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Purify Our Motives

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • September 22, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven we are so grateful another brand new day of life that a brand new day of health and strength another opportunity to hear heaven speak Thank you Lord for the gems you gave us this morning for those of us who applied ourselves and had our morning manna. Lord I just praise you and thank you so much for just loving me and loving each and every one of us your desires to reproduce that love in our hearts that it will motivate us to do the Master's will. Please the Lord we pray forgive us of our sins help us to have the mind of Jesus Christ through the power of the indwelling presence of your Holy Spirit and I pray that you will open our eyes and help us behold wondrous things out of your word this is our prayer that we do ask in Jesus name. Amen. I was reading the book. Thoughts from the mount of blessings. And expansion on the Beatitudes they look at the Beatitudes Matthew five six and seven and the wonderful sermon on the Mount and when Jesus was teaching I mean it was just wonderful things that he was revealing to his people and it was in thoughts from the mount of blessings page twenty that I have found that this is more and still more becoming my reality. And it says in thoughts from out of blessings page twenty. It says the words of God are the well springs of life. As you seek and to those living Springs you will through the Holy Spirit be brought into communion with Christ. And then I love this next sentence this is become my reality familiar truths will present themselves to your mind in a new aspect. Familiar truths. Will prevent. Zent themselves to your mind in a new aspect it says the text of Scripture will burst upon you with a new meaning as a flash of light. You will see the relation of other truth to the work of redemption and you will know that Christ is leading you a Divine Teacher is at your side. We must get to work for the master the night is coming. Where we know no man will be able to work. In fact it's very interesting because you know one of the things that I really appreciate I thought you know brother fever had done a better job than I did you know that's my estimation but you remember our opening subject when I came here on Monday is we talked about how we see both the papacy and we see the evangelical world really being becoming more and still more and growth in the healing work and we talked about how they're going to use that as a catalyst to win the confidence of the people to ultimately say that we need to do something so that we can address all these calamities all these different problems here it is that once again I was hearing those same sentiments echoed God really is trying to help us see time is running out and when we see time running out we need to be more and still more about our father's business and as I'm listening to that and standing in full agreement of that the Spirit of God began to flash like a light certain text to my mind I want you to look at a few of them with me will start with the book of Matthew chapter seven in Matthew the seventh chapter and I'm going to need a reader I was hoping I don't know if any members of the O'Brien family if anyone would be so kind to read for us because I'm going to have you read a paragraph or I mean I prayed and asked Father Who should I have read in the Brian family coming up so you know will be obedient to that anyone who's willing to read but in Matthew this. Seventh chapter and I'll let you know when it's time to read We're going to read from a statement a little book called Gospel workers in Matthew seven it's a familiar text of Scripture but it's worthy to be paid attention to it says in Matthew seven we're looking at verse twenty one and if you they are just police men it says in Matthew seven in verse twenty one not everyone that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that do with the will of My Father which is in heaven Well I obviously do it this is an action word so he that do it now in verse twenty two the people respond many will say unto me in that day Lord Lord have we not what prophesied in dining and invite name have cast out what devils and in the name done many wonderful what their works were wonderful. Their works were wonderful. And they did much of it is that right that much of it there are a whole lot of work there throwing back their works they are throwing back their efforts their throwing back their proclamations they are giving this all back to God saying these things are meriting our right to be into the kingdom. Then he says in verse twenty three and then will I profess under them I never knew you depart from me ye that what you that work but it closes with iniquity they were workers. Jesus did not deny their work but he summarizes it as workers of iniquity. Matthew twenty four. In Matthew twenty four we see something else that is very interesting Matthew we're looking now at the twenty fourth chapter and when we're in Matthew twenty four we're going to give a good attention to verses forty four to fifty one. Matthew twenty four and now we're considering verses forty four to fifty one. And the Bible says in Matthew twenty four starting at verse forty four they're saying men. Therefore be also ready for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man cometh Who then is a faithful and wise what servant whom is Lord has made ruler over his household to give them meat in due season bless it is that servant whom his lord when he come it shall find so doing verily I say unto you that he shall make him ruler over all his goods but and if that evil what So then shall I say in his heart my little delay of his coming and shall begin to smite his fellow servants and to eat and drink with the drunken The little bad servant shall come in a day when he look at not for him and in an hour that he is not aware of and shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Whether those two groups have in common. They were both servants they were workers works absolutely imperative you cannot pose this the Gospel in your heart truly and not be a worker for the master. That's impossible we cannot have the love of Jesus Christ in our hearts and at the same time hate our brothers it's impossible. The Bible is very clear in Romans one sixteen and seventeen I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ it is the power of God into salvation to everyone that believes to the Jew first and also to the great verse seventeen for then that's the gospel in the Gospel it says the righteousness of God is revealed. From face the truth as it is written to just live by faith if I have the gospel is going to be revealed in my works no question about it that is like super super A.B.C. simple. If the Gospel is in your heart it's going to be revealed through your works. The problem is is that if we have received the Gospel wrong then more than likely will probably even reveal our works in a wrong manner. And we can end up suffering with blind spots now don't know about you but when you drive a car it's important to see what's in front of you. But sooner or later you've got to switch your lane. And when you switch that LANE You've got to pay attention to the blind spot and if you and I don't pay attention to the blind spot we could turn into a right lane where Mack trucks coming. And that can change our whole human destiny. God wants us to pay attention to blind spots because sometimes those blind spots can even be more important than the thing that's right in front of our face and so it is that when God looks at a worker he's paying close attention to our works but there's something he's paying even more close attention to go to the book of First Samuel Chapter sixteen. In First Samuel Chapter sixteen and now O'Brian family I need to get my reader ready you're not going to be first Samuel sixteen but you're going to read what comes after in First Samuel the sixteenth chapter. Samuel has been sent on a mission and his mission is to anoint the next king. Saul has obviously disqualified himself and so Samuel finds himself at Jesse's ause Jesse has several children and as Samuel begins to scan the landscape of his children you know how we are as human beings we make a lot of judgments by what we see and so he did the same so when he sees one of Jesse's children come along and obviously he's tossed out you know he has the image of a King quote unquote as he begins to think it is hard surely this is the one that the Lord wants anointed God interjects and God gives a thought to not only Samuel but to all of humanity. And this is why we have to pay attention to this past truth that's really present truth it says and First Samuel sixteen in verse seven it says but the Lord said unto assemble look at. Not on his countenance and therefore on by height of his stature because I have refused him. For the little scene with not as a man see it as so clear. For a man look at how on the outward appearance but the little does what he lets on the heart there's something God actually pays more attention to than merely our works he pays attention to our motives. I want you to listen very carefully with me as I have my young friend read for us from gospel workers and in this book Gospel workers I want you to just read this paragraph was going to be for me beautiful I want you to read for me this paragraph right here again own up. This is my sister and your sister Amen All right my sister O'BRIEN Tell us your first name. Now what kind of name is that as a beautiful name Grace This is Sister Grace and Grace is going to read to us something that comes right from that mercy seat and I want you to understand what God is trying to say to all of us my sister go ahead and read them right there from there to there this is God's work is page two hundred and sixty seven for all of our no takers go right ahead the approval of the master is not given because of the greatness of the work performed but because if it galaxy and all that has been done it is not to me so's we attain but the motives from which we act that way with God he prizes goodness and the fun is above all else thank you very much my sister. So I want you to listen to that very carefully. The approval of the master is not given because of the greatness of the work like perhaps many of you I want to do something great for God. God has done something great for me. So naturally I want to do something great for him. And sometimes we get so caught up in doing something great for God. That God says that don't worry it is impossible to possess it is impossible to have the Holy Spirit within our hearts and not do something great for God. That's not an issue God just wants to make sure that we have a heart that can be trusted with the treasures of heaven. And so it says the approval of the master is not given because of the greatness of the work of form but because of loyalty the loyalty the fidelity in