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The Sacredness of the Laws of Health

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • September 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven I just want to thank you for the privilege to come with my brothers and my sisters your sons and your daughters and we all together as a family and study to show ourselves approved unto you being workmen that need not be ashamed for we have rightly divided your words of truth Lord we humble ourselves in your sight upon our knees and we ask you for the forgiveness of our sins we pray for the presence of your Holy Spirit Lord we need him so desperately and father I just ask that you will do something special with this clay you know the nervousness in my heart that I always have come in before by people but Lord I know that you can take control of the mind in the mouth and just give what you want to be given do so even now in a marked manner and I pray that not only will you bless everybody else I am asking that you do something special for my own heart and praying that while you are truly blessing others Don't Pass Me By help all of us to leave here refresh and edified as a result of coming in contact with Jesus is our prayer that we asked today in Jesus' name amen. There are a few things that I wanted to say the first thing is this It is amazing how often when Jesus would teach and preach that he was misunderstood. It was not because what Jesus said was confusing but it's because sometimes we're thinking and listening at the same time and you know sometimes it causes us maybe not to hear things clearly and it kept coming in my mind make this point of clarification make this point of clarification so because it kept coming in my mind I said let me go ahead and do that I stand before you unflinchingly. Convinced. That there is more that God wants to do in to and through his people I'm convinced of that I have been part of this movement for twenty five years and I've seen in my own life as well as in the lives of many far more talk than power and God is not. Not desirous that we stay in that condition we are terrible we are incredibly rather intellectual we're very smart people for those of us who study alive you know I've sat with some of the most brilliant minds in Adventism those who are popular and in the the mainstream preaching circuit as well as many who people do not know about but they are some of God's shining stars that we will see them best when midnight comes and I know that there is a large amount of intellect that we have in our movement but I have also seen among some of the high level intellectuals I have seen character qualities that I know are character qualities of Satan in fact these character qualities were even in my own heart it amazes me how we can know so much gospel truth I'll give you something so incredibly simple How is it that a man that a woman can know so much of the Bible knows so much of the spirit of prophecy yet if they have difference with a brother they talk to other people about it rather than the brother. I mean that's like A.B.C. Bible Matthew eighteen fifteen through eighteen the Bible is very clear on that you got issue with your brother do not go around talking and gossiping with other fellow workers fellow Christians for whatever go to the brother and go solve the issue some people say oh it's not personal read heavenly places page two ninety two and when you read heavenly places page two ninety two and why it says she marveled at how God's people have neglected to follow the simple teachings of Matthew eighteen she said many will say oh no it's nothing personal and they use that as a means of why they don't go to the brother. In L.A. I says the words of God are explicitly stated in Matthew eighteen that you are still to go to your brother you know and that's just one of literally a thousand examples and so what I I believe is that we need more power and now I am not I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of the Gospel the simplicity of the god. Still there was a picture that was shown to me and it was on Facebook some of you probably saw this picture I believe that this picture beautifully represents what Christ wants to do with his people it's a picture of Jesus I don't have it you know anything I can find it but it is a picture of Jesus and Jesus has Jesus talking to a little girl some of you might have seen this picture and when Jesus is talking to the little girl Jesus has one hand like this he has another hand like this the hand that is like this is suggesting give me what you have the little girl had a little teddy bear. So the image the cartoon the little girl is holding on to that and you know that she's holding on to the teddy bear with reluctancy you know like I don't really want to give this to Jesus even though Jesus would perfect smile lovely countenance is saying give me a bear but what she did not see was the teddy bear that was at least five times the size of her little teddy bear that she cherished so much and it was simply it was to make a very simple point that when God calls us from something or God calls us to something he always has something better in store for us than what we presently have or the present position we're in. God wants to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ask or think that is the real key point that I want to get across and so I said that yesterday and this is the point that I want to bring clarification just in the event that somebody might have had a point of confusion I talked about the disciples and I talked about how how is it and I still marvel at this how is it that Peter could say a prayer to tell Tabitha to get up and he never asked God Lord if it's your will let this happen he already knew it was God's will. How is it that Peter can go to a man and John and. Go to a man at the gate called beautiful and they literally know how to say that brother listen I don't have money but I do have something. I mean they knew this was no guesswork and neither was it conceit they knew what God gave them there is nothing wrong when a gospel worker understands these are the gifts God has given to me and then what he wants you to do is he wants you to intellectually and intelligently he wants you practically to cultivate that gift and so it is they say look I know what I don't have but I know what I do have and so he said in the name of Jesus get up and start walking. Again they knew that God was in agreement with their statement and so there was no hesitancy I do not see that medical missionary work now listen what I'm saying carefully I do not see that in a broad sweeping manner in medical missionary work what I was not seeing yesterday was that we need to start seeing a whole bunch of miraculous healing that was not even my point you heard me say yesterday that I said using the model it is using herbs and poultices a setter my thing is is how many of us have confidence when we apply the poultice do the hydrotherapy treatment or whatever the treatment is how many of us have the kind of confidence that Peterhead that we know this individual is going to leave U.T.I. and healed how many of us have that kind of confidence because our minds are so in tune with Christ in a most holy place this is the issue it's not about just seeing a whole bunch of miraculous healing I firmly believe God does still do miraculous healing I want to make that clear. But got that and by the way. It's a miracle you woke up this morning. The Understand that if we understood as a prophet tells us of the war that takes place when we're asleep. And how those demons want to do everything possible to make sure that we do not rise. I think God for angels that excel in strength. And that's why you breathe