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Give Me this Church

Justin Kim


This seminar takes a closer look on how the church is governed, what the point of meetings are, and how young adults can take church leadership seriously and to the next level


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference


  • October 7, 2017
    3:15 PM
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This media has been presented to you by the Maryland Menefee men are challenged and encouraged to summon the character of Christ more information please visit the last. Christmas Father we thank you for this day we thank you for having already blessed us. We could go home tonight and already we would know that you were smiling upon us but Father we have won some in our last and we have one more sermon in the evening Yes and you continue to bless brother skeet and that message and Lord at this hard time of the day with the afternoon coming up on us we ask for your blessing stay awake and not just physically weak but spiritually sober to the reality you are trying to get us to understand so Father bless my brothers in a very special way we pray in Jesus name you. Write some of these things are super basic Some of them just try to be comprehensive With all about something I meant to them this is something I'm going to slow go I meant this is not there's no conspiracy theory here there is no Pentecostal it's not an upside down cross the three angels or never an official logo of the something I miss church in the late ninety's they decided so many local churches were having their own logos rather than all the seven spin offs happening General Conference communications the promise of helos one logo that standardizes everyone when he see it all just know that this is the administrator's So bottom here there is the Bible and the cross everything that we do is based upon the scriptures and on Jesus and the flame which for the Holy Spirit the three components points to Does anyone know. The three OK And there's a hidden Globen there representing that the three angels go to the whole world this is what really identifies us as administers we are Golo bull Christians we are a global movement I'm sure you've all heard that before but our practice in our finances and our decision making in our leadership structure reflects this and this is what gets me excited because I think a lot of people in North America were very myopic and were very like I live in Colombia and I'm just I'm a guy I'm a Colombian I've been in that sounds bad that's not Colombia I'm an elegant city avenues I look at say that's all I know look at City what happens is when you're an avenue and you embrace the three of those messages you are not an eloquent sitting at the news you are a global add to this just by being severely part of the females message that would make sense of it later on so you have these two entities going on in Revelation and Revelation sixteen and mentions the three frogs and least three frogs are reflected in Revelation thirteen right after that you have a revelation for going into three angels and what basically revelations talking about yet through global movement in the last days before Jesus comes. Two nothing else in between one is all about being a frog and one is all about being part of the angels and the. Question is do you want to be a Chapter thirteen or or do you want to be part of chapter fourteen I pray that you are all part of Chapter. Fourteen amen and I don't really know I don't know this question has three frogs the Book of Revelation is awesome because I was on a Delta flight wants and I saw in Utah a safety video that was based on new to me OK now I was there and I saw I do this is really an idle I was how I was laughing I thought this was brilliant the guy next to me was about one hundred nine years old and he was watching the same exact video he does not know what youtube is and you know saying I don't understand any of this so I'm watching this thing and this guy's whole line guy comes and he's opening up the baggage compartment or what about the whole overhead compartment and he takes out two Rainbows there's a double rainbow and he says why that's awesome like that that was an old You Tube video that used to be popular then a little guy is helping his little brother and then it was a buzz like best figures out how to Charlie bit by thing during And while helping him best and it was a cap on a Roomba video owners like a rainbow cat whatever and so many things were all of You Tube videos that were popular from the year two thousand to two thousand and fifteen OK Now me being cognizant of this previous contacts when I under when I saw this video putting all those things together it all makes sense to me but my friend next to me who has no contacts when he's watching this he's like it is this. As something administers we need to understand the Book of Revelation but in order to understand a book or revelation the context is from Genesis to Jude when we only know from Genesis to Jude revelation makes sense for someone who does not understand any of this and the coming to revel. I like three frogs and get this I was jet lagged one time and was watching a sermon online anon having a sermon on props and this guy was talking about the the frogs of Chapter sixteen and he said these three francs are these are are these genetically mutated beings the size of gods I'm going to be hopping around the earth I'm going to cause havoc and I'm like Are you serious. So there are some people who do not good don't understand context they're going to understand Revelation not differently to understand it incorrectly because of because I think it's so question is this I me ask all this where do you see frogs in the Old Testament. Exodus to Egypt you're saying what what what made the frogs so different. There is a place but I was ten of those plagues and the frogs are this one of them why frogs. OK or sick NASCAR sickness boils going on. OK they worship a frog but also worship of the flies and all the other things why frogs why not three gnat why not three three