all that has been done it is not the results we attain. But the motives from which we act. That have weight with God. That's what he's really looking at in addition to our works this is how you can have people that are going to say have we not done many wonderful works and still be lost. This is how individuals can be considered servants for the Master but yet Jesus will have to let them know you were a servant but you were an unfaithful servant. Works are absolutely imperative words are in fact a natural byproduct in the truth and that have you haven't seen you know this is a good place to be because you obviously there's a farm here you know you would never see grapes growing off of a corn stalk. And you won't see corn growing off of the grapevine you will see that my brothers and sisters. If we're connected to the vine we cannot help but to produce the fruit that comes from the vine going to say that's so incredibly simple. And I like simple and what God is trying to say to each and every one of us is that if you're connected to me there's no question you're going to do great words Jesus already told us many great works you shall do even greater works than me you're going to have a greater wider influence and sphere then even I had. So if we're connected to him best not a problem the question is are we connected to that's really the question otherwise we can do a work in such a way that instead of assisting got in the reproduction of his character we can end up threatening the Gospel by our reproduction in people of our own characters and I can guarantee you the world does not need another doing Lemon. You know those of us who are star struck and caught up into a lot of preaching teaching you might say oh no we need a lot more Duane lemons Randy Skeets and everybody else but I guarantee of Brother skeet was standing right here he would say the world does not need another Randy ski I can guarantee you brother McNulty is going to say the world does not need another Norman acknowledged he doesn't need another day feeder where the world needs is what it needed in one thousand eight hundred years ago. Now we would say two thousand and that is a revelation of Christ that's ministry healing one forty three that's what the world needs it doesn't need another doing them it doesn't need another great evangelists and you can put their name to it I don't want to reproduce another me because I got issues guess what you don't want to need to reproduce another you because you've got issues we have issues and Christ is drawing us to us like that we might be more and still more like him now that is part of the work of gospel work. Doing gospel work doesn't mean that you and I have to be perfect before we engage gospel work is a means by which God draws us closer to his heart. So that's why we can never say well until I become perfect in every way then I'll get involved in God's work or God forbid that's not the message but this should be some manifestation this should be some indication that I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and I believe in his truth for this time I don't think it would make sense to send a Sunday worship or to go tell everybody about keeping the Sabbath. Would that make sense that would make absolutely no sense what would make sense is that that individual studies show themselves approved except the seventh day sabbath Now go tell somebody that and that makes sense so there should be some level of development in an individual's life before they're engaged in gospel work as well you understand that balance. There should be some evidence of surrender before they get into the work and then as they engage in the work they will become a more deeper surrender does that make sense. And so it is that what God is trying to say is that motive with him means everything because that ultimately is the reason why he entered in eight hundred forty four and he still hasn't come back though it be two thousand and seventeen. A lot of work has been done and a lot of our posts have been set up a lot of senators have been set up and a lot of present truth has been proclaimed my brothers and sisters this something greater that God is looking for God knows I can't let nobody in my house unless they have a heart like mine and so motive becomes a very important thing for us to focus on when we do our work a husband can do great work for his wife but the larger question is Why do you do it. You know there are certain men that can actually show love to their wives but the only reason they do it is so that they can have certain selfish desires fulfilled at a later time. That's real. There's certain children that can go ahead and mother and father comes home from work and they see that child washing dishes the parents or perhaps in a shop depending on what kind of home you get looking at their children you washing dishes and I don't have to tell you children like oh yes mommy daddy you know I saw those dishes there I just had to wash it. Parents are in heaven we all the parents are saying well praise the Lord look at that God is going to break through in the heart of my children but then mother and father at some point they sit down on their couch and they begin reading and that child comes and says. There's something that I saw in the store and I wanted to know is it alright if I can get that I mean you know I think I cleaned up the house good work selfish motive. It is very easy for these things to creep up in a house rather than understanding that every child is called to honor their father and their mother and part of keeping that fifth commandment is to lighten the burden of the parent rather than just doing it purely for that reason. Some children sometimes serve even mommy and daddy and have selfish motives our brothers and sisters. Selfishness is in the heart of each and every one of us and our hearts are very deceitful and many times we can even prepare for the Final Crisis and we can be doing it from a selfish motive. That's why the question is asked. What's your motive for preparation you know we talked about it this week we talked about the near miss of the Sunday law we talked about the mark of the beast we talked about the ecumenical movement we talked about you know the powers coming together that's ultimately going to set up an image to the beast that will inflict the mark of the beast we talked about the pasta season challenges that are happening in the church we talked about a lot of problems that helps us see time is almost finished so we obviously need to prepare to meet our God. But what your motive. What moves you to get into the country what moves you to get off of sad and get on to glad when it comes to your diet what's your motive Now the reason why this is important is because I want you to watch what the Bible says you see the Bible makes it very clear in John fourteen fifteen the text is a very clearly if you love me do what. Now when John the Revelator said here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God That means that every single one of those people that are counted among the patient Saints are people who are deeply in love with God because that's the only way they could keep it does that make sense yet it seems like talking about levels corny it seems like it's week depending on what group you're in and sometimes we feel like if a Sunday last statement or if a a final question is Final Crisis term is not mentioned then all of a sudden it's not present truth anymore I don't know what people get these strange theories from. Sit and talk with my fellow evangelist and we're talking about it it's amazing you can post something on audio verse that says the next the final step of the papacy and then nothing will get a thousand hits in a day but if you could you put all of that same money over and put our need for the love of Jesus. You might get to the number one listen to slight but as fast you're there to drop right back down and you'll be put on to everybody else is talking about the next movement of the papacy. It's like we love to observe the beast more than the lamb. And what I'm trying to say You see I can say that you know I can say that because I have hundreds and hundreds of proofs of sermons that I've dealt with the beast power in other words I know about the movements of the papacy I understand a lot of those things but what I'm realizing is the more and still more that I come in contact with the cold hearted present truth or. It helps make it very clear that a lot of us rather we're unaware of the movements of the papacy we're not as aware of the movement of God in the most holy place trying to reproduce his character in you and me so he can get us off this planet and we can finally go home and be with him and that's an issue I in fact will tell you that's not an issue that's a crisis. That's a real crisis and so the question is do I love God and if you do what does that look like how do you constitute that what what makes that what it is as my spiritual father figure says put some skin on that statement what do you mean by that and so does the Bible's very clear if you left me that's why you keep My commandments right then stress to me they want to verse five the Bible says now the end of the commandment is lol of our a pure heart and of a good conscience and of faith unfeigned when it says the end of the command it doesn't mean that the commandments have come to an end you know when you look at that word end it actually means end result the end result of God's commandments is love it's God's love being put within the heart that motivates to Christ like action you understand that OK now watch this we now crowned those two verses with this statement it is not the fear of punishment. Or the hope of everlasting reward that leads the Disciples of Christ to. Hello him. They be heard the Savior is what matchless love revealed throughout his pilgrimage on Earth from the manger of Bethlehem to Calvary's cross and the sight of him attracts you remember yesterday I told you I said I'm a man one hundred percent man but I said but I find Jesus to be attractive you understand that the sight of him attracts my brothers and sisters the more you behold Christ is the more you see ole my if I could only be like him and it says itself then now here is the test if we are be holding the matchless love of God It says it softens and subdues the soul you have a better heart Ventus. You have a individuals who are very hardcore. Very rule oriented and very dogmatic and very very minimize the a weak grace and mercy. A lot of times we can become very hard because sometimes like I told you in that balance we have sometimes more law than Grace Jesus was the master at balance because he was fertile of grace and fertile of truth at the same time this is the goal that God is trying to get us to not to become so filled with grace and mercy that we forget and minimize and dumb down God's law. Whether it be moral or physical but we don't want to become so law abiding that once somebody errors we are ready