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Snapchat, Selfies, and Salvation

Dee Casper


Theres a lot of chatter about social media within the church. Some say its sin, others say theres nothing wrong with it. In this seminar we will attempt to strike a balanced and Scriptural approach in showing the benefits and dangers of social media in the realm of spirituality.


Dee Casper

Brand Evangelist, ARtv




  • October 21, 2017
    4:15 PM
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My name is Dee Casper I work with unseen media group we are a media ministry that's passionate about evangelism So our burden is to equip young people to reach their peers through media and evangelism and we have a training program to do that it's called Idea the Institute for digital evangelism arts finding ways to use creative media to reach the next generation it's basically a film school in a school of evangelism put together so it's for post high school eighteen and twenty five age range ish and yet that's our burden is to not just make creative content that's principal in crisis enter to reach people through social media but also to equip young people to reach their peers so that's a burden that we have and in personal ministry in and evangelism So what I'd like to do is begin with the word of prayer and then we'll start or seminar snap chat selfies and salvation Let's pray. God in heaven I think you for this privilege to have access to your word to have access to a medium that can reach billions of people who do not know Jesus and whom we do not know personally but can still influence so I just pray that you would bless us today with discernment with wisdom and I just pray that your will and reign supreme what transpires today and we ask this now in Jesus name Amen so I first want to kind of give a biblical parallel to the importance of this topic in this venue so and accept or nineteen Paul is a converted man now is preaching the gospel all over the world and he goes to a place called emphasis how many people have heard of episodes or read the book of a fusions it's amazing you should read it if you haven't so in the book of fusions just getting in the book of Acts Chapter nineteen when Paul was preaching at emphasis he's reasoning with the Jews to get to a point that they're not really wanting to listen to him anymore you preach there for like three months or something and then he decides he's going to rinse the school have to ran us and the school Tyrannosaur explained here in a moment but basically he's going to find a place where the people are hanging out and he's going to educate these people on the Gospel. So this is like an artist depiction of the school tear and as I doubt they had chalk boards but and ceiling fans but it's the basic idea right people are coming they're hanging out now what was a school tyrannous. Let me just read this first I'll get into that so when posed preaching the gospel in the school tyrannosaurs is interesting thing the text says in verse ten says and this continued his preaching in that school for two years so that all who dwell in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus both Jews and Greeks now I find this interesting because all of the Roman province of Asia here's the Gospel and Paul never leaves this school so how does that happen what people came they heard Paul they appreciated what he said they went home and they shared with the people they knew other people came they heard what Paul had to say they went home a share of the people that they knew in short they hit like and share in their profiles right they liked what he had to say it was something relevant to them and they dispersed it Paul is going in the Gospel to go viral in his day now the school tyrannous was basically this facility in FS this it was too hot to work in the middle of the day and so from the hours of like eleven to five or something like that this place is open they would have school for people in higher classes and society in the mornings they would receive training or whatever but after that it was just an open facility and people were just hanging out here to hear new ideas and to hear of just something new philosophy to kind of go back and forth so this is where they would go to kill time when it's too hot to do anything else and to hear new ideas now social media is basically the new school of tyrannosaurs It's a place where people kill time and where they hang out you know after and after work in school where they kill time and look at the new ideas but let's just be honest we do it while we're in school at work too don't we just don't tell my boss and don't tell my teacher so it's a very unique parallel I think to X. one thousand to what actually happens with social media what it can do for the gospel people like what you have to say they want to share it with others the vehicle is there that's the. Point but is it really that effective here's how we know some staggering statistics the world population according to Mr Google is seven point six billion people three point eight billion are on the Internet that's half I think Michelle you're better at math than I and that's half right OK two point eight billion are active on social media one billion people are active on Facebook and one hundred million people use Instagram every month ninety one percent of retail brands use two or more social media accounts now not a lot of them are making tons of money on it but they get name recognition with pays off later and when they like brands they follow these brands on social media Internet users have an average of five point five for social media channels how many people have five social media channels really. Does anyone actually use Google plus. It's OK if you do don't feel bad I guess I've never used it I wondered if anyone actually did. Do it the average is five point five for social media channels seventy five percent of Facebook users and fifty percent of Instagram users visit these sites daily. Social media use increased by four hundred eighty two million since January of two thousand and sixteen one million new active mobile social users are added every day that's twelve seconds. And Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle sixty billion messages a day that's a lot of communication on any given day snap chat reaches forty one percent of eighteen to thirty four year olds in the U.S. If you want to embody saw the annual reports from two weeks ago about our youth and retention we ain't coming close to that we're really wrestling to keep this demographic fifty percent of eighteen to twenty four year olds go on Facebook when they wake up how many of them are picking up one of these when they wake up rights but they are going to Facebook they are going to social media. The average daily time use on social media in two thousand and