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The Tempest of Temptation

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • October 21, 2017
    6:30 PM


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Father. Just pray the spirit will be present Lord we're going to talk about the nitty gritty of what it means to follow you day by day and the battles we sometimes encounter with temptation be with me as I share quicken my mind with your spirit the Lord we really want to hear your voice speaking through the Word and we thank you and pray this in Jesus' name amen. Right after Jesus was baptized the heavens opened. The Holy Spirit came down there was a voice from heaven said my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased what happened to Jesus and Baptism is an experience that everybody should be able to claim when they are baptized you become an adopted son or daughter of God the heavens are open for you the Bible says they saw you will see in a new way. There's a washing that takes place Christ began his ministry at his baptism God has a new work for you to do he gives you a new power Bible tells us in Peter is a repent and be baptized every one of you and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit for the promise is and to you in your children and as many as the Lord God will call God has promised to give you his spirit when you make a decision to follow him. But Pastor Doug after I decided to follow him I ran into all these temptations and all these trials join the club. Jesus did to. Immediately after his baptism he was led of the Spirit into the wilderness and the devil there and went after him with everything he had. After the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea and they said how Live Free at last free at last we're on our way to the promised land. What happened they call it the wilderness of temptation they got into the wilderness and their problems weren't over they just had a new set of problems. And so when you become a Christian. Don't think for a moment that that means that there's no struggles the struggles are different it is so much better. To be in the wilderness all the way to the promised land than to be a slave back in Egypt and you say man. It's like you've heard many times before I may not be what I ought to be but I think God but I'm not what I used to be and you may be struggling along the way in the Christian life but it is so much better than the slavery of sand and just giving in to the devil there's only two roads there's only two masters and if you make up your mind to follow Jesus it says Take up your cross daily Paul said I die daily you will experience sort of a new birth day lead it's a daily walk you pray for bread how often give us this day our daily bread and that's also not just talking about food it means give us this day our daily bread because this is what you need to fight the temptation. I don't remember if it was a stop or one of the ancient philosophers told the story about a fox that offered a skylark a bird a young Skylar he said I will give you a worm because I can dig for worms I'll give you a worm for one feather I don't even want to big feather just give me one your little feathers and he said well if I come anywhere near you'll eat me said No I'll dig up the one will leave you here you leave a feather we're good I won't get anywhere near you. That's a bird thought that was a deal he was hungry he's tired of looking for the worms in the Fox and laid out a big old greasy worm in the feather plucked off a little feathers I love feathers and left it for the fox and he went indoors worm. And the next day the fox said Would you like a couple more worms. He said Yeah I'd like a feast so he plucked off two feathers and this went on day after day and he'd go out flying with his father and the father would say to the young Skylark we should be so faithful and rejoice because God has given us these powerful wings to sort through the heavens and we can fly closer to God with these wings and all he could think about was the worms and soon he landed in the Fox bottom three worms he plucked out three fathers and he started notice and he would get a little mangy on the front with a little feathers so he plucked off some of the big ones off the wing. Is went on and you know how it ended. Eventually the father said The time has come where heading south for the fall the young Skylark had he was so full of worms and so void of feathers he went running and bouncing trying to hop into the air and he could not get off the ground. And then the fox had a good meal. And there's a lot of young people out there that are selling their wings for worms little by little. We sacrifice her principles. You ask a farmer how account gets lost. Cal doesn't as wake up one day and say I'm going to run for it. Well the callin does Aziz go along eating the cow was only thinking in one tuft of grass to the next and that tree gobbles up one tuft of grass then he looks and he sees another one the snow that one looks good and even he goes and he nibbles on that when the needles on that one and then he nibbles on that one and and the farmers will tell you that the cows nibble their way into being lost little by little. He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much. You know how the a soul he its admit they were able to recruit American spy us they would never go to an American citizen and say Here give us a TOPS. Secret document and we'll give you a thousand dollars they would go in they'd say Could you give us the address to this office think you asked for something small and insignificant they probably already had it anyway and they said Oh you'll give me a thousand dollars for that it's in the phone book sure small thing all they would do though is they would step by step get them to violate their principle and once they found they could get them to violate the principle in something that seemed insignificant it became easier and easier until they were handing over top secret information that was going to cost lives. Step by