pools of blood. Frogs aren't easy to get rid of OK so are gnats same hail high frogs because I thought this is a someone who has a breeze through you don't know if the frogs represent this is the last place at the magicians could reproduce. After this point on they could no longer reproduce these frogs so these frogs represent the last deception carbon copy of the of the genuine last counterfeit to some extent so these three entities are going to go around the world and they're going to be pretend to be like God and become a gospel in them but they won't question what you see three angels in the Old Testament. ANGEL OF THE LORD not as not OK on your mentions three random angels in the Bible I mentioned whereas a story about three. Abraham what I what it was and where the what Sodom and Gomorrah and what is doing to do. Their OK to destroy but before that they're not destroying at Abraham What are they doing to Abraham. They're warning Abraham that's what the signs and warnings they're there warning so there's a think in Alaska they're going to spiritual world wide movements one that deceived and one that wants a simple invent the question is are you going to be part of this or be part of that and so when we say we're part of three Angelus message it's not we know history we know prophecy Yes not what we're saying so we're part of that warning movement to call out the frogs for who they are. I meant it very simple That's so nice to be out of this so in our global church we have these things our belief is based on our the twenty fundamental doctrines you guys a part that before a church church and practices based on the church manual the world church gets together and talks about the church manual every baptized Seventh Day Adventist Church read the church manual imagine this great sleeping material if you can go to sleep but it's still good stuff in there to the church of sustenance is the title talk about that the church in action the status quo I'm a status quo guy I'm very excited about status quo how many groups I was going nine thirty please raise your hands I mean I get there late please raise your hands. I do too it's OK as OK and happens and in a church in communication after these magazines although I feel like that's that's changing these days through through Internet so there's different church systems up there OK I want to Roman Catholic school for four years and for Jewish college after that I'm really into it cleans yagi I just love the flow power I love looking government systems and I systems guy OK I look at lot of church places church church dynamics and there's a lot of the. Claims that happen and then when we understand church ecclesiology it will help us kind of govern where complaints are coming from but number one is the Episcopal system this is not mean it's the Episcopal church to see a possible Khaleesi ology this one means a suspicious meaning this these churches have a rector or directors aren't in charge the rector's are bishops and the Bishop is the archbishop the Anglican church is this way the Lutheran Church and the Orthodox Church it's a hierarchy basic hiring someone above you is a high ranking officer there in charge of who you are one version of this one any one of the people church and instead of Archbishop they don't come Archbishop they call him the Pope but another word for pope is Archbishop of Rome it's the same exact terminology same exact structure what happens here you have bishops and pastors and and it's a complete hierarchy the local church or individual member has no authority in church ministries. And so the pope in common if we're under a couple papal systems like you know Jeff I don't like you execute mean you've got a he's got his salvation is impacted and his membership is gone and he's just excise now in our system Ted Wilson elder Wilson can come into this office and into this room and say you know I don't like you can say excuse me a car a what happens absolutely nothing a lesson has a sort of meet when it comes to this man thing whereas all power is invested in this one individual question is this how is this system and I know we're all good something Amis here we know the system is wrong we've got to ask yourself how is this a sin and advantageous. Open question. What are the benefits more control OK with no opposition so because there's no opposition then what what are so what's the advantage of that. Yet Or can you get your own way but also. Exploitation of that's that's a disadvantage that's not advantage. They're OK Fox units. It's faster yes or no it's faster all the money goes up and he decides money goes down how he sees fit he decides what we believe is just one person focal point and it's a lot faster it's inefficient with that. It's a one person bureaucracy Yeah and the structure of the meetings just functions to play out what the one individual decides it wants to do and now obviously there's bad points about this because why why is this bad. Tyranny. Is. OK people become dependent on us. OK now and since in a kind of a weird way this is a good system because in heaven we will function under this kind of system yet the Lord is Lord sovereign but we can trust that because the Lord is good is not a human being and there. Here is the opposite you have an independent congregational system and there's a problem there are some something Amestris today who are all the other part of the ad in the system they think there they are congregational what happens is this you have a conversation on top they choose the church board and the church board chooses the pastor the church board chooses the congregation choose how we use the money so how is that a problem well the pastor comes in for an interview and then they ask a what do you believe the Sabbath is and I believe it's the seventh day well past year our church is a fourth day at work force the admin is we believe that Wednesday is the Sabbath so you have to wait up for us to are you OK All right that's fine the paycheck comes from him and that's it as one two three four five eight to four five you are my church members your tie