sixteen. In was one hundred eighteen minutes and I'm not going to go crazy Biblical on you right now but that's almost a tie of their day I'm just saying. This is the Internet use based upon the region nine hundred twenty three million any stage I think this is the person is that or actually the blue is the users I don't really understand that white thing so many ignore that I just found it yesterday but this was cool nine hundred twenty three million Internet users in East Asia five hundred eighty five million in South Asia three sixty two million in Africa but we're all the way down here three hundred twenty million which is pretty close to our population I think all that being said a whole lot of people on the Internet how many people have profiles Facebook one point nine billion You Tube one billion Instagram six hundred million Twitter three hundred seventeen million and Snap Chat three hundred million this is a lot of folks a whole lot of folks and it's far easier to reach them this way than it would be to get on a boat to get on a plane to get on a train drive your car walk ride your bike or never the means of transportation you have these people are at our access through something that's really heavily easy the Apostle Paul smells would be watering right now if he could reach this many people this easily now I use the word easily. And in somewhat of a fashion like I It ain't easy to get people to accept the Gospel by just like hey here's John three sixteen and then like the next day the whole world converted right it doesn't work like that but the fact that you can access people this easily is pretty phenomenal it will get in kind of the to the house in the second portion of the session OK So we have two sessions this is the first one in the second session will kind of do more the house I just want to kind of deal with the what's some of the moral background and so forth so some of you people may be asking the question this bears asking Yeah but isn't there lots of bad stuff on social media and the answer is yes there are bad things there for instance there's terrorist propaganda right ISIS gained a lot of followers on Twitter and I don't just mean. In the Twitter since like they gained a lot of people ideologically through social media there's violence to be found on social media cyber bullying this is no joke will close with this this is the safest picture I could use pornography are on. Facebook Live is showing all kinds of seedy things this particular image here is a few months ago some young people in Chicago kidnap someone who is mentally disabled and tortured this person to live on social media and embarrass them and as if people won't find you because it's coming through your we don't think of such things I guess anyway spiritual isn't just a bunch of kooky stuff and I don't just mean beyond say videos other stuff too. Now addiction and how social media shapes the brain I have three videos on this that I find to be enjoyable and humorous I hope you'll find the same but they make a good point the first was an eighteen T. commercial I found on the Facebook the other day. That every family. You never felt that inside like you know that you shouldn't answer your phone but at the same time like there's this prodding inside of me that you have to look at it it's probably because our brains are being rewired rewired and if you ever watch any Asap SCIENCE videos you never watch other stuff and You Tube It's OK if you have good I don't feel alone so here's one on social media five ways that social media is changing your brain right now. With social media sites being used by one third of the entire world clearly true outside. Your fund raising with social media. Hello are surprisingly five to ten percent of Internet users are actually able to enjoy the sun is that by the way it's a psychological addiction as opposed to a substance addiction brain scans of these people actually show a similar regions that those. Specifically those that are not radiation of what are in the regions that Colosimo processing attention and decision will be a bigger more variable Wired Your brain begins to require it so you decide. And you begin to break or just go up books I mean after huge trash sounds a little truck you know Association and looking at multitasking you might think that those who use social media or constantly switch between or both sides of. The story can be you just use it for much or just. Increase multitasking online reduces your great ability to filter out your answer and even in your car. On your phone because in the middle of a productive work or with a bit of Irish security is a relative but that's a quote where you think you both. Did. It was telling the neighbors that it has a lucid experience that at least once every two weeks it would seem to me that it was even natural that ration our own as crazy as it seems technology has been a dream our nervous system and our brains are being triggered in a way they never have before in history social media also trigger the release of the chemical using my stamp size as the rewards of visible brains are much more active when they're talking about their own views as opposed to listening to others so surprising we all talk about ourselves right but it turns out there is a forty percent of it to be conversations involved in our own lives just about eighty percent of social media communication is involved the Sea Org or a religious orgasms motivation as well or stimulated by our social media use and even more so when you know you. Are body is physiologically rewarding us for talking about those cells are mine. Aren't That last line should trouble you our bodies are physiologically rewarding ourselves for talking about ourselves online this is one of the reasons why we can't put the phone down and we keep looking to see if there's one of those red circles with a number in it. The last one is a guy who's pretty famous on Facebook on You Tube for using satire to make like a genuine point names J.P. Sears he's super kooky into this new age stuff but he has some really really good points and particularly on this one on so on the addiction to devices and once we get in this hole or cover some more stuff but I want to just last one. Is sure that this hundred fifty times this is horrible and I think you can do better I guess you know what all working I have to say. The Closer is. My mission the slightest sure that every man woman and child has a wife. I always have you with us. Always. You know my phone is in a role of being manacled there's a war and actually wasting money down you need to be hyper vigilant about what's going on in your field if there's something happening that you don't know about another people know something you suspect you don't know and that makes you a less significant curse and that France is against me because I are