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Kellogg - Lend to the Lord

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator


  • September 20, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Your father we thank you for. Everything that you've done for all that you have done has been good help us to remember help us to understand that when things look otherwise when the devil would he slips our view of Christ credit will be with us now we ask for your blessing and your guidance if we could have the projector's on you know I I will confess. Right at the beginning here. That one of the hardest pieces of wisdom. That the spirit of prophecy is a part of one of the hardest ones for me to abide by. Is the caution to not try to put everything into one service. And. I have tried but I know there's a lot so I'm going to go quickly today. And this is actually one that I didn't get in last yesterday we were talking about the substitute in the surety and the whole concept that we're in a war or a wonderful statement look at this thing here every I in the UN phone universe is bent upon those who profess to be Christ's followers that's us. Here in this asshole more of a world and earnest warfare is going on a battle in which Christ our substitute and surety has engaged in our behalf and conquered Bryza look aliya to do this again he engaged in our behalf and conquered. Now we Christ's purchased possession must become soldiers of his cross and conquer in our own behalf on our own account through the power and wisdom given us from above the influence of the cross of Calvary is to vanquish every earthly and spiritual evil power and we need to know the plan of the battle. That we may work in harmony with Christ. We've got to get on the same page or. We've got to figure out what's going on or we'll be at best innocent bystanders and more likely as collateral damage. OK. I don't want to do that OK that was should have been in yesterday's what's going today now. Remember we sort of elusive are. Losers rebellion. And then we spoke of Christ's response which was a refutation of the accusations of Lucifer. I'm building a historical model here which you haven't seen all of yet and I don't intend you to see all just yet. But we're going to make a jump which may seem to you to be somewhat. Why do you that type of thing. We're going to jump to the story of Dr Kellogg. And specifically. A particular span of his life. This is the span that I cocoa refer to as the good. Unfortunately there's also a bad one. Before the good one there was the. Unconverted. But he was the best and that was bad that wasn't bad bad OK so he went from and converted to good the bad so we've been looking at the good kill and the key thought today is lend to the Lord. Listened to the LORD Well OK in all of them they have as history there is no one who is more colorful shall I say than Dr Kellogg OK now I know why it stands in a unique position of course as having been the servant the Lord of the messenger of the Lord. But. Once you move past that unique position. There is no one in all their unsisterly that is half as interesting as Dr Kellogg OK this guy was amazing and intelligent and dedicated He had many many good qualities. I could tell you stories about this guy. Tell you one because I won't have time to get them all in but they tell you one every morning. Dr Kellogg would get up cracker dawn sometimes before any go in front of his house there was a large. Cobble stone paved circular area. And he'd get up get dressed take a cold rub down probably I don't remember exactly his schedule but he'd run outside and he'd jump on his bicycle and he would pedal furiously run around in circles to get exercise. You might say why did he do that why not just ride five miles down the road and five miles back there was a reason to this guy's madness in the middle of that circle was a stenographer taking dictation the whole time. How of wrote something like fifty books I think is fifty four something like that in his lifetime several of them are well in excess of a thousand pages when Kellogg dictated a book by and large. Is when the press with. You would dictate all of us all the so Michael and how we can actually use a cell Michael you know that's that's that is like the coolest thing you can do the simplest thing you can do to make your writing look intelligent is figure out how to use a semi colon probably OK I'll give you a hot tip there if you want to impress an editor for get out what to do with a semi colon some day OK. But kill I would dictate the stuff it was ready for the press guy was the guy was amazing we're going to see that because God had special plans for John tell he had special plans for the administration he had special plans for the plan of salvation through John. So that some of the possibilities. Dr kill Augustana work that no man I know of among us that had qualifications to do. It wasn't just like everybody else. My dear brother as I have before written you I know that the Lord has placed you in a very responsible position standing as you do. As the greatest physician in our world. OK Now the A.M.A. agrees. They didn't agree with Kellogg on everything but in their histories they will chalk him up as being the single most influential physician of of the world for a period of about forty fifty years. He changed medicine God says of Dr Kellogg he is my physician respect him and sustain him Dr Kellogg with earnest untiring energy has testified by his works that he believes the Word of God that he is not content to be merely a theoretical believer notice that series great. Stuff. Is not content to be merely a theoretical believer. He has put his belief into works. He has faith and works combined. His work in the medical missionary line is that the appearance of being disproportionately large but he has seen the feeble efforts made by the churches whose practice is not been proportion of light and he has undertaken to educate his students to do service for the Lord in this is only tried to walk in the light he has been doing the very work the Lord has specified should be done. Now this was eight hundred seven a couple of years later. The medical mission to work employed more people than the church did disproportionately large was it disproportionately large Yes it was. Because everything else was disproportionately small that became an issue in different ways but we'll talk about that later look at the good stuff right. This is not a fanatical and superstitious work it is the work that Christ did when he was in our world. Kellogg's activities. Dr Kellogg has not betrayed his trust the Lord has wrought with him in surgical operations giving him wisdom and success men not of our faith feel that although Dr kill has a some day Adventist which you know is a little weird of them yet he has wisdom and knowledge and a wide influence they feel it would be the height of folly to ignore this dog was a respected guy piece of advice to those who tended not to you need to practice health reform just as conscientiously as those doctor kill. A lot of people wrote him off easy a little bit eccentric shows it again is. Maybe a little fanatical Yeah. I would actually agree with both those statements but you know what. The church was so far behind in the don't worry about trying to correct the little details. You need to practice health reform just as conscientious as Dr Cal doesn't necessarily say that everything that Kelly believed was something that you needed to believe but the man was conscientious we ought to be to. Well let's see. How did he. How did he how did how did he gain this skill this ability this