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Rooted In the Truth

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • October 19, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Our message tonight we're going to be talking about rooted again and in particular rooted in the truth now the verse that is our theme for this series is found in Colossians chapter two and I'll read that to you again beginning with Verse six. As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord so walk in Him rooted and build up in him a stablished in the faith as you have been taught a mountain in it with thanksgiving and be aware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit according to the tradition of men according to the basic principles of the world and not according to Christ rooted in the truth I like to begin with an amazing fact. You know tallest tree. Now is about three hundred sixty five feet it's a red wood there in California you might be thinking that all of the tallest trees have always been redwoods but that's not the case they had a tree in Australia that they say was four hundred feet tall and there was a Douglas for in British Columbia that was cut down that was measured at five hundred feet to get imagine that. So how deep are the deepest roots. In the world well according to the Guinness Book of World Records the deepest roots are found in South Africa and God I know that some people here are laughing at me right now because I can't see that. They reach four hundred feet below the earth's surface. That's longer than a football field. If you want to survive a storm in your tree you need good roots and there are storms coming are you rooted and it's not only that you're rooted in the earth you want to be rooted and it be great if those roots are wrapped around a rock. We had a little heart ache in the Bachelor family about a year ago you know we've had a cabin up in the hills for forty years moved up here selling firewood a long time ago and kids grew up you know our. Oldest is forty one. And youngest is twenty one and kids all grew up. How the big oak tree in the front yard hundreds of years old right up on a hill it was a great tree for a swing because you'd swing off the hill and you get really high because you're you know up above the drop off. Ladder going up a tree house build a zip line into the tree we did everything you can do with the tree with that tree. And you heard that we had a drought for years in California it ended last winter with just a record rains and also snow and our friends called said we got some bad news that big oak tree in the front yard fell over. And I was so sad care and I were does up there a few weeks ago we started turning it into firewood got to be really careful where you cut because you got nails everywhere from all the old tree houses and things and. And I examined it I thought it looks so healthy. But the roots were out there in the loose ground and evidently some termites got into it and look at above ground but it had some disease in the roots and so it can hang on in the storm. You not only need roots you need roots that are deep you need roots that are wrapped around something. You need roots that are healthy. Are you rooted in your faith now it's one thing when you first come to the Lord you get a lot of questions in your of valuating different ideas and there's different points of view and at some point I think it was C.S. Lewis that said you know you need to stop you know a valuating the truth and settle into. It you need to rest in the truth you need to put your weight upon what you believe you can't be living a life of faith if you're not rooted in what you believe so you need to know what you believe and that's all going to be based upon the truth the first of the Psalms someone. Bless it is the man or the woman who walks in not in the counsel of the end godly or stands in the path of sinners or sits in the seat of the scornful but is the light as in the law of the Lord that's the word of God and in his law he meditates day and night what happens that person he will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth fruit in its season whose leaf also will not wither and whatever he does will prosper if you want to be fruitful if you want to be prosperous then you need to be rooted in the Word of God that man that woman is going to be blessed you know what you can believe you now to defend what you believe. Romans eleven sixteen and if your route is holy so are the branches if you want to have a holy healthy fruit in branches you need healthy roots your roots need to be deep. You know according to Barna I'll tell you a little trivia I was at a meeting in New York City back during the last election and now President Trump was in Canada Trump invited a bunch of evangelical leaders to a meeting in Manhattan and myself and Dr Carson as far as I know are the only admin is that were there. I'm part of a committee of religious broadcasters that are always working on maintaining freedom and broadcasting and we were invited to this meeting to find out you know if elected what would be your response to religious liberty and I tell you was quite an assembly I mean I was sitting there by Dr Carson and Jim Dobson just Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell Jr just everybody here I've never seen an assembly like this before. During lunch I want to go into the meeting and interview but during lunch I just sat down with somebody that looked like a nice fellow and began to talk