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Alpha - Anything but God

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator


  • September 21, 2017
    9:30 AM
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The father we. Thank you for blessings thank you for all that you have blessed us with especially this week meetings fellowship thank you for this time the great that it will be profitable we will. Take what we've gained and what we've learned. We will be able us and others that we would not make the mistake of hoarding the blessings we've received. Give them away. Reese their value to ourselves and. We started off. With Lucifer's rebellion and heaven. And then we progressed through Christ response in his incarnation now not what some would say one thousand eight hundred years later Dr Kellogg grasped the genius so we say. When used in that way it does not mean super intelligence but it means the very heart and soul of Christ's ministry he grasped the genius in that sense. And. Contributed. Not the soul. In tribute or but he contributed to the beginning of the lock on Unfortunately as we will see in our session today Dr Kellogg was very mortal. Very human. At his own weaknesses and. Unfortunately his weaknesses or cultivated through a degree that I can hardly fall in for and yet they were fatal to what I'm saying is he bore more tests than I have ever had so who am I to throw rocks at him. And yet he. Is choices. Were insufficient to the test. And the best of my estimation you never recover. There are those who like to hold out hope I'm happy for them I would love to have a reason to hold out hope for Dr Kellogg. The only hope I have for Dr Kellogg is that the Lord is in the business the saving souls and he comes up in the right resurrection and I have a chance to talk to him and heaven I will be very happy. But I can't say that I expect. Now so we're going to talk today about the alpha. And. We'll get into the details of that. Terminology in a moment here. The other way I expressed this is simply this is the bag Hello hello stands as a unique representative and height and he's a very special character you know it's interesting the Lord sometimes chooses individuals we spent a fair amount of time talking about Abraham yesterday. King David was a type in many ways we point to. That same category JOSEPH Yeah yeah maybe a lesser degree but yeah that was I would work you know there's not a whole lot of though actually really develop the stuff before but there's not a whole lot that are are used as representing a whole categories of experience and standing before God I suggest Dr Kellogg is one of those. So it's gone so in the Alpha and the bad Kellogg's stage the core thought was. Anything but God that's important. To understand that and so we'll hope to do that again I'm going to go quickly because I have a lot of information Dr Kellogg had a hard row to hoe I speak to every member of the church in Christ's name card your thoughts control your feelings let your speech be such that heaven can approve no longer be so sadly deceived as think you are doing God's work and God's will and persecuting your brother with your tongue with your strong prejudice and jealousies Why do you do like in making your wicked speeches and indulging your wicked feelings against Dr Kellogg has he not sufficient burden security would you crush him to the earth with your suspicions prompted of Satan would you feel great pleasure in seeing Health Institute go down is that what you desire and those the date on that. One thousand nine hundred two. Article hog wasn't converted reconverted whatever for another six years OK by this time we've been the medical director of the sanitarium for six years already started eight hundred seventy six the now he's been in there for six years Kellogg Kellogg had to deal with a lot of projects on a lot of different fronts it was not even. Six years later now eight hundred eighty eight years before his conversion experience in the end of the year and what rights Dr Kellogg has needed the sympathy and confidence of his brother there should have been a tender compassion for him in his position of trust and they should have pursued a course that would have gained and retained his confidence God would have us but there has been instead a spirit of suspicion and criticism. If the doctor feels in doing his duty in being an overcomer at last those rather who have failed in their want of wisdom and the sermon to help them and when and where he need their help will be in a large measure responsible you may recall that similar comment was made of. A large measure of other people being responsible however is not enough to get you or me off the hook. If Jesus had failed. His enemies would have been in a large measure responsible and the plan of salvation would have failed nonetheless OK just because you can blame somebody else those of the you and a good get over it OK just not going to help you any so don't don't spend your time trying to trying to blame other people it's just it's just not not that the past should be a subject for keen regret the Lord would now have a medical mission work recognizes the helping hand of God What does it mean when she says the Lord would now have it recognized. It had been recognised OK yeah the Lord has given Dr Kellogg his work it is a fact that our ministers are very slow to become health reformers notwithstanding all the light which the Lord has given upon the subject this is caused Dr Kellogg to lose confidence in them. Why the ministers and again I would point to the fact that they were the top responsible people they were traveling. You find it easy to get good food you need. A lot is easy. The point is zero back in one thousand eight hundred ninety S. you know or the odds are going to just pull up to a restaurant someplace and find some nice home cooked vegetarian something you know. That was it was easy for them to let that slide a little bit. Now this statement We don't have the date yet but this thing was written in eight hundred ninety eight so this is sixteen years after the first one we looked at and there's the first one is the past to be in regret Well that's at least sixteen years with all probability the six years before that so twenty two years from doco are coming do Battle Creek through the work of the senator and he basically got whacked a whole lot and some folks find it natural to resist becoming old reformers. It's pretty easy to see it as the easy to see it as being an entirely personal matter what I do with my life you know what what's it to them and. Well it is something to them. What you do with your life affects how you relate to them the final judgment may yet reveal that Dr Kellogg last saw a largely because of Linus on that point in other people's. Minds. They rejected his health reform activities led them to oppose him. And. If he fails the last being overcome are those who have given him a lot of grief with the response and it still will get him off but that's what speaking primarily of the ministers their tardy work in health reform has created in him a spirit of criticism and he has borne down on them in an unserious manner which the Lord does not sanction he has been little the gospel ministry and in his regard an idea has placed the medical mission work above the ministry I have seen that in the censuring of ministers remarks have been made which have not been to the honor and glory of God OK not hard to imagine this knowing anything about humanity I suspect you've all run into a human being someplace. If you give a guy a hard time there's a good chance he's going to eventually lose his enthusiasm for really liking you OK and Kellogg got tired of the ministers as a class