influence I think was an interesting insight into that but eighteen ninety one Dr Khaled was talking to Dr David Postman and he asked and he says that person do you know how it is that I always say five years ahead of the medical profession and Paulson said no nobody knows how you do that they all wonder he said when a new thing is brought out in the medical world he knew from his knowledge of the Spirit of Prophecy whether it belonged in our system or not if it did he instantly adopted it and advertised it well the rest of the doctors were slowly feeling their way and when they finally adopted we had five years the start of them. On the other hand when the medical profession were swept off their feet by some new fad if it did not fit the light we had received he didn't we didn't touch it when the doctors find us govern their mistake they wondered how Dr Kellogg. Kellogg for many years. Had the reputation of being the single most. Enthusiastic advocate of Elena white in Battle Creek. She was gone during most of these years we're talking about she was in Australia from one thousand nine hundred one to one thousand nine hundred and during that time period it was a rough rough rough decade for the administration that was the time a thousand nine hundred six whites writing things like who can now respect the voice of the General Conference as the voice of God You know there were serious problems going on well I was in the middle of all the politics. Much of it was aimed against him unfortunately it was a tough time period and Kellogg had this reputation as one who had great respect for the work and the writings of L. and what. Now it was easy for him at that point to have great respect for the work of writings of L. white because she was saying so much in support of it because he was doing the right thing and so she would support it. As George Butler once said It's never hard to believe the spirit prophecy when it supports you. It's always a bit more challenging when it corrects you. Carol I ran into that problem later but we're talking about the good stuff right Dr Kellogg success rose and fell with his respect for the instruction from the spirit prophecy Let's go back to what was one of his greatest early successes. If Dr Kellogg will trust himself wholly with God He capital H. will give him tact and perception and skill as a practitioner that has seldom been so. Angels of God will stand by his side when human life is in peril and wisdom from above will be given Him God designs a doctor called Kellogg shall still advance he has only begun to climb the ladder the Lord will give him grace that he is now ignorant of and he will see as he has never seen before he will realize that there is to be an intelligent discarding of all drugs skill and knowledge is to be given him which he is in no case to keep to himself. He is to educate educate educate. And I think this is the key state statement and it touches on. Some of the things brother learned was sharing with us notice that discarding of all drugs. Kellogg was to realize that there is to be an intelligent. Discarding of all what's an intelligent time to discard a drug. Doctors. Say when you have a better choice I mean yeah you have a better choice like when you take your best choice if you have no other choice there are times you want to stop at a elderly friend once upon a time her cousin was the son of missionaries in Africa. I think it is third selected messages maybe I think you can read the story. Missionaries were in Africa and the little boy came down with malaria. And they had read. About the evils of drugs and of quinine in particular and they did not give him quinine and he died and the father. Wrote Ellen White. And said Did we make a mistake and she wrote back compassionately with no fault finding and she said it would have been best to give him quinine you must do the best you can. Acquire and sterile. When I was deadly poison if you get it just exactly right you can kill off the bugs before you kill off the person. If you go too much they both die now I'm not advocating for drugs I'm advocating for an intelligent discarding of drugs. And I'm telling you Dr Cowen was the chosen. Messenger of that message has there been another one sense Oh I think doctors are. Now OK but in the day. And there are others don't do go wrong are discounting any others and several what I could think of that are you know have high respect for but trying to paint your picture that Kellogg was intended of the Lord to accomplish some great things OK skill and knowledge was to be given and he was to educate educate educate the rest of us were supposed to learn something from this guy and when the words cause last. I don't know that there was an immediate equivalent replacement you know sometimes you lose a tool you don't have a quarter inch socket wrench. Or you're going to do without a chorus of or if you're going to suffer OK you get that's what you need and you know OK. This process that the Lord intended to do accomplish with Dr Killen was never completed through Dr Killen. I believe it will be completed I trust that we've made progress in the years since. But I do think it's important for us to understand that we are in process. We can sometimes get the idea that. We have attained all that God has called us to do. And therefore we should function in certain ways and you know what it doesn't work your son will die malaria in that particular case that makes sense it's a tough one to wrestle with I'm not giving you the final answer on anything and I'm giving you an aspect I think needs to be considered as we move forward in the Lord's work OK. Oh it's gone. Now we've got the background out of the way a little bit we can sort of get started here. October Tandon of MEMBER five hundred eighty eight there was a minister Ariel Institute lasted for ten days and then the General Conference was held that Minneapolis Minnesota. This is the famous eight hundred eighty General Conference Jones where your lawn Gratian stand horns righteousness by faith all that stuff OK. There's one aspect of that is often overlooked. After the meeting at Minneapolis Dr Killen was a converted man and we all knew it we could see the converting power of God working in his heart and life now this when I first read that I just kind of like whoa that's interesting and you know being the sort of. Artist I thought frankly admit I have a weird way look at life sometimes but the very first thing that popped into my mind is wow how could they see he was covered what was he doing different that he stopped going to the bar on Friday night. No he did not stop going to a bar on Friday night he never had gone to the bar on Friday nights. Is eight hundred eighty eight even the medical director of the senator and for twelve years already he was a pillar of the church she was probably an elder or something I don't know that. You've been ever since he was in his teenage years. But somehow after he was converted everybody knew it and they could see it. So my question is What were they seeing. What was different skipping over a ton of interesting details from the story of Dr tell of. I'm going this over simplify I'll confess. But what was different is he started being nice to people. OK. Now Dr Kellogg was not a normal mortal. He was mortal but the way he just did everything on a scale that that I don't ever approach with that way and so when he said I think I'll be nice to people instead of you know I can help in a little lady across the street or something I might think of doing you know he says what started off an edge. Is a little bigger Rome of reference than I do OK. We'll