to cast them off rather than demonstrate grace and mercy. Just as simple as the concept is this is not easy to practice this is not easy to practice and that's why I think God said Let the we in the tears were together I think that because that's our test because any farmer knows anybody who does farming and gardening you know terror is a weed and we'd grow to indicate deficiencies in soil. That's why we grow the weeds are letting you know that soil needs more phosphorous that soil needs more calcium it needs more of something God allows those tears to still be in our midst so that we can see what the soil of our heart is deficient in we can see the weaknesses in our characters messages to young people Page one seventeen the trials of life are God's work men revealing to us the real ness and M. purity of our own characters remember that and so God allows those trials to come to help us see things but the more that we behold the Savior matchless love the sight of him the track itself in us it subdue the so long and weakens in the heart of the holders they hear his word and they follow him you see. What is it that makes you say or decide we need to get our house in order. If you wait to see hurricanes come. And then you say and then times almost We need to get our house in order as good as that may sound the fearful element is what if you have a reprieve for the next five years and there's not a single hurricane do you fall back asleep. If somebody says Trump has made a decision to make a change with the Johnson Amendment Well tramp has made a decision for etc Pope Francis has made a decision to do and he goes on it's like many of us are saying well I need to get my house in order because these events are happening the question is What if those events don't happen do you fall back asleep. And for a lot of God's people that's exactly what happened to us. That's exactly what has happened to us and I remember times when I was told the son in law is coming through Bush and John Paul the second I mean I remember that clears the way. And said as I was like and we've got to get our house in order you know and then you know you start moving in frantic. And trying to get a house together and then what happens is John Paul dies Bush goes down and life continues and the question is what happens to your urgency. You understand I mean I promise you I know what I'm talking about me and God talked about it I'm telling you. I'm telling you I know what I'm talking about with this. How do I know what I'm talking about should the shortness of time be our great motive for seeking righteousness should the shortness of time. Listen. The sure now when the prophet makes the statement that means that this was happening OK if you watch the language OK now I says she says the shortness of time is frequently urged as an incentive for seeking righteousness and making Christ our friend so this is something that was happening OK She says the shortness of time is frequently urged as an incentive for seeking righteousness and we can cry saw friend she says this should not be the great motive with us right for It savors of selfishness the very thing rather feeble just showed us is foundational to sin is the very thing that depending on how you respond to the impending doom or crisis that's coming it literally can send men to us in selfishness in the name of preparation for the Final Crisis. That's dangerous now I like these words you know what words are like in the statement with us. It's in other words this should be something with us that the impending realities of the Sunday law crisis does not need to be my great motive to move me. It's kind of like when God would say these things are an abomination unto you remember what God would say then Deuteronomy fourteen of it is eleven what he would say these pigs and and shrimp and lots of he would say they are unclean to you you know I like that because whenever my other church members you know when my friends from other churches when they come to me say Brother Lemon you teach unclean unclean Romans fourteen says there's nothing unclean unto itself. I say amen and they look shocked because I think in the trap me they think it is brother teaching unclean animals and I just told him from the New Testament in Romans fourteen I believe it's verse forty and it actually says that there is nothing unclean unto itself and this is so what do you say to that I sit and. I said my brother listen if a pig gets next to another pig. There is nothing unclean unto itself. But Deuteronomy fourteen and do and the Leviticus eleven says it shall be unclean it shall be an abomination to you so I say a pig is not unclean to itself and a pig is not unclean to another pig but it's unclean to the children of God Are you a child of God. You understand the difference this should not be the great motive with us. Should know better. Is says this should not be the great motive with us it's just because a safe assumption is because I think about how to protect me and mines you see what did Jesus do what he saw prophecy being fulfilled Mark Chapter one let's look at what Jesus did do you want to be like Jesus you want to be like Jesus don't you. I want to show you what Jesus did when he saw a prophecy being fulfilled it's right there in the Bible Mark Chapter one The Bible says and mark the first chapter right there chapter one notice where it says in verses fourteen and fifteen and Mark Chapter one verses fourteen and fifteen look at what the Bible says the Bible says now after that John was put in prison Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God and saying The time is fulfilled so did Jesus the prophecies being fulfilled Yes he did the time is for filled and the Kingdom of God is at hand repent the end believe the Gospel when Jesus saw all prophecy being fulfilled he a veil of himself murdered to the masses to give the warning that we need to come closer to God You understand that so when I see prophecy being fulfilled I'm not going to be man and grossed in getting myself in a clear and clear place of safety I should already have been in a place of safety and where I'm going to do his girl out to others and show them how to find their refuge in Jesus Christ. The more you see prophecy being fulfilled is the greater call to gospel work not selfish preservation the understand that sort of she says that's ought not be with us it's a present of selfishness then she asked the question is quite rhetorical Is it necessary that but terrors of the day of God should be hair before us that we may be compelled to write action to fear it not to be so why Jesus is attractive. What would you. Problem with many of us as Jesus is not attractive yet. Therefore we got to keep hidden subjects. Because sometimes subjects are more attractive than Christ and His character. And so it says it ought not to be so with us Jesus distracted he is full of love mercy and compassion where did this come from lift him up page ninety eight paragraph three it says he proposes to be our friend to make with us through all the rough pathways of life he says to us I am the Lord thy God Walk with me and I will figure by path with like Jesus the majesty of heaven proposes to elevate to companionship with him say those who come to him with their burdens their weaknesses and their cares he will count them as his children and finally give them an inheritance more value than the empires of Kings a crown of glory richer than has ever decked the brow of the most exalted earthly monarch you see when Christ and his character becomes attractive to us when the love of God begins to be the thing that keeps pulling us more and still more every round on Jacob's ladder I will even address the near nys of the Sunday law crisis differently. We don't negate this in all I'm saying family because I try to I try to keep it as valid as possible but it's amazing how people still hear stuff what I'm trying to say to you is NOT stop giving the warning I'm not saying that I'm not saying we need to sound that warning very crystal clear but my brother this is I've never seen a reformation take place because of a warning I have never seen a reformation take place merely because of the warning. It is because of the call connected to the warning you see when you look at the third angel's message in Revelation fourteen many of us get stuck on nine to eleven but we need to start dwelling a lot more on twelve nine to eleven simply says and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark on his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is put out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment to send it up forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever receive the mark of his name that's nine to eleven it's warning the refuge is found in verse twelve he is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments God N. the faith of Jesus Christ now watch this we are to give the warning but the warning does not protect you. It is the refuse that protects you and so we have to give the running but we also have to share that refuge in a merest mighty manner because that's the deliverance think about that wise man Solomon when he said in Proverbs twenty two I'm sure you remember the text in Proverbs twenty two Solomon said it like this the prudent man was another word for prudent right so he's wise so made a rise watch this the prudent man the wise man for see the evil that comes. Now I think God The verse didn't just close right there because many of us behave like that's where the verse closes. In other words you're not wise because you can see the evil coming. That's not the wisdom key that's not the wisdom point you know the wisdom point was the case of the verse it says the prudent man the wise man for see is the evil that comes and he hides himself. This is but the simple pass on and they are punished what made the man wise it's the fact that yes he saw the danger but most importantly he sang the refuge. And he himself there the more that I see those dangers. It's imperative that we are under the shadow of the wings of the Almighty we are under that grace of God we're under that power of God That is the only thing that can protect us it's so simple. And so God wants us to understand that yes we need to sound the alarm and I'm saying it again because I know I know I think I can see what will happen. After this message I've been hearing the winds I've been hearing the winds my I have for my friends know it was time they were my friends now as soon as it hurts. The time people call and said also it's a great we pray with each other and now there's these things going around and saying stuff and I know when I say this forget about it but you know what I don't care. I really don't care I'm hurt but in the context of my I don't care is not that I'm just careless what I really mean by that phrase is that I cannot let there not friending me and back but I can't let that stop me from what God is making plain from his words I can't let that stop me I didn't get