in listening to me even right now so that's a miracle in and of itself so I know for a God still wants to do plenty plenty plenty miracles and if he chooses to do it with out and assisting agency with and assisting agency it's still a miracle. We understand that. And so God wants to do something special with us as we think about gospel medical missionary evangelism God wants to do some special with us but we have to be prepared to receive what heaven so desperately wants to give and the question is what is it that God wants to give Luke the eleventh chapter this is what the Bible says we don't talk about it Luke the eleventh chapter because I want this power I know how to talk. I know how to preach and I know how to teach but my brothers and sisters the something God wants to do beyond talking preaching and teaching. God wants to endow us with power power that is beyond what the world has to offer right now you're going to look at leaven but what the world offers right now is power but it's fast power. It's a false power it's a limited power and it's definitely temporary power yea even sinful power and so it is that the world has nothing to offer us but yet we see so many people being drawn to the world and that's why we're drawn to the stock market we think that's where prosperity is my Bible tells me in Deuteronomy eight in verse eighteen it tells me it is the Lord our God that gives us wealth and then it says he gives us wealth that he might establish his covenant so that he doesn't give us well just for any happenstance so we can do what we want but he gives us that wealth that we can take care of our needs for sure but that we can also establish his covenant that is designed to alternately finish his work and bring peace back to bring his people home but the web gets mesmerized by the stark Marc. They get mesmerized by mixed martial arts they get mesmerized by all of the various R. and B. and hip hop and rock N roll concerts etc I think those are the places where power is. God all along says no God says I have power that this world knows nothing of but they will know it soon God lets us know that there's a promise that's coming that soon and very soon he's going to pour out His Spirit upon his people who are ready to receive it and it's going to be so much power that John the Revelator uses this poetic language by which he says the world will be lit up with the glory of God. And this is something you and I have the privilege to be a people prepared to receive that but what is it that we're trying to receive Luke the eleven chapter The Bible says In Luke the eleventh chapter and if you there please say amen the Bible says look the eleven chapter now I like this because what we're reading in Luke a level in is the same principle that reading in Matthew seven is just that in Matthew seven it does not come out as forcefully as it does and Luke eleven and so it is that in Matthew seven we know where it says Ask and you shall receive Well let's kind of get a bit more clarity on that the Bible says and Luke the eleventh chapter starting at verse nine it says and I say unto you ask and it shall be given you seek and you shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you now for every one that I ask you to receive it how many people receive every one who asks Now watch them every one who ask you to receive it and he that seek it find it and to him that knock it it shall be opened if a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father will you give him a stone will you think the answer is Well this is a work if he ask a fish really for a fish give him a serpent course not if he shall ask an egg will the offer him a scorpion absolutely not now Jesus brings the whole lesson home in verse thirteen he says If ye then being what evil know how to give good gifts unto your childe. And how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him my brothers and sisters. The only way that we're going to be able to demonstrate the type of gospel power that God wants to reveal is we must understand our neither for the Holy Spirit and the reason we need the Holy Spirit is because of Acts Chapter one I'll go there these are just simple little reminders will take a little deeper in a moment but in Acts Chapter one remember what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit because again the father is willing just like a wicked father wants to still give a good gift to the children and all of us are wicked if we are left to ourselves can you say amen to that is that sure. We are wicked if we are left to ourselves the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked but it's funny my father who had a we could our just like I had a weak at heart my father still loved to give good gifts to me and my seven siblings. I mean Dad would make a big to do about it get Dad would go ahead and and planned the surprise out just so I could come home and he would tell me things like doing a come inside the house when you're on punishment and I'm like whoa he says I need you to go to your room and I got to deal with you I got to talk to you and you do not want to face my father's wrath and I'm like What did I do I just came up from school I need to get a chance to do something bad and here it is that good will and wait there for me and here it is my heart pounding I'm walking up the steps sulking and down and then I walk inside the room and there goes a brand new cat. Thousands a brand new car known as a brand new cat. There knew how much I wanted to have that little black cat pretty black cat. I call that spike and my father would just he would always make a thing out of surprising us and giving us a good gift and so it is that I got that cat and I'm like that he's like and he's laughing and you know we hug each other and we're just enjoying the new member to our family my brothers and sisters if you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more does your heavenly Father want to give the Holy Spirit to them that would just ask and when we get the Spirit of God was the context of it look at it in Acts chapter one in Acts one the Bible says it very clear acts one verses seven and eight and he said unto them It is not for you to know the Times or the seasons which the father has put in his own power but you shall receive what Pilar after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses and to be both in Jerusalem and in all Judeo and in some area and unto the utter most part of the earth my brothers and sisters. The reason that the Holy Spirit should be so central in our prayers our thoughts our studies our requests is because this is the only source of gospel power this is the only way that God can activate the activated charcoal This is the only way that God can literally use these remedies by which we can be instruments of healing by the way did you know that the Holy Spirit is the one that brings the mind of Christ to us. In other words why was Peter able to raise Tabitha and God was in agreement why was it that Peter and John could go ahead and say to the man of the gate beautiful rising he got up and Rose Why is it that Paul could go to this brother who fell down dead and he just simply gratis and wakes them back up to life why is it because they had the mind of God and their minds were in agreement with God. And God was in agreement with their minds they were one. And God was able to communicate to them what he wanted and they did what God wanted with out a flinch and without a stitch of lack of faith and so it is and it's funny did you know the one thing that translate from both gift to fruit is faith. Is that right. The one thing that translates from both gift to fruit is faith in other words if you study first Corinthians Chapter twelve that's the gifts of the