is going to give up on him they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing. Now here's the hard rub God need. Search needs of you don't dismiss the ministry. That casually. There for a reason they may not be fulfilling the reason. Saul was kind of off the beaten track when he was throwing javelins a day but. What was the Lord's will. Be like me that was raised in the sixties and seventies. Rebellion is as natural to me as it is to breathe. As I love her dearly as whole words annoyed a thing about give me a break. Now you know what it's all true. And still true I struggle of knowing how it applies sometimes. Just because you're the Lord's anointed doesn't mean you get off scot free the warden is. We work with these things like a lesson here thing one else's fault. Is a really bad reason for losing your own soul. Let's not go to those who refuse the warnings of God follow the course of action would be which brought its sure result these influences of sometimes made the work of Dr Kellogg doubly as hard as it should have been they have led him to stand apart to some degree from the ministry I desire to present matters as they are presented to me such a spirit of criticism and fault finding has done the work Satan designed should be done Dr Cohen has been led to take the course he deemed it his duty to take he has not connected with those who were not in sympathy with the work he knew to be a god. Now this is where life is going to get tough for you when you're doing what you know God wants to be done and others are not helping but. If they maybe they're actually opposing you. That means they're opposing God That means they're evil through and through and they should be cut off at the knees though probably not. If it means that they are simple human beings probably a lot like you and me. It's so difficult being patient with stupid human beings. But you know what. He goes through it again. And we go through it OK interoffice issue is always the hardest if. You look at the list of those we've lost some of the brightest lights because of internal opposition we almost lost James Lloyd overs well what to do OK let's go. Working from cause to effect here. Later and say That was eight hundred ninety nine OK So later that same year a White wrote her concerns that Dr Kellogg was going too far oh. I have life in the Lord the Dr Kellogg needs to be guarded he is leaving a wrong impression on mines he has made a mistake in supposing that the medical missionary work has an importance above every other work that in which you work has its place but it has been made disproportionately important. And assessing you remember yesterday she said some people complain that it's just a large. Well you've got a disproportionately small Ok but here she says you know now it's being made disproportionately important it can still it could be larger you know both stop doing good things. But understand the relationship. It's a salvation of souls a primary thing had Dr Kellogg's brother in stood with him in the first of his experience in connection with health reform the present condition of things. We read that which we so what is some years before the ministers are just a little more passionate you know. A little more on the ball with their health reform Braff so that doctor would respect them. You know some people think in different ways you know that there's a certain segment of the population. That if they don't have reason to respect you. This won't listen to. I would say it but I'm pretty much that way you know. If you're if you have not won my respect I I don't pay a lot of attention what you say probably. Because that rebellion is natural to me as you know but that's my natural approach to life. And Kellog I think with kind of that way and these guys had lost his respect. So here's a thought boy. Influence is heard for that famous statement as minister to the people. With the minister. He won their confidence now this is especially important anyone working with you. And me age younger. What is the word confident words that come from France from the word to confide what is confide mean she reveals something that he could use against me that's really what it means to have faith with on is with my day right on fighting a Latin. To have faith with the show faith in I. I admit. My weakness and this guy could very you know what to do to help. When I have that confidence then I'm in a position to help that. I have gained confidence. Don't expect me to listen to. What you think. Not a real reason yet that's gone. OK. Although there may be and we're the ones connected with the ministry yet no one can ignore the ministry without ignoring Christ. Not to Kellog something is the matter Now remember she's in Australia he's in Battle Creek right something is the matter you are represented to me as being in danger of standing apart from our people feeling that you are a complete whole but if you blind yourself so you may bind yourself up with yourself you will make a confederacy that will be broken to pieces for locust terrorists he can stand but that which God has framed those who are receiving an education here insinuations from time to time which demur the church and the minister is talking about in his nurse's training program right and I don't know what year this is. Again but we will next slide. This may already be into his American medical missionary call it was a physician training program but he said she saying in your teaching from time to time you are meriting the Church of the ministry why because it also forms what we're teaching the obvious intelligent sensible understanding of how to remain healthy and these networks are not doing it but also are that really easy to make people of dumb when in fact they are dull. It's just a weakness that we've got going with us OK you have to. Zip your lips sometimes. They maybe don't nothing else for you to tell people do not I beg of you instill into the minds of the students ideas that will cause them to lose confidence in God's appointed ministers but this you are most certainly doing whether you are aware. Whether the how. You are aware of it or not I'm sure that's not supposed to be allowing or whatever there the word done for those who come to you for instruction is not complete unless they are educated to work in connection with the church. Ninety eight so yes that would include the medical training. Of it Well time went on By one thousand nine hundred and what would write to the General Conference President. Seek to say Dr Kellogg from themselves he is not heeding the council issued heed. He was tired of unwise counsel to maintain ties with the ministers they were still opposing him they were still just as much in an accident right. Now I'd been twenty four years and counting. Dr kill I was beginning to dress like Lucifer before him he was deciding that he was wise enough to choose. God forbid the purposes Dr Kellogg has in mind should be carried out our work is not for the Via didn't work the ministers or thing with the doctors. Reminder to recognize again how important that issue is when the Gospel minister the medical mission workers are not united is there is placed on our churches the worst evil that can be placed there though this was a serious issue our work is not to be divided. Well so in one thousand nine hundred. Year after year it gave the devil opportunity to tempt him to impatience and right. There in mind. Dr Kellogg was hands down the most educated admonition the world. Like nobody else was in the same category. And it made it easy for him you know that most of the ministers were farm kids not a bad thing for a minister to come from by the way. But once you start getting a little puffed up in your mind about