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What is the Sea Beast Doing Today

Michael Hasel
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Michael Hasel

Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Southern Adventist University


  • September 30, 2017
    4:00 PM
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Let's have a word of prayer and ask the Lord to be with us Heavenly Father we thank you that Professor Dom state is doing well we continue to lift him up in prayer as the physicians will be taking some images now and and checking things out carefully we ask that you would give them wisdom. We thank you Lord for being with us throughout this day. And as we begin this presentation which looks at current events. We ask that you would guide our hearts and minds. We are not speaking here about people. Speaking here about a system. A system that has been in place for hundreds of years guide us and we pray in Jesus' name amen I still remember. Just before this event happened. I was living on the island of Cyprus with my family. We had gone to church on a particular Sabbath in fact it was our first Sabbath at this church the only church on the island of Cyprus the only Seventh Day Adventist Church there Cypress at that time was the headquarters of the Middle East union of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. And I remember the first Sabbath that we were at the church there the new church that we were going to be attending another person came at the same time he had driven two hours across the island to be a church that day and it was the first time he had ever set foot in a Seventh Day Adventist Church His name was Joe. Joe had been raised in Ireland as an Irish Catholic Joe. Was retired with his wife on the island of Cyprus. And Joe had been attending faithfully the Catholic Church with his wife every Sunday but in retirement realizing that there was a lot of time in retirement and not really being interested in just spending all that time at the beach Joe began to watch a lot of television. And somehow as he scanned the channels you came across three A.B.N. in the hope channel. And he began to watch. Captivated by the things that he was hearing for the first time in his life he listened to the hope channel and three. For over a year. Wondering who this group was. When he went back to visit his daughter in England. He tried to look up a Seventh Day Adventist Church and not being very well acquainted with the Internet he decided that he would. Well get some help from his younger daughter. And he found that there was a church on the island of Cyprus. By that time he had already been convinced that the seventh day sabbath was the Sabbath of the Bible. He had been convinced that there was a sanctuary in heaven and that Jesus was serving as a High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary and for Joe that was not simply a matter of geography for him for Joel this was a revelation into a completely different system than he had been raised in Joe came to church that Sabbath. A few weeks later as Pope John Paul the second was ailing in health. One of the pastors of that church said we need to pray for the pope and for the people. And I'll never forget Joe's reaction Joe was incensed he said I will never pray for the pope. Because he says you don't understand what it feels like to be deceived for sixty six years he knows what he's doing we need to pray for everyone he said but somehow I just can't come to praying for the pope a few days later all over the screens in Cyprus on all three channels live was the funeral of Pope John Paul the second. Two billion people watched worldwide. Never had so many leaders in history come together for the funeral of a religious leader. According to USA TODAY never had such a funeral drawn the interest of so many here is a map of the world representing the prime ministers and presidents of countries that were present at the papal funeral the entire world came together. Those that were not there were watching on television like myself. An amazing choreographed. Media Production. A masterpiece of public relations. As the simple casket. Was surrounded by the Cardinals and the heads of state and other dignitaries. The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew the first of Constantinople or Istanbul was the honorary was in the honorary first seat in the sector reserved for delegates from churches not in full communion with the Holy See. This was the first time in history that an ecumenical patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox church attended a papal funeral since the Great Schism in one thousand and fifty four. Almost a thousand years earlier. The Archbishop of Canterbury then Rowan Williams was also present at the papal funeral the first time since the Church of England broke with the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century and of course we are all familiar with this picture. Which was broadcast around the world three former presidents kneeling before the casket in Revelation thirteen. Protestant Reformers had read this for centuries and concluded. That what was being spoken of by this beast coming out of the sea let's read it then I stood on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having seven heads into Norns and on his horns ten crowns and on his head a blasphemous name now the beast which I saw was like a leopard his feet like the feet of a bear and his mouth like the mouth of a lion the dragon gave him his power his throne and great authority. Protestants that identified that C.B.S. power with none other than the papacy and will continue to move through this passage a little bit later on based on the prophecy of Daniel Chapter two and the prophecies of Daniel seven and eight. This power that first is described as a. Legacy of iron that continued down into the feet of iron mixed with clay and Daniel to verse forty one through forty two whereas you saw the feet in toes partly of potter's clay and partly of fire and the kingdom shall be divided so the kingdoms shall be partly strong and partly fragile. Many had interpreted this iron these iron legs to be Rome. And had interpreted the spread of the various European powers in the toes and the feet. Paralleled with the annual Chapter seven Daniel Chapter eight Revelation seventeen and thirteen we see these ten kingdoms being referred to again and again. Linking the apocalyptic prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as had been unlocked by reformers and reformation thinkers for centuries identifying the one power from which they believed. They needed to separate themselves from. Martin Luther writes the two beasts the papal Empire and the Imperial papacy he declared brings the secular sword under its control state power mingled with religious power and spangly and Millington and Calvin and others all were unanimous in identifying this little horn power. With the papal power several of these reformers gave up their lives and I'm going over a little bit of what we had talked about earlier this morning both John Knox and Thomas Cranmer and many hundreds thousands of others died at the edge of the sword died in the flames because of their belief in Sola Scriptura Torah and the upholding of the Bible and the Bible ONLY as their creed they would not be guided by a Magisterium they would not be guided by tradition they would be