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The Prophetic Relevance of the Medical Missionary Work

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • September 18, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven we are very very grateful for the privilege to come together as a family to study your words to hear heaven speak while we on earth remain silent and Lord we know that there are many things that you desire to share with us your people and so we're just praying that you would forgive us of our sins if you grant us the presence of the Holy Spirit who is really the only effectual teacher of truth we pray Lord that you will give us a mind that has the capacity to hear to understand and to live the very words that you will give to us and Lord I pray that your press very strongly upon our heart the blessid privilege of This Gift that you gave to this movement December twenty five eight hundred sixty five that wonderful gift of the sanitarium work in medical missionary work Lord make it plain to our hearts we pray but we ask all these things in Jesus name Amen. The best way to get your blessing is number one to make sure that you have your bible all right and so I hope you have a Bible and when I say Bible I mean Bible I didn't say Bible app I said Bible. You want to find that you know we're going to get to a place where our batteries are going to run out and all these things you want to make sure that you have a good sword in hand that you know how to navigate through it that you can market and let the Scriptures connect one with the other so I encourage you to carry your Bibles no sin and having a Bible app I want to make that clear but of course it is good to have the good old book but if you want to double blessing then I would also recommend that you have pen and paper and so that way you can take notes you can write down the references that are going to come before you and then that way by God's grace we can be good Bereans go back in our private quarters and study everything out that's been said and make sure that everything is according to the US say it the Lord. If there is one major issue that we have in our world today it is none other than this word spiritualism when you think of the word spiritualism this is what it means if you look at it from. The plain old dictionary explanation it says a belief that departed spirits hold intercourse with mortals by means of physical phenomena as by rapping or during abnormal mental states as in trances or the like commonly manifested through a medium or spiritism will spiritual lism is something that we have to pay attention to not from the standpoint of studying it but to be able to identify it and that way when you identify it you understand that you come in contact with an enemy and spiritualism is the enemy not just of us is the enemy of God It's the enemy of God's truth but the thing that I want to stand a stand even more so is that Spiritualism is not limited to this definition that we're reading here it's not limited to that because this would be kind of an easy thing to avoid if you are a Seventh Day Adventist and maybe I should ask that question is there anyone that is here that is not part of the Seventh Day Adventist community is there anyone here you are not a part of the family of Seventh Day Adventists if you hear I just want to give a special welcome to you is there anyone here like that welcome my brother we are so glad you're here because of the fact that you here it helps me understand a greater relevance of why I'm standing here and so I am very thankful to you joined us today all right is there anyone else that is part not part of the Seven Day Adventists community All right so the majority of us are and if you are Seventh Day Adventists Well we understand spiritualism in this context you got to watch out for that you know talking to departed spirits in these type of things but I want to show us something a little bit deeper when we consider the Bible Let's go to the Book of Genesis Chapter three Genesis the third chapter and I want you to watch this with me as we go ahead and study the Word in Genesis Chapter three he is talking to a snake and I want you to see what the Bible says about this story because there are some pretty deep points that come out of it in Genesis the third chapter we're going to go ahead and start right there verse one when you get there just let me know by saying amen. The Bible says in Genesis Chapter three starting at verse one Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made and he said into the woman he had God said Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden woman said unto the serpent We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden goddess said You shall not eat of it neither shall you touch it lest you die and the serpent said unto the woman you shall not surely die for God does know that in the day you eat there of then your I shall be open and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil Now I want you to pay close attention to this. Because what we just read is literally the foundation of spiritualism is the foundation of it is a little bit more than so-called departed spirits talking to people the foundation of spiritual ism is saying that though God has made explicit command and has made explicit word express to his people when we begin to believe that we can violate what God has said. And we can still see receive the blessings to be connected with God and to be for ever with God and have immortality in the midst of our disobedience this is foundational to this thing called spiritualism. And reason why this is important is I'm going to show you how all of this ties back into the great relevance of why the world today in twenty seventeen needs gospel medical missionary evangelists watch this what was the devil's first lie Let's go ahead let's review what we just. It Number one Now the serpent was more what subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made so the serpent didn't just come out there as a vicious dangerous creature the serpent was very subtle sneaky but then it says and the service said into the woman you shall not surely die OK that's that law then it says for God to know that in the day you eat there of then your eyes will be open and you shall be as what you shall be as gods knowing good and evil I looked up the word gods when I looked up the word gods is that Hebrew word Elohim and it says gods in the ordinary sense but specifically used in the plural thus especially with the article of the Supreme God So literally Satan was saying if you violate the very words of God usual actually be like the supreme god this is actually what he was trying to perpetuate to Adam and Eve so want to break this down number one we see that the devil first came in and on suspecting manner that was friendly and unassuming OK He came because again ladies if you saw a serpent today not even talking to you but if you just saw a serpent on the ground would you go in the same direction or the opposite you would go in the opposite you understand the danger of that serpent were Eve didn't see a danger in it in fact Eve was very attracted to it and so Eve is walking towards the serpent and hearing this serpent out I remember I was studying some different things with Egyptology many many many years ago before I was a Christian and I was part of different Egyptian religions and I remember that there would be paintings