your education these guys don't have it. And Kellog with is. Why I ask which which I struggle with because I find it so funny I probably should but here. He described the ministry collectively said it is a fine collection of mediocre men. Well the Lord as your warnings but you have not heeded them the deceptive power of the enemy is led you to leave God's banner trailing in the dust or Dr Kellogg has committed himself as working under a nomination early in a work which has taken the money from the people who are decidedly a denominational people. But I found it so hard to work with the churches. Putting much less effort into the whole evangelist excited things he spent more time and money helping people by this time he was going great guns down in Chicago down there. And he was helping people that makes you feel good to help people you know it does OK even to some degree if you have you know if you're mixed up in a bad mood. Well like to help people with a generous guy well I described him as how he says that one can be generous in his personality. And yet Kellogg was sucking in all the money of the church and being extremely selfish in regard everything else OK He was generous. He loved to set up generous programs but he was being extremely greedy when it came to the available funding of the church well any oh oh. The work has been hindered because of God you have a different showing for difference and who is the blame for this difference you. Give he demand not of our faith you do like to show what you have done and by a free use of money that was not yours to handle in a way that God has not appointed Dr Kellogg by this time was widely recognized in the world both for his medical skill and also for his philanthropic endeavors. He in the work in Chicago he somewhat patterned after the the work being done by a doctor the haunt in New York who was a famous guy and Kellogg was following the same techniques and there was some good coming out of it but it was extremely expensive. Learning burning up an awful lot of money but she wrote that in one thousand nine hundred something like that it was nothing much changes let next couple of years and so the Lord said then to shake this thing up a bit. And on February eighteenth one thousand nine hundred two the Senate cerium burnt to the ground now this was actually a good thing in many ways and it gave Dr Kellogg a wonderful opportunity which she unfortunately completely neglected. The opportunity which he had had plenty of counsel about but not many others knew of was that now is a chance to take the funds and the expertise and whatever else you have left after the senator has burnt down. And build about five or ten little sanitarium scattered around the country. There are all sorts of. Counsel that have been given to Kellogg along those lines he knew it but it's quite interesting that Ellen White had had been almost secretive almost secretive she wasn't telling a lot of other people. She herself even mentions that when Dr Kellogg sat down with the General Conference Committee to make plans for the rebuilding of the sanitarium. They remembered that she had encouraged them to cooperate with the and in every way they could. This is your ministers you gotta learn to work with this guy. They remember that part. She says that they were not familiar with the councils that had come to Dr Kellogg that the senator in was already much too large. What's interesting to me. Is that quoted her own son. Well when I was on that committee. And they also listen to Dr Kellogg Now he didn't give them a completely straightforward depiction of events and things he kind of. Slanted his presentation to make it look better. But they all voted for it. Trying to harmonize with Dr Kellogg and not realising by this time they were being played and it was only afterwards I don't know I said. This is not what should happen there is an interesting interesting element. In the Lord's dealing with the past which I personally struggle with but I've seen it in too many different situations to dismiss I say that for myself I don't think I have the handle on this yet but that element is the rank and file are often left to the mercy. Of the prostates with out much clarification in the early stages Oh it says that Lucifer had to manifest his evil character and she says this was allowed to happen before anything was done to help the other way think of Judas was never rebuked. That these that Simon sells and even that was a pretty soft of you Jesus never took Peter James Injuns or the guys are going to talk about Jews the real issue he never said that when he got up from the Last Supper and headed out they all thought he was going off to buy some more bread or something. The. I'm quite sure what to make of this the same thing happened with. Much of his apostasy develop and the rank and file certainly and even the General Conference Committee. Heard much about it and so it was the vote quite well the. Only thing I think I know for sure at this point. Will better be studied verse. For one thing I think I can take home out of that that situation I don't quite understand I'm wrestling with that one and just you know it just kind of hit me as working through this book I'm writing and it just kind of slap me in the face as a. I don't agree with this because it's consistent consistent each of these with. Well you know. There are carbs committee didn't understand the situation Dr Kellogg was not interested in the bunch a little scattered sanitariums because this is my interpretation and it was us that alerted us on the I think it's had the obvious. By this time Dr Keller with a very big gun control and you know what being in charge of one sanitarium is a lot easier than trying to be in charge ten OK he wasn't interested in scattering out that was exactly why anybody scattered out OK so that different people would be tasked they would develop and different skills and abilities I mean Kellogg was a he was a man when it came to the metaphor but you know how it had its own weaknesses. And other people would have developed strengths that he did not. Small is better. Than almost elders Well you don't get small and small but you know whatever but small is small it's a good thing OK. Well you know. The last article of Joe's to rebuild the Battle Creek. I could see. This kind of sly about it the scale the everything down. In his plans. He said well we're not going to have as many hospital rooms or as many rooms as a patient rooms in the center they were all however big or fancier. And he didn't specify a lot of things on the materials list when he talked to the brother to get their consent of us and they start seeing very expensive components coming into this building some pretty fancy marble and. Fancy hardwoods coming in really really nice carpets coming in and. One of the biggest the best the greatest now the big problem with that. Was it was going to cost money. And the church by this time was had a real death in all sorts of ways because of mismanagement both in the medical work and in the general coffins to be honest they had assumed the debts and were not so good at paying them off and so they were there are lots of debt lots of watts of issues where are they going to get the money this we build this building. Nobody knew until Dr Kellogg came up with of also a day I just read the letter it. What a fantastic offer. To get exact wording but he was very happy when Daniel's verse of us is wow says Craig think this is a wonderful doctor because you know I just wrote a book all donate all my been my my earnings for the book will get the review to print it for for free will get the people of church this without taking commission and all the profits go to help the senator