your collected tie all goes to who. Goes to me. So if I'm a pastor of a five member church that. From my pit but if I my goal seen and my independent church has five thousand people all at that time and goes to one singular person and goes to. Those me and my kids and my course and my young and my second house in Florida and and then maybe there is some some money left I don't make it an associate pastor and yes some of that so it just goes to one single person so it becomes an Angeles home and financial. Of the in Pastor become very intertwined with each other becomes a very dangerous component and also the church by. Decides by doctor and a congregation chooses everything and if they don't like something they just vote on it and then just a they don't have to be part of whatever they want to do goes that's the other side OK The Presbyterian system is not to prosper turning church but it's the third system it is authority back rests on church membership through what. OK through assemblies through committee meetings and here's where it gets a little bit of the super ocracy is a source there are a lot of levels and there are but let's let's look at this the local church is governed by one assembly this assembly is governed by another assembly in this theory of governance was developed by who Calvin and John Knox this comes from the Reformation system and American government takes concepts of checks and balances from the vanes ideas from the reformation where the judicial system and executive system check the Legislative I just entered into that balance is found from these entities all balancing each other OK because it means prosperous or whatever so you have these bodies the admin the system is one of the one of these parts is part of the system authority an interest rests in what. The highest the most powerful person in the administration is not Ted Wilson but it is the individual church member by one church choosing delegates to the conference the conference trees delegates go to the union the union chooses delegates to go to the General Conference meaning your local vote impacts world leadership OK it should be that with. This three conferences and some people get really confused on this but there is a local union and general the division is not a separate level it is a division of the General Conference we had as one lady who got baptized and she was new to the faith and she learned about this. And she said men we've got to stop having divisions in our church we need more unions in our church and she was just not understanding the different different entities It's funny the way we use these like the languages so not local which was a little conscious are we part of here with Chesapeake what UPS There's also this couple others but I'll make I mean East. Pennsylvania. Not to view what happens when you group all these conferences together you get what you know we end and we get all the US together what division are we and you're not coming from I want to get to you get. A General Conference that's part of world structure OK now these three angels the coach of the whole world on the sink and close the file every nation tribe tongue and people meaning increasing ology no other Instead it's only access if it's true organisations that have global The cleans the ologies. Something ominous as one Can anyone guess the other one Roman That is not a global entity the Methodists are not a global entity but as Mr chooses. So you have your thirteen divisions we are here case you don't know your geography. Europe is a master of the clay in the iron there. You've got Asia and you've got Africa and you've got South America don't churches divide into two halves global Norse global south global north has nothing do with North and South global North America Canada Europe Australia they used to call it the first world it's no longer politically correct Global South Africa Latin America Asia OK in one thousand nine hundred seventy global north of course forty percent global south was sixty percent. In twenty seventeen. Global north percent global south is ninety three percent. Giving you that the world where we are in the church OK now seven percent That's house where that's where North America that's in terms of membership what cost what percent your membership attends church. It's like in your in your local local congregation of the books how many what percentage really attends church so it's usually average about fifty percent yeah so it's about tonight and that's seven percent about three three point five percent is actually found in the global north so this just shows you where the global north is in crisis right now today so example of the division this is a union as a conference a local ugly church OK. Your local churches in China is in charge of your membership yes yes or. Yes the nomination's is not the villains Yes like them used to say if. It was just like in the Senate shaft. Is the. Sensor. Yesterday. Correct. Division your question if you're clarifying your own understanding so it's not really a question to ask you what is the vision. Yet so a division that is is not another separate church it's a different level of the church OK and it's not and it is not does not have autonomy in itself it is part of the General Conference so it's still one church parts to fill eight layers of A levels yeah yeah it's maybe. It's pretty. Cool. But they are in charge of this rich and different ways so that's why I don't come along comfortable in saying administration because here's the thing some people just think oh these are different layers of administration and they're not if they're just three levels of minister that means we have three administrations going on and this and it's bureaucracy which is the government system functions in that way and we don't have that we accept three separate levels and they're in charge of different things Yeah so let me go back here and so here the local church is in charge of your membership so your local conference for president. Or in the in Chesapeake or I don't know who the other guys are or your union president or other