step is how the devil works little by little every day in our walk through life we're going to feel a tug between two forces the spirit in the flesh every time you say yes to God and no to the devil it gets easier to say yes to God sometimes it's a struggle but every little battle you win makes the next battle easy year I talked earlier about stopping smoking and I often reference that just because it's a good template talk about temptation. I found that it was sometimes it would scare me to death to think about quitting smoking and never smoking again if someone talks about never seen again Doesn't that scare you because you know what your past has been. But when when I would say I wonder if I can go another ten minutes. It wasn't so hard I wonder if I could go another ten minutes and then pretty soon I realize well instead of smoking two packs a day I only smoke one because I wonder if I get down to half a pack now it's not the best way or the best way to cold turkey I'm just telling you but I found I made progress towards the cold turkey. By doing it in degrees that were manageable ever sung that song. Living with Jesus in your life divine moment by moment I'm kept by Islam moment by moment walking with Jesus and resisting temptation is a moment by moment experience so we're going to be talking about what that means and how how to have those lives with victory. First of all don't feel bad if you're tempted I'm not going to ask for show of hands you would probably feel guilty if you raise your hand and said you know I'm tempted to sin but you know what everybody would raise their hands. Let's try it right now how many are tempted to sin. Those of you who did not raise your hand you're really in trouble. Because it's only when you're in the river and you don't feel the current It's because you're flowing with it. If you cease to feel the current pulling you towards the waterfall it's probably because you're not resisting. But if you're trying to live a Christian life you're going against the flow you're going to feel temptation. I remember somebody. Talked to pastor Billy Sunday one time I believe Sunday was always talking about sin and temptation they said pastor Sunday he said your does always a rub in the cat's fur the wrong way he does always talk about sin and temptation you're just rubbing the cat's fur the wrong way faster Sunday said well if the cat would turn around then I'd be rubbing the fur the right way. But let's face it Joe Cruise used to always say every message ought to talk about sin and salvation because that's the gospel we've got a problem that we are under a death sentence. Because of sin and Jesus has the answer and he's offering us eternal life and so we're all in this together don't feel bad if you're tempted Jesus was tempted everybody's tempted. I remember reading a note from history Shelby Foote as a Civil War historian he was talking about the Battle of Shiloh and this one soldier was injured in his leg at the battle and the captain said go to the rear. Well it turned out they were surrounded that day and so the soldier came back to the Captain he said Give me a gun this battling got no rear. In your Christian battle there is nowhere you can retreat where you are going to be free from temptation of temptation comes in a way yes even Jesus when he resisted the devil's three great temptations it says the devil left him for a season can you say amen for those seasons there are times when we've got some peaceful waters but there's a lot of rapids that you face as a Christian now does get better and the longer you walk with him the better it gets. First of all the Devil is called the tempter first US alone eons three five for this reason when I could no longer endure it I sent to know your faith lest by some means the tempter had tempted you and our labor might have been in vain always worried about temptation among the believers the devil will tempt us by exploiting our own natural built in evil desires and what tempts you may not tempt me and the thing the temps me may not be for you when you're fishing you know you use different bait for different fish that swim and different depths and different kinds of water the devil studies that we're all different and he some people who would never be tempted with some of their carnal temptations people face they love money. And they're tempted with that and others materialism matter of fact there was as. Study that was written in a discipleship Journal this is a Christian periodical readers rank the areas of the greatest spiritual challenges to them temptation. Materialism. Pride self centeredness these weren't necessarily in a particular order laziness anger and bitterness sexual lust envy gluttony line they came up with nine it would have been better if they had ten. The survey respondents noted temptations were more poignant when they had an igloo and a more potent sorry when they had neglected their time with God eighty one percent said the temptations were a lot fear sir if I've not had my personal devotions and when they were physically tired Karen and I always try to schedule our arguments when we're tired. And on our way to church. Never notice that. So yeah you've got to be on you've got wind of the devil come to Jesus tired and hungry. Low blood sugar. James one twelve through fifteen blessed that is the man who endures temptation how many want to be bless. Bless it is the man and woman who endures temptation which the Lord has promised of those that love him I'm sorry for when he has been approved he'll receive a crown of life which the Lord has promised of those that love Him Let no one say when he is tempted I'm tempted by God for God cannot be tempted with evil nor does he himself him to anyone but each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed and when desire is conceived it gives birth to sin and sin when it is full grown brings forth the death all the temptations we surrender to little by little we're losing our wings we are moving towards the death when you resist temptation you are moving towards life