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  • September 30, 2017
    5:00 PM
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We are going to be happy to answer questions from the audience today and so this is the time for you to express your questions oh OK we have one course we know we're being told that the protest is over and there can no longer be a Protestant church but we believe that the reformation not only has not ended but it is now finally said to be complete the reforming. Reshaping of God's character and his people. And Daniel eight it talks about twenty three hundred days then show the sanctuary be cleansed so I was wanted it to ask how do you see this concept that the Reformation is finally to be complete as being seeing and the cleansing of the sanctuary since Christ is there cleaning out the sins that his people continue to bring in is that question makes sense. Yeah let me tackle that because I had this discussion this morning with Gerard sticked So we were talking about this very issue and over breakfast so let's just share with you kind of what we were talking about with that. I think that it's it's clear from the Spirit of Prophecy and also from scripture that as there is a cleansing of the same sure that is taking place in heaven there will be a. Transforming. Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on God's people here at or on earth and that there will be a cleansing of God's people here we're living in the end to typical day of atonement what does that mean it means that during that time in ancient history if you know the type in ancient history that type was. The. The the time was one day of course but it was the time when people were extremely focused on their right. Setting before God. Everything that was superfluous was removed and they lived their lives humbly now as someone who has spent years and years living in Israel let me share with you something about this two. Yom Kippur War in Israel still today when Jews when Jews still celebrate you know I'm Kapoor. You know it was yesterday or is it today. Was Yesterday it was yesterday. OK Anyway when when people are still going through your poor in Israel it doesn't matter if they are religious Well it does but those who have grown up in religious homes and may not even believe anymore there are still of solemnity that goes about on that day that is very very serious I had a very close friend as well and I. Don't Tang's they were both professors at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem they both were very well known archaeologists and we were we were in their home often when we lived in Israel and Professor Don't touch on Moshi don't touch on her husband would become very very agitated and and very. Very anxious during Kapoor because of his state before the Lord. I think that there is something about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and I think there's also something about our sanctification process that needs to happen during these days that is very very significant as we move forward to the time of the end and as we move through the process and I think the Holy Spirit will pour out his his ability through the merits of Christ to accomplish that during the same time only through his power only through his power of course. Hello good evening have a Sabbath and I really appreciate the. Lectures today I was unable to come last night because I thought it was at a different time but anyways I made it in so one of the things that. I really appreciated was the fact that religion or theology was combined with an element of art which often times the two I think has more controversy in MITI then religion and science but anyways so the thinking about everything that I've heard and I kind of like receded I was thing in practically How can I like allow this to impact my life in really affect everything you know and so I came to the conclusion is to the question is going to be what do you think about my conclusion drawn the conclusion I came up with is that to really kind of embrace the art as a means to kind of. Share this message and the question is What do you think about that a in another question is. If the art was so pivotal or so. Not pivotal but if the usage of art. Hold on. If Martin Luther used the art right if Martin Luther used art and the Reformation rate should we write a seven eight Venters should we also use art should we also be embracing art. And yeah and so that So those are the questions so let me tell you something the history of our in the Protestant Reformation has had a sad history actually a lot of people blamed the Protestants because of the iconic lastic movement that came about right around that time by surveilling and that's the same. Car stopped. That they took everything that was in the church that had Mary and to be a sinful representation of the old church the old religion and so they went a little bit too far in destroying everything and believe it or not as we've seen and even some people have mentioned here the Jewish position and how do third didn't maybe take appropriate positions and then you have to remember these guys were making it on the go they they had studied and things were happening so Luther at first with art wasn't sure what to do with it either he wasn't sure if he should go with his colleagues but then later he he realizes no that's fanatical destroying art like that is is fanaticism and he kind of backs up and in and braces are so you will always have like the gentleman here next to me said when there's a reform some huge week eight to make this relevant we've just seen statues being destroyed just recently any time there's a a spirit of reform are kind of gets either not. Or or financial struggle art gets not supported or destroyed because it stands for something if you believe that art can stand for something then and then Luther also got this position became aware that it is. Necessary