Wilson cannot com here and say look I don't like you I don't want to be something you can't kick you out. You know and I know that is and this is actually. Yes I you know. It's a waste. Yes. It is an abuse of the power. To correct right. Yeah so your local church meaning to look the church that you have decided to choose your when you choose your church it's not because you enjoy the past year are you like that they like the furniture there you are placing your membership status into the responsibility of your peers of that local church meaning if I were in public and I'm drinking alcohol and I was a girl but I was not my wife and were doing inappropriate things in public and someone sees that and they can report that back to my local church it's not gossip because it's public that I am not representing a Seventh Day Adventists which has nothing to do with my salvation salvation is between God and me in it but as a representative of being an evangelist a person of the administration I am not fulfilling that and the local church has a responsibility to put me under torture church this church discipline OK. You know if we didn't have time to create time OK So then I think they can do that no one else can do that OK So when you're choosing a local church you're saying I trust you guys and you guys are responsible for me and I'm also responsible for you and his assistant head between your local church well the conference is in charge of selection and training of pastors that's not all that they do but it is one major portion they choose your pastors if you don't like your pastor you can't do anything about the church is protecting the conference protecting the pastors to speak the truth and the preached the gospel and then the the local conference is in charge of disciplining pastors if the needs to be done OK for example if I go here and you guys or my five member church is not going to impact and all your tide goes to me is that can impact my preaching. And in an independent system you know. It is I mean I'm going to make sure that you guys five come to this church and you're going to continue paying me time and I'm going to be very active on evangelism why because I've got some electric bills coming up and I gotta gotta gotta go to Whole Foods and I need to I need got to get more comfortable more more more paycheck to pay for my potatoes what I got to do. If I'm a larger church I'm not going to really focus on events and some kind of relax a little bit and the agonist of what happens this Pastor Rick Roberts has a five million member church pastor came only has a two member church we are getting paid a same exact amount and our income does not being impacted by the Angelus the motivation our motivation to do vandalism is just the call that God has given. Makes sense OK Now so many California get paid more than us because it's a higher standard of living as we have different different different different territories the union conferences try to policies for the general for the General Conference leadership and in General Conference is in charge of the world mission and these are all checks and balances if someone's not doing mission because of general conference so there's a posse probably called the Union and if there's a pastor problem called a look conference it was a membership probably called a local church checks and balances not three different layers in and I know what you're saying I just wanted to be misunderstood not three ministers you got to go through but different areas of responsibility and God is not saying any kingly power to something at a stretch to control the whole body or to control any branch in the Army to rest of that every member of the church has a voice in choosing the officers of the church the church chooses the office of the conferences that I guess was my stay conscious the union the union says General Conference officers OK by this arrangement every conference every institution every church and every individual either directly or through what Representatives has a voice in the election of the men at the general cause. OK so maybe thinking well I didn't choose Ted Wilson but he did choose other people who choose other people who choose the General Conference leadership OK whereas other systems you don't even have that luxury in that sense OK with amount of people that we have and this is the functional system that we have a God has ordained that all the representatives of church from all parts of the earth when assemble in General Conference shall have authority this is coming from similar things. There are some people out there just as you know I don't like organized religion I mean I know this before. And I will say this why. And it keeps them off guard. And then and when you actually think about it you know I don't know why. You know and I say hey no advice on is an organized not religion but an organized system. Right COSCO is organized Apple is organized and he organization that wants to do something is organized right and so when it comes to our spiritual lives what is what is it that we're trying to do as the administers We're not trying to and there are some people misinterpret trying to propagate institutions I hope that's not why we're here we're here to fulfill the Great Commission and time lapse of time local church gives one hundred percent of its title conference local conference and sixteen percent of the division nine percent to the union the local union pays ten percent of the division and it goes up or it's meaning this and some of these percentages may be different from a little bit from the union union that's basically the same meaning might not mine but when I when I give the Lord's tied back a certain percentage goes here and it goes here to did it and it gets defeated out into this entire system and that I because a participant of the global church. Thinks a little bit complicated but it's made this way so that we don't know exactly what happens to this dollar because we aren't there's not a one to. One ratio of might my interaction because this is not my work this is the Lord's global