the Bible says that we should. Walking not after the flesh but after the Spirit you know the great passage in Romans chapter eight everybody focuses on Romans seven when Paul's as I do the thing I don't want to do and they don't go to Romans eight where he said Who will deliver me from this body of death he says I thank God that will deliver me I no longer have to walk after the flesh but I can walk after the Spirit we don't talk enough about that how to have lives of victory a man. Yes You Can I have no patience for people that tell me that they can't change. I'm sorry I don't what if they talk to the hand don't tell me. Don't tell me you can't change. I mean I've got a long way to go don't misunderstand but I mean I was drinking and smoking and cursing and wine and just the Law Lords made so many changes in my life that I have faith that he will finish what he started in my life. Step by step we follow the Lord and don't be discouraged if you fall. I want to make sure make that message very clear. The Bible says a righteous man fall seven times and rises again. Mary Magdalen out of whom cat Jesus cast seven devils and so we're going to fall the Bible says and many things we offend. But you've got to get back up again don't be discouraged so we're all tempted. It is not a sin to be tempted Hebrews to verse eighteen for Him that He Himself Jesus has suffered being tempted he was able to help those who are also tempted Christ was tempted in all points as we are yet without sin. Now all temptation can pretty much be divided into three simple categories someone might say Well Jesus never struggle with cocaine. Or tobacco or some of the things that might be explosive sins today there was no Internet pornography. Back then. There are three temptations three principle areas and he overcame in those areas meaning you can first John three sixteen for all that's in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life all temptation can fall into one of those three categories when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness his three temptations he overcame in those same three areas matter of fact you might go with me to Matthew Chapter Four quickly and let's look at that. Matthew four and. Start with verse one. Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness someone say why would the Spirit lead him to be tempted with the Spirit led him up to pray and prepare for his ministry the devil tried to stop it don't forget when did the Pharaoh make his greatest effort to destroy the Israelites when they were getting away. When you start trying to pull away from the devil he is going to go ballistic. He doesn't like losing ground and so sometimes people say Doug you know I started coming to this evangelist meeting and you know things were you know not great but they were OK and I started coming as meeting everything when slight way then what's going on here I started getting closer to God I'm trying to follow the Lord in all these trials and as exactly the devil is afraid look at what happened when the children of Israel trying to get out of Egypt look at the turmoil because being born again a lot of births have pain involved you know that. Where there's a new birth sometimes there is a labor and there's pain and that's also true in spiritual births. And there is this turmoil there's this resistance and Jesus is beginning his ministry in the devil came at him with all of his guns blazing. So don't be surprised if you make an effort to follow the Lord it's just going through that transition. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights afterward he was hungry. You would hear an amazing fact. The longest hunger strike. Was a man who was part of the IRA in the when the struggles between the Protestants and the Catholics in the. In the British Empire there and one of the men was imprisoned I'm trying to member's name now. I just know he went seventy three days on a hunger strike and they would not force feed him and he ultimately starve to death. But I've heard of people who've gone longer but I at least I know of that one so when Jesus fasted for forty days you know you can go without food a long time. You can't go without water the only time they fasted without water Paul went without food or water three days when he was fasting after having seen the Lord that's like a severe fast and they may have also had that kind of fast when Esther prayed in the Book of Esther on number but there's very rarely got to recommend that kind of fasting but I think Jesus had water the devil didn't say turn the stones into a canteen to turn him into bran so he had to meet. Him By the way I'm getting him myself so the temper came to him and he said if you're the son of God command the stones become bread now Jesus the reason this was a temptation is the devil saying Are you really the Son of God How do you think the devil appeared to Christ did the devil plop down on the ground out there in the desert and he had bat wings and a goatee and leotards and and. You know twenty ten on the pitchfork red leotards. Is an eye on the devil a come to tempt you let me tell you the first temptations How do you think he appeared. Saying Corinthians tells us in Chapter eleven say can be transformed into an angel of light and he came in he looked like a beautiful angel sent from God to comfort him and he said Now you got to show that you really believe you are the Son of God you're having some doubts now and if you believe you're the son of God turn these stones and stone probably look like hot loaves when you're hungry they all look like holes. In the bridge Jesus did not parley with the devil he answered with the Word of God. It is written and he quotes Moses All three times Jesus quotes Deuteronomy which is one of my favorite or Testament books man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God So the devil comes with temptation number two and he takes them up and verse five Matthew four to the holy city and he said some on the pinnacle of the temple now we don't know exactly how high that was if you can Brill