get to that just a second this being nice to people thing does that fit into the open. Well it's actually. What converted people do. When the believer is justified remember this is eight hundred eighty eight right justification by faith the whole thing right when the believer is justified because of the merit of Christ he is not free to work on righteousness cheap grace type of thing faith works by love and purifies the saw Faith buds and blossoms and bears a harvest of precious fruit where faith is good works notice those two words good works appear the sick are visited the poor are cared for the fatherless and the widows are not neglected the naked are quote the destitute are fit that's what converted people do. And we may not all do it on the level and the scale that Kellog did but that's the difference between someone who's converted and someone's not. Is they start being nice to people I'm like that it's simple I can wrap my brain around that much simplicity is good for some of us weak minded folks. Not only was he nice to people he began to enjoy it so much that he actually welcomed the self-sacrifice that made it possible for him to be nice. To talk about that and second in the summer of eighty ninety. Dr Kellogg N L Y will happen to be in Potosi Pitofsky and Brown's Michigan and he approached her and said this is right now I've been I've been reading the re the obituary combs in the review I went back over the last four years and according to my count we have a lot of orphans just from folks that died you know in the obituary columns it was hard to keep membership up back in the day because people died earlier. So it is. Written there but you are going to get a lot of orphans that are being cared cared for I found some of them are just living on the street I found some that are being cared for cared for by non administers relatives and found some who are in county poor houses and even found a few are in Catholic orphanage that I don't think that should be. And if we need an orphanage What do you think is that is a good idea is a better idea and though I had said it's an excellent idea. We are years behind on works of this kind. And are not going to go into it at this point but it's interesting and I have been misled to a degree you know in my own mind at times in this way. L. White wrote a letter talking about this interview with Dr Kellogg and she mentioned that she said yes they were fish were wonderful idea we are years behind we should do something like that. The letter turns out to have been. I think I got that number right it's I think it's two thousand nine hundred forty five words. Pretty good letter the comment about the orphanage was the first two sentences forty five words. Two thousand nine hundred other words in that same letter. Portraying the dangers Kellogg would face in the in the coming years. You know what I myself for a time I focused on the forty five words. To rest. I was so fascinated by those forty five words and I didn't see the rest. Till I get the same problem. Well. None the less she said the oarfish was a good idea and so that was the summer of eighty ninety the first general conference that was in favor of eight hundred ninety one so Dr Kellogg knew his parliamentary procedure business and he said Mr Chairman I make a motion that we establish an orphanage to care for orphans us in here in Battle Creek in the second they debated it it was passed they had another motion they formed a committee they said OK you guys nine people here you're the committee to make this orphanage thing go you need to run the orphanage get it going you can solicit funds in the pages of the review and Herald and go for oh it's you know there are fine details no doubt but but the basics of starting an orphanage are it's not rocket science you know you've got to raise some money buy some property build a building you hire some people you bring in the kids you know when you want to bring the kids in there's no other details of development but up to that point it's fairly straightforward and so this committee Kellogg was one and several you know about eight others I think they set about trying to raise funds so that was a first step. And you know you do it I mean. Actually they were they were not so bashful back in the day we have our skin is so thin to day it's just pathetic but. Both good and bad they they've just there's lay things out there and so they would have this you know fund raising for Battle Creek orphanage thing and showed up on the back page of the review for every week for a year and it listed everybody and how much they gave. Them this anonymity nonsense OK. So oh I gave five hundred dollars Dr Kellogg gave five hundred thousand dollars I forget what it was you know somebody. Gave some money and rimu were but you know yeah you do it you get the you get the movers and shakers the people that everybody else has confidence in you get their donations up there no reason. All the important people do it must be a cool thing to do I'll give some money to you know that's how it works. It didn't work after years time they had barely enough money to buy some property. Not a dime to build. And this was going to be a problem. I'm ahead of myself hang on to that thought I want to squeeze in a couple of other ideas that I see jumped over in my mind here more on back on the natural result of being converted right faith in Jesus Christ as a personal savior the one who pardons our sins and transgressions the one who is able to keep us from seeing and lead us in his footsteps is set forth in the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah. Dr McNulty said something about this. Here are presented the fruits of a faith that works by love and purifies the SO from selfishness faith and works are here combined that I write just as shall go before the it says and as if what does this mean it means that Christ is our righteousness there is a strong connection between eighty eight registers by Faith Hill of conversion and Isaiah fifty eight these things all kind of go together OK. Well. Let's go on. At that general carcass of a thousand nine hundred one I'm going to hide it away every day at the general hundreds of eight hundred ninety one hell of along with making the motion for the orphanage said some other things. I think I think they deserve our consideration here notices. I have given quite a good deal of thought and study to this subject my wife and I have given considerable attention to this work for a number of years we have been planning to raise forty or fifty children ourselves just as fast as we get any money we will invest it in children I have done that for several years every single dollar that can be saved from other necessities necessary expenses goes into the education of children one more comment. I do not believe we have any right to accumulate money. I think as long as we are well and have God's blessing upon our work it is our duty to spend what we earn in God's work. I do not believe that in this is age any man has a right to accumulate money that's an. Interesting perspective what does that say about retirement. Welcome back to that as a story unfold what was kind of mini series about this of or was it just kind of you know I mean some people of this get up and say crazy things. Well I don't know a lot about his bank account I do know he was very generous he paid from about fifty students to go through med school over the course of his career. He and his wife did raise forty two children so it was within the margin of error of forty to fifty. They adopted eighteen and what are many are left or foster children we might call them today. So