and found out it was George Warner he was sitting by himself and he's the one the famous researcher Christian researcher and just a wonderful gentleman I thought what an opportunity so I began to ask him questions. And in the course of our conversation I talked about the trends of what's happening to Christianity in North America. And we're in trouble because the culture is the fine in what we believe more than Christ America used to be pretty much a Judeo Christian country but that's shifting. And where Christianity was growing in the last forty years it's been declining. And you know when it begins during the college years young people are abandoning their faith Here's what his study revealed roughly seventy percent of Christian college students going off to college end up leaving their faith during their first year on campus. The Barna Group. Reported on the spiritual involvement of twenty somethings only twenty percent of students who are highly churched as teens remain spiritually active by the age twenty nine. Now if you want to be a statistic. Are you hungering and thirsting after God. You know you've got to have roots a lot of seed falls on the shallow ground and you know what Jesus said Mark for verse five some of the seed good seed but it falls on stony ground where didn't have much earth and immediately it springs up because it had no depth of earth and when the sun rose it was scorched because it its root withered away. You need to have your root in good ground some eighty verse eight God said He brought a vine out of Egypt he cast all the nations and he planted it you prepared room for it and caused it to take deep Lutes when God brought the children of Israel into the promised land he gave them a land flowing with milk and honey and he caused them to be rooted in the land so they could stay there and they could fight off their adversaries we need to be rooted in our faith. Now as a springboard for what we're talking about tonight I want to take you to a very interesting exchange between Jesus and punches pilot. During the trial of Christ. And this is found in Johnny two hundred thirty seven. Pilot normally would have just summarily said oh yeah execute him but he saw something different about Jesus. He had probably seen a lot of criminals and this man did not look like a criminal the Bible says pilot could see that he had been turned over for envy and then to make matters worse as he's getting ready to act a note comes from his wife and she says Do not do anything regarding that just man I have suffered many things today because in a dream because of him and he thinks wow how did she know so realizes something supernatural going on East he says the Jesus come with me and he gets off the the platform where this judgment is taking place and he takes Christ tied up by himself and has a private interview with him. And pilot therefore said to him. Are you then a king. And Jesus answered that's interesting Jesus said nothing to Herod John the Baptist had preached a hare and Harry didn't listen. Christ said look if you're not going to listen to my messengers you're not going to listen to me if you don't believe Moses and the prophets then you're not going to believe me. If you don't believe the Bible but will you believe it's the Word of God But Jesus talked a pilot because he hadn't. Have the same opportunity and Jesus said You say that I'm the king to this end I was born and for this cause I came into the world to listen this is why Jesus came into the world that I should bear witness under the Truth. Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice pilots said to him. What is truth I always thought that was one of the most tragic moments in Bible history that here is a last man standing in front of the incarnation of truth and he says what is truth and he doesn't wait for an answer but he turns and walks away. You know back then pilot had been throughout the Roman Empire and he saw all these different religions and they served all these different gods and these strange rites and ceremonies and the bizarre thing is that people believed in everybody in the Greek realm argued about the truth Paul had to deal with that they had gods to everything so when Jesus was talking about the truth pilot had sort of become cynical and he said what is. If he had just waited for an answer. Christ would have told him I am the Way the Truth and the life. But he didn't listen to it the truth right in front of him. Sadly later pilot who because of cowardice he handed Jesus over he declared Jesus innocent so I find no fault in him. Then he washed his hands hoping he can absolve himself of the guilt. Had Jesus fog even though he was declared innocent and then crucified because he was going with what the crowd wanted. He was afraid that he would lose his job they said well you know this man says he's a king and if Caesar here is that you're letting someone else go along that says they're a king Well that's rebellion and you're joining the rebel so they're really threatening his job I was more worried about what the crowd thought more worried about his job. And later he ended up losing his job he was banished to gall and he committed suicide. How sad he had Jesus right in front of me he had the source of everlasting life right in front of him and he shrugged and said all. Who knows what the truth is what is true. Can't really know the truth. You know that's one of I think the. Big problems in the world today and it's prevalent on mostly secular campuses is this