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How to Start a Viral Infection

Dee Casper


Theres a lot of chatter about social media within the church. Some say its sin, others say theres nothing wrong with it. In this seminar we will attempt to strike a balanced and Scriptural approach in showing the benefits and dangers of social media in the realm of spirituality.


Dee Casper

Brand Evangelist, ARtv




  • October 21, 2017
    5:15 PM
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Father I thank you for this privilege to have this time with this group again and I was asked if you would bless us with just practical tips success stories and relevant information on how to just kind of start had to get out there had to try some things and we just need wisdom from above today and I ask for your guidance now in Christ Jesus name. Amen I had a fantastic question from a parent that just. Approached me that I don't have all my slides. So the question was like well when do I start my kids what do I do with my kids and end up exhibiting like absolutely zero self-control my recommendation this is the thing that makes it really difficult we live in a society now where kids have I fall into the age of like seven or eight maybe even younger than that and which I personally wouldn't agree with I would limit that I mean even people who work in Silicon Valley and Steve Jobs didn't let their kids anywhere near those devices for years. I don't have data I don't have a the say at the Lord on this my recommendation is to wait at least until they're in their teens right at least until like the mid to late teens personally Here's one of the reasons why and a very good reason why what this girl went through is case in point why having people get access to them whenever we don't know who they're communicating with and how stuff like this happens right people get kidnapped they get put into trafficking and slavery and other things because they don't think it's that big of a deal of this person doesn't seem like they're that mean their profile picture looks friendly we video chat and they seem like a friendly person and there's just too many variables that as a parent it's difficult to navigate through so I would recommend just for my own personal recommendation I'm not quoting science I'm not going to the bar was read a prophecy take it or leave it I would say mid to late teens Right like when they can drive or later Riteish so more in that age range and I know that isn't very palatable to here as a young person when there's ten year olds on Facebook but there's so much stuff going on there that they are not prepared to handle in their lobes right in the things are going on in their brain that it's far better to wait to introduce than to introduce and try to pull them away it's twice as hard and I've seen it time and time again with giving kids access to stuff and then trying to put away from them you get mutiny kids will leave their homes over stuff like this like the oldest runaway. So that would be my recommendation that's not an inspired statements argue with me after the fact but that would be my personal recommendation. We're going to go through some of the house now and I'll try to do some more research on this between now and you I see and you can listen to that recording then on that particular topic is I that something I need to deal with now how do we engage in social media in a safe responsible evangelistic way first question is one of my posting right like what should I post how should I post what here's my overall recommendation when it comes to the approach to social media seek to grow relationships and friendships by connecting with people but not girl love and the tolerance for the things that ensnared them right this is kind of that lot scenario can I find a way to live a right to slice but not be comfortable around the things that I know I should be comfortable around and we each individually need to lay those things before the Lord as to how to invest and how to go forward but this is the objective right now do your homework Who is it in your friend for you what I recommend that you do right now will not right now some talking but afterward sometime today is to go to the friends sections of your social media outlets and just do an inventory Avenue just none have been to not Christian at all from what you know right some people you may not know because they are a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend but somehow they want to be your friend and just kind of get an inventory for who is it that sees the stuff that I post my French on braces mention something about this the other day that sometimes I think is advantageous we get a little insular and we forget that there is not an Adventist reading our posts now I'm not saying that you abandon your view of truth or so forth don't misunderstand me my point is they may have no idea what you're talking about I'll give an example my mom is not and haven't missed but my mom is open and I took her with me to stand for Gap today because I have time to go to South Bay and Clifford Goldstein was preaching and I asked her what you think of the message and she said I have no idea what that guy was talking about like I couldn't follow him. For some people it's easier to follow cliff reading than it is in a message if you have no context right she's not a stab a Tarion. She's not an ab initio not a scientist so it's something that she just couldn't fully understand so if a lot of what you're posting is soley spitter prophecy quotes or other things that people can't understand Keep in mind that there is people I have access to that I can influence that may not get what I'm talking about right now how can I explain this in a way that doesn't downplay or watered down truth but I can can text realize it to these people does it make sense right is just like going into the mission field I can't say things a certain way around these folks because they don't know what that word means right when I have to do week a prayer at a grade school I talk differently than I do at academies or colleges because the understanding is different well we have been given an enormous amount of light as a movement not everyone that we're speaking to or posting to understand that so it's just something to think about do your homework who what and who are you trying to reach you've got to research these people what is it they're thinking what is it that they're talking about how can I find ways to to come to get them to think Right I'm going to saying like what I post John three sixteen the whole world to be converted tomorrow but what are ways that I can kind of context realize when need to share with them what is it that gets their gears turning what is this I'll give you a great example I was on an airplane flying out to speak at a youth retreat in Northern California ans the guy sitting next to me is a religious person he lives with his girlfriend and but we were talking and like he's frustrated by liberals and conservatives he's frustrated by both of them he feels like we're being a little too narrow minded in a sense of if you're not one of us You're one of them which means that we can't have civil discourse right and we do that in the church too you're one of them I one of these we don't play in the sandbox together and when we do it leads to the death of Jesus at least with affairs he's in Sadducees right how can we have discourse that's helpful and reasonable so I'm talking with this guy and I said hey you know I'm a Christian but I actually believe that the things that we do. On this earth. Directly impact the world that we're living in right when we're selfishly pillaging our natural resources it's causing difficulty in this planet I'm a Christian and I don't