like this that you would see and you would see that the serpent has what here what you see there it had wings these were life scientific readings and studies that they did they found out that serpents many many many years ago were very beautiful creatures and they actually had wings and of course the wings would obviously infer that they could fly well here it is one day I'm reading one of the wonderful documentaries of our history. A book called patriarchs and prophets and as I was going through it here's what it said in order to accomplish his work on perceived Satan chose to employ as his medium the serpent a disguise well adapted for His purpose of deception the serpent was then one of the wisest and most What kind of creatures beautiful creatures on the earth it had what wings and while flying through the air presented an appearance of dazzling brightness having the color and brilliancy of burnished gold resting in the rich laden branches of the forbidden tree and regaling itself with the delicious fruit it was an object to arrest the attention and delight the eye of the beholder Thus in the garden of peace lurks the destroyer watching for its prey. And so obviously even seeing this dazzling creature and she's entering into a dialogue so again the serpent was coming to her in again a very friendly and assuming manner don't lose that then it says he presented a deceptive message to violate the commands of God and it would prove a benefit by giving them eternal life as a God this is what was happening in Genesis three one through six then as a result of yielding to the temptation Adam and Eve brought to themselves and the world the air revokable punishment of sin and death massive deception you understand that all of this is what happened with the first lie Now the reason why this is important is because the same way that we just asked the question What was the devil's first lie we see that it was directly connected to the foundation of spiritualism. I wonder what would be the devil's last line we're not talking past truth anymore we're talking present truth. It's not just what was the devil's first line My question is what's going to be his last line. And I want you to watch how the Bible prepares it to us or brings it to us as we consider this and Revelation thirteen in verse three notice what the Bible says and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world did what wonder after the beast and he exercises all the power of the first beast before him and causes the earth and then which brother in to do what worship the first beast whose Deadly Wound was healed and then of course it says in verse sixteen and he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads so this is talking about the first and second piece of Revelation thirteen These are the final closing these powers that God's people are going to face of which we're going to really have to be tested to know if we're going to stand true to our God during these final moments of the investigative judgment and here it is that in Satan's last lie to humanity there's going to be this effort where he's going to cause the people to wonder after the beast by which they will worship the beast by which they will receive the mark of the beast now let's go and break that down to wonder means to admire OK that's what it means it means to admire to wonder means to admire all hold in a position of amazement Satan through the beast power will cause the world to stand in awe at him and his ways so Satan is going to do something that's going to dazzle the mind of the people he's going to do something pretty powerful in fact let me magnify this in Matthew chapter twenty four go there with me in Matthew the twenty fourth chapter noticed this and I want you to watch it very very carefully Matthew we're going to. Chapter twenty four we're going to Matthew twenty four and I want you to notice what the Bible says as we look at Matthew twenty four and we're going to consider verse twenty four Jesus is expounding on last day events and as he's walking his disciples through all of these things that's going to happen in the last days the Bible says in Matthew twenty four and verse twenty four and if you there please say amen noticed this the Bible says in Matthew twenty four verse twenty four it says For there shall arise what kind of christ false Christ and false prophets and shall show great what signs and wonders in so much that if it were possible he shall to see even the very elect OK very very serious time even the very like the very chosen of God if they are not rooted and grounded in Christ the devil's power will be so forcefully demonstrated that it might even trip up the very elite of God's army. Now when I looked at that I wondered signs and wonders signs of wonders equals deception but watch it goes a little bit deeper than that go now to Revelation thirteen watch this or begin to bring this thing to my head and I said Look at that that is something else Revelation thirteen chapter because we just saw that the beast is going to cause the people to wonder that's for sure but I want you to watch it a little bit more carefully revelation we're going to what chapter we're going to Revelation Chapter thirteen now I want you to see what the Bible says here in Revelation thirteen I thought it very interesting as we consider verses eleven to fourteen and I want you to watch this in Revelation thirteen eleven to fourteen we're going to notice a very important connection here keeping in mind that the false Christ and the false prophets who are going to seek to deceive are going to use lots of signs and wonders so I used to think to myself so is that the signs of the wonders that actually deceive the people well let's notice what the Bible says and I want you to pay attention to every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God watch this in Revelation thirteen starting at verse eleven and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth he had to hunt like a lamb and he spake as a dragon and he exercises how much he exercises all the power of the first beast before him and causes the earth and then which rather into worship the first beast whose Deadly Wound was healed now watch versus thirteen and fourteen AND HE DOING GREAT what wonders so that he make of fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men a miracle but then it says something very important in verse fourteen it says and deceive them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the side of the Beast What's the next word saying so notice that does the miracle and then he has a message you understand that does the miracle and then comes the message it says saying to them that one of the earth that they should make an image to the beast. So the purpose of the miracle is to dazzle the mind. It is to cause all in the behold or. It is to cause the individual to look at whatever is going on and such incredible amazement that somehow it causes the mind that's beholding the wonder to say Truly these people must be with God. And then after they do the dazzling wonder then the next step is they have a message in their messages you should make an image to the beast. And because of the power of that incredible wonder it causes those people to say you know what we will either agree by intellect or agree by pressure. And they going to fall in line with these problems now why is that important because again we talk about the last lie so first lie