he was reasonably serious in at least some of what he said but that would. What is this whole thing about not accumulating money that kind of intrigues me both good and bad. And then I ran into a train of statements. That kind of fascinated me. You may be familiar with the first one. Oh there we go in the last great conflict of the controversy was saying those who are loyal to God will see every earthly support cut off. You know I used to read as David was like yeah that's going to be a tough. Go of it was you thought oh it can't buy or sell right no earthly support from law enforcement I mean once I pass a death decree Well you know. And I was sporty much like you know. So yeah and I looked at that and I said Man what a terrible ordeal I wonder if any want to really have the faith to deal with that and then I ran into a second statement. It is safe to let go every earthly support and take the hand of him a lifted up and save the sinking disciple on the stormy sea. And you know that low expression the earthly support that kind of caught my attention while that reminded me of the first one about how we would have every earthly support cut off. And so I just kind of on random I did a search for the expression every earthly supporter May was this earth to support it remember that one more statement we can never perfect a round for Christian experience until every earthly support is removed and the source centers its entire affections about God. And as usual I found out that I've been looking at everything exactly backwards this great trial that I was worried about is the goal that's exactly where we're supposed to be going. The decrease that you can't buy and sell is a gift the wrath of Satan shall serve the Lord and finally his people will come to the position where they can perfect full round Christian experience because now everything supports cut off and they can find out what they should've been doing oh yeah you know I routinely get my ideas stood on their head here but you know well So Cal I was trying to raise money and a year gone by and they'd like to say they did they bought some property but it was blank empty lot or something I don't and they had no money to raise funds the church just did not seem to have a lot of enthusiasm for orphans with one exception there was one group in the church that wasn't through the Asked about the orphanage and that was the folks who are caring for orphans they really didn't want and so they began to show up in the Battle Creek train station by themselves when the pinned on their shirt Bobby age four orphanage Battle Creek some of them were younger than four. By. The same march of eight hundred ninety two DR CALLE I've had about twenty of these little kids that had shown up that way. Or you're going to have twenty kids you don't have Norfolk yet so I went out behind the senator I mean he rented a couple of small cottages out that direction and he kept going to informally going in and stealing nurses. Me I need you out here I got twenty kids women. It was not a good situation Darko I was getting nervous and frantic he began to pray as he said I prayed very hard I told the Lord that I needed a lot of money and I needed it very quickly a lot of people frankly I suspect at that point were just kind of hoping the whole issue would go away I don't we're going to the twenty kids now but you know that we're facing we were never very excited about it you don't have the money for just drop and you know come on let's move on we got we got other more important things to do so I began to pray because he had a problem on his hands it twenty some problems on his hands. The Lord answered his prayer. And in the late spring of one thousand nine hundred two a Mrs Carolyn Haskell gave a donation to help with the orphanage work it was the largest single donation that the denomination had ever received up to that point it was thirty thousand dollars Now we all understand that inflation changes the value of money over time if you want to try in you know just kind of get a graphic depiction of how that has changed since one thousand or eight hundred ninety two. Just bear in mind that the building. Was built with Mrs Haskell's donation of thirty thousand dollars and not a dime of admin as money because this is Ask it was not an Adventist and this is what they built. Try building that for thirty grand. I don't think you could buy the door knobs. You know I get the door knobs you could buy the windows I don't think a lot of windows in that place I don't think you could buy the windows reverted I don't know some is probably building cracked and contracted have a better estimate than I but it was an impressive structure that had could house about one hundred hundred one hundred ten orphans it was sociologically way ahead of its day it wasn't just one big cavernous expanse inside with little kids bouncing off the walls all over the place it was curved up into I think was eleven separate housing units and you had house parents and you have. A six month old and one year old in a three year old and a four year old and a six year old and a seven year old and a nine year old and a twelve year old and they made families and they function as families was a good thing. And it was as I say funded by this is Haskell It was a memorial gift to her husband he had died a year and a half or two before left her a fair chunk of change you want to do something in his memory he always liked kids she thought this would be a nice thing to do the house schools were. Presbyterian I believe it was no relation to Stephen House whatsoever no connection to Adventism other then Mrs asshole came to Battle Creek to visit a friend who was in Senator saw what was going on says I kind of like what you guys are doing is there anything you can do I could I could do to help you out with funny actually she says the doctors think you could use a little financial help and he first of all he mentioned what they call than endowed bed which was basically a hospital bed for the use of poor folks who didn't have any money it ran about one hundred dollars a year so we gave her a nice discussion on that and she listened politely and she says I was thinking of something rather larger than. Let's when he switched over to the orphanage idea. It started off thinking about ten or fifteen thousand but as they looked at the plans that Kellogg was drawing up she says you can't build that for fifteen thousand Can you think again there were about twenty thousand I don't think that would do it well much would it take to be about thirty thousand that's what I'll give you that Kellogg was doing other things during this time period as well. In eighty ninety two there was a seventeen year old young lady who came to the Battle Creek sanitarium spent six weeks there received excellent care but she had some sort of a condition I don't know what it was that required an operation why anyone would go to anyone other than Dr Killen for an operation I have no idea but she returned to her home in Chicago and perhaps there was a specialist maybe somebody who'd pioneered this particular surgical procedure I don't know what it was. She went back to Chicago for her operation is a very critical operation and it was unsuccessful. When she was so in back up and came out from anesthesia they all knew she was going to die. In her last days she played with her father she said Daddy. There are no nurses anywhere like those nurses in Battle Creek I want you to do something for me as a memorial to me I want you to pay to bring one of those nurses down to Chicago to work for the poor you that day. He said yes. Young lady died then