believe the way the other Christians are treating Muslims is acceptable whether we agree with them or disagree with them right and there's really good explanation to begin for a lot of that the point is if we just cast off an entire people group as like the worst thing that's ever happened to the planet. Well who's going to tell these folks about Jesus with that mentality right you've got to find some way to build bridges and have conversations Seventh-Day Adventists have amazing opportunities to witness to Muslims because we don't eat pork. We shouldn't be drinking I would say we don't but we shouldn't. Just happens. We believe in modesty right there are things that we have in common they actually believe in the second coming of Jesus right there's things that we have that we can build bridges with with these individuals so I was able to share things with him they're like Hey I'm actually really health conscious I think the stuff I put in my body matters I don't just eat whatever I want and it was so awesome to have a dialogue with this guy who was in the Seventh Day Adventists who wasn't even a religious person who we could have a really good conversation together because we saw eye to eye on issues so if you see that someone's really into health right there into like New Age veganism Well guess what you've got some bridges you can work with why not post some articles on health and maybe start showing the link between health and spirituality right show that the Bible actually teaches these principles are being taught by New Agers there's ways in which you can build bridges that make sense but you got to find out who you're talking to who are you trying to reach and then use a broad broad brush if you will when you're posting think about what you are saying and how the people who follow you or are friends with you would respond right and again sometimes you have to say what's got to be said but be tactful right sometimes people said I told him the truth did you give your name first her hates did you so much your friend Jesus does give them the goods Here's a thing about social media content. It is King most of the viral videos on social media are not cinematically produced and I work for media ministry who's trying to create cinematically produce stuff use what you have right you can post text you can post pictures. You can do pictures with text over them inspirational things but if there's a good friend of mine we'll cover him in a moment his name is Jasper he's Filipino and he was an associate pastor in Jakarta Indonesia. Went to Africa Philippines to Africa and Asia and he's actually doing similar with me too I see later this year but Jasper wanted to get into filmmaking but isn't have a lot of money and the way which some filmmakers talk it's all about the gear you got to have the nicest stuff and you can make anything with that trash there's kind of this gear snobbery that takes place where the problem is that discourages people from doing something because I can't do anything until I have X. acquittance and it is of discouraging people from finding that they had gifts that they could develop and grow and then they can get better gear as they go so Jasper think Lee was encouraged in mentor by people who said hey don't worry about that stuff use what you've got so what if you start with a phone in a Go Pro and one of the mounts on the Go Pro fits perfectly over this Ikea kitchen timer so he started doing time lapses of like sunrise and sunset with a Go Pro on top of the kitchen timer and just let it go he started with that and then when he got some money he was able to get some form of D.S.L. or and started filming things but he was holding his craft with what he had right godliness with contentment is great again he use what Jesus gave him he threw his staff on the ground and did what he could so use whatever you have and again a lot of the videos that go viral like Charlie bit my finger was a cell phone video it just blew it up right so there's ways that you can still get traction. There is a famous You Tube or his name is Casey Neistat who's kind of the golden boy of You Tube and this guy he said The best advice he ever got. It's when it came to You Tube was three words from Roman That would just keep uploading just keep getting content out there and as you do it you get better you find out what worked and what didn't and you're going to have to do some kind of assessments I made these posts it went well with these people these people didn't respond right and just kind of start calculating and recalibrating as you go there's kind of a science to it it's kind of hard to really pin down but that's why I recommend just keep getting content out there and see what you can do post things that are relevant to young people and what they wrestle with right social media is full of young people and our movement is grappling to land the airplane in their living rooms we're really wrestling to find ways to get them in and get them involved and there's stuff that's killing them on social media how do we get them involved so I've been to twenty two academies around North America and what I have here are some questions as I get in Q. and A sessions with young people around the country are actually developing a program for three B.N. called Rock questions really answers doing this very thing taking heavy questions from young people and giving them Christ centered answers were to use social media in other platforms and three B.N. but I just want to give you kind of a I may not read all of these but these are like the heaviest ones I just want to kind of give you a synopsis of what I'm finding is the mentality of what's going to the heart and mind of many of our youth and these are Seventh Day Adventists young people these are coming from other churches these are our young people. Help me please understand where God is when I'm crying and alone and when I'm ready to take my own life because I've been on this road so long and it's awful the path to Heaven is a fiery Hill this is the pastor's kid by the way I don't understand the meaning of my life I feel alone God doesn't give any evidence that he's there I know we hates me because he's never seemed to care why am I such a failure I gave up such a long time ago when Will God become real in my life these are questions that are going through the minds of young people in our own movement. If I can enjoy Christianity here on earth where I should need it the most how can I live in heaven for eternity it makes me just want to have as much fun as possible till I die and then burn it off and Hill Christianity is just a set of do's and don'ts now I don't endorse these statements obviously these kids are wrestling with some serious hard issues but these are the questions are coming up in their own hearts and minds and they're not finding platforms to address these directly in a way that speaks to them so they feel that they're suffering alone they feel just like Amanda did I'm alone and no one is here not knowing that there is a treasure trove of information just around them but we don't recognize the wrestling with these things and we don't know how to can text or why is it to them I want to go to heaven but I feel like I'll never be good enough or be able to follow all the Christian standards and I don't even know if I want to I'm tired of people trying to force in tell me what I can or can't do and dress like etc and I'm tired of not having any control of things I want to do I feel like God's too controlling even though I realize it might just be people making him out to be that way but then I think well they're definitely spiritual So maybe they're right and then I realize a never going to be able to give or want to give these things up I'm afraid to read the Bible because