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Give Me This Mountain- Part 1

Randy Skeete
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Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.


  • October 7, 2017
    9:45 AM
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This media has been presented to you by the Marilyn many think men are challenged and encouraged the character of Christ more information please visit where. I also myself to you as an instrument it was to me as you will of God I will not resist cleanse my heart from sin and gives me the words to speak to God that season and when you love. All you this are to use the instruments of salvation and message me blessed by the words you give to me. Thank you for sanity thank you for the knowledge of the truth. And in our I pray interests name. This morning seminar resolves around also with the next one. And I was given the title of the long arm of the law. What I said in the long arm of the law gold. Is the second book of the Bible and by the way when I read I read from the King James Version of the Bible when I was fortunate I was fine but if I ask you to read it with me all it really is you have the King James version so we don't have the Tower of Babel in this place all right what did I say and what. We read some. Well say some story and most serious went up under God and a lot of them out of the mountain the same. Said to the house of Jacob and tell the children of Israel what you have seen what I did under the Egyptians and I was very all eagle's wings and promise you all to myself now for this new year. They're my voice indeed and keep my covenant was the next word variant but then it. Suggests in that passage if you will all be my voice in the. END TO MY covenant fairly You shall me what a peculiar treasure under me are all the people all the earth and our God has by the way. And those that are closest to God are those who keep the commandments. But God if he will be indeed and keep my covenant then he shall be a peculiar treasure and to me what is the condition of ministry would well be. Obedience was the condition of the way God called it a slice out of Egypt they were not a mission they were just descendants of Abraham and God had made a promise to Abraham there were not a nation and they were just descendants of Abraham and because they were in Abram descendants there were not special people but not a nation alike right God call them and incorporate them as the search and the next journey under the government. So God is saying if you will be me you'll be a special mission above every body else. There are you know God came down in force sixteen in chapter nineteen and in twenty the Ten Commandments let us take a look at the manifest that came with the descent of the lot less resource sixteen of Exodus nineteen and it came to pass on the third day in the morning that they will. End like this and. The amount of the trumpet and the little are sort of all the people that were in the camp the first. All together on a boat because the water descended upon it in water. As a sort of. First all around Great Britain let's see what were the manifestations as we talk about the long arm of the last sixteen and it came to pass on the third in the morning that there was what brings us one manifestation what's the next one like things what's the next one cloud what's the next want allowed. And in First it is what we have. What is given another word about a mountain from. So here there are some verses like meanings cloud the loud noise. All of these were associated with the coming of the last god. Now keep in mind first forget let's go to the first floor unless the reader microscopical it but if I am forced. To have my version of what I did under the Egyptian stuff what it does not mean. What it in. The Red Sea but before the rest. Of the place not every play was a manifestation of what. Lost power so lawless that let me use. Matter. Of my power. They didn't run they didn't. They didn't tell me to because as we speak we're dead. Now what we're now is that it. Seemed the holiness of God as represented in the coming of the. God. Was the reason. For the. When God appeared in a burning bush was this and I like this no. We're not part of the Red Sea No was God's presence was a minister kind of was in a cloud the Bill of. Bread came from heaven to the power of God What is the power of God but not of God is bringing down. The. Light. Not his. And. That's. What the title. Run all the resolution. Hundreds of years. Because you. Really think over the centuries. Let's listen first for our something. And I was trying to suppress what should be one of the features of our preaching which is the last god along with the status of course of Jesus Christ they cannot be separated revelations for reading some verses. Around about an astronomer or four and twenty. And twenty L. the sit in. Y. tremble and they had on their heads. Reversed. Out of the. Magnets come on air and. Start sound like. It sounds like Exodus and I didn't. Know. When God told Moses to build a tavern Akhil Where was the last place. In the Ark where was the our. Mercy seat cover they are and what does that represent. God. So when God sat on the strong symbolically what prompted this from. The law. Listen carefully listen microscopically God The law is found in God's kingdom is sounding. And that was this prayer and so he is alive when he called them out to incorporate