work built into baked into the very system itself and today we want to know like hey I want my dollar to pay for this lightbulb I want to pay for that Frito and that haystack I want to pay for this water bottle but we have it so that it doesn't do that and so it's hard to ascertain where does your dollar actually go but we know it's going to the world church to sustain the mission so we talked about this last part is that it's satisfied OK status quo is not boring Bible study from nine thirty to eleven o'clock now a lot of churches it is sad a school is how the church actually gets moving forward it's a Vangelis missions going how do you go to satisfy late. Why how many do you prepare for status quo on Friday night. And I do that. Sister White says don't be late to Sabbath school and Dr Pepper saddest going Friday night when I saw it I'm like well how did you go. You saw the moon doesn't become for very short. The reason why status quo is dying is because it's boring. I mean I'm going to be honest with you I've been to so many Sabbath schools and they're boring. And in time I tell you and also tell time if you have the. To discern boringness. You have the competence to change it as well. If you're old enough to see it you're old enough to change. It. To these terms because you have a. Sense yes. Or no incentives for sounds like to see something. You know it's just likely that's how I thought Yes So rather than really to speak truth. To listen to them yes. It was hard for me to grasp because. Less of them. Sure I used truth her yeah. So you saw the previous The sick of how the global north is only seven percent global south and one three percent the global south even if there's only five members there are thinking how can I plant another church and there's something called a branch status I have heard of that before it's a term that's dead now no one I mean our my generation has never heard of that but there I mean I was there is an island that it is a Puerto Rico or somewhere in the Caribbean twenty five members five members and they're saying how do we plan to church in our next town over well we got a plan planned also so elder you in the sky you go over there you start a brand. I'm like how do you go to go do something was only five of you the two and you go over there and then to become four so that is three here to three got going to Six important and in the Senate it's a little little little spores and they just start growing you know in North America we have two hundred members in our church we have a senior pastor associate pastor youth pastor that I like how can we plan to we don't have enough reasons I think now I'm being facetious because I had the same mentality but we don't have church planting in our D.N.A. next church has it doesn't have a church on the can just drive over to our church. And nurseries cultural reasons for that but we don't have church planting intervening where Sabbath school used to be the means by which plant churches were planted they satisfy all. We used to be booming in one nine hundred seventy S.. Non administers to flood into saddest little and then he sneak out before divine They don't want to know like divine service device or to admin to see and this is this is where I know but after the mega churches of the eighty's people stopped coming out the saddest going to knock into divine servants and today we just we don't know why that's happening but she says this is the saddest call in a while. And that's all I wanted to use if rightly conducted so your status quo is boring it's not being done well it's not the idea for sex schools should be dynamic to be all about the Word of God learning about what the Bible has to say and she says this let the teacher with a few brief pointed remarks or illustrations impress the lesson upon their minds some school teachers should be brief and Corning discussion and it is not a pre sermon before the sermons are OK for goals you have the word fellowship evangelism I'm going talk about this number one is we should be memorizing the Word of God in Sask Yeah Peter sermon in Acts two Peter sermon is only twenty six verses. Thirteen of the twenty six What percentage is that really quick. Fifty percent he's quoting from the Old Testament. Eleven number twenty six he's explaining two of the twenty six is giving the last a result. Three thousand three thousand baptisms. So what's happening in our Sabbath school we're giving opinion opinion opinion opinion opinion opinion pinioned we're reading the quarterly and by the way I went to one place I presented this and also it came to the same pastor how can you saying don't read the quarterly do not read the quarterly trying to satisfy you read the quarterly you punish the people who study that in a week and you reward the people who did not stick and said don't read go to Sky King How dare you say don't read the Course the quarterly is semi inspired and I'm like What is that I've never heard of that term ever in my life what a semi inspired Well I mean the church made it so it's like almost inspired I mean the church makes a lot of stuff that I'm pretty sure is not inspired either and it's a sad a school guy it is not the very last and that was me and you me and then we talked until the bell goes off yes yes or no and a bell thinking OK let's just let's pray and we pray and we go there's no point to it and we should be talking a scripture and giving us it's been appeal for action that the US memorize the Bible how many memorize remember verses and then we do that when I look at I'm boys are incredible I memorized them I memorized but we are the adults we are sophisticated we don't we don't know we will read the memory verse which is Noise me do not read into memory verse through memorized. So some people think that your brains are our hard drive space yeah I study molecular molecular neuron college for one year Harvard Medical and I study the brain the brain is not a hard drive space some people say men only have four gigs appear in like three points now I do this all full of like videos like I got I got a defrag my brain or whatever