we understood that now looking at last lie to wonder means to admire or hold in a position of amazement Satan through the peace power will cause the world to stand in awe at him and his ways we need to flesh that out a little bit more so we're going to do that number two Satan will then cause or force the world to worship Him which is to violate the commands of God is it not God is the only one worthy of our worship and here it is that is going to cause the people to worship Him by submitting to his deceptive message of setting up an image of the beast as a solution to life's problems. Don't lose that point as a solution to life's problems what's going to get the people to buy into it first the dazzling after the dazzling then they're going to come with what's going to appear to be very very strong logic. And they going to give a message that's going to encourage the people you need to go ahead and follow along with our references our recommendations Yea our commands. After this of course the people you are going to this deceptive message they will receive an era vocal mark which seals them in sin and brings eternal death. This is the devil's last effort. This is what's getting ready to come to an experience near you. And me. And the question is Where do we all stand in the midst of this and what are we doing about it you see I have a question and the question is very simple what are the wonders that ultimately caused the world the fall of the beast when we just read it. We just read it right we saw that there was going to be miracles he said in verse thirteen and he do a great wonders so that he make a fire come down from heaven in the earth in the sight of men so he's going to do a lot of these miracles. And it's going to get a lot of people's attention Well here's the thing started to study it a little bit more. And I began to notice something that God said about the last days notice this. The Bible says this and also. That in the last days perilous times shall come and I agree with that is this for men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unfeigned for unholy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traitors heady high minded and lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God Now there's no question that this is the description of what's happening in our world right now. This is what's happening all over the world this is what's happening from city to city and from now country to country it seems like everything is in chaos. But that's not where the verse finishes because the verse continues by saying that these people who are like that have a form of godliness they have a form of godliness but their issue is that they are denying the power they are of and the Bible says from such do what turn away now I am here to let you know our war elder does not have a form of godliness you can go down the streets of wherever city you want and you will see that they are not only sinful they are bold about it they put it on billboards they put it in books they blasted through their music it's written all throughout the malls and everywhere movies etc The world is sinful the world is both about it and the world is definitely interested in DIA educating you and I. So the world does not have a form of godliness but the church does. And so what the Bible is showing is that there is a crisis that's coming in these last days that impacts not only the world but also the church. It impacts everywhere and so when we think about what should the church be doing knowing that this is the last lie of Satan this is going to be the effort of saying what should we be doing what I can say we definitely shouldn't be having a form of godliness. That is what's destroying us because always remember this point according to the verse forms of godliness equals no power. Remember that lesson forms of godliness equals no power that was the issue that ultimately ended up plaguing even the church Now the reason why this is important is because as I'm looking at these points so far we look at the first lie of the devil the first lie the devil was foundational to what. Spiritualism when we look at spiritualism we're not just looking at it as so-called deceased loved ones talking to people or what have you but we're understanding spiritualism to be foundationally a lie that you can disobeyed God and still receive immortality. That you can still have all the blessings that God has promised. This is the lie that he set up in the beginning it's the lie that he set up in the end. To deceive the world to deceive the churches you don't have to do everything says you don't have to follow meticulously every single point you can go ahead and violate where it is convenient God loves you He will bless you and still give you eternity a immortality anyhow. This is the perpetuating lie all right beginning of time and of time now God obviously wants to warn us from this and he says and please understand that it looks like the devil's message is definitely coming along because today the Boyle boy I mean I marvel at how today that I'm not that old. You know. But I'm old enough to remember this I remember when I was in the world and we would watch programs like I Love Lucy. Honeymooners. I so watch these worldly programs some of you know nothing of what I'm talking about that's fine but I remember that these programs would have a husband and a wife. But when they went to bed the wife was in one bed and the husband was in another bed and I remember as a child I see my mother and father go to bed in the same bed but I'm watching a program about a husband and wife and they're sleeping in different beds and I remember saying mom dad why they doing that. I mean you you're married you sleep in the same bed but they're not sleeping and they say oh no son what they what they're trying to do in television is they want to give off the most purist impression to the beholden to not cause any suggestions in the mind of sensuality of sexuality so the movies back in those days were were making an effort to be so pure. That they wouldn't even let the ball holders the T.V. watchers they wouldn't let them see a husband and a wife lying in bed together can you imagine that is that what we see today again the world is sinful and the world is bold about it is that right. There are things that are taking place today that would cause many others in those nine hundred forty S. and fifty's to turn over in their graves quote unquote of the level of disgust that we see being put forth not just before adults but also our precious youth. And so God warned us that in the last days this is was going to start happening in the world but then God made it worse and he said listen this is what's also going to happen in the churches our brothers and sisters listen when when the world votes. So that we don't know how to direct our righteous indignation. When the world says we believe. That homosexually union between two individuals male to male female or female we believe that it should be honored even with the precious gift. Of marriage. Though I might be disgusted by such behavior and decisions I'm not surprised worldlings are going to do what worldlings do. You understand. That's not an issue for me what do you expect the world to do I mean again I'm going to see what's happening I'll certainly be hurt by it and I'll say Oh this is terrible this should not be upset or but I'm not surprised. Because worldlings do what worldlings do a frog