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Lucifer - Try Something New

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator


  • September 18, 2017
    9:30 AM
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The city work is important because that's where the people are and because the city work is important medical missionary work is important because that's the way to do the city work so we've been tall. And because the medical missionary work is important. We need to understand its setting and grasp how important it is because the reality. I would say. Is that we don't we have no idea where it is. And the only place that you actually see the total importance of anything. Big picture of the great controversy. That's one one setting in which everything assumes it's respective weight and value. And so the morning I'd like to like to cover a topic that's. I'm guessing you don't hear a lot of sermons. On Lucifer. But you know you're not going to understand the great controversy without some comprehension allusive there are echoes for our day. In ways that we little Imagine I think at this point. One of the one of the more admired traits if you listen to the business world or. A lot of a lot of different arenas of human endeavor these days one of the things that is considered really great and wonderful is the ability to innovate. Seems like we're always being told we need to think outside the box you know Bentley we're all in boxes. And we need to learn how to think somewhere else because we're just a bunch of losers I guess we need to innovate that's that's that's a highly praised. Highly praised ability. And yet there's a downside innovation Lucifer was in fact the first great innovator. And basically what he said to the angels was let's try something new. I've got a new approach so let's start at the beginning every good story starts at the beginning but the Bible actually gives us three different beginnings and we're looking for the middle beginning as it turns out the first beginning the one that we might most readily think of is actually the third. That's when God created the heaven and the years. If there's a third beginning and there has to be two before it and yes there were the first one is in the beginning was the word in the Word was WITH God and the Word was God that was time immemorial and it's the one in-between. The one in between were really interested in and that was when Jesus was talking about this he said a group of Jews he was addressing He said You are of your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do he was a murderer from the beginning. And does not stand the truth for he is a liar and the father of it this is the beginning we're talking this is the beginning of sin. It's not the same as the beginning of Lucifer because Lucifer was created sinless. This second beginning this middle beginning is very closely related to the second mystery will get the stuff either way or in one take on the first mystery is the good one. The mystery of godliness the second mystery is the bad one the mystery of lawlessness one of the interesting aspects of these two mysteries is that the first one. Was hidden from the beginning of the ages now what makes that so interesting is that the first mystery the mystery of Godliness is God's design to respond and deal with the mystery of lawlessness. But the antidote. Was created or planned prior to the disease that makes sense OK So that's just a simple example that. It's really hard to cast God flatfooted. He's ahead of you he is ahead of the game OK And that's that's actually very very good OK Well it's good the second mystery. The want to look at the bad mystery that's Take a look at this a little more closely are probably familiar with these verses from second Thessalonians to the mystery of lawlessness is already at work coming of the lawless one currently working in Satan power signs lying wonders I'm going to skimming through here because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved and for this reason. God will Some send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie that they all may be condemned they did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness Now there's an interesting little detail down near the bottom of this passage if you read the King James the Authorized King James from like sixteen eleven the wording is will different. It says that those who did not receive the love of the truth end up believing a lie now I am not a Greek scholar. My Greek vocabulary. About half a dozen words OK so. All I can do is report that which of those who are supposed to know tell me that they know and that is. That the Greek there is much more specific. That in English we call these things. Articles right. I remember your articles a an and the law only difference when a and an is well the next word starts with a velvety When OK but the difference between a car and the car. Is the difference between the indefinite and definite article and in the Greek this is the definite article. They believe the lie well that means it's in some way or another a particular lie. It's the difference between oh there goes a car and there goes the car. You know you can imagine for yourself what might make the car the car maybe it's your car maybe it's his car maybe it's you know maybe it's the car that just ran over the dog