you know your brain is not hard drive but it is a what. The more you exercise it the fiber becomes strengthened you can actually memorize more and more and more and as hanging out brother Randy and as a brother and brother in the like how do you memorize the bible oh brother just a. Very very. Memorized verse memorize for one and then then you memorize verse two good memories rich true and then you members verse three OK memorized. For your brother is there no secret there's no secret you got to sit the memorized there's different techniques you can do and he did one of them number of the. Last. And then. You know whatever he did and yes that's one way to do it but the more we memorize the more we strengthen our brains and the older we get the brain is one of the few organs actually gets stronger as we get older. Neurologically speaking actually turning thirty neurons have a hard time growing so you start dying affianced thirty so this is good news for some of you. Go to Agnes and our Jeanne for missions I just don't have time to talk time to talk about this. But here's the thing she says this in this quote. There are some avenues for all about I need to focus on. On. Our use Laurel Laurel Laurel Laurel Maryland Laurel Maryland I'm the only one of my money is going to go to Laura Laura laurel on my Vangelis wanted to Laura Laura Laura who cares about anybody who cares about Alaska who cares about all these other places going to folks in the low place she says this is the more and you are liberal in giving to other places and missions God will bless your home territory and we are global administers and this makes me excited because right now with my generation we're all about how can we take over the world and God had a plan waiting for taking over the world for Jews and so that's what you're saying near this specific areas called the ten forty window you've heard of this yes. And even if we are some parts in the Middle East there if we baptize one person every near at an exponential rate will be here for the next three hundred thirty six years. And so. On human standards Jesus is not coming tomorrow. Far more work to do so. We just had an annual Council meetings on Friday that said we spend the least amount of money in this area NAB Mr. And and there's reasons for that but we have still yet to work to do you pray for this area and to spend resources in this area how to get involved in a global church that's not a typo We are global admin it. We are local We also believe in a global mission here OK Number one what it's all to Christ personally it's not passionate job to do that it's our job if you don't know how to do that ask a pastor if your pastor very bad at teaching you that go talk to low confidence I think that's what the look government is there for me and we're going to monitor status could we talk about number three this in and reclaim former missing forgotten backsliding members go visit them if you don't know how to visit talk to your pastor if your visit does not if your pastor does not a visit talk your local conference if your Congress of the. Won't deal with it talk to you as you know about the policy of your local cop making sense of how to structure a work think you're going to skip all the stuff because these are this is a really cool quote others mention angels of God attending you to do well in place of those you visit So if you're a deacon if you're an elder should all be visiting each other and fifteen minutes are saying how you go and angels will be with there with you. At this park. And for rejuvenate the well from the garden first impression of the church as you're walking or. One church I went to a park there and I see them in the church there's a glass door they're looking at me I'm looking at them like staring off in Egypt. So I go up there and I'm waiting and they're waiting to say something like So I like hello oh he speaks English like Alright Denton's I can hear English too. What was my first impression of that church. Horrible one church here in Maryland that I visited crazy experience we pull up to the parking lot of golf cart comes up guy pops out with a meeting with the umbrella it's raining it was raining outside it is a Hello my name is so and so I'm not a member of this church but I love this church that's one help in oh well what's your name oh what's your wife's name comes in in my golf cart escorts of the front front front entrance St Mary come here this is the Kim family this is I don't know I'm like wow they put my name in there in the computer next Sunday the day after I got something in that and an email on Monday got something in the mail like wow this is a this is a pretty fine system I still don't go out to that church but I was pretty impressed about their welcoming system the second thing about a first impression the church is your Web site yeah those of you who are our web savvy lot of my generation because we don't go to the church to visit we go to the website first and the website is. From one thousand nine hundred we feel the people are from one thousand nine hundred two so so we don't feel thank goodness the last one participation in board meetings every young adults should be part of the board meeting in some capacity of leadership I really encouraged and the kind of training on on how how to survive board meetings what the purpose of the board meetings chief concern is the spiritual nurture the church and the work of planning and fostering what. Sometimes a board means we talk about everything except for evangelism. When the board of August first interest in the highest energy every member evangelism know most of its problems are alleviated or prevented OK So when you think a board meeting some people think oh boring meetings and we're going to these are some tactics and how to avoid that the board will study local field recommend Committee recommendations for evangelistic programs and methods think the board is really this and that old church we had one our board meetings one hour we started and we ended in one hour and we said regardless of your position that's to a brainstorm