them as a nation and the church. He just gave them the law. And so revelations for we looking at the rules God. And what they were like things and. The identical manifestations that he saw where God came down. To be clear in other words he comes. First the resolution. Revelation eight this recent first one. Reader if you have my version what is this. And when you open the seventh seal if there was no heaven it's not a space has an hour here we don't and I sort of settle into also. I don't tell them we're given a bottle of seven trumpets verse three and another is your table so that they also have a wad of all the security there was given here while much in medicine also it was the prayers of. Which was. The End which came with the prayers of some of that muscle God out of the. Out. In Force three is the last word of verse. Where are we looking then. At least. This is just what. This intercession going on. Now listen to. Was a search and the any sort of the same search will it was fire of the altar and cast it's where intercession is finished. With. And there will come on Sunday some on come on anniversaries that's what I do or. We have the last lot of good. And then now this is in forty four we're looking at. The last. Let's go to Revelation. Revelation and. You have that. Let's reverse nineteen. Really Amber our temple of God was in heaven. There were similar temples the ark as it is. There were like a nice area. Around. The temp the remaining. Knuckle. Under which trumpet. The Seventh Trumpet now. How far does that take us. To the Amazon and beyond. Which mean God. Is in force all the we. Are you following me are you still in the scriptures. All the way through about. Twenty six. Genesis twenty six. Let's reverse. Of Genesis twenty six. This is a personal testimony about the life of Abraham and the testimony is not given by. Torah concubine in the car it is given by God himself can you say a man wearing a lot of can testify to the quality of your life. And. Let him leaven horse for by faith able also to God. Sacrifice and care and my Which you have to live with that he was right just God testifying of his new. God to witness to the righteousness of Abel. The first five by saying this is the reason and all this OK end of course translated that he said not. And was not found because God had translated him for this translation he has this testimony that he pleases God who gives a testimony to God and. This is just that aggression but let me stay with it my brothers. Yes it's important what you I think yes. It's important what you do so many members family members think this is what you want your neighbor. But what does absolutely important is what God said. In the times of a flood Genesis seven first one of my most There's a lot said and a lot comes out and all right house into the ark was enough for. What was Christ accused of being a block. Away. He said he was mad he was demon possessed what humanity said no God says this is my beloved Son So just for me. So ultimately it is what people think. God. Ever saw God Although it's easy only have I been right. And so we go back to Resolution eleven my demon and the temple of God in heaven and they were still a temple the archivists Testament and they were like me and. And. An earthquake and great hail the press and the manifestation of the presence of God extending all the way now look at Abraham Let's go back to Genesis twenty six read about the testimony from God What does this say. Because that Abraham. My car. This is was for. A paragraph to. This man had kept the last god. As given to. But there's Adam after his fall preserved by law and observed by Abraham and there would have been no need for the ordinance of circumcision. And if the descendants of Abraham had kept to the covenant of what circumcision was assigned there were enough box and I don't. Know why that wouldn't have been necessary for them to. Bondage in Egypt. They became splinters because there's a link there would have probably a God The gods were in mind and it would have been in order for it to be preclear from Sinai or any great upon it it was a stone. That the people had practiced the principles of the Ten Commandments there would have been no need for the additional directions given to. What are the directions given to Moses what we call them statutes judgments. All that stuff they had to be given because the people would not keep what God really wanted the Ten Commandments if that had kept God given to Adam after his fall which means my ass to not even have it before but it didn't. Did it was natural to who he was because I was serious when there was a rebellion in heaven and the surprise there was. There albeit. It came to them as a great awakening there's a lot you know we can all know what to tell a woman there's a law. That out of natural law and so if a man had kept the commandments of God as given to Adam. Preserves by and ever served by Abraham there would have been or need for the ordinance of circumcision. And if the descendants of Abraham had kept the covenant with circumcision. They would never do. Neither would it have been necessary for them to. Bondage in Egypt they would have a beard God's Law in my style they would have been in order to me proclaimed I Why did God have to come down to his law is this a big. And a matter of fact. These rights were Egypt. And was this new. So when God called Moses Moses said next. Behold when I come to the turn of this trial