acting out and I want that thing and that thing out has to stop you need to have a well educated understanding of how bad things will get if your phone plans handling our family are what happens. I can't accept anything unless again I doubt that I had our paper out and I think I was I did the killing rush later because either there is a supposition into my phone. Going on here which is a good narrative for me or Elizabeth is a feeling that you don't want to experience or you're so you want to sit in your car here is what we do the singer is are going to church of the church and shoot out here which you're going to get and she's always going on here which is ideal I'm sorry to grow up that probably because you don't know your post is earth and it will serve. As a zoologist. Remember when you're mindlessly destroying your religion for something you care about all kings like you care about what a test is and understand that if you don't check it right away become irrelevant the person. Who simply point out. At this point during his ideal world should the belief that I. Was once I are going to occur really destroy your Dylan shark attacks and avoid getting lost in the Sea of your relatives. Are going up. When you're a coward or something wonderful it can bring you joy unless you hold your phone between you Lynn. One says you're so sure you can see other people seeing you see something wonderful and. You know you're right track when other people go on that you read what's going to go years even though you have no idea where you want to work and us just. How do you go live without you know other guys. According to this but you look at times are you going to stick with the guys. You're saying that they're all that. Crazy would be the first. Site to say that posting his first R R S throughout the day I. Have a saying. Is to invest I want you to just for safety reasons you always want a good actor every church but you would actually just go. You. Know they would because they would die so will happen to you if you're from green power some. Experience. And so do the phones is it all that. I know. There's a whole world inside. So even though he's using satire he's kind of grilling us in ways that like how many people are thinking like how does he know that I do that he's like I had zero that I'm actually that way so so important thoughts on this particular topic of addiction. One all addictive behavior is us attempting to numb our own pain all of it you're running to escape things as he was mentioning the video the things that you're wrestling with in here in in here we just got to get away from and so we run to something to get our minds off of those things that's what all addictive behavior comes from a root level so the question you need to ask then is what type of thoughts are my trying to be avoiding or what am I trying to. Void and have I brought that brokenness to Jesus or am I just looking to the attention of others to fill that void to make sense and I'm looking for acceptance and I'm looking for some type of attention from others to feel that loneliness that they can see that I'm continuing with some other thoughts is the cause that I'm radically committed to right it could be that we're really into politics or really into environmentalism really into you know church politics and those type of arguments are these things my sins of trying to find worse in doing something other than healing my own brokenness right sometimes you run to these causes to find that sense of being worth something and finding value because we're not finding it and just being who we are right we've got some some issues we're dealing with on the inside does running down so and so right current presidents past presidents church officials other people pop stars sports officials whoever does running so and so Della numb the pain and the insecurity that I feel do I feel better about myself when I say nasty things about so and so or so and so these are some just introspective questions is really helpful to ask particularly when you had that impulse to just run to social media well why am I writing here what am I looking to achieve. In that very context only he who has no power needs to control right people who are genuine leaders don't need to be controlling because they can take control of any given moment right it's the people who don't have control that have to manipulate other people and so they're helpful steps here one you choose when you look in respond to notifications that doesn't so when you hear that sound that doesn't actually mean that you have to stop everything that you're doing and check every individual message you could actually just check things in batches and it kind of changes the way that your brain operates right you no longer reactive your proactive changes the way that you work through things ask yourself a question and I ask myself this sometimes that. I think Doug mentioned this two nights ago about your mission. Like you walk into a room and then you you forget what you came into the room and see just kind of go back to the other room and hope that you remember why you went to like it when you find yourself on social media and you don't know why. Then leave like why am I here I don't know why I have many occasions where I'm looking for one thing like hey there's a video I need for this but this happened to me yesterday I need to find this particular video for my presentation and like an hour later I didn't even remember why I was on You Tube like I don't know how I got here I don't know how much time has passed and then events I remember what I needed that time gets wasted this way right just ask yourself a logical question why am I going to social media does it mean you don't use it but just kind of control how you use it I kind of tell people to treat like the post office right when you get enough mail you drive to the post office you drop it in the box and you get what your email is and you go home right the of Appeal box you don't have to had this constant access it's nice I guess for the flexibility of at having a device but you don't have to be there all the time right go there for a span and then leave for quite a while right choose your trips so much as it this way they tell you not to shop when you're hungry because you know buying a whole lot more stuff than you need to spend more time than you need to go there when you need something right or schedule times when you go there but don't just live and swim in that pool all day don't shop when you're hungry. So other helpful steps am I looking for affirmation and attention ask yourself the on this question Am I looking to receive am I looking to give. And take down time write one of the statistics was that I forget what the percentage was but for such and such a percentage of young people the first thing they look at in the