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What Sort of People- Part 4

C. Raymond Holmes


C. Raymond Holmes

Pastor, missionary, retired seminary professor, and author



  • June 13, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Father once again we thank and praise you for a new day. Of life. And of the opportunity to serve you we tank you for your grace and mercy that are new every day. We take you for the blessings that you have they stowed on this campground all week. And we pray that it will continue to the very last moment. Bless everyone according to their needs who has been here all week. And the Lord prepare the ground and the plans for next year provided Jesus doesn't come back by then. But we would be. Overjoyed. To return to this middle of a temper and fellowship with one another a year from now and so Lord bless us as we meet together today in Jesus' name. And then. I'm going to take a minute I was just in a conversation with this dear lady who we know from a long time ago and I just remember that I had a note in my Bible about grace and. We were talking about that. So I'm going to share that for her sake but it might be of some benefit to all of you I wrote this down sometime one goal when I was dealing with a person that had a problem between Grace and law this is the way I understand the Seventh Day Adventist understanding of grace. And the reason I like what I've heard. It's because Dot was Luther's position grace. And he was right on graves was wrong on the Sabbath but grace for the Seventh Day Adventist is understood to mean. More. Than the demonstration of God's loving and forgiving attitude toward sinners it is his divine power. Not just acknowledged forensic. But experience. It doesn't just change the sinners standing before God. It changes the sinner inwardly Grace is a word used habitually by Evan Jellicoe holes who do not understand it as a divine power that operates inwardly some Seventh Day Adventists have adopted. This seven Jellicoe view of grace that I just mention. And consequently they are unable to experience victory over say it I met at Venice like. They say to me we will always sin as though there was no possibility of victory over sin. And folks like this yet discouraged and move closer to the oven Jellicoe all of you. Because they don't which they don't experience victory over say it. But the administration or standing of grace is not just that it provides a declaration of forgiveness of sin. On God's part declares you forgiven. But. He actively through His Holy Spirit works to give us victory over said. And that's based on the New Testament teaching. Clear to me. Now we may be finishing a little early today I don't know how long I can talk. I think I may run out of. Iran out of most by a quarter to ten but we'll see. If I do I'll quote from my book second Timothy Chapter three The first five verses gives the historical context in which. We are living when Paul says understand this that in the last days there will come. Times of difficulty trouble they will come up why the times of trouble will become will come because of the general character of humanity at the time of the end he continues. Answering the why why Will there come a time of difficulty or trouble quote for people all will be. Lovers of self lovers of money. Proud. Arrogant. Abusive. Disobedient to their parents. Ungrateful unholy. Heart less. On a peaceable In other words there will be never satisfied slanderous. Without self-control brutal. Not loving good treacherous. Reckless. Swollen with the conceit. Of lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. Having the appearance of godliness but denying its power. Quite a list quite a description. That's the way people are going to be in the last days and that's precisely why the last days is a time of trouble because this is why people are going to be this is where they're going to be hated second Peter chapter three verse ten also gives us the historical context of the last days and of the day in which we're living. It says The day of the Lord which is referring to the return of Jesus. The day of the Lord will come like a thief that is suddenly unexpectedly. And then the heavens will pass away with a roar and the heavenly bodies all of the elements will be burned up and dissolved. And the earth and the works that are done on it will be exposed and then Peter in verses eleven and twelve characterizes God's people Paul in second Timothy three characterized people in general. Now Peter is characterizing God's people who are living at the time of the day of the Lord. He characterizes God's people with just two words he says since all of these things are thus to be dissolved what sort of people ought to be in lives of holiness and godliness. Waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God What a contrast. That tween the people that Paul describes in second Timothy three. And the people to whom Peter is speaking both groups living at the time of D.N. now some translations of the second Peter three ten to twelve. And with a question mark. And some and with an exclamation point as does the English standard version which I'm doing and ends with an exclamation point when he says since all these things are thus to be dissolved what sort of people ought you to be. And lives of holiness and godliness explanation. Mark both a question mark or an R. the extra mention Mark are appropriate but I like the explanation mark better than the question because it indicates. Forcefulness and strong feeling if this is what the last days are going to be like is the character of God's people something that we should be concerned about what will be when you listen to the is. This description in second Timothy three what will be so obviously lacking and desperately needed. And required during those days a fruit of the spirit or for God's people because God wants us to live holy and godly lives during that period especially And that's going to take divine power. That's going to take the fruit of the spirit. Which is love. And Joy and Peace