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The Third Angel for Our Time

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN


  • September 18, 2017
    8:00 PM
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When we want to invite the presence of the whole of. This meeting. We thank you for the. Poor your. Conviction and challenge and courage. And. Speaks through me in. Her mouth as even as a third angel for. You now as are some of the they are. That the third angels must. Throw. The third angels NASA is needed now more than ever has been needed before now is not the time. To be making excuses for our. Masses as a people. Of the three Indians. And I want to start by reading a statement page four hundred sixty four which. Before the final over the. Judgments of. There will be among the people of the. Bible of. As has now. Since our time on it. There and say this the future of adman is not. Where we become more and more like the worlds of that were indistinguishable from the world that's not the future of Adam to them that goes through. The future of God's people is a revival of. Interest. And that's true. But among those in the other churches she goes under say the spirit and power will be poured out and at that time many will themselves from those churches in which the love of those who are on the supply. Will gladly accept those great truths which you are the scars to be proclaimed the to prepare people for the Lord's. Crowns we need to be praying for that revival of primitive god. That the future of ambulances and in many generations now have. A seventh day out and we have shoe see that revival. We are so waiting for the outpouring of the outer ring we are still waiting for a revelation. To take place where an angel comes down from. Our And the earth is lying in with his glory I am sad to say that. If God were to try to pour out the Holy Spirit and louder rain power many of us would say Did you see. Did you see. God's cars look at how many people are noticing my posts on Facebook and how many downloads my sermons are getting or whatever and maybe look at how our street has shaped the trend in I am going to. Look for people. Who will have. Who will also have a beer or a few know it so they can you. As for the finishing of the work and that is what. It is about. The third angel. Server will have inquired. If the message of justification by faith as the third. And I have answered it is the third angel's message and now I have seen an out and as that people just read minds and they don't read the rest of the course. And yes it is true justification by faith is the third Angel's Musson Verity L M Y gives us some clues as to what the work like because there are a lot of confusing news about justification by faith in Christianity and announcement of them. And your understanding of justification by faith if it's correct. But if you have a wrong understanding of justification by faith there's a very good chance you'd need to see it and receive the mark of the beast. So I'm why girls on the say in the. April one eighty nine and right after she says it is the thirty angels message in there and she quotes revelation eighteen one and she's as the prophet declares and after these things I've come down from having great power and the earth was wine with the door and she closes and goes on to say brightness glory and power are to be connected with. Where ever it is preached in demonstration of the spirit here as well on why the saying when we experience justification by faith as God designed for it's of the experience of Revelation eighteen. Which is the Al. Rain which gives rise to. The outcry where the character of God a little many hits the earth. Now if you believe the justification by faith is are we. Not only without a heart change how can it be that you have an experience that reflects the character of Jesus that illuminates the world. Ellen why does saying that yes Justification by Faith is the other angel's message and. That serving his message is the next period that leads to Revelation eighteen where the earth is my. Bra in as glory and power are to be connected with the thirteen jewels must end and invitation. Wherever it is preached in demonstration of the enough to say this is what. You've probably heard about. If you didn't come under. You've probably heard about. If you haven't come under. The Holy Spirit the Word of a holy spirit it's not a patch on the back for a living and. It's again there is you and of righteousness and under. The third Angel's NASA leads to that experience and then the minister the preacher is under the influence of the Holy Spirit you come under conviction for sin in your life. And the fact that Jesus hasn't come yet. And tells us that we are still dealing with us some problem in our church. And so yes we need masses of and yes we need times of encouragement and perhaps been downtrodden. When we work out the prophetic amounts of regards the last day people. Need to. Earth's history should be. Raised where you feel perfectly comfortable just floating know on our way of us and then stay as if another never gonna change and geezers in the next come for five and fifteen or twenty or even thirty years and you just think you can live your life the way you always have the day is coming where it's going are out. And I believe that maybe. Now what is. The Justification by Faith. To show you this very thing I assure you some with you some statements from along the way a foundation for this is something that can be clearly shown from the. And I and. Sixteen. Should be a familiar of Scripture every single one. But I hope that as you see this verse these two verses again the now you are going to see it in a. Way. For one verse in six units and you hear the Apostle Paul I am not. Of the gospel of her. For it is the power of God. To everyone that is of the first and also with agree