believe Josephus there was one pinnacle in the rebuilt temple of Herod That was four hundred feet high. That's pretty high. And he said if you're the son of God throw yourself down for it's written wait a second what's the devil don't quote the Bible if you don't fight fire with fire Jesus are going to use Scripture all you Scripture does the devil know the. You know I'm surprised sometimes how many Christians think that owning a Bible somehow keeps you from sin when I was a kid they showed these vampire movies and if you had a cross you could just hold up a silver cross on the vampire would recoil in terror. Or if you had garlic. And I've met at Minister believe that garlic keeps the devil away I'm almost sure. I believe in righteousness by garlic and come to church and sit in their own pew. But that doesn't really work. Some people think it is only the Bible I got a Bible and have you ever seen do you know some charismatic passes it don't think like shake the Bible is the devil's going to go who in the Bible the devil doesn't care if you own a bible he'll take it out of your hand you'll read it do you. Feel mistreated care you know a lot of false pastors out there hold Bibles. So you need to know how to write we divide the word. Because the devil he even tried to twist the Scriptures to deceive Jesus. Peter one does it people would take the writings especially of Paul and twist them as they do the other Scriptures to their own destruction there's plenty of people out there that can do the scripture twist so you need to know how to rightly divide the Word of God So he says it is written he'll give his angels charge of you he quotes on the new one and in their hands there bear you up lest your dash your foot against a stone and he left out the part about keep you in all of your ways so you're not like jumping off a temples you just left that out conveniently. And Jesus again he goes right back it is written You shall not tempt the Lord your God it's amazing to me how simple the Lord was able to come back he didn't need a long philosophical argument because the truth is simple you know when wrong is wrong. Now the devil's really spark is starting to fret and so he said look let's get right to the chase of it you've come to redeem the world I claim the world is mine Adam and Eve sinned they listen to me they didn't listen to you they surrendered dominion to me you won Dominion Jesus I'll give you dominion. Just acknowledge me as got. Fall down and worship me you don't have to die and go through all the suffering on the cross just acknowledge me we got a deal everybody's happy. I'll give you the world. That must have been a bigger temptation than you think. So look whatever truth we've had this terrible war in heaven we can settle it right now that's declare that I'm the king of this world. Worship me not ten times just once. You want to do it not even once neither would Daniel or Shadrack or me shake or Bendigo. And you're going to have to make the same decision in the last days because the big decision in the last days is going to be who do you worship. Will you put God first you're going to be asked to compromise your worship. Some will worship the beast some will have the seal of God and worship God and Jesus finally rebuked him and he says Away with you Satan for it is a written. Usual worship the LORD your God only in Him shall you serve them the devil left him and the holy angels came and ministered to him angels How do you think the Angels ministered to him after forty days of fasting How did the angels minister to Alija after forty days actually was before four different they fed up. And. Shows that they minister to the children of Israel in the wilderness and give them bread. Will the Lord feed you when you fight with the devil will angels come to your aid if you make up your mind that you want to do God's will and you resist temptation God will send every angel in heaven to you rather than see you fall when you trust in him. God wants you to win in these battles and he will brag about you when you do. The Bible says that if we confess Christ in this evil in adulterous generation he will confess our name before the Father and the angels of heaven. But Whoever denies Him He will deny us what a shattering a thought when job was faithful in the Bible for the job was a perfect and upright man that love God and he did evil. And God was bragging to the devil and his angels about job he says have you considered my servant you don't have job you might have a lot of people down there but you don't have him. Wouldn't you like the Lord to say that about you he can. The Bible tells us that no what then the job Elijah these are people subject to like passions as you and me and yet through the power that is available to you they became overcomers you know if anything in this last generation God wants to have a people that prove the devil wrong. God wants to have a people that will show the universe what can happen when we are fully surrender to him I think it was Dwight Moody who heard someone say one time. God is yet to see what the Lord can do with a person that is fully surrendered to him. And white when he heard that he said Lord by your grace I want to be that person and he preached on two continents and started a great revival. Ellen White says there is no limit to the usefulness of one who by Lane self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit in their lives that's a loose quote but it's a. The book desire beaches no limit to their usefulness is unlimited what God wants to do with you. All temptation can be successfully resisted. There's no excuse for sin if there was it's not sin. You know if you say the devil made me do it well that will get make you if he makes you is not sin the devil did not hold down Adam or Eve and pushed the fruit in their malice they made a conscious choice First Corinthians ten thirteen no temptation how many. No temptation has overtaken you except such as this common to man for God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able to see him and that