to use art because it's a form of communication that is the media at Lee understood it is powerful and they knew that people looking at the booklet I gave you would have mediately get it they would immediately get the rest were farmers message much more than studying all the Theo. So yes and YES and YES and YES and YES I want to chip in on this as well. It's very due to my hot. When I was I'd been assessed this is one aspect of the creation story I think that we have devalued. When God created man and in Genesis one what was the statement he said let us. Know and you know. And he says it twice now I'm not a Hebrew scalloped but I know this much about Hebrew it's more of a cavalry man into it was hard to emphasize things so if you want to emphasize something what did you do. You're a paid it so when God says twice. Three times action. You need God He created the Mylan female he created them what was God doing when he made that statement I'm going to make people who will like me. Wasn't he being the most creative that we have a record off. And then he say's he gonna be like me so by night we must bow eat creative and if we. Crimp or limit or attack creativity we're actually attacking one of the prime characteristics of God that he placed enough and it's the image that he wants to reflect I read a wonderful book about Christian creativity and he said we must reflect God our way preaching or prying studying the Bible but actually when we being creative because we reflect the Create is E M H In doing so now you might quibble with the biting but I like the sense that he wants to restore It's a living faith creativity as an essential reflection of the character of God Can I add one thing and this is something that has been written about many times before. But I just recently finished a commentary on The Book of Exodus and what's very interesting when you first deal with the sanctuary. Being built which is an expression of great architect architecture and art. The first time God ever pours out his Holy Spirit. On anyone mentioned in the Bible specifically it's on two artists that are responsible for creating the tabernacle sanctuary and its furnishings So God doesn't. God values art very highly he used the image of the sanctuary image of the sanctuary all through history to illustrate the plan of salvation. And that is the complete plan of salvation that we have been given as a church to still proclaim today as Jesus is and is in the heavenly sanctuary So art is powerful and you only have to look at what the last what is it ten years now it's the tenth anniversary of the i Phone right what are we what are we watching all the time what are we consumed with all the time. Often to our detriment because it can be used by both sides right media media media yes we need to use media for the church God created these ways these art forms we need to use them but of course it will be used by others as well as we saw in the Reformation counter-Reformation. My question is for Dr Renaud and for Dr hostle right here. Dr Renaud when you were telling us about the first book and the part about the recipe for chaos wherever we're all going to be able to interpret the Bible ourselves we're liable to get a lot of different interpretations and. It was supposed to be as the result of the Reformation that that would happen and then Dr hustle at the end I understood you to say that it wasn't as a result of the Reformation that it was you know the bankruptcy as it came from the result of historical critical scholarship. So I'm just trying to kind of put those two two together if. If a lot of people hadn't gone the way of historical critical scholarship could the Reformation have not resulted in the chaos that was described in the book if they had followed you know certain principles of biblical interpretation or do you think it's valid that that it just had to be that way because of the Protestant Reformation. I'll have a stab at that first since I was mentioned first. There's no doubt about the accuracy of the issues that historical criticism have have brought to an understanding the bottom one night live on the mind of dismantle you know it's seriously problematic to be honest Protestantism was tearing itself apart. A long time before that and Protestantism has helped spin off I mean tension only has helped spin off movements loike. You know the Enlightenment the French philosopher has. Created opportunities for people to rethink to question and to doubt. Quite honestly that's the case I'm not happy thoughts consequences I'm not endorsing them. It's just what happens when I go it. Loves Us I much that he gives us freedom of choice. Even though he knows he has seen full nature will frequently distort it the only alternative to that is a dictatorship where we're not allowed to do it and so I wall the Reformation has unleashed forces that we now see if being destructive that threaten the very foundations of Protestantism of true faith at the same time we've got to see it's been longer media you know maybe is overwhelmingly problematic and damaging should we abandon that never touch it no we should use its power to speak truthfully into the world. I think one of the reasons for so many Protestant ideas is because sometimes we cling to ideas that we had before. Let me explain. There's a there's a great chasm between Martin Luther's view of the Eucharist and all regs of English view why I think there's a good explanation. When Luther was first ordained as a priest he had it drummed into him. You are handling the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and he almost had a nervous breakdown he couldn't bear the thought that he was handling the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ but that was such a traumatic thing for him that even though he threw off most of much of Roman ism. He couldn't part with the idea even though he did away with transubstantiation he couldn't