guided by the Holy Word of God Ellen White writes in the great controversy page four hundred thirty nine Speaking of Revelation Chapter thirteen. She describes as she says in chapter thirteen is described another beast like unto a leopard to which the dragon gave his power and his seat and great authority this symbol as most Protestants have believed represents the papacy which succeeded to the power and seat and authority once held by the ancient Roman Empire the ancient Roman Empire. We see this twofold aspect that she speaks about in Daniel eight Chapter nine through eleven I mean verses nine through eleven. Speaking of the little horn and out of one of them one of the four winds came forth a little horn which waxed exceedingly great toward the south toward the east and toward the pleasant land that meant it was coming by the way from the west and it waxed great even to the host of the heaven and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground and stamped on them they be magnified himself even to the prince of the host so first we have this horizontal movement as he is moving through and then suddenly we have this vertical movement he Magnus up five himself even to the prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away and the place of the sanctuary was cast down. Now we've gone through a number of lectures today both in arts and also in in history and we've looked at how this papal power was connected how the reformers connected this papal power but we've also looked at some of the Catholic artillery that went back towards the reformers but it's also very interesting to see how the Catholics themselves view their connection with ancient Rome. It's very clear in their artwork it's very clear in their architecture it's very clear in their writings and I know my wife did not give me permission today to do this but I'm going to steal a little of her thunder she wrote. A very nice paper on this when she was a student at Emory University and I want to look at one of these scenes she talked earlier about the power of the baroque period as a triumphal movement. Initiated by Catholicism to show its triumph over Protestantism. And that the flowery baroque style. Made its way into churches all across the world not only in the old world but also in the New World. What the pope's also did. Was that they and this was commissioned by Benedict I believe the fourteenth. They wanted to use the latest in cartography in science to map Rome and to map of the world fact when you visit the Vatican today you will go through halls covered with maps why. Because world domination has always been the goal of the Catholic Church. And the map that they wanted to create of Rome the Eternal City was commissioned by the pope and was to put in it was to be put in place by a artist and geographer by the name of John Nollie Now what's interesting about the map is that it's the first. Truly accurate map of Rome even though it was done in the eighteenth century. If you put a Google Earth image over the top of this it will be right on. Using not such sophisticated technology it took Nollie years to map out every building every street and he would go inside of churches and take internal measurements to make sure he got everything right. But what is interesting is not the map we're not going to focus on the map of Rome today what we're going to focus on is the frame below. On which this map which which frames the map above in the center you see a plaque with Benedict I think it says Benedict by the fourteenth and on one side on the right hand side you see the vis it is or the Vistage is of ancient Rome and on the other side you see the glory of the Roman church we're going to look at these a little bit more closely and I don't know why it's a little bit not this is a lot clearer so here we have the Vistage is of Rome maybe I should have just come up and do this for us because she knows more about it than I do. It was a little impromptu. So I don't feel too much of her funder. It's not my thunder it's right there in the art I mean that's the nice thing about art it's like they tell you what they're thinking so it's all there so we don't have to see anything new that they haven't been saying about themselves already so here you have the goddess Roma. Usually when the goddess Roma is sitting down she's celebrating a victory because when she's standing up she or Roma the goddess Roma was the word the goddess of war. The Romans had her depicted several times in their music hall the armor breastplate or whatever so here she says she's she's just won a victory how much time to have OK I don't. Three minutes OK OK so in the bottom you have the she wove with Romo's in Regulus Romulus underneath who is the beginning inception of the concept of the empire and of course their deal at potato because guess what it's all it's passe but she is looking across to another woman on the other side who represents the Ecclesia and that is the woman representing the church and there's a connection all through the entire thing I mean I can't even I have only three minutes is not enough. Right behind here is the the dilapidated Palace or the Temple of Castor and Pollux and this is where they combined religion and state together under the Roman Empire so on the other side you have the company dog Leo It's all echoing echoing old in new old a new and the symbolism is so rich. Behind here you have the arch of Constantine again the first Christian emperor so the victory arch of Constantine here you have a statue of the River Tiber in the middle of Rome you have the River Tiber going through he is also deal appertained it because old Rome is now looking at the new Rome on the other side the pope that died while this map was being made it was actually buried on a sarcophagus just like that so this referencing the pope in the old Rome but he's he's there are you going to show the other room. OK It's very pixels How do you can you see her she hears the Ecclesia the Rome New Rome old Rome New Rome they're communicating it with each other behind her is the church of St Lateran the very first church given to. By Constantine for the place of residence of the pope's for centuries this was more important we've been in a sense for a while before St Peter's This is where the pope's lived so here you have saying the Lateran Church you have the a CLI Sierra she's beautiful and new and young she's being crowned by the triple tiara. The Crown is this is so pix old beneath her there is a key the key of St Peter above the world they make no no apologies in the artwork to what their intentions are it's to rule the world that's what they believe they're going to do and then she has just taken this little angel here has just taken the. The miter crown which is the spiritual Grant crown and the new angel this is the baroque a new angel is giving her the triple tiara which is the crown that they intended to rule the world with Kay and then here again this is where it would all happen if I'm going to fall this is here is the company dog you know the building eyes showed you earlier that magical Angelo went to redesign where the pope's wanted to rule. THE WORLD from here and they renovated it to do so during the Renaissance So the this whole thing echoes did I forget anything oh. The flag of Constantine OK there's the Tyro you know so the first flag of the Christians the symbol wait she won the empire