cannot help but to behave like a frog. A horse cannot help but to behave like a horse. A whirling cannot help but to behave like a worldling except they be converted but when ministers when churches. Begin to say we agree with the world when the churches begin to say we will all fish eate some of these same sex union marriages. When the churches day are to open up the sacred word of God. And use stories like the relationship between David and Jonathan to try to say that God endorses this. My brother says when we get to a time like that. And now the ministers are also gay the elders are also gay and all of these other things and lesbian and L. G.B.T. etc When we start seeing that I know it is perilous times. It is perilous times because now there is no more light house. See the world already dark by default. But God rays of the church to be a light. And so the question is what kind of light are we shine before the world so when I start looking at these things I begin to see a major major problem a major crisis is not just the world but it's also many of the churches. That are falling into this condition so. I pick up this little great controversy. Where I picked it up here some powerful statements in it are relevant to our study observe. Through the agency of spiritual ism. Miracles will be wrought what will happen the sick will be healed. Sick being healed connected the spiritual is. Interesting is this through the agency of spiritualism miracles will be wrought the sick will be healed and many undeniable wonders will be performed it says and as the spiritual profess faith in the Bible and manifest respect for the institutions of the church their work will be accepted as a manifestation of divine power watch this the line of distinction between professing Christians and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable Is that true. Is that true there are some churches you can go into and you say I thought I left the club you understand that. So there's that that's that thing that's happening OK so it says that hardly distinguishable is church members love what the world loves and are ready to join with them and Satan determines to unite them in one body and thus strengthen his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of what and remember the foundation of spiritualism. Is to believe it's not just the manifestation of all these miracles per se that is true but directly connected to that foundational to that is the idea. That I don't have to do what God says or I don't have to do everything God says but I could still have immortality and eternity Anyhow you understand that don't forget that point that is the what we call end result of the spiritualistic deception you understand that all rights continuing it says papacy who boast of miracles as a certain sign of the true church notice that papers boast of miracles as a certain sign this is the true church when they see the miracles there goes the true church. Papers who boast of miracles as a certain sign of the true church will be readily deceived by this wonder working power and Protestants having cast away the shield of truth will also be deluded then it goes ahead summarizes pretty much everybody it says papacy Protestants and worldlings Well alike except the what form of godliness without the power isn't that something. You see form of godliness the spiritualistic exercises all these miraculous events but at the end of the day there is no power to transform the life we just become dazzled sinners. You understand that this is the issue this is the crisis so watch this it says will like accept the form of God in this without the power and they will see in this Union a grand movement for the conversion of the world and the ushering in of the long expected millennium they're going to think that there's a movement going on for God The truth of the matter is that movement is against God continuing. Through spiritualism Satan appears as a what as a benefactor of the race the human race it says healing of the diseases of the people notice that again. Healing the diseases of the people we saw earlier relieving in curing the sick now is talking about healing the diseases of the people and professing to present a new and more exalted system of religious faith. But it says but at the same time he works as a destroyer his temptations are leading multitude to rule and why because though the people have come into the church the problem is they have not changed so noticed in temperance dethrones reason sensual indulgence strife and bloodshed follow this is the work of the deceptive power it concludes in this point here where it says Satan delights in war for excise the worst passions of the soul and then sweeps into eternity its victim steeped in vice and blood it is his object to incite the nations to war against one another for he can thus divert the minds of the people from the work of preparation to stand in the way of God you've got more people worried about Kim Jong un and whether he's going to drop a nuclear bomb than it is all well between myself and my savior he wants to distract the mind in any way possible. Putin is suddenly forgotten because now everybody is focused on Korea even though Russia is still a massive danger. People aren't paying attention to the real issues that are preparing for a final delusion and deception and a Final Crisis people are paying attention to that and they're getting caught up in the non essential So what's happening is the devil has sought to do this in such a way to deceive the mind of the people and the question is this Is he succeeding are there things happening where we're seeing papers and Protestants and all these efforts going about doing miracles especially in the lines of healing to captivate the minds of the people well if you don't know now you know Christianity Today Christianity Today just a few years ago put out an incredible article a new age of miracles is what they said in the article are they talking about what they said is around the world wherever churches are growing reports of the miraculous are rampant What do they mean that's the question that was asked in the article is the answer Larry there was a gentleman named Larry he was very very sick he went to doctors several times kind of like the man at the pool Bethesda and here it is that is says Larry he went through years of multiple surgeries but they did nothing for him and one of the top specialists in the country had told him to stop hoping for a cure and accept the excruciating pain as it was then at the invitation of a friend he rolled his wheelchair into a Pentecostal church one Sunday morning he walked out pain free that was four years ago he has never felt pain in his feet since and at a word of prayer he was completely and instantly healed well here's what it says it says yet we live in a Pentecostal age so was I just that location we're living in an age of an era of time and it says here we live in a Pentecostal age around the world where ever churches are growing reports of miracles are rampant many Christians regard miracles as extremely important pay attention to that because we're also living in a time that we now have a president who's really trying to unite with the evangelicals to help the world come back to Jesus. A criterion for the Christian to know that God is with a with not a church or a preacher or an individual who says they're leading by God is that they look for miracles it says