why is that so her seventeen for their end is the righteousness of. The face to. FACE. Her. Writing this letter to the church and. Also the church as one of the. Expositions of a gasp and she goes through a variety of things in the book as she asserts out at the beginning of the book she can hardly contain themselves and it's as if I've got to tell you why I am so excited to preach the gospel that. I am preaching at you through writing and tell you why this Gospel is so powerful I am not ashamed of the cigar here is why I am not ashamed because it is power. And the celebration other words how or in the jury is the Greek word dune and so which is similar to dynamite. What Paul is saying is that the reason why I am not ashamed of the Gospel is because it has dynamite the power to blow up your life. Hard hard change it can change under the dynamite Howard of the gospel of Christ. The gospel is not a lifestyle modification improvement plan it's dynamite you put dynamite into a rock quarry and. That's what dynamite the that is what the gas is the kind in by wives of everyone who believes of the word and the grief of the same as everyone who has fish everyone who has faith can ahead experience the power of the gas for. Now. Shows us. Just. Why is the gospel so powerful what is it about. That how the Designer my our. First servants you chose and so now for a very. In other words here is why the Gospel so powerful it's because in the Gospel the righteousness of. It is revealed. No notice Paul does not say the righteousness of the is the clear. Here's the amazing thing that many Christian scholars today say that the point of the Gospel in the book of Romans is that justification is declared and were saved by an outward covering without our change and yet that's contradictory to the very thing that saying here in Romans one verses sixteen and seventeen here's why the Gospel so powerful because in the Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed. As it is written that just show by faith another words. Of the judge who live by faith have the righteousness of God. In their own lives and that is why the Gospel has power. Justification by Faith A. Faith to believe and a dynamic power to change your life brings justification by faith into your experience and when you are truly just by face the righteousness of God It is not clear to me it is revealed in your life and that's why Ellen was so justification by faith as the thirty. That's why our minds serves when we have justification by faith as a people revelation eighteen one takes place because Revelation eighteen is the righteousness of God. And as Adam just some of us fall into a false Babylonian gospel thinking that justification by faith is righteousness the clear and which are. Wives do not change and somehow we'll just scrape through the living our son for wife or wherever with the garment of Christ's righteousness the loving us them for wife and. The power of a. Third. For ours. Is just. A phase. In which. In the. Sunni in the New Testament we see the. Phrase coined by the of. The own words the Gospel issues. But we also see. In the current. Of the. Evolution. In. Thirty five. In verse thirty five the way therefore your. Need of patience whatever you have done the guard you might receive the promise. And he will come on well much Jerry now the just. The apostle Paul who is the author of he read the saying in this passage those who are waiting for Jesus the. Experience of justification by faith and that is the experience that we must have in order to be ready for it is the. Now let me say a couple of other things in. The Greek word for. The just. The Greek word is the word. Which also means you are. The righteous. Justification. It just so happens the ground. In the new. Figure is the scribed as being in. The same word and the group who are you may remember in Matthew Chapter twenty seven first nineteen when the trial pilot's wife sends a message and said hey I had a dream last night and I was troubled by what I saw have nothing to do you just. The same were. Highlights wife. Of the apostle in action after a three Verse fourteen you know one turn there. On the ass. Of Jesus he says you deny the Holy One and the just and desired a murderer to be granted and that word just it's the scribing Jesus of them as the Greek word. And then Stephen just before him. In Acts Chapter seven. Which of the prophets. Not your father's persecuted they have slain them which before of the coming of the just one of whom you have been our betrayers in Jesus here is described as the just one and again the word just here is the Greek word that. Earth was a just or a righteous man. And when we have a true bony power of. Just the righteous as Jesus. That's the power of. Howard dynamite. Your son polluted our. Change. Desperately need experience and. Let me ask you this Do you really enjoy being. Someone that they were if they were complaining about something. Or the kind of life you are. Now my other children of zero zero of them. Were a complainer down. All the time not able to claim the promises of God always flying off the now no one. Does that really makes you how. Did you know that God is something that are for you don't love. Into thinking that you can keep living that way and be declared righteous by faith because that is not righteousness by faith. Righteousness by faith is believing that as well as your life has then God can change. Into the image of. Justification by Faith Now I mentioned. That I only knew. Coin the phrase the just show my face. Again whole not God as they were moving. The source of Scripture we understand that as the spear. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Frequently from the old So here's the interesting thing people say I'm a New Testament Christian and. Their favorite new just in the guard who they trust him this is to make it sound like you saying something that he didn't really say quoted from the old certain all the time the proof as gospel points if you don't believe me just go through the book of Romans and look in your margin to see all the time she's quoting from the old and you'll find I'm quoting from songs and how good I am about. Me Exodus Genesis she's corn from. The concept of the just show by faith is no different in our poll yes the cancer of the just by faith from under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit you know without. Go to the. Now or. The view of something into an understanding. In the last two or three. Loony away. And then back to chapter two you know it's. When you're studying the Bible and you see something that just makes things so much clearer in your mind and how about chapter. Two guards people be on a challenge that God's people are facing in chapter one I'm not going to read through all of about a Chapter One figures the point about to Chapter one The Kal demons are the or the Babylonians are threatening to overrun God's people God's people are error. Of being over by a Babylonians Now if you study of mass the prophecy. Because of the end of the world there is a battle ROM who is trying to deceive the whole world so that we would receive the mark of a man. So in her bow we see this illustration of what happened to God's people on the old as an allocation to what God's people in the last days are the ends of the Bible are trying to overrun God's people so God. Chooses people. Understand how they can keep from being overrun by the bow. And how about it chapter two verse one in here we read I will stand upon my watch and so me upon the end will watch what he was saying to me and work I shall answer when I am recruited so about to. Inversion you saying OK I'm going to get a message ever a proof. In answer when I have a. Crew. And hear the message. In the Lord answer me. Right. And nature is playing upon that you need to read it for the version is for now. But at the end of why there were wait for that will surely come it will march early Now if you're paying attention you'll notice the hall uses a very similar language and he was shouting than to describe the experience of God's people and waiting for the second coming of Jesus and so here the message of the Babylonians are coming they're going to try to overrun you so you need to write a downwards version and make it plain. So that people will understand our preferred a command that has been given to you so that. Now you should be working up. Could it be that many Seventh Day Adventists are going to be over. By ignoring the prophetic amounts of that God has and that we should be overrun by the Iranians because we're not go acting the prophetic a message that God has given serious. This most of. Me But before I read moves forward when you say this you know we're the end time application for this version the cherry in time. I think you probably know verses two and three is referring to which. The other twenty three hundred days the ring about. There was an area in time and the our eyes were confused about the evolution forty three verses E.G. forty four and so they had to wait for the full understanding of the the Trani three hundred days want to come to its completion if you don't believe me go to great anniversary pages three ninety one and three ninety two or L M Y It makes it very clear. That this area in time with the twenty three hundred a prophecy. Now. Becomes very very interesting. And if you don't remember anything else from what I say the cure is what I hope you are. At the end of the war. Babylon is trying to overrun God's people and they will do so by trying to enforce the mark of the meanest upon the entire. God stands a prophetic a massive that will provide their kids in time people from receiving the mark of the beast if we were message ever a proof that is found in that her father. And that Professor Kamau starts off with a. Version of the twenty three hundred days which takes us to eight hundred forty four which tells us that is the beginning point in earth's history where Guard and the work of the Clones and of the century were. So you may be asking where is the proof. What's the recruiter to Adams us at the end of the world about the Iranians are trying to overrun God's people were the reproof is twenty three hundred days sanctuary shall be cleansed I know that I can explain for fifty seven eight hundred forty four and I can cut off seventy weeks I've done that for years I've given my Bible only so what's the point here is the point if that's all you twenty three hundred days you haven't. Noticed verse four verse four is a continuation of the end of the whole. Which is lifted up is not. In the just show live by his face now Jethro. Here is Adventism to problem at the end of the world. We see the Babylonians common we believe in the twenty three hundred a prophecy and more saying oh yeah we're going to stand firm and true and saw when the mark of the beast crisis comes when the sun the law comes I'm going to be standing on the Watchtower crying from the rooftops This is the mark of the beast don't worship I'm not going to be deceived by the sun they are crisis and yeah scripture serves you better watch out because if your soul is. If your heart is full of pride you have the spirit of Babylon. Never to another set is this not great. For the glory of my majesty and for the power my kingdom in if we as God's people think that we can fight Babylon with the spirit about. We defeated by the. We hold his soul which is lifted up is not the right moments of the question is What are you going to answer when you are recruited when the Lord points out to you you know what you're doing all right thing Syria she finds you're living by the message you're doing all this right thing the mother of I don't know your horror my God and your heart