spirit. But if you study Galatians five twenty two and twenty three faith is also a fruit of the Holy Spirit you understand that that's the one to translate from both gifts to fruit and we shall not know them by the guess but we definitely know them by their fruit my brothers and sisters the issue with many of us is we still lack faith. We're still very timid and the reason we're timid is because we don't still have the mind of God as we could or should in fact remember yesterday when we looked at the master medical missionary Jesus you remember that I put this little picture up there I don't know if you caught what he said first before he went to do his medical missionary evangelistic work. It went like this the spirit of the Lord is what upon me there is that that's the first part of the verse that's the first statement in other words this is the pre read to every medical missionary is the spirit of the word upon you or is it that you just simply went somewhere and are educated on how to do proper diet proper herbs proper hydro treatments but your life is void of the Spirit of God. You understand that did your teacher even make sure that they can honestly look at you before they let you graduate and get your certificate the day even think to themselves did this person demonstrate the fruit of God Spirit in their heart. Sometimes we give people certificates because they paid a fee and we don't want to get in trouble we need to get to a place that we can say listen. We have seen your interactions we have watched how you dealt with your fellow brethren we have seen how you behave on the on the farm or how you behave in the mechanical room or how you behave in all the different places it is evident that your life is not yielding to the Spirit of God. We would hurt you by allowing you to receive a certificate of completion when you are far from completed. We would like to encourage you to stay with us a little longer we'd like to encourage you to consider these steps if you leave us in other words sometimes we're not even looking for that and all we're doing is we're taking ignorant sinners and turning them into intelligent herbalists intelligent dietitians people who are intelligent in various Modahl ities while it is blazingly evident that they are still unconverted. My brothers and sisters LISTEN TO BE listen be carefully when a man comes to you. What a woman comes to you and they begin to gossip and to evil surmise their brother. And you join in and say yeah yeah me too yeah feel that way too and you are just not having a good ole gossip fest. Hating on your brother you both have your brother's phone number and your phone you both have access to your brother's email but for some reason you find it easier to talk to each other then it is to talk to your brother. When stuff like that happens do you know you're on your way to hell. Let me prove it go to Revelation twenty one watch this notice what the Bible says Did you know that if we let that stuff keep happening because I'd never say all this happens only amongst worldlings know this happens among some of the most faithful what appears to be faithful gospel workers look at what the Bible says i'm sure what the Bible says Revelation twenty one wants this revelation twenty first chapter I want you to watch what the text says now and I want you to watch it clearly verses seven and eight Revelation twenty one verses seven and eight notice what the Bible says the Bible says He that what he that overcome it verse seven Revelation twenty one seven He that overcome it shall inherit all things amen and I will be as God and He shall be my sons but watch this very see but the fearful and unbelieving and what else and the abominable and murderers and her mongers and sorcerers and eye doctors and allies shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death notice that of many things that was listed in verse eight one of them was called that which is abominable is that right now same book same chapter go down to the last verse in verse twenty seven notice what the Bible says again talking about that blasted New Jerusalem the place I know we all want to go it says and Revelation twenty one it says and there shall a no wise enter into it talking about the New Jerusalem it says and there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that what define it neither whatsoever what word came. Bomb a nation or make it a lie but they which are written in the Lambs Book of Life. Nothing that is abominable nothing that works abomination will enter in to the New Jerusalem is that the Bible says go to proffer of six in Proverbs the sixth chapter watch this proverbs we're looking at Chapter six that's why I believe with all of my heart that it is true when I hear evangelists say Heaven will be filled with surprises they're going to be many people we thought were going to be there that won't be there they're going to many people be many people that we've already cast away from there there's going to be there and the greatest surprise of all is if we're there the Bible says In Proverbs Chapter six. Proverbs Chapter six right there in verse sixteen now we know nothing about the blow Revelation twenty one eight and nothing that works abomination Revelation twenty one twenty seven will enter into the New Jerusalem now what does it say in Proverbs six verses sixteen to nineteen the Bible says In Proverbs six verses sixteen to nineteen it says. These six things that the Lord what a year seven I an abomination was that seven are an abomination unto him what are the things that God calls hateful that which he hates and is an abomination it says a proud look. A lying tongue and hands that shed innocent blood a heart that devises wicked imaginations feet that be swift in running to mischief. Of false witness that speaks lies and he that does wood souls discord among brethren. Do you know that that's what gossiping does do you know that that's exactly what evil surmising does. We say things when even know as a fact we say things well even though it's true why because we never talk to the person that we're talking about this is a plague that runs amongst the highest professors of present truth. So I normally write grounds for this message God wants us to understand you and I have no hope of entering into the kingdom if we can meet Brother to Brother Sister sister and we can talk about other brothers and other sisters. And nobody even asked the question why have you taken your gripes your beats your discuss your dislikes Have you taken all of your complaints have you taken this to your brother you understand yet we profess such high level religion don't tell me even the present truth I don't need the Holy Spirit my brothers and sisters this is the greatest source of power that we should be praying for. This is what we desperately need Jesus was able to do the incredible gospel medical missionary evangelistic work that he did because the spirit of the Lord was upon him we need to make this a criterion that you know that even to enter into the school of the prophets when I read the chapter school the prophecy in the book education there were three things every student was supposed to be you see too often we pay attention to the dollar figure. More of the character. There were three things every student was supposed to pose Yes and demonstrate before they would enter into the school of the prophets and guess what if that's the criterion for the student should it not be the criterion for the work or do you know a worker could be the most dangerous person on earth. Because listen when I used to walk around my neighborhood. The truth when I used to walk around my neighborhood if I did something bad my brother. It was not look at what Duane lemons doing it was not that