relativism pluralism that you can't really know the truth that there is no absolute truth another barn a study. A barn a study confirms Americans are in danger of becoming a nation of relatives relativists the survey asks is there absolute truth amazingly sixty six percent of American adults responded that they believe there's no such things as absolute truth the different people can define the truth in conflicting ways and still be correct. You know how dumb that is that's like you know you're saying. Well I believe this bottle is going to wake me up of pills and some of us will I believe it's going to put me to sleep well I'm sure it'll do what you want it will do what I want. Because you believe it's true for you. But the idea that there is no absolute truth about the purpose of life and why we're here and where we came from and what we're doing here and where we're going. That's really insanity when you think about it and nobody really believes that you are not done yet sixty six percent of Americans no such thing as absolute truth the figure rises to seventy two percent when it comes to those between the ages of eighteen and twenty five anyone here in that category seventy two percent and this is an older study I think the rate is higher now don't condemn anybody's belief is wrong because you know it's true for them and my belief is true for me and just whatever anyone wants to believe it's you know it's all good. And if you believe it's true it is true for you and if I believe what I believe is true for me. I'm sorry that doesn't work that way you don't really believe that how would you feel if you got on an airplane. And after you take off and the seatbelt light goes off and the pilot comes on he says OK we're cruising now and just thought we let everybody know the copilot and I have been talking and we really don't believe these laws of aerodynamics anymore. We've come to believe something very different and we believe that this plane will work just as well as a submarine so we're going to go into the Pacific Ocean because we really believe it. Would you feel comfortable and say well it's true for them it's OK with me. Or would you say no there are absolute laws of aerodynamic design and if you break those laws there are consequences. There are consequences to whatever you believe. As it relates to the truth and there is a truth. There is absolute truth all of our science and learning is really built on the foundation of we're in pursuit of truth and if you start to say that well you just can't really believe anything what if you believe is true is true for you. Just going to spiral down into oblivion. The whole Christian message is based upon the truth that there is a life and there is a death that you are alive now that everything you see in sense around you is not just a figment of your imagination I'm really here. And I'm not just imagining that you're there you are there. And there is a reality that is happening that doesn't mean we know all truth but there is absolute truth and we need to pursue then so what is the truth. You know the Bible says there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is the way of death if you don't know the truth there can be consequences you gotta know what it is. There's a Jewish proverb that says the ugly truth is better than a beautiful lie. And even though the truth may not go along. With what you believe you need to know what it is. You know this is an especially dear subject to me because. I grew up having no idea what the purpose of life was I didn't grow up in a Christian home not a fact I thought tomorrow night I'll probably be sharing my testimony I'll be weaving it into the subject for that night so if you know some young people that are kind of struggling out there wonder what the world is going on might encourage them to come tomorrow but. I just had no idea what was truth and I I went in pursuit of trying to figure out what is the purpose of life because my parents were atheist or agnostic and it's like nothing made any sense. And so when I finally found the Bible it just totally transformed my life I said this is it now that's after studying a lot of different religions and I had no preference I really didn't. You know I did the meditation and I did well I'm going to write now anyway. And so you get need to know what is the truth well first of all Jesus is the church he was the embodiment of the truth of God that's based on scripture John one fourteen The Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth the Word in Karni John three thirty three He who has received his testimony has certified that God is true John fourteen six and Jesus said to him I am the Way the Truth and the life first Peter two twenty two who committed no sin nor was the seed found in his mouth what Jesus said was true. Now if I were to tell you that the Bible is the truth a Bible is really not the truth. The Bible is the truth about the truth Jesus is the truth the Bible is the truth about the truth. And a preacher is a person who is telling you the truth about the truth about the truth. Right but it really all goes back to Jesus who is the truth. God's Word is true. John seventeen say seventeen Jesus said sanctify them by your truth your word is truth and that's because Christ said He is the word. Psalm one thousand all of the commandments are true. First John five six and it is the spirit the bears witness because the Spirit is truth. Sometimes we get so caught up in what Jesus looked like and. And they want to