so I'm not here to judge your motive but you may know your motive in God what your motive for what you're doing is a so that people will appreciate you and say well look at why you're here and. The things that you are following God's plan good job way to being the way you are and your heart swells with pride as you say I am so thankful that I am here in the court of the and you're not. The way Jesus will. And here's the thing. The true one is three hundred a prophecy that's mention in verses two and three needs us to the point where the sanctuary needs to be quiet. Do you want to know why the sanctuary hasn't been cloned. It's because Adam and. I need that we have not yet experienced justification by faith which also then that if you experience Justification by Faith that are synonymous with the cleanse another sanctuary which means that justification by faith is far more than an hour or a ration it's dealing with a hard problem the private. Justification by Faith is much deeper. Than. Now. That's why Ellen wants. Page four fifty six which comes from a special. She says what. It is the work of God. And in the. End viewing for a man that which it is not in his power to do and so there it is right there we are oh I've heard that over many years justification by faith of the work of God in language glory of man and about me and so about two years ago to see from the Bible that our souls which are our lifted up are not in us so we need our glory right in the dust so that we can be justified by faith that will be another century. When men see their own. They are prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ when they begin to praise them ago. And then by the hole in their museum and changed into the same image. It can be also a. Force. Of the. One surely that counts for something in my stand in. Justification by Faith is the land of the glory of man in the dust and we realize we are nothing that what God does in our own he transforms our car and lives that is what produces the change in the fruit in our lives. It is not our effort to change it is one nothing and we lay at the foot of the cross to humbling ourselves fully and completely that we can then be justified by faith. I want Southern faith and works one hundred. Three sixty six God. The entire surrender. Before justification can take. In the world for man to retain justification there must be can. Which works by all of them purifies the so that sanctification in other words in order for you to retain Justification by Faith you're living a sanctified life which means you'll reach any verse around which is why sanctification is the work of a Wife time some people say oh it's a work of a lifetime therefore never get there yes you're growing and maturing but you're still surrendered. Don't say that you're sanctified while your arms around. Justification by Faith. This is. So desperately. In the war and it is in. Good medical missionaries. And why aren't. Our because when that makes sense that when we are doing medical missionary work if people see and realize we're not shoe glory in ourselves they're going to trust more what will say to them and they'll have interest in what we are given to them and yes there are places out there in the sense of God as rays of this movement but it's not as much as what. Engineers one of. Them maybe and I say this and. I'm not trying to say this but I will say that. When you're in a place here it's easy to trust in God. Even now and. I've got a Sony I mean I don't I'm not saying that the people who do. Menu you know you go to meeting more places were. I want to a one time somewhere I won't say we're. Past or was introduced and he started reading my bio and I mean there. I mean there were. Any to. Any idea that how. People just turned into the glory of Norman and also. Now listen if you're coming here to share in the speech you're not going to get much. Needed listening to the voice of Jesus. And I hope that I'm tapped into the right power so that you're hearing the right thing but when we start to exhaust Yury accomplishments and education and how our ministry is better than that ministry because we do you know. They do this the other way I mean I've seen some of the weirdest things where you know Bible training schools or. Other Bible training schools because we did it this way and they do it that way and our way as a period of saving souls and when I thought we were trying to always saving souls and the more that are doing a better. It's one illustration you could have competition between self and self supporting institutions for our anonymous making the. Our way of hypothermia is better than your way of. And so all of a sudden the glory of man and the glory of our institution versus the glory of your institution and Jesus is trying to lay the glory of man on the first so that he can cleanse our lives of sense of that he can rightly represent his character through us so that we can actually reach the world but a for like the world. In ourselves then with his. Spirit and the Earth can be a lie in with the who are because of me haven't had our late in the dust and the far glory of the way in the. New. Another church board meetings and. Now. And the third angel for our time is the glory of sinful Adam just needs to be laid in the does start patting your ballot for being so sanctified in an hour we wait. That's not going to get you into the. The only thing that's going to get you into the chain and issue humble yourself at the foot of the cross seeing what Jesus did for you it's his sacrifice on the cross the breaks your heart and are you kidding me to say well I know Jesus came down from heaven and died on the cross and all of Heaven then eternity or restore him his eternal security at risk to be on the cross but you know it's OK if. You have not. By the sound of Jesus. Thing. And this is Jesus given an example of someone