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The Sealing of the 144,000

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN


  • September 20, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Thank you for your spirit has been with us this week and I pray that you would continue to me. And. Give me the worst. Be what is needed. And again we remember those who are in harm's way and. Those who were there so be with us now this morning and we've all these things and Jesus and. So morning meetings we've been going through this sure we're. In the Book of Revelation and our first presentation looked at the overview. Of the movement of Jesus from the holy place of the most holy place through the churches the seals in the trumpets Yesterday we spent time looking at the work of Jesus in the most holy places as a relates to the years to the later sea and sure. Today we are going to look at the seals. In the emphasis will be. Taking place in the most holy place during the work of the seals and so we are going to look a briefly at the seals and then we're going to choose a look especially. With. The ones for today and for the time we're. Nine. We are living in the time of the. The fast fulfilling signs of the times to clear the coming of Christ is. The days in which we all over. The Spirit of God as surely have been withdrawn from the. Plagues and judgments are already fallen upon the survivors of the grace of God. The calamity is by land and see the state of society in the arms of. A forecast approaching advance of the greatest American and. The agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating they are strengthening for the last great crisis and great changes are soon to take place in our or. In the final movements will be around. On why I wrote this statement yesterday. I mean how much more do we need to see. Both leave the Jesus and. Hurricane. Was blasted by an earthquake yesterday there's already been heard hurricane Harvey and Houston islands in the Caribbean have been destroyed by hurricane and now. We see that the Spirit of God has been withdrawn from the air. In the can't we see that the SEALs in the Book of Revelation provide a road map to understand what. The Spirit of God has been withdrawn from the earth now. As we see. Through the seals so there are seven churches seven seals of and trumpets we are looking at the seals today. Him and. The SEALs. Provide a historical timeline to know where we are in the history of the world so. I'm not going to. Those of you who have studied the book of Revelation a basic grasp of this but basically if you look through the first. Four horses of course the horse the black horse and the horse and they just the various phases chronologically of the Christian church we have the conquering. Christian church described as the horse and the time period for that is from thirty one to one hundred eighty then we have the rather chorus which describes the persecuted church and goes from about one hundred eighty to three through. That Coleman It's where the years of persecution under the Roman emperor. Then you have the black horse in the third seal and. This represents the time that the church begins to go into a pass to see this is from three thirteen eighty to five thirty. When you study this period of time this is when the doctrine of bailment of the. Christian church and was held by the Christian church. The doctrine of the Nicolaides understand. The doctrine of the new turn in the grace of God and. In other words we use God. And so the early Christian church held that dark year and so that's the time of the past the sea and then by the time we get to the fourth you see the pale horse This is the. Following the way this is the time for the Christian church is described as a. Whore and when you study the churches in connection with the SEALs This is the time when the woman. Is in the church and so this is the time of great a pastor see now I have the strong from five thirty eight to thirteen seventy four because that was in thirteen seventy four the John of work one of the first reformers comes under the sea and here turned out to be one of the great reformers he translated the Bible in the end he spoke out against transubstantiation of the mass he was ahead of even some of the reformers to shame after him and so the Protestant Reformation began around thirteen seventy four and then you get to the fifth. Or the owner of the altar and. So you judge and. Then we get to the next seal. And the seal and verse and this is we're going to fix things. So we've gone from thirty one eighty all the way down through the time of the Protestant Reformation and then in verse twelve. When he had opened the Sixth Seal and low there was a great earthquake and the sun became black us our cloth here and the moon. And the stars fell under the earth even as the fig tree through time we've won she is shaken of a Mighty One and the heavens are part of the scroll one of those who are all gathered in every mountain and island were moved out of their places and that of the earth and the great men and the rich men and the chief captains and the mighty men and every bondman and every free man themselves in the day and then on the rocks of the mountains and serve the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of earth on the throne and from the route. For the great day of His wrath is Kerman who shall be able to stand all of a sudden we've just been Can I go I want a marching through history thirty one eight hundred nine hundred three thirteen three thirteen zero five thirty five thirty eight to thirteen seventy four and then when the Sixth Seal opens there's a great earthquake and we go through this earthquake and we go through the dark day and we go through the falling of the stars and the next thing we see as the coming of Jesus on the in the workers are calling for the rocks and the mountains to fall