NO NO NO NO. They would say is that Wilson Lemon son. Did you catch what I just said. They did not say look at what Duane Vernon Leslie Michael journey Elaine Michel all of Verna doing they did not say what they would everything was OK That's Wilson and arraignments kids. And whatever I did was a reflection of who I belong to my brothers and sisters the most the most crucial scrutiny that should be given to somebody who says I'd like to volunteer for your organization the most crucial scrutiny. I don't care how much skills you have that means nothing to me it is synergy it is have you demonstrate a conversion. But we we as administrators we don't even look at this. We've become so widely that we're like let's look at the resume. They've done X. amount of years of mechanics let's bring them on as a mechanic we need a mechanic and sometimes we're not even looking for the fruit. We're not even look and the next thing you know that mechanic comes in and when that mechanic comes in what if they're not converted and what if they end up molesting somebody on the property What if they end up doing something so wicked so unthinkable Paul had to deal with that in first Corinthians they need in the in the current in the church a current He had to deal with that he said there are sins that are happening in the church a current that has not even been so much as named among Gentiles you are sleeping with your father's wife. Even Gentiles are like that is crazy. You understand that so the bible says that's the first qualifier. For anyone who's a medical missionary any place that is a medical missionary Institute people should be able to walk the grounds and say I sense the presence of Jesus here they shouldn't just say oh boy there's a lot of intelligent folks who really know how to read Blood. And really know how to read diagnostic this and die of this and that's all fine and dandy those are the ancillaries those will come. But that's the number one thing every health guest should be able to say is I sense the presence of God's Spirit with these doctors since the present when Jesus walked in the neighborhood you remember that chapter in the desire of ages as a child I mean I had to think about it I mean I love reading because I'm a high school dropout and I hated reading the seven a church got me interested in reading OK and it's like I'm for real this church this movement this message got this ignorant black boy interested in reading and it's like and once I got him I got hooked and when I read I imagine people people read and think through the imagination so pictures are coming up in my head so what I mean is I have a just as a child and I'm reading how Jesus would walk and neighborhood and his people would be more cheered by his presence they'd hear him singing when he's walking down the street I said to my mind I said that's pretty nice. I actually said you know what I mean I'm not as young as him when he did that but I think I could do that walk through my neighborhood and grade it is that. There is no. Turning B. I can do that but. The next parses even the creatures of the grove. Were more cheerful as a result of his presence. I said a squirrel you know I'm there I'm thinking I'm imagining through the reading your understand that squirrel bird you know I'm thinking where cheerful. So now walk through the neighborhood grade I'm going to chipmunks I'm looking at I'm looking I want to see land can you touch can so much of the presence of God be with a man and with a woman that it's not just people but it's things. That are actually touched by our presence. Is what can you imagine this is what Jesus is trying to reproduce. And sinful flesh like you and I. So when I'm looking at this that is the most crucial part about the verse and a lot of times we pass that and we focus on all of this because the other not to preach to hear the preacher crap I got to get to the preacher teaching healing work and whistle read to get to the work without making sure that the spirit of the Lord is upon us my brothers and sisters this is key. This is key. Is the spirit of the Lord upon me because I can assure you if we're still gossiping. If we're still hating. If we're still Pickering if we're still fussing if we're still fighting if we're still non-cooperative if we still have a backbiting spirit. How can we say that we are vessels ready to be filled with the Spirit of God. It's impossible. It's improper Listen ladies I don't care how long your skirt is you can still be a pervert is that straight enough for you listen to what I'm saying to you family there are women who can dress right but have the heart of a harlot. And there's only one thing that can get rid of that heart of hearts and that's the Holy Spirit you understand. Gentlemen we can dress nice and all this other stuff but we can be perverts. And practice we can professions. In our privacy especially with our high speed Internet. And our new large screen P.T.A. phones. And we can fall into some of the devil's death traps. And the following day preach the gospel my brothers and sisters we have to understand we need the spirit of the Lord to be upon us you see watch this go to John seventeen knows what the Bible says John seventeen is this is beautiful I praise the Lord for redirecting my mind. In John seventeen I want you to watch what the Bible says John seventeen God knew somebody needs this somebody needs this John seventeen I want you to watch the words of Jesus I want you to watch it very carefully as we study the Word of God John seventeen because this power he wants to give but there's a higher cooperation that he needs in John seventeen The Bible says in John seventeen verse eighteen if you there say amen the Bible says as now that word as means in like manner OK as that hour has sent me into the world even so in like manner have I sent them into the world is I Right OK So understanding this this prayer was for. Well it's two fold this prayer was directly for the disciples right but if you go down to verse twenty it says right there that it went beyond the disciples that was present with them because this is a verse twenty neither pray I for these alone but fair of them also wish I believe on me through their word OK So that includes all of us Jesus was praying for the eleven there but he was also praying for every single one of us down to twenty seventeen all right now understanding this let's take a look at how he was sent X. ten so good X. the tenth chapter Lou. That how Christ was sent the Bible says in the book of Acts the tenth chapter and I want you to watch this because this is this is so so so important my brothers and sisters X. Chapter ten. God wants to do something special we need to be delivered and the Lord has enough power still to deliver each and every one of us if we're willing to be delivered the Bible says in Acts the ten chapter we're considering verse thirty eight and the Bible says how God did what anointed Now remember that because if we look at the spirit of the Lord is apparently because he has anointed me right so look at this is says how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power so when you get the Holy Ghost you have power it says he anointed us with the Holy Ghost and with power who went about doing good and healing how many healing that were oppressed of the devil so notice that when Jesus came to this earth the father sent him he was anointed with the Holy Ghost therefore he had power and it enabled him to do good and to heal all sorts of manners of problems you understand that now Jesus says as I've been sent so I'm sending you so again we're showing from the Bible how imperatively how imperative it is that we must make sure that we are recipients of God's Holy Spirit we need the Spirit of God that