help Paul did he really have long hair short hair and. You know we don't know anything really about what Jesus looked like. Bible says He somehow could disappear in a crowd. Even at his betrayal after three and a half years of teaching they needed you it is to show them which one is he because he looked like you know another Galilean or Nazarite and. What changed the world about Jesus was not what he looked like it's what he said. His word. And the Bible is not just black ink on white paper or it might be dark pixels if you get a red letter dish and red pixels on a computer screen or a phone or a tablet or something like that he said these words I speak you their spirit and their life there is something different about the Word of God It is the essence of truth. And it is through the truth that we become rooted in a way that's going to help us survive the storm you've got to know why you're here where you come from and where you're going and that all comes from the Bible are you spending your time getting alluded in the truth your faith assuming you have faith is going to be challenged in the last days Jesus said there's going to be a storm coming there's going to be great deception you know in Matthew twenty four when Christ talks about the second coming. He says about three times the wear list any one to see if you will be many false Christs and false prophets that will deceive many and if it were possible even the very elect would be. To see what is going to prevent us from being deceived. By a word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin we're going to have to know how to rightly divide the word we're not going to be able to depend on your pastor to tell you you need to know your Bible. I think every believer needs to have regular time in the Word of God Amen. You know even when they sent soldiers to arrest Jesus they came back and the religious leaders and why haven't you brought them you know they said. Never man spake like this man. They were so dumbfounded by what he said. The words of Christ change the world even Jesus one of the most amazing prophecies that nobody can deny is Christ said These teachings of mine will go into all the world that's a pretty audacious prophecy for. Carpenter's son who never traveled more than a hundred miles from the place of his birth the whole no political office and he said My teachings are going to go around the world it's the number one religion in the world today would you say that prophecy came true. Why because of what he said Now are there a lot of critics of Christianity out there. You notice most of the critics of Christianity criticize Christians they don't criticize Christ because it's hard to argue with the truth. So they criticize hypocrisy among his followers. And of course that was a concern for his the Bible is the truth and the truth is food for your soul. You have. You know when you went into the. The old Jewish sanctuary. It really represents a journey to God you came through one door Christ on the door the new one by the altar that's like the cross and then you went by the lever that's like baptism when you wanted to the holy place and you're making your way on the B. line is just one thing in the end it's the presence of God and it represents. Justification sanctification and glorification when you went into the holy place you know you've gone by the altar you've accepted Christ you've won by Bob baptism and there's three things in the Holy Place one of those three things. Table with bread. Candlestick with light and altar with incense those three things prepare you for the presence of God in the next room which is the Holy of Holies one of those three things those are the disciplines in the Christian life. If you want to know a secret weapon something you could do to be saved not that you're saved by your works but if there is something you can do. But when you get to know the Lord is by those three things because you need to know him you're not going to obey him if you don't know him if you know him you love him if you love him Yellow Bamboo How do you get to know him. Three things held up two fingers three things bread or man doesn't live by bread alone but by every word you need to spend time in the word. The incense prayer. Pray without ceasing we talk to God you need to be in communion with God It's know that he's ever present he watches you wherever you go it's not just a short little prayer before you eat or the beginning of the day but be in communion with God talk to him through the day be lifting prayers all the time. Let your light shine share your faith live the life. And as you are involved in sharing your faith with others your faith will grow brighter. If people would just capture the simplicity of these three things and you may not even feel like it at first do it anyway read your Bible. You know you we don't understand I didn't understand my Bible when I first started reading it I didn't grow up reading the Bible I went to Catholic school where they taught us the Beatitudes I thought that was pretty neat that's about all I remember I knew the Lord's Prayer. I remember when I first started reading the Bible it was a King James Bible and I grew up with you know New York City we didn't speaking James barely spoke English our friends from Brooklyn you wouldn't understand and when I was reading in the Bible it says the Brethren gathered together I thought I thought it said breathe and. I dropped out of high school. I went back to college so I believe in education but