and patients and kindness and goodness and faithfulness and gentleness and self-control think of that self-control and relationship to the way people in general are going to be and how they're going to live and behave in the last days in the time of trouble above all self control control of self when you look up the word self-control in Webster's you find that it means restraint exercised over one's old impulses. Emotions or desires self-control is the exact opposite. Of what we see so blatantly manifest in our culture today today it's do whatever you want no restraints no restrictions and to today people are when I looked up the word self-control and Webster's Dictionary I was amazed that. At the list such as self-absorbed self-indulgent that's the way people are living today. Self-centered. Self exalted. Self sufficient self will self esteem self assertive self destructive self worship selfish ness at cetera et cetera the list is long and on the religious side self righteousness which is a sense of Sapir ear spirituality the attitude spiritually that I'm better than you are self righteousness. And for a lot of folks self-righteousness is awful hard to take from God's people now in the same passage in Galatians five which lists the fruit of the spirit we're told the believer is to walk by the Spirit. And verses sixteen and twenty five were told that to believe or is to be led by the Spirit verse eighteen and to live by the Spirit or twenty five you see God's word is telling us that to be Christian means more than believing in Jesus means more than the it's more than having faith it means living that faith and in the last days the day of the Lord the presence of God. Is confirmed by the presence. Of his people who can be identified. As his people. By the way they live and by the way they behave people who demonstrate by their very lives his divine principle of human life you see the fruit of the Spirit are the evidence of consistency. Between our testimony. And our life. And without that consistency there is no effective witness servants of the Savior now how serious is this open your Bible stimulations Chapter six coalition six verse eight the apostle says the one who sews to his old flesh. Will from the flesh reap. Kora passion. But the one who sews to the spirit. Will from the spirit reap eternal life and let us not grow weary of doing good for in due season we will reap if. We do not give up so then as we have opportunity let us do good to everyone. And especially to those who are of the household of faith especially those who are a part of the Kingdom of God. As specially those who are a part of the Body of Christ which is the church. Why is that important because in those days we are going to need each other. We are going to need the support of each other the encouragement the prayers maybe even the admonition out of love and it's no wonder when you understand this background and this need when you understand. That the nature of the times of the time of the end. What people in general are going to be like and how they're going to be aved. When you read all of that that description it's no wonder that the list of the fruit of the Spirit climaxes with self-control control of self is essential if God's people are to live lives of holiness and godliness in the last days and this is why I think camp meeting and song Park thank God for our church services on our Sabbath school classes and other opportunities per meetings and so on. But camp meeting gives. Gives us ten days in which we can come together and focus specifically and in that sense camp meeting can be. A revival and awakening of spiritual spirituality So self-control is essential but it's not possible without the other fruit of the spirit without love which is remember our GAAP a sacrificial love without love and joy and peace and patience and kindness and goodness and faithfulness and gentleness. Self-control is not possible. So. Now he says if you're out of control you won't have joy or peace oh you know if you if these are true there is no self-control anything go and not just the way a lot of folks want to live no restriction no bond. And it's important to know that the fruit of the Spirit are all in her claw Lety is of the Christ like character and I've said it many times but it bears repeating that cannot be achieved only received and thank God that while they cannot be achieved they can be received there is hope for us we can live lives of holiness and godliness it's not. Impossible. But it takes Divine Grace divine power and the fruit of the Spirit to do it now listen to this and tell me if you agree this is from Illinois. Quote. Every true Christian. Will develop in his life the characteristics. Of Divine Love here she will reveal a spirit of the forbearance of the nefesh sense. And a freedom from envy and jealousy this character developed in word and act. Will not repulse. And will not be unapproachable cold and indifferent so the interests of others the person who cultivates the precious plant of love will be self-denying in spirit. And will not yield self come troll even under provocation by the way that's why a lot of people end up in divorce because they. Lose self-control because of provocation and she goes on the heart where love reigns will be. Guided. To a gentle courteous compassionate course of conduct toward others. Whether they suit our fancy or not whether they respect us or treat us ill love is an active principle not just a feeling it keeps of the good of others continually before us thus restraining us from inconsiderate actions lest we fail of our object in winning souls to Christ second testimonies. One twenty three. Do you agree. Our. True Christian. What is a true Christian someone who takes it seriously for whom it's more than just head knowledge. More than just believe in truth belief in doctrines. And by the way the word truth and the word doctrine means the same thing we just don't believe in them we apply them we live them. So what is the problem what is the what is it that keeps a person from such a way