on. And I want me to say something to you here with us you think we're going to be here for another thousand years. The signs of the coming of Jesus being Yeah. Hundred and Sixty two years ago when the Lisbon earthquake. So we're very very close potentially to the coming of Jesus. We understand from history that the Great was going earthquake occurred on May one seventeen fifty five I'm not sure that the. Richter scale rating for that earthquake Maybe someone does I haven't noticed it was a massive earthquake and in fact I've read a book about it there were actually choose sharks. And then a tsunami came in and wiped out that. And then fire spread throughout the city after. The earthquake was felt throughout Europe and as far away as Africa. And it was the greatest earthquake that had been seen to that. This was a clear sign of the beginning of the signs that would take place before Jesus comes again and. These signs are also found in the Gospel accounts of Matthew Mark and moves you can find in Matthew twenty four verses twenty nine and thirty marks the twenty fourth. Twenty six twenty one versus twenty five twenty eight and even. Verse thirty one describes the dark day or the new turns to this is mentioned for other times and scripture before we come to the Book of Revelation it's there are that many times for a reason and God wants us to be aware of the fact that these signs have a great prophetic significance. So the door of the glory was one earthquake occurs on May one seven hundred fifty five and just twenty five years later on May nineteenth seventeen eighteen we have the great dog day which I preach about this shortly before the great American of course we were fortunate enough to live just about two hours from the center one of totality so we drove to my hometown where I grew up to experience the eclipse either way did anyone get a chance to see the. Some of those you know just so you know. If you were in ninety nine. The difference between ninety nine percent and totality was the difference between. If you got ninety nine percent it was still bright. But when we were in the church our the sun was getting darker and darker. Was like the sun so it was coming over the entire horizon and then everything went. And then we were there it was about shoe and a half minutes where we were a few minutes thirty five seconds and about fifteen seconds before the sun came back out the moon they were and. Here is the thing. As often as every eighteen months somewhere and. That is not that there are a day. The last two and a half minutes that's pretty impressive. We enjoyed it in fact there's going to be another eclipse in seven years that's going to last for four minutes and it's going to go through Texas and Arkansas and it won't be that far from where we will probably go see it again. But four minutes is nothing. To what the great dark there was. Around nine o'clock. The sky started the dark and. It was pitch black. The animals came back to other. Homes everyone had their work and it stayed dark for the remainder of the day this was not just. The moon the sun for an entire day and an idea for a few minutes at a given point this was. Significant prophetic and then at night time when it was time for the moon to come out the moon had the appearance of blood just as Joel two thirty one says that. This was a significant. Then fifty three years later the stars from heaven Nov thirteenth eighteen thirty three. Now will ensure the. When you look at the SEALs you have the great Lisbon earthquake and the following story the dark day and on the falling of the stars the very next thing that you see after the fall in the stars is the coming of Jesus and the. And we are. From the falling of the stars one hundred eighty four years so you have twenty five years between the Lisbon earthquake and the dark day you have fifty three years from the dark date of the fall in the stars and here we are in twenty seventeen one hundred and eighty four years and challenging between the falling of the stars and the coming of Jesus and that. The next thing that's the in the SEALs now what's implied and what's missing in the SEALs is eight hundred forty four in the beginning of the judgment. John the Revelator and the Holy Spirit as it's put together is giving you this understood implied understanding that you know that after eighteen thirty three just eleven years later Jesus goes into the most holy place and after that Jesus is going to come back so the seals are giving us a chronology of what happens to the Christian church from the time of Christ to the time of the second coming and these great song in the heaven and on the earth with the earthquake and the dark day and the fall of the stars the signs that Jesus gave himself in the Gospel accounts those were significant prophetic identifying that we have moved into the last days of verses three. And yet the question could be asked. Why are we still here and I know we've been talking about this and. This week. Gives a clearer picture of why we are still here after we see the coming of Jesus where it's almost as if you can see Jesus coming in the clouds because the heaven is wrong because the scroll and then the workers are calling for the rocks to fall on them and they're saying the Great day of the route of the Lamb is come and who shall be able to stand you know on one of the last time you've seen an angry land. That's a weird phenomenon. Apparently the appearance of the Lamb of God who takes away the sun of the world scares the wicked to death and they want the rocks to fall on them so you almost see Jesus in the clouds at the end of the. Seal and then we in the Revelation Chapter seven which is an intra lewd and Scripture says an after these things. I saw for angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on any tree now what we're looking at. Is especially what is taking place in the most holy place