from Max and teams that were sent in that was the flag he used I think I covered most of it and Q. I knew she would do that much better than I could so what we have here again is the continuity between ancient Pagan Rome that's how we as a church have defined it and how the how the Protestants defined it as well Pagan Rome looking forward to Papal Rome. And this is exactly how Imperial Rome connecting with the church this is exactly how we have prophecy for telling this in Daniel seven and Daniel eight as well. Martin Luther of course as we have said earlier and I'm not going to go into all of this detail I want to move quickly because we have a question answer period afterwards Martin Luther identified along with the other Protestants that the Catholic Church was the anti-Christ and that it was in fact the pope was the anti-Christ and in fact that this was not to be according to the the Scriptures and according to what they had done NOW I went over these earlier today I'll just go over them quickly these are the reasons for his identification some of the reasons I gave a lot more reasons this morning and I backed that up not only from five hundred years ago but I back that up with the recent documents in the last two or three years so if you want to see that presentation that was earlier today he has deposed all of Scripture and set up his own laws were not only talking about the Sabbath we're talking about actually changing the commandments and getting rid of the Second Commandment on images the false church is always the persecutor of the true church not only spiritually but also physically by means of the sword and tyranny they will kill those who cling to the word. The pope has set up his own clergy claiming that he was imprinting on their souls in indelible character when in actuality he was imprinting them with the mark of the beast in Revelation the papacy also negated Christ's sacrifice by proclaiming the man. Asked to be a sacrifice for the living in the dead obtaining forgiveness of sins it is as though Christ had not done this very thing on the cross as though his sacrifice had no validity and were of no value. God preserve us from having any other priest but Christ the invocation of the saints is one of the abuses of the anti-Christ and we went even in more detail this morning. But an interesting thing has been happening in the last few years it has taken hundreds of years but it has taken place just as prophecy said it would and that is the beauty of scripture scripture is prophetic and its prophecies will come to play place will come to pass. It says and I saw one of his heads we read the first part earlier now we're go to the next verse and I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was healed and all the world marveled and followed the beast isn't it interesting that in the last few years we have seen this happening. We have now a beautiful smiling pope a pope that has won the hearts of the world literally there are people who could care less today about the Catholic Church Rock stars even that have said I don't really care much about the church but this pope this pope is an amazing pope he's going to change things. There are even discussions this week this past week as a declaration was sent to the Vatican of concerned Catholics that the pope is moving to change too quickly. What needs to be remaining as sound doctrine for the Catholic Church. But is all of this really the case. Let's look. Here he is the man of the year or person of the year we're now politically correct so we say Person of the year Pope Francis cover of Time magazine here he is on a special edition of time a pope for a new world just add one word to that order and you'll have kind of an Adventist saying what won't you here's the cover of National Geographic where Pope Francis. Is staring into the place where the conclave met to make him Pope This is of course the Sistine Chapel with Mike Michelangelo's beautiful painting in France goes on the ceiling and notice the subtitle Pope Francis remakes the Vatican is he remaking the Vatican you need to be here for my morning presentation because we said nothing has been remade it remains the same. Another author has described it as the Francis miracle inside the transformation of the pope and the church even Rolling Stone magazine has the pope on its cover along with Sting and Paul Simon Pope Francis The Times They Are a change and well what is changing is that the protest of the Protestants is not what it used to be. Here we have a final one welcome Pope Francis catch him in person New York Washington D.C. Philadelphia Pope Francis the people's pope the commemorative issue that was recently given. This is what Ellen White says in great controversy five seventy one and I want to reiterate this in light of the presentation this morning it is not without reason that the claim has been put forth in Protestant countries that Catholicism differs less widely from Protestantism than in former times there has been a change but the change is not in the papacy. Catholicism indeed resembles much of the Protestantism that now exists because Protestantism has so greatly degenerated since the days of the reformers. When Pope Francis came to America. We were all watching. Probably we were all watching because there was nothing else hardly to watch everybody covered the visit it was a huge huge media splash and it was a major event. I got this off the Internet just some interesting tidbits it was his first visit to the United States unlike his six predecessors he did not come earlier to the States as a cardinal or as a bishop It was the second country he visited after visiting Cuba I think that probably was quite strategic. And he visited some very strategic country cities here as well Washington D.C. the capital New York the financial capital of the world and Philadelphia the. Certainly historic capital in terms of the Constitution and in terms of our history as a nation. It was the fourth pope in history to visit the United States. I don't know if you realize that let me just share with you an interesting fact since sixteen twenty when the Puritans escaped religious persecution in the Old World and arrived in America at Plymouth Rock you remember your American history right. There have been thirty four pope's. Only four have visited the United States the first was not in one thousand nine hundred sixty five until nine hundred sixty five. It took three hundred and forty five years for a pope to visit the United States of America. And that visit in one thousand nine hundred sixty five was for a single day. Pope John Paul the second of course visited this country seven times and of course was hailed on the cover of Time magazine with Ronald Reagan as being credited with the fall of communism President Barack Obama met the pope with his wife Michelle and his daughters at Andrews Air Force Base this was also not quite precedent setting because the last time Pope Benedict came to the United States during George Bush's administration that was the first time ever that a visiting dignitary was met at Andrews Air Force Base. Prior to that time no one ever was met by the president of the United States at Andrews Air Force Base people were always met at the White House indicating very clearly who was superior and who had the super power position in the world but this is the second time in history of a papal visit where