into this movement to be a whole just you know sing Kumbaya about all the present truth brother it's like I didn't do that. I joined this movement to learn of God and His ways and to give his truth as it is and Jesus and I believe this with all of my heart and one of the reasons I believe this because I used to be in that camp Oh and I used to be in that camp and you know and it's a blessing my wife will tell you sometimes we if we're in London or someplace else even here in the U.S. and people come up and they'll say we're the lemon and I say yes they said you're different. I'm like same nose same. Way me I'm different Same doing Lemon maybe a little bit pounds less a little bit but you know I'm all right now you different what you mean I'm different you don't preach the same we don't preach the same. Before was shotgun before you know come in real strong etc But now it seems like I hear more compassion and these type of things and I said well if you see that and praise God. If you see that. I want to negate the message of my brothers and sisters I can't do that it's too late nurse history. And I don't believe that sins in our church need to be called out on You Tube. If I'm not going to tell you what my wife did that's wrong we should not be telling the world what God's Wife does wrong I stand on that it's like listen I'm not saying that we don't have to address issues but this is all family how about we cut the cameras up and let's have some family talk. You cut those cameras out tomorrow we will have family talk doing Q. and A. But if we can't put this on we ride where. I'm not put my family's business out there like that because that's none of their business and I get that from the Bible and I get that from the Spirit of Prophecy you understand it so God is just trying to help us understand we need a purification of motors and it's not just gospel artist it's medical missionaries did you know that even in medical missionary work. If we're not careful. Motives can be corrupted Simon Magus saw healing taking place. He said hope although boy found a new way to bring in some cash flow Yeah in front of people being healed as long as it was going to prosper him. You understand that. It is possible that we can even do medical missionary work that's why I don't know where the field brought this word out yet with Isaiah fifty eight but it's often mention and inspiration she talks about dis interested service that's a very important word this interested service meaning nothing comes back to me I am here to do this for you looking for in return. Now should that government and every aspect of medical missionary work. All your sound weak. Should that govern and every aspect of medical missionary work. There are cases and situations when an individual has a right to be compensated because they have given their full time third energy for the effort into this work and they got to go home and make sure they have food on their table to. Imagine that you know here they are helping everybody else and I go home and eat and then you lie OK you want to go home and. Run I don't have any food I don't have any money I don't have anything but you can only That's not what I read in God's plan God's plan works for everybody. It is OK at times to say here is a humble fee. For the service that will be given. By which we can help you and we can receive support that enables us to take care of ourselves so we can keep helping others there's nothing wrong with that you see but the problem is in our history it got to a place even a medical missionary work you remember and First Samuel eight when Israel revealed their problem Israel had a problem First Samuel they didn't their problem was they were looking at. Other nations and notice and all of them got kings. Why don't we have a king. Samuel says your king is God They said not enough you have children your children are messed up Samuel they're not they're not acting right you about to die and all these nations appear to us to be prospering because they got things we want to King God says Samuel hold your peace they did reject you they rejected me. And then God begins to work with them kingdom that I tell you that's the forbearance of God isn't it. God not only says OK I'll give you a king got it all not only give you a king I'm going to instruct the king on how to be a good king. And God let them see how badly they failed and that's why later on up they said we have sinned and that we have asked for a king. Is there a square that they sing well here it is that the same way Israel was stargazing the world while they had their kings. There was a time and medical missionary work they began to look at the prosperity of other medical practitioners they started seeing man you know it seems like in Seventh Day Adventists and that's one of the places where you can find a lot of medical practitioners who. Don't look like some of the medical practitioners in the world you know some of these medical practitioners in the world of pulling out with you know these expensive cars living in big plush houses and etc but when you look at a lot of medical practitioners and in Seventh Day Adventists and in certain places. You see that the lifestyles of far more humble than that. Well sometimes medical practitioners in the days of our pioneers began to gaze a little bit at doctors and look at how much money they were making and looking at different things and getting distracted they started to see certain things happening in the institutions and they got to a place where they would start raising prices to exorbitant numbers when it was no longer sensible. And it got so bad that the prophet of God had to lift up her finger and write about it and here's what she said and again we're talking about motive medical missionary work is a what kind of thing it's a sacred thing of God's own devising we are not to cover mercy with selfishness and then call it medical missionary work question how do you do that. Get Come on let's put some skin on this statement how do you do that how can somebody come here Missy with selfishness but yet they call it medical missionary work give me a practical example of what that looks like. That is an opportunity for you to respond yes. OK So we will cut now did we establish earlier that it's OK to ask for a fee OK so we don't want to say that necessarily because we my indict very faithful workers who are doing it right. OK And if we're pricing we still got to qualify that a little bit OK so if someone can't afford it we should do what we can to avail ourselves to help them anyhow like that like that anything else Christie age did you see a neurologist. Now we know that's not that neurology is right but not so you right now from my. Professional and personal view that is a consecrated neurotic neurologist Amen so when I tell my you brother amen you talk about somebody else rather than not to have a talk with them the point is. It is possible that we can do works of mercy. With a selfish underlying behind it let me go ahead and avail myself to help in this area as long as I get something and if you don't give me something I will not show up even though I have time to show up. There are many ways that we can cover mercy with selfishness and we have to understand that God is not please in fact watch this one the institutions that depend upon God and with Now notice this point is very important here and I institutions today can learn from this the institutions that depend upon God and receive his cooperation must every work according to the principles of his law to charge a large sum for a few minutes work is not just it says physicians who are under the discipline of the greatest physician the world ever knew must let the principles of the Gospel regulate every fee Let mercy and love of God be written on every dollar received it means you cannot treat health guess like numbers. You know one of the things I love about the sanitarium where. Unfortunately our medical practitioners who are in the system of today the truth of the matter is that there are some who are cognizant to the point that they know I'm in a trap there's a lot more I want to give my patients but I just can't because I'm under a system that does not allow me to do that and that's why if you talk too long with your doctor in the traditional medical system if you go to that clinical what have you and you visit them if you're talking too long they're going to start doing this. And the reason why is because there's a product of any pull they need you to see more people and so they got to do their runs and hence they're going to see you for a few minutes and then after Wow OK And you've got to move on to the next person in comparison. Sometimes you sit down with a gospel medical missionary evangelist and sometimes they're doing a one on one lifestyle consultation and that alone can take two hours because some people got lifestyles that are just so bad that you really got to go through point by point step by step to eventually get them to God solution. Sometimes when we go to the sanitariums and I've seen this I've seen this I've seen this when you have the sanitariums the way some of those workers work. His nonstop. I mean they are pulling and stretching themselves to the limit to make sure that that health guest is getting what Christ would have given them had he been on this earth. My brothers and sisters if that institution prosperous financially that's fine because guess what mercy and the love of God is written on every dollar that's been received but when we begin to treat people like numbers and we become careless and indifferent my brothers and sisters this is when we become impractical I love that first part of the sentence the institutions that would depend upon God I don't know how folks do this. Or. All I can say is how does Jesus really feel about it I haven't read anything it's and you know I know there's others here who read more than me so you know you can enlighten me and I'm very serious when I say that but I struggle with the idea. Of. Not helping somebody if they honestly and genuinely cannot come up with the fee. If they can't come up with that dollar figure but they have been written off by their doctors and they need help I don't know any justification that can go on in our minds that would make us say I'm sorry we cannot help you understand if we pat if we're packed if we're fertile and I work as a tax and maxed out I understand we have to tell people listen we can't we can't help you but go here that's another thing I'm hoping that we get to see more is a cohesive relationship between the sanitariums if I can help you hey so and so can you help them if they can you can you help them over there no competition amongst the Saints going to Santa none of that represents God and His character and it reveals perhaps our motives of why we do what we do. God wants us to understand when people need help we got to do what we can to help them and so God doesn't have a problem with people getting paid is nothing wrong with that