we might have power to do good to choose to do good to others OK now let's go ahead and look at Luke Chapter nine in Luke Chapter nine notice what the Bible says it's an inference Luke Chapter nine. In Luke the ninth chapter now when Let's consider verses one and two Luke nine and we're looking at verses one and two. Luke nine versus one into. The Bible says if there is a man. Look nine wanted to then he called his twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick my brothers and sisters as Christ was sent so he sent them they received a measure. Of the Spirit of God and they had power to cure diseases later on when you study the Bible you see in John twenty one John twenty that Jesus again breathed on them or the Holy Spirit and then of course in the book of Acts they get a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit through the early rain all right spirit of God more and still more growing and God Spirit this is an imperative so we need to start asking ourselves Lord. Have I made it a priority. To make sure that I am a recipient of your spirit that I might go and effectively minister to others. Because you know that's one of the best things you can give somebody. Is the knowledge and revelation of the influence of God's Spirit upon your heart did you know that the reason why is if you write this write this down medical ministry page twelve if you write down medical medical ministry page twelve we're told the influence of the Holy Spirit is the very best medicine for every sick man and woman if you catch that the influence of the Holy Spirit is the very best medicine to be given to a sick man or a sick woman you see if I'm influenced by the Spirit of God I know better how to articulate how someone else can be influenced by the Spirit of God and that is the very best medicine I remember when I would teach my medical missionary classes I would ask the question to the students I would say QUESTION Does the Bible show us that the Holy See that that healing is connected with the Holy Spirit and they would say well yes and I say where and a lot of times famine in the land. We don't know where to go and that's a problem and that is a problem that we are not laugh at unless you know where you you know where you need to go. While I say that because we are told in the Book Volume five of the testimony to the church paid seven zero seven is under the chapter mysteries of the Bible. And in Volume five of the testimony to the church page seven zero seven it says there are many who wrote us to have a knowledge of present truth who really do not know what they believe then after that sentence Here's the qualifier. After the sentence is says they do not understand the evidences of their faith that's the crisis some of us are watching too much youtube some of us are listening to too much audio verse some of us are watching too much three B.N.. And what's happening is these networks meant for good are now crowding out our time for personal devotion audio verse is meant to be a blessing but every sermon on already a verse is designed to push you to get more to personal devotion if that doesn't happen than we had already a verse I'm missing something you understand that our desire as speakers on audio verse is to help you see I need to know how to walk with Jesus myself I need to study to show myself approved and to God and if we allow morning conference calls as so many people today that's on all these morning conference calls letting somebody else do your devotions for you. And you wonder why am I so weak why is it I don't have enough gospel power I listen to a thousand sermons why am I so weak that doesn't even make sense. You can't go to Jesus and asked that kind of question. Jesus going to say listen this is life eternal that you might know God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent not know of him through the testimony of another but know him for yourself. And what happens is some of us know how to repeat what we heard from our favorite evangelists on you to be an audio verse and all those morning calls. But very very few know how to say Matthew Mark Luke and John by the way I said very few of us know how to say Matthew Mark Luke and John so first you got people that don't even know what to say that's a crisis. Then you've got others who actually say well past the blank said Evangelist blank said That's another crisis. Now believe it or not this is also a crisis it's just it's just more mild than the others some of us only know how to say this in my words some of us only know how to say desire Vegas is. Buying five testimony says gospel worker says some of us actually know in a fellow why we're alive she'd rebuke you she would rebuke you how would I know that great controversy five eighty nine in great controversy five eighty nine the prophet of God says but God will have a people who will use the Bible and the Bible all loom. As the spend for all doctrine and the basis for all reforms and there's a lot of women here where a lot of dresses. If you want a lot of dresses I'm happy for you but my question is this Do you know how to pick this up and explain that to the Baptists who might ask you the question why do you always always wear dresses. Do you know how to answer the Baptists or the you can't say the prayer of inspiration. You can say the Spirit of Prophecy says you can't say that to the Baptists You can't say that to the Pentecost you can't say that to the non-denominational list because if you say our prophet says they're going to say well our profits this and that you can have a big profit fight so my point is. I know you believe in this don't you. So what if I can show you from the Bible why God says dress reform you understand. Or there's very few there's very few people that know how to do that and there is even far less medical missionaries that know how to do this this and I've met thousands of medical missionaries over my time in these twenty five years in this movement and if there's one thing I've discovered about a lot of medical missionary says they are not very good Bible students that's a bold statement isn't You'd better not say not like that unless you know what you're talking about I know what I'm talking about Seriously I've been to several medical missionary institutes in this country and out of this country and you sit down with them one by one in fact some of the strangest ideas come from medical missionaries believe all sorts of interesting things have got a new way to look at the Bible and here we go Where would you go and I know Father bring it back to me because I know we're going to probably have to go down a path of correction. We have to understand that we've got to get back to that blueprint of scripture that's tomorrow's message will talk about it but the point is this we need the Spirit of God that we might do a faithful work and if we have the Spirit of God It should be revealed you see go to Romans want to get let me remind you of what Romans one says that bring us some final points here Romans one let's look back at Romans one because yesterday we talked about how there's a problem in our world the beast power is going to use the healing work and miraculous work to mesmerize and dazzle the minds of the people in the church and in the world by which they're going to give a message that's going to set up the image of the beast and bring on the mark of the beast on a Sunday like crisis this is exactly what's being done right now and it's blowing up even more now we've got hurricanes all over the place and everything else everybody's going to say we need to come back to God by the way that's biblical did you know that where did I say to go. Hold your finger Romans one very very quickly go to Nehemiah thirteen Let me show you