part with the idea that. This was the literal body and blood of Jesus Christ and a lot of people you know they read the Bible but as used to Gonzales says when we read the just show live by faith we read it through Luther size you know he says you know rather than reading the Bible fresh we read it through the the eyes of the theologians we're familiar with. So I think that's part of the problem. Let me go out on a limb now. When I was teaching Bible doctrines one hundred years ago. Actually was when I was teaching denominational history about five hundred years ago. One of the students said why did God let the Great Depression the great disappointment happen and I suggested that maybe it was to shake us out of our preconceptions and to be able to look at the scripture of the new now they didn't do that completely thus we have anti Trinitarians among our early members among our early leaders because these people have been raised in the Christian connection church that denied the Trinity and so you know they went with what they thought they sow so I'm thinking you know that conditioning has got a lot to do with it in our desires have a lot to do with it OK. I think you know history is very complex and there's a lot of different factors at play. You have you have. You know a period of Protestantism and we see this also as we as we look at. The seven churches of Revelation as we go through the seven churches we come to a period of history where we're Protestantism is already taken place but where there's a lot of internal conflict we see this prophetically as well you know why would why would why would my length on at his death say finally I can escape the rage of the theologians. You know a poor guy I mean he was he was he was just you know overcome with this with this battle between Catholicism and Protestantism and then within Protestantism there was this as well and I think part of that is the human nature and again you know truth and understanding is something we have a tremendous perspective today because we can look back and we're standing on the shoulders of many others that have come before us but we have to understand that this is a progressive thing that. We're truth doesn't contradict what happened in the past or what happens in the past but it is an unfolding of truth is an unfolding of something that continues to to blossom as we are rooted in scripture so I think you know the same question could be asked of the early of the Jews at the time of Christ they had it all they had the sanctuary message they had the plan of salvation in front of their very eyes all of these years and yet their own traditions came in the way of them truly seeing with fresh eyes as as as Dennis had said so I think in a large part we too. Have to humble ourselves and allow scripture to really impact. What we are saying in. What we are believing one of the reasons that my Langton had such trouble. Was because he began. To grow in his spiritual understanding beyond where Martin Luther had been and in some of those things he was right but the Orthodox Lutherans were angry with him because that's not what Brother Martin said. I want to thank you first of all for having this panel and having us all here talking about the Reformation because this is a super important topic and so thank all of you I think all of you for coming in and answering our questions. And I saw a theme developing in your responses to the last question that kind of leads well into mine talking about looking at the Bible with fresh eyes and not letting the way theologians in the past have you the Bible sorting that So this is my question it pertains to the relationship between the doctrine of sola scriptura and Ellen White this might sound kind of direct but it I'm just being direct because I think this is a really important issue and I would like to understand it better my question about this is twofold firstly I want to ask about the inspiration of Ellen White most I'm just maintain that Mrs Wright enjoyed the same quality of inspiration as the authors of the Bible you know we also say that her writings are not Scripture and they are not canonical So first of all I'd just like clarification as to what makes how that distinction makes a difference as to how we approach her writings and lastly glowing from the previous thought if we maintain that Mrs White enjoyed the same quality of inspiration as the biblical authors and that she is therefore infallible how can we claim to search the Scriptures with new eyes or objective really without her influence because if she isn't infallible profit and she can't be wrong on issues of doctrine it seems to me that we are some kind of bound to her interpretation of Scripture because we don't want to put God against God or Gods word against God's word as inspiration against his inspiration but then that seems to me that we can't rely on scripture alone because then we're forced to try and harmonize the two if we see contradictions or we have to chastise those in the church if they stray from her interpretation of a teaching even if their interpretation is just coming from the Bible so in short can Ellen White be wrong in her interpretation of Scripture and if she can't be then what is the difference between her writings and scripture and how does treating her writings as an follow. Yet denying them to Scripture how does it not negate sola scriptura that is a very big. But. And you'd like an answer just a couple of minutes OK yeah you could see if you could answer me in like ten words or last I'd be great. No worries might as we saw you know strata. Let me take a shot at that. We find in the Bible that there were both canonical and non-canonical prophets. Prophets who are genuine prophets wrote nothing left nothing for us so we know already in the Old Testament that. Inspiration is not limited to canonical prophets we see that also in the New Testament when the gift of prophecy