of life from developing these characteristics of Divine Love self so what do we need the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the spirit how do we get it while Jesus tells us just before his ascension Jesus said to His Apostles in the first chapter of the book of Acts verse eight. He says you will receive what. Power. Power and the Greek word is doing the mists from which we get the word dynamite you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses no question to the end of the earth he says everywhere. All over you will be my witnesses witnesses to what witnesses to his power to transform. That's what when you surrender to Jesus he gives you His Holy Spirit who do who provides the divine power and who then begins to produce his fruit in you power over self. Self-control what the Bible calls the new self now read Colossians turn to cautions chapter series and we'll read the first ten versus cautions three first ten verses and begins with the Bible if it's as if that you have been raised with Christ seek the things that are above where Christ is. Caesar that the right hand of God set your minds on things that are above. Not on things that are on earth for you have died and your life is hidden with Christ and God When Christ Who is your life appears. Then you also will appear with him in glory put to death therefore. What is earthly in you and the first thing is sexual immorality and I want to pause here just a minute and say the definition of sexual immorality is not a cultural definition. But the biblical definition God's definition put to death what Therefore what is earthly in you sexual immorality impurity passion evil desire and covetousness which is idolatry. On account of disease the wrath of God is coming. In these you to these writing to Christians remember in those in these you two once walked on you were living in them but never as a Bible but. But now you must That's an imperative you must. Put all away. Anger wrath malice slander and obscene talk from your mob we just. Had a. Sad death in our community a man well no he was a classmate of my wife said skin their garden all the way up he was a member of the local Lutheran church all of his life a leader highly respected in the community when we attended his wake but cars were lined up for block. People coming and I liked him he was a nice guy but in spite of all of that a lot of obscene talk came out of his mouth he says you must put these all away obscene talk from your mouth do not lie to one another seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self which is being renewed and knowledge asked after the image of its creator Colossians chapter two verse six says Therefore as you received Christ Jesus the Lord saw walk in Him rose head. And built up in him and a stab at least in the faith and then in chapter three beginning with Verse to set your minds on things that are above put to death what earthly and you you have put off the old self and put on the new self let the peace of Christ ruled in your heart let the word of Christ dwell in you richly. Teaching and admonished in one another and whatever you do in word or deed do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus. And then back to girl ations chapter five we find that the list of the fruit of the Spirit ends with this. After self-control. It says and those who belong to Christ Jesus have. Crucified the flesh with its passions and desires now I'll read another quote from Ellen White you tell me if you agree she says the Christian life. Is a battle and them are but the victory to be gained is not won by human power the field of conflict is the domain of the heart in other words the great controversy friends is not something that's raging out there in the columns cosmos in the universe on planes the great controversy is raging in human hearts. The inner being then she says the battle which we have to fight. The greatest battle that was ever fought by mankind. Is the surrender of self to the will of God. The yielding of the heart to the sovereignty of love the old nature born of blood and of the will of the flesh. Cannot. And not in parrot the kingdom of God the hereditary tendencies the former habits must be given up from. The amount of blessings page one forty one do you agree is that biblical. Yes Then she says in Child Guidance page one sixteen she says the Christian life is one of constant self denial and self control. These are the lessons to be taught the children from their infancy. Self-denial self-control teach them that they must practice temperance purity in thought and heart and act. That they belong to God. Because they have been bought with a price and then in the admin is told Page fifteen she says and listen to this. In relationship to that description from Paul about how people are going are going to be like in the last days. She says the elevation or deterioration. Of the future of society. Will be determined by the manners and morals of the youth growing up around us as they are educated and their characters are molded in childhood so virtuous habits. Self-control and temperance Saul will their influence be upon society if they are left on and lighten and on troll they will determine the state of society for years to come up folks here is the motivation. For the seventh day adventists school system is it expensive yes. Is it worth it yes every single penny that really saddens me when I hear reports of. Schools closing. Sometimes it's because there are no children available anymore sometimes it's even because there is no longer financial support and that is tragic. You're. Right. You know praise the Lord we have about forty members in our church and Bessemer. But we have had folks molded to I wanted to school to get it had closed for many years and we had to build. An addition in order to be up to code for school and they voted and I thought I would just membership where's the money problem so I sent a letter out to the membership. They said we're going to head one head. By the way that's the last time I laid block Sampson