during the time of the seals on why it's an early Romans page thirty six. For angels would hold the for women's and soul geezers work. In the same and then more come the. So when you come to Revelation Chapter seven Revelation seven steps back a little bit train the other stars in the coming of Jesus because the four ones are being held and that has taken place while Jesus is doing his work in the most holy place of the only sanctuary. So after eighteen thirty three and the following other stars Jesus then goes into the most holy place and that work must finish first before the work of the earth coffer the rock from the mountains. And if we keep reading and. Two and I saw another angel sinning from the. Coming the seal of the living cried with all. Of the four angels in him it was given to her the earth in the season current of the earth neither the sea nor the trees chill we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads and I heard the number of them which were sealed and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of the. Four angels. Who had a work to do on the earth and were on their way to accomplish it Jesus was clothed with priestly garments he gazed on the remnant then raised his hands and with the more it's a pretty crowed my blood father my my. Energies are. For the Jews as the tree the way we would treat us. Then I saw an exceeding boy come from who sat upon the great white throne and was showed all about Jesus and then I saw an angel with a commission from Jesus swiftly flying to the fore angels who had a work to do on the earth and waving something up and down in the sand and crying with the. Whole whole whole world the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads see the Wends could have been released a long time ago Jesus pleading has a brother the father and he saying My people are in are ready year old the wells until the servants of God are sealed so that they will be ready when the time comes. I'll think we have. As to how bad it's going to be. When the four ones are. You know I'm way out of the state. With me today but she says. Every city will be over. By the hand of God. To shake. Every city. On the floor ones are being released now we have been watching with interest the last few weeks I mean you know we've seen some crazy things for the. Of us who are enough to remember nine are. It's a little bit amazing to me that we. Now that we have children that don't have any recollection of September eleventh two thousand and one but those of us who were alive and in our dog years on nine eleven remember where we were. When we heard the news I was in California in my second year of medical school and of course California is three hours behind the East Coast so the first plane hits the first hour eight forty eastern time I was sound asleep and didn't know anything about how until one tower had already collapsed and then one of my friends calls me and says You got to get to achieve the and see what's happening in New York City and I mean I'll never forget the feeling the. And I was convinced that Jesus was coming very very very very soon I wasn't even sure I would finish medical school and here we are all these years later but we've been watching you know just the last few weeks. Where hurricane Army roars ashore as a Category four hurricane. And do choose these weird weather patterns does the swoop around the Houston area and just hang in there for five days and there were. Many trillions of gallons of water. And then Houston flooded and they had never seen anything like so once in a lifetime for the city of Houston and then just as she used to and was getting its bearings and trying to figure out what to hurricane Ernest or through oring through the Caribbean as a Category five hurricane with winds of one hundred eighty five miles an hour totally blows over the small island of Bermuda completely destroyed the small island of about seven hundred people there was. A few. People survived but the island became uninhabitable. Through the Caribbean barely missed for each of the time and Florida where and a panic mode because forecasts are just of that a category five hurricane could come right into the southern peninsula and spend thirty hours over the phone at the main pronounce one hour as a Category five a star as a five and potentially staying as a three all the way up the island of thought how can the mass of a station for the scene would have been unspeakable but God knows mercy. Slowed the hurricane down before the penance. And yes there was. Destruction but it wasn't what it could have been and just want to Irma gets over all of a sudden here comes Hurricane Maria. Goes over the island of the monitor and causes great damage and as we speak right now it was blown over. As a category four hurricane with winds of one hundred fifty five miles an hour. On why it's something very interesting about hurricanes and the four ones she quotes Revelation seven versus one through three we've just read that and then she says from this version we can learn why so many are preserved from calamity if these ones were allowed in the earth they would create havoc and desolation but the world's intricate machinery is running under the Lord's supervision or will some of this should wake up just a little bit as I read this next sentence hurricanes threatening to break forth are held under control by the regulations of the one who is the protector of the trim one one's the fear of God and keep His commandments for the Lord holds back to US ones he will not suffer them to go forth on their death. Until he has served. And therefore. She says that God is not allowing these hurricanes to go forth their. Mission of the engines until the servants are sealed in their foreheads Now this should cause you to wake up perhaps just a little bit. How many hurricanes need to blow through the Caribbean for you to realize the When's are