or you know whatever it is OK but it's a specific car. And this is a specific lie. What liason what is what is alive and well Jesus tells us the devil is a liar from the beginning and by this time he saw Watson was. One that we often think of as you should not surely die right we often say that was his first lie and. On Earth you know yeah you could go with that but he had told lies before that OK. What is the lie. I'm going to argue and you feel free I will I will warn you some people get annoyed with Miss me on this point but I will warn you when I don't have a thus saith the LORD OK. So some things here are thus a of Dave and you can know what the how authoritative That is right that has no authority whatsoever but it is my best understanding if you have a better understanding Brazil or send me an email I'd love to love to hear your understanding OK. I don't find a specific Thus saith the Lord but when I go looking for the lie. Here is my best my best guess. Because of the way it is is it's worded those who don't receive the love of the truth receive the lie I expected to be something very very foundational it's something right at the heart of the issue so let's go back and look at Lucerne at the beginning and see if we can spot something here. From over these verses as well as if fourteen I was sent into heaven I will exalt my throne of the stars of God I will also sit on the Mount of the conversation the farther side of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high. Well this is what scripture records Lucifer as saying. Is were his intentions in one sense the whole package here is a lie. Because it's not going to it's not going to end up that way. But we can also does call it. Boasting. Groundless boasting is it I'm going to do this well no it didn't work out that way sorry it's not a work. So. Well OK I'm going to suggest that the lie. Is often overlooked. I'm going to suggest it's right there and I'm going to suggest that this is not Lucifer saying. I will be it's hard because the English language only gets so many words the use it's not it's not Lucifer saying. His intention. So much as his argument. What he's saying here is when I exhaust my throne when I push myself to the front when I do this. I will be like God because that's what God does. God exults self you see the difference. Yes Somebody help me out with the English or figure out a better way of saying it. I will be like God he saying I will be like what God is already doing no. Far be it from me to endorse Lucifer's idea. But at some risk here let me play devil's advocate for just a couple of moments bear in mind we're talking here in heaven. In a situation where the angels hardly knew that there was a law right or that say when they just don't actually done this and everything you've been happy in in everything was good you know but imagine Lucifer planting seeds of doubt in your minds. And imagine them trying to answer a couple of questions. Like did you ever wonder why it is that everybody worships God. All the time I mean it's like he's the only one who were severe. I wonder why it is how did how did how did that he set up that way you may recall Lucifer was the choir director why is it that in the heavenly hymnal. All five million three hundred seventy four thousand six hundred twenty three songs. Are about God I wonder how that came to be God created everything that he created to exalt himself how would you know how would you know. You know I just happen or did God set things that way set things up that way on purpose OK now done playing devil's advocate Let's switch back to the good side. But I want you to see you know I mean this is why I tell you in the research I did for this especially in the letters and manuscripts file and if you who are into reading Obs Your own white stuff by all means you can get hold of that file or use your little smartphone app thingy whatever I prefer to do it on a Hard Drive been L. R I's a ton a ton of fascinating stuff and it's heartbreaking. To read about the rebellion in heaven. Because there were eighteen jewels who almost. Sided with God and there were angels who almost. Sided with Lucifer and there wasn't that much difference at the parting of the ways you know angels are individuals interesting point. After Lucifer's fall from heaven and expulsion. Is an interesting episode were well it says that the Lucifer went away to mature his plan and he came up with the plan of. Tempting Adam and Eve and he presented that to the rest of the angels and she says not all of them agreed. So Mrs Yeah let's do that and others that you know I think we get a lot of trouble doing the. They did not all agree. And Luther said OK. I'm going to go work on the play and you guys figure out what you're doing. And it's interesting she says he went away and he trembled he was vacillating he was back and forth he was fearful but then there are angels came and they said OK we talked over and we have all agreed we're going to do it now and the moment he saw them coming you get this picture is like. You know. If you're the leader. You can be the leader and that incidentally is deadly and we'll see that echo coming back a little later when you know OK let's go on. Now there's an important thing to understand or we could get messed up very badly here. We. Do not have an answer we will never have an answer for the question