modern Americans tend to think of miracles as proof proof that God is real and powerful that he can break into the natural world with supernatural power so the minds of the people in America. Is already set up to look for the miracles that we already have studied is going to lead them right down the road to perdition. Of course this is just a few years ago this is not terribly long ago two thousand and fifteen Of course the head of the first beast we just talked about some things pertaining to the second beast in the previous slide America but now we're talking about the first piece it says here the healing pope this is one of the wonderful nicknames of Pope Francis is called The Healing pope he said this is the healing pope list of miracles performed by Pope Francis and here's what it says Pope Francis may yet earn the accolade the healing pope for the miracles He has been performing when touching people with serious health problems and has been some recordings of this and this is just one of many. Is performing miracles is nothing new to Pope Francis it says just last month before he began his visit to Cuba and the U.S. Pope Francis abruptly stopped his motorcade in the rain and asked his aide to bring to him the baby he saw being lifted at the barricade by her parents at St Peter's Square the pope briefly placed his palm on the chest of a three month old girl who was suffering from Down's syndrome and had two holes in her heart so I just put his hand there with the blessings What was the conclusion of this later when the doctors check hold on. Clickers going to little fast there bring it back. All right. Next and next day we go later. When the doctors checked on the baby they found one of the two holes had completely closed while the other one was reduced to half its former size so the people were singing the praises of course of wow look at what Pope Francis was able to do he was able to heal etc and these are just some manifestations my friends that we're going to hear of a whole lot more and see a lot more according to the prosthetic pin. So the question is very simple what does the church have to address this problem we know where it's leading to the most recent events third largest earthquake to happen in history recorded history hurricanes. Storms fires all these things when we read great controversy five eighty nine five ninety eight tells us that all of this is preparing for the Great fun of it the great last illusion ultimately to bring in a Final Crisis to the people of God a Sunday law these are the things that are getting ready to take place so the question is what do we have to address this problem does anybody have an idea what we have. What we have we have medical missionary work is that what I heard. Gospel OK go to Revelation fourteen let's consider it I want you to go ahead and consider Revelation fourteen right there just in verse six what does the church have. That can help address this problem let's notice what the Bible says in Revelation the fourteenth chapter there's something God gave to the church to give to the world that can address this problem in Revelation fourteen What does the Bible say it says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven what did the angel have. It had ever lasting Gospel to preach and then that will upon the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people so the church has in its possession the everlasting Gospel what is the everlasting Gospel notice what inspirations this everlasting Gospel is a wonderful simplifier of life's problems you can see that. The everlasting Gospel is a wonderful simplifier of life's problems that's what the church has you know somebody one day asked me Who is it that has this everlasting gospel I said well there I checked everywhere I used to be Muslim. I used to be Pentecostal that this and then I was non-denominational I was all of that before I became a Seventh Day Adventists. Now I'm in seventy AD minutes for twenty five years I think I'm sold now watch this but the reason I'm sold is because I understand what God has given to us as a movement. I understand what we have in our possession but the question is not what we have in libraries the question is What do you have in your possession you understand. Now watch this the reason that's important is because when somebody came to me and said Wayne in simplest terms tell me what a seventy I've been as I have many many non seventy Adventists acquaintances and one day somebody said What are seventy advents honestly what are they I said I can answer that question two words and they said go ahead what are the two words explain Seventh Day Adventists in two words my two words were Problem Solvers do you get that. If we really understood what we have we can face any problem in this world and under the power of the Holy Spirit God can use us to solve it. If somebody is having economic problems God has given us the Bible and he's given us counsel on stewardship that we can solve that economic problem if somebody has a problem in their home God gave us the Bible and gave us advantage when we could solve any problems somebody has a problem with a child God gave us the Bible they gave us Child Guidance so my answer probably a teenager God gave us the Bible he gave us messages to young people. Somebody says I have a problem with my diet God gave us the Bible counsels on diets and food medical ministry ministry of healing. I mean we have everything we have been given invested with the highest level of knowledge wisdom and understanding from the most holy place and God has given that to us that we can know how to solve the problem but you know what we have a problem that's strange for the kill with the problem solvers. But we have a problem that's not good we can see the problems that are coming to our. God has given to us the solution all of life's problems we know how to simplify life's problems but the issue is God prophetically showed us we have a problem and I want you to see what the problem is go to Revelation Chapter three. It's in Revelation the third chapter that I want you to see what the Bible says in Revelation the third chapter we have a problem now. Revelation the third chapter. When you get there please say amen Bible says of Revelation three in verse fourteen it says and unto the angel of the Church of the louder scenes write these things say at the Amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know that I works that thou art neither cold nor hot I would die were cold or hot and so then because thou art look warm and neither cold nor heart I will spew the out of my mouth because thou sayest I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and no it's not that wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked that's a problem. Someone or a group of individuals who think they're all right when they're all wrong this is a problem but this is to the allowed to see and the people of the judgment this directly connect back to Revelation fourteen and verse seven fear God give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and so it is that this loud to see and condition applies to the ones that God gave everything to solve problems we have a problem our problem is we think we're all right. We're actually all wrong Our problem is we think everything's OK when things are not OK Our problem is that we think we're in right standing with God when we're actually in wrong standing with God And so it is that I believe