and guess what people have a right to earn income in self-supporting work and to if they're prospering in it I see it in a finance class to my children for homeschooling we do in Biblical finances. And I began to show them I said children we've got to appoint a point in the class where we said is it wrong to be wealthy to have a lot of money to be rich I said is wrong and my children well you know and I was just like no and so we started to show them sort of the principles in the Bible principles and spirit probably is nothing wrong with being rich so one of mice one of my sons he he wants to do big things and here it is that he's looking at it and he's like OK And so I said Right so I said Now should we strive to be rich. Because he was like you know well it seems like it's permissible to be rich OK so that's a should we strike he was like Absolutely if God allows us to be rich then we should strive to be rich to come over to Proverbs labor not to be rich you remember what Solomon said in Proverbs thirty verse seven eight and nine. Solomon said two things have are required of the deny me them not before I die and then he said give me nine. Poverty nor riches he said Just give me that which is sufficient for me when they're nice as that's beautiful balance so my son is like dad then how do you reconcile don't really have to be rich. But yet it's OK to be wedged How do you do that dead I said it's very simple I said one day I was in Indonesia and when I was in Indonesia I was missing my bride from my side I was missing my wife and so they had internet service so I was able to get to internet service two thousand and ten and in two thousand and ten there was this app that just came out and this app was incredible because the app allowed you as long as you had internet connection to communicate with anybody on planet earth that had the same app it was called What's App. So I remember I could see this clear my mind right there leaning against the wall getting that feeble and that because it was up in the mountains and I remember that I was there and I was like Are you there and she would say yes I hear the like you do you know so we start talking to each other and I said earlier how wonderful this is that you could still communicate with your loved ones even when you're on the other side of the planet you know what an incredible thing so these guys can create this little app and they want to go ahead and be a blessing everybody a lot of S. The A's use that app even present truth. And make this point for a reason. Five years later two thousand and fifteen what's app caught the attention of so little many people that Facebook said We like this product Facebook not on what's app owners doors and said we'd like to buy your app we'd like to have ownership of it what's happy percent what do you want for it they said we'll give you one thousand billion dollars. What's happened five years became instant millionaires. They didn't labor to be rich but they sure did end up rich. You understand that and so I help my children understand sometimes you might create something that's just humble and all you want to do is just touch a few lies but if that thing catches fire and catches all the people's attention don't be surprised if it explodes. And you might end up in a situation where now you're going to be held in higher accountability before God for to whom much is given much shall be required that's the balance. God wants us to understand motive means so much to him. Narrative good maybe we should produce good works Amen and that some people have good motives but are doing things against God's commandments and that's why there isn't an imperative need for study there is an imperative need for study to show ourselves approved so we can clearly know God's instruction and then on the righteous men live go forward in that instruction make sense so my brothers and sisters the very very key is this. All this week we've been talking about power. We've been talking about power. God wants to give us more power than we think and most certainly than we have but God wants to make sure that we can be and trusted with the riches that he wants to pour out on us. And this is why motive has to be a subject that we address because as we can see it can in effect and in fact medical missionary work general gospel work it can affect us in every phase of life and God has given us something that can help us with the purification of our motives because if the truth be told some of us are still selfish in our home life some of us are selfish in our work life some of us are selfish in our ministerial life and God must of work that stuff and the question is what has he given and a veil to us that can assist us in this process. The Bible says again I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ but it is the way it is a power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes to do first and also to the Greek Do me a favor get a first Corinthians chapter one in first Corinthians when we go to chapter one. And I sure do love talking about this. First Corinthians were looking at chapter one. The Gospel of Christ is definitely the power of God unto salvation no question about it and I want you to notice what it says as we consider First Corinthians chapter one and if you then just let me know by saying amen all right and first Corinthians one notice what the Bible says in verse seventeen The Bible says for Christ sent me not to baptize but to preach what the Gospel not with wisdom of words lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect for the preaching of the class is to them that perish foolishness but on to us which are saved it is the what is the power of God So whenever we think of the gospel of Christ we also must connect it with the power of God which is the cross of Christ makes sense now going to first twenty four we see in verse twenty four it says but unto them which are called there's Jews and Greeks who Christ well power of God and the wisdom of God So it's not the cross by itself that represents the power of God It is what was hung on the cross that represents the power of God and that is none other than Christ that's my parents says in First Corinthians two verse one and I bless you and I came to you came not with excellence in your speech or of wisdom declaring unto you the testimony of God For I determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified the cross of Christ there's something in that that has power and the man that we understand that can demonstrate that power in us in my life when it comes to our home life when it comes to our work life when it comes to our ministerial life and so what God ever wants to keep in front of us is Christ crucified we understand that now wants this when we think about the cross what took place on the cross. Of Christ which said Jesus died for us yes OK And there's a lot. Tailed in that notice this Colossians one in verse twenty and having made peace through the blood of his cross by him to reconcile all things on to himself by him I say whether they be things on earth or things in heaven that's what took place on the cross. If Eason's want to verse seven in whom we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His grace so we have peace we have redemption through His blood then if we choose to verse thirteen but now in Christ Jesus you who sometimes were far off are made nine by the blood of Christ we have now been drawn closer to Christ as a result of the blood of Jesus going on. Hebrews ten in verse nineteen having therefore breath and boldness to enter into the where. Where is it that way entering into the heavenly is OK the holy is having there for brethren boldness to enter into the holiest by the Blood of Jesus now this became very interesting to me because there's a lot going on as a result of the blood of Christ it helps us to obviously have peace with God redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sins we're drawing closer to God and even as a result of the blood it enables us to enter into the holiest and certainly the blood of Christ because very central to every phase of Christianity even the very last phase of Christianity which is today the truth for this time in the remnant Now watch this started looking at this blood. According to the Bible blood was and every phase of the sanctuary. You had bled in the courtyard blood in the Holy Place blood in the most holy place before the mercy there is never any time that the blood of Christ was not present in the sanctuary services co-mingle with all of its lessons in other words God At no point never wanted us to forget the cross. At no point in history did he want us to become blindsided to the effect the impact of Calvary I remember in two thousand and four in Atlanta there was a prominent preacher that came into town and I remember what our church was packed I mean hundreds of people came out and he was very well known from California and he was starting to preach the word and as he began to preach Oh my the church would say men and I mean so they had to be like four hundred or five hundred of us there amen amen he said everything and then I one point the sermon he said the crack is behind us the most holy place is be fair US and the church said amen and it was like God stopped my tone and said Think about what you just heard. The cross behind us most holy place before us. And he began talking about those who dwell upon the cross. But. Not the most holy place and I remember I was like. Why is my heart not settled with that statement God brought my mind back to great controversy for eighty nine. The intercession of Christ in man's behalf in the sanctuary above is as essential to the plan of salvation as was his death upon the cross. By his death like this where here by his death he what began that work what work what were they up. It was right in a sense that is open book test look at it the intercession of Christ in man's behalf in the sanctuary above is as essential to the plan of salvation as was his death upon the cross. Essential to the web. By his death he began that work what work the plan of salvation you understand that he began that work which after His resurrection He ascended to what complete in heaven. So notice that on the crafts he began that work in the sanctuary in heaven he what completes that were you understand that see that ballots. I remember one time a gentleman came to me I was at a you see let me give you college and he did not believe in sanctuary message that's a good judgment and so on we've got a lot of people that's doing that nowadays there's a prominent preacher unfortunately fell on the point of sin and then after that he's now become an enemy of the message and enemy of this message and the church and and he's right and he's putting out challenges on Facebook prove the investigative judgment all these other things and what I get so tempted that's what I need to get off of Facebook you are whoever is on Facebook fairly well you're about to see me take off because