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Is it wrong to buy a bicycle? Are taking selfies a sin? Can cosmetics really kill you? Continuing were we left off yesterday we practice finding the relevance of Ellen White statements for modern living. Bring a Bible, your smart phone or other gadget and be prepared to practice active reading!




  • October 21, 2017
    5:15 PM
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Yes your warm up. Tell the person next to you tell the person next to you what would your reaction be if you heard the following Now I'm not going to read it so you need to read it OK if you can see all right if you have that what would your reaction be. All right tell the person next to you. Oh I thought I didn't want to read that because my telling would give it away right. Because my tongue would tell you probably a whole lot about this do you understand these woods there is a dog in the room is there a word you don't understand. You know you get it but do you really know what that means. Not really if it's Christmas morning and there's a little kid who's been begging for a dog all year. And they have come into the living room and you smile at the little kid and you point to that in a room next door and you say there is a dog in the room what does that mean. That means you. Might gift it is next stall what I've always wanted and this is a promise this is happiness this is Joy if you come home and you all walking in your living room or whatever and suddenly you swing around and there is an intruder in your house. All right and he looks like he's all right and you back to your garrote that you have to you put your daughter your head your hand on the door handle and you shout at the intruder you say there is a dog in the room what is it. It's a threat you. Threatening them because you're scared OK you threatening It's like don't take a step closer because this what we assume is a very lethal drug in here I'm about to let it out all right so it could be a promise it could be a threat it depends on. Context context context L.Y.X. wrote a hundred thousand manuscripts that's a whole lot more than your bible many times over take something out of context you can buy could mean whatever you like OK context now we do a lot about how to read the Bible but we do very little about how to read and what we say go read all of what she wrote English go for it and we are expecting our youth we are expecting our teens we're expecting our new church members to just read L. Mart OK we need to use the same hermeneutical principles that we use for all Bible reading why. Why. Same inspiration so we going to use the same tools we're going to use the same tools let's just briefly look over what the biblical hermeneutics cycle looks like Iraq looks like an onion it looks like an onion you have in the middle woods you need to understand what the word means right you need to understand what the word means right. If you learning a new language you will often hear a word and you actually have to look the word up because you don't know what it means just because Ellen White wrote in English doesn't mean that we now know all the words she writes about Jesus having intercourse with everyone he made it. OK yes it doesn't mean the same thing. That God has changed dramatically she said as Christians should be getting a. All right it doesn't mean the same thing so we can't assume that we know what words mean all right so we need to be careful so you need to know the word you need to look in the way if we go back to the Bible or to Ellen White the phrase In other words the context above and below look at the bigger you know what I mean what is being written about here what's the argument been made we need to look at the book in the case of the Bible is this prophetic You don't read Revelation and mock in the same way write by two very different styles you do not read Ellen White summons and her letters the same way they are different styles written to a different audience and in the biblical context you look at the overall theme of the Bible which is what redemption salvation I would venture to say it's the great controversy. And you'll find the exact same theme in and what that is why she writes that is the overriding theme of all of her books on education on health all on you name at the overriding theme is the great controversy theme right very practically looking at anyone why then what are the key words in the text Do I look at the key words let's make sure that we're talking about the same thing she's talking talking about cheese let's make sure that what I think of when I say cheese is the same thing that she said when she said cheese OK just for instance let's make sure that we are comparing apples with apples and not apples with pace All right so make sure we understand what the key words are make sure we understand the in media context who she writing to why she writing what's the problem over here now this one is very interesting. You will find in all of Ellen watch writings that she in Hans's on a biblical principle if you find the principle you can make the application Now sometimes the principle is very the biblical principle is very obvious and you will find it quickly sometimes it's going to have to do a bit of digging and that's exciting it's detective work it's exciting but when you find that biblical principle you'll be ready to make the application over here so that's a really key point Jesus does the same thing this is what all the prophets do in the New Testament they in Hans on the book legal principles of the Old Testament prophets in Hans on each other they pull out the principles they contextualize them in a modern setting. Jesus Jesus takes talking about adultery Jesus takes the Old Testament grueling about not committing adultery and he magnifies the T. doesn't do away with it he magnifies the T. says that's what the Old Testament says that's the ruling but now let me tell you about an application if you even look at a woman in lust you have committed adultery takes the Old Testament puts it in. Context of