of any of them the God of your father here to you and me what was his name. Elouise said he had almost completely forgotten God etc Just. So Moses needle there would need a name course. That's how badly the law got a blister on the minds of people so when. The law of God. Is central to God working in the lives of humanity. Carefully to the words of the wise man. This twelve let's research and fourteen. You have let. Me ask this. What of the nickname if you have the pretty earth who is the father. Who is this father. Or better to be honest. It really asks this twelve fourteen are you there. Really is really what to say let us hear the conclusion of the. Solomon writing as an old man. Here taking the whole nation into God he had less love there are some who believe in the homosexuality he just drew from God Now we can use the right model and give us a past life and. Let me tell you something this is the norm. Here's what it boils down to. A God and he was commandment. As well. Now let's think microscopically the long arm of the law. What do you understand by all duty as a bad. Thing God requires. Some how some got so much my words. In a low are you follow me or you stupid your eyes will err let me put it again to you S. restrain God requires. Contained in the law. Now we just. Because the Bible says that commandment. But I'm sure you have brought a little Bible shows or brought this not only is the law the whole duty of man it's the whole do you think. What are some. Let me put you on the spot has anyone said Lord put your words in that man's mouth as they will play their pray ask you to do it OK God bless you God bless you with the rest of your brothers I'm holding back and also get me or I reversed twenty but if I'm going to say Melanie was a Bible Saint. Best the Lord. That Excel is Frank's keep reading that. Mammals come on Heart think of this word the Bible says. Do God's commandments. Which means that before Adam was made. It was obeying the law. Think was the lesser of creation. What made understanding quickly. Now listen to what the Bible says. Genesis two seventy and I look around me as a lot more to grow the presence of the sight and good the story of life also the most of the garden and the story of knowledge as good a missile Now the Bible says on the third day trees remain including the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. That's why so Adam was made. Now which really is then there was evil. And then there was evil in the universe. And initiated by. All or are there a misdemeanor at least so sitter was around when God made Adam and Eve this advice in the end was one of them of this being what I'm trying to tell you what is this why was. The only way to. My little. Are you with me. So we have the law existed long before Adam was late but I want to take the law. In this respect the system and. One of the I saw the. Start. What is the relationship between Christ and God. Father and Son. OK. If you had I mean most people are it's OK. Thank you for permission for as long as God and Christ has existed one has been father since my word one has been. In that relationship there has always been while. The son has always ready the one. Who is joining me now. Are you not with it in your good looking but you know. The law as the father and has existed which is from eternity. Has rendered the initial interest and obedience to the father you know the in-group. The mystery. So on and I saw that. In the relationship between Christ and the first. Now let's sum up the two commandments Mark twelve twenty and one of the scribes and having heard the reasoning together and perceiving that he answered them well I asked him which is the first amendment vote and Jesus answered him and the source of all the commandments is there or is the Lord our God is ONE Lord himself shall love the law thank God with all the heart. With all my mind with all my strength commandment and the second is like namely that. There is not a commandment greater than this OK and that's to God love your neighbor. Christ all the. Time all the law and the prophets now. Love is. The law. Is first. Love is not no it's not God So God is the last. In first John four sixteen God. This has always been expressed in the principles of. Also use the word principles this is what many of them in there were doing but the subs principle. Which is dependence. And trust. Me. There was no settled this principle as do all of us their beloved there's been a lot of God. In the form that I'm solid beings could understand are you with me. I want you to see the law of God as exists in as long as God. And we call upon as a church to preach the commands of God. I'll tell you something else about the value and the end of the field in which God holds the command. Quickly what's acceptable known for. What's acceptable also. For some assistance. What did God tell all to destroy or all the A Malakai So yes he brought back to gag the King and some sat looking OK I want us to listen microscopically the first time if you. As a matter of fact let's pray again their god. Is a meal in a week with such a heavy heavy subject as I try to emphasize your. Connected to Christ give me simplicity of language to God because your servant always says we are simplicity our power is gone give me a language. My brothers enlightenment continue to bless the other presenters to God in Jesus name I pray it a man or. Whatever So we just read. What we were. Forced to resource