the president went to Andrews Air Force base itself very interesting it was the first time a pope ever addressed the joint sessions of Congress. Now it's very interesting we want not going to analyze today what the pope said we heard many of us what he said and it seemed fairly benign talking about climate change talking about family talking about various issues that he felt were important. But it's interesting that standing behind the pope as he was speaking are two very key individuals on the left hand side is Joe Biden the vice president of the United States a Catholic and to the right is the speaker of the house also a Catholic Rick banner. And that's interesting let's look at this a little bit more closely in fact this was one of the few pictures well no banner looks like he's crying there as well he was crying intensively during this experience it was a very emotional day that the media really captured this often and here he is again as he was as the speech was being delivered to Congress and when the pope came out to see. Speak and address the people on the Mall in Washington D.C. There were there were the vice president and the House speaker again Boehner was in tears almost constantly. Very interesting what he said after this event took place. This was an interview on C.B.S. Face the Nation Sunday you can look it up it's available on You Tube to a kid who grew up as an altar boy having the pope here was a big deal. Boehner said. And he went on to describe in the interview how he had tried to get each of the three popes who served during his twenty plus years in Congress to address the lawmakers of Congress but only succeeded this year it is clear that the Catholic Church through key lawmakers and government officials have worked toward this goal for decades. How has this been successful we shouldn't be ignorant of the fact that the climate has changed so drastically in this Protestant nation. This is not by chance the softer stance on immigration has not only changed the political and social demographics of this country it has changed the religious demographics the postmodern notion of tolerance at all costs on the demise of truth as lead us to ignore the true history of this persecuting power and. A power that was most intolerant during hundreds of years of its existence it's interesting that House Speaker John Boehner the day after the address that Congress announced his resignation as speaker of the house and his retirement. Think about that for a moment it's almost as if his goal had been reached his lifelong goal had been reached and it was now time for him to retire the pope's visit to the United States was couched in beautiful language language that the masses could really identify with. Love is our mission the World Meeting of the families in Philadelphia Let's lift up the family climate change and global alliance to save the planet. All very proper and good ideals that people of the world can unite under But the question remains what really is Roman Catholicism at its core and I again ask you to look at my earlier presentation. Because we've seen there that really it has not changed and the key fundamental. Teachings remain. As they were here in five hundred years ago during the Protestant Reformation What about the executive we've looked at executive the executive branch now a little bit in the legislative branches What about. What about. The third branch of the U.S. government government what is that the judicial branch right it's the most fascinating development in my opinion as we look at what has happened in the United States in the last Only few years fascinating here we have the members of the judicial branch and I have not updated this picture because you can see one of those members of the judicial branch. Justice Scalia is still sitting there in the front row he died last year there are nine seats in the Supreme Court this body has been established of course to interpret and enforce the Constitution of the United States let's look at some facts there are two hundred twelve justices thirteen now with the new justice that was just appointed to replace Scalia two thousand two hundred thirteen justices in American history. In that time thirteen have been Catholic six percent of all the justices on the Supreme Court. In one nine hundred ninety four the court had a Protestant majority in fact it wasn't until nine hundred seventy nine that a Catholic was appointed to the court one nine hundred seventy nine I was alive then many of you were too that was the first time we had a Catholic justice after that time since one nine hundred seventy nine there was a a tradition that kind of was established that at least one justice on the Supreme Court should be Catholic we'll see a graph here in a moment. But in one thousand nine hundred four the court had a Protestant majority by two thousand and five. Eleven years later the second Catholic was appointed Now that's only twelve years ago is not right twelve years ago. It's very interesting that by two thousand and nine four years later the entire court had shifted to a two thirds majority Catholic six Catholics on the court and three others only one of those three was Protestant The other two are Jewish when the Protestant. Justice sessions retired. It was going to be very interesting what would happen and when Justice Scalia who was a Catholic died last year it was also a very interesting time to see what would happen it's very interesting that in two thousand and ten. JOHN PAUL STEVENS. When he retired was replaced again with another cast with I'm sorry with a Jewish individual and now for the first time in two thousand and ten there had not there is not a single Protestant on. The judicial branch of the U.S. government. It is all Catholic and three Jewish. Two thirds majority Catholic. Now I don't I didn't update this because this is a little impromptu today but it's very interesting that the last Supreme Court justice that was just appointed and voted in under Donald Trump's administration he can has the power to appoint there was a huge write up in C.N.N. about questioning his religious affiliation. Because the current Justice has. Basically went to Catholic schools his whole life was raised a Catholic and only in recent years has been attending a Evan Jell-O. coal non-denominational church in Boulder Colorado. But as far as the records go he has never changed his membership to that church he's never been baptized in that church and as people commenting on this on the C.N.N. article have said once a Catholic always a Catholic until you do something that changes that which hasn't occurred it's very interesting that the melding of Evan Jellicoe lism and Catholicism is is feeling its its way in the government circles as well as far as this goes I would submit that probably he is still. And we now still have a two thirds majority as well even though he's not quite maybe identified in the same way but isn't that interesting law professor Jeffrey Rosen puts it this way. It's a fascinating truth that we've allowed religion to drop out of consideration on the Supreme Court and right now we have a Supreme Court that religiously at least by no means looks like America. He is writing this in two thousand and seven ten years ago as he is looking at the Supreme Court if we look at the statistics we can see here the history of Protestantism just in the last since one thousand