of. Why sin originated Why was no perfect God perfect universe perfect Lucifer perfect angel perfect heaven and then said Why there's no answer we've been told there's no answer if there were an answer if we give a reason for it it would be sin. OK. Now that is an anathema. To. Human Intellect the whole concept of academia is built on the on the single premise that if we only understand enough we can figure this all out. And God says don't try. There's don't try there are certain things we ought not to try and that's one of them. Now here is my well is it three does it isn't possible when the words of sin give a reason for its existence and I just said all that you know if if we could excuse it then it would be sin OK. If we think we found a reason we are wrong we got to get that know he had OK but. That does not mean that God has not given us a lot of information about the course of Lucifer's sin. OK So for instance. Why did Lucifer decide to sin we don't know once he decided to sin why did he see in the way he did that we have information on that make sense the see the sanction I want to be really clear I'm not proposing any reason for sin I am proposing and I'm going to share with you what I think is fairly compelling evidence as to why he chose the course that he did and we need to understand that OK. We need to understand because we're in a war OK. You know if somebody came busting in I mean doors of God or three doors right now you know screaming Oh Akbar and springboards have been A K forty seven we'd all feel rather badly about that. But. You know the reality is. We're in a worse situation every day. And the devil hates you. And he wants you dead. And so I think it's important written as it is God. God calls for far more tact more wise general ship than has yet been given him by his a human agents there is need of sharp sanctified thinking and keen work to counteract the ingenious plans of Satan I don't mean that you know it's not good. You know of the things that computers pop up on your screen OK. Why do we need more wise generalship because the war hasn't been won. OK The war is not over and don't pretend that's God's fault. It's the lack of tact and wise generalship from the human agents that's the only thing that's holding this whole game up and we need sharp sanctified thinking can work to counteract the ingenious plans of saying if we don't know what his plans are what are the odds we're going to be able to counteract them I would pose zero so it's gone. At the final condemnation of Satan and his angels and of all men who are finding identify themselves with him as transgressors of God's law every mouth will be stopped when the hosts of rebellion from the first great rebel the last transgressor are asked why they have broken the law of God they will be speechless there will be no answer to give no reason to assign that will carry the least weight. That's then. Right now people have all sorts of reasons. The difference is between now and then the wise generalship of God and sometimes cooperative boys generalship of human beings. Who have demonstrated the falsity of all those reasons there will be none of them that will carry the least weight. So. More to understand what was. We didn't understand him as an individual to some extent so notices the greatest talents. And the highest gifts that could be bestowed on a created being were given the Lucifer the covering. Before his fall he was a glorious being occupying a position next to Christ. And another one Lucifer was a covering cherub distinguished by his excellence God made him good and beautiful. As near as possible like himself now I'm going to introduce a concept that. Gives people an ease because we have correctly in a certain sphere grown up with the idea that God can do anything there are things God cannot do and right here is one of them. He could not. Create a being more like himself than Lucifer he had reached. The limits. Don't ask me no I can't explain how tense and omniscience and. Everything else has a limit. But that's what inspired inspiration service it was as near as possible OK. Well so well as for the notice that he was. He was made good. When God made him good right he was created with the greatest talents and the highest gifts. All this was given to him. Apparently from the moment he was brought into existence he was as near like God as it was possible for him to be created that's not a bad way to start your life will be more about less. He chose to sin we will never know why. But we do know some things about his choice to sin and one of the interesting things is that it was chronologically and I don't know the time for and you know the time frame of heaven is like a fascinating thing you know let us make man in Our image Satan was jealous of Jesus he wished to be consulted concerning information of man and because he was not he was filled with envy jealousy and hatred OK I'm going to argue that in his heart of hearts the problem had already begun I believe. We'll see more that will that. Satan hates mankind because they are the workmanship of God He opposed the creation of man. And we take a vote I vote against. Don't don't don't make those guys. Is only coincidental. Did the plan for the creation of Earth and humanity have some integral relationship with Lucifer's rebellion well. I'm here to tell you I believe the issues