wrote a letter to Dr kill Augie I was busy ignored a letter. Then wrote a second letter almost as if you know that literature then wrote a third letter. I was a busy guy. You didn't hear it he was working better quick you ignore that letter to then the the businessman down to Chicago got smart or lucky I don't know which yet his wife write a letter. He had a soft spot for Mother's. OK got it so he marched over to Santa Germany found him only shrines I don't know that this is in the way. I like to pretend it is she's clearly one of the visiting nurses Emily was the first she was one of the best nurses Emily would you be willing to go down work in Chicago. Great about it so yes I would she went down she was the first one the program expanded after that most of the nurses in the sanitarium they would make a weekly contribution so that every months they had enough money to sponsor a second nurse to go down and work the business men was sponsoring wonders they would sponsor the second one and they rotated around you know as OK as my months go to Chicago and you guys all contribute you know some of your like visiting nurses did a wonderful job wonderful work done they were primarily working in an area that was known as the brewery because of the prevailing diet. The alternative name for the place was hell's half acre many people objected to the name as being inaccurate because it was obviously larger than half an acre. It was it was a tough part of town. The police would not go there. The police stopped the nurses many times as they were walking into the district to ma'am you don't want to go there you need to turn around. And they would point across on their uniforms or be fined off to take great stories coming out of coming out of the this NG there's a program Kellogg love that he loved good stories you loved excitement he loved he was a go get him kind of a guy. Once upon a time. As the work had developed a bit further there was a gentleman who had received. Some assistance from the medical workers in Battle Creek I say gentleman maybe a little overly generous he was a Tory a screw up and a murderer but he had received he received some assistance and he appreciated that he was sitting in a bar one night getting drunk about ten o'clock at night when one of the nurses was finally done with her patient was on her way back home issues walking down the street she was. Assaulted by three individuals slapped the hand over mouth just grabbed her held it tight picked up her into the bar going through the bar and back into the back section of the rooming house the obvious probability was that she would be raped and murdered as they were walking through all of a sudden there were two very loud audible clicks. Of revolvers. And the gentleman who all the. Patrons of the bar knew as a murderer. Said very loudly on hand to that woman or I will shoot you all dead. He remembered the kindness that had been shown to him some time before and the young lady was released. On another occasion with one of the nurses who had a. Call to make in the sixth floor of a tenement building going up the stairs this is pretty elevator certainly and tenement buildings she's going up the stairs there was a kind of a landing kind of a lobby landing type of thing on the fourth floor of this particular tenement building and as she merge from the stairwell into that area there were there was about a six way knife fight that was going on at the time. But when they saw who it was it was all up and they let her walk on through and she went on up and they went ahead with their knife fight she dealt with the patient up stairs and she came back down she patched up several folks who were bleeding on the carpet there went away so was this was a rough neighborhood. But these nurses were loved in that neighborhood. Kellogg also started the Christian help bands of all the things that Kellogg started is the only one that I to the best of my knowledge in the white never reprove cautioned rebuked or anything the sort the Christian help bands was was dirt simple. The small band of Christians who tried to help people. Didn't take. A lot of formal training. Formal training is good even health bands they had one leader they had two mothers helpers generally middle aged ladies who went door to door knocking on doors and be OK here you know. Are you staying warm you have good clothes for your kids it's wintertime Chicago it's cold stuff you know. Have no food anybody sick any way we can help that was their job you had three young gentleman known as burden burrs high levels of intelligence probably not required but you need to be able packs of around for us. Big guys we can find something to do usually. Then there were two nurses and a bible worker and they would be assigned a certain section of blocks of town and it was their job to try and help people in that town and that section of town. Within a few months or the first one of these was started in the fall of one thousand nine hundred two interesting story we won't be tracing about eight of the Simmons Australian guy was the leader of Christian help and number one later went back to Australia and assisted in white working in the medical work in Australia for a number of years. Within six months the example of Christian help and number one it proved so contagious that there were so sixteen I believed. Sixteen Christian help bands in Battle Creek all coming from the employees of the senator in the church was not taking part in any notable extent. That's one hundred forty four people are spending some like three to five hours a week just helping people around town. That's when they can influence after a while. And you know that all happened in one thousand nine hundred you the orphanage the visiting nurses the Christian how bands all happened in one thousand nine hundred and there was one other important thing that happened in one thousand nine hundred two. Nov twenty two eight hundred ninety two Ellen White wrote a column actually she wrote some time before but it appeared in the review that date it said the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness two months later a little over two months later with a general conversation in the eight hundred ninety three General Conference it went from January on three zero is to figure in a margin a long long deal Mr Owens do first right same thing. Over a Jones presented a twenty four part series of studies on the third angel's message went from start to finish throughout that whole time periods and it's an excellent series it's been reprinted at least three times you can still buy copies readily today and then it's got a lot of merit to it it's been very heavily studied because eighty ninety three is commonly considered the high water mark of the eight hundred eighty eight influence. From eighty eight coming up you know but the general conversation eight hundred eighty three is generally considered where that particular kind of Cajun or influence reached its peak didn't disappear overnight it continued Jones gave another series in one thousand nine hundred five but you know it's just didn't have as much impact so ninety three is been very heavily studied. Something else happened that has not been heavily study Dr Kellogg presented a series of eight talks on medical missionary work at the General Conference of eighty three now if you wanted to find out what Dr Kellogg said at a general conference you would normally go looking in the General Conference bulletin which is the official record of the activities and speeches and such things even at a General Conference don't bother nothing that Kellogg's said shows up in the eight