is handed out the Holy Spirit gives the gift of prophecy and in First Corinthians fourteen were encouraged to seek that gift most of the gifts were not asked to seek but we wait for the Holy Spirt we stow them but. Especially he says Seek prophecy. Prophecy is often misunderstood. Prophecy is primarily not for telling the future but forth telling speaking for God and. Those who did the foretelling were often called Seniors could see into the future but most prophets were not see yours most prophets were simply prophets who could speak for God and many non-canonical prophets have spoken for God both in the Old Testament period as well as in the new. We have statements in Scripture prophets sighing that the gift of prophecy would be manifest in the last days Revelation twelve seventeen and it's a companion tax we've known as key text for a long time and so we understand that. You don't have to be. Prophetic or kind of comical prophet in order to have God speak through you and I think all of us need to be prophets in that broader sense that the New Testament uses as a proclamation of truth rock proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world proclaiming the good news of the Gospel that's prophecy but to answer your question a little more directly now. I believe that Ellen White was a genuine prophet but a non-canonical prophet if she was a genuine prophet then what she said was true because one of the tests of prophecy in scripture was what they say. Must match up with the previous prophets first Corinthians Chapter fourteen says that. Prophets must be in harmony with prophets and. We know that. What they say most must come true and so we have to pass in other words that have been applied and I think Alan White has met those tests and we can have. Confidence in her but that doesn't make it Scripture. I see her as a non-canonical prophet who has truth to offer kind of supplement scripture but it's not scripture it's not canonical scripture is a closed canon we don't book. Scripture and so I think we can have confidence in what shared with us and it becomes kind of. An inspired commentary on scripture alternately at scripture The determine is truth and Ellen widest tested by Scripture and. In one of her final sermons. Ellen White held up the Bible. And said that this is what we need to focus on she was all of her life pointing to the Bible not away from the Bible. I think we often confuse two concepts. The non-canonical prophets we can ask questions about the quality of their inspiration the inspiration of God isn't doled out in first second and third class doses it's it's the inspiration of God What differs is not the quality of the inspiration but the role that prophet is called to by God and those roles differ and I want was very clear on her role she had a prophetic ministry to this church it was very clear it was a leading voice but when it came to the Bible she was very definite she was the less a lot pointing to the Great a lot so yes I read her read her say that we go back to the wood. When you're looking at these things again going back to historical things do you remember when Jesus died the disciples were there were extremely confused they were probably worse than the great disappointment I mean they probably were shattered that it was bad but at that time they were praying and Christ revealed Himself to them and then later they received the gifts of speaking in tongues there are times in history where there is that's why I started my lecture with there is a time for everything because there is a time in history where there is an increase in desire for understanding things we should have that desire all the time but because of something that has just happened God comes to rescue he never leaves us he never leaves us completely out in the dark he has always historically again and again sent prophets at the rank time when everybody is thinking what to do now then there is something there to rescue his people so I praise the Lord and I'm glad you asked that question because I think I didn't know this but I took a class with him in the seminary professor fable The church is open to the gifts of prophecy still were open to that these there are people always sending letters of some kind of vision that they've received to the B R I and they sincerely look at them and they have to always compare to the Bible and and make sure you know well what do we do with this so it's always the Bible the Bible is the measuring rod and then if it it's the timing with Ellen White was necessary to help the church as well. Yes. Well. I. I spent fifty years or forty of it anyway in the publishing work and my question is coming from that context. The book that Goldstein wrote eight hundred forty four made simple as a young boy I was told by young by pastors when I was young you really can't understand eight hundred forty four and so they stayed away from it but it's been such a blessing to see that just not only you know well discussed but well verified from the Scriptures and even on our our television networks and things my question is this. As a publishing man many times I've been in front of pastors of other denomination and influential people who've sent that you know we're to blame for the great disappointment of eight hundred forty four you know you guys. And I have always defended myself with saying hey look we didn't start that you guys did it started in the Baptist Church the Methodist church and I said and I've found when I come back and and their profit was what at least twenty years after before we became a done nomination even though Alan White and Miller were involved in it what I'd like to hear from from you guys is. Am I off base dating it that way or is there some legitimacy in it are are you let me restate the question are we are you off base in saying that the great disappointment happened before the Seventh Day Adventist Church came into existence