back then I mean I dropped out ninth grade I'm reading the brief and I thought it was a spiritual from lots of heavy breathing came together. I didn't understand half of what I was reading in the King James version but I was intrigued by the things I didn't understand and so even though I was frustrated at times I kept reading and I got where I understood more and more in a got easier and clear you know a baby does not understand their parents when the first born. And you might think that the child would say look I don't know what the world is in a parent's leaning over the crib the talking the baby the baby looking up then they're thinking in their abstract thoughts and thinking what the world you say I think you like me you're smiling but I don't know what you're saying don't talk to me anymore I don't understand you. They don't do that they keep listening and eventually they understand the Father's voice the mother's voice you keep reading and you'll understand. But the Bible is the bread it's the foundation. I think the Bible tells us that. Of course man doesn't live by bread alone every word it's that bread that came Jesus I am the bread that came down from Heaven Your father's got a man in the wilderness but I am the real bread. And Job and Jeremiah it says they words were found and I did eat them job says I have a steamed the word of your mouth more than my necessary meat. I brought a little object lesson. Thought this is someone saw me stick it up and said you put a bag of money up there's no pretzels. Courtesy American Airlines. Yesterday of the day before. They said Would you like some pretzels I always say yes. I may have just eaten a nine course meal the city wants pretzels Yes You know why. Because I was traveling one time a storm came along I got stuck. In Denver somewhere I forget it was Chicago or Denver I try not to go through there in the winter because it's happened more than once. And you're in the airport and you're in a long line of people that are trying to make other arrangements and finally I got to the ticket agent and they said sorry there's no more flights next flight is in the morning and I said what do I do and they said Well. You know there's a hotel you have to be a back at the airport for in the morning to catch your flight and here's a voucher you go to this hotel quick the shuttles leaving and you go out and you get on the shuttle and you know and it's late at night and I get up to my room and I always take mine to brush and usually pair of socks and underwear because that's happened before. And I realized everything is close they've given me a hotel out the middle of nowhere I have no rental car there's no restaurant in the hotel and I'm hungry. And I had nothing to eat. And then I remembered I had a bag of pretzels. And I was sat in my room and I thought this is dinner. Thank you Lord no one has ever prayed so sincerely over their dinner and I did over my little bag it was smaller this is they're giving you more pretzels now at American Airlines because they used to give you food in the pretzels were small but now they give you more pretzels and no food. And so I prayed and said Thank You Lord I savored every pretzel I didn't eat them all at once. I had been a piece off and there's just little mini pretzels. I'll get a piece off of that you did slowly you know the Bible says that to the hungry man every bitter thing is sweet. And there's a Spanish proverb hunger makes the best sauce it was my dinner it was going to have to last me until I got more pretzels on the plane the next day. Would God. We hungered. For the Word of God The way I appreciated. The bread in my pretzels that day. They want my presence. I just figured if I miss they want to be a lawsuit they're not very heavy. I just wanted you to remember that. A little bit of bread and it was so appreciated. You know Karen I went to Russia twenty five years ago. And. She always knows that she can date it by Stephen's age and we brought some of the first Bibles into Russia that had been there in seventy years. And I was doing an evangelist that program and we brought Bibles to give everybody in America I give out Bibles I say you know we'll have Bibles for you after the program you can take them with your lesson take them home to your lesson bring the bible back the Bibles years after ten nights and you know I didn't realize the desperation they had there for the Word of God and somewhere near the beginning of the sermon I said you know what a long with this seminar will be giving away Bibles everybody got up walked out in the foyer. And I said to pastors hold on I'm through the translator he told me he said they're so used to waiting in line for everything they wait in line for bread the store will finally get toilet paper this back then they wait in line. And once you said that you'd be giving away Bibles they said we'd better get in line now. And they all walked out of the meeting and got in line waiting for their Bibles. And I said what do we do. And I said well you better give the Bibles now so the come back again he's all they won't maybe want to think the Bible and leave then we gave up seven hundred Bibles and most of the people came back in care and I would walk around in town and I remember we saw some people sitting on park bench and someone from the seminar had one of the bibles that we brought we recognized and they were stroking it. And you know we finally came to understand these people did not have the Word of God They had a little pieces they would hand