a New Testament situation Ellen White does the exact same thing so this is an important I can't over stress us this is your key to unlocking Ellen what and for me when I discovered this became a real exciting adventure very own me after we found that are we ready to make an application as Adventists we often in the big hurry we read the text make the application and skip all the steps in between and we can rant ourselves in very interesting water when we do that OK some problem solving scatch agree strategies when we come to a halt to take stock hope you're taking notes because we're going to do a practice here all right read the sources for yourself and don't depend on what other people say you will hear the weirdest things that ever watch has said check them out there's no excuse today there's no excuse today E.G. W writings dot all type in what you heard and see what comes up OK everything she ever wrote is available for you for free online you can check it out no problem so make sure she really said it by the way we working on a game for for young adults it's called a white series and you get a Biblical you get an elm white quote and you've got to decide whether she really said it or not and it's very interesting I learned so much while we were working on there and we've tested this on on quite a few pastors and it's very tight OK. Collect all the information we do the same thing when we read the Bible we do not form a doctrine around one Bible verse how we take all the verses that mention their topic and we compare them we look at the context etc before we make an application do the same thing with Ellen White don't pull out just one statement from somewhere study the context and remember the big picture the great controversy theme how does the subject tie into the great controversy theme I'm skipping questions at the moment if if you don't mind will cope for me we can still take a few here OK and interesting quote If you think Ellen White is only misused today she was already misused in our own life time in eight hundred sixty eight James writes about her youth is what she my side to urge the tardy if taken by the prompt to urge them over the mock and what she may say to caution the prompt salience in caution while in caution in cautious ones if taken by. The tardy as an excuse to remain too far behind so finding that middle ground was a problem already back then see you do have time to have time to time OK Very quickly I'll tell you a story in her time there was a cold Porter you say canvassing here Cole Porter a coal porter who was called portraying back then and he of course back then there was no hotels motels anything else you walked all over with this heavy load of books on your back and you were dependent for accommodation or whatever form you landed on that night you asked the people if you could stay and sometimes they were nice enough to let you sleep in the bawn sometimes they actually invited you in normal hospitality around here in the US was that they would invite you to to supper so you ate whatever you eat right there was no options over here so this young man was very very conscientious reader of a what So he read up and he realized that he needs to be vegetarian but this is of course difficult because the stews and everything else you know normally have meat in it so easy decides he's going to make granola so he makes his own stock of granola and he's carrying this great all around with him and he will then just ask for a bit of mulk and some eggs or whatever they have there and he will eat his granola so he's eating granola three times a day he's walking hard All right be from place to place. Do is delivering the books he refuses they evening meal and asks for milk and goes and eats he's going on so he's absolutely eating his granola I mean the diets very boring but that's all he's got and then he reads in the health reform a magazine that you know dairy products are perhaps not the best so he says Oh boy OK well I'll just have to eat Migranal with water so now he's eating his granola with water. Say he's only eating granola three times a day with water. And then he read Steptoe March says that a great season is over eating and that most of people eat more way more than what they should He says oh my and most people would do well with two meals a day so he's OK Well you know I got to cut down here so he cuts down to two meals a day of course with water and he's selling health books of course as well and not too long after that the man collapses. And he's sick and they have to send out for someone to come and collect him and carry him back on a stretcher What did he do wrong. I he was only apply I think all the health principles that Ellen White mentions right. OK context over here you're ready to practice or I go for it you've remembered the steps we went over. Your friend tells you this they've been reading Ellen White and they said to you Did you know that you should not be purchasing bicycles All right so turned your friend next to you and try to figure that one out. All right I put that up to try and help you all right I put up steps over here see if you can apply that to the bicycles you should not be person oh the steps a car can read them again what is the takes key words immediate context public a principle and the application All right so. Apply that to you should not be writing you should not be purchasing bicycles. Uk a Anyone let's go forward again. Anyone ready to tell us about our bicycle problem yes. OK you say the cost of bicycles was very very high good point but before we do anything else let's do the steps let's do the steps what step number one first what does the tech say Did anybody bother to look this up and what do you want to tell me. Thank you she never said that. You know she doesn't say you should not be purchasing bicycles thus. We. Were OK you're already making applications which is good but she doesn't say you should not be rocking be poaching sing bicycles what she say is if this you would not be purchasing bicycles and will car can I put up the quote right now on the board