that is Biblical they're going to use of Biblical argument but they're just going to twist it with the devil saw for St watch this chapter thirteen your fingers on Romans one we're going to need a Maya and we're looking at Chapter thirteen I'm going to show you that it's biblical they're going to use a biblical argument but they're going to mingle it with Satan sawfish St watch this Nehemiah where and what chapter very good chapter thirteen Now watch what the Bible says and Niedermeyer thirteen the Bible says right there verses fifteen to eighteen pay attention to the text in Nehemiah thirteen fifteen through eighteen the Bible says in those days so I am Judas some trading wine presses on the Sabbath. And bringing in cheese and living asses as also wine grapes and figs and all manners of burden which they brought into Jerusalem on what day the sabbath day and I testified against them in the day when they sold. Victuals there don't men of tire also there in which brought fish in all manner of wear and sand on the Sabbath unto the children of Judah and in Jerusalem then I contended with the nobles of Judah and set into them what what kind of thing what evil thing is this you that he do and profane the Sabbath Day Now watch verse eighteen did not your father's thus did they do the same thing and did not bring all this evil upon us and upon the city yet he bring more wrath upon Israel by profaning the Sabbath did Israel suffer calamity did Israel suffer judgment as a result of profane of the Sabbath the Bible is clear on that the beast power is going to use the same argument but they instead of saying Saturday Sabbath they're going to say Sunday so now Hurricane Jose getting ready to hit the northeast Hurricane Maria is it Hurricane Maria coming up as well. Every time that's one thing you do twenty one Luke twenty one twenty four to like twenty seven very important for us to look at especially that word perplexity and literally every time there's a natural disaster it has a direct impact on the economy. Is that right billions and billions and billions more more Monopoly money has to be paid out. We are a broke nation and we're living on believe money and sooner or later belief is going to turn into reality and what's going to happen is we're going to be an economic crisis even worse and they're going to say how do we get out of this economic crisis how do we get out of this natural disaster stuff how do we get out ahead of these things and some genius is going to come along and say I have a solution. Men are all fending God by the violation of the Sunday said that. It is this sin that has brought forth calamities and these things will not cease until Sunday observance shall be strictly enforced. This is really the verbiage of great controversy page five ninety so we can see where everything is lining up and is even more but my point is this while the beast is doing his work God's people need to be doing their work but we can't do God's work except we're anointed. We need to have the spirit of the Lord upon us now when ever we receive the Gospel God is ready to give his spirit. And you say amen to that whenever we're ready to receive the gospel got ready to give his spirit to us to empower us now to share the gospel but watch this in Romans one what it is saying verses sixteen and seventeen look at the overall goal of God in the Gospel in Romans one sixteen very familiar text I would imagine to many of us it says I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is that power of God and to salvation to everyone that believes to the Jew first and also to the Greek verse seventeen for there is in him the Gospel is says is though what of God the righteousness of God What's the next word so wait a minute. When God gives us the Gospel is it to be contained in our hearts. Know the verses in the Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith so my brother talks to you and I last night about the third angel's message being justification by faith in verity What is that is the work of God of laying the glory of man in the dust as our work we make that work hard. Hence it's hard for God lay the grave man in the dust and then God can do for man that which it is impossible for him to do for itself that's the principle of the thirteen just messes because there's no level of human genius that's going to get us through this crisis. There's no level of human genius that's going to accomplish alkie how smart you are how smart you think you are or how resourceful you are you can buy a thousand guns and sit in your rocking chair waiting for the beast and his imps to show up. And the devil make you turn a gun in yourself and pull the trigger my brother says this is not a battle of flesh and blood. This is a serious principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in very very high places we have nothing in us that can fight this fight we're going to need God to do for us what we can't do for for ourselves but he first must lay our glory in the dust now watch this considering that when I think about the gospel it's God's power on limited that he wants to reveal as his children walk from faith to faith for the just shall live by faith and so that means that this should be some demonstration of the Spirit of God in your life and in my life the spirit of God is gentle Are you still rough you understand that. The influence of God's Spirit is gentle the influence of God's spirit is willing to forgive the worst of sinners Have you forgiven the worst of your offenders. The Spirit of God has a fruit called Love. And love is willing to suffer your penalty and give you his reward. Humility are you willing to suffer for others say maybe even to lay down your life for a bunch of people that don't even appreciate you never let alone don't even say thank you. These serve like that family these are things that God makes very clear is the fruit of his spirit and this is what God says I want my people to understand that the sooner that they can do this the better they'll do medical missionary work some ices help for them a great sermon but how does this connect back to medical missionary work was very simple. We're told in order to be purified. And then to remain pure for it says Seventh Day Adventists must have the Holy Spirit in their hearts but watch this you want to know the best place to know if you have the Holy Spirit in your heart. Go to Luke Chapter two. In truth we haven't even scratched the surface with this sermon you're. Interested much deeper than we think i'm telling you God gave it to me this morning and I said Thank You Lord. Because I said Father we need something special this hard crisis that I went to this thing woke me up in more ways than you know. I'm serious the heart surgery that took place in my physical heart God did a heart surgery right here. And I'm telling you man. In order to be purified and to remain pure so that means you can live off of yesterday's blessings you can say yeah I remember when God purified me I care I remember when God did this for me back in X. year or what have you in order to be purified and to remain pure seventy had been as must have the Holy Spirit in their hearts but watch this look to the Bible also says in Luke two right there in verses fifty one and fifty two. The Bible says and do two fifty one fifty two talking about that wonderful medical missionary example Jesus hope you love looking at him. So love looking at. It says and he went down with them and came to Nazareth and was subject on to them talk about his parents but his mother kept all these things in our heart and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man Jesus was about his father's business outside of the home but Jesus according to the text was about his father's business