I'm scared of what it will tell me this person is wrestling with actually coming to a full surrender to God and largely because their picture of God is negative and unhealthy. I know I'm going to hell and I'm starting to accept that I know God is a loving God wants what's best for me what should I do I don't feel like I'm ready to follow God in all his rules I just want to live while I'm young what we do find is whenever people get overregulated in overcontrolled it leads to the French Revolution it leads to absolute wholesale rebellion and a white mentions a lot of times particular topic of education and the raising of our children this cut this thing called self governance not leaving them to sow their wild oats but we're actually training them to think we're training them to think for themselves and to make intelligent decisions in a safe environment so that when they leave us they know what to do but if we're not letting them make decisions because we want to protect them from all the evil the world the problem is they've only been taught to a bay to stay out of trouble and this is where it gets really scary if they're only obeying to stay out of trouble what do you do when an image is erected to the beast on the planet Dura we're literally preparing our kids for slaughter in the day of crisis because we never taught them to think for themselves they were just taught to obey and what do you do when the state speaks louder than a present truth preacher so we have to teach these people to think to resonate to read to actually reason through things and to show them healthy pictures of God God isn't controlling God X. is going to honor your choice over here is. We have to enable these young people to see this we need to be developing content that addresses issues like this we need to be posting things that get them to think. I feel so alone God the faceless being seems to have favorites he for sure doesn't like mean he has shown himself in many ways to other people yet not to me does God care. I had a friend who was raised in a family that seemed to me were forcing religion and good grades in school while my friend did good in school and knows the Bible more than the average kid is age six years later he's now twenty years old using drugs very sexually active and has attempted suicide on a number of occasions and their point was I don't know how to reach this person their parents think that I can but they can't. How do I know that God exists whenever I ask him to help me he's never there like I've lived the Christian life did all the court unquote right things it is just not there for me it's like praying to a wall I'm not willing to give up anything for God How could I be willing to want to want to be willing to love him especially how can eleven have to be willing to die for him they'd understand what God expects but they don't understand how to get there this is something I see quite regularly is they think God wants obedience but God's wanting me to do the obedience myself and I tried it and I failed so there's only one of two options I can come up with him I'm a loser and might as well quit or to God is unreasonable and isn't worth following I see this continually young people are wrestling tenaciously with can I actually be saved is God actually love and accept me assurances sell the i literally spend more time convincing young people that they can be saved than anything it's not because I feel a thing I want to talk about is because it's so prevalent three B.N. is getting alarming amount of phone calls in their pastoral department from Seventh Day Adventists adults and pastors who have no assurance of salvation. And they're getting an equally alarming amount of phone calls from Seventh Avenue us adults and pastors who are sure that they're safe because of what they do so why do you think our kids are wrestling with an old healthy picture of God. These are the parents and grandparents of our children we have the situation going on in our movement that we have such phenomenal answers if you read the conflict of the ages series it's one of the most beautiful pictures of god given to humanity but somehow that connection from this picture of God let alone scripture obviously somehow that picture of God is not making its way in here and there's a really good reason and Revelation twelve he's referred to as the accuser of the brethren. Who accuses us before God day and night and by accusing us before God is accusing God. We have to have healthier pictures of God It's actually one of our hermeneutical lenses it's one of the things that leads me to interpret scripture rightly is my view of God and if I think God is a monster looking to get me to look at texts that reaffirm my view of God I'm going to view them that way again or standing so we need to make sure that one of the topics we need to be addressing in social media I think a big one is the heart issues stuff sexuality depression emotional and psychological health assurance of salvation how does the process of salvation work how can I actually keep the Law of God like these young people are wrestling in the obvious are adults are wrestling to we've got to find ways to address this so those are just some examples of questions that young people are asking but I see them everywhere guys conference schools self-supporting schools it's the same I mean some schools have more issues than others as far as the questions of getting But the point is this issue is not discriminating between self-supporting schools and conference schools it isn't and when I preach at universities I'm finding the same thing and when they hear pictures of god they're healthy it's like bomb from heaven to them they could not believe that God was that much better than they thought he would be. So this is one of things I think we need to be pretty Now obviously we have a very peculiar and unique message we can't just do one or the other my recommendation is that we do both and that we can text allies are unique message in the cross of Christ. And I think we can find traction that way now some examples I mentioned my friend Jasper I'm just kind of doing like some screenshots or you can find these people on Facebook or other places just started with what he had and he just kept growing and he got better equipment over time when he would get new equipment he would donate it to missionaries in the Philippines and then he just keep doing this but Jasper has a really good knack at posting stuff that gets a lot of response he has views in the millions I think it's got like two to three million views he made a video call his a You Tube channel called Tell Them ministry all one word tell them ministry most of us stuff is on Facebook now his older stuff is there and he has this video called El Nido El Nido It's a place in the Philippines it's absolutely gorgeous and he posed this video he did a lot of drone footage was just drone footage like a phantom three series maybe phantom three Pro drone he edits it it looks fantastic and he got over a million views on Facebook this Filipino kid is an associate pastor who just did this for fun in the Philippines got a really and views he gets a contacted by Philippines Airlines and they say hey we want to pay you to do work for us. He's posted other things he was contacted by the Miss Universe pageant a year ago and so we want you to do the aerial video for a pageant and he says I want to go to the event at the university why See I can help you and he did make it to you I see but he turned it down a colorist from Marvel Studios which is like. X. min and Spider-Man and Marvel's like a comic book brand but they also have movies now in Thor another step I think a colorist someone who does color grading for Marvel Studios contacted Jasper and said I think