it's distracting. Well here it is that. This individual you see was there and he wanted to explain away the investigative judgment sanctuary and all these things and he said listen I know that God will judge the wicked he said but there's nowhere in the Bible where God will judge the righteous. And he said You Seven Day Adventists believe that God will judge righteous people. And he was like that's Eroni as. God says in John ten I Know My Sheep My sheep know me and he started getting on me about this and so when he said God will not judge the writers I said Are you sure he said on positive God will not judge the right says I said if I show you some way to buy where God says he'll do it I said would you change your position he said yes I would I said All right let's go to please he asked is chapter three and let's notice what the Bible says Ecclesiastes three and I remember giving this to him any clues he asked these the third chapter. Has got just right there's only three groups of beings they get. Judged in the Bible angels the way kid. And the right yes. It's easier to find the wicked and fallen angels because they are both in the same chapter first Corinthians six but where in the Bible does God say he will judge the Writings ecclesiastics three right there in verse seventeen The Bible says I said in mine heart God shall Jaoge The Who writes this and that the Wiki for there was a time there for every purpose and for every word. There's a Bible say God will judge the righteous yes he would and then we had to go into when does God do that because there's a time that God judges fallen angels there's a time that God judges the wicked and there's a time that God judges the righteous. And as we started going through these things it became so simple Think about it where do you read that the blood makes atonement for mankind the blood by itself makes atonement for mankind what do you read that the Bible I haven't read it looking at me strange in other words there's a time and place to become a meticulous thinker family I don't read that the blood. Independently makes atonement for mankind what I read you can read of it is for you can read of it it is five you can read it it is sixteen you can go throughout the Bible you can read Hebrews eight and ten for sure it's the priest that makes atonement. The provision that the priests uses is blood. You understand that the blood by itself makes no it's own it requires a priest. The priest has to take that blood and go into the holy place and the most holy place and he has to sprinkle it before the veil he has to rest the blood upon the horns of the altar he has to do that and then it makes atonement so then I ask the question when Jesus was on earth was he a lamb or was he our priest he was our lamb. When he ascended into the sanctuary he became our priest. So then how in the world can we say everything was finished at the cross. Are you thinking. It's not logical if we understood all the types and shadows it was the priest that made atonement the blood is that how many of you if I bought you a check for one million dollars How many of you would be happy. You'd be happy I wouldn't. I'd be curious but I would be happy you know and I'll be happy when I take your check I go to my bank and I deposited. You understand that when I deposit the check and when my bank account goes from one dollar to one million one dollar. Now I'm happy. You understand that because I got the benefit of the check you see Christ when He shed His blood on covering it was a check written. It was a check written. We all have an eternal life check. But it has to be cashed in. And we need a priest to do that work for us and say What is that Christ didn't finish the work at the cross he began that work across and he completes it in the sanctuary above you understand that so that's a true statement what we're reading So now let's continue with it now that we have understanding it says we must buy food and enter within the veil within the forerunner is for us entered there now watch this and to within the what the video where the forerunner has entered there are which is the veil and where is that this be most holy place this is their go light from the cross of Calvary is reflected. Are you telling me that the light from the cross of Calvary shines from the most holy place. Yes. Who is the shine on it shines when you issue a shine on me in other words don't you ever make the mistake of separating the cross of Calvary from the most holy place but you know what many of us do that. Because some of us know how to talk more law than we do grace and we need that balance you understand. If we don't have that we will be like the man who said we're going to the east we're to the west we're all to everybody we're all to Israel and when destruction to Jerusalem came that same where a man died in the same siege that he foretold that's what happened and you know I I know that brother could have been a Christian you know why because great controversy page thirty says not one Christian died in the siege but he died in the siege. And he gave the landing. But he was not in the refuge. Those lessons are for us all these things happen and to them for examples my brothers and sisters history has a tendency to be repeated God says Where is your heart where is your motive and one of the reasons why our most often are messed up is because we're not allowing the light to shine on us. You see this is the solution to many of the corruptions that are in our heart. God's people meditating. Upon the cross Now watch this will bring out some fine points there we may get in there we may gain a clear insight into the mysteries of redemption think about that there the light from the cross of Calvary is reflected there we may gain a clearer insight into the mysteries of redemption the salvation of man is accomplished at an infinite expense and then the sacrifice made is equal to the broadest demands of the Broken Man of God Jesus has opened the way to the Father's throne and through his mediation the sincere desire of all who come to Him in faith may be presented before God my brothers and sisters how often do you do on the cross homeschooling parents how often do you make of the teachers of the cross in your education to your children. Morning worshippers How often are you deliberate seeing the cross. In everything that you study preachers and teachers of righteousness How often do you show the principles of Calvary. And how he can help us really stand true to God. Whenever your support and all these other things are cut off. How do we serve people with only a genuine desire to serve people at the cross at the cross when I first saw the life. The burden of my heart did roll away now watch this the significance of the blood of Christ. It provides cleansing. And it demonstrates sacrifice is that right. It provides cleansing and it demonstrates sacrifice so when Jesus tells us to bear our crafts We understand that he wants to do cleansing in our own lives and he calls us to sacrifice is that right that's what he wants for us that's what he wants for you and that's what he wants for me whenever I think of bearing that cause I know it's going to require a denial of self not my will but I will be done Lord when it comes to how I treat my wife I want to get I matter her and I want to say something back God says Remember the cross. Because God says I could have been mad and I could have said something back. Listen I don't know about you but these are super simple absolutely powerful points once they practiced. I'm serious you can watch your home life your minister your life your work life absolutely change if we can literally apply these principles look at this instruction from heaven let the cross tell me if this is a suggestion or if this is an absolute command from the most holy place let the cross of Christ be the science of how much. Education the center of how much and teaching and how much study and study do you see what I said preachers teachers homeschooling parents etc Let the cross of Christ be the science of all education the center of. Teaching and Carol study it says Let it be brought the cross of Christ let it the cross of Christ be brought into the daily experience and practical life how do you do that. How do you bring the question to get daily experience in practical life and parents who have a burden for their youth look at how it closes soul if we did this soul will the savior become to the youth a daily companion and friend. Listen I understand we've been beaten battered and bruised by broken human promises. But this is one human that keeps every single one of his promises. Jesus promises if you let the cross of Christ be the science of all education the center of all teaching and all study if you bring its principles into the daily experience in practical life garters I promise you the Savior will become a friend a companion to our youth the problem is that I don't think we've mastered this science that's the truth it's as I look the man at the first time I read this it's smacked me in the face as a hold up I don't do this I don't do this it made me test myself and examine myself which Paul already told us to do didn't. Examine yourself as if you were in the faith I mean if we were going to all these things little I started doing this listen to my heart my heart went down you know with all the stuff I remember thinking wait a minute. Some body else could one day. Marry my wife it hit me one day. So I'm just being truthful when a man thinks he's about to die all sorts of stuff can go through his head. And I thought about this and have mercy I don't want to think about this you know kind of move on but I remember thinking about where have I erred as a husband whether it is a father I went to this like massive assessment of myself and as I went to this massive assessment of myself I started thinking you know what. I would like to leave a legacy. I would like to be able that though if I were to sleep my words can follow. And that I want my wife to be able to say he was everything a house band was supposed to be to me if I ever had to go from this planet I don't want her to be able to have to say he was a good man but. Something my children I don't want them to say daddy you know the great dad but I would like to by the grace of God be the model of what God called a house band to be of what he called a father to be yes I'm saying that's very important to me and that's always been important to me but how much the more when I thought I was going to pass on you know. And so the more that I started thinking about these things as a father having demonstrated the cross of Christ in being a husband I demonstrated it faithfully in being a father and I started looking and assessing myself and here it is nine months post-surgery etc I mean man I really think God that he has given me another opportunity to even do it better than it's already been done I thank God for the other opportunities and so it is that we have to understand family we're here today