who is justified versus someone who is not. I like it when Jesus gives us a clear cut example. And you know the story but this is all the more power only think about it and the terms of language glory of man on the. First time you speak this parable in the certain which trusted in. That they were right and despise the. Other One of. See in the. Fairest. Of them so I think. Extortion earns. Soldiers or even as. Fast rice in the week. And the public can stand in a far off would not so much of the. Earth for. This man went down to his house the other for every one that exalts himself. And some so shall be exalted there you have a right there if you're exalting yourself you are not justified but if you're humble on your software God you will be justified you know we could. See how two thousand years ago among adamant today. Now are. A few examples. Based on anything that I know of anyone personally so I'm just using these illustrations that I have used in other places. But if you go something like the. And by the way before I say anything. I believe the prescribe person inspiration I believe. That God has given us an inspiration. And we can turn the end of a Gorean now. So if you go like this God I think you. Only a few of those people are. Watching the label so carefully that I know. People. Are seeing on the shows there's no way they're going. And then you're. You're not nice to work with but you sink your diet and your dress is going to get you into the. Now mind you please don't then now OK well I just need a new kind of woman who cares how. People throw the baby out about her and say well I'm going to do. And then going to have it on the other side I thank you. But I don't have to worry about. God I thank you that I don't have to worry about a kind of fear that as long as I show. People it doesn't matter what I do. And you can how fair A sees on all sides of the spectrum God I thank you. And you're not willing to examine your own art to say God what am I really like with. How am I presenting myself and my coming before the God of the universe and saying God I know that you're the king of the universe and you're the Savior of my life but I'm up to about. That is. That. Has tried to place on humanity to think that we have something to. End if we should learn anything from the wife of Jesus and from the cross of Calvary it's our righteousness is us. And there are. Nothing in and of ourselves for. The good that is in our lives is only because of the mercy of. Our hearts the. Wife and. Mother of the now. No one and I. And I to do. This not a pretty picture. And you know what's true of every single one. I don't care who the person as a famous speaker or a faithful worker in the church and or whatever you may do if you are not connected to Jesus you can put on a good front and make it look like you have all of the other and that you're a good sanctified stomach they are ready for translation yet behind the scenes are something totally different. And what Jesus is saying the Babylonians are coming at you over the adamant and the spirit about. It and they are going to enforce a decree that will take everyone that has the same spirit that they do so here's the message of reproof to adventures and Adventists since eighteen forty four Jesus has been doing the work of cleansing the same choice in heaven and the reason why that work is still going on is because your souls which are lifted up are not right and you need to be clones the sending your life and have your glory laid in the dust so that you can have the character of Jesus in. An experience. Of the one. Showing what. You truly care about. You're not just doing. To. Just say well I'm doing more of the. Afternoon always on. You know. By the grace of the law. As you were of the. Surrender. And I don't know where you are and I own. That ISIS. The two or three of us tonight. That are having some glory and. Those issues. When our well. And when things don't go the way we should when our plans are heard above another or whatever it may be and God is saying these are the sus that I am giving to cleanse us and I'm recruiting you now so that when the Marburg nice crisis comes you'll have heard from your wife and. Over. Now friends. Coming very soon and I believe the Lord has orchestrated this we. Thank you for the other speakers are here than my friends and for the mass of. Harmony and. To bring conviction to our hearts so. We ready to. His rightful Representatives God is looking for a group of some of the other Mr in whom the righteousness of God is revealed not the filthy rags of our. First out of hand but the true righteousness of Jesus Christ. What we so desperately need. To experience so you. Ask each one of you who wants to have the experience to know. As we ask the Lord to come into our hearts. That he would approve us. And remove our pride in our. So that we each of you are the same so what's near as a. Father in heaven you see everyone hears. What I know that we are sure because we have a desire to follow him. We also. We have struggles in our lives that time. Or forgive us for whatever. Cause the glory of. Please. And. You can help to. Ask you of her that we would ask that whatever of. The glory of. That we would ask you to do what ever it. To remove the. Humble or. Whatever it may be trials that are the case may we need to go through those experiences trusting you know one that you pass through those experiences to prepare us for the coming of Jesus. Please help us to experience the third. Justification by Faith which is a curse. And. Continue to be with us through the rest of the suite of remaining presentations and speakers may. Gather and show her. The. Maid. And they are all the. Jesus. In Jews is. This. Website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know about audio or if you would like to.


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