morning is their social media feeds take time in the morning and in the evening to stay away from that stuff right you don't actually have to be on there and it's just helpful because it allows your brain to start the right way focus on the right things I have a great idea talk to Jesus first thing in the morning right that's one idea of many but when you go to bed let your mind so. Right these things affect the way that your brain operates and one of the ways that they compensated was they now have like night mode or whatever on your i Phone because it messes up your ability to be able to sleep so well we'll fix that we'll put on a filter on your phone so you can still look at this stuff the very last minute before you go to bed take time away from your device before you go to bed just to allow your brain to unwind right to process to do self reflection a lot of times we run to social media we're running there because we have free time we're bored what if you took that free time to just like stop to just think to just reflect to process the things you've had to go through that day that's what people used to do the problem is now we're so reactionary we never really get in front of the eight ball when it comes to why it's happening around us this is a good thing to do not just when you wake up and when you go to bed but just take some time reading away from him don't need it be honest with yourself if you realize that this thing is using you more than you're using it back away right you can delete the app you can do other things and it's just helpful to just back away for a while how many people have ever taken like a fast from social media and realize that your productivity went up while you're away compared to what you had when you're on there all the time right the difficulty is when you take time away. And you don't deal with the root issues what generally happens is you go right back in just as deep as you were before and you never really get ahead right so I recommend that when you take that time off ask the honest questions bring this before God and say God am I spending too much time here no notice I started this image are by saying that there's a lot of benefits that can be found by being able to reach people so I'm not saying avoid social media like the plague but I'm also telling you Don't assume that you can just do whatever you want and it's not going to affect you right science tells us otherwise and our experiences tell us otherwise now the definition of a selfie according to the dictionary I guess some urban dictionary is a picture to. Taken of a person by that person what I've developed a word in don't take this from me I want to patent this some day I call it selfie is this and it's basically that this process of taking pictures of ourselves of posting always about ourselves puts us in a position there we're always looking to advance our selves in the eyes of the people around us right it gives us this very inward gaze instead of recognizing that we're servants of the people around us right it actually rewires the way that your brain operates and the thing is like we come out of the womb selfish right any parents can vouch for that but it gets worse when we have things like this that feed it so I just find that appropriate balance that's all I'm saying not saying it's sin to get it to stay away from it like the plague that's not actually the point just tread cautiously I think there's a good lesson we can learn from the life of lot that was a lot of ills anyway a lesson that we can learn from the life of lot. Lot shows the plane of Sodom is where he wanted to live whenever Abraham said you choose if you go right left if you go left I'll go right so he chooses Vegas right they got a whole foods they got libraries I got an Apple store they got everything I could ever want I'm going there but the problem is the text says that the men of Saddam were exceedingly wicked in sinful against the Lord I very simple question for you today does this sound like a place that you want to be raising your children. They're not filming Sesame Street here right this is not the place you want to be living but this is what it says about Saddam now initially what was living in the plane outside of Saddam somehow he finds himself inside of Saddam and I think in this chapter fourteen Saddam is sacked by the people who are leading over them because they rebuild they get taken captive Abraham gets word of this gets them back they go back home and for a lot this was the warning shot right here get those backwards areas and you hear somebody fire off a weapon what they're telling you is are reloading and leave my property right that's the warning shot what got that he had no idea the Abraham was coming to save him and for all intents and purposes he assumes that he's a dead duck right I'm. A whole lot of trouble I shouldn't have been here but this happens with us sometimes in response to conviction that when things calm down we find ourselves right where we were before right that's why I mentioned think introspectively before going back in so in Genesis eighteen in one thousand finds himself inside of this actual city and when he's in the city angels are sent there to pull him out because the whole place is going down and he's arguing with them and telling the no no I can't make it I'm not going to live if you tell me to go or I'm going to go it's just not going to work God since angels from heaven and he argues with them saying that I'm going to die if I do what you tell me doesn't make a whole lot of sense but sin makes this kind of stupid and so in last situation he finally realizes the seriousness of the matter any runs in to go tells us sons of law he says you guys have to get out of here this place is so bad like so many awful vile things are happening here and you got to get in here right now but here's the problem. When he goes and tells and sons in law the text literally says that to his sons in law he seemed to be joking and here's why. You know you didn't seem to be this worried a week ago. And if this place really is all that bad why do you live here. The why are you raising your children here you know Stam lot is referred to in first or second Peter as a man of righteousness the problem is he was very comfortable around foolishness and that that internal since sitting that dual citizenship doesn't really help us right lots concession in his comfort kill his witnessing potential we the thing is locked in had this national Sunday last thing that he's trying to avoid thinking about in the world is get ready when we start to see the laws going in acted he didn't have that in his situation. But we do we think well when things get ugly then I'll get my act together then all leave and then I'll tell people on the come with me well according to the situation it doesn't really work that