are very much connected. So I'm going to show you a series of statements here now I want you to consider these from the perspective of Lucifer after he had chosen to exalt himself again we don't know why he did that we don't know how he could do that but somehow he made that choice and what makes it clear it was in his mind long before it was evident to anyone else. So imagine that you are Lucifer but you've already got a tendency towards selfishness next to the angelic beings the human family formally image of God are the noblest of his created works. Next to. Their earth was the peopled with beings only a little lower than the angels OK that's nice that simple it's just like Saul made right below or in the angel's right Hebrews to because it quote soul mates are the same thing. Man was great a little on the Angels with this reverence no other creature the God has made is capable of such improvement such refinement such nobility as man. Men cannot conceive what he may be and what he may become. Through the grace of Christ he is capable of constant mental progress now that last statement makes human being sound somewhat special and I want you to know or some words here. Improvement. Become. Progress. This is not a gift fully formed at creation. This is an ongoing process this is unlike Lucifer it was a wonderful thing for God to create man to make mine. God created man that every faculty might be the faculty of the divine by don't ask me to explain these kind of references I just put them up there to impress you. I told you what it means I'd like it said we have little idea what we may become through the grace of Christ I don't know what that means but I hope it impresses you because I think it means a lot OK just. Know I'll be honest when I have limitations also share my limitations. Man was the crowning act of the creation of God made in the image of God and designed to be a counterpart. Of God Man is very dear to God because he was formed in his own image what did she mean. When she selected the word counterpart. You know I use illustration as a well you know up in Canada we've got a Prime Minister's name is Justin Trudeau. And if he were to go on a state visit to England he would meet the prime minister over there Theresa May and they would be counterparts. Prime ministers of their respective. Countries that doesn't necessarily make them equals If the prime minister of Canada. Were to go and he said I get my geography right here. OK give up on the geography and. If the prime minister of carrier or of England or Great Britain or our that's that's a whole complicated situation over there with the difference between England and Britain and Great Britain and the United Kingdom and I never can keep it straight but you know. If one of them were to go to say less so so I don't even I'm sorry I should really look this up before I try to use the ostrich I have no idea who is the who's the head honcho in Lesotho OK South Africa area a little tiny landlocked there I think it used to be part of the English empire. There's a king or a prince or a chief or a prime minister a prisoner somebody I don't know who or what he is I don't mean any disrespect. But they would still be counterparts although the one would somewhat dwarf the other that in world significance I make sense you with me on the OK. But still. Designed to be a counterpart of God God would place a man upon probation to test his loyalty before he could be rendered eternally secure if he endured the test with God saw fit to prove him he should eventually be equal. With the Angels. That's a new idea and knows this is something it's to happen eventually there's a process involved. More statements. Those who in the strength of Christ overcome the great enemy of God and man walk a pious position in the heavenly courts above. Angels. Who have never fallen what happened a little lower what happened in the work of redemption of all consequences of which it is difficult for men to have any conception done with him or. There was to be imparted in excellence of power which would place him higher than the angels who had not fallen but now notice these last two statements These are talking about the the end result of the plan of redemption. Which raises. Me as a somewhat uncomfortable question do we end up better off after sin. You know the whole Since thing is that really working to our advantage. No. You know because the original plan was for us to be higher than the angels so it. We need to send a little bit more about Lucifer. God was a light so if. That's a great vocabulary word it's been English teacher writes I can't help it what does a full gent mean class shining for the brightly for what it means bright Yeah OK God was a light so bright that Lucifer occupy the position of covering cherubs of the universe could at all times look upon his glory OK what does that mean. He was once the covering cherub whose work it was to hide from the heavenly intelligences the glory of God. Perverted his intellect and divorce himself and what was losing his job. Hiding God and yet. Adam and Eve were granted communion with their maker with no obscuring veil between now put yourself in Lucifer's position what's going to happen to my job. And this communion here was definitely a part of the original plan before sin messed things up. A couple more statements through the impart a