but she says you would not now that makes a big difference should it ever would make a big difference all right so you see how ninety percent of you will court already. Be way be the way go and look it up because how are you going to get the context you're just going to assume or you're going to remember stuff you heard some way don't do it don't do it it's a little bit of legwork but take the effort take the time OK So first we find out what she said second we look at key words what's a key word in that. Purchasing and bicycle OK purchasing hasn't really changed its meaning but we'll can look more at buying in a moment cost that you've bought but let's look at Bicycle All right. Let's It is a bicycle from the same year that this quote comes from those you can see it unfortunately but here in front do you notice anything about that bike doesn't look like the one you have. Thank you who said that it doesn't have brakes. It has no brakes OK the first bicycles to come out did not have brakes that will make that thank you they were dangerous people were falling off the bicycles left right and center and breaking bones there were also no roads remember they don't write that that where guns ride around on now you're trying to ride a priceless bicycle on these roads actually we had the bicycles to thank that roads improved because so many people fell and was seriously injured with these bicycles that the actually had to start investing in making better roads in the towns All right so bicycle is not exactly the same thing that you think of. In your whole position right now not having brakes makes an interesting point it's a little bit different from the bicycle there that you that you ride all right next step we need to look at context so let's look at the context right. This is part of a letter. This is part of a letter that Ellen White is writing she's writing it to the brother an impact will creek right where is Ellen White anyone know eight hundred ninety four. Australia what's happening in Australia. A school is starting in Australia this will be Avondale. Australia is a main economic depression money is very tight to come by stream retouched come by but these new converts are desperate for a Christian education so they have purchased the land and Ellen White is living in the tent she's painting us from a tent she's living in a tent all the land ECT Evandale as is everyone else they have students and teachers already there but they have no boat ICS so the students all working all day bolding the buildings and at night you know they are trying to conduct losses in a tent. But that's how desperately they want an education L M Y two zero radio an elderly lady is riding the delivery wagon down to the depot to pick up would they it's needed for the building such despair and able bodied men from that job. So that's how much everyone's putting into this I mean we want to talk about the diet that they eating at this time all right it's it's it's see me you can read it just above and around the letter so this is the situation in Australia these people are desperate to pull day school they are not getting financial help they've appealed to financial help for financial help from America but they are told you know there isn't money and the next thing they hear is that the latest craze has hit Battle Creek everyone needs a bicycle why do they need a bicycle because it's good for your health than the mind all the broken bones you get but this exercise is extremely good for your health so you need a bicycle for your health. Let's move on for context she will tell you in here in the next one I'll flip it out but she tells you that bicycles and you could look at up as well bicycles are costing about one hundred dollars for a bike OK not the end of the world oh yes that is three to six months full salary three to six months full salary that's not with any food or anything else or act so multiply I don't know how much would you like to take for an average blue collar working salary here multiply that by six. That's the cost of a bicycle. People are taking out mortgages to buy a bike no one has one hundred dollars. You have to go to the bank and take out a loan to buy a bicycle and so people are indebted you take out a loan of that sum you indebted for the next good few years to pry off your bicycle and everybody is doing that the brethren in Australia are going. They can't help us but they can all take out loans and by bicycle. In Australia in Battle Creek so she pins this letter to them so it comes out of it she says. Let me stand on the side and read then maybe my voice will carry over for for the people of the day how is it with my brethren and sisters in America how much do you practice self-denial in order that you may show liberality to the needy cause of God at the time we doing our work here under great pressure for want of the very money that many of the members of our churches are expanding upon their own fancies in pleasing and gratifying themselves if they had accepted the testimonies that are born to them concerning the great want in these regions beyond they would not be found expending one dollar in the for in following the example of those who are multiplying and comes in an interesting other quote multiplied pictures of themselves and their families you would you would not be purchasing bicycles which you could do without and would be receiving the placing of God in this is the excuse to buy a bicycle in exercising your physical powers in a less expensive way OK Remember I said that every statement she makes is amplifying a biblical principle. Now you gotta look for that sometimes very often she gives you the text right there you can look around she's made it easy for you in this time she's made it easy for you she's told you what to read read fifty eight sometimes she doesn't tell you and you'll have to do a little bit more digging to find but we call principle that is bringing out but it's always there it's always there and this is exciting where you see how Ellen White I'll fall from contradicting scripture she magnify scripture