and assist in twenty two or read it or is it. Samuel said while absolute in all just as great delight in Burnt Offerings sacrifice as in all being. A thing but also there may be a sin here. Oh yes there are all kinds of. Want to distract you but let me put two things up there. You can see. Or listen again what Imus said Tell me quickly. We have to ask the Lord and rely in a while so we have also. Maybe God. We have. Has a lot of really light in verse circumcise and all strange as in what color they will. All Be or doesn't last as this is lost now we have to think now listen to the words of the first carefully. Pretend you think the example. Half of the Lord. As great. Then. Here you have two sons Well let's make a biblical dicom has two boys I say has to name some object come didn't I certainly didn't have as great love for Jacobs as you have to know his riddle of course for the rest of us from Rebecca's point of view did remember to have a riddle also Jacob the. Last Great Jacob and I so love him although not all these are two sons. And there's the Bible the Lord let me see I delight in this. What is it as great as delight in. The. Smallest reverse merely ask the Lord as great delight in were offering sacrifices as in all being the voice of the Lord my most saying If God is saying I don't. Know this. Now please tell me it was me. You know are you following the far right God First this doesn't. So as it boils down to one he would then. That's committing Let's start again to ask the Lord is really like him but also some sacrifices voice of the Lord Rennard carefully microscopically all. To obey. God says this. Is written. Let's go back to Mark twelve. Mark twelve. Let's reverse thirty two Jesus there's not a command grid and thirty two and a scribe seven A Well all of that. But there's one God there's not a but he. And he loves them with all the what part with all the understanding and with all the salt but all the strength and to love his neighbor as themselves is what Nicole how you read it for me it was a lot. All come by. Now are. There some sacrifices burnt offering. Meat offering. Peace offering still offering trespass offering thank God for a drink but the size major ones were burnt meat. And aside the single most important one was burnt offering to. Resume the mercy of God that he presented what is a living sacrifice and what. When it all came out of the our own genesis day twenty twenty one. Burnt Offerings on the altar where God All Abraham signaled I started I don't know and get the into the land of I'm also in there for our burden of mystery is offering him also it must have been a burnt offering. The very first offering describe the Leviticus is a burnt offering. And so the birds can. Because God didn't have to come. That's why Christ is represented by the the bull that never carried and you looked there was never any obligation on Christ to come and listen call of an obligation now. This Christ said this love lot obedience loves God is on religious love God to obey him is better than. Burnt Offerings and. By. Now here's where you want to take a deep breath. Including with sacrifice. This is more valuable than what sacrifices. Were all of them willing to. Almost think Wisconsin and even when you're wrong are you with me. Getting it also. Says it is better than all that's what a bible says to me what. There will be there what are there not a little if this had been are you was meant to are no you're not with. It it. Is you so if this is more important then God for sin because this is the result of certain. Now let's look at the longevity of. The Sun. Always a little. Listen to this on Earth John it when I am and then he'd have sent me is with me the father has not left me alone I do all. The things that please him. But the character Christ worked out on Earth was a better character he had before he came. About was this a surprise the same. Car are always a little bit of. Hope obedience has been in operation long and sacrifices now is that clear yes. When he needed to assuming. There was a meeting there were no. The palace salvation was arranged in case. And guess what. And he did not because he kept just in case we have an emergency plan. There's no interest was this. And are you telling me. This is life. Now. Because somewhere back as long as the father son of the Son has a bit of. Our life and my mother now. Let's go into eternity. Well before we get eternity before sin and obedience during sin which is where we live now is obedience required yes. One day Christ will come. The Bible says a revelation to me the first three and there shall be no more curse but one of the one of the Lamb shall be in it and it turned from what is the curse. So there's no more person there's no more definition my word there's also then there's no more since there's one also by a little. Not normal or normal style least. Not what I see a sixty six. Or sixty six. The lot of the lot there are sixty six. There and we reversed twenty three is a well known. First twenty three. When you found the same element. If you have my first generator with it and I shall come to pass that from. No one to another and from one post about I shall also wish them to worship the Lord now this is a picture of the New World. So as not only with the Bible says. That's a false command so also scum to worship me. I have tried to picture what is not to be like when all from all over the universe. Come to worship God. On the