nine hundred nine when William. I can't read from here DONOVAN Is it done now Brennan. Brennan sorry William Brennan when he was appointed as a Catholic on nine hundred seventy nine the first Catholic to serve and then how that has changed up through two thousand and nine. Now this is fascinating. Because as we look at at this statement. It's interesting he says that we have. Not allowed religion or we've allowed religion to drop out of consideration but is that really true or have we simply shifted the religion to include Catholic and Jewish Voices it has been very much a consideration I believe what we have left out is Protestant religious affiliation. How odd in a nation that was founded by Protestants and who sought to establish a separation between church and state a position which has never been accepted by Catholicism I refer here to Pope Pius the tenth and his statement in one of his in cyclicals that the state must be separated from the church is the thesis absolutely false a most pernicious error hence the Roman pontiff have never ceased as circumstances required to refute and condemn the doctrine of the separation of church and state. Why well because of the current persecution was that took place in the past. Why do we have the separation of church and state because of the persecutions Why do they not want the separation of church and state so that they can have temporal as well as religious power. And it is very interesting that in both of the both of the works that were cited in the previous presentation that they were arguing that maybe this wasn't such a that maybe separation of church and state was was not such a bad thing after all maybe it's maybe it should have been maybe the Catholic position was correct after all it's interesting how Protestantism has changed on this as well. We saw this earlier. This was the cover of Time magazine upon Pope Francis's visit to the United States in Europe in the United States this picture did not make the cover Bernie Sanders did during the election but it was inside the Time magazine the local one here the new Roman Empire the global reach of Pope Francis So what would Luther say today what do Protestants say today and we have looked at some of this but I'm just going to go through this very quickly is as many of you know in one thousand nine hundred nine there was that famous joint declaration on the doctrine of Justification this was already mentioned by Dr Petit bone in his presentation early this morning in this joint Dr declaration we have this. Statement in the introduction by appropriating insights of recent biblical studies and drawing on modern investigations of the history of theology and dog. I want to stop there because when we look at modern biblical studies that's code word for modern historical criticism. And the number one thing that has caused the demise of the Protestant voice today is the bankruptcy of the Bible due to the modern scientific world view. If you no longer see God and in Neo orthodoxy and in the new Protestantism of today you have this if you no longer see God as directly inspiring the Word of God because he cannot interact in human history due to philosophical naturalism in the cycle of cause and effect and the cycle of naturalism that sees only the world operating by its own laws and so forth if you do not see a God intervening in history working through history and orchestrating things through history if you don't see a God who is doing bad you remove the God who can even come into history as a baby born in Bethlehem and die on the cross of Calvary he becomes simply a man you remove the foundation for scripture and all the prophecies that have pointed to it because prophetic interpretation prophecy is not possible within that kind of mindset and what has happened in Protestantism in the last two hundred years is that much of the churches including the Lutheran Church and the Catholic Church agree on how scripture should be interpreted based on this a priority system of pre-suppositions that are placed on top of the Bible that come outside of the Bible itself known as historical criticism I don't have time to go into all of this today because that's a whole discussion on hermeneutics But as it is extremely important the secularize ation of this world is not because of Protestantism it's because a part of this Protestantism has lost its focus on sola scriptura. It's because it is allowed other norms to be placed on to Scripture that then has allowed them to reinterpret creation. Reinterpret the fall reinterpret Calvary itself both man was very very involved in this and he even called his agenda to demythologize just Scripture because now that scripture had become mythology in the modern scientific sense of historical criticism he said we must demythologize it to make it acceptable in the world that we live in today so what did he do he said Heaven is simply a metaphor for good and the hell is simply a metaphor for evil before we can no longer speak about these realities of what is above and what is below in the scientific world that we live in. And this leading Lutheran theologians along with many other Lutheran theologians basically acknowledged and gave the Bible over to secular thinking that made it devoid of any divine inspiration we need to recognize that this was something that didn't come from Protestantism but that came from outside of Protestantism. Let's continue sorry I got sidetracked there. The post Vatican two ecumenical dialogue has led to a notable convergence concerning justification with this result that this joint declaration is able to formulate a consensus on basic truths concerning the doctrine of justification in light of this consensus the corresponding doctrinal condemnations of the sixteenth century do not apply to today's partner. So there are monumental moves starting in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and continuing to this day to try to bring. These entities together but the Catholic position on justification hasn't changed. No it hasn't at all and if you read through this document carefully which we will not do to you today we will we will you will see that so for a period of ten years now this you Bill Aylmer as it's known in Germany this anniversary or this commemoration has been planned every year focusing on a different aspect of the gift of the Reformation and it is planned not only by Lutheran. Theologians and the Lutheran Church in Germany it is planned also by the Catholic Church together with them this is very interesting why why is the Catholic Church celebrating Lutheranism Why is the pope today not today but but just in the last few months declared that he is going to not he but that the Catholic Church is going to have a stamp of Vatican stamp you know they send mail from there to a Vatican stamp with Luther on it. Why has they why have they changed their position on Galileo who they condemned as a heretic many many years ago but now have. I have accepted him what is the reason for all of this could there be a deeper reason than simply changing their position let's look at this this is very this is from the website that deals with this celebration that's taking place this next month which starts what tomorrow. The Catholic Church as Martin Luther knew it. Did not display much tolerance while that's an understatement isn't well let's let's count how many people were burned at the stake