no no and it's its words I realize I agree that it's God called the seven they had ministered to proclaim this message I don't have a problem with that but I think we short circuit ourselves when we take. That it's our message it's a biblical message the great disappointment come out of Daniel and so it's it's in the scriptures and. And I don't think our When I was just recently here in Ringgold we had a church whole week where we had a booth at the county fair and on Sabbath I just decided to go volunteer instead of come to church and I had a lot of pastors come by and I tried to stimulate conversation and I bring this up and I said you guys blame us because this community I've worked here for what twenty years as a call for this community a lot of it still believes that we're caught and so by breaking that down I show them that they started and Bicester she going back and showing that there they had it we studied it out and found out that it was scriptural we have something to share with them. And I'm messing you up. Seventh Day Adventists ism was a reform movement that wasn't a new movement in the sense that we were making up new stuff it was restoring Apostolate teaching that's already found in the Bible so I think what you're saying is true it was already there but it wasn't being picked up on. Even the reformers didn't pick up on many of the of the biblical doctrines they came back slowly and after eight hundred forty four. I remind my students from time to time that God didn't call Ellen White as a Seventh Day Adventist. She had been kicked out of the Methodist church that God was looking for somebody who would who would help to restore the the biblical MacIt to the world and this young girl seventeen years old was the only one apparently willing to respond to the call and the Seventh Day Adventist Church came out of that years later. Almost twenty years later so. I would have to agree with you that Seventh Day Adventists ism is simply the mass it is that God was trying to bring to the world and when enough people got together that could agree on that message they. Eventually formed a church. I think it points out something else with that's really interesting and that is we recognize today our founding think is one half wrote a great disappointment come about because I had the wrought idea and applied it in the wrong why. Can we it Mitt. That we might a mistake. And then having made the mistake we went back to the wood and we investigated it. And I guess this comes back to something our city Martok confidence in the wood city in the wood and humility in our understanding of it because we still haven't got everything right you know are we human with fallible that's why we need revelation that's why the Word of God of star precious because it comes from out sort of a off thinking and tells us things we would never figure out on our own and I think that's a perfect example of a good approach to the bauble I seized on something I went with we've all a hot with only conviction I found out that I only Hoffer a lot so what did I do will some people packed up and went home but other people said let's correct the mistake let's go back to the wood and that should be our approach to die I think we ought to be proud of it that we had the humility to cite we got it wrong let's go back to the wood. So I have a question. That's so. I saw a sly that you put up about how the creed. You know this is the one about it and so I have here I know you we don't believe in the Creed because the. Change as you have been edited but. Why do we hold then that's we that's when the able eaves accountable for members and they can be baptized members on those they agree to those. Is that then consider a career without being called the Creed because it could change or what do we call it then yes. It would be else. I mean you're pointing out the delicate dance that we take as Adventists we do need to be clear about what we believe we do need to be able to say this is what we stand for and at the same time as Adventists we're terribly aware of where other denominations have gone off the rails by setting their beliefs in concrete and in crucifying anyone who differs we recognize that. They are put the cart up we recognize that we may see things clearer we may find better words to say what we believe we are a movement we're not fixed because we're led by the Holy Spirit. So to cite to somebody this is our best expression of faith do you agree I think is a perfectly legitimate process. But we also need to keep in tension the fact that we are humans trying to understand the divine will and that is progressive. I may have missed this in your presentation but I didn't hear you mention anything about the E.C. T. He evangelicals and Catholics together I don't know just how long it has been since this was a stablished but fairly recently anyway and I also understand that the World Council of Churches has just recently met. And I'm wondering if perchance there has been a lot going on that we haven't. Been made aware of that that. Perhaps at this five hundred anniversary coming up the thirty first of this next month. We might see something rather significant or startling that will be announced to us I think there has been a lot going on behind the scenes that we have no idea about and I just wonder what your opinion or or your scholarly information might be on this. Thank you the document you're referring to have a job holes and Catholics together I think was signed in the early ninety's in the mistaken ninety two or something like that. And certainly that was a step forward I think we're seeing. What I was trying to present today was that in the last year or two we've been seeing. Monumental unprecedented moves that we haven't seen as I said in twelve hundred nine hundred years as as as as ecumenism is taking a whole new shape in a whole new form I don't remember ever hearing in the news. A sitting