that that verse we read a little earlier where it said having a form of godliness and denying the power there from such turn away I have learned Lord have mercy on me I can be included in that picture form of godliness the issue of the church every Sabbath Yes you do these stop doing certain things and start doing certain things when the sun sets on Friday evening yes you do. What God says but what's going on in your heart God says Don't you understand by now family that only those who have a heart like mine of the ones that goes into my house because if we don't have a heart like gods then we only have the natural heart that God already spoke about somebody says oh god knows my heart yes he does he wrote about it he said in Jeremiah seventeen right there in verse nine the heart is the seat full above all things desperately wicked who can know it why would God let a heart like that in his house God has already had a heart like that in my house and it caused havoc in my family you have to say that So God doesn't want that kind of heart but it's either that heart or the new are. And so the Lord is making it very clear that while we can look to others and we can say the world and those churches many of us if we're not careful we might find ourselves. Exactly where the world and those churches are Jesus said many will come to me on that day and say Lord didn't I. Do you know how many people came here that we would be instruments of healing to them. Didn't you see how we had cancer patients and they left here without cancer. Didn't you see how we had people with M.S. and they left out here without M.S. Lord were you paying attention when somebody came here with AIDS and they'll have a zoo anymore what do you mean I can't come in. God is going to say Depart from me. God said you did work. But is going to call that word for what it is he says Depart from Me you workers of iniquity I want God to say that about me. And I know you want God to say that about you. And so there is a heart reform that we need this is why my friends we have this thing called Revival and reformation That's the whole reason why this exists. The thing that God wants with each and every one of us is he wants us to experience a true revival that can lead to true re formation and what is it that God wants revive what do you want revive. Was he what. Notice a revival of what true isn't that the perfect solution to second Timothy three. Verse five says the issue with the churches was that they had a form of godliness so what does God want the church to have true godliness does not make sense they actually make sense every vive of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all of our Needs To See This should be our What work of first work now I have listened to many sermons about prayer. I heard some wonderful gentlemen in our church preach about the need to pray more and to fast is that necessary Amen but this more. I've heard many people say oh my we need to get back to the Word of God and study like the disciples did in the upper room do we need to do more that yes. I hear people when I talk about revival Reformation they talk about getting back into the communities we talk about holding up clinics and all these wonderful things and helping people etc Do we need to do more eventually but my brothers and sisters I wonder if true godliness can mean something in addition to that that is often glossed over if we are going to have a revival of true godliness What do you think is the first thing we need to understand. What is godliness I mean we got to answer the question and thank the Lord first of the three helps us go to First Timothy Chapter three let's bring out some closing points here first Timothy Chapter three This will be phase one of our several studies that we will have throughout this week. The need. For gospel medical missionary evangelists in such a time as this the beast is getting ready to do miracles and wonders dazzle the mind give a message that will lead to a close of probation. We saw that one of the ways it's going to do those dazzling wonders and so on is very much involving the healing work but their work is to help sick sinners become better sinners that's an issue. And so it is that we're looking at this problem with saying out loud how can we be part of the solution very simple notice what the Bible says so in First Timothy Chapter three it says in verse sixteen and without controversy great is the what. Mystery of godliness it says God was manifest in the flesh justified in the spirit seen of angels preach on to the Gentiles believed on in the world and received up in to glory who is talking about Jesus none of those latter points would take place were it not for the fact that God was manifest in the flesh. God was manifest in the flesh then seen of angels justified in the spirit etc I want to focus on this because we talk about your godliness when we think of true God in this we think of none other than Jesus the revival that we need is a revival of true godliness the more that we get back in harmony with God with true godliness the better that we can do the work that God gave us to do it says here that godliness was manifested by God being coming in the flesh lest flesh that out it says Who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but did what. Made himself of no reputation to this speaks of humility this speaks of serious Biblical Christian humility but then it also says and took upon in the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man He humbled himself and became obedient to death even the death of the cross Christ. Was God equal with the father he maintained his equality body guard himself with flesh and he chose to not carry forth a reputation though he was worthy of it and he served. These are snippets of this idea of godliness I'm talking beyond prayer life study lie. Evangelistic life those are absolutely necessary but I want to look at this one because some of us have not made this connection here it is that when we look at this Jesus was one who was humble and one who served OK Very good now I started to look carefully at how he did this because it's one thing for us to tell us what to do it's another thing to show us how to do it that makes sense so let's look at how did Jesus demonstrate this godliness How did he demonstrate this humility and this servanthood How did he do it notice what the Bible says the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath annoying to me to preach the Gospel to the poor he has sent me to do what else heal the broken hearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind to set at liberty them that are bruised and to preach the acceptable year the Lord now I want you to watch Jesus's method of medical missionary work because it's different than what the devil is trying to do the devil is going to do healing work in the last days is he going to use that as a means of mesmerising the minds and gaining followers but the problem is that after he does that he's going to actually give something contrary to the very words of Jesus I want you to watch this go to the book of Matthew Chapter Nine watch Jesus in his Gospel medical missionary evangelistic work Matthew nine notice what the Bible says in Matthew the ninth chapter. Let's look at how Jesus did this work Matthew we're looking at Chapter nine and we're going to consider verses one to six and I want you to watch what Jesus did because here we see that when