hundred ninety three General Conference bullet instead it turns out if you wanted to know what he said you would have to track down this publication although. The better of my slide would advance your ego the medical missionary Marge eight hundred ninety three notice of the top extra number one. Man's long story I could tell you about this Lord worked a miracle the drop that one in my lapses stretched out over twenty eight year time period serving with me hitchhiking from halfway across the country and. Then materials that were transferred from Leah Schmidt key to Dr Charles Thomas to Dr Thomas's widow to agree with him a George Vigneault and finally came into my hands and in there I found medical missionary X. number one of eight hundred ninety three and for the first time I was able to read what Dr Kellogg had said that I had never known that he had said a thing in one thousand nine hundred three. And I'm going to skip that. I'm going to skip that nobody knew about this say this here this is Willie white writing fifteen years later he says the beginnings of Christian hope work under this name date from about the year eighty nine through although the printed addresses of the eight hundred three General Conference include no talk by Dr Kellogg in this phase of gospel or Evidently there was something said for the sixty second resolution the eighty nine three conference reads as follows and said something about Christian helpers we didn't even know that Kellogg had spoken eighteen ninety three was a trick or so it's easy to understand. Why did they not report what he had said they gave in and there is an official excuse given the excuse makes no sense it's obviously a fabrication OK I don't have time to go through them running out here but you know. I'm going to guess this is my guess I'm going to guess that he was boycotted if you wish or edited out of you know. What do they say in he was disappeared in Russia you know and it still is pictures of Lenin and Trotsky and Stalin and then it's the same picture and trots he's gone right they disappeared and you kill I was disappeared from eight hundred ninety three because of some things that he had perhaps unwisely said two years before nine hundred ninety one this is my guess I think he stepped on enough toes in one thousand nine hundred one that somebody says you know I think. Like I let him do that again what had he said before well what he said before was right. Not necessarily rise. He was telling about the history of medical missionary work and he says the backward movement he says but the medical mission but the health the health message health reform when health reform came in or even six three to five it was well received by the administers But during the eight hundred seventy S. It kind of declined new ministers came in were so familiar with a younger crop other things came up to distract their attention and health reform began to decline quite notably by the middle eight hundred seventy S. and colleagues telling us stories as the backward movement continued however until it seemed almost like a stampede the men and women who had for years just about the great benefits receiving the adoption of health principle suddenly discovered all from did not agree with them. Two meals a day were insufficient to support a Working with especially brain workers who need more nourishment and those who only use your muscles. The people all of a sudden found that good beefsteak was necessary for good health the good cheese was essential to good digestion and a cup of strong tea now and then to relieve a sick headache not particularly objectionable and possibly of service as a preventative I think I may have a headache this afternoon I'm going to try and head it off with a cup of tea now. Maybe that the provision stands and boarding Jansa can't meaning cease to be object lessons for our people and those not of our faith in health although it had excess the campaigning provision stand the last decade has rarely failed to include in its stock a good supply of lard crackers gingersnaps Baker's pies and cakes of various sorts dried beef smoked all that's all caught fish smoked herring painted candies and unwholesome knick knacks of various sorts and a good supply of cheese ripe enough to be buried and lively enough to move on if not kept in a cage and in the background mind usually be seen arranged in a picturesque manner son recoils of sausage warrantied over to be baloney as I have recently been told which is a guarantee that the article is not simon pure swine swash but a miscellaneous assortment of all manner of beasts Now here's the rub. It was the ministers who would have their stows toast dept on it was harder to be a vegetarian as a minister than it was as if you're a member because the minister you were constantly travelling. And you know it was more challenging back in the day Ennio right they didn't have refrigerators. They didn't have wonders how do you cook without a blender. Anyhow. It's funny what Kellogg's said I think it's funny I laughed it's probably not productive though. If that's the reason I can't guarantee but if that's the reason you know it's a shame because what he said in one thousand nine hundred three was very important. And nobody even knew but for the next hundred twenty years to speak of what did he say in eighty ninety three we said the good works are important because a lot of scripture commend those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty not to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God who gives us richly all things to enjoy let them do good that they may be rich in good works ready to give willing to share storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come that they may lay hold on eternal life he said all I want to show in this meeting is that good works. Should be a part of the Christian life there is an interesting little twist in this one notice on the third line there God gives us richly all things to enjoy. But in our own line five talks about giving it away willing to share how can you enjoy what God gives you if you give it away. That's how you enjoy it. It is more blessing to give than to receive and it's been so so heavily scientifically documented it's ridiculous giving it away. And the Lord give you more. Or not. Is open minded. He does he does different things whatever you need is what he's going to do OK well more by Will I was surprised how many Bible verses there were talk about good works the man of God may be complete truly equipped for every good work that those who believed in God should be careful to maintain good works where our people also learn to maintain good works to meet urgent needs I like that remember those positive constructions set off with commas OK this is kind of thing that the good work we're talking about here are those urgent needs. That's a that's a helpful you know kind of have to finish and that he might redeem us from every lawless didn't purify firms of his own special people zealous for good works. In Corinthians Paul exhorts us before was of me even as I also am of Christ and Peter tells us he was an example we should forward steps in Acts Peter tells the Christ one about doing good it is evident then that if we are crisis or Vince if we follow Christ we must also go about doing good we are not to wait for the opportunities for doing good to come to us but we must go about doing good seeking opportunities to do good to help the needy to bless and come for the sound up of the fall we must search them out not wait for them to hunt us up and move US action by their appeals we are not to be narrow in our charities