type of the Word of God and they'd read little passages to each other and if they were caught typing a Bible we heard about some people that would be underneath a table with a blanket on and so the communist in that would not hear the typewriter going and they showed us some of the hand type Bibles big of things that they had shared with each other and I thought all man we you know absence makes the heart grow fonder that's one thing but there's another proverb that says familiarity breeds contempt. We have so many Bibles the devil has succeeded in making a whole generation feel contempt for the Word of God because they're everywhere how many of you own more than one. And a lot of people that raise their hand if I said Did you read it today. Was it will. I have a steam the words of his mouth more than my necessary meat if you want to know what the truth is his word is truth. We need to hunger and thirst for the Word of God. There's nothing more important than that right now friends say men. As am fifty five two Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread we do eat but you eat that which is good. This week we took our treasure out for lunch and we mentioned to the waitress It was his birthday we weren't fishing for anything we just mentioned it we thought maybe they'd sing to him or something. He later brought out his big thing of fried ice cream Well he's a vegan. So my matter of fact all four of the officers it took the treasure out we said thank you so much and we look at it we didn't know what to do with it so we don't want to hurt their feelings and so we're kind of poking out and so we're. A big big mound of fried ice cream all right then some of the other people from amazing facts walked in. And we said what. Can you eat this ice cream is that we have another food yet. We thought we can do something with it we want to show our appreciation we don't want to offend them and so these four guys in our media department they took the ice cream over to their table may started to pick it up but they felt really bad because they thought why are we eating an ice cream when we haven't had real food yet. But a lot of young people spend all their time eating spiritual junk food. And they never get the main course you know that most of the American advertising budget for food is spent on I think the eighty percent you heard of the eighty twenty rule at work here eighty percent of the money spent on marketing food is spent on marketing the least nutritious foods soda and candy and junk food they almost never market healthy food and we fill up with so much spiritual junk food you've heard your parents say don't eat that you'll lose your appetite and a lot of young people you wonder why in the house that I talk to read about and to read the Bible but. It's just not very interesting well you know why because you have so fevered your mind. With junk food that by comparison the Bible feels bland. And the devil is working overtime to make us lose our appetite for that which is good why do you eat that which is good the prophet said Why do you not that which is a good eat what is good and light yourself in abundance. I don't eat candy. I try to stay away from the junk food when I eat I eat. But I try to eat good food. And and I really appreciate it. Every day I've got a habit I wake up I read my Bible every day not just because of sermon preparation that separate study for me but every morning when I wake up and ask Aaron one of the first things I do I turn on my computer I study my Bible on my computer I not only read it I now I get a program where I put in my headphones and I I find that as I listen to someone read it and my eyes follow it I even get more of it as I read it I pause it I might look a word up but I'm always reading through the Bible every day except Sabbath you know the man I used to fall six days a week but not for the seventh Sabbath a touch up my sermon but the other six days a week I'm reading through the Bible. And I needed. Just to maintain my relationship with the Lord. Here in town first thing I do when I get in a car I try to find a Christian station here and I got a rental car the other day as and see if you can find a NOS or Christian station I listen to it here so I I listen to Christian stations you know and sometimes they're not always seventy at the stations that some good things and if you read your Bible you know how to eat the melanin spit out the seeds right I. Shouldn't be afraid I'm not afraid to have my faith stand up under investigation then people give me Salman's. And there's a lot of other good material and of the other things that people preach and I recommend audio verse if you're commercial for them I'm taping for them right here right now they've got some great sermons on audio verse but find good food in feed your soul and start displays seen how are you spending your your time listening. Surfing the internet you listen to dumb things on You Tube and and all goofy things that we send each other and some are not just goofy some are plain evil. What you. We look at what you listen to is going to shape who you are you will become the sum total of those things. We need to feed on the Word of God Now if you're going to get through the storm that's coming friends I can emphasize how important it is we need to go deeper in the word. Hebrews five twelve for though by this time you ought to be teachers you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God and you come to need milk and not solid food for everyone