let's count the hundreds of thousands that died in the Thirty Years War Let's count what really happened here didn't display much tolerance However Luther was convinced of God's mercy and wanted to reflect this conviction in his faith the aspiration of the Evan Jellicoe church today that's the Lutheran Church is to achieve an ecumenical community with no national or confessional boundaries. You hear that no national or confessional boundaries don't want boundaries anymore this is a new age we live in how tolerant Evan Jellicoe faith really is. And to what extent the Reformation contributed to the freedom of religion and expression was explored and debated in numerous events Now another thing that is happening simultaneously as this Jubal lamb is planned for this next month and has been planned for the last ten years by the way the one that's highlighted there that started last year that's when I gave this presentation first two thousand and sixteen Reformation and the one world. Says it all right there that's the goal one world one faith let's not squabble anymore let's all come together. In two thousand and seventeen there are a number of Jubilees It's like a Jew believe within a Jew believe within a Jew belief which makes it kind of a super year for Catholic doctrine it is the five hundred year jubilee for the Protestant Reformation five hundred years that's fifty times one ten. It is also the jubilee for the dialogue that began between Lutherans and Catholics in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven fifty years they've been dialoguing on this topic. It is also a Jew believe in two thousand and seventeen for the charismatic movement which fifty years ago in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven broke out on the campus of do best Nick University a Catholic university and continues to spread within the Catholic Church as well as in Protestantism and is seen as a uniting force of the Holy Spirit bringing these communities together. We should be aware as Adventists the charismatic movement. Is not a movement that is bringing us closer to the Bible it is a movement that comes from someplace else. Pope Francis invited the crowd this is again last year and already happened by the way Pope Francis invited the crowd which included charismatics from fifty five countries to come to St Peter's Square for Pentecost in two thousand and seventeen to celebrate this fiftieth anniversary of the movement the Catholic Your Is Magic movement I just said that this is what he says I expect all of you charismatics from around the world to celebrate your great jubilee with the pope at Pentecost in two thousand and seventeen in St Peter's Square that already happened this year and it is part of that what are these jubilees all about jubilees are a time for reconciliation. A year of reconciliation between adversaries of conversion and receiving the sacrament of reconciliation and consequently of solidarity hope justice and commitment to serve God with joy and in peace with our brothers and sisters by the way the Catholic Church does not depict itself as the brother of the Catholic Church depicts itself as the mother and all the Protestant churches are the wayward siblings that need to come back OK this is something by the way I'm taking this from websites that are quite official this is from the Vatican itself not getting stuff from everywhere and anywhere. A service of reconciliation prompted and requested by Protestant and Catholic churches in Germany already took place in held us time on March eleventh of this year the eve of the second Sunday in Lent as the nucleus of a process of healing of memory. Regional Bishop Dr highly Bedford's Tallman chairman of the council and wine hot cars. Cardinal Marx president of the German Bishops Conference will officiate over this worship service it will combine elements of repentance and prayers for forgiveness with acts of reconciliation intended to bolster the future of ecumenism. All of this is happening already has happened in preparation for this coming month we don't know what's going to happen this coming month but we know the preparations that have taken place towards. Last year in August to end two thousand and sixteen this was put all over the news media as the Evan Jellicoe Lutheran church signs a declaration on the way the E.L.C. the of angelic Lutheran Church represents three point seven million Lutherans in the United States and it's another group than the one that signed the Declaration the joint declaration in one thousand nine hundred nine nearly five hundred years after Martin Luther nailed his ninety five theses to the castle church door the largest Lutheran denomination in the U.S. has approved a declaration recognizing there are no longer church dividing issues on many points with the Roman Catholic Church notice not every point the declaration comes as the Lutheran and Catholic Church is perfect prepare to kick off a year of celebrations to mark the five hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. It's interesting that an anniversary of protest becomes a mechanism for ecumenism So what about the rest of Christianity in the rest of the world what about the eastern Christian churches. The great schism of ten fifty four which resulted in part because of the rejection of the eastern churches who rejected recognizing the bishop of Rome as the head of the entire Catholic Church that was part of that dispute there are others has also been making significant headway. In February twelfth two thousand and sixteen in Hue in Havana Cuba for the first time in nine hundred and sixty two years a rut the Russian Patriarch Kirill met to discuss the welfare of Christians in the Middle East and Asia with Pope Francis. A few months later in April sixteen of last year at Kew manacle Patriarch Bartholomew the first who was recognized as the first among equals He is the first among the various patriarchs in the eastern churches from Istanbul or Constantinople came and met with the pope they issued a joint declaration. This is from radio about to Qana Radio Vatican. And this is the quote for our part in obedience to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ we affirm and a whole heartedly resolve to intensify our efforts to promote the full unity of all Christians we affirm our conviction that reconciliation involves promoting social justice within and among all peoples together we will do our part towards giving migrants refugees and asylum seekers a humane reception in Europe. By defending the fundamental human rights of refugees asylum seekers and migrants and the many marginalized people in our societies we aim to fulfill the church's mission of service in the world while we were in Israel that year last year in two thousand and sixteen in June. The long touted and anticipated meeting of various. Heads of the various. Eastern churches met together on the island of Crete Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew led prayers attended by the ten Orthodox Church leaders who attended to mark the end of a weeklong holy and great council. It was the first of its kind where all the not all but most of the Eastern Orthodox churches came together it was the first of its kind in one thousand two hundred years and as you read the news media about this event as especially anticipating the event it was the first step towards reconciliation with the Rome are