way right if you're living the. In life they are a week early or two weeks earlier it's going to make it very difficult to convince them that your view of morality is better than theirs and that they need to listen to you does that make sense and so in this situation it really failed lot in trying to get his sons in laws and daughters out of the city and I think there's some lessons for us to learn there if we're living a dual life on social media it's going to be very difficult to reach people because we say oh man I love Jesus and then we say oh and i love him in some ridiculous thing that we shouldn't be watching right or way be like why you know I'd never be caught dead doing fill in the blank. But I do watch it on Netflix right we have this dual citizenship where we we want to be committed to God but we're also really comfortable with worldly things it makes it very difficult to pull people out of the world here's why I say this consistency is one of the most important attributes of leadership it's one of the most important attributes of ministry because people are watching you you claim to be someone who follows Jesus but if you live a life that doesn't look in harmony at the way that people who follow Jesus should be they're not going to want to listen to you does that make sense well you'll never believe this the things you post on social media are public. Right and people stock folks on social media all the time. So you knock on somebody's door and say Hey man you are Bible studies sure and then they have your phone number they have your name and they go look on social media and then you get a phone call saying Hey I don't think I want Bible studies from you anymore. Because you're doing stuff that I don't. Like there's this inconsistency can really limit our ability to witness so a lot of your fur too is a righteous man but I didn't save his family once he presumptuously moved his whole life into Sodom So what's the solution then write I want to be this turn or burn guy that's not really the way I roll but this is what I would recommend how many people have heard of a phrase called Outpost center and never heard of an outpost in or so and I'll post in as basically. A missionary community outside of the city that provides education restoration and preparation for the work that happens in the city right this is the main idea and they have a center of influence in the city they've got a health food store right they've got a restaurant they've got something else and clothing stores or whatever. This is the mentality that I recommend people take who are Seventh Day Adventists mission minded christians use your social media as a form of like use the outposts that are mentality that you don't live there right. Yeah I'll leave this here you don't live in the city you live outside of the city there's a place that you can retreat to that you can regenerate your whole life isn't just immersed in devices and foolishness so you have access you go into the city you invest in people you build relationships no problem we're not saying that social media is the worst thing that's ever happened is actually quite good for the gospel if you use it appropriately that's the point how are you using it and is it using you that's the question you have to ask but build the relationships get to know people find what it is that makes their gears turn and then start communicating in ways that would resonate with them but in Christ centered you know a tent you know attractive ways so you establish a center influence inside of the city to win their trust in their friendship all with the goal of making intentional efforts to win their souls. We use this phrase a lot friendship evangelism and I think friendship evangelism is incredibly effective and helpful if it's actually friendship evangelism some of us think that I'm a Seventh Day Adventist and I'm friends with not amethysts and that's friendship evangelism that's friendship friendship evangelism is going the next step and finding ways to be intentional you don't berate them you don't blast them right you don't put tracks in their mailbox every day you walk by their house you find tactful reasonable hard winning ways to build relationships that make sense but you're intentionally looking for ways to invest in them spiritually and the things that you post ensue. They and do directly affect their receptivity to your gospel seed so it makes sense when Jesus used the parable of the different soils so God has not called us to live in social media but he has called us to influence people that are in social media and with social media in our stand the difference you don't live there your whole life isn't dependent upon it but you do have access you do use it in a mission a way. This is from the commentary on this very section of Genesis Chapter nineteen from from eternity past I think we should choose the society most favorable to our spiritual advancement and avail ourselves of every help within our reach for saving will oppose many hindrances to make our progress towards heaven as difficult as possible sometimes we have to kind of remind ourselves of there's actually a devil who's trying to ensnare us we just kind of get we get used to going through the motions we kind of forget the fact that we actually live on a battlefield so we should make decisions with that in mind we should choose the society that we most favorable for our growth we may be placed in trying positions for many cannot have their surroundings what they would but we should not voluntarily expose ourselves to influences that are unfavorable to the formation of Christian character choose wisely that's all right this is the beautiful thing on social media there's this feature particular in Facebook where you can and follow people you're still friends with them they can still see what you're posting but you no longer see those pictures right you no longer see those statements you can kind of limit that you can kind of choose how you're exposing yourself to this stuff and I like that. Now when duty calls us to these places we should be doubly watchful and prayerful that through the grace of Christ we may stand uncorrupted So if God is calling you to have this type of mission investment no problem but just make your decisions perfectly and carefully that's all. Now some counsel and things to avoid. If I had more time I would really go to tell him on this but I don't. But when we start getting kneedeep in politics in the church and out of. Church it causes a whole lot of problems will a whole lot of problems some people are so addicted to their own opinion on these matters that they're making everyone in their social media feed miserable because they have no self control they hate Trump they hate Obama they hate Ted Wilson they hate Dan Jackson right or whoever like they they just can't