your stuff is really good you have a lot of potential I want to give you free lessons weekly just so you can keep growing your gifts this guy's not an ad in this right but he's reaching out Jasper has what he did at the end of that video was either put a quote from Ella white or scripture I forget which and Philippines Airlines post that video because it's all. So and yet Scriptures at the end of the video were you know I think it's I think it's actually a white coat and he did multiple videos like that and got a lot of traction and so he's found traction by just getting beautiful content out there people notice they share they share they share a lot his of his nature photography things have beautiful places nature was doing more people stuff to their way that's one example that I've seen of people he's had people literally contact him on You Tube and other places saying hey we'll give me bible studies. Out of the blue what do you think he said You betcha. There is a resource from someone who is way smarter than I am this girl's an absolute rocket scientists when it comes to this stuff and I'm so glad the church hired her she worked for the North American division Her name is Jamie Jima Schneider Dom now she has a Facebook page where they're creating a ton of resources and a website to know how to do a targeting campaign how can because this is something that social media is really good for but most of our churches don't know how to do it so we have this event we have an evangelistic series and we want people the surrounding community to know that this exists but we don't know how to use Facebook to do targeted ads well she's developing resources to teach us how to do that in fact she's doing is she's doing the seminar with me and you I see two on that very topic I think Thursday afternoon so it'll be an audio verse if you can't go there which is going to teach how to do the whole process of a campaign targeting advertising everything but the making great great resources there's a blog posts that's the Facebook page the website is S.T.A. data dot org I'm pretty sure that's right S.T.A. data dot org. There's a guy is name is justin i always forget to pronounce his last name so I'm sorry just in his cage oh is that coup or CO KU I thought it was cute as a look like that so I'd almost insane anyway he started a You Tube channel just blogging doing Christian topics and when I was on an evangelism think tank with him in the spring of two thousand and sixteen he only had I think it was just under a thousand. Subscribers at that stage and he was trying to find ways to grow that well today he has thirty nine thousand three hundred thirty eight subscribers he's gaining traction none Adventist Christians are recommending his channels for is top Christian blogs to look at so he's finding ways to get different information out there like he did he did a video on our best pathways to health events said this is what my church does where there was a great outreach because I think with the best things our church has done and it's just phenomenal what they're doing another ministry is doing a pretty awesome work is lineage journey how many people seen in these videos on Avenue or on church history they're filming season two right now of Adventist Church history that's going to the second season every Wednesday the release videos the one this week was amazing a bunch of low light footage really really well done but what they're doing since this is the five hundred year anniversary of the present Reformation they're creating a bunch of videos are like five to six minutes Adam Rand in this kind of giving the historical background it condenses stuff down to be short and interesting but they're beautifully impeccably filmed and edited right they're doing stuff with excellence which gets people's attention and now I think they're averaging about fourteen to fifteen thousand views per video that they post to Facebook here's a side point for whatever reason videos get more traction on Facebook if you upload them directly to Facebook then link them to a youtube link I don't know why I don't understand all the ins and outs but they get more views and more traction that way upload them directly there and upload them to youtube upload them twice and actually get a better traction but you can find them they've got You Tube Twitter Instagram Facebook lineage journey great project. Another issue done by the in a D. and the something education something something I forget the obvious learning center. They've started a series in Jamie Jean Schneider's been working with them to kind of track the results there's been getting some decent traction to the I believe by will project they've got these videos. They're supposed to be thought provoking dealing with issues that are relevant to young people love this is editing more than filming but they're getting some traction. You can find them on Facebook. There's also other pretty awesome things that happen it's one of the ways it kind of unites brethren and supporting each other right to a limb and had need needed an emergency heart surgery and was able to raise a whole lot of money that way to help cover his expenses Lisa write the vandals and B.P. for G Y C also had to have a surgery that people receive were able to do like what they call those crowd funding or source funding sites and. Getting cancer treatment there are many other examples but you can also waken people to other folks' needs through social media right they may not be able to do this but they could give right they can pray and they can give it's a great platform to open people's eyes so if we don't overuse this right like. I need gas money right I would recommend opening it a Go Fund Me account for gas money but what I'm finding is that when you get content out there on the Internet people find it right it may not be a large amount of people I had no idea how much impact audio verse had until I had stuff on audio verse and I'm telling you it's amazing I just got an e-mail from someone in Asia two weeks ago who said I used to be you know a leader in my church I was running a wise and you know I was just on fire for God but then I got this job that I have to work on the Sabbath to get insurance I've fallen away from God I don't know how to be saved I don't know what to do please help me someone in Asia I don't know them I've never met them may never meet them but because they'd heard something I shared an audio verse they private message me on Facebook and said Can you please help me now granted what I'm doing may be different than what you do right as far as public speaking having more access but content still gets in people's hands right and I actually had I have not had to make a car payment since May because of a sermon I put on audio verse and I was talking to high school kids about an issue we'd gone through at work finances were really tight things. Going on I was just proving a point to the young people that God hears when we're in desperate situations and that God cares that was only the point I made the difference in the text of the perfect time to show me God heard my prayer and I got a message on Facebook like a week after a bit on audio verse and as some of it I had met at one of our universities they've missed me before and so the messages have been a blessing thanks so much and I heard your message and you've been a blessing to me I want to be a blessing to you how much is your car payment to pay your car payment this month and I thought OK so I gave the information in eight days later I'm telling this story to a friend of mine first of all how I got the car which is a told a miracle and then as I'm telling in the store I say in this other guy message me today and while I'm talking them I message that guy back he