gone tomorrow none of us a promise tomorrow and we should be able to live an example before our spouses before our children before our fellow man that they can say when I think of him and when I think of her I saw Jesus I saw his love I saw the principles of the cross demonstrated in his life in her life every single day and so this thing became serious to me so I started studying practical lessons from the cross what practical lessons that we can get from the cross when I started looking at Matthew sixteen twenty four right in Matthew sixteen a verse twenty four What's a practical lesson that we can get from the cross Matthew sixteen. The Bible says and Matthew we're looking at the sixteenth chapter was. Right there on the twenty fourth verse and the Bible says it very nicely Matthew sixteen verse twenty four Then said Jesus and His disciples if any man will come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me part of taking up the cross of Bearing the Cross is going to involve me denying myself things that says in First Corinthians eight that I have a right to that they're going to be times I need to surrender my right can you imagine that the you know hard that is for many of us it's hard to just give up a right how about when you have a right to do it something we have added right to kill myself but that would be pretty on was you have said that to be foolish I'm not talking about those kind of rights I'm talking about things that you have a right to do that maybe even the word of God is OK with it but you won't do it for the sake of another. That's first Corinthians. That's a surrender the right right you see Jesus had all right to stay in heaven I say let them sinners deal with their issues he had every right and he would have still been one hundred percent just wholly untrue. Length of motivated him to surrender his right. And say I will take their punishment and give them my reward Yes and that's why it's such a slap in the face of God when we actually endorse living in sin violating his law breaking his commandments it's an absolute slap in the face because God says Do you understand how much I did to you that the integrity of my law may be maintained and now you take my grace and use it as a reason to violate my law that is spiritualism that is wickedness that is sin God wants us to understand denial of self even the things you have a right to do God says for the sake of others who might be weaker than you surrender your right practical examples. First lesson denial of self that's pretty general let's get very specific. Luke twenty two look at Luke twenty two with me let's go through this I want you to look at this these are practical examples we're bringing it down just walking rather than running. Luke twenty two Look at verse sixty to sixty two Luke twenty two verses sixty to sixty two. And I really appreciate this because this is what Jesus wants he wants it to become more practical to us all power is available to us you need the Holy Spirit I do how do I get him ask. When I ask for the Holy Spirit the Bible promises he will come and he will guide you into all truth so as I open up the Bible and as I study God is going to show me truth and then he's going to say back in the light what we do from that point is we do what Joshua did we do what Elijah did we do what masses did we choose to follow him under the power of God chooses the one he was and is a little bit god follow him I present before you life and death blessings and persons choose life we choose to obey God because He gave us power to do that and when we exercise things all of the blessings will come in its train now watch this Luke twenty two verses sixty to sixty two very practical lesson is Jesus was getting ready to go to the cross the Bible says at least twenty two sixty to sixty two and Peter said man I know not what thou sayest and immediately while he yet spake the cock crew and only turned and looked upon Peter and Peter remembered the word of the Lord how he had said unto him before the Cocker Bausch out there not me thrice and Peter went out and wept bitterly Can you imagine. That Jesus warns you I'm telling you before the. Tris you're going to deny me three times no no no I won't they might deny you but I won. So here as it happens when he denies Christ a third time remember remember we think in pictures when he denied Christ the third time the bible says his eyes connected with Jesus. Cockroaches his eyes connect with Jesus and Jesus is looking right at him now let's be honest. Have you ever told somebody please stop doing that or please don't do that because if you do that this bad thing will happen. They say no no no no no won't happen and then they do the bad thing and everything terrible that you warned them was going to happen happens. When you finally reconnect with them face to face sometimes there's a temptation in a Hard to say Didn't I tell you that sometimes if that bad thing happens to immediately after we've said that then sometimes if they're looking at us in the face we have a temptation proud to say you know like when I tell you you know body language counts facial expressions that's that least the human temptation would you agree while the degree while the degrading olds were fresh upon Peter's lips and the shrill crowing of a cock was still ringing in his ears the savior turned from the frowning judges and looked full upon his poor disciple at the same time Peter's eyes were drawn to his master in that gentle countenance he would read deep pity and sorrow but there was no anger there when Peter looked at Jesus he saw pity and he saw sorrow but he saw no anger I said Father can you save me. Listen to what I'm saying to you. I don't have that heart. If I warn you and I'm telling you I'm telling you if you do this that or that and you are in you and your arrogance you have listen to me and I'm like I'm telling you not I got it and then you fall flat on your face. And then when you look at me and you don't even see in my face anger you see is deep pity sorrow you see a gentle countenance I say Lord I'm not like that. Thirty or more money is my father I'm not like that can you really change my heart I lied to you know there's times that I talk to God I'm not I'm learning to talk to God or nature like we talk about this week talking to God in nature out loud and I'm like so you are going to take this mind. And you're going to get me to become like this. I said I want to see this I want because I'm not fighting him I'm not trying to fight God It's just that I've been through some stuff and because of that it's like wow a lot of the things of life kind of shape you you know I'm saying so you start saying so this is the perfect reflection you want to see in me before probation closes. I want to see how you're going to do this I'm not going to fight you I just can't wait to see this in Brother I want to see are you going to do this because God knows where I come from the way you know where you come from you understand and then he says this The sight of that pale suffering face those quivering lips that look of compassion and forgiveness before the brother even said Lord I'm sorry Jesus already had in his heart forgiveness reserved he already Peter did not confess a sin until later you know that John twenty one when he said Peter Love is down me more than these and and all that. Jesus already. Had a look of forgiveness upon God says that's a principle. I want to see reflected in your own. I want you to treat your husband like. What you treat children like that what you treat your wife like God says My love has enough power to purify your motive I can show you how to not do a fake smile but a real. Santa got his I can show you. How to actually love people that even you will be surprised. You see this Final Crisis is getting ready to come. If we really understood what we're getting ready to be hold. What the Bible in the spirit of prophecy is basically laying out before us is that we're getting ready to go through a dark ages part two if I can just put it like that it's going to be a repeat of the Dark Ages just with new technology. That same old hatred spirit that the first beast power has it still has it. It's just held in check because it doesn't have the state to back it up yet. But the time will come when churches that are going to come right back together again and when it comes back together again what took place in the dark ages we're going to see those things happen again we're going to see all happen again and when I read Fox's Book of miners when I read these things of what God's faithful souls went through and God says these things will happen again. And here it is that we're going to be like Stephen. While stones are hitting us. We're going to look up and God's going to give us a miraculous blessid assurance we're going to say Father. Given. They don't know what they're doing. And we think that that's going to be some pop character quality experience when the son in law passes and we just suddenly don't turn into a bunch of nice loving people God says this must be cultivated right now. And if we are not dwelling upon Calvary if we are not looking to understand how does the cross and the most holy place how do they come together if we don't understand this master it my brothers and sisters we may come up to the crisis thinking we're all right like Peter the only difference is there actually won't be a look of forgiveness. It's going to be too late. This one it will be too late. And so today if we're hearing God's voice we need harden our hearts we need to say look what I need you to reflect this in me but the only way it can happen is you and I must do well on Calvary Do you understand well I would say let the cross of Christ I'm sorry not let the cross but you talk about the thoughtful hour every day what is the what was especially the part we were supposed to meditate on closing see right now the question is this how many of us do that do you know those two things in the writings of L. a way that I know I've read it maybe more there at least two things that the prophet of God has said that we are to make our daily meditation. A life of Christ especially the closing scenes first Corinthians thirteen. I believe that was methodical. Because they go together we see first Corinthians thirteen especially in those closing scenes you have a center it's not about how you love your friends it's about how you love your enemies I always say this and I love it as as as an old school present truth or. I used to say Matthew five be there for perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect this neighborhood music no bad dress no bad that no better education no bad Sabbath keeping name. And I mean I was I was no bad in it but once this. God says I'm in agreement with you God says I don't want no bad dress I don't want bad guys I don't want there any of those things I want bad music I don't want none of that but God said but you missed something. And so am I what I miss so I go back to Matthew five prior to