starting to be released. This is managed. To seventy. Manuscript volume nineteen. Nineteen. Seventeen. Now this is my conversion on this I am not saying that this means that probation is about to close what I am saying is that these hurricanes. To see if God's people are ready to be sealed. And if we are ready to be sealed we're going to keep seeing more and more. About the next page in the. Local The Stir in nature are committed to take. Some balls of that which may be expected all over the. Blues the four winds of the earth the forces of nature under the direction of an eternal agency science. To explain strange. And anon cbers science fails of tracing in these things the working. And science fails of perceiving that. Is the cause of most of the frequent accidents. In their resorts. As another statement was she says science seeks to explain all these things and people are starting to say oh well it's probably global warming that's causing all of this is the true reason is that the angels are always in the fall. Ones. And then the pope's going to come out of the scene and say oh we have a we need our day or so that we can call the plan are you killing so a day or. So. And now I'm not here to speak for or against I see that as a distraction to your message as God's people. People will use that as a reason to push forward. But again the media let me read this again this is managed. To seventy nine. Hurricanes threatening to break for held under control by the regulations of the one who is the protector of the trembling ones that fear God and keep its commandments the Lord holds back the temperature was. For them to go forth. Until his servants are sealed and therefore. When I see three major hurricanes within a few weeks it just. Makes me wonder and it's that gets me thinking are we close. To the servants of Darby in the. Crown there is time to start lying games where they are so you know maybe now. Maybe next year I'll give my heart to God I'll just keep playing church for now how much longer than as Mercy war. Coming soon. Now. What we see and Revelation chapter and verse as one through three is that the ones are being until the servants of God and we see that the servants of God are the one hundred and forty fourth. In when the guard. Who are. War. Move forward with their release. In L. one Y.. See. A bell on the seal in the people is found in. Volume five and it starts on page shoe hundred seven and I want to read that. In fact I would encourage you if you have a chance to read the whole chapter if you. Care to sixteen and I'm going to pick it up as the chapter on the seal of God. Because we're talking about what is taking place during the SEALs again we're going through the Book of Revelation and we're focusing on the most in the church as the seals in the trumpets and so as we look at the SEALs we see that from the most holy place that which has taken place in the in the Book of Revelation the respect of the seals is the work of God trying to seal the one hundred forty four thousand so I'm wise. There's a chapter of the seal of the chapter twenty three and testimonies where I am five at stores I'm patient. And this is well I'm wiser she's quoting the book of Ezekiel she says she cried also on my New Years where the. Cars them charge over the city to draw near even every man with his destroying weapon and any colder the man with one on which other riders in crime by its side and the Lord certain and go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem and sudden mark upon the foreheads of the men and their cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst there under the others he said in my hearing. Through the city and smile I. Neither have. The all the number of the maids and little children and women. Near any man upon whom of the market and begin at my sanctuary and then they begin an engine which will before the House and that's in the book of his if your going to go there then she. Jesus is about to leave the mercy seat of the only sanctuary to put on garments of vengeance and poor are his wrath in judgment upon those who have not responded to the God has given. To the book of as. She was quoted in the first verses of your. Chapter is a nine are together and the shepherds. For those of you around under them have hijacked these two chapters and they say that we will be the destroying angel of. Death or work it out and that's when the time comes along and. God is going to do that or it is not going on and use the show for it. But when you look at it. As you. Are fit into Version years in captivity in Babylon. Version and as shown what is happening among God's people who have stayed behind in Jerusalem now it just so happens that L. on Y. is shown in a version that was. About God's people in Jerusalem was Jordi were in captivity and Babylon was. And then applies to Advent at the time of the close of probation so as nine hours roll of the. People as we are living during the time that Jesus was in the most holy places trying to seal his people and so we're going to look briefly. In when we get shoot. Three This is what as usual through season travel. And he put forth the form of a hand and shook me by a walk of mine and the spirit lifted me up between the Earth and the herb and then brought me in the visions of guarded Jerusalem to the door of the inner gate the toward the north where was the sea of the image of jealousy which provoke of jealousy so as you see is the north gate of Jerusalem and he sees an image by the North Gate provoking guard to jealousy. Guard of powers of the right to be jealous over his people and in the town commandments he says for either Lord. You know if you are married to someone and they're not jealous over you there's something wrong with your relationship if they're just saying oh yeah just come by every once in a while you know which at the house every so often maybe once a week couple