she applies it in a more modern context. That's context of the bicycle's of yes she goes on he had to explain about using using this money as Isiah fifty eight speaks about you know all those far staying and all these other religious rites that people weigh in caged in where God says the true Fost I want is sharing your bread with the needy clothing the naked this is the kind of stuff you do when you do this then healing will arise the text tells us so she is magnifying that particular but Mickle principle of getting your own health through helping out this through helping others Alright how can I apply the bicycles to today cos. Well right. Special stuff expensive stuff is expensive stuff OK. Going without things that we can put that money into the Lord's work yes that we could maybe trim and use that money for something else OK good can you see something here when you do this exercise and follow through with it it in Hans's your bible study it doesn't take away from it and it opens an avenue where the Holy Spirit can speak to you personally. About something very personal I did this with a group of young adults we did this and the guy blew me away one of them off to a tee said Aha I've got it I don't like it but I've got it the Holy Spirit is speaking to me I am I am a tech freak. If anything's coming out new I'm lining up outside the store several hours before so I can be the first in to buy it I budget for it I plan for it so any news you know Apple Watch or whatever is coming out you bet I'm going to get it immediately that's me I love it my hobby and I've been doing this now for a while. He says the Holy Spirit speaking to me I really don't need to have the latest gadget my other works just as well but I do like having them so you know what I'm going to do. I am going to wait one year. I've will have the original price that I was prepared to pay for that and off to one year what I buy it for the difference I am saving for a special mission of free. That was the application for him. Now do you see how personally God can use and watch writings that was never something I could dream up and tell him to do I know that's between God and him as he opened and look for the biblical principle. Do this with the writings and God will open things to you that you've never seen before they is treasures in the US even in odd statements like You should not be buying a bicycle or in this case you would not would be the more correct quote do you see is anything that the white say is irrelevant. No now. That the circumstances have changed bicycles are cheap they good means of transport they relatively safe they have brakes our roads are better conditions I think it's a wise use of money in many times to buy a bicycle to get from A to B. So the circumstances have changed has the principle changed has the application China yes how we apply it will change the principle has not changed this is the beauty of God's messenger this is the beauty of it or are we have plenty more examples you know like cosmetics you know that can kill you. And plenty of other stuff but and I wanted to use the selfies there's another one with selfies where she doesn't use the word selfies but yeah but we don't have time for that but this very very relevant stuff in there very relevant OK Just some final ones over here don't neglect your Bible study you see how your Bible study connects with Ellen White a lot of people want to take the easy route or out and let alone walk to the chewing for them she's doesn't chew your food for you OK she shows you how you can do it and you've seen this was a lot of work if you're going to do it properly this is a lot of work and you've got to go back to your bible and look for the biblical principle so don't look I've nothing against the morning devotions the interim why to stay you know we send them out there really nice to have but don't become dependent on her to spoon feed you that's not what she wanted dig deep she is the lesser light that leads to the greater light OK so don't use her as an excuse to not dig in don't be a sensational reader don't look for the most surprising things she said to share with other people right let's just be a broad room look for all the quotes on the topic as we mentioned before hand over here and don't read on one topic to the exclusion of everything else you have very unhealthy Adventists who like to do this they decide that health is the thing so that's all they ever read about his health OK All they decide something else is they think read broadly as she wrote broadly. That's an important principle if I mean if you only read Bible texts from your bible about hellfire or the damnation of the wicked How are you going to feel after a while. Or God's judgment put it in there are you going to feel that it's getting hot you read it balanced OK Your read it balanced let's let's do the same thing today we have reached the end but I will leave you with some sites that are very helpful OK we'll take questions off the words because some people need to run so yes some sites that are very helpful download the app this is just come out to track four days old Each W. writings to do if you have E.G. job your writings get E.G. W. writings too as an app download it. Will be very useful to you across all platforms. Oh there's plenty of new features. The arts four or five days old that yes. They update. So make sure you did a future job your writings too had a lot of bugs that's a little older but I had a lot of bugs so there we go great F.A.Q. everyone let's stand and close with pray. How great Heavenly Father we thank you so much the softening that we could take a little time to explore some of the smallest gift that you've given us we thank you that you used a frail shy teenager to to bring us so much hope so much comfort to bring us closer to you in your wood and we are thankful Please teach us how to use the Skift and how to share it that we may always hold Jesus I'll say. This in his name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W.W.W.. Dot org.


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