and I thought well that's a pretty good idea Dr Kellogg who had dictated this book out in his circle riding around in his. Bicycle hero whatever it is OK let's let's do that now if Kellogg had been straight up honest with a variety of things life would have been better if he'd been honest about what he was trying to rebuild or the senator and I think even the brother who are trying to harmonize him with them harmonize with him would have choked a bit that would have been helpful. If he'd been honest about the book that would have been good too but instead he. Selected we presented things you know it's usually pretty hard to catch a killer right lie there are so. Many most of them were in right lies. OK He was a master at soft story as the saying goes again he could he could he could paint a picture. With our howling you anything false but the whole picture was releasing Well the problem with the book of course as you no doubt have heard from a long line is it contains some pantheists now by today's standards as near as I know. OK. There are things I don't know about the book for one very simple reason I've never read it and I don't plan to. Oh I'd said Do not read the book though I haven't all I know about living temple is about three or four paragraphs that everybody quotes you know and it's been quarter from this book that will be the other book every quote the same thing about the Tree Maker in the tree the boot maker in the book you probably were those two but so if that's the worst of his pantheism it's pretty light OK compared to what you could run into an in your local health food store. But. The living temple yes the living temple. Now. Pantheism to very quickly to explain pantheism and Latin means all across the ISM it was god ness OK so it means everything is God OK pantheism means that everything in the universe is an In fact God and God is in fact everything in the universe that is because we have this ridiculous penchant for being fussy and picky about little details there's a new word you might run into that hand in theism as an extra in there and in the ISM all that means is that everything in the universe is God But there's a little bit of God up here that's not the universe exactly where that part of God would be I don't really know. But it's outside the universe. So. That is a distinction that some people think is important and I think it's stupid but he'll in case you run into the word pantheism that's that's the difference OK. Then theism just simply says that God is in everything in that everything is God so that means trees and flowers and mosquitos and dogs they're all bad too which is nice. I suppose if that's what you're into OK. Yet pantheism has a variety of problems. Perhaps the single biggest one is if every thing is God That means I'm God or at least at the very least I have some six part of divinity within which means. Who actually stands in any position to tell me what to do and God and you can try to tell God what to do. I can work. So. Part of the issue and this is this is classic hell of Sophos tree right the title living temple and Bible verse. We know that your body the temple. Is this is the living temple of God dwells within you but kill ahead of the god well within everyone so that are different and you get into some really dicey stuff there you know can you explain how you know Christ in you the hope of glory Can you explain how Christ dwells in you. I really can't. Does Bible says he does I believe it but. L. Y. comes maybe as close as I would know she says it it's true that by nerves of the brain that heaven communicates with man I'd like to think that you know Christ dwelling in it has something to do with the brain. But beyond that what does that word mean you know I mean. I don't know what I mean by another trying to find this is beyond me it's good it is. I'm good with that don't ask me you know. Yet really ridiculous you start trying to. Take spiritual truth and break it down to biological that something. As examples of that of course in our history and you know. Pantheism is is bad stuff that's wrong touch on it a bit more in a bit but let's go on with the history for right now one of the most fascinating things in this whole experience is how long how hard I've diligently Ellen why I saw the doctor the in my opinion the strongest public defense that you ever gave a Dr Kalam was a general comment. Very public. And again we have such the skids you know it's pathetic we have to be so bold wishy washy nice but everything we said. This is ridiculous. They're used to these are going to get up and say what they meant OK and she did it in defense of Dr Kellogg. In one thousand. Three. A whole year after I'd written living temple. She was defending a pantheist she will not defending pantheism. That nothing about the topic was not the time to address it. She still tried to say this guy. Because he said. Speaking of the General Conference a largely MINISTER Oh audience God does not endorse the efforts put forth by different ones to make the work of Dr Kellogg as hard as possible in order to build themselves up God gave the light on health reform and those who rejected it rejected God one another who knew better said that now came from Dr Kellogg and they made war upon him. This had a bad influence on the doctor saw for just a minute and think about those last little last few words or is that hard to imagine. Somebody makes war upon you you know there are spring M. sixteen bullets around about your head is that going to have a bad influence you know. I could see how it might look. This had a bad influence on the doctor he put on the coat of irritation or retaliation interesting little figure speech right there God did not want him to stand in a position of warfare and he does not want you to stand God does not want us to engage in warfare with our brother. You're over that doesn't mean you can't stand up for truth and you. Of course are the doctor. And largely the ministerial audience you speaking to did not respond to her Well it's a few months later she did address the pantheism issue more or less head on. And when she did so she used a really interesting terms that one particular phrasing that becomes important is the concept of the L. and the Omega. I just real rough. Understanding and this alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet so. Awful big that it's where we get our word alphabet again the alpha is like an eight it's the first letter and the Omega is the last letter so that would be a Z. or possibly that. So she speaks of the Alpha and Omega now she's the person who did a course Jesus said I have the often make beginning in personal. Raising those how she used however many will depart from the faith given he disabusing spirits and doctrines of devils we have now before us the out of this danger. The Omega will be of a most startling nature living temple contains the alpha of these theories. I knew that the A major would fall in a little while and I tremble. In the book Living temple there it is presented the health of dead the heresies the Omega will follow and will be received by those who are not willing to heed the warning God has given Now the interesting thing about these statements is how little they tell us about the Omega we know quite a bit about the alpha love because we have the history but the Omega that which is yet future Well we know is going to be startling. Trumbo and we know that those who do not receive the warning well say they are the ONLY about all that she specifically explicitly tells us about the Omega if you're going to understand the Omega you're going to have to give Rives concepts from its relationship to the elf. So if I told you go three miles due north and you'll