says Do you have a Pay Pal Now I'm thinking like I don't know do I I don't know what you're about I don't know if this is you know some shenanigans or what but he'd message me before so I thought I was a real person I assumed it was it was and I said well for me or for the ministry just kind of vet the situation he says for you and how much is your car payment I want help tell him to be kidding me like I just I'm telling the story to my friends and this happens again so I tell him how much the car payment is and these sins me three car payments plus a tide as in telling the story you know it's like three forty I think it's me forty one is the car payment and what I get from this guy is like eleven hundred something dollars and I thought what. Was this a typo and C. says I sent three car payments plus the ties. I didn't ask for it the same guy like a month and a half ago gave me two more car payments I want to make a hard payment till November now it doesn't always work this way don't get your hopes up I didn't ask for it it just came out of nowhere but when you go into Mission work God provides us the point and I use the car for ministry I go all over the country but I've had people message me do things like this because either stuff that's posted or stuff will be messages or other posts it resonates with them and this is one of the beautiful things about social media it's not just you posting stuff there's also a side where they can have a private conversation and it may be the safe place for them to think if they're going to put on your wall Hey I don't know Jesus and I need help right I'm struggling with depression and I need counseling for this or counseling for that but these offer venues for people to have a safe place to receive answers because what you're posting resonates with them what you're saying seems to resonate with them so that makes sense now my recommendation is to just keep throwing stuff at the wall until something sticks I know that doesn't sound all that exciting but we. Is it church or are just getting to a point we're kind of getting our bearings and finding what's working right we don't have a lot of like To my understanding which is limited we don't have a lot of people who are just absolutely killing it right they preach the absence message of perfect fidelity they don't water it down and they're getting like fifty thousand baptisms from their Facebook page and I don't know of anything like that but the amount of and even people getting millions of subscribers we're not quite there right if you look at the world churches page and go look at different ministries we're not quite there but people are recognizing the need and I praise God I fully believe and I've told me this she's a friend but I told her I think that what God is doing with you at the in a D. has prophetic significance because we have this platform but we just don't know what to do with it and we don't have people that are that deeply knowledged in its working with the church to help the church succeed and God is doing something about that things are changing and I see the church starting to get traction and that's really good news pray for your church pray for your church leadership pray for our evangelistic efforts I know that quite Nelson just did his hope trending series and they may try some different things by using social media by having people be able to chat be available right away when the message ended doing more of a TED talk format than discussions and so forth we're just going to keep trying stuff to see if we get things to stick now as long as we stick within principle I'm fine with that but if we start abandoning principle to get people to like us that's always an early road I don't recommend that right stick to principle God will take care of you but again just keep uploading keep doing the work keep trying you will find what resonates with people in your sphere of influence and find ways to keep growing and that makes sense and the stuff resonates with them they're going to start sharing what you're posting and then their friends will see what you're doing so that makes sense. Focus on building relationships with discipleship is not just changing someone's philosophical views that's not discipleship and evangelism shouldn't just be that we have a message that is different to what people may be occurring. We believing but we shouldn't just be convincing them to believe something else we need to be laboring for their hearts the only way that we're going to get these types of questions added people is by dealing with hard issues. And when you deal with heart issues they want to talk and I've seen this all around this country and here's the thing when I preach on the hard issues when I'm focusing a message to young people you'll never believe it I'm getting messages from Seventh Day Adventists adults who are finding assurance of salvation it's relevant to both but we've got to deal with the hard issues. The older generation is receiving just as much as a blessing as a younger generation it's interesting how you can actually do both generally when you deal with this type of stuff and I'm getting heavy questions from people so focused on building relationships that takes time don't assume that I post one verse and people going to get baptized praise God If that happens but build relationships get to know them right reach out to them and say hey you know I see that you do this what's that like do you like what you do with your family like right Bill in the same way that you would build a relationship in person you can build relationships that way. Be consistent Don't be like Lot don't try to live a righteous life will be uncomfortable around foolishness right when we have this dissonance in our posts in our feeds people don't know what to do with that it's more difficult for them to take you seriously when you try to be spiritual to make sense so that's that's something else to keep in mind. This is not the most profound statement you've ever heard in your life but it's still true. God can do something with something but he can't do anything with nothing. Right God cannot use the sermon you didn't preach to when people God cannot use the Bible study you never gave to reach someone God can never use the post that you never did to reach somebody try something if you don't get any traction try something else the point is you have access to people that I don't have access to people and there's a reason for that there. There. Wrestle with Jesus get on your needs put your face in the rug if you have to and ask God I see that I have a precious opportunity before me but I don't know what to do with it I see that this is important I see that something needs to happen you know how do I use it and I believe if you take that step of faith God is going to give you insights then start paying attention to the people around you and what you'll begin to see is God going to start showing you what's going on in people's hearts and minds I guarantee you this happens all the time in ministry when you start asking what do you want from me you start paying more attention to the people around you what's going on in their life Wait a minute this person's wrestling with such and such it comes out in your discussion hey I need to find a way to deal with this issue with them right to build that friendship to build that dialogue so I wanted to a lot a little bit of time here just to be able to have some form of maybe questions if I don't have answers tell you I don't know talk to Jamie or someone else but if I don't have answers I can get in contact with people who do or I will find out and get back with you but as I want to give some type of open forum for you to be able to ask questions to maybe see this is resonating but has