for Paul says to us do good to all men it is true he adds especially into those who are of the house of the faith but this is not excuse us from doing good to those who are not of the house of the face for he says all men and certainly we cannot hide behind this apology for we have not been good even to those belonging to the household. Who is it out about who are they not been good to. Orphans. And the aged ministers callous original motion was to have an orphanage combined with this is like so cutting it an orphan it combined with carefully selected retirement opportunities for aged ministers who had worked all their life and had not accumulated money and the church had a duty to care for them for years and years we've been well able to furnish a home for the aged the infirm the homeless for poor widows who are not ministers aged programs helpless children members of our denomination all partners in the cause or give liberally of their property in the early days when the work was just beginning and whose faith in the truth which we professes led them to put all their earnings into the cause instead of hoarding up a competency for themselves stop what is a competency. That's a retirement fund Yeah that's the old English for retirement fund well. It's a hundred plus years ago that's why I was a competent IT WAS I have competent funds for the rest of my life I'm good. They didn't do that all these were the deserving want to appeal to us and fraternal as well as humanitarian grounds we have neglected in a manner which has become a denomination of the screes. Preacher brother. Well he gave several sermons to try to establish his point. What else could he do well he could quote some away let's try that the next few slides if it's in red that's Ellen White Kellog quoting away we have set ourselves up on a high pinnacle with a we are God's special people our cause is the Lord's cause we talk about ourselves as being a v peculiar people here we are not doing as much Christian work and Christian work of a very important character as other denominations are doing again calling on why it is right that more should be expected of us than of others now the question is whether seventy editors are going to lead in this workers are going to be left for someone else to do the Lord has given us here a very precious work to do it is not the whole of the dangerous message but it is a part of it you read in Isaiah fifty eight how we can make our light shine so drop so the hungry says well if it is so in life to rise and secure that I should be as the noonday first I mentioned as a fifty eight. Going on what when the advocates of the law of God plant their feet from the Upon its principles living out in their daily lives the spirit of the commandments the next size true benevolence to men then will they have power to move the world. Go as we shall ever have the moral power to move the world we shall never see the loud cry nor make the third in his message go to any great extent we will never see it go as so as some of the world at least until we carry out these truths in our daily lives we cannot get moral power to move the world until we get where we will do what the scriptures in the test will say we must do we have not done it yet we have waited for outside people to come in and build our orphans home the Lord may be ready to start a loud cry but we are not ready we have not done our part in a lord is waiting for us to do something in the direction of good works. If we want the loud cry to begin brother that is the place where it's going to begin the loud cry is going to begin with our doing the things the Lord in this chapter says come before the loud cry so he says we must draw out our soul the hungry and says well if it is always as if we will do this our light will shine but Dr Khaled was saying really strange his audience to many in the audience that day the work of the church was a matter of spreading doctrine from that perspective all this medical missionary stuff was just like a monkey wrench in the gears. It will cost money it's going to take time. Our job is preacher three. But no I was right. There is how and what some something's up. Right here this is one way to actually know it's not read the skeleton according right the gospel is the power of God and you salvation when it is interwoven with the practical life when it is lived and practiced the union of Christ like work for the body and Christ like work for the soul is the true interpretation of the gospel there were articles and saw this is the true interpretation not a true interpretation not like one of twenty four this is the one the union of Christ like work for the body Christ like work for you under the Gospel that's all you do. Is go on. Kellog it's a law growth has begun by has been begun by our people it must be because they have just begun to do a little in the way of letting our light shine but we have done so little in that way that it seems to me the before the loud cry will make any great noise in the world we will have to let our light shine a great deal brighter than we have ever yet done because the works come first the light must shine through these good works before we can be called the repairs the breach in the restores the past as well for that promise comes after all of these conditions I think this is perhaps about as close as Cohen came to nailing it on the head right here. He's not implying doubt of Ellen why he was her strongest supporter of the creek I wish you'd phrase is little bit different I would a white said November the loud cries begin he says if the loud cries begin to make it sound like he's questioning that's not his intent I don't believe but it had only begun she didn't say it was going at full speed or Full Tilt or full volume we would never have known the loud cry had begun if it weren't for her statement it certainly was not on the front page of The New York Times it's going to have to be some day. Right. So the law grad had only barely begun and I would argue that Kellogg was right it was because we have just begun to do a little way of letting our light shine and Dr Kellogg introduced I you know I'm sure I'd read this verse before. But this was just just going to pan so long as I did every time and then you need. You has pity on the poor. Lenz to the Lord and He will pay back what he has given. Notice the capitalization he kept which will pay back what he little age is give when you trust that capital a trader. Said. I do not believe we have any right to accumulate money. I think as long as we are well and have the blessing of the Lord upon our work it is our duty to spend what we earn in God's work and I do not believe that any man in this age as a right to accumulate money. What I see Kellogg doing in all of this is simply challenging the church. To take away your theology seriously. They presented a message says Christ is. Sufficient he's all you need and Kellog said really cool let's go do stuff then righteousness is doing the right thing at the right time Elijah tells us helping and healing people as if the aid that is the righteousness by face it set forth in the chapter as a fifty kilo just simply said let's do it let's go ahead. Now we've got a lot of flack on the set aspect to the story got an awful lot of flak for a variety of reasons some of hers own doing his own mistake let's go back and look. At a White statement about the crime notices or the time of test is just upon us. For the loud cry of the thirty has already begun. And the revelation of the righteousness of Christ the sin parting Redeemer. This is the beginning. Of the light of the angel who's Glory shall