unplugged. I built the foundation for that for our school our new school ten years ago. But when the when the school was finished. It was all paid for we don't know a penny praise a lark. But then we had a problem. When you have many kids but the folks that were going to build a school. No kids two or three only in the congregation but we've been running for ten years. And our limit is fifteen we have fourteen. Next year we have fifty we're going to have fifty it's got the. People respond. To Peter let me know it's. Not only you know the rest of. The city and Haiti. Which is exactly. Like. That's what we're going hastening. Well you know some people say you have Jesus coming why do we do all this. And I always answer well. One day Martin Luther was walking walking along a road. And he saw a farmer. Planting trees and so he stopped and he talked of this man you know him and. Told him he said if you know that Jesus was coming tomorrow. What would you do. And the man said. I would keep on planting trees we keep. Doing what God wants us to do. Till he comes and don't worry about when. It's up to him anyway. He says so I believe it but he's going to decide the moment our problem our our call is to keep on. In the faith doing the work evangelism. Role when I'm solo building the Kingdom now. Since. I was very new at. Church. Here so I put too many troops who will hear it hear me in the other chips. And it or it's. Amazing. To say you want to do some work don't want to do something. That you hear if you want to do something you'll find a way if you don't want to do something you'll find an excuse right on now in relationship to the children. Our culture today is saturated with violence Hollywood and the creators of violent video games are shaping art to children into instruments of violence you see the little ones that are running around show. Or shooting one a day get that from the video games it scares me. So what I say as parents if you have the little ones and they're watching videos for all no. Not the kids but the video. No sometimes it takes radical action if you have to do it smash your T.V. for the sake of the children and she says in Child Guidance page one sixty one strength of character consists of two things power of will and power of self-control and we have no right we have neither unless God gives it to us and if that's why we need to spirit that's why we need to Fruit of the spirit. Now have you have you noticed at all of the other fruits of the Spirit are identified by a single word but the last one self-control consists of two hyphenated words the single words describe qualities of character but self control is different the hyphen does not separate it connects self control is a compound word I spent at least an hour during the night pondering that very fact while I was working on this and my brain says droll those words. Like a hand would stroke a beloved pet that it's crawled up into one's lap. And I ask myself if this is not a character quality if self-control is not a character quality What does the hyphenated word self control suggest it suggests power over self and what did Jesus promise you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you divine power and Zachary what we need and why does God give us this power because he created us. And he loves what he has made it's like an artist who has created a painted opiates a high price on it and he does that usually because he doesn't want to part with it. That maybe if I asked so much nobody will buy it and I keep it why why does the artist feel that way about his work it's because what he has created is an extension of himself or herself that's why I told you about that painting that I'm going to get back from the Church and Market. It's been hanging there for fifty nine years. And I'm going to get it back and I have to tell you that words fail me to describe how I feel about that I just can't wait for July thirty to have my painting back because it's an extension of the artist's self bits of creation and I love the way the word of God describes their creation and Genesis chapter two verse seven. And says done the Lord formed the man of dust from the ground you know use your imagination if you can and. Picture that god. Forming a human being from dirt. And I can imagine God kneeling in the dirt and. Scooping it up with his hands and. Shaping it in a like a sculptor would shape clay or. You know tenderly shaping it. And the man is lying there God is forming. A creature the divine sculptor who are shaping the human creature. Using material on earth like any sculptor carving a work of art from stolen or from wood and then it says after he did all that and there was a man who's lying says he breathed into its nostrils. The breath of life God's own breath is what made Adam a living creature. God's power as I said artists put such high prices on their work because it is an extension of themselves and they really don't want to part with it and God is like that he formed Adam out of dirt and money breathed into. Its nostrils the breath of life and he doesn't want to part with it and God did not part with what he made. Even after Adam and Eve sinned the whole story of the Bible. Is. Is about God's chair for his creatures he wants every human being to be redy he doesn't want anybody to last he wants everybody to he has made saved in the kingdom and because of that he has not left humanity a Lol that's the whole story of the Bible and what is the word that we used to for that. Grace. The whole Bible is the record of his extended care for what he made even after the fall. And by the way the father himself paid the highest price for our redemption the life of his own son Such is the value of every one of us to God will need us and there's more good news his. Everlasting care extends beyond across the vine the Divine Creator is also our divine and neighbor LURD when we receive Jesus we receive His Holy Spirit who produces the fruit of the spirit with End us so the creating molding recreating process continues so that we're unable to walk by the