life of Christ men has been given opportunity to win back again the last gift of life and to stand in his original position before God a particular of the divine nature. Seen in his efforts to deceive in temper race and thought to frustrate the Divine Plan A man's creation but Christ now ask that this plan be carried into effect is of man it never fall and. He asked wrist people not only part of justification for incomplete but a share in His glory and a seat upon his throne that was the original plan why did Lucifer become selfish I have no idea you know what once he's selfish I can see why he had a problem with human beings. All that helps us understand this next quotation one of those ones from the letters a man or a file how this never ended up in a compilation someplace I have no idea. About dropped my teeth. When I read this next one. The creation of our world was brought into the councils of heaven there the covering cherub prepared his request that he should be made Prince to govern the world then in prospect we would say then in planning. This was not accorded him Jesus Christ was to rule the earthly kingdom under God he engaged to take the world with all its probabilities and I suspect that those probabilities include the probability of sin. The law of heaven would be should be the standard law for this new world for human intelligence is Lucifer was jealous of Christ and there's jealousy work in the rebellion and he carried with him a large number of the holy angels OK well we've got her along and I gather some background on our enemy. Some general someplace once said you know the first first thing in war is to know your enemy I don't know said some is it. OK to look at the core of the room very important at the very core of losers rebellion there is one simple but immensely important issue this does not explain why he chose this. But I believe we can understand some things about the process. At some point God said Lucifer please do this I don't know what it was it doesn't matter what it was God asked loser to do this and Lucifer thought that's or was a little thing was a big thing. At some point there had to be a first occasion when God said please do this and no that's better. And the moment he thought no that's better. One of two things had to be the driving force behind us. In order to get to this point one of two things had to have already happened either lose or believe that God had made a mistake. Like wow you know that's that's really weird God once we do that but this is obviously better I mean God's been really smart and this is a must first about it I think he goofed I think I think it is goofed. That's one possible reason for thinking this is better over here. If it wasn't that. It gets worse if God had not made an unconscious mistake him and that he knew what he was doing. He was deliberately asking was for to do something that was not best to get to that spot. Literally lost faith and. He had either said God made a mistake which is a big problem because God's in charge or on the universe you can't really afford many mistakes OK who could trust his wisdom. If he'd made a mistake. So Lucifer. At least. Doubted God's wisdom and possibly And very quickly I don't know the order of how it developed. But forming quickly on the heels of doubting his wisdom would have been this. If God had made a mistake that it meant that he was intentionally harming his subjects who could trust his love. If that had been proven false Lucifer had to doubt either wisdom or both wisdom and love of God. Now. There's an interesting concept known as the Supreme Being triad of the ever heard of it if you believe in a supreme being of any kind I don't care if you believe there's a Supreme Being You better hope he has three characteristics. OK you better hope he has. Wisdom power and love. And he needs an unlimited supply of all three if he has. Power and love but is lacking wisdom. You've got a prominence because he's going to do some dumb stuff if he has wisdom and love but he's lacking power. Well it's nice if he thinks sweet thoughts about you you know it's a thought that counts right OK But he can't carry it out. And if he has wisdom and power but he doesn't love you. You're in a world of hurt you better hope he has also three you know what's interesting here is that of those three Lucifer very quickly came to doubt wisdom and love. You never challenged about the power. You knew that which is important when we get to the war and heaven. But let's go on. Lucifer lost faith in God's wisdom and probably God's love as well but that's not all if Lucifer were smart enough to spot gods mistaken that meant Lucifer was smarter than gawd what's more if God had tried to trick Lucifer into some doing something that wasn't his best good then the mere fact that God had failed to fool him meant that Lucifer was smarter than God That's what pride is built from. Now it would be easy for Lucifer to simply do what he was sure was the best thing I mean. I'm smarter than God I've proven that already and this is better than that so I'm going to this some smart doing this is what we call disobedience all this other stuff comes before but this is the actual act of disobedience but that's not all even if Lucifer never said a word about his disobedience the influence of his actions told all the other angels you can't depend on God to take