this been practical and helpful yes or no are we are we getting anywhere with this or is this sound like too vague because I need to continue to. Improve this. Jasper. Jasper I've been a teary a go I T U R I agee a. His name and Facebook. You will find some pretty amazing stuff too like if you just type names in the Facebook boards like the new Google and you can find out everything. Yet Jasper I've been to three ago and. You are I agee A and his You Tube channel is tell them ministry but it has everything from like when he first started in till like a year ago everything else has been on Facebook so he's done some division of videos for Taj apocalypse you see in those he's filming season he was part of Lenny is journey's filming season two himself with his journey the way he he has these gorgeous photos like this picture here is something he took. While hiking he wakes up really early and takes amazing sunrise photos and other things. Yes he's got a lot of traction and again people that aren't religious have a lot of respect for this kid and what he's doing which is good use that influence whatever you got right if you're good at it like Anthony is Anthony Bosman. In Michigan says Person name Anthony. I think it is anyway he's like this really smart mathematician guy he teaches he's like an assistant professor at Andrews so you post a stuff about math that makes no sense to me but I'm sure it makes sense to other people people like it right use whatever context you have if you're bilingual post bilingual things. The resources again that I mentioned S.T.A. data org or their Facebook pages at did evangelism D.-I G.-I evangelism. As far as a couple the resources to follow up on your question any of the questions about social media how to get involved. Moral questions other questions yeah I lost him. There was. A box but it was all right so what it was is. It was going to was really really really it was very systematic it's a. Little It's only moments I really used but yeah I could yeah you like. One of those. People like it's. Like must like you but you know yeah this was the. Little one of them well is it Mark Cox. With a mustache for starters and yeah. Yeah. That was. Was. Oh. Yeah. You know. Right bed. Yeah. Yeah content is king yet content is king and you just see what you can do Sebastian like every Monday he's doing Facebook Live Bible studies right He's now C.E.O. the new life challenges the health ministry so they're getting interest from people who aren't administering those people I mean Chris Hutchins blown it up to right he was using periscope the forerunner he was getting a lot of traction doing different things and the Light Studios are starting to do some different stuff and not just doing documentaries I just ran at a time to finish my presentation as much as I'd like to do this because I've been traveling so much for today but for a time of slides for them but little white studios like they're doing this video Bible study series where they're asking us to give a Bible study in five minutes or less which is hard by the way but it's rewarding when you get it right but they started that they're also doing this talk program it's called Small Talk Greg Wilson started it himself and then I was kind of incorporated into little light they got this awesome looking set Scotty does the most amazing things with the set design what you see little eye studios doing is in Scotty's basement right and it just looks amazing and it doesn't cost a lot of money he goes to Home Depot he builds the stuff himself the chairs and Small Talk's Scotty built himself by watching the youtube video I think he even dyed the fabric for the seat cushions right he did all the work himself and stuff themselves and sewed them so there's there's ways a which other ministries are getting traction they're trying different things if it looks better it's going to hold people's attention better than something that doesn't right you want to. Something that's appealing and engaging but if that's all you've got that's all you can do God can still use it right people still pay attention Mark Fox is another one forever free is his ministry name is actually the uncle of mine my former boss one of the founders of N C Media Group and he addresses current topics right he deals with Bible study issues and gets a whole lot of views there's also a guy he is in the South Africa Namibia area His name is NEVER WILL NEVER Ling and they started doing Bible studies and full of Angelus experience through whatsapp through a chat group and there are bad people with this they're blowing it up because it stays the recording stays within the file and he literally has gone to so much work that he had every single thing that he says are actually three minute soundbites that he intentionally presents in a way that will keep people's attention has like a beginning a middle and an end and he does a full sermon that way how he has the patience to do that I don't know but they're having great results they're going to start doing English any time now he actually was just speaking to the North American division of the G.C. I think about what he's doing in the G.C. and pretty phenomenal what they're achieving their bad ties in people in there even having church services this way where people can participate to vent you plug them in because where they are is a pretty you know spread out area it's not like you can go door to door in that place without having like a vehicle is just a big distances between one property and another but just like who would have thought of using whatsapp to give an evangelistic series but God had given him a series of experiences that just primed him for this he was invited to speak at some place because he met somebody at some other location they said you should bring this guy he goes he meets someone is doing something like this in Asia I think somewhere something similar he takes it and uses his background in radio and other things to make it even better and they're having great results this is what I mean like that the possibilities are limitless The point is the Internet is giving you access to people all over the world laid this thing before God and ask him. How can I use this for you you may not have wisdom to guess what he does but he needs someone who is willing someone who's willing to make a fool themself in front of a camera at least try right do something God can do something with something he can't do anything with nothing so if you give him what you do have he can bless it any other questions. Yeah right sometimes or some of the social media sites you see. Use there are there are some. That have three hundred users Yeah it hasn't really exploded What are some of the secrets of getting your message out there. Connecting it with other people so that it has as much exposure is possible and makes those what what are some of the ways you can do that I was talking to a guy at a aside this last year he actually works for work. For Google OK so a condo in so we were talking about some of these things but. He was working background so he didn't have too much information I was just wondering because sometimes you have. Just a few views Yeah there's others that have. Twenty million or so yeah it connection is key like you getting access to people who have access to people who have access to people's What causes these things to blow up but it's got to resonate with the first person and even though the content you know maybe scripturally sound and inspiring to an Adventist there may just be something about the way that's presented the personality the person there's a lot of variables one of the things I like that Jamie addresses in our presentations is analytics you actually see what demographics watch this what age were they did they watch