Jesus did his servant hood work he kept combine preaching and healing you see that preaching and healing recovery preaching and recovering of sight the same thing is healing preaching and healing preaching healing Now watch this. When it says here in Matthew nine it says and he entered into a ship and passed over and came into his own city and behold they brought to him a man sick of the palsy lying on a bed and Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy son be of good cheer the what Dyson's be forgiven the now and behold certain of the scribes and said within themselves this man blaspheming and Jesus knowing their thought said wherefore think evil in your hearts for whether it is easier to say Dyson's be forgiven the OR to say Arise and walk but that you may know that the Son of Man have power on earth to forgive sins then say if he to the sick of the palsy arise take about a bed and go on to their house did you see the spiritual work being done there what was the spiritual work. Dyson's be forgiven the did you see the physical work being done yet the physical work now here's the big question why was the physical healing done say again yes but what So why do you even do the physical work here's your clue the answers in the verse. He said that you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins I say Rise sick of your bed and walk so he did his physical work to endorse his spiritual work you got that that was the rationale of him doing his physical healing was to endorse his spiritual healing his spiritual work now look at John five this one I like because I want you to notice these words because these words are in complete contrast this is the contrast to what we see happening in our world today in this false form of bringing individuals to Christ and of course leading to deception John Chapter five in John Chapter Five notice what the Bible says the story is very very familiar I would imagine to many of us this is the man who was at the pool of the birth as a six thirty eight years. And I want you to notice what the Bible says. After this there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool which is called in the Hebrew tongue bath as the having five porches in these lay a great multitude of impotent folk of blind halt with it waiting for the moving of the water for an Angel went down at a certain season into the pool and troubled the water whosoever then first after the troubling of the water step in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had and I was certain and was there which had an infirmity thirty eight years when Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been now a long time in that case he saith unto him without be made whole the impotent man answered him Sir I have no man when the water is troubled to put me into the pool but while I am coming another step is down before me Jesus saith unto him Arise take up the bed and walk and immediately the man was made whole and took up his bed and walk and on the same day was a Sabbath now verse fourteen is very key. Afterward Jesus find of him in the temple and said unto him Behold the are made whole what does it tell him next sin no more. Lest a worse thing come upon you so notice that again with Jesus he always kept the physical and the spiritual work connected is that right OK And in that when he did the spiritual work it always dealt with an eradication of sin you follow that this is in complete contrast to the peace power the beast power heals to embolden in sin so the true Gospel medical missionary worker should do the work of healing that we can call individuals to sin no more you see that difference this is absolutely key in doing this work if we do the work of healing by which we empower people to sin better we are doing a greater work on the beast power side than we are on God's side. You understand that now this is why we are told very clearly an inspiration Christ gave a perfect representation of what true godliness by combining the work of a what physician and a minister ministering to the needs of both body and soul healing physical disease and then speaking words that brought peace to the troubled heart God says I want to revival of that God says I want to revival of that. Does he want to revival of the prayer Yes Does he want to revival of the Bible study Yes Does he want to revival of heart of Angela's Yes. There is God want to revival of the medical missionary work yes and the reason why is because it is the counter is the true work the devil is counterfeiting God's work right now. All this healing work that he's been doing and have been doing for years building up confidence so that the people will follow the message after the miracle. Did you know that that was first God's plan the devil just counterfeit. What do we call. The health work we call it the entering wedge don't we. So as we do the healing work after we bless the individuals by relieving them from their suffering the element of sicknesses does it not prepare their minds to receive our message go and sin no more. The devil has counterfeit this. And the problem. That we're seeing in our world today God as I've given to the medical missionary work a solution if we can keep these two together and we're going to flesh this out throughout our time together this week if we can keep these two together we will see a demonstration of godliness in our world that the world has not seen for a long time to see my brothers and sisters look at this quote How shall we reveal Christ I know of no better way then to take hold of the medical missionary work in connection with the ministry God has endorsed this work tremendously it's a solution. To the deceptive power because while the devil is doing his work to heal that others may sin better God is calling us to do his work to heal that we may say Go and sin no more. And God needs to raise up more workers and I thought about it we need power. And when I say we need power I'm talking about serious power I'm told by this kind of power. You know we're very timid in medical missionary work. And I want you to listen carefully to what I'm about to say here because I was reading a little book by a gentleman named M.L. and various In his book was called prayer. And he brought out a point that I had not considered. When I was going through the book now the Andrus and stated Did you know that in the New Testament we have recorded only two times by which God's people prayed and then a miracle took place in the form of healing and resurrection only two times now do we have a holistic healing in the Bible in the New Testament to have a whole lot of healing in these type of things oh yes. But he said but only two times they prayed. Peter would Tabitha Jesus would last us that's only time you see prayer first then the work was done a miracle was done he said the other times Jesus would see somebody with a demon and Jesus say come out of them Paul would see somebody Peter and John there and a man of the gate beautiful and he's asking for help and his brothers would just say listen silver and gold have I not but such as I give identity in the name of Jesus get up it got me thinking. Then I looked at Peter's prayer with Tabitha this is where it got more interesting. When Peter prayed for Tabitha. Peter did not pray Lord. Listen to these words care because these words are probably repeated that every sanitary I'm on the globe if it be your will raise this person up. If not you know give