care of you in a dick charge your own life you need to do it God does. You need to exhaust yourself. You need to take care of yourself. Into a gov one body. And you know it's. Again switching over momentarily to Devil's Advocate Oh and let's quickly let's just pretend for a moment suppose you're one of one hundred people who gets shipwrecked on a. Mythical island in the middle of the city OK. And so here you are you've got a hundred people and you're standing and looking around and this hundred people how are they going to organize this newly formed society on this little island someplace OK and I'm going to suggest that there's a like a continuum there's also things in between but it could go all the way from this end where I look around I say to be a dangerous situation we don't know what's in those woods I don't know. What we've got for water and all we got for food and I don't really know these people but if you down the beach. Over the driftwood I can probably find something it has a metal in there maybe make a knife. Club. And have to watch my back and I could spend all my time. Taking care of myself. But for other in the spectrum of go something like this OK everybody listen up we don't know what's in those woods we don't know what we've got for food and water. There if we all stick together we can we can deal with us OK nobody ever leaves camp with less than five people five people we stick together we do OK we you know if we can we all cover everybody back and make a go of this thing. You know I used that illustration for years in my Bible classes and I always managed to convince my students as a teachers get paid to do right is going to convince students of things I was made to convince them that that this was better than taking care of myself that things got selfish after all. But you know what numerically it's the same. If I spend one hundred percent of my time over here taking care of myself as opposed to everybody spending ninety nine you know one hundred percent their time take care ninety nine people over here it's it's one man day per day and over here it's ninety nine ninety ninth mandate per day which numerically the same day. So I'm saying you know if you're doing that but I can convince them because well sometimes you know if they're sleeping in a hammock you don't really need ninety nine other people watching over you so those who they could focus were that it's really needed so I can always get the kids to say yeah this is better this is a better approach here's a problem. Suppose I adopt this approach and say I am going to look out for these people got a hundred people on the island. What if there's enough food for twenty I just committed suicide it always comes back to the question of Will God take care of me God says I will supply you need do I trust him it always comes back to the question of resources and only give a statement in your beliefs for a desire to establish a kingdom that was independent the Lord and sustained by resources other than God Let's go. Exulting himself that's the lie about God but that's not all once Lucifer took the responsibility of caring for himself it meant he had to do whatever it took to provide for himself if necessary that would mean stealing if necessary. That would mean murder it's nothing personal but I don't it's not that I dislike you but there's only enough food for one of us and I'm going to eat it you. Know if it OK. If I have taken the responsibility of caring for myself push comes to shove it will be murder and Jesus said Lucifer was a murderer from the beginning you notice nobody died in heaven but Lucifer was a murderer from the beginning because geez understood the principle of anything it's not based on faith in God on anything that's based on the concept of I will take care of myself OK. We don't have time to cover all the tactics the methods of Lucifer used but I want to go through these quickly and provide just a certain amount of of kind of supporting information. Here's how he did it in heaven he exploited his position and trust of the angels as long as possible he hid his intentions from others he implied or insinuated without clear assertions she was going to vague and what he was saying he distorted others' perceptions it's as a use hypnosis he maintain plausible deniability understand that concept plausible deniability as that I can't really trace it all the way back to me OK I got these guys to do it but you can't you can trace it back to me shift responsibility others that's closely related there is point in life you need to. Abandon discredited positions without accepting responsibility for having advocated You know what you're proven wrong just don't say I'm sorry don't acknowledge it just divert move on cite supporters as evidence of correctness and all these people on my side. Got to be right and appeal to sympathy how can we pick on me God That's a quick list there are others that could be brought in but that's when you go looking through what Owen says about losers rebellion these are the the primary technique techniques that he used. So just reading some statements to touch on some of those points taking advantage of the loving well trust opposed approach reposed in him by the holy beings under his command he had so artfully instilled into their minds on distrust and discontent that his agency was not discerned it's