first forty eight Jesus talks all this language about loving your enemies. Love your enemies pray for them that persecute you and do all these wrong things to you if they take you close quote and given to this that Jesus goes into all of this. Strange behavior being leveled to unlovable people. So then I'm reading that I might and then God says now go to Luke six so I go to look six and when I go to Luke six it's the same story it's the same exact story of Matthew five it's just looks account I'm learning that physicians are very detail oriented. And brother Luke helps us understand something that you and I would do well to consider. Luke gives the detailed sentiment of God in more clear language than Matthew five forty eight did Matthew five forty eight says Be therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect but look at Luke six thirty six in Luke six and verse thirty six same exact sentiment of verse twenty eight but look gives better detail looks beat their face a merciful even as your Father which is in heaven is merciful hold up so you expect me to be merciful to the merciless. You mean to tell me you hit my wife you assault my wife you hit my children you assault my children you hit me and you assault me and God says be very civil don't be vengeful. Do not retaliate. This is with enemies guess what do you know your husband is not your enemy. Did you know your wife's not your enemy. But yet we tally eight without spouses without. Children with our own siblings watch this with a better than. We were telling it and we actually think we're on our way to heaven. And God says you don't even know how to deal with your own family members and brethren and God says you know you have not even seen what an enemy really is your brothers and sisters what what what gets us out of this deception. Light shines from the most holy place. The cross levels things the cross balances us helps us get a right perspective of life and how to deal with people and to understand true godliness because it's not about how Jesus worked with His disciples that's his highest reflection of love It was how he worked with his enemies I believe with all my heart the loud cry of the third angels message is not going to be so much proclamation as it is demonstration and yes it is going to be the fact that we will serve a court of the Isaiah fifty eight. We are going to serve our enemies we are going to do everything that Christ did when he walked on this earth and we actually are going to have peace in our hearts at the same time because the character of Christ has been reproduced within us and this is what he's trying to get across to us and so when I keep going through this I mean others are look at this another time will go with it his love was consistent even after being pretty betrayed. This is what God says I want to see in you I want to see your lab remain consistent for your husband wife children family members church members friends even your enemies I want to see my lab consistent in you even when. Everything goes against you. As difficult relations six fourteen it separates us from the world Hebrews twelve in verse two in the midst of unwanted duty the greater good caused him to yield I mean there's so many lessons from the cross I mean I just got to go through this thing I was like men Luke twenty three thirty four up compassion towards the airing. This so many lessons from the cross. And crisis I want this to be the science of all the education the center of all your teaching all your study God says this is what will bring about true change and it is a miracle. It is a miracle because we're told in the book education as the student of the Bible. Behold the Redeemer. Says there is awaken in them in the soul the mysterious power of faith hope and love. Mysterious power you understand that all week we've been talking about what. Is this as the student of the Bible behold the Redeemer there is awakened in the saw the mysterious power of faith hope and love is upon the vision of Christ the gaze is fixed and the behold becomes like that which he adores. God says that's what I want to do. And when we start seeing our brothers and sisters fall into sin we're going to start saying Lord we have sinned. That's when the Spirit of God is in you you know that look at the brethren and say look they are doing this is what I'm doing look at my separate organization walk back corrupt organization is over there that language will come out of those who are truly being filled with God's Spirit was alert we have sinned we have committed iniquity we have done wickedly and have rebelled even by departing from by precept God did it on purpose that we have no recording of Danielson we may be sent because the Bible is true all have sinned but God did not allow a single one of Daniel sins in his life to be recorded in inspiration to show that even when you think you have no record of sin you need to understand we have sinned. God is wise and eyes now watch this Moses Yeah it is true Moses said and Moses return of the law to said all of this people have sinned that's what Moses said but that's not how we finish it says they have sinned a great sin have made them gods of gold yet now if they will forgive their sin and if not brought me. I pray thee out of a book that's love that somebody filled with the Holy Spirit. They did it. But Lord can't imagine life without a. Police to give them and if you can't forgive them me your book of life that's love as Calvary ordained love. The Master Jesus himself for he has made him to be sin for us who knew no sin then you Moses Jesus. It paralleled in this experience God was as a stand this is love and this is how it closes the theme that attracts the heart of the sinner is Christ and Him crucified it says on the cross of Calvary Jesus stands revealed to the world in an parallel the love present him thus to the hungering multitude and the light of His love will win men from darkness to light from transgression to obedience and true holiness beholding Jesus upon the cross of Calvary arouses the conscience to the heinous character of sin as nothing else can do. Why is it that we veer away from Calvary when it has so much power. Subdue the soul help sinners see their sins like they've never seen it but why is this not the theme in our homes why is this not the theme in our churches Why is this not the theme in our proclamations as present through preachers I got to the place I said listen you can bypass my messages all you want to audio verse I don't care as mean anything to be it's like I'm going to get this message because this is the message that I believe is truly. Going to help us cooperate with God he can finish his work I'll believe we can finish anything. You can't finish nothing we use this type of language is what you can't finish anything is God that finishes that work in us and as he finishes his work in us then it's easier for us to be instruments in his hands that he might finish the work in this world. But my brothers and sisters I speak the truth my wife and I have traveled a lot of places sat down with a lot of couples and it amazes me on end how many of us have a profession in the sanctuary but we are having a very different experience outside of the sanctuary. And I'm serious. We are not meditating upon Christ crucified in the context of the third angel's message. Justification by Faith really has to go away from being a theory but it can't be limited to just a mere external fleshly work God wants to put his motives in our heart as we do that work so that everything is done in true Gospel order one well ordered. One well disciplined family will do more on behalf of the gospel. Then all the sermons that can be preached. At Venice on page thirty two are brothers and sisters. God is making it very simple we need our motives purified the power of the cross of Christ and what he did for us and our meditating on this is what will bring about that conviction Yea that conversion. And in time. Will be able to reflect the love of the image of Jesus in a way that even Jesus will be pleased Is it hard to please men no. We can make men very easily. But what's most important is God pleased and you know what happens when you please god too much. I hope you know what happens. The Bible says Enoch walked with God. And the Bible says and Enoch was not because he was translated and it says and before his translation he had this testimony. That he please God. My brothers and sisters that's what I want. I want to please him. I want to please Him Why do you do what you do doing that I please. Is not a simple answer no man is tap right you do that because I was told to well you do that because I got to finish the work that you do that because if I don't then I won't get A.B.C. blessings Why do you do what you do that I might please him. That's my husband. That I am I please him and so was the Mises why you nice to your wife why you cherish her so much I keep talking about that woman all the time why is it that you always try to find a way to sneak around to be next to him to talk to her. That I might please or why do I like simple. That I please or what God wants for husbands and wives why did that I please a. Simple brothers and sisters. Jesus is getting ready to come. The Final Crisis is getting ready to unfold and God is determined to make sure that he has a bunch of mirrors. That are going to be set in place when he comes a bunch of people that he sees a perfect reflection of himself. May we cooperate with him every day meditate upon the cross of Christ bring the principles into your daily practical life and as the student of the Bible behold the Redeemer there will be awaken in the soul the mysterious power of a hope and love and made this take place in your heart in my question how many of us understood the study. Is your desire to cooperate with Jesus and let his will be done. As Go to our knees in the sea a little prayer Father in heaven we are so grateful thank you again Lord for helping us to see the beauty of the cross. This so much that took place there we didn't really scratch the surface if we could especially study the cost of the cross Oh Lord I remember what that did for my Father I pray do something special for the people help us to really understand Christ crucified all that took place on the cross and help us to understand in the context of the third angel's message. That this took place that we can demonstrate the highest love to heaven by keeping your commandments regardless of threats regardless of trial death before dishonor of God and His law will be the Christians motto. Lord I pray only love can make people stand like that. Put that love within us help this love to be cultivated deep within. And then help us to show our love for you by how we treat others starting in our home. In our church and then abroad. We thank you so much for these precious. Help us to truly receive it in. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit the W.W.. Or.


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