of hours and then just go and do whatever you want and we do that for God I think is not jaws. But there is an image of jealousy at the north gate that's provoking guarded jealousy We don't know exactly what this image was but it was enough to cause the jealousy. Of his people. And he would say well that's an abomination that God would be jealous about an image. On the north side of Jerusalem at the North. But he says there is going to be greater abominations in the earth. So we go to her servant. And he brought me to the door of the Korean. War. And now he can. Into the sanctuary and. Then he said in the ME Son of Man and on the. Whole the door and he said under me go in and behold the wicked abominations that they do here so I went and saw and behold every form of creeping things and abominable beasts and all the. Of the house of Israel portrayed on the wall round our and there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel and in the most of them stood James and I have a son of she found with every man is sincere in a sound and a third. Instance when. Here you have in the pool of the. Of the house of Israel and it's in the context of a worship service where they have a sensor in their hand and sensors are sending up and so they're saying God doesn't care how we worship we can bring our idols then to the house of God and we can call this worshipping and praising God. And God is saying this is an abomination verse troves and the enemy Son of Man has seen what the ancients do in the house of Israel or of the house of Israel do in the dark every man of the chambers of his image tree for they say the Lord see of us not the Lord power forsaken the earth you know there can become the there can become the out of the church that says you know what we've been preaching for how one now Jesus coming. Through all of and so we need to develop a courtroom the role of than worship service. To the idolatry of the world around us so that they will feel comfortable in our house of worship so that their idols out there will be found in here so that we will all just get along and worship and praise guard the way we feel comfortable in the context of our culture. And it's not just worship this is talking about the secrets of the ancients that they had in their lives so it's not just worship but it's also all the abominable so called leaders of God's people in the house of God. And you would think well this is. But verse thirteen he says turn the again and you shall see abominations. Verse fourteen then he brought me to the door of the gate of the Lord's house which was toward the north and behold there where men we've been for. Now you may not know who chairman uses but let me just say explain this briefly there was this Babylonian goddess Ishtar and among the Babylonians the goddess Ishtar had a miracle of virgin birth and the name of the Son was Tami's in the. Virgin birth. Messiah. As before Jesus came the first time and so here you have God's people need thing for a false Messiah. They were tired of waiting for the real Messiah most of their people are in captivity when's the true Messiah ever going to come so let's worship the call Babylonian must see that we are already. The Jews were looking for a certain kind of messiah. And when the time for the coming of the Messiah was weighed and weighed and all laid to a false messiah rather than the worship of the truth could it be that as we have waited for the coming of Jesus rather than worshiping the Jesus of the Bible we are worshiping age that we have created in our own mind that doesn't exist in Scripture. That we've created a Jesus long eons. Created a theology for but it's not the Jesus of the Bible or. However we fallen into were trapped of accepting Babylonian theology with respect to the worship of the true Jesus saying that he was. In our CERN's and allow us and. For the world. To me in the Son of Man Turn the yet again and I shall see greater abominations in the and he brought me into the inner court of the Lord's house and behold the door of the pool of the Lord between the porch and the altar were about five and twenty men with their backs to the temple of the Lord and their faces toward the east and they worship. The sun they're not worshipping God they're worshipping the sun and their. Friends this is a prophetic sign an application of what is going to happen the seventh they are going to. Hear Jesus is in the most holy place trying to seal the servants of God with the seal of the living God And if you were to look at an adventuresome today you have images that are provoking God to jealousy in the church he has a guard the jealousy over as around the people and he's saying what are you doing worshipping and doing things the way Babylon is doing that provokes jealousy among Why do you have all these idols in the House of garbage and then you're a wife and then the secrets of your life and why do you think that you won't face the judgment some day when you're living under judgment our of Earth's history and how it is that you have churned from the worship of the true Messiah of Babylonian Messiah that is not the Jesus of Scripture because when you do all of those things if you are on Mount power you will certainly be like those twenty five year. Those who worship the sun or who receive the Mark of these things and they worship. Jesus as doing their work from the most holy place he is trying to seal his people with the seal of the living. And yet there is all these abominations in the church no rush to think that everybody have fallen creatures L N Y and then quotes we read the court. She quotes the first. Seven verses of chapter nine which shows the rose. And cry for the abominations in the midst of the land mark and therefore this is not the mark of the beast this is the seal of our. Because they were the faithful who saw the abominations and they are sighing and crying for the