inside the home. We have to understand that the greatest manifestation of the spirit of. God must be seen in our homes. Must be seen in our homes watch this it says I Oh my that's a terrible thing that happened there because I want you to see This Is there another way to fix that because I want my friend OK ya'll can see that there was let me get out of your way because I want to show you as I know the devil's mad this watch this in order to be purified and to remain pure Seventh Day Adventists must have the Holy Spirit in their hearts but the quote goes on to say end in their homes. Listen to this watch this Seven Day Adventists must have the Holy Spirit in their hearts and in their homes now if somebody says how in the world does this tie back to medical missionary work because watch this it says right here going on the Lord has given me light that when the Israel of today handle themselves before him and cleanse the soul temple from all defilement he will hear their prayers in behalf of the sick. And were blessed in the use of his remedies for disease. You mean to tell me the lot of the Spirit of God in my heart and in my home hinders me from saying to somebody that comes to U.T. pines meet ministry Wow who would any of the organization you mean to tell me that the rock of the Spirit of God in my heart and in my hand is the reason why some of us cannot say such as I have given to be in the name of Jesus rise up and walk God says yes. Yes. How could you leave your home frustrated with your wife. And go to the Senate Terry and try to heal other women how could you leave your home angry at your husband. And go to the sanitarium to try to be instrument to heal another man says How could that be God says the power is limited because we like his presence in our hearts. And in our homes is a strange thing but it seems like in our homes we lose our temper with our own family members very quickly but outside of the home we are extra patient with a whole bunch of people that might still get on our nerves God says why is it that the person outside the home gets the better you did you make a covenant to happen to help with all these people outside your home. Did you make a covenant. To love them for richer for poorer for better or for worse in sickness and in health till death do you part is that the covenant you made with them no we made a covenant with that person that was right inside of our house. But that person gets the worst of us while the people outside get the best of us what kind of nonsense is that and then we have the nerve to say mad at you I'm angry at you this is this you you know what will finish this tonight I've got to go to work because I got to go be a blessing to some of the people in the senator. It's not that he doesn't want to pour out His Spirit. It's not that he does not want to truly and doubt us with power. That even when our hearts closer to Jesus. God says you got to have the Spirit of God and you are. And if he is in your heart then he's going to be in your home and the reason we know this to be true is because it is blazingly clear the restoration that lifting of humanity begins in the home where it begins family Jesus understood this he masters serving in his home for thirty years that's why it only took three and a half to finish the work he mastered it. He mastered it. He was an excellent son. He was an excellent brother. And I can assure you had he been married on earth he would have been an excellent husband because he's definitely a spiritual one my brothers and sisters and guess what Jesus was an excellent wife you know why because he was a member of the church and the church is the Bride of Christ the church is the bride of God Jesus understood family. Everything that I must be. Begins in my house and then when we're finished in my house I can better express these same virtues to all the precious souls that I'm called to minister to. My hope and my prayer for each and every one of us is very very simple. Ask yourself the question. Have I demonstrated. The character quality of God's Spirit. Towards my husband towards my wife towards my children you know one of the things that I really really really love about my family is we have family meetings. And when those family meetings take place we are brutally honest with each other. Not in a disrespectful way. But we're honest with each other what is it that you think needs to be improved with Father with mother or with each other it's because your children naturally want you to know that you are the greatest dad in the world even though sometimes you know in your mind I'm not the greatest then the world I know where I failed but our children have this incredible like childlike love and forgiveness that even in spite of our errors they just love us anyhow and just listen I don't harbor anything in my heart you my dad you my hero and I do appreciate that but I also let my children know while as much as I love you for saying these things today the truth of the matter is that I want to be better. I want to be better and I know I can be better and I need you to help me be better what is it that's more of Daddy you would like to see in the midst of me being a great dad. As you call me. What is it that you would like to see more. And that's when they'll go ahead until what I'd like to see is more of this and they'll tell you they'll tell you if you put if you position it like that because children naturally will just say you're great dad you're great mom your great great great great great husband wife I was going to ask my wife honey and my being the house band that God has called me to be to you a good time to do that is on anniversaries that's a different way spending an anniversary. You go ahead on the anniversary. And I've been the house man you see if Listen I came I came face to face with death. You know I'm saying it's like they made it clear that Mr Lemon you could go into a true for Bill ation right in the surgery Harkat to stop you could die. I didn't see it having you know we don't see it happening something I have a lot of stuff on my mind. Because I've never faced the I've been shot at or had a shotgun sort of shotgun boom shot right at me but I'm entering young teenager so you know when they shouted at me I'm just like oh I'm going die and I didn't get hit so I'm just kind of lucky back to singing so that was my youthful ignorant lifestyle that's how I lived so yes I've been shot I would shut down I've been shattered with a nine millimeter Glock pistol I've been hit by a bus going full speed. I've had many encounters by which I should have died God foresaw one day this ignorant crazy boy. He's going to be my evangelist praise the Lord get to gospel work. Learned a whole lot through this process truly evangelism is given to when the evangelist and I go to the hospital and I mean I you know I'm like I've never been admitted to a hospital never so now death is on my mind like never before and I'm thinking about the cancel out of this planet and that was hard because in my mind I'm prepared for one hundred forty four thousand. And now for the first time in my life I said I think I might not be part of the group. And I had to deal with all of that all that comes with that. My family. What I have learned today marks nine months since my surgery I feel great. I'm I'd be lying if I were to say otherwise I feel great. God has done something very special you don't understand the doctor put on the note This is a miracle standing in front of you the doctor put on the note when he did his transit echocardiogram his T. and put that tube down my throat looked directly at my heart valve. He told my wife your husband's heart is so badly regurgitating that he can't even walk up a flight of steps without being absolutely