United States president in his first overseas trip has as his primary goal to unite the three major world religions most Islam Judaism and Christianity I've never heard that in my life before maybe I'm wrong maybe others have heard that before I have and. So we're seeing things that are out in the open. You know after after the let's go back to Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul the second in the fall of communism that came out after it happened. We're seeing things now out in the open announced before it happens and as missions and trips and things are taking place. So I think you're right I think there's a lot more happening behind the scenes that we may not be aware of but we are becoming increasingly aware at least in my view of what I've been watching over the years we've become increasingly aware of movements and. And. Changes taking place that are unprecedented in in our history as far as as far as I can see so I don't know what's going to happen this next month. It hasn't been announced what will happen we only anticipate and wonder with what has been taking place there's been I think some setbacks as I mentioned the ecumenical meeting between the Eastern Orthodox churches in Crete this last summer in June did not have all members of those various churches present there so that was a setback there have been other setbacks that I think Dr Petit bone mentioned in terms of the one thousand nine hundred ninety nine document the joist joint declaration where the Catholic Church has kind of withdrawn a little bit and you know there's this back and forth and yet there's this movement forward and one thing that I've learned is. I think in history that we've learned the Catholic Church has one thing on its on its side time. It's moving steadily towards a goal has time at least they think they have all the time in the world maybe they don't but you know they they're working they're working there's no question about it and and we're seeing an unprecedented movement in the last two years towards this anniversary that I think I think can have some some implications for us in the future definitely the document event of a cause and Catholics together had as its primary purpose uniting for purpose of a political agenda and as Dr Hauser mentioned earlier the Catholic Church very much would like the United States and other countries to put into law a Catholic dogma. And and and so all of. The religious right actually was activated by a couple of Catholic politicians who decided to use. Protestants and as there are as their agents their pawns to accomplish getting some of the Catholic agenda on the law books of the United States I'm fascinated us in Australian Story to as an Australian coming here and to see the religious right. Who are active and aggressive. And so you must Christians be terribly high the secular left when prophesy tells us it's a religious lot. They are the ones we need to be scared of. You know the Landmark based according I've been to interpretation as. You know out of states apostate Protestantism you know and and yet. There are sayat R.C. A lot of Adventists who are launching up with the religious right out of fear of the loony left. Well any left as the loony left but let's not be so scared of driving off the edge of one cliff that we drive off the edge of the other one. Just one more thing I don't know how many of you knew this I didn't revealing my but there's so many pieces of the puzzle coming together right now but there was one piece of the puzzle that really king hit me the other time when we go to Israel a lot due to archaeology so a lot is happening there and there I didn't know this but a Muslim wants an attack he was a taxi driver he said we believe Jesus is coming back to. Think OK I said So you know what what will that what will happen he said well the hour the way it's going to happen is Jesus course he he's not going to be the Son of God but he's the messiah either the Prophet Jesus is going to come and he will come and open the gates of Jerusalem that have been closed for thousands of years it's. Called the Golden Gate and when that gate is open he will judge people and the righteous will go up in the other in the non righteous will go down and I said Will thinking false Christ I'm thinking well what if we don't believe that this person is Jesus he says then they should be persecuted in Hill but that would be me. So there's a lot happening there is the dispensation lest that are actually joining with the Jews in making furniture to rebuild the Temple and there are Jews constantly protesting in the temple mount I see this every summer and then there's the Moslems thinking Jesus is coming and the Messiah is still to come to the Jews me and if the false Christ comes it's going to bring it all together and there's going to be Muslims believing it in Jews believing in Christians and Catholics and then all of a sudden we're going to be this small little group saying we have a problem with that it's definitely a flood that we're going to have to be ready to withstand. I'd like to thank all of you for this and somehow I wish the spire that you got going this weekend and into a fire I don't know how his name was not mentioned at all this weekend but Francis Schaffer has been called by many the Martin Luther of the twentieth century and somehow if where we're talking about any anniversary let me tell you that man foresaw abortions by the millions he fought for saw her euthanasia and we've got States now that let older people hold their own core he saw what was happening and I just in the our world in our church forgive me I'm an artist at thirteen I had scholarships set at at music schools in Houston it's a college but all my professors were homosexuals my three pianists teacher I went from one and I said Dad is this what music does to you I got to quit and then. Forgive me he graduated number one and three in the nation