abominations nervous when their sighing and crying it's because their hearts are broken they don't have the spirit of sin saying we are going to destroy you in this who are doing all these things their hearts are broken as they speak for the abominations that are in the land. Now you may wonder. Where I'm Going. But I found an interesting connection with sighing and crying. And it's in the context of Isaiah fifty eight. Because sometimes we sing. That we should just posts. Facebook messages about the evils in the church and we've done our job here we're going to get the seal of God We have one in our all the error in the church. Guard has something to say to. Cry aloud. In our. Five Ways to like a tramp and show my people. Their transgression and the House of Jacob their CERN's So Isaiah fifty is a famous chapter I'm sure. You are very familiar with the fact that Isaiah fifty eight is the chapter that describes a medical missionary work for God's people from before Jesus comes back but it starts off with the command to cry aloud and spare an hour to lift up our voices like a trumpet to show Guards people their transgression the House of Jacob their sons and yes we need to be calling. For how do we do it. What are we calling our first two years. And my ways as a nation that did righteousness and for the ordinance of the regard they ask of me the ordinances of justice they don't approach in God God is saying OK if you're going to be running out among people. Who want to know the way of God who come to church they want to do righteousness. In those first three wherefore have we found. Where for how we have. No knowledge these are people who are living in the day of atonement they are fasting and afflicting their souls and they're saying God Do you not notice how we're fasting and afflicting our souls. The whole in the day of your. Exact all your wavers no notice first fourth and boy is this true of the church behold you fast for strife and. It was the first of work. You know the world church made a decision two years ago about women's ordination and you're on my Facebook page I have at least one or two people who are still posting posts every day in favor of women's ordination like when are you going to see. Can't we talk about something else now. We fast for strife and debate. And with the first of working as we want to we want our side to get the most votes at the next change so we're fasting for strife and debate and it's not just over women's ordination you may be having strife and debate over how to arrange the pews in your church or how hard or how the color of your car or how to arrange the order of your Sabbath school service and should you have superintendents remarks or not people get under all fired over stuff why are. You sure as you need to make your voice to be heard. Is that such a faster way of shows than a day for a man to afflict his soul was it to bow down as a Borussia in the spirit. World our hold there's a faster than acceptable date of the Lord so there are some out in if you say all I need to do is to call on the church to stand for the truth and tomorrow and be. The church is has become and when God comes he's going to say Well done good and faithful servant around on Facebook every day want to know all the sons of the church well done enter into the joy of your Lord. That's not what the Bible says yes we point out something. That we do is not the stuff of shoes and. Loose of the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens and to what the oppressed go free and that you break your radio has an hour to deal by bread the hungry in the bring the poor with out or out of I House when the R.C.C. is the naked that are covered and the. So I saw from then on this is medical missionary work and it goes with what we are to. In the way or to see in most of it would Jesus stands at the door knocking saying it. And if you want me come and I want to eat with you and then we see I was hungry and you me naked and you called me sick and in prison and you visited me this is how we feed Jesus by doing medical missionary work this is the fast that God has chosen for us because she mentally speaking it's easier to just take care of ourselves and our friends and family than it is to go and help those who are afflicted this is the fast that God has chosen for us just a moment of. The union that should exist between the medical missionary work in the monastery is clearly so forth and the fiftieth's chance to revise the there as well as the member was and for those who will engage in the work is here presented this chapter is explored and there is nothing to N.Y. in anyone who wishes to do the world of the present and an opportunity to minister to suffering humanity and at the same time to be an instrument and God's answer of bringing the wider truth before a Persian world. Now knows what happens. When we do the work that God is sure to ask us to do in the day of a term and when we choose to accept the fast that God has called upon us to do in the Day of Atonement which is not just to sit around. On our shores and say oh the church is the church as well look at all these evils and know there is more to it than that and we are to cry aloud in the spear and I and I would dare say that one of the things we need to be calling our one of the sons we need to be calling on the church is that we as a church are not doing medical missionary work. We're fasting for strife and debate and a smile with the first of weirdness and we need to be crying now while. Why are we following the command of Isaiah fifty eight when we do what God has called us to do and Isaiah fifty eight verse eight says then shall die why break forth as the morning and mine health for speedily and my righteousness shall go before the glory of the Lord shall be they regard. That as one the outer rain as support God's people and the earth is a lie in with its glory because. You're