come to my house. If you happen to be in the right place. And you follow my directions. But you could do without bushwhacking your way through the hills but hell. If you could if you did. You would arrive at a place you've never been and you look around see how much we did house the only one there OK. If you know your location and the direction you're moving you can start work on a map again if you know the alpha. And you understand its relationship with the relationship the alpha to the mega then you can have some concept of the Omega exists. Version We spent sixty years head in the wrong direction with this whole thing. Because. One heck of a good read I'm going to is right here. This is what this way. The simple expectation is zero is ACORN Omega is oak tree. This is the beginning this is the end of the same thing that's the simple idea. It seemed too simple right at first there was I don't know kill it's going to do something next and they kept an eye on Kellog you know that this was a ninety seven and he had less less contact with a church as time went on it. Doesn't seem to be him so much so then we have to go looking what what's the what the Army. And people were looking for pantheism and things like that and really wasn't an issue during those years. Something I think in one thousand nine hundred. Somebody came up with a new approach they said well you know this that it's this thing about this here this is the Alpha. And the I'm a god is what over there maybe the. Opposite of well. There were about twelve different ideas that came up of people suggesting. There's an apostasy going on this is the opposite of that this this is got a video Mega you know in most of those cases I can concur with their concern you know of there are a POS is a come up one and there are issues and problems. But it's really difficult to deal with anything as an opposite you may not think that you know if I said what's the opposite of salt so people would say. Sugar and other people would say. OK if I said what's the opposite of a cat. You might say dog but in reality the opposite of a cat is a giraffe because cats are little tiny short critters and draft a really tall again. So trying to reason with an opposite frame of logic not really helpful but it wasn't until the one nine hundred eighty S. actually when. And if you remember the laser disc can cordons the writings of L. and you weigh one and got two hands. When those who have crazy thing came out it was the first time you could actually kind of semi search the prophecy and it was time consuming but it was sure fun OK. It was like a strong skin chords that you couldn't sit down to redesign of ages all is well there but you could go through word by word there's three words on the side three words and that's I did OK let's say that we're in the middle that well we could oh you know you can rebuild the whole thing just like you could rebuild the Bible with the Strong's and chords but you know it's not a quick way of dealing with things but you could find every instance of a given word. And when that was done. All the praise you don't want used with this is your train of heresies and when you may none of them had any hint towards opposite you actually thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Article. Which I said. You made is coming in it's going to be spiritual. And that raised a lot of eyebrows and I got a few scoffing letters back because our command editors are know that stuff if anything had been a sort of like going into secular science or that going into who you know that's not that's not where they're going on. You know what with eighty eight and we've come a ways since then. And it's not nearly so hard to imagine that once was. A school when writing as I am shown the special things of say in science now it is see the holy angels I am afraid of the men who have entered in the study the sciences and carried into their work for in heaven oh how I have longed to be where I should not be compelled to see the same science practiced on this earth by medical practitioners how my heart has been eg an ISIS as I have seen souls accepting the do some sell out of them to unite with those who were warring against God he thought I was kept out of this how of apostasy was a replay of. Practicing the same science OK that's the key thought there when they once accept the bait it seems impossible to break the spell the same cast over them because the enemy works out the science of the Sept as he worked it out and they haven't the courts he uses human agencies to carry on his work with other human beings he has worked so diligently with minute hour day that he has won the game again and again. When they once accept the bait it seems impossible to break the spell. You know it's it's. There is I think a much clearer application of that in our day than I am aware of having been the case in Kellogg's day. And when you go reading the accounts of those who have miraculously been rescued from involvement in this kind of mystical activity in which we read and document the misses a part of this valley but those who have gotten involved in there are in mystical activity. And if you know a new Rick how or for instance to recover his case is a classic What's his name Baron is another story and everybody that have been there and has gotten out will tell you that first contact. When you're messing around with mysticism that first contact was something that is obviously not you Helen all of a sudden you're in contact with the universe and you see the oneness of everything yeah that would be pantheism. It is absolutely compelling You can read the same thing from those who have not come out of it OK. Sue Monk Kidd net is one of the classic examples where she tells the story of. Of how she was ensnared in that sort of a thinker she's very happy she's no preaching some sort of pantheistic goddess Mother Earth the everything how does one accept this debate. By ignoring the warning. OK what's the warning go read the book. Go read a book OK. We have reached the prose the last days when some yes many shall depart from the faith giving heed to seduce experts and doctors Devils because just in regard to what you read and how you hear take not a particle of interest in spirits was a curious thing is waiting to steal a march upon everyone will allow themselves to be deceived by as hypnotism he begins to exert his power over them just as soon as they begin to investigate his theory. Go read the book I have read the book. Go watch the movie listen to the songs. Go. In the stuff then. Suffer not yourselves open the lives of a book that is questionable there is a hellish fascination in the literature say it is the powerful battery by which he tears down a simple religious faith never feel that you are strong enough to read infidel books for they contain a poison like that of ASP they can do you no good and will assuredly do you harm in reading them you are inhaling them the awesomeness of hell that's not a good recommendation. OK yet today every format of media is has been used in that regard and again let me point out this is and never let academia. The idea that there's something I have to stay away from is totally contrary to the whole concept of if we can only understand it then we can explain it. If you only understand it you will be deceived. But here's a hot tip over the book the Garden Club drifted further and further from God and his influence spread more and more of the thoughts of Ellen White turnoff and of the story of Lucifer that she saw to all the others the growing problem she realized the doctor was following in. Writing the General Conference reading my books Peter of the prophets and great controversy the story of the first Great