Spirit and live by the Spirit so what am I supposed tell you. Yeah I. Mean how did I come from the Lutheran to the admonition. Faith meant ministry as I what you're talking about. Well that's a long story I can tell it in fifteen minutes. I wrote a whole book about it. While I married a Christian woman that's the problem. That. A woman who loved the Bible she grew up in the Lutheran Church the finish Lutheran Church which enjoyed a set of spirituality that is very similar to the had been a spirituality but through all kinds of mergers has disappeared. Christian parents she loved the Bible. She read studied the Bible every day. And. I enjoyed friendship with Christian people whether they were Lutherans or what. And she met. This Adventist dentist wife he was practicing in Wakefield. I was serving in Bessemer at Sharon Lutheran church and she met this lady so another looser and the lady who said you need to meet Mrs big for you wouldn't you would love her because she was a sports minded my lot my wife liked to. Jog and ski and skate and play volleyball and tennis and all of that kind of stuff. And this loser and Lady said you got to meet Mrs Bickford because you'd get along with her. And so she introduced my wife to this had been a sled didn't know she was administering the time. And they became friends and they began to. Play tennis and. You know all that stuff. Ski. I even learned how to ski. Downhill skiing and. She was a Christian woman and they began the fellowship pray together. Study the Bible together share the faith. And one day this lady her name was birth of what we called her birth she invited my wife so that Wisconsin camp meeting. And Shirley asked me Do you mind if I go I'd like to go the old Finnish church used to have bible camps and they don't have bible camps are the more they have the school more of a camping experience doesn't focus on scripture. And so she was I'd like to goal and I said Do you know where you stand and she said yeah I know all so she went. And she she one place two summers in a row the Wisconsin the second time the speaker of the main speaker was Joe proves. I have referred to him ever since I was at goodness to heavy artillery. Anyway while my wife was there she met a couple a man and his wife that were ADD when a split had been Lutherans what made the transition but anyway she heard the message Joe gave an invitation and she went forward and Except that the SOB. By the way many years later when I was on the faculty at the seminary at Andrews I was invited to speak at the village church and Joel Cruz was there he was sitting right in the front pew and front of the pulpit a mending me all the way through and he way one thing led to another and. She came home from that camp meeting and she was skipping the Sabbath and that's why I called my book Stranger in my home because she was like a stranger to me you know living in a different. And she began to be concerned about foods diet saw and making some changes there anyway it was strange to me the problem was that. My church my congregation were not happy when she was baptized and became a member of the some of the administer. They loved her she was very active in the congregation. And so on but another thing happened. It's really part of the story. In the middle mid sixty's my wife was a sad day vacation bible school so print that superintendent. And this Lutheran church and she sent for the materials which were on creation. And when they came she opened them up and looked at them and then she came to me and she said we can't teach this. Because and I looked at it and she was right it was on evolution not creation. So I packed it all back sent it back to the publisher with a letter telling them that we can't teach this it's not Biblical that's one thing that happened. Another thing that happened was I was attending a meeting of lucerne ministers up in white pine. And during the course of the discussion we were talking about the Bible and interpretation and so on. And I felt obliged to defend the authority of the of the written word. And one of the young pastors who was a recent graduate of the same seminary I had attended in Chicago he came up to me and very mean vehemently put his finger in my face and he said the day is coming when people like you will not be allowed in the Lutheran ministry. Well I was defending the traditional Martin Luther view of Scripture and what it what was going on in my church. Anyway my ministry began to deteriorate because the congregation was unhappy and I didn't know what I was going to do and I I was struggling with this dilemma you know the Lord are you doing this why would you want my ministry to end after ten years and seven years of preparation for ministry I couldn't I thought if that's God's will it's a strange face he has a strange face. But anyway I was. In the real dilemma. And but I was getting angry that I tell you that I was I was mad I mean. No better word to use. I was mad at my wife I was mad at all Seventh Day Adventists. I was actually starting to hate the church tradition that had caused all this misery and I was I couldn't stand myself and I thought you're a hypocrite how can you preach now to your people if you you have these kind of. Feelings hatred and anger and I are it reached the point where I decided I have to do something about this so I went. One day to the sanctuary beautiful sanctuary in the church and I laid down on the floor that I tell you that. And I was there for a long time. Moaning inwardly and asking God to forgive my wife's sin I was wrestling with I had a sin problem that my anger and my hatred. And he did not only. Lifted that but cleanse me from it took it away and then I went to the big For Tolson. Confessed to them and they confessed to me and we forgave each other and that's you know started a lifelong friendship that was unbreakable and now they're gone and it's hard for us to deal with that. And you I don't know what to do after that point now I could begin to focus on doctrine and the olive tree to deal with you know what's what. And