means any temptation that comes you are able. I want to park here for a moment. You are able to so we sing that during our Vangelis the programs remember when the. Moses sent the twelve spies to explore the promised land. And two of the spies were so excited about the Promised Land they came back with all the fruit of positive report is that this is a land flowing with milk and honey ten of the spies they just looked at all the problems and all the enemies bigger than we are and they defeated everybody else and look at the walls of Jericho and look at the Giants in Hebron we could never conquer these people. And the they brought back a negative report the children of Israel had to believe who we listen to. They were all church members. Ten of the leaders came back and said we are not evil that's a quote they said we are not able to have them said we are evil that's called the minority report. They said we are able the people chose to believe the group that said we are not able and God said if you don't believe you are able then you will not be able Jesus said be it unto you according to your faith and those who did not believe they were able to enter the Promised Land died in the wilderness but God said your children who have seen my miracles they will believe in my power they will go and Joshua and Caleb made it because they believed. All things are possible to him the police let me just put this to you another way how many of you believe the devil can tempt you to sin. That's a simple question. How many of you never raise your hand for any pastors question. How many of you believe the devil can tempt you to sin and say make you sin tempt you to sin be tempted to Jesus to say OK. How many of you believe the Lord can keep you from sin. And yet you know I meet people that say they have no problem saying well we all sin we're all we all fall and they're really easy to that I say can keep you from falling. And they're a little slower in answering It's like you know I might indict myself. But really what they're saying is I've got more faith in the Devils ability to make me fall than Jesus ability to keep me from falling Are those the only alternatives you've got you've got two forces they're fighting for your heart do you believe that God can keep you that doesn't mean you're not going to lose a battle but you don't have to lose the war he is the author and the finisher of your faith in him and you can make it yes you can. There's no sin can you name a sin to me God can help you overcome Can he help you. Which drugs. Can Has he given people victory over drugs can he help you with impure thoughts can you renew your mind can he help you with stealing I used to be if. I'm not anymore. Yes you can he you know you can name a sin that he can't help you with the only sin he can't help you with is the one you won't bring to him. But he can help you with everything and he wants to but he won't force you you can have victory over your sins. A fusion six seventeen How do you do it the Word of God. You put on the armor of God matter of fact let's jump there very quickly if you go to a fusions Chapter six what I want to we do in the battle with temptation some of this these points are I get twelve points from the book here we're hoping they'll take home and you'll read. I like what it says here in verse twelve. I want to go back to verse ten I like it all started Genesis now. Finally my brother and be strong in the Lord how in the Lord in the power of His might put on the whole armor of God that you might be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against Prince apologies against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness and heavenly places therefore take up the whole want to of God You need every part of it that you might be able to withstand in the evil day having done all to stand evil is a day of temptation having done all to stand I like what it says withstand in the evil day having done all to stand stand there for our theme here is rooted. There is storms coming you need to be able to stand. And the way you can stand against the enemy is by putting on the armor of God Amen. Stand therefore having gotten there seven things that are mentioned here that's an interesting number. Having your waist girded with truth having put on the breastplate of righteousness having shod your feet with the gospel of the preparation of peace you need good traction if you're going to be in a battle above all taking this shield of faith with which you're able to quench the fall of the fire how many fiery darts all the fiery darts of the wicked one and take the helmet of salvation in the sort of the spirit that is the Word of God in the seventh is praying always with all prayer so you've got the belt of truth breastplate of righteousness the Gospel shoes the shield of fate the helmet of salvation six is the sort of the Spirit seven is prayer Now these this is not just all metaphors this is talking about a way of life the sword means you read your bible the Gospel shoes beautiful on the mountain are those that share the good news if you're out fighting go to the go when the children of Israel began to follow the Lord he said Put your shoes on when the angel saved me Peter from the prison that put your shoes wrong and when you start following Jesus you put on your shoes you begin to journey it's exciting. So you put on the breastplate of like just this is where all the vitals are you going to guard your hearts and that's why your you know this is nothing on the back because you don't turn your back on the enemy. You put on the helmet of salvation that protects. You got seven openings in your hand. Two eyes two ears two nostrils so you can see and hear and smell in stereo and one mouth it's all we can handle. There are these sacred openings you gotta guard what comes in. And it's almost like an astronaut wears a helmet keeps him alive or scuba diver they take off that diving bell of the great depths they die they drown or you die in space you're living here as a Christian in a foreign and VOR environment and you