Apostasy history is being repeated and will be repeated read then and understand the point is they had been trying to get these guys up this way Kellogg is the loser with it you gotta understand what you're up against. In the wonder Lucifer story explains so much about Doc all of the Posse because it turns out that Dr Kellogg apostasy was choreographed as a mastermind. No greater deception could be presented in the minds of men than the representation you have made of God and souls will be lost to the sawing the sentiments found in living temple in presenting ever you have united with the prince of darkness when you wrote that book you were not into the inspiration there was by your side the one who inspired Adam to look at God in a false light so I guess that means Lucifer can run in circles. He's going to be by Caleb side and he was riding his bike in a death. You Dr Gallagher been the spokesman repeating the words of accusation and condemnation of the arch to see that your science has been used to become the sensibilities and refuse the judgment of others in a long night talks Your present in your mind and plans and works and these become their mind and plan and works in listening to your words these men of imbibed the very science of the tempter you have twisted and manipulated and misstated and misrepresented the testimonies of God given making them of no effect notice the long night talks this is something that she is very specific about and will see in the next slide with not at all happy with it's interesting that she gives so many column inches in her letters and thanks to this very specific issue long night talks will do that either this whole matter has been presented to me you have worked as Lucifer working ever the courts to persuade his associates to unite with him the enemy has used his arts upon your mind your boasted study of science and your assertion that you would obtain something excellent have deceived the men connected with you and they have refused to listen the wording is no sin to keep them from listening to your representations in their day it was not only go read the book it was talk of the doctor away herself on several occasions it was forbidden to have any conversation with Dr go out when I was in Tacoma Park living in Carroll house many things were presented to me in vision one of them meeting held during the night hours in the Battle Creek Sen And that meeting was conducted by Dr Kellogg many of the physicians were present and we white having been sent for to attend a special counsel was arraigned up in this committee meeting Oh it agony of mind I suffered as I was viewing the way in which Dr Gallup conducted that meeting I may sometime describe it but not now I have told Willy that if I did that if ever plans were made for him to go into another night session with Dr Kellogg and I knew it I would certainly exercise all the power of God would give me to break up such an interview evil angels were there and if the physicians present had had their true senses about them they would have understood the spirit influence of the actions of Dr Cohen of the words spoken by him on that occasion she never did get around to describing that. But would it no. Fall binding on. With him it was just another meeting happening over the Late at night didn't register any particular he wasn't happy with the meeting kill I would be in. But it was what too in the morning I think something like that needed in his in his letter he didn't. He didn't register that he had been on the brink of danger the way it was that it was. So I take from that. That long night talks may appear as innocent as a book. To read the book so the longer I thought that was somebody like. What we get a good bit anyhow for two o'clock in the morning but you know there might be an occasion where you're dealing with somebody that might be justified but she is just adamant on this point this long night talks English is like probably dangerous. You know your brains tired it's more suggests the force of susceptible. I don't have to understand everything I just have to not read the book. It would have been better for Dr Goh August he had never been born if he continues to build himself up in his own magical arts of mind in influencing other minds what Jeff is of experience will be open for the universe of the light will reveal everything is of his companionship with state and agency now some of that's interesting I do not know every phase of Kellogg's companionship with a tannic agencies was he involved in classic mysticism I go have the evidence. Although I get them all and it sounds like it oh it doesn't describe anything that I can I can leave them found so far and I know the seducing power of Dr Kellogg's advisor and I have no other name to give it but the seductive influence of satanic agencies Dr Kellogg as they open this influence to a greater or lesser degree has not changed except to be more secretive I have not one ray of hope regarding him unless he understands that through state Cannick agency is striving for power over human minds this has been shown. In the hypnotic thing. Dr Kellogg has linked up with a great deceiver he has not realized what he was doing any more than the angels who fell realize what they were doing. But he is tempted Satan to tempt him he has studied hypnotism and spiritualism for the purpose of bringing minds to indorse sentiments I mean a denial of the faith once delivered the Saints he has not entered upon his work all at once but by degrees he has ensnared is all mine and capable. He would now resort to any device rather than double his heart before God and with knowledge is wrong I have seen Dr Gallagher exerting a hypnotic influence upon persons and at such times the arch deceiver was his helper those is the stadium are guilty within this blindness when the standing is a strange thing or ranks got to go places and soften the position of one who is abused because he cannot carry everything with him then get everything he wants right but he is still at work with all subtlety I have worried our people for they do not understand his understand secretive working and he works with such ingenuity to obtain sympathy that to many is words in genuine. You know what there are times when I have had to say to myself. Go read the letter then you need tell us letters and I said it should but redzone them oh poor Dr Carroll are you going to thought all you know he could present things you have and only when you read them but he also what it is like to see this great lion this guy is just plain lying there going on mysticism no specific element is the matter of mysticism look at just the moment we need not the mysticism that is in living temple those who entertain these officers are supine themselves in a position where the enemy can talk with them and lead them away from God OK one more here your ideas Dr Gallagher so mystical that they are destructive to the real substance in the minds of some are becoming confused in regard advantage of our faith if you allow your mind to become thus the verted you will give a wrong move the work that made us what we are of the evidence OK Mrs I'm. Going to be really quick and the heart and soul of mysticism is the concept that I as a human being have a within my power to establish direct contact with within. That's that's basically what it is there's all sorts of ways of doing that and we've got we've got all sorts of new morals have been worked out for us very conveniently in this recent years you know we've got contemplated for different forms of meditation mindfulness which is the stupidest thing I've ever heard your yard please empty your mind for twenty minutes and then let's call mindfulness don't play dumb games with me and you know English is confusing enough allow doing that to it and you know. You've got all sorts of ways but the purpose of all of these is to establish contact with the divine and whatever you envision the Divine Plan OK. L.