it on their phone on their smart T.V. or on their computer and you can start to discuss try to based upon the analytics at hand figure out what is it about this that resonated with people and find people who are doing something similar and having success and try something similar right this is a lot of what happens is you say well what are the best. Actresses and you try implementing this if you can within principle or if you're doing ridiculous stuff we're not going to do that but there's a rather in-depth science to it that we're still trying to figure out ourselves what I am finding is dealing with heart issues gets traction it does get traction and because it we feel like there's this dearth of access to content like this so fine it doesn't have to be the most cinematically beautiful thing but we're working on that we as a minister and are beginning a process of filming some devotionals to try to deal with what I just did one in the desert of California called Bad Religion and making the point that God is not responsible for the harm caused to you by religious people just kind of separating God from what those people did to you and other topics that we're working on too that I think we need to have the courage to step out in some of these areas and address that because I believe Adventism has the best answers available like we have the Spirit of Prophecy and scripture. We have phenomena resources at our disposal and we for whatever reason seem to have committed the same sin of Kellog a lot of times that we separate emotional and psychological health from the health message and so just eat right you'll be right the problem is there's a lot of baggage in would it is that people are contending with which mind here in ministry of healing we have two full volumes of mind character and personality dealing with a lot of these issues whether we're in the Gospel the story of how Alijah was dealt with in the midst of his depression how God viewed him we have a treasure trove of info that we may not quote L.-A Y. in this we're going to do in our devotional I'm not going to quote a white but I will give some of those perspectives to people in the videos find ways you can text your life to the people you're wanting to reach and you just going to find it by doing this didn't work let's try something different and you just keep going the people who go viral don't go viral immediately unless it's just something ridiculous like Charlie bit my finger like that same person is going to top that again it's just lightning struck you know but analytics are helpful to know who's watching what they're doing. Find people who are doing something similar to what you want to do and how are they doing with this exceeding are they not succeeding right and kind of take some lessons from them and if they're open to telling you what lessons they learned do it I call anybody I can that knows about stuff that I don't know and I ask questions how did you get here what did you learn country in the same time I just differ practicalities sake like I don't want to invent the wheel again if this person is doing it well but we're going to do in a different area how did you get here that would that would be another thing getting this practice is I really get a question. They're Christians Oh yeah. Yeah right you know. It's. Just. Oh. Oh oh oh. Well I could be dead wrong in this but I'm a loaf of the impression that you probably have friends like I have who shouldn't be posting the stuff they're posting right now who are Seventh Day Adventist. And if you had that situation like people who can't keep their politics to themselves people can't stop criticizing Ted Wilson or Dan Jackson or other people. Now I get that my point is that when it comes to the moral side of being friends of people who don't feel like we do I'm friends with Seventh Day Adventists who say a lot of stuff that I wish they didn't say and I had to see that I guess is my point. If you feel that having a negative impact on you I would unfollowed them right but no and that's fine but my point would be that there's this nice feature particularly on Facebook that you can unfollowed them but still be their friend they can still see your post but you don't have to see their foolishness so there's still ways which you can navigate that you can kind of weed some of that out. That's a great you're busy if only see some of these Baptists right right you're really good stuff but I know all right and you want to look at what is it that's not. Right stay right so. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah so. So those platforms are intended for dialogue but the point is if if you feel that it's detrimental to your own experience I would recommend that you one follow if it isn't at your melody your experience I would use that relationship to be a good influence on them does that make sense because some of those same thoughts take into their conclusion in person a person relationships would cause us to have a very similar history to the nation of Israel where we kind of isolate ourselves from people we don't agree with or from people that don't and in turn who's going to tell them about the truth God wanted them to be a White House to the world around them not to be people who were were isolated I think you're asking a very valid question I want you to feel like it was a bad question or it's not a good thing to ask I would say that based upon your own individual experience of this is hurting your spiritual experience then you need to on follow if it isn't and you just disagree find ways to build bridges of these people to show them what it is that you believe because they're obviously posting what they believe which gives you fair license oppose what you believe that makes sense but not in an ARG. A minute of discourse do yourselves a favor. And search these two words in the Ellen White up argumentative discourse. And then take quotes from that and post them on your Facebook page because I don't like our brother and have read them some of our brethren so I would recommend that. Because yeah we need to tie the lot more comments than we have. Any other questions we get like five more minutes good questions will. Going once yes sure. I should be doing what so like you said would be the biggest. And. In America some outside of South America but we do kind of the same thing We start with a few people and I will be one of the missions that I have to go fish build that's something that goes with it yeah but I don't want to do a public good because it's going to go the right so Saddam wouldn't brevity today just to them so that will all be yeah so i just as the Bush is the same this is wrong sure just in terms that make him think yeah them do not like many of those I was in and yeah so I never knew so many think that I was right and I was lonesome just reason with them or use of yeah and he makes a good point in this particular circumstance that it's easy for us to see something that we don't agree with and we feel that we have to say something immediately. Because we feel the truth is being defamed but if we did that in our evangelism in every situation we would chase people out before we got a chance to win them ring them in so I recommend when you see that a conversation feed is starting to get a little chippy and a little Us versus Them easy and things like that you since it's your post you have to moderate that and if you have brethren that are causing issues you can block them. And I would encourage you to block them because it ends up making you look worse whenever someone who believes that you believe but treats the other person like a punching bag not like you would is it causing more difficulties and so we are responsible for what's on our feed not what other people are