need to guard what you're taking into your minds because you will end up being what you feed on you are which we spiritually too and so you've got to feed on the Word of God. Listen to look at those things that are just unholy in pure and noble and good and boy I tell you if I could park somewhere and just say this is what we really need to emphasize for young people have the courage to say I don't want to hear that story I don't want to listen to you talk about that I'm not going to look at that video I'm going to guard my heart I don't want to go there because when you don't do that the impurity just gets where you're used to it. And you just surrounded by garbage and you get used to living by the dump so put on that helmet of salvation and then the prayer it's the atmosphere breathing. And of course the sword the sword all three times Jesus was tempted it is written it is written it is written to Jesus having. You have a Bible in his backpack when he was fasting in the desert. Did he pull a scroll out and say just a moment I just so happen of Deuteronomy with me and that's why he quoted from Deuteronomy three times you have the scroll with. Well you might argue that but I don't think so. You know ten percent of everything Jesus said When you read the Gospels he's quoting the Old Testament and not once does it say he was referencing Well I take that back when he stood up in the synagogue he was reading from Isaiah the other times it's from memory. Christ had stored the Word the Bible does not say by word I've hidden on the coffee table that I might not sin against. By word I have hidden in my nightstand that I might not sin against God doesn't want the Bible under your pillow like a good luck charm. He wants you to store it in your heart. Care and I used to always go to sleep listening to Bible tapes until take players stop working because that player stuff works now we have C.D.'s. I would remember what I heard while I was awake but I don't remember anything I heard while I was asleep. You got to consciously put the word in your mind you won't tell you the best way to remember the Bible. The scriptures I remember are the ones that I shared with other people in giving Bible studies. If you use it you get to keep it if you don't use it you'll lose it but when you read something and you share it was somebody else it seems like it's in a different part of your bible your brain and it's stored there. So you fight the enemy you know one of my favorite stories in the Bible you ever read about David's mighty men. David had a mighty man his name was Ellie Aser the son of Dodo I just love that. I never forgot his name because his father's name poor guy. But Ellie asr was a really brave soldier and it tells about a couple of occasions where he earned the right to be a mighty man and one occasion in particular it tells us that and you find this both in Chronicles and in Kings they were in battle with the Philistines Ellie asr and David were fighting and so is on a barley field and the men of Israel rich treated under one of the almost lots of the Philistines but David would not reach treat you know this Alexander the Great was like that one reason they were so victorious in battle is because Alexander would lead them into battle and he want to retreat and his men didn't want to lose him and so they went right up with him and all the soldiers left David on this field except Lee's are and it says And God gave them the spirit like he did Samson the spirit of the Lord came on them and they fought the Philistines. And they slew of them they went through them like inside. And after defeating the Philistines it says L E A's or a sword clave to his hand he couldn't let go. Now I remember once I rode a motorcycle through the rain for hours and when I finally got to my destination I was so cold I couldn't open up my hand and get it off of you guys if you're going. And after clinging to it for so long. He couldn't let go of it would God we were all like that with our swords are the Bible I meant. They were able to defeat the enemy because they have the Word of God. Read his word believe his word I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin. The Bible says and second Peter there are promises we can claim. Chapter one Verse four by which have been given to us exceeding great and precious promises that through these you might become partakers of the divine nature through reading the world of God There is power in the Word of God it through it you become like Christ Christ is the word if you want Jesus in you if he is the word as you read the word he comes in you he says it my flesh drink my blood absorb me and the best most practical way we do that is through breathing him in in prayer or through the Spirit and reading him in the word and just take Jesus isn't taken his teachings taken who he was but you've got to make time for that is a very practical thing you've got to carve out time devotion for the god are not found there made it's not going to fall on you you've got to make an appointment with God If you don't his word prefer string Jesus said watch and pray that you enter not temptation the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak Amen. We've all got these carnal nature. And so you need to pray Jesus said there's a way to win those battles watch and pray. You know Luke twenty one thirty six Watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass and stand before the Son of Man Bible says pray without ceasing we need to be praying all the time you want to be a serious Christian walk with God Think about he's here now how wonderful how awesome is just. I mean even just thinking about how big he must be and how powerful and yet he wants to commune with you draw nearer to God and you draw near to you you're here some are watching you're making an effort to draw near to God she wrote he says I'll draw on your you as soon as the father saw the prodigal son coming home he ran to meet him. You draw near to God He will draw near to you and you do that when you pray. And then it combines the human