-Y. was in her early career several times accused of saying she could have a vision when she wanted to. She always rack in the home and play I a kind of wonder about is a lady. Just hit yeah that you said she could have been but we don't she just she just seems like an over reaction now I think I know why it is utterly false that I have ever intimated I could have a vision when I please there is not a shade of truth in this I have never said I could throw myself into visions when I please but this is simply impossible I have felt for years that if I could have my choice and please God as well I would rather die than have this. For every vision places me under a great responsibility bear testing was reproof and a warning which has ever been against my feelings and you know what these mistakes they're dying television. Somehow I think they're having a different experience and no one yet. Oh I would rather die than have a vision well mysticism is coming up in the world it's a big thing OK this concept of the contact with the divine right you can find mystics everywhere. There are the mistakes of Catholicism starting with the Desert Fathers in the second century right on up through Teresa of Avila and St John of The Cross and all these other guys through we have are in a unique position today because we have the we but others have the first openly about mystic pope. Francis or whatever is Beauprez. They Francis of Assisi was also a mystic by the way. And that's and that's why he chose the name Francis for his papacy. Francis is Jesuit. Ignatius of new also founded the Jets were order and he gets on the strength of the Ignatieff disciplines of which mysticism is key. So you've got mystics and Catholicism got mystics and Protestantism because of the charismatic movement you've got them in Judaism called the Havel lists Kabbalah anybody follow popular culture this is what. Donna was in a while back and the bunch of the. Think there are about in islamic to the sink the sect in Hinduism it's every guru in Buddhism is it's every priest in animism it's the Schama as the witch doctors and believe it or not you've got mystics in atheism. Who lives in and who's in the. Same experience same experience maybe knowing about the Beatles. You don't bless you and you're. Wise we've chosen selective ignorance but after advocating drug use they went off to India for six months and came back and they basically said wow we can do the same thing without drugs now well remember the reapproach meant between Pope Francis and Kenneth Copeland. Notice that the year and some ago so Copeland's this big you know Protestant guy. Sort of God. But he's charismatic. And remember this guy. He's not alive anymore you know then I K I I not want to. Spread unfounded uncheckable conspiracy theories but you know if I were going to if I were going to make a nomination for checking out whether this guy was really human or whether he was an imposter from the demonic world Tony body he would be on top of my when. He comes along he does a completely demonic work and then he conveniently dies in a motorcycle accident. I don't know I mean say and I'm just saying are you all asked is about something. But this whole thing was on the basis that we're all mystics How can the same god. Who cares about the details. Working the guy in white there is the pope to your left as Copeland on the left of the pope as Copeland far right is Tony poem or I don't know how the rest of these guys are ladies people who are they are but they're all American charismatic quote unquote Protestant slash former Protestants because Tony bomber got up and so they're the protests is over up in there be a Protestant Thank you. But it goes further than that. So I'm not sure that's see. I'm guessing this gentleman back here is probably Orthodox. This has to be like our creation or something with the orange row. And these guys with the turban he Things are some brand of Muslim I suspect this was this guy's confusion maybe it's a woman I don't really know. This would be Hindu What about these books along with the Purple Rose I don't know these people are you know there's only one guy in the whole picture that I kind of can resonate with if the guy in the back left you know he's like or I get out here. I don't know if he's a bodyguard or what he has it all but. He's the only guy that I can I can really strike up any bonding West OK. OK Let's go out I'm going right along you're not careful. I tell you in the name of the Lord God of Israel that Satan is presenting us officers the ministers the medical workers and if our people will listen to these off the streets they will become impregnated with the same say Tanach idea of a popular religion that will cause them to develop into gods and there will be no place in their lives for God or for Christ this is classic mysticism this is pantheism we don't call it pantheism anymore except in Skull and circles it's just I'm spiritual. Or some equally thing OK going on the light is given me to me in regard to the poorer standing of those that have been in the truth that these officers and this Mrs and doing away with the personnel of Gone with the personnel of Christ will get the whole room of the heart all ready for these. Miracles that Satan will come to work right in our midst some shall depart from the faith giving spirit and doctrines of devils what kind of miracles are we hold in the spear of prophecy would be entailed here that's the way the Bible words it there may be in fact something that's resembles. No fire falling from heaven and physical sort of a sense I don't know also that people go all sorts of patients. Probably says these what is the bring some of them is this these works of apparent healing will bring Seven Day Adventists to the test the devil knows that God's work always combines the Gospel and their commissioner work and he's going to run a counterfeit which means it asked to look the same. You know you cannot counterfeit a butterfly if you're look like an alligator not going to work again and yet And yet. We have I have much much to learn some thought the time had come long ago to make a determined effort to break the spell and expose the deception for years one and still another doctor kill administered for claiming the doctor god is all right he teaches the messages we believe that he believes the testimonies were the same time a work of misrepresentation was going on and many of our people were becoming spiritually to sea so why don't you tell me Sister White. To those who urged immediate action I said wait. Dr Kellogg in those closely allied with him take an open stand then be over paired with matter ready to print same as with Lucifer I was shown that our brother must make no move until Dr Coughlan his associates a taken a decided position to repudiate the testimonies when this was done we must show our people the right side and take the affirmative in the name of the Lord we had to move. And yet we had to wait until those in error thought they could carry things against the ministers and terms I was shown their course of action and had everything in readiness for such a movement and labored to defeat their deep laid plot. OK. Now I said a while ago that I don't like the foster conspiracy theories. But you know what a conspiracy simply means one two or more people working together to do something if they're not publicly admitting it to do it. I think that's the same as a deep laid plot. You're not working here in this instance with somebody