doing and if the conversation gets ugly shut it down. And what I would do is if you see that people had deep questions instead of giving us a long diatribe Bible study I would use the private message feeds that exist in these platforms to then start having further dialogue if that makes sense that way just kind of separates us argumentative discourse from your evangelists opportunities through social media but we. Just don't really seem to have the tact to recognize that sometimes and in turn we chase people away because all this person wants to do is be right they don't want to talk and if you look at some these arguments you hear other people say that you're not listening you just want to be right and even if they are right the wrong in how they're discoursing to make sense the rules of just civil discourse because people don't they're not the same room as me I can I can check my religion at the door NO NO NO NO NO right tact incivility have to be used right if your religious experience is of the sort that it causes you to lose your religion when talking about religion to other religious people it's not a religious experience worth having I'm just saying OK so you guys all of us yet you still exist you're following a lot of. Sure because that is really really lacking a lot of belief right if you were right and you're right in this field Yeah yeah the only other yeah. Yeah. That's the thing Lisa Boesky to share it with other people and share some of the time or in any talk you know people or you haven't but that right is important he's right there with you presented it right or she's perfect that you don't want to share right. Now that's something and to be a little more careful about because what you're saying is what you're indorsing right and if that's the question you're asking I thought you meant you being friends with him but if you're saying reposed. OK but to take that to the next phase with what you're saying it's difficult and it's frustrating like ninety percent awesome ten percent heresy like it's like it's being used right David Platt has some phenomenal stuff he's written some amazing books but one of his main purposes we have to go overseas or people are going to burn in hell forever if we don't just like us like he has so many like he punches American Christianity in the face in such an awesome way that we need that he has phenomena resources but then you have stuff like that. I would make that a matter of prayer I don't have a lot of the say at the Lord's when it comes to stuff like this. Right it's typically ninety percent right right the first really friends are you know right Christian you can really work in their lives yes but that begs the question my spiritual life I know but but this road of compromise leads to pretty ugly places at the end and I would tread very cautiously when it's glaringly a difference in opinion theologically right this isn't someone of like they believe this about the nature crisis nabs I believe this about the nature crisis Agnus like it's. Foundationally different about the character and image of God It's not fully true. So that makes sense like if it's if it paints a picture of God that isn't healthy and isn't theologically true I can't endorse it even if they're close right. As in others no I don't because our message I believe the whole reason that I am a Seventh Day Adventists is because I found here what I didn't find elsewhere so I would do in this is this is let me just right this hobby horse for a second we have a far more beautiful picture of the Gospel than the liberals do. And don't let them take that and claim that is theirs instead of complaining about them only talking about Jesus do a better job of talking about Jesus than they do my recommendation would be if they have a point that's wise you can make a similar point but make it true so it makes sense we're called to be a peculiar people we don't have to concede on that and I believe that the message we have I don't want to make it sound like this superiority complex but I'm just saying that God gave us this message for a specific reason if you're a member of this movement and we have a better presentation of that or a better overall view of that particular point then I would make that view as opposed to reposing something that isn't fully true I just think once you start on that track and particularly since I'm sharing. On audio verse and other things like I could not in good conscience tell you yes that's the way that we do it right it so I would I would tread cautiously with stuff that isn't true now if you have an evangelical or David Platt or somebody else who's posting things that my computer died but it's over anyway. Who's to post something that is true that's a whole nother situation where there's no glaring like ninety percent but then this that's a whole nother situation that I would recommend you pray about and wonder you know does that mean I endorse everything that they do well the thing is there's ministries in my own church that may have something amazing that they're saying but I don't agree with them on another particular topic like where does it end I don't know. I would rather I would recommend that you. Wrestle with your own individual conscience of God on it but I would I would trade cautiously certainly. Our time has concluded but I saw one more hand is it quick. This is a. Very small general really so we need your organs but when I see the right. Where is. Your. Post you are early. In the sleeper Yeah. This is right. That's a great point yeah. Oh yeah. The idea this is actually one of the biggest things that can be a hindrance to reaching Muslims is their very orthopraxy meaning they're watching what you're doing and seeing if it's in harmony with what you say what you claim to believe and I think the same thing goes for social media that we need to be we need to live the message not just type it in one hundred forty characters or less or put pictures about it and I think it's a good point to close on that the consistency of your life that's in harmony with the message that you share brings greater power to what you have to say and. Yeah that's kind of lesson that we learn from the life of lot so I hope this is a been somewhat practical and helpful I think there's some more things I still need to learn to make this better but I hope this has been at least a start more resources are coming from our church and I praise God for that I believe that in the next year or so we're going to have more than we've had we already have more than we have had bad thing it's only going to get better and more traction is being had so let's close with a word of prayer then and then we will let you guys go. God in heaven I just thank you for Health faithful you are to us that you want the world reached more than we do and you have better discernment and understanding as to how to do so God I want to take a moment to thank you that this platform exists to be able to get access to people through the Internet all around. The world and I just pray that you would teach has had a responsibly and evangelist tickly use it in a way that will bring glory to you in ordering many more into the fold board we were pioneers in television radio but for whatever reason we've lagged behind in this and Babylonians are running far ahead of us I prayed that you would change that that you would open doors for us to use this for the glory of God and that revelation eighteen fourteen and eighteen can happen that the beautiful message of Christ Our Righteousness and the soon coming Savior would be given to the world in ways that was never before manageable and we asked this now in Christ Jesus' name. In this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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