them grace to bear with it now is that a wrong prayer we have a whole chapter in ministry here in corporate for the sick and we are told that we are to say Lord to be your will right there's nothing wrong with that but why is it that Peter. Didn't have to say that. Why is it that him and John when they together said they would you just get up get up and walk why is it that Paul is preaching all night brother gets tired. Falls asleep falls down dies Paul goes down brother get back up and he gets back up. And I began to think to myself the disciples minds were so united with God. That before they even did the work God already made it known I endorse it and I thought to myself I don't know a lot of medical missionaries that have that type of connection and guess what here's where it got even deeper that was under early rain power is there any rain still here what what are we waiting for we're waiting for the latter so you don't get land without early that means the early rain is present God is ready to give early rain we need early rain if we don't have any rain we definitely are not getting a lot of rain I was on earlier in power but the and forgive me for saying it this way if it fine if you find it offensive but I don't mean to offend but I believe the lazy faithless many a times seventy had been his mindset says well that will happen under the Latter Rain God says I respectfully disagree this these type of work why do we believe only the preaching of the gospel is the only manifestation earlier in power that we do now but everything else to happen earlier in the has to wait until the latter rain what bible verse you get that from. There in other words family there's much more power waiting for us that's the point. And so the question is. How can we get the attention. Of those in our surrounding communities how can we get the attention of those who come here that they don't come here sick centers and leave healthier centers we need power and there's a way that God gives that power. And we have to talk about that tomorrow. And so tomorrow we're going to really talk about that because I have never been so compassionate. Towards the sick. Like I have since the past few months ago when a man who thought that he would never ever have a physical complication. Thought I was Superman. Never been admitted into a hospital. And here it is. That's something when I was a child completely ignorant I don't know anything as a eight or ten year old and here it is I get strep throat wasn't taken care of very quickly turned into remarriage fever they deal with it but it damaged my heart it was too late. Here it is thirty years later by chance I end up in a cardiologist office and all of a sudden he say Mr Lemon you have a problem no symptom completely asymptomatic. That did not mean I did not have a problem had to go through open heart surgery December nineteenth two thousand and sixty here is that when that I got tubes coming out of me my chest has just been solid open. Mr Lemon is time to walk this is the day after and I said I'll feel like walking and he said do you want to leave this hospital. Yes he said you need to walk I said please bring my slippers and I go ahead and I start walking and when I walk past every room. And I just saw people just laid out. Day one they're almost in the same exact position. I discovered a compassion towards the sick that I never had. I have always cared for sick people but this was completely different my heart was intertwined with them now. And you know what I started realizing I said Lord powerless. I have no power. To help these people or I could say Oh I'll take some activated charcoal or do this poultice etc Yes I can help them out with some of those things in those things and not I'm not here to put that down those things a wonderful family I'm not here to put it down. But I'm just saying Maybe God wants to do more maybe some of us got settled maybe we've gotten comfortable with health guess who come by and we kind of put that clause in there you might die but at least you'll be alright and here it is that Jesus walks to a village and a Bible says not one person remained. That was not really this Ignis one. And I'm thinking father. Is the problem with you was the problem with us. Where is this gospel power because you know the beast power is doing he's touching children's heart and hearts holes are closing and I'm thinking to myself yes those works are going to be done the devil is going to deceive that's true but what I'm saying family is that I believe with all of my heart there is more power. That God wants to veil to each and every one of us and I don't believe that the frustration is with God. The frustration is happening with us we're not a veiling ourselves to be willing to go deeper and all medical missionary institutes right now where somebody is too sick. They actually turn them away. Can you imagine that somebody who has a degree of sickness that's so bad that they say sorry we can't take you. And I'm saying I saw a nothing like that in the blueprint of Jesus in his medical missionary work. You could be leprous. And Jesus says I'm not afraid to touch you. Because this is I know who's holding me while. We get caught up into political foolishness and we're afraid to lose things my brothers you know you get less and we're gearing up to lose everything what you hold in the hunt for do the work God will protect you will probably lose some of our buildings maybe it's time to do some of the buildings that's OK I'm learning the principles of true surrender on a deeper level than I've ever studied it before. That word faith. Means trust and the word trust means to turn over. And the question is have you turned everything over to God Are you still trying to run the organization are you truly letting God run it even if it means that he's going to do whatever he has to do. To allow us to go forward in real Gospel power my brothers and sisters. The world needs real Gospel medical missionary evangelism like never before and I praise God for a place like this that says listen we're not only willing to hear it we're willing to be instruments in God's hands to get it done and so by God's grace beginning tomorrow we're going to flesh out some of those things that will help us enter into that next phase of gospel power we're going to define medical missionary work just a bit more clearly we're going to be able to look back at this wonderful work in the Times in which we're living that we by God's grace can be his problem solvers and my question is very simple how many of you are willing to be part of that solution that God is putting together if you are please there to your feet with me. Let us pray together. Our loving Father we are so thankful for your spirit speaking to our hearts showing us the problem that is happening in our world the problems that are happening in the church but thankfully showing us a solution this solution we believe is true Gospel medical missionary evangelism which is designed to reveal shrew godliness Lord I pray help us all to take to heart what we have studied help us to co-operate with heaven that by your grace we will be counted among those whom you will look at and say Here goes my problem. And empower us to do that only you can get the credit he asked in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you first if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W. Or.


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