I did I tell you I called my Lutheran professor in Chicago and he invited me to come down and we talked for two days I taught he listen. And then he finally said you need to ask God wouldn't trying to say to you which in effect from him a loser in theologian became my the permission that I was that I needed to investigate further. Because I had to do it on my own I couldn't. Just become an advantage because my wife did and by the way there was even some administers still believe that don't wait on the rigs that I did it was because she did that I had no other choice. Which is not true of course but anyway. Because I trusted him and. He was a spiritual man not just a deep theological thinker what he said when he said you need to ask God what he's trying to say. That made it possible for me to freely begin to investigate. And so that's how it started. And. I had to resign from that parish I didn't know what I was going to do and one day the big herds and by the solver and I said we have decided that if you want to attend the seven area ANDREWS We will send you five hundred dollars a month. Now that was back in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine seventy five hundred dollars then was worth much more than now. And it was a sacrifice for them. I had no money I was making six hundred a month. And those days. On a free parsonage but I wasn't I had no savings nothing there was no way that I could have gone to school well after I got there and I I started. And this was. Adequate income for us. My wife was given a job at the seminary library which helped to. Than when I began became more closely. Convinced as I kept studying and digging. The denomination offered to help to pay for my tuition in the seminary. Which was a gift from God you know because I couldn't have done away. And so I was baptized at P.M.C. in the spring of seventy one. And I don't know nobody made any promises to me nobody said if you become an Adventist we'll do this and this and that. I don't know what was going to happen. Well. They called me to the associate pastor at the Tabernacle what are placed as far. Fortunately the senior pastor was Jim Hayward you know him and Jim. Real nice supportive encouraging guy. And so that's what I did for two years it was during the time that I wrote Stranger in my home but then the Lord changed something inside of me. I always wanted to be a pastor but in this process of working on a master's degree in none of Dr later I. The impression grow that I should go into teaching so I went to see Elder Moon who was the conference President at the time and told him about that and he said I'll bring it up to the conference committee will pray about it and one day I got a call from him and I drove to Lansing to his office and he said the conference committee has decided to send you to pastor of the fair playing church in Benton Harbor which is just north of berry berry and springs. And while you're there pastor you can attend classes at the seminary and work on your doctor's degree so that's what I did a quarter on quarter off and when I was finished with that by the end of the seventy's I got a call to teach in the seven area in the Philippines and we packed up and went there and were there three years came back. And I wanted to continue teaching but nothing was available then so the conference sent me to Grand Haven right churches. I really loved the time I was there haven and right. Fact I told the folks of if the seminary doesn't call me your if I don't get a teaching position somewhere. I'll stay here till I retire or if the brother and let me I just loved her. But then I got the call to the Seminary which I could not turn down. Part of. Yeah I know. So. That's the story but you know I can there's more room between it just happened so the Lord did it all I didn't listen to my wife. Because I not that I didn't want to hear her but. I wanted to do it on my own because I had a lot of people to answer to a whole six hundred member church back in Bessemer Oh and then when I retired. I thought What am I going to do. And. Did I tell you about the. I had built a house and bury an on red blood trail. And my first conviction was I didn't want to stay in Berrien. Because preachers are a dime a dozen and Berrien Springs I wanted to go someplace where I was needed. Because in my opinion you never retire from ministry and I could we could have moved to Orlando where our daughter was or Denver where our son was. Both admin ascenders. We had a little summer place cabin in the U.P. this side or Wakefield. So one day I was talking to the Lord about this and I said if if you want us to move back up to the U.P.A. to Wakefield. Would you sell our house for us. Within a week after that my neighbor stopped by he said I I heard that you're retiring are you moving away and I said yes. Looks that way he said Well if you're going to move I want to buy your house. What do you want for it while I had had it appraised and sold so I asked for the price he said sold. No arguing about the price or anything. And I was still I still had two years to go before I was actually retiring he said all run it to you for two years you have to move away so we lived we had to pay rent to live in our own hopes for two here. But then we went up north and one elder Gallup more had just become president. He heard about our move up there and he called me and asked me if I would pastor that church part time and so I said yes I will for two years while I've been there twenty two. And. I must have earned something because now I'm the senior pastor. Because I have a young associate He works in A.B.C. Sean Brisson die and. My wife calls him bulldozer Brazil. Because he's such a hard worker on the way presell Lord God on the conference sometime there to help me and we just get along fine and wonderful and I'm supposed to be his mentor so I do the best I can so that's the story brother. You Satisfied. All will pray please Lord started. Your action. In the teens I mean to. Get this. It's just. 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