stand these people who don't think the way that they think well inside of the faith these are still brethren first of all right they're still brethren were even told to be praying for leadership in the country and in the church according to the first Timothy Chapter two because God desires all to be saved so we should be praying for these individuals right regardless of whether we grew them or not but this stuff is just so corrosive and poisonous I drink the red Kool-Aid for a while then I drink the blue Now I just have a stomach ache I'm done with all of them right choose wisely and how you spend your time I just don't get caught up in this it really hurts your witnessing potential really hurt your witnessing potential because of it I'm not going to listen because you're just a fill in the blank just causes problems now speaking on this topic of not being civil in the way that we communicate on social media this is something it was mentioned by L. A white in her day about how the brethren were communicating one with another and I find it fascinating and I wish I could plaster this on every single person's wall in this have and they have this church she says nothing frightens me more than to see the spirit of variance manifested by our brethren notice not worldlings not politicians are people we are on dangerous ground when we cannot meet together like Christians and courteously examine controverted points if you're so insecure in your political positions that you can't have a reasonable dialogue with someone who doesn't think like you you're probably not thinking for yourself first of all and to that isn't the way to communicate that's not communication it's closing off walls to communication but it gets gooder she says I feel like. Leaving from the place less I receive the mold of those who cannot candidly investigate the doctrines of the Bible how many people feel like that right you just want to pick up your laptop and third in the bathtub right through your phone in the toilet I can't stand watching this any longer and it has these waves it's annual Council again more this stuff always a general conference session more of this stuff oh it's November politicians more of this stuff this is what she says though those who cannot impartially examine the evidence is of a position that differs from theirs are not fit to teach in any department of God's cause. I love the L A White says this. I wish that more of our brethren read it and did it but here's the thing that makes it difficult when you're drinking the Kool-Aid of the conservatives or the liberals politically or within our own denomination what it does is it preprogramed your mine to communicate and to think in the context of us or them. And we don't really want to take someone else seriously about anything else because they're not one of us and this really limits dialogue this really limits us working together to finish the work hey do you remember that Jesus actually prayed that we would be one as he and the Father are one that's not going to happen whenever we'd rather defend our party lines in our party arguments than it takes only Biblical positions and learn how to communicate one with another to finish the work so it makes sense we should be civil human beings right some of our forums I won't list the names because this is going on audio verse and I want to be a good boy but there are there are websites in our church from the Conservatives and the liberals and some of our publications that I don't really have so much of a beef with the Articles like I know where people going to come from that's fine free press what I have a huge beef with is the comment sections. And the way in which we're communicating with our own brother in it is sinful and we should repent. The way in which we tear into each other work cannibals I don't know if you're aware of this but health reform actually advocates against flesh food and I searched guarantee you that humans are not clean meat we are not called to be cannibals we're supposed to be vegetarians we should not be engaging in this foolishness we're so ugly and un-Christ like in the way that we communicate with each other on social media and like social media is one thing but like the way that we do it on like ministry websites pulses or Romans two twenty four that the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you and he's speaking to the church what are some of the average is about Hey Google what are some of the obvious believe and they go to this website and they go to the comment section all this is what seventy having to serve out y'all can keep it I'll keep looking. It's a horrible witness guys keep those comments to yourself. Hand write a letter and send it to them right at least they can burn then like I just the other things are still public now the last topic I want to deal with is the topic of bullying and it so much coincides with this it's a form of theological bullying X. is what some of us do to each other but in the world it's really gnarly and I want to close of the story that's pretty heavy but I want you to first of the story about Ella white when she was a young child I think is around nine or ten I forget what a rage was she was bullied by somebody this girl kept pestering or and it was it those are rock at her when she turned around and hit her in the face cause are all kinds of health problems and a really limited her ability to function from that point forward is just a normal child listen to what she says and it sounds very much like what many young people are going through today who have been bullied and cyber bullied Listen to this. As I became able to join in play with my young friends I was forced to learn the bitter lesson that our personal appearance often makes a difference in the treatment we receive from our companions. And Whitely in the city young age. She continues it was the hardest struggle of my young life to yield to my feebleness and decide that I must leave my studies and give up the hope of gaining an education it radically stinted her educational pursuits she couldn't do it she physically couldn't handle it. Now the spirit of inspiration is not limited by your education Amen she was a great gift to this church in this movement but my point is it really wrecked the rest of her life I just want to say this because someone in our own church and I found of our church many years ago dealt with the same type of stuff that people go through what I like to share with you in closing is a story of a young woman who tragically into her own life but she had all of these signs that she was struggling in the needed help her name is Amanda Todd. Amanda Todd I think was in seventh grade whenever she was doing Web chats with people to kind of build friends which come be scary when you're a young person not supervised so she's doing Web chats she