seventh. What does that mean last. Do they all come to the nearest the worship. Also celestial compass for me which means the commandments were so be enforced. The long arm of the law. Goes from the source then. During. Now. Began because of Adam's our involvement. To go it will end. When crisis here in the you know just there in the right a still and then there's no more it's a special that's no longer valuable for anybody that's. What it. Is clearly rose and so Revelation fourteen fourteen and I would love to behold a white cloud upon a cloud once let out of the sun a man having on his head what they're trying to. Print not on our priests which means when some churches tell you when Christ comes back there's a time to repent wrong he's coming as a king because not as a priest with a. Normal. Normal intercession that's done but obedience will continue for ever the world needs to know all of the reasons for the suffering it is the violin. The bottle to give a competition a lie makes about God's. Great controversy in. Paragraphs three. What's that message. It is for only as the law of God is restored to its rightful position that there can be a revival of primitive and godliness among this process till it is only a law of God is restored to its rightful position. It has been sidelined that there can be a revival of the primitive faced man got. His people another statement the Works page ninety six paragraph three. The reasons there are. Periods in these what is. Conversion I think. The reason there are so many serious resumes in these things is because there is an appreciation of the laws don't. People not give an extra representation Act which God calls them. As everybody comes. Because of his Christianity is one will accept Christ and hold on to the world. Let me say slowly the most popular form of Christianity if it's in the administration Miss accept Christ and hold on to the world. Let me put. Some questions on areas where you were unclear. Something that even clarifies more. And why tells us when you speak don't say too many things at once because we've done it I just want you. Don't give them a lot of many what they were threatening to go up somewhere over here yes yes. It is. You know. We need to listen but you see. The law and the sinner is like a catamount. The nut The natural reaction of a cat is attacking the natural reaction the sin is that I'm also not keep it attacking this is wrong as it says and because the carnal mind is anybody against God why it is not subject to a lot of the will of God Also our Let me tell you something discipline. Problem with God is this. If not had no law it would have not. Said again. How we're not giving us a lot Well the one we break present. So I was there fifty years thirteen you know when when I became an Adventist to some text you just had to learn we call them Adventists. This is definitive when it was want it twenty times forty one two three Revelation twelve seventeen fourteen twelve Revelation twenty two fourteen we call them Adventists Well they're their Bible texts but we call them you had to learn them there's no discussion this allows us to steal thirteen fourteen. Fifteen thirteen fourteen. They have that rhythm it turned away as I said. What does that mean. All right disregard. Their area OK will go a. Break in a fog they also go on well first time to go to Genesis thirteen very quickly. Thirteen. First fourteen of Genesis fifteen. This right asked a lot of the well what did so himself when you keep carefully grasp what a lot everything's in him less than. Fourteen Genesis thirteen if you have my first read what is this say and last and after that not to separate from it what. Listen I have sat and listened to this without not heard. And where all the lamb. Would I give that advice. Now look at the first seventeen. Really. A rising star was the last thought when you what would you do. But how you moved in they didn't do it you know people can make a handstand and they have that what are you talking about when you want it would. You put it yes yes yes love the whatnot else Abraham Reed amount a rise. In the air and in the length of it and in the rest of it can read and I well I'm. Gonna sell Abraham you should act as this one. Is already yours so no one asked. Now go to Georgia to one. Job but the job I'm in a bible just as one job a lot of people on this NG God told me to be told no the Bible has one job if you're suffering a series of Their Own The bible has one job are you following me is it every Christian with Job No one would join All right jobs are the one less reverse. Reform you want to say. And also then to say that West commissar without them and so the Lord himself what. From the ark. Barque. Yes what to say and walking up and down the line and then. Only ever have walked. Back to let your not go back to work. For didn't. Learn if you stop what has this. Started yours are you with me. Or you with me. Acting as if it's yours or mine this is my holiday are you with me. They didn't know what this is the order is lying on my car going. Out. There or there was a there's a saying we have when people come to our homes at home no I don't say that is Mike. MILLER Some people I know don't mix yourselves at all yes that's right tell you miss it if your Majesty was at home my house becomes a big gob says Look don't act the store the deed is yours. Yours So what you like you can do what you like you can sign your own pleasures but keep him