in Peter righteousness that's justification but the wife of Jesus affords me a holy life the Holy Spirit makes had a reality in my experience after I accept Jesus and he starts imparting righteousness to be portioned by portion I start living out a righteous life step by step as I grow we're told sanctification as they are is the work of a lifetime but we will get there right that it's a process another purchase sanctification right here walking out of the same day but it's a process that isn't success. Well make sure that's clear and that Significator and this is a really good summation of this in the review and Herald June for eight hundred ninety five is what we're told the right just as by which we are justified is imputed the righteousness by which we are staying to fight is imparted The first is our title to heaven the second is our fitness to heaven so when you say yes to Jesus you're viewed as righteous all the way until the second coming of Jesus or your death as long as you continually yield to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in obedience to whatever he's asking you to do each day he's imparting righteousness to you to make that more of a reality in your outward manifestation as it makes since this is how you grow so this is how you can have assurance of salvation if you can't make it this afternoon is all going to more in-depth. Imputed righteousness is basically getting a degree imparted righteousness is when you start taking classes you get a degree at the beginning as if you're a graduate but day by day you're taking classes but guess what if you leave class or drop out you lose everything the whole process starts all over again this is a was a ALWAYS thing but these two prongs of imputed import of righteousness are what show us that we're not see do that ourselves we can't just live for selves as do we're going to be OK in the end but there's also hope that makes sense it's a perfect balance my deeds don't save me but my deeds can get lost right my deeds that are of a good form soley come from Jesus that's the point Art Now when we have this encounter with the Gospel we now have a store asking what was accomplished by the cross we now have a story that will call them to Jesus and draw all men to Jesus were the sex already Jeremiah thirty one three John twelve thirty two. We also have a new identity that's free from a shaman condemnation or receiving from these five twenty one John three seventeen says I did not come into the world to condemn the world but the world through me might be saved you know who said that Jesus so when you're hearing a voice of condemnation it's not Jesus. That's John three seventeen Johnny the lead. Says Neither do I condemn you go and sin no more I think I think this journey to live. We also when we accept the Gospel become sons and daughters of God and joint heirs with Christ in all of Romans eight basically alludes to this there's therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus for those who do not walk according to the flesh to the Court of the Spirit Within this is that we become sons and daughters of God that's good news and we're no longer ashamed of the gospel because we've come to see that this isn't the the power of God to salvation this is what the Gospel should lead to Gordon Romans one sixteen seventeen also of Revelation Chapter twelve versus ten the twelve Satan in his arguments are overthrown and lose all access of heaven and hopefully in the human heart too because of the cross experience. This is why says in Revelation twelve ten that heard a loud voice in heaven saying now savation in strength in the kingdom of our God in the power of his Christ have come for the accuser the brethren who accuse him before our God day and night has been cast down and they overcame him by the blood of the way more by the word of the testimony and they did not love their lives to the death why because the lives they were living were going to lead to death and they chose to lay those down and accept the light that Christ had for them that's good news and they're actually going to overcome the devil are actually going to overcome therefore rejoice in the heavens and you who dwell in them but would be to have been to the earth of the sea for the devil has come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he has a short time so this victory bade heaven the age in the received more secure. Now. So what was accomplished at the cross. Me off my feet and Jesus earned the right to receive your trust your love in your heart. This is what the cross was meant to achieve this is what I believe the cross did achieve it's good news that's why the gospel is good news because it supposed to be good news now this afternoon I'm to deal with the covenants and what righteousness by faith looks like hell begins comes in human experience to some degree and will pack even more in the ministry the Holy Spirit at three forty five OK but I would be remiss if I didn't give an opportunity at the close of this morning's message to make an appeal that's going to come forward we've been the ultimate asking for that but some of us have seen a more beautiful picture of Jesus than we ever imagined was possible some of us have far more hope for our own experience than we knew was possible and I would hate for Jesus to be deprived of the opportunity for you to acknowledge that publicly so if you have heard an experience today of Jesus that makes you want to recommit your life or maybe even just commit for the first time if you find yourself in that position today when you realize the love of Jesus is beyond my wildest expectations I would be a fool to say though that this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your person or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W dot. 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