you with me. They had to come together first before they reconciled with Rome but there was a problem despite decades of preparation several Orthodox leaders failed ahead of the meeting to overcome differences on efforts to reconcile with the Vatican and some doctrinal issues and four of the Orthodox communions were not present including the largest the Russian Orthodox Church which includes one hundred million members what would Martin Luther say about all of these things. What should we say about all these things the prophecy of Daniel to. That describes a IT world that is divided at least the European world that is divided because as we read in Daniel chapter two as the feet and toes part of potter's clay and part of iron the kingdom shall be divided so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile. In recent years we've seen quite a bit of. Events even to change the so-called European Union Breck's it made headlines all over and it has been very interesting to listen to the news in the last months since that has happened. The amount of negativity towards the BRICS that decision. The news is full of negativity towards this. How dare they move away from the European Union it's interesting to know the history of the European Union. And where the European Union first began to be formed. It was in Rome in one nine hundred fifty seven. Exactly fifty I'm sorry exactly sixty years ago. This year it was there that leaders of the various countries of Europe came together and signed what is known as the Treaty of Rome. And that treaty after World War two led to a consolidation of power economic resources and other resources to form the European Union. It comes as no surprise that this year in March of this year. To commemorate sixty years and to specifically address the crisis of Britain leaving the European Union. That a new meeting took place in Rome. I don't know have you guys been watching the news. Here are the heads of the European Union countries and what room are they meeting in. The Sistine Chapel where the pope's are made pope who is standing in their midst the pope. And as they met there and as they came together to sign a joint new declaration affirming the European Union and affirming of forging ahead they were challenged by the Pope you can read this online you can read his message to the group they were challenged by the pope that the agenda that they had set to themselves sixty years ago must not be thwarted by current events we need to unite together and move ahead and forge forward. Now it's interesting. That as the pope entered the hall where he would address them they all stood. And it's interesting that as he sat on his throne they all sat below him it is fascinating that the only prime minister of the European Union former European Union that was missing. Was the prime minister of the United Kingdom. Of Great Britain. And this was a crisis it is a crisis it's an ongoing crisis but could it be that it is a sign that Daniel too. Is actually not so far off after all you see friends we have inherited a system of understanding prophecy. Which has united. Protestantism for hundreds of years and yet today Protestantism is falling apart because it no longer has that United interpretation of prophecy what has undermined it the scientific approach to scripture that has robbed and bankrupted scripture from its divine authority. What else has caused the demise of this. Well we have this slide up earlier today I want to put it up again. The historic view that identified the Catholic Church as the anti-Christ the historic historic his view that identified God's movements in history through time that particular ideal that particular Bishan that gave impetus to the Protestant Reformation one of two Sola Scriptura and prophecy those two elements. Has been completely reinterpreted with different ideas predator ism melded itself more and more with historical criticism since the Enlightenment experience and experiment Futurism both of these systems by the way developed by Jesuit Catholics in Spain in the counter-Reformation period in the sixteenth hundreds. Pushed everything forward into the future one pushed everything back and said everything was well there was no real predictive prophecy everything was already done in the past the other pushed everything way off in the forward and idealism which is very popular today even within our church says that there is no historical fulfillment anymore these are simply symbols they're simply too difficult to understand let's not be so dogmatic about these things. We are finding scholars even within our church who are saying historicism Yes we're historicity But let's let's apply a little pressure ism here and a little Futurism here and idealism here we need to fit in with the new zeitgeist of this time historicism is out of fashion in scholarship today it's dangerous folks because if we lose that defining points of our understanding of biblical prophecy we will do is what every other single Protestant church has lost as well and that is its identity and its reason and its mission and its message you see because in all of these three systems besides historicism where this Papal Rome. It vanishes it's not addressed it's not part of the picture whatsoever Isn't that convenient for the Catholic Church. I read this earlier I'll read it again I'm coming to the end if a man consider the origin Thomas Hobbes English philosopher of this great cliche as to call Dominion he will easily perceive that the papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire sitting crowned on the grace thereof. Today we are seeing a new Roman Empire emerging it's not new it's old it's as old as the Protestant Reformers it's even older it goes all the way back to the time of Constantine. It is a system that has replaced biblical theology. It has replaced God's sending of his son as the sacrificial. High Priest that we can go and this and approach the throne of God spoke. Specifically and thoroughly through Jesus. If Hobbes and the reformers were alive today. They would be amazed to see the ghost of the Roman Empire reestablishing itself again in leaping strides. Do we care as much as the reformers did. What caused this German monk to have the audacity to do what he did. Could it be that truth with a capital T as found in Scripture compelled him. Even moved him so forcefully to expose the errors of a system that had wholly and completely replaced the good news of the gospel. Plunging the world into darkness for so many centuries that is why the reformers chose to translate the Bible so that every common person could understand it. That is why they. Pointed believers ever back. To the living Word of God. If Luther was moved by the plight of his people then. Shouldn't we today be moved by the plight of billions of people around the world. Who as my friend Joe would say have been deceived I remember the last words Joe spoke to me. After living almost a year in Cyprus during my Fulbright time there. We were sitting. Around the table on a Sabbath afternoon for lunch. I think made haystacks that day so Joe experienced a bit of cultural Adventism that day. But as we were eating together with our Irish friend we were talking about baptism together. And Joe said I've been baptized as an infant Why do I need to be baptized again. And it simply came out of my mouth innocently I said well as Protestant Christians we