who are partakes of only milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness for he's a baby but solid food belongs to those who are of full age that is on those who by reason have their censors exercised to discern both good and evil Paul says something similar in First Corinthians three and I brother and could not speak to a spiritual people but as carnal as the babes in Christ I fed you with milk and not with solid food for Until now you were not able to receive it and even now you're still not able you know here we are on the cusp of this anniversary of Martin Luther you know where that began. At a college. And those people were deep in the word and they were talking about the deep things of God and you know I really enjoyed my time today when I was doing some Bible Questions and Answers with the salt students a boy they had some good questions. And I was impressed with the depth of what they're thinking. I pray to God that that's the case with all the young people who are here and others who may be watching that you're studying the deep things of God you know the Bible is. It's a treasure that you can never exhaust you can never reach the end of this mine. My friends and I every now and then we go riding off in the Vatican quads we go way out where no man have been before and way out in the desert and and they've been with me several times and we go exploring some old mines. It will be a sign up side of minds of stay out and stay alive. We go in anyway and so it is yet to be very careful but if we go on to explore these mines and they go back way way into the depths of the earth and these people were following veins of gold and silver there in Nevada and and that the dedication of how far they went to try to find treasure is inspiring because they went under the base of the mountains. I found some good places for the time of trouble during them not going to tell you where it is. Everybody thinks I'm going back to the cave I'm not going back there. I heard a parable about a man once said he dreamed he was walking through the desert and he heard a voice it said pick up some stones and put them in your pocket tomorrow you'll be happy and sad. So he obeyed the voice and he picked up some stones you put them in pocket. When he woke up they turned into jewels. He was happy that he had picked some up. He was sad he had not picked up more. When you get to heaven if you get to heaven you're going to be glad that you have the Word of God because I can promise you that the Word of God will have something to do it but you're going to be sad. That you didn't pick up more. And especially to the young people let me tell you something take my word for it. I've memorized a lot of scripture. But I did ninety percent of the memorization before I was thirty. It gets harder the concrete starts to set. And now I get up and I walk from one room to the next and by the time I get the other room I think why did I come here. And I got to go back to the other room again go back to what I was doing and hope that I'll remember what it was I went for. It's a little harder you want to learn another language do it now you ever notice and. Did you move to another country and did you know five year old one year there speaking fluently thirty years later their parents still you can't understand that. Your minds are young now learn the word of God now you're the devil's got a whole generation filling their minds with empty things and you're wasting precious time. Feed your mind on the Word of God because it is the truth. The truth is not what we wanted to be necessarily the truth is what it is and you know there is a. This counterfeit truth out there in the culture saying things like sex outside of marriage is normal it's OK doesn't even need to be the opposite sex. That whatever you want to believe if it's true for you then it's true all religions lead to God like all the rivers run to the ocean there's a lot of false truth out there that can be deadly now. Our family scuba dives Karen and I and the boys and even our oldest son we we all have our license we love the scuba gear and I were just scuba diving in Hawaii a few weeks ago and when you learn to scuba dive they warn you about something that can be deadly It's called nitrogen narcosis. Another word is the rapture of the deep. And you get down over one hundred feet if you're there for very long and you're not watching your time and if you're the gasses in your tank aren't properly adjusted. You can actually become intoxicated. And you can start thinking. The down is up and up is now and you get disoriented. And you can start talking to the fish and think they're going to talk back to you. And it really is they call it the the martini effect because it's almost like drinking a martini on an empty stomach and people get drunk matter of fact there's a video not telling about don't watch videos but there's a video online of some guy diving in the Red Sea and he went down too deep and while he was videotaping he experienced the rapture of the deep and he took off his cage and he drowns right on camera. Because he thought he could do it. He thought it was true he lost his concept of the laws that surrounded him and he died. Saw a. Devastating massacre in Las Vegas everybody's wonder why. I've got a theory. Somebody spent years addicted to gambling and they realized their life was meaningless and they thought well I can't go down in history doing something good I'm going to try to go down to history doing something bad I'm going