with the divine. This is a very important point in the battle with temptation. You need to make an effort. There is a whole corrupt theology that seems to be going around in the Christian world and some of it's even affected us that Jesus does everything and there's no effort that you're supposed to make that's just categorically not true. There's their effort involved in life you need to strive you need to pray you need to run you need to war you need to wrestle be in doing anything takes effort and so the idea that you're just going to lay on your bed and pray for a job you know. You've got to go knock on doors and then God will answer your part David when he fought Goliath he didn't stay back in the green fields and say I declare you dead. That's the way some people their theology know he had to get up and go get his stone and get a sling and go out and run and meet the giant there's battles involved in the life and so Jesus worked a miracle I talked about the storm when the disciples were rowing. And he came to them while they were wrongly. And. When they let him in the boat they were at their destination but they were rowing when he came he saved them but they were doing what they could do humanly. Let me tell you a quick story Me I'm feeling like I'm getting more and more sermon and less and less time I wish I could pray like Joshua that time would stand still. Ten lepers come to Jesus they say Lord have mercy on us he says go make the offering for cleansing for leprosy Well that seemed odd to them because they still had leprosy and you make the offering when you no longer have it but they did not argue and they turned they went to go towards the temple to make the offering to thank the Lord for being saved from leprosy the Bible says in going they were cleanse. As they took the first steps to do what Jesus told them to do a miracle happened. When the Lord calls you to follow him you're going to encounter temptation. Don't try to fight the temptation on your own but take the first steps and say Lord save me you take the first steps and you will see power will come to your aid let me give you a quote from the Spirit of Prophecy this is signs of the Times February fourteenth eight hundred seventy eight the divine power combined with human effort will give to all perfect and entire victory every believing mind will be filled with conscious power the language of the soul will be I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God said to a cripple get up and when he made the effort to get up the strength came to get up the angel sister Peter get up he could have said I can't get up like a chains when he made an effort to get up the chains fell off I've prayed with people before this is I've tried to stop smoking I've tried to quit drinking so let's ask him right now but before we pray. I'll say I want to tell you about the five minute plan if you're about the five minute plan. I said you have any cigarettes in your house yeah. It's a let's get a garbage can let's term up throw in the garbage can. Help people throw in a wood cook stove flushing down the toilet you want to quit drinking yet you have any alcohol in the house so let's get it let's dump it down the toilet. Has dug I want freedom from pornography and you have any pornography so yeah where the magazines shred them. Out of the little heart of the Internet. But I'll pray with a person they've smoked for years and I'll say Do you believe God wants you to quit Yes Take the first step throw them away Oh but what if I say don't say that make a decision throw them away now let's pray you've taken the first step now let's pray and I can't tell you how many times people have come to me later in the sea pastor Doc I can't believe it I've tried for years God has given me a power I have no desire and the Lord has just taken away the chains fall it doesn't always work that way it was a battle for me but I've seen the power of God when you take the first steps he gives you a supernatural power don't underestimate the power of gone. Another tip for resisting temptation avoiding. The areas of temptation. If your problem is alcohol don't push your shopping cart up and down the alcohol section of Walmart. You ever heard my sermon called cold confession. You need a look of cold confession I'll tell you about my addiction to ice cream it was really really bad. I went on for thirty years no longer that forty years and that was so bad I mean I was eating like a sometimes a plane today. I don't doesn't look like it over there. But I would push my shopping cart back and forth through the frozen food wrestling in my mind. I would all fall out of time to preach if you have a desire to see. You know listen cold confession look that up. So I stay away from the things that tempt you fleas sexual immorality you young people you don't want to get in trouble don't get over by yourself with the opposite sex with nothing planned and then wonder why nature takes over. You've got to avoid some ones that bananas don't get in trouble till they leave the bunch. You need to avoid getting in those compromising situations. Several times the bible says fleas temptation fleas sexual immorality make no provision for the lust of the flesh three youth youthful lusts of void those places of temptation. And then fix your eyes on Jesus you become like what you look at if you spend your time focusing on Christ filling your mind with him thinking about him you may not see a change overnight Don't be discouraged. A little by little you will change I am a different creature now than I was when I first came to the Lord I have learned a new way to talk a new way to live a new way to think but it didn't happen overnight the Bible says learn to do good Isaiah chapter one you have learned to do wrong all your life you come to Jesus you get now learn to do good that takes time you can be justified in a moment but think of occasion takes time and is learning to live a holy life where I don't have time for I got twelve points of the books will give you tonight let me just maybe some it up with