fill the whole earth just the beginning. One thousand nine hundred two nothing that profound it happened yet we've gotten started it was the beginning and notice. OK yeah there's the beginning. Notice one more word. She never said oops obsessives I'm sorry that's not the word I want it it is a great statement oh I just forgot that was coming up here we shall see the medical mission we're broadening and deepening at every point of its progress until the whole earth is covered as the waters cover the sea the glories of all the whole earth is calling for her back and I say in the glory of the Lord the knowledge of the Gore lawyers cover the earth as the waters cover the sea that's to be done to America measure wide because that's what Jesus did. Remember yesterday the whole purpose of Jesus' mission was the revelation the character the Father and the only way he could do it was that combined ministry of preaching and healing. If that's the only way he could do it. Seriously you think you can find a different way. I'm guessing you can't. Take a hint from the one guy who knows how to get the job done he gave us his work to do. Let's pick it up and do it he promised if you have pity on the poor. You lend to the Lord now what happens of a young man right here let's just pretend that I am poverty stricken and he is over abounding in wealth. And so I come to you what's your name and city so I Come Dancing is a Anthony I mean a boy and can I borrow a hundred bucks and you would say What a nice guy I just knew he just looked like a nice guy right there you know he would lend me a hundred dollars Now what has changed in our relationship I now. I owe him one hundred dollars. When we lend to the Lord. He owes us God wants that work to go forward so badly that he will go into debt to do it. Now the one more word oh I never said that the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the proclamation of righteousness she never said it begin in the Revelation Now there's a proclamation that goes with the revelation don't leave that off that's kind of the problem the killer got into the later years the proclamation is the explanation of the Revelation and Proclamation without revelation is imagination and that's what we've been for the last hundred years. OK almost in God's purpose in committing to men and women the mission that he committed to Christ same job is to disentangle his followers from all worldly policy to give them a work I did to call with the work that Christ did identical You will note is a very strong word. What what what do what is worldly policy thing I don't know here's what I can tell you if it prevents you from taking up the work identical Will Christ that's a worldly policy. You need to get disentangled. Let's remember that is not a word and precept alone that we are to reveal Christ character our works must bear witness to the involving presence in the heart his disposition his kindness his compassion manifest in our actions will inspire hope in the minds and hearts of the most hopeless thus in act as well as in word we shall reveal to the world the character of the unseen. I think this is a big deal I want to tell you that when the Gospel ministers in the medical mission workers are not united there is placed on our churches the worst evil that can be placed what kind of word is worst. And agree Marion's. It's a superlative Supreme there is are a special category of which part of speech adjectives. Grammar is not entirely died out OK So Pearl it is go as far as you can go in whatever direction you're going. You've got something that's big you got one that's bigger and this is the biggest. You've got something it's bad. You know something that's worse. And then you've got the worst evil Ellen White was not prone to hyperbole either in which word. She didn't exaggerate much. Of all that straight down the line I think we've been there for about the last you know what hundred twenty years conscientiously orderly and I believe the Lord excepts saw us in our ignorance at times doing what we thought would result in the second coming without understanding that it was simply categorically incompetent that's not to say that people weren't saved it's not to say that everybody that's been lost and you know. It's not to say that we've been under the condemnation of God and under is curse No we have self-inflicted the worst evil in ourselves but you know that is why it's been forty years one around the wilderness where they were not supposed to be and God kept feeding him. His mercy endures forever. Prison or. Christ's ministers and I would like to extend that to a layman chroma Let's kick it up a notch here people we don't have to be an ordained minister to take upon ourselves the task of ministry. Christ ministers must stand in an altogether different position they must be evangelists they must be medical missionaries they must take hold of the working those of the betters have no use for them to think that they can do this while they drop the work which God has said to be connected with the gospel if they drop out the medical mission work they need not think they can carry forward their work success when there are only half the necessary facilities. You don't have that quarter inch socket drive you can. Get the oil pan off the bottom as probably bigger if you don't have the right to. You can get the oil pan down. I get change at a level. That filter the pump area I can change the oil pump. If you can get what you need to get you can do the work you need to do and so. Dr Kellogg assisted the Lord's work with the start of a loud cry I believe. That answers the questions of people Russell was for. Sixty years Robert women was a virtual relative of mine he spent sixty years trying to find the theology the job the way to use the sort of outcry and I used I had talked with a couple times this is the way that I don't think it's I don't think it's the ology it's really. No I think it's something else but what do you think it is they said I don't know. I don't know I just I just I just I don't find the theological answer was a good hard again. He said You know Dave it's a fascinating idea if you come up with something you let me also done in the meantime I'm going to keep working on theology that's all I got Dr Kellogg servants came into my hands two months after the woman died. Who loved to share that with him but when I read what Dr Kelly had to say two months after a while Dr had begun. I said what a piece of genius work this is why has this been moldering on the shelves for the last hundred twenty years. Say So I commend to you. The work of Christ because we are given an identical work. I commend to you some familiarity with Dr Kellogg's efforts to implement it so we're studying that history you'll find a blessing in. I commend to you. The privilege of lending to the Lord because you'll be repaid. All the way. We have been brought face to face with a task that's larger than we are with. Tools that are more powerful than we are. With challenges that look daunting. And yet we see the. Shining. Of your promise them and them coming through rounded Lord we want to have our thinking rewired. We want to understand the nature. Of God that we might manifested to the world around us. We might trust that we might go for doing right or. Full and complete confidence. You know our Savior. And his willingness to sustain and to keep us. And not to be like Lucifer. Trust. Me that trust be restored. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you know if you would like to listen to more sermon lead to visit W W W dot. Org.


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