out of it I for some established pleasure on my holiday called The Sabbath and the like the holy books and so on him not to go with me lot doing that I don't know where someone. Going I don't specialise in all things I don't work don't know your own words your own pleasures. It is not your and. My words. Involve yourself in my activity. ABOUT MY WILL NOT your being. So you behave yourself the way I perceive. God tells us my snacks are sixteen don't cook. What you are to me what you will be ninety nine percent of advice. Well I mean a civil war but rather ask me you know how can we have still some great sadness and worse. Because they have no clue. Just given. I've always said if I am lost and I have to go to hell I don't want to burn any advantage. Because a fire would be so hard where they are because they had all this. As it is are you with me and all I was when I was a little boy we have a search we had a saying we'd check each other is that appropriate sort of. It was the start of a cricket which is what I grew up with you. You can talk about the play offs you know the New England beat Temple who definitely. This is. What you mean New England in the new world not doing what. We would come from the television screen with it with it with a table full of. Magazines turn them down so you can see the cover and then so your mind as much as possible is point it doesn't. Yes maybe of course. OK how about and I guess and all I also remember that it's a commandment they express what love now because of the commitments were expressed in a we can understand. When you know misrepresent someone you've lied. Or you fall and if you say I am an adult. And I assume you've lied. Is an optimist a whorehouse you've lied even if you tell the truth and said I was in the house you still like it because you claim to be an advocate what you're supposed to do sort of misrepresentation is a form of lying and it's not expression of love and so every one of the. Expression in. The Supreme. And so we keep it naturally. Let me say one thing else. When I was coming up I told my brother listen speak keep the kids keep the speed limit so we were driving up to survive. And I sort of Michigan the plane didn't have to fight for us it's about four hundred miles per hour when you know a parking lot you don't drive so if I could drive a ten. Why this change but the principal doesn't say it was a principle. Are you following me when the principal in your head you don't need a speed limit. It's like you know you do not need a speed limit when the principal of your hand because you know a lot of people will look at high speed I mean. So you are also the best tree on the limits. Because I love my neighbor I'm assuming I don't need the police to tell me I love the man loves to die want to kill are you following me I don't get a riddle I have no madam this better man. Who loves prefers to suffer than make use of the principle everybody. Is. OK. Because the law is the transfer of the characters God and God will be there always the law is very precious of I'll tell you something else. In my paragraph to Christ came to old to represent the character of God as it is represented in this little law is a transcript of this character by saying this Christ was the law. And the gospel in himself this is the law this is the god. And so he well you know I told my wife was trying to learn to make I haven't learned yet but you get the ingredients you have to our or else you get cayenne pepper you get them together and you make. Those ingredients when this thing is made then you have fallen You don't even really griddle you eat. So little love the ingredients are ten. Are you calling me love as if you are you with me and we haven't and when Christ dwells in the heart I also say a church of three consorted people does not need a church manual. If I have one unless my brother. And. It is. You see that as a finish as naturally as. When we're truly converted so naturally we do what's right. So am I right that which is difficult my constant repetition. And right actions become a little. Mentally converted person does what's right medically. Learns more important but it's not easy because what. Is being expressed in York becomes the highest expression of joy and so we. As a percent of Christ like to do the I will or my god there is a verse very. Very tremendous in the heart of the joy when it's on a Bible page it's a burden. After. The policeman told me I have. Just started I'm sorry for the last maybe the next session also on the law you can answer questions. Let me know if you don't mind. Me. Saying. That haven't. We thank you to God for your words. We thank you for the promise of Christ in John sixteen thirteen how be it. He will guide you into all truth the guy in my brothers into truth that all of us that this comes into trust be God and let the. Free Do you and he said. They were. But the Bible also says the law is. Them so we are still a god to help us allow that the law to have a place in our hearts so that little god the only lot which is your friend script of your character may be the power within that transforms us because the Lord expresses the. I surprised us was it was less this family's doubly blessed to chose and I pour it into source named a man with hope this presentation from the male and then if it has been a blessing to you your feedback is welcome please visit us and I'm annoyed.


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