on how to reach our community. That's all church boards and everyone is assigned me how can your department help in doing evangelism for a local church your church has not enough money you should do evangelism. Not enough people should do. Your church just not spiritual you should do things so every problem is solved by evangelism. OK if you don't know what board meetings where you have a call to order or someone to say I'm calling to. The board to order. Minutes reports of Senate committees or are your personnel unfinished business new business called Return or some lingo you want to get recognised OK Don't shout at your pastor don't shatter your carry want to raise your hand a lot of you guys I think are pretty familiar with this our last meeting people were very interested in this number two you want to make a motion and you make them you mean move something I move that we spent ten thousand dollars on a wife program and then you're after that you need a second question Why do you need a second. One you need support why why why. There might be one interest OK what else. Accountability rid of the second motion is really to filter out the crazy people in your in your church board and so people give a crazy motion like let's use all of our church money and then use all of it to fund of the harking hurricanes. Disaster Response I mean something for the all of it yeah I move that OK there's I can. I can There shouldn't be if there isn't then your church is in trouble. But I'm not anti helping the hurricane disaster relief I'm just saying giving a stream situation you are safe to motion discussed moshing something called moving the question is a really good tactic to have if you have emotion people are talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking and yes sometimes you have these people who who hijacked the board you can ask to be recognized and say look I moved the question if that you need two thirds vote and if two two thirds of people vote means you just stop all discussion right then and there and you move on the next one OK it's one way to get moving a lot of times your church a chair or board chairman can't do that in the ME depend on you you vote you know it's the results and then you move on to your next business three points point of privileged and say Hang your I can hear you will power points not working porn or order me all together you get Sister sister Marjorie over there she's been waiting for a long time point of information you said handing out these books what kind of books you mean and there's these little things you can do you promise three process OK Now get this I'm sorry this is read. And yes so with me. Yeah. Satan attends every board meeting at that. Attends every board meeting every business meeting sometimes it is the only one a business meeting is no one else comes out to every committee meeting and if you can impress anyone's mind to make objections or to throw in suggestions that would delay the work hours or weary out those who are caught the garden attend these meetings he is wonderfully clean how many board meetings are totally boring totally wary and hauling off the energy out of. Something wrong is going on there I think. There are many T.D.'s to drag along because of the human and sanctified elements in the character somewhere placed in responsible positions my one of why when I was younger one of my trips I had I had to elders who got into a fist fight in the middle of a board meeting I mean they were duking it out and I was like I was going for my dad and I was a peak in my head and these guys are like you know upper cutting and I was like me who's going to win this fight because so crazy and one guy's calling nine one one with the police coming and I mean that was all the scene was there you know very very very bad so here's something someone think a board meeting is a spiritual exercises before the brother brother to assemble a council of board meetings each one should present himself before God carefully searching the heart and critically examining the what the motives pray that the Lord may not may reveal to you so that you may not on wisely criticize or condemn proposition propositions Number two don't eat too much basically you're going to get cranky and you're going to have indigestion and you want to know what you want to get out of there and then you ask you to talk a lot and you're going to mess stuff up number three the disposition to say with the things that will create a laugh sometimes people don't take this seriously and they're just there for the comedy sick and before praying it will quell tumultuous actions charm away the unhallowed effect that worldliness which makes them which makes men sharp critical overbearing and ready it's you can use a fair. OK you guys a lot of you guys look like people maybe in leadership positions take God's work seriously because you are a seventh thing and this is my last thing is. I mean if you lot of you're not you know adults. Grow up. And then and you're going to church when you're baptized and you become a member you are old enough to be a member on the church board. Can you not an officer but you are old enough to be a member and I encourage all to participate in church to come out to Sabbaths course. Bring a dish to potluck. Amen and I. Can pop popcorn Ariel and then you can use a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and make something contribute and stop mooching off of the previous generations and contribute something to the worldwide happiness and then so we're proud to questions afterwards. Father and I we thank you for afternoon time we went through a lot of mechanical things. And Lord for me I believe this is very crucial for some of our young adults to know. When becoming leaders of the Church Father help us we pray. Transform our local churches. To some complaining and help us to meet agents of change in Jesus name him and we hope this presentation from the Marilyn benefits has been a blessing to your feedback is welcome please visit us and then in the last.


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