as a physician you know he told me how it happened but I want to say that as a church. Are can be used by God or the Devil Music can be used to bring us right into the sanctuary where the back of my hair will stand up or it can be. A discotheque music where my pelvis wants to move I'm sad you're Tori but that's where Elvis Pelvis came along but I want to say that we need to realize that we're in a great counter verse for good or evil that Jesus is the head of one side and Lucifer is the head of the other and I thought today for the first time this is a new expression for me and I I just read or like you guys are the Bible says that Jesus is the same what. The Catholic church by its own doctrine of infallibility has made this saying stand on her doctrines she's the same as she was she asked her day to day and forever and I could give you a this list in the years they came Mrs White says the the red liqueur in the horror of babbling should be articulated the errors of the civs in Catholicism in the years they come you gave us nine or ten there's a good twenty of them she'll never change from those because they're in X. cathedral they're in the Magisterium and she couldn't keep herself so folks we're in in a crisis in our church. In our country and in the world we need a new Pentecost we need to be saved again and again and and be baptized by the Holy Spirit because we're going in as you mentioned Dr hostle I think it's is it your father or uncle. That was at the seminary. One of my favorite professors It's hard to get from your dad in the book that. One. Hot less annoying to trance generational we need a new revival in reformation in our church as we never have before so help us God let me get on that way just started I want to say something new sick art like we all know can be used for the good in the bad but they are the art they are the language of spirit and emotion. And they they can enhance the intellect but the opposite can happen too if you're just looking at emotion and art in visual and you're not feeding your mind with the Word of God you're out you're going to have the rug pulled from under you because emotionally you will be ready but intellectually you will not how know how to answer to the questions that we're going to be facing we need to bring this to a close real soon is there anyone right now who's waiting to speak. On Mark OK. I have DR HALL So for archaeology and I was just asking specifically as a young person like how can I be young people get interested in these topics because sadly many of us as young people don't have. Understanding of it or interest in it so hope can we as young people get involved since it's like we're the future of the church so how. How can we pass the baton to the young people is that a question for me or everybody probably everybody. Well since you mention my name I'll start. We're having this conference here at Southern Methodist University because we want the young people involved we want them to catch a vision of why we're here and where we're going in we need that today. And. As a father as a parent as a teacher as a professor here. I don't believe the future is in your hands I believe the church now is in your hands and we have lost too many generations of young people. In the last twenty thirty years that have not understood why we're here that have wrestled when I was in college I watched my friends. For various reasons not fully understand and grasp what all of this was about and. So every single generation we talked about revival and reformation every single generation needs to have that living. New born again experience with Jesus Christ. And when you are directed by the Word of God And when you have burst yourself in the Word of God and are not distracted by all the distractions that we have around us and we have many of them and we have to deal with those as adults as well. God will place in your hearts a vision of His purpose for you in your lives and he will set you on a course to do that whatever that vision is and wherever that vision will lead so. I had a young person this morning after the morning services were finished say Dr Oziel Why can't we have this at chapel at convocation. So while that's not up for me that's not up to me I don't make those arrangements I'm I'm an officer with A.T.F. So we made it here but we're having it on this campus because we need to we need to point all of us regardless of whatever age we are we need to the point to Scriptures and the foundations that is what drove the Reformation and that's what's going to drive the Reformation that needs to continue today as a historian I'm very much aware that every generation is convinced the generation below them is lost the plot. But I want to say that more contact with your generation as a university professor in Australia and here I am really encouraged. I'm not saying that we have no problem. We need to work as hard as we can. With your generation. But I am deeply deeply encouraged by the level of commitment of Arcee in the young people today at universities. They pieing fails in something else ns of dollars when I could go in a strike that I could go to a state university free. Why are they doing that because they have a commitment. Commitment to this church to a special role at the end of time to its beliefs to its mission I just want to affirm young people we often buy she was up. Some things we need to bash you up. Generally speaking bashing up doesn't work terribly well. But I really want to affirm your generation because I think R.C. Sam much energy and commitment and passion are the things that. We need to bring this to a conclusion let stand for the benediction there Lord we thank you for the message has that we've heard today. We pray that each one of us will be led by the Holy Spirit to do our. Getting ready for Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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