to take it out on the city that fed my addiction I just want to serve a lot of people have just killed others to try to make a name for themselves he had a false concept of truth and because of that people die. It does matter what you believe beliefs have consequences there's a storm coming. You know one of the most important things and the reason that we need to know what the truth is and be rooted in the truth. Is because a world in bondage to sin. And the truth will set you free. That's what Jesus said the truth liberates and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free and I can tell you friends I did not know the truth about God growing up what I heard in the schools I attended that if you're good you go to heaven if you're bad you go to hell. And you will burn for ages to me but one of the most beautiful things about the admin as message is when I learn the truth about the punishment of the wicked that it was a loving God because I thought God was a sadist and I hated God because I didn't understand the truth once I understood what the Bible really said that yes there is a judgment but there's a loving God and people will be rewarded according to what they deserve and then they'll be put out of their misery and once I saw that. I felt like a thousand pounds had been lifted from my shoulders people will spend years in fear because they don't know the truth that I've been set free I can finally love God because of the truth. Now there's a lot of truth you haven't discovered yet the God Truth is progressive the more truth you know the more free you are how many of you like more freedom. Read your Bibles. There's areas where you may be in bondage and the the key that will unlock your bondage is in the Word of God and you're going to stay in bondage in til you search for it. The Truth Will Set You Free Jesus will set you free because he is the truth amen. And then of course there's that final myth that. All past. Doug We don't want to hear about doctrine just tell us about Jesus. That's one of the most absurd things I've ever heard. Jesus preaches a beautiful sermon on the Mount you know what it says at the end they were amazed at his doctrine everything about Jesus that we know is a doctrine the doctrines are beautiful the doctrines tell us about the love of God And so you cannot separate who Jesus is from what Jesus taught because he came to tell you the truth. Doctrines are wonderful things on point about doctrine like it's a bad thing it's doctrine that sets us free it's understanding what the truth is. Now I'm glad I have other ones because there's just not time to impress how important this is friends but we need to know what we believe we need to know why we believe what we believe we need to be able to share with others what we believe. Because there's a storm coming. And we need to be rooted or will be swept away. You know I was reading an interesting fact the U.S. Geological Survey publishes How do you survive a tsunami what are the wits you can survive a tsunami and among the things they tell you is climb a tree but find a substantial tree that has good roots. Because some trees get up rooted in synonomous and they give the statistics about what happened in Chile in one nine hundred sixty to study all these cases they talk about Ramon Ramirez he actually has a picture of him online standing by the tree fifteen year old that when this terrible Chilean tsunami came he realized he couldn't outrun it and he went up a tree that hundreds of years old by his house and he clung to the tree in the water actually rose he had to keep playing it rose fifteen feet. And he stood there as everything around him was swept away but the tree was anchored in a rock the tree still standing today because it was rooted and he climbed a tree he survived the storm. If you want to survive the coming storm you need to climb a tree that is rooted you know the tree is. Across. Crosses a tree of life. Have you made up your mind that you're willing to take up your cross to follow Christ to study His word to get to know him and love him it's the only way to survive it's the only way to be free and I believe the Lord bronchi because he wants you to have that freedom. Other some here tonight that as we close before we pray you like to say Lord I want to know you better I want to love you more I want to be rooted in the truth. You thought have you felt that desire in your heart then I'd invite you to stand. Before we have our closing prayer. Father. Lord I pray that you'll create. A Holy Spirit inspired craving in our hearts for the bread of life. Lord is just so much information and even campus life can be so busy. He that we forget sometimes the most important thing our relationship with you we know that you reveal yourself through your word so I pray that you'll bless all that are watching or those especially here the students that you they might just feel that hunger and that thirst for Jesus and for righteousness help us right now in our minds to resolve to put aside some of the distracting things that are consuming our time and preventing us from the most important thing a relationship with you. And I pray that as we continue to study that our faith will be rooted in Jesus the Rock of Ages and we can have confidence that will stand in the storms that are ahead bless us during the series this week Lord bless every person individually we thank you pray this in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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