exhausted he did not know that I was going running up and down the steps he did not know that I was walking briskly for two miles in less than twenty eight minutes he didn't know any of that but he told my wife your husband's messed up then he says and his heart valve forget it is irrepairable. Can't be repaired is going to have to be replaced and we're going to need to do a mechanical valve I'm happy to have to be on coumadin for the rest of my life. That's what he will on the paper we have the paper. I got my surgeon surgeon does he get the last say no surgeon says I get the last say. OK We go in to see the surgeon he looks at Eva report he says Mr Lemon we have a problem. He says not only do you have a belly regurgitating much of and he says you also have regurgitating aortic valve. He's a Muslim and we can't we cannot repair this we're going to have to go mechanical and he put his hands like this he says and I will not do anything else and we saw Providence at the providence of the Providence that God was leading in the path of repair which is the best thing you could have for your vile. When Dr Wong told me that I looked at my wife my wife is looking down cause I know she's broken I'm broken. And all of a sudden it was like the voice so clear like you can hear my voice in this room the voice said tell him now. And I knew exactly what that meant I said Dr and sister one question. I know a man who went to London when he went to London he went there to preach they were seven they had been asked by the way they went to preach and when the person went to preach he went to bed Friday night started to grant a little bit the wife woke up checked on him to say Are you OK The husband was completely non-responsive his heart stopped he did not get oxygen to his brain for thirty minutes. What's the prognosis of anybody like that we got a neurologist it was was the prognosis My doesn't get thirty minutes they're gone he said yup that person is gone they're dead vegetable at best dead more than likely I said I agree that same person will be here Monday for my surgery. That same person Thomas Jackson is going to be there for my surgery. To pray with you and to pray for me that God will annoying to us and when you meet him you'll see that he's in sound mind and body. As a doctor one God did a miracle on behalf of Thomas Jackson. Do you believe that God can use your hands to do a miracle and that which man has said is irrepairable. He looked down on the ground he looked at the screen with my heart on it he looked down at the ground and you look at the screen with my heart on it and he said I think we can repair it I looked him in the eyes I said Dr. I know you can repair it because the master surgeon will be in the room got in your hand my brothers and sisters when I went in that O.R.. I gave my potential final prayer. Said Lord this isn't a death. I confess my sins I ask you to please cleanse me. And I pray that the next voice I hear will be the trumpet sound. When you shall come. But if this surgery is not one to death. Your presence must be in this room you must annoying every single individual you must guide the hands of these ones and I ask you to perform your miracle. They put that anesthesia in and I went to sleep. And I remember the next thing I heard was a beautiful voice. So beautiful. It was right here in my left ear. And the voice said I love you. I love you. It was my bride. And I thought I'm not dead. I made it. And then she said he we paired both the House and I remember smiling in my mind. And here it is nine months later. The prognosis looks very good it's almost a let me said the we worked real hard on it he says you should be good to go he says we probably don't even have to see you for maybe another ten twenty years and I just said Father if you did this miracle on my behalf. That means my life has purpose. That means this something that you raise me up to accomplish and for these nine months I've been on my knees just really seeking. How do you want to use me now you've already used me in the past obviously it wasn't enough you allowed all of this to happen my brothers and sisters I'm here to let you know there's more power he wants to do something special in us but it can't happen until we receive the Spirit of God in our hearts and first and foremost let him be manifested in our homes if you have unforgiveness still in your heart you must settle it you can't be saved and you can't be trusted with God's spirit the way he wants to give it until you settle it if it's your husband if it's your wife if it's your children if it's your siblings if it's your parents if it's extended family. Even the uncle who touched you in an inappropriate way even in the abusive neglectful father even in the indulging mother. Whoever it is that you might blame to date for mess in your life God says if I had a heart like that. You and I would not be able to enter into the kingdom. We murdered his innocence and we didn't murder him once every time we sin we crucify him afresh and bring to him an open shame we are serial killers we have a lot of blood on our hands. And if we think that we can't and won't forgive those who have damaged us. Then how can I forgive you damage my son and so my brothers and sisters Jesus is standing big teddy bear behind his back a big blessing. Big power but he first says my son give me that heart. That then eyes observe my ways. And when he says give me that heart please understand the text the Bible says Jesus stands at the door of our hearts and he nods. So what he's not asking us to give him your heart as you and I can't give him our what we can do is give him permission to come in we can consent I give you permission to come in Lord take my heart for I cannot give it is your property now. Keep it pure for I cannot keep it for you Lord save me in spite of myself my weak on Christ like self no me and Fashion me and raise me to a holy atmosphere well only only only only the rich currents of your love can flow through my soul. That's how you'll forgive. That's how you'll be able to embrace the offenders. And brace your brothers. That's how you'll be able to get to that next step on Jacob's ladder were God says father. They're ready and now he's going to pour out His Spirit. In a mark went manner that even we as the workers would be surprised at the power of the god. How many of you want this if we can let's go to our nice let's ask the Lord to do something special for our. Father in heaven we need you we always did but maybe today you've helped us finally see a little bit clearer how much we do. Truly Without Jesus we can do nothing. We cannot demonstrate true love true joy true peace true longsuffering gentleness goodness faith meekness intemperance we need your Holy Spirit. Forgive us for making him something we ask for at different times. He's Lord teach us all throughout the day to truly say more and more. We ask your god that you will show us how to love our wives as Christ loved the church. To show wives how to truly love and reverence their husbands as a church is to do with Christ to show us as parents not to provoke our children to rap as specially because we're so busy working even for the Gospel. Please Father forgive us where we have erred. And give us just enough grace to redeem the time. We know the days are evil and are getting worse but we thank you for allowing us to hear your voice today abide with us so God grant us truly thy spirit help us to have the mind of Jesus Christ and may we manifest his character. In his mind so. So let it be done we pray we ask Jesus. Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your first point if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W.W.W.. Org.


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