not going to receive the pouring rain just because you've stopped doing bad things and your wife well I've stopped doing all those bad things now I'm ready for the operation of a lot of rain and no you are reflecting the character of Jesus and Jesus was the best medical missionary that there ever was don't think that you're going away in the earth with the glory of God's character in your life if you're not living out Isaiah fifty eight. Yes you started doing bad things good for you but that's only one power of the equation it's adding the curator of Jesus in your life to be. Those who are in need and then you will be prepared to receive the outpouring of the outer rain to give the crime message and then answers in verse nine then you shall call on the Lord shall answer and you shall cry and he shall say here I am and then the talks about how or why I will rise from obscurity and then we get to the Sabbath a message at the end and people will say what sort SAGAL thing that you are talking about because you've helped me with my personal needs. And we and so we oftentimes get things backwards. Criticizing the vandalism structures of stop doing and the need to start doing it again. But what happens is world view of value was to come out soldiers and war get to the Sabbath and I've been to a meeting where it's going along with enormous on the Sabbath. Then all of these nice first day Christians are like oh OK we see what you guys are all about you're just trying to get us to change the way we worship on when I will come. When we do medical missionary work. Then the Sabbath hours relevance to the people that we have heard. A lot of times the only thing out of us in our Isaiah fifty is versions thirteen and fourteen and they must the whole point of the. First South most of it is connected to medical missionary work we understand that the Sabbath is the seal of the. And we're talking about how the sealing masses are the servants of God The four ones are being held back until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads and only those who saw him cry for the abominations or receive the seal of God in their foreheads but those who are sighing and crying for the abominations are calling out their Adventism as I'm doing medical missionary work you see. Cry aloud spirit five ways like a trumpet well what are the sons and Adam doesn't but Isaiah fifty eight words as that were fasting for strife and debate and not during medical missionary work so if for sighing and crying when we put warning our medical missionary work needs to be taking place in the church and when we do the medical missionary work we are sighing and crying but we're doing the work then we receive the seal of guard because we also have the experience of the South. Three In order for men to keep the Sabbath holy they must themselves be holy. When we have an experience with Jesus all week on the Sabbath will be a special day that is a sign that we have settled into the truth intellectually and spiritually and it will be a sign because we are living the whole way WIFE We are living the wife. Jesus that we are living to be and to others including the poor and the down. That is what Jesus is trying to do from the most holy place. Jesus is doing the work of trying to seal his feet and this week is about raising the right arm the arm needs to be raised because in order for God's people to receive the seal of the living we will be doing medical missionary work so that our ally will go forth as the morning in our whole show spring force speedily in our righteousness shall go before us that will be a sign that we have received the outpouring of the outer rain. Of the seal of guard so that the earth will be away and with the glory of God my clothes with reference from the past. Page three hundred four the completeness of Christian character is attained when the impostor was other springs forth constantly from within us the seal of your heart. When you are the completeness of Christian character you're going to be sealed with the seal of the Living God and your you have the impostor constantly does the work of Isaiah fifty eight. Of Jesus that is the sign that we are ready to be sealed so when you study the Book of Revelation you see in the seven churches of Jesus saying let me come in because I'm not in your wife when we let him come in we feed him which means that we're feeding the hungry clothing the naked visiting the sick and those who are in prison and when we come to the SEALs we see that as we choose completeness of Christian cure we are doing the work of medical missionary work by. So when you look at the sanctuary message in the Book of Revelation medical missionary work is tied to a completely. God has given us a massive trans. And. We are here at this time of the earth. To receive the seal of the world and. By that is grace to do the work that he has given us to do. And I pray that we will expose people as evil. In their wives and are worshipping a false messiah for. Setting themselves up to receive the mark of the beast may we be alive and Isaiah fifty eight who do the work of the war and proclaim the Sabbath at the time of the coming of Jesus so that the character of Christ will be seen in our lives. Let's close with the. Father in heaven we thank you for showing. Your point and. May we be sighing and crying for the abominations may we be praying for those who are deceived may we not just be sighing and crying about bad things but may we also be doing the work that you have given us to do. And others of us tomorrow just be a check or Thing Words like a machine or grandma going to go to OK I'm doing it now God You see what I'm doing. Experience help us to have a natural desire to want to be. To have the right spirit as we work to be a boss and thank you for this message given to us as it. May reach. Jesus in. 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