meets someone in this person encourages her to reveal her upper region to the webcam and she is know what to do and she eventually does it what she didn't know was that this person took a picture while this was happening or screenshot or whatever a year goes by and this person tracked her down on social media and messages her and says Hey. If you don't give me a show right now. I'm going to take those pictures and show them to everybody and then they listed these are your parents' names these are all your friends names this is where you go to school really creepy stuff. She doesn't know what to do but she ignores it Christmas break comes a little bit longer a few months go by Christmas break happens and at four am she's awakened by a knock at the door the front house it's the police the picture has been shared everywhere. Everyone has seen her classmates other people and it's just devastating for the. She says I can never get that photo back it's out there forever there are times when young people in moments of thoughtlessness were being pressed by someone to do something what you promise you won't tell anybody case after case after case after case these things never stay with one person NEVER it goes to their friends it goes to their friends it went to like seven different schools around where she lives not just her. Ruined her life people are making fun of her making her feel stupid she started with these heavy bouts of depression anxiety panic disorders really messed her up she eventually changed schools or went to a different place about a year later the guy finds her and does the same thing again he starts a Facebook profile with that particular picture as the profile pic and starts running all of her friends I guess you can see her and I don't know I haven't seen it but that's the way which is communicated seems to imply that they would know who it was and it just continues and continues and she eventually just is freaking out on the inside she's dealing with heavy heavy depression and. She goes to another place she was talking to a guy friend of hers and the guy's into up saying hey you know I like you and I'd like to hang out my girl friends at a talent come over well I think you know what happens and she gives herself away the guy ends up telling his girlfriend about it and then she gets this message that says One week later. Telling her get out of the school you need to get out of the school right now when is it happening is the girlfriend finds out and fifteen other people they surround her and she didn't want the guy to get in trouble she said it was her fault even though wasn't the guy's the one that really pressed her to make this decision then someone says just hit are already in the girlfriend hits or those on the ground starts hitting her multiple times she gets you know the people get pulled away they call the cops and her dad picks her up but she just laid in the ditch like she just got up and went to ditch and is laid down and she doesn't want to live anymore it's absolutely. Ruined her life and she's been bullied by this guy by other people everyone's laughing at her she doesn't want to live anymore she literally went home and drink bleach and said I can't do this anymore I just don't want to live anymore. Well they took her to the hospital able to save her life and what people ended up saying to her these same kids from this school is that she should try a different bleach next time and this time I hope she isn't so stupid. Now what I'm showing you are screenshots of a video she made four months before she ended her own life and she did one of those car videos where there are statements and then she pulls a card away his next statement and she tells this whole story of what she's going through just baring her heart to the world because she just longs to be loved she just longs to be accepted and all she's getting is bullying and a horrible treatment from people around her. And she ends up attempting suicide again she overdosed it didn't work she starts cutting she's hurting herself because she was she just wants to be in control she just want to find some way to get past what she's having to contend with and it's crippling this poor young girl. And when she gets to the close of the video she says I have nobody and I need someone in the west side that says My name is Amanda Todd. She's hurting she's alone and no one saw the warning signs for months later she in her own life. Young people are wrestling tenaciously with heavy heart issues and an address some of those in the next seminar in the next session but this is no joke and when you see warning signs like this you have to take action. There are so many stories in Internet of young people having stories just like this and the things that people say to each other on the Internet is absolutely awful and atrocious and sinful and this girl is gone. Amanda said I have nobody I need someone what she didn't know is that you're not alone and you do have someone. And his name is Jesus and I want you to listen to what Jesus was experience was like and how he could relate to this poor young girl. Jesus is experience and as a chapter fifty three we're told that there's nothing about his appearance that would draw us to him he was viewed as unattractive he was rejected according to Isaiah fifty three in verse three he felt alone in his grief and Isaiah fifty three in verse five he was physically wounded right when she was getting punched in the face Jesus has been punched in the face as if verse five and he was quiet about the abuse we're told in Isaiah fifty three in verse seven she felt she can't talk to anybody what's going on no one understands me the tech says he was quiet about the abuse he couldn't talk to anyone but it continues he was ridiculed and mocked in Psalm twenty two just like she was you know why so that she could have a perfectly sympathetic Savior who could listen to her who could understand her and heal her of her deepest heart wounds she did know this and so she ended her life not knowing there was another option. He was stripped naked and cried out to God to help some twenty two eighteen to twenty one he was not sexually violated but went through something very similar to be able to resonate with people like her who were hurt and went through hardship Thank you. He was tempted to harm and self in Matthew Chapter four right when she. Cutting when she's drinking bleach when she's taking pills to overdose she was trying to harm herself she was harming herself Jesus was tempted to do so but overcame but he can relate to that temptation he had to go through this for her sake he was betrayed by someone that he trusted Matthew twenty six forty to forty nine Judas she was betrayed by someone that she thought she could trust this this guy and other people that guy in the webcam too. He was tempted to