a plausible deniability Lucifer had presented the purposes of God in a false light that's lying misconstruing the storing them to excite dissent and dissatisfaction he cunningly drew his hearers on to give utterance to their feelings after he had distorted their feelings then these expressions were repeated by him when it would serve his purpose as evidence of the angel enough food harming the government of God This is the number one technique that she cites over and over again she talks about this would plant seeds of doubt come back later reengage the same angels in conversation get into say something that he had prompted them to say before but now it was out of their mouth. Well claiming from soporific loyalty to God he urged that changes in the order and laws of heaven were necessary for the stability of the Divine government those were working to excite opposition to the law of God and to still his own discontent into the minds the ages under him he was ostensibly seeking to remove dissatisfaction to reconcile disaffected interest of the order of heaven well secretly fomenting discord and rebellion he with consummate craft cause it to appear as his sore purpose to promote loyalty and to preserve harmony and peace. In his first display of disaffection saying it was very cunning all he claimed was he wanted to bring in a better order of things to make great improvements since at present no defined reasons as to why he wished the law of God change or abolished he simply declared his conviction that the angels would be better off without the wall but he could not tell in what way they would be and then. What a con job. I mean seriously he sounds like a politician. He was Lucifer again the sympathy of some of his associates by suggesting thoughts of criticism regarding the government of God This evil seed was scattered in a most to do sing manner and after it had sprung up and taken with the minds of many he gathered the ideas that he himself had first implant in the minds of others and brought them before the highest order of angels as the thoughts of other minds against the government of God Thus by ingenious methods of his own devising Lucifer introduced rebellion in heaven. That again that's that's the number one technique that she cites Why was it such a concern because there's power in it though does this Words have power to react on the character men are influenced by their own words often under a momentary impulse prompted by saying they give utterance to jealousy or evil surmising expressing that which they do not really believe. But the expression reacts on their thoughts. They are deceived by their words and come to believe that true which was spoken at since instigation it is dangerous to utter a word of doubt dangerous to question and criticize the vine like your mind is built in such a way that when you say it your minds as well that must be what I believe. Don't say what you don't believe. Backless for many of these angels who sympathize with Lucifer held high had occupied high positions in the government of God all were and rich with the talent of intellect and were guarded with strength and worth this kind of and isn't parallel to the two hundred fifty princes of the assembly right who sided with chordates in the baron and told me something about the pride of position it's very dangerous thing the seeds of alienation were planted afterward to be drawn out and presented for them the court says originated with Satan but with the angels in his artful way he drew expressions of doubt from them then when he was interviewed he accused those who merely educated he laid all the disaffection on the ones he had led shifting responsibility. Someone may do that you some day. And if you've already said the things that have been prompted to say you may well accept that responsibility and I actually think Your Honor depends on defending these positions that they planted in your mind want to hear about that in his interviews with other angels after succeeding in finding sympathises he arranges arguments and presented them as if they were the sentiments that originated in the minds of those whom he first led astray the temper would throw all the blame of his course upon others who are below him he would make it appear that if he could have moved according to his own judgment all this demonstration rebellion would have been avoided but if you will let me handle it. I did the best I could this is a confusing situation you can find current day analogs you want to be careful. Are you going to be able to see who are the real source of the problem lies. You may hear a lot of people saying a lot of stupid things but they may not be the ones who originated. Lucifer worked through the medium of influence taking advantage of the action of mind on mind and ever since then since continued its hate for work reaching from mind to mind every sin committed awakens the echoes of the original sin mutual dependence the influence of back and forth of people mutual dependence is a wonderful thing not necessarily Yeah a wonderful but like Oh it's amazing I think is what you're saying there reciprocal influence should be carefully studied when placed on the side of right influences the power for God one place in the side of evil is a power for sane one human being under Satan's control becomes a means of temptation to another human