believe in baptism by immersion. And Joe nearly jumped out of his chair. He said Protestant did you just say Protestant. You mean your a Protestant What are you talking about I said well yes the Seventh Day Adventist Church came out of the Protestant movement. OK He dropped his fork and he just sat there for a few seconds he says I have to digest this now. You see for the whole year that he was watching the hope channel in three A.B.N. he never made the connection. Maybe God protected him from that I don't know and then he said this he said Michael he says you have to understand this is a very difficult thing for me to swallow I am an Irish Catholic. And this is just who I am Jo said later that day if you ever go back to America tell the people there. About me. He says Tell them how it feels to be deceived for sixty six years is it just a misunderstanding or has the Seventh Day Adventist Church been called for such a time as this the authority of the Bible sola scriptura even though it has been given up by most mainstream Protestant organizations today and by the way that was the topic of sticks presentation that he was not able to give. The darkness of Protestantism after eight hundred forty four the authority of the Bible sold a script where it has been replaced in Protestantism with all kinds of other things. But today a Seventh Day Adventist do we still believe in the authority of the Bible. Do we believe that the Bible is authoritative in every aspect of life not just where it's convenient for us do we believe in the authority of the Bible when we speak about creation creation in six literal days. Not a very convenient view not a politically correct one in the world that we live in today but it is a Biblical view. And it is the one that the reformers stood by as well. Luther wrote copiously not only about prophecy but about history. The State of the dead do we believe in that today before I leave creation maybe I should mention one thing it's very interesting that the first angel's message right we read it earlier today the first angel's message began yes with the reference to creation. Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and the seas and all that is in them a direct quote by the way out of the Fourth Commandment is it coincidence that we have been called to give the three Angels' messages today. And that we are almost the only church in existence today that still affirms a literal sixty creation and has just revolted that in our recent fundamental beliefs tightening the language even further the state of the Dead which protects us from all kinds of things the prophetic movement that we have been called and that we have been even given a prophet to help us navigate the dangers of the times in which we live what a blessing those little red books are there not only one humble let it cool blessing to help us with our with our devotional life but they are an authoritative blessing because she is the prophet of God prophetess of God. The historic system to Perdition a prophecy that I just mentioned that pointed us for the first time to believe in a sanctuary where Jesus is serving as well as our High Priest what a complete antithesis to the system on this earth where thousands of priests offer transubstantiated communion or the mass every single day. Righteousness by faith righteousness by faith. By faith alone. We are not going to heaven because of our works we're going because of the faith that we have in Jesus and the merit of his blood a loan this is not what is taught. Today. And the Sabbath. Sometimes I think that we as a Seventh Day Adventist Church and I say this cautiously but sometimes I wonder that we as a seventy have his church haven't just simply boiled down everything to just the South do we understand the full picture this is not the full picture this is a few of our distinctives. But do we understand the full picture of who we are and what we've been called to do at this time can you give a Bible study on eight hundred forty four to your neighbor Do you understand what that means if you studied it carefully. I'm challenge myself with that too in the past. By the way Cliff Goldstein has a wonderful website eight hundred forty four Made Simple he's got the Power Point all there and you can work through that material he's got tons of resources there as well if you want to reengage in our prophetic heritage the Sabbath. You see the choices are is ours still today if we're going to stand for the truth that this church has been called up for. The seventh day sabbath the sign. Of what it will be when Jesus comes again I don't know about you. But I have a strong feeling it's not a feeling it's based on reason it's based on. The scriptures the prophetic word we are going to be facing some big issues in the future. This is just the background stuff that we've barely been hearing about but it's going to become more intense. And we will be tested for our faith. We're being tested for a faith right now every single day. Being tested in little ways. You know. To I buy and sell on the Sabbath is that not a big deal I mean after all you know Jesus will understand. It's not a big deal oh. We make other people pay for us or or buy things you know do it do we make other people work for us on the Sabbath that's not a such a big deal I mean I'm resting. And you read the Fourth Commandment either your man servant or your maidservant nor the stranger that is in your house. Wow. How far we have come sometimes I think. It is my prayer that we will go back to the Word of God. And that we will reform the fire selves with the Word of God That is the only thing Ellen White says that at the end of time scripture will be our only safeguard May we rest on scripture and await his soon coming let's be our heads for prayer as we close Heavenly Father. We're so thankful for your goodness you've given us your word which is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. May we not be in shrouded in darkness. May the word eliminate. Our way forward through these troubling times. May we be reflectors of the light of Jesus Christ. Who came into this world who died on the cross of Calvary so that we can. Have direct access to your throne through his ministry in our behalf right now this very moment. His prayers are mingled with our prayers. Oh Lord God take us away from ourselves and may we focus on Jesus the Word made flesh there is time for us to repent and reform today as well. The Reformation is never over. We are part of it today. And as we are here silently. Praying to you I just want to ask. Today this afternoon. That if our There are those here today as we are here with their eyes closed if there are those here today who want to stand up. In loving ways and yet in uncompromising ways to stand for truth. I ask that we would raise our right hands for that today. Lord God You see these hands before us. We are few the powers of this earth are great. But we serve Jesus Christ who says I have overcome the world. Even so Lord Jesus come quickly. Take us home. Where we will not have to face these trials and tribulations. I pray for our friend Dr Dobbs to. Be close to him right now. Do not let the devil get his way. Protect him your servant guide him. And thank you for this afternoon for yesterday we praise you in a precious. Bad this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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