numb his pain by drinking wine the whole point of the wine vinegar mix was to make your pain at least somewhat more bearable and Jesus refuse it but he was tempted to take it she went to alcohol into drugs to numb her pain she said after the first situation just to try to cope and get by Jesus was tempted to something very similar to relate to this precious young girl. And he was publicly exposed and shamed just like she was stripped naked horse it up on the cross for everyone in town to see. He would want that didn't ask for that but he went through something he could relate with Amanda. He knows what it's like to be shamed and exposed publicly. If you've been bullied or abused know that Christ went through this to be able to comfort you in ways that nobody else can. Jesus had to go through these things to resonate with you Hebrews Chapter two verses seventeen and eighteen he tells us this. Hebrews Chapter two. Verses seventeen and eighteen. Therefore in all things he had to be made like his brother him that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people for in that So in that he himself has suffered being tempted he is able to aid those who are tempted Amanda didn't know what was available to her. But you can and you can be THAT means of offering help to people that you see struggling on social media when you see these warning signs crying out to help no one cares about me I don't want to live anymore you can do something about this you can tell them about a savior they can relate you can plug them into Jesus. He was Chapter four says something very similar Hebrews Chapter four verses fourteen to sixteen Seeing then that we have a great high priest has passed through the heavens Jesus the Son of God Let us hold fast our confession this is not a time to be letting go of Jesus for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was an all points tempted as we are yet without sin and look at what Paul tells us to do next Knowing this lead us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need I assure you Jesus has what you need in those moments there's a place where L.-Y. was counseling someone who is sure that they couldn't be saved and she says Jesus says anyone who comes on to me I will know why is cast out and she goes on to say if you claim this promise you are as safe as the inside of the City of God. She says if that's all you have to offer Jesus but this one promise cling to that and you are safe if your life has been filled with failure. If you've been hurting other people if you've been bullying people theologically or otherwise through social media you can repent you can come to Jesus and you can find freedom if you've been abused you can find comfort in healing him in the cross of Christ was meant to achieve this if you see people who are being bullied do something about it. This is not OK Someone needs to shut down these comment sections and have this websites. Stop it like people are being bullied theologically and being made to feel like idiots for having different views whether the biblical or not you don't to communicate like heathens. We should not be communicating that when if you see stuff like this happening do something about it we're more willing to share are discussed over political or religious things but when we see things like this many times we sit on our hands saying people get hurt around us that's not OK. It's not we have to take action so is Social Media sin my answer is It depends what do you using it for are you using it is it using you are using it to bring people to look to you to follow you to be all about you are you finding ways to bring relationships into other people's lives to show them the why did Jesus now my saying that if you don't post a white quote some bible quotes every day that you should use social media no show people that the Adventist life is attractive desirable in reasonable. It's OK to post regular things about your life but don't make all this about you don't have ten thousand selfies and all that other stuff just be the balance in how you do it but here's my point. This is a phenomenal opportunity we have before us to reach billions of people. Just keep throwing stuff against the law until it sticks and we're going to have the next session but there's a humongous opportunity before us I fully believe the Apostle Paul his mouth would be watering if you saw that this many people were available this is the modern school of terror and this I'm fully convinced of this is where people are going to kill time and hear new ideas let's give them some good once. Right cat videos are humorous and great but let's give them some thought provoking dialogue writes. I may have some saved on my Facebook page but you'll never know because that's on my profile not yours right but the point is find ways to engage in thoughtful discussion look at what people are posting that are not Adventists in your sphere of influence what is it that makes them tick how can I find ways to connect those dots How can I build a friendship with that person will get and that's in that session by one of the close of this first that I don't want to sound like a legal list I don't make it sound like everything about social media is bad there's bad stuff there you don't there's bad stuff if you go on the mission field to the question is how are you going to manage yourself how are you going to manage your time what are you going to do with it and she says if God has called you to these places we should be doubly watchful and prayerful just be reasonable be thoughtful don't assume that I can is do whatever I want had no consequences we saw in the life of lot that's not true when you're trying to live a righteous life but you're comfortable around foolishness it murders your witnessing potential and to his sons in law he seemed to be joking that doesn't have to be your story you can actually get people out of the city if you start sowing those good seeds now and then you can use this as a means of calling people out of Babylon it's actually one of more important messages isn't it. Let's close the word of prayer God in heaven I just want to thank you for this opportunity to just reflect on basic principles of social media addiction brokenness bullying there's many more things that could be said but I just pray that you would allow this to make sense that wherever I've failed communicating the Lord that you would speak to the people's hearts they would remember what you want them to remember but above all else may we see this is a wonderful opportunity with risks yes but all life has that how do we manage it how do we surrender it to you and use it for your glory this is our plea to day of the Lord and we ask these things in Jesus name. Him in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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