being thus evil grows into immense proportion. You can not look to human beings you can't see see from man whose breath is in his nostrils. You can NOT YOU WANT TO idea how important is to not look at men. Go to Daniel two was that a statue of. And what happened to. The influence of mind on mind so strong a power for good when sanctified is equally strong for even the hands of those opposed to God This power say news in his work of instilling evil into the minds of the angels and he made it appear that he was seeking the good of the universe this expression here influence of mind a mind later in her writing career in a way adopted the more modern terminology for that same idea this images that's what she's talking about OK the word hadn't come into vogue when she was writing some of these statements but in her later writing from about one thousand nine hundred onward you'll find a word hypnotism that will make hypnotism look like a joke. T.V. comedy thing. Just for the record hypnotism is no joke. Will touch on that later. Scene was artful in presenting his side the question as soon as he found the one position was seen its true character he changed it for another oh yeah doesn't like a politician. This is where we dishonest. But angels are never seen dishonesty how they're taken to catch on to this new thing. Sin exultingly pointed to a sympathizers comprising nearly one half of all the angels and exclaimed These are with me well you expel these also and make such a void in heaven. He was expecting a no the answer was yes. When it was announced that with all the sympathizers it must be expelled from the boards a blessing and his host threw the blame of the rebellion wholly upon Christ declaring that if they had not been reproved they would never have rebelled. Hello what. You already brought because you rebelled. Don't play mind games with me Christians are supposed to be sympathetic you know there is a false sympathy fine line Lucifer cast the cause of his this of his defection upon Jesus Christ and upon God if they had not so firmly resisted his plans he said he would not have gone on doing as he did wrong doers always find sympathizers and Satan so represented his case the angel that he drew many angels from their allegiance to God we look at the sins arguments I guess they all seem pretty weak but. Bear in mind we are no match for the devil he is very very good at what he does. How good I cannot explain this next statement I just put up here to impress you. Two statements I guess it is impossible for man to measure the ingenuity shown by Satan in deceiving human minds and Lucifer's work of deception was done in so great secrecy that the angels in less exalted positions posed that he was the ruler of. The I don't know how that works but he was doing a really good job of whatever he was doing OK last slide. Why is that missing it's OK. These are the accusations that Lucifer brought against the government of Heaven he said angels are holy by nature and wise enough to govern themselves so they don't need God's law he said God was unfair when he exalt the Jesus above lutherie said God is proud is that God is selfish God's laws defective and needs to be changed neither angels or human beings can obey God's law ambulanced effective right God's law is orbiter it's the most interesting one of the batch God's law makes forgiveness impossible and by the way everything that God says about all the stuff he's lying. Now if you study formal logic debate. Logical Fallacies all that stuff OK One of the logical fallacies is known as poisoning the well it works like this suppose I'm candidate A and I'm candidate B. and we're both running for mayor of Columbus or seal or whatever is local and we're here today for a little debate type of thing right and so I stand up I'm Canada Day and I stand up and I say well as a journalist so good to see your civic activity here the or come out for the debate this morning between my opponent and myself before we get any further is one important thing you must understand about my opponent he is a notorious liar you can't really believe anything that he says OK when I get the chance to speak what's the first thing I'm going to want to say. But I'm not a lawyer and he's going to say he just lied. That's poisoning the well. Once a person's integrity once his honesty has been questioned. The end result is immediate You can not. Verbal defend yourself. The only option you have is demonstration so I leave these with you for now till tomorrow morning suppose your god what are you going to do. What you can do because this is a big mess right now courtesy of Lucifer. That's not a really happy note to close on. But we can fast forward to the end and say God wins. Let's let's new. Father we are thankful that you have accepted us into your army. And though we sometimes see ourselves more as. Occupation force than the infantry. But pray that you would help us grasp the times in which we live. Issues and principles that are at stake. Prayer blessing on every presentation every aspect of this convention thank you for thank you for those who are here for those who are here on a regular basis and maintain this institution. For you. Thank you for the time and trouble the effort they put into making this possible for us. This media was brought to you by. 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