the three things I told you that are the secret weapons remember there. I mean let me put it to you differently when I lived up in the cave. There was an old Jewish Christian we call them brother here a lot of even know what his last name was but anybody to live on the streets back then knew a brother Harold that effect one of you here gave me a book yesterday about another hippie converted in talk with Candy and I was reading it and I bet he knew brother Harold. Not the only one that was up in a cave back then and this fella he would wake up he was like sixty five years old when I met him he'd go to the hospital and he would volunteer as time and quote from the scripture by memory to all the different patients he'd pray with them wait about four in the morning he'd read the Bible and Hebrew and Greek and English he was who a brilliant guy very humble man. I used to see him hand out signs and he'd hand out tracks on the corner and just see tell everybody Jesus loves you he learned how to say Jesus loves you and all these languages because he's tourists from all over the world would come to Palm Springs and his face with this sign I saw this guy praying his face shone he knew the Lord one day he was writing his free will bicycle up Ramon road. In Palm Springs and he saw me walking by myself he knew me I was one of the the street people. And Doug how are you doing he knew I had accepted Jesus but I was struggling with temptation as young people do as it will. He's a dud ha ha ha long can you hold your breath I was glad he asked as I thought I was pretty good at that as I can hold my breath for minutes he said you shouldn't go any longer than that without training. Is that how often you eat the two three times a day so that's how often you ought to meditate on the Word of God or read it. As it what's going to happen if you don't get in the exercise that well you get we can flabby So that's what's going to happen to your Christian experience if you don't share it he said you have a spiritual body and it is governed by rules just like you've got a physical body that has rules if you want to have spiritual life you need to take care of your spiritual body and you need to breathe you need to eat you need to move we need to read our Bibles get on a regular schedule do whatever you can do to remember to pray and I get busy here I'm a pastor I get so busy I forget to pray I heard about a girl should throw her shoes under her bed at night or mothers and why are you doing that she'd say cause I got to get on my knees to get him out in the morning I remember to pray. Do whatever it takes to. Put on put a note on your phone and he goes off and beeps it's a prayer and the nation does that his phone started beeping is what's going on is that I'm supposed to pray make a note pray and then share your faith in some way every day trying to give out a tract do something to exercise your faith and it will grow that's the secret weapon. You know if you enter Yellowstone Park I've never been there but I read about it. I don't have to go in that set but all of the world everybody Yellowstone. I can't take it seriously I grew up watching Yogi the bear and I just thank you to keeping it a jelly star. When you enter the park they give you a brochure and says Please don't feed the bears. But you don't have to go very far before you'll run into some tourists that ignore the rules and the bears they know to come up to the doors and people are giving them the limit and treats and cookies or whatever junk for they got in their cars and one of the tourists went up to the ranger and he said you can tell everyone don't feed the bears his would be people feeding the Bears over then the guy just fold his arms as I know is that they don't listen and he said it's really sad because if they saw what we saw once the park closes and winter comes the winter storms bring in the snow and it gets cold these bears have not learned to feed themselves and they star and we go around with backhoes and we pick up their frozen bodies and we bury em because they didn't learn to feed themselves and make it through the storm. Friends a storm coming you need to be rooted in the Word of God You can't depend on what a pastor might give you once a week God's people need to learn to feed themselves. And if you do you'll know the Lord you can't obey God If you don't love him you're not going to love Him unless you know him the way you know him is by communicating with him he talks to you through His Word you talk to him in prayer when you know him you will love him when you love him it's so easy to keep his commandments What's the best reason to resist temptation. Because you love God. When you love someone you don't want her. Would you like to love God more. Do you believe that a storm is coming you see what's on the horizon in our world we need a revival among God's people what a wonderful place for it to begin if we would all just really spend time in the Word and hunger and thirst after God in righteousness you'd see the Holy Spirit break out and spread in ripples and wages from from this place and I pray it might. And I pray with you before we close this by your hands or your. Word my people tonight would be a general one that all of God's people here especially the young people those who may be watching now the Holy Spirit Mind convict us that we need to know you better. We need to hunger and thirst for your right is this and spend more time in your word on our knees sharing our faith and letting our light shine and I pray right now in our hearts and our minds will do practical tangible things to do that. I pray Lord that there would be a revival Phillis with your spirit we know temptation comes but when Jesus was baptized you gave the spirit and when we make a decision to follow you you will give us your spirit pour your Holy Spirit on us less each of these people Lord and I pray that will be a revival during this on this campus and as we prepare for your return we thank you and ask this in Jesus' name in. 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