who's making a mistake and you need to try and just you know if you're trying to trying to prevent the mistake of having a bad result then and this is someone who is deliberately trying to do you damage you are in fact in a war. And wake up. Friends a doctor or visiting our churches acting as spies to work up a sentiment favorable those interest they claim that he was in perfect harmony with the messages we believe in that he believed the testimonies organ deception was being carried on many of our people were becoming confused I said those words immediate action do not act hastily it would be better to wait Dr dog associates take the position they do not believe that this find comes we are to be prepared with Superman or publication to meet the issue this was done meetings were held in Battle Creek in which the testimonies were present or not very objectionable like the testimonies were practically repudiated the matter was ready for publication our people on the right side took a strong a firm of position the name of the Lord widespread deception was arrested one of the leaders in Battle Creek said that the lid of the kettle was lifted too soon and that had they waited a little longer they might have had nearly all the churches on their site. This with other classic cases was ninety five when this happened December actually twenty six one thousand and five eighty Daniel's happen to be in Battle Creek general course or shifted to Washington D.C. or Tacoma Park you have to be back in Battle Creek he got a telegram. I think the twenty fourth that said documents coming wait for them. On the night of December. Twenty five cosmos night that was the observed Christmas much of those days so on and on Christmas night there was a late night meeting with Dr Kellogg and also the other people what to do in the morning or something like that the next morning Dr. Daniels received documents from a wait and appointed a meeting at seven thirty that night the dime tabernacle he stood up and read the documents which had been written almost two years before but had been kept in. Secret You know what is diary until two weeks before we could have before that when she said copy that mail it. And it described the meeting the night before. The sentiments in living there were going to personally have got to been received even by men who have had long experience in the truth when such men consider the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of good evil we are no longer regarded subject of the matter to be treated with the greatest delicacy that those whom we thought sound in the face should have failed to discern the specious deadly influence of the Science of Evil should alarm us as nothing else has alarmed us this is the bind that Daniel thought he was in because he would even get stuff like this this time to speak and he gets up and says no he got away. That's a little tricky a little tricky. It is something that cannot be treated as a small matter that men who have had so much light and such clear evidence as a general truth we hold should be called unsettled and lead to accept spiritualistic theories regarding personality of God. We don't have time to go through all of them let's go on with this. Now. In one hundred seventy two other robber person a man was always respected did something that makes me respect him even more he got in touch with the white est he said you know guys is there anything more about the omega of apostasy. I'd really like to know their O. back to him Arthur White wrote back to him and said basically you know there really isn't the stuff that we put in so I could mess it is it's three statements that I read you're ready that's really about all he ever said but she said he said I did some I did some hunting and as I went into our files in response to your request I found a statement written by my father we weigh about one thousand three five hundred thirty six I think you will be injured in this for he broadens the basis for the statement on the often a mega beyond that which one might include I'm just reading them as they are in the text Here's my father's statements will be WHITE No there is one matter which causes us some perplexity it is that which this White has written regarding the Alpha Omega of efforts to mislead the people of God It is clearly to be seen as the author was the introduction misleading documents in the effort to write the to wrest the leadership of the nomination from the men shows and to bear every responsibility. It has always seemed to me that when the Omega came it would bear two characteristics somewhat similar to the of the movement designated as the alpha embraced a deep laid plan on the part of the great adversary of truth in truth false doctrine which struck at the very vitals of Christian belief that's a pantheism it also embraced a persistent and strongly sustained effort to wrest the leadership of this people from the General Conference Committee and place it in the hands of other men. With these things in mind I cannot accept any movement that I have seen up to the present time as constituting the Omega when the Omega does come I shall expect to see something similar the work of Dr Kellogg and his associates when they labored so earnestly to undermine the coffins of all our people in the leadership of. This is willing what is not only. And I'm sure even in his own mind this would not be some sort of a blanket endorsement for the General Conference because trust me he'd lived through the ninety's as well and you know that there was a time one who can now respect the voice of dental coverage of the voice of God you know all that but nonetheless this is his his assessment I would probably have to argue with it. In a very specific sense just on the basis that one statement will watch as the alpha is contained in the book. It's hard to contain you know it's easy to get in a theory in a book it's hard to contain. Of a rebellion against leadership in a book as such although you know and yet I think what I think we're always you know I concur with his general judgment because if the alpha. Is a type of the a mega The There's lots of but my heart was filled with sorrow because of the course of his fallen eighty Jones is falling same course voicing the same sentiments with the most determined spirit when a realisation of this comes over me with such force great sorrow for those of my soul I have before me such a revival the first Great Apostasy they have in the courts that I am about done with an egg need it cannot be expressed there is a value you know the sufferings of one person or the blessings of those who vote and know why it was bowed down with an egg need that cannot be expressed I believe for our benefit because this is the picture that's developing here we started off with rebellion then we saw a crisis response which was the revelation of the character of God. Then we saw Kellogg who picked up the genius of that which was the combined preach teach heel revelation the character of God Kellogg unfortunate if with the traces and went from being a representative of Christ to being a representative of Lucifer those four events are history we can study them to understand these two. That's what we'll try to cover tomorrow that's new for you Father we are. The recipients. Of the instruction and lights and evidence purchased by the here's a good way those who've gone gray that you would help us be wise. To recognise the reality of the conflict. Understand. The words of the Lord there is so much so many details. Help us. To be able to. That which is. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. What you would like to listen to. Lead To Visit W W W. Or.


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