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No Turning Back

Clive Coutet


  • September 2, 2017
    11:30 AM
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In Heaven we thank you for bringing us here today wonderful Webre wonderful church I pray Lord that you use me. This message come straight from me and to me of anything of myself enduring me that have been a message to your people in Jesus' name and. So I hear that you had Adam Rand in here a few weeks ago presenting something on lineage those of you who don't remember. Or won't hear lineage is a series of videos that we're making want to do the Reformation and it's caused me to do quite a lot of travelling in the last nine months I've been to France to Scotland to Switzerland to Spain not to Spain to. Prague Czech Republic Sweden Denmark or since November. It's been quite intense but one of the things that struck me the most was somewhere we went to weeks ago it was a place called the loop so has anyone heard of it it's actually in the wall density Valley one of the world then sees OK Many of you heard of the old densities now cast a loop so it is a cliff edge on top of this on top of sort of in the Mountain range of the world N.C. Valley and. Back in the sixteen hundreds what happened was the whole densities were. Under extreme pressure from the papacy and they were hiding for their lives you know they were fighting for their lives they were trying to survive by hiding in the mountains. Occasionally and one particular instance they got found by the people soldiers and. Instead of killing them they're there and then they marched them to the top of this mountain and they were on this cliff edge and they made them look down at their death and say you were Can't Oh I threw you down. Well densities were faithful and they did not recounts and as I was there two weeks ago I sat on top of this mountain and I looked straight down like this and it's a shared drop and I said to myself if I was in a position. Would I turn back or die before it was something I really thought about in this very moment if I had death staring me in the face would I be faithful to God or would I recount. The message of my title today is no turning back no turning back if we take our Bibles to Luke Chapter five. Starting at verse one I'm going to be reading to verse eleven Can I get a amen when you're there. OK Luke Chapter Five worse one to eleven. So it was as the multitude pressed about to hear the Word of God that he stood up by the lake of going to set. And saw two both standing by the lake but the fisherman had gone from them and were washing their nets then he got into one of the boats which was Simons and asked him to put a little from land and he sat down and taught the multitude from the boat when he gets up speaking he said to son launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch. Salmon answered and said to him Master we have toiled all night and caught nothing Nevertheless at your word I will let down the net and when they had done this they caught a great number of fish and their net was breaking so they signal to their partners in the other boat to come and hope them and they came and filled both the boats so that they began to sink when Simon Peter Surratt he fell down at Jesus' knee saying Depart from me for I am a sinful man O. Lord for he and all who were with him were astonished at the catch of fish which they had taken and all and so also were James and John the sons of Zebedee who were partners with Simon and Jesus said to Simon Do not be afraid from now on your catch men so when they have brought their boats to land they first took all and followed him men. I let us understand this this understand a bit about this Simon who was a fisherman who I'm sure he knew what to do as it was a straight had spent all night. Trying to catch fish I didn't catch anything. And here we have Jesus preaching to the multitude but there's so many people around this they need to use a boat to get out of lands so that he can see more people to preach the gospel now Peter who must have been extremely tired I don't know what jobs all of you have but if you spend all night doing something. And you're at the point where it's time to go home you know I don't know what some of you do but let's say you're a nurse you're a doctor you're a lawyer and whatever is that you're doing. The aim of your job you have unable to be unable to do that night. Bearing in mind you're working through the nights you're going to be frustrated you're going to be tired most probably going to be hungry most probably just want to sleep I know I've done some all nighters before and it's hard work and at least I got some stuff done but Peter got nothing done and it was his livelihood so he's there now washing his nets ready to go home and Jesus asked him if you can use his boat now the main thing we can learn from this is as Peter first of all willfully allowed Jesus to use his boat and took him out. So he was tired he was hungry but he used his business in the aid of the gospel and you follow what I'm saying he used the only thing he knew what to do to help Jesus to spread the gospel now after Jesus had finished delivering this message. He didn't just leave Peter in the moment he just acts of allowing Jesus to use him and Jesus' ministry actually blessed Peter because beat Peter was now able to catch a multitude of fish how many have been fishing before. How many fish did you catch. Only caught one I've been fishing before and I was having a competition with my sister I caught one she could too. It's hard work to do fishing extremely hard work now picture this Peter. Has caps has been told to cast his net his net into the water into the deep of the water and there's so many fish. That the boats begin to sink. Can you can you get a visualization of this there's so many fish in fact that they have to call another boat across which also began to sink. Because of the multitude of fish So number one we can learn is when we use our businesses for the glory of God He will abundantly bless you. There's a story by. A man who I'm not going to I'm not going to say the name of it just yet but it's just come to my mind. He decided to leave the country here's his city sorry his village to go into the country and he decided to use his business for the glory of God. He said to the LORD whatever I give back I'm going to give you twenty percent instead of ten tithe ten he decided to give twenty he was fruit for he said OK Lord I'm going to give you thirty percent he start making more money OK Lord I'm going to be forty and give you fifty and I give you sixty he ended up giving I think about eighty or ninety percent of his money. So the Lord. Now this company is a company all of us have heard heard of. In fact we use this company on a daily basis to brush our teeth. His name was Colgate. How many of you heard of Colgate toothpaste how many of you. He used his one and only thing that he knew what to do for the service of the lords and he got blessed abundantly but the story doesn't end there because now we have. Peter. Who's call this fish so so much fish at the boat as is sinking that Jesus says to him in verse ten. He says Do not be afraid from now your catch men so when they had brought their boats to land they for all and followed him so despite the blessing Peter understood that I don't need this job any more because I'm following you now because you can provide me fish and food and clothing and an instant's So then he spent the next three years following Jesus he walked on water he watched Jesus. Feed the five thousand turn breads and fish and multiplied to feed thousands of people so it's very interesting. That we get to a stage in Peter's life where he turns back. Now. If all of us. Took ourselves in our lives right now and we moved back three years and we remembered where we were three years three years ago I'm sure many of us have grown in very many different aspects whether it's increases in salary or work whether it's spiritually all of us have grown whether it's grown older all of us have grown in some stages of our life in the last three years something has changed. Now with pizza they just experience Jesus dying on the cross and they would have been sad they would have been wary they would have been frustrated because they've just given up the last three years now we've just seen how much fish Peter was able to attain from Jesus and if you think about giving your life up to something for the next three years and one thing that you're giving a life up for then falls away you think what could I have done in the last three years I could have I could have had two fish companies I could've been a manager I could have done this I could have done that. These disciples would have been extremely frustrated are you following where I am so now we have a scenario where we go to John Chapter twenty one let's turn to John Chapter twenty one I'm reading from verse one to fourteen but before I go there I'm going to tell you a quick story about me personally turning back. I was I have a sister who lives in the island of Bermuda so beautiful islands very expensive but it's a wonderful islands I love going there probably were a place I visited the most and as a young child probably from the age of thirteen to maybe about twenty nineteen my father used to send me and my sister almost every single summer. And when I became seventeen I was old enough to start writing on a motorbike and my sister rented me a motorbike and. I have a confession I like to drive fast. And. I was on this bike and I was overtaking people and I was driving really quickly and. I went past a group of young ladies. And I'm heading in one direction. And I decided to look back and take my eyes of the road and at that moment. The shape of the roads went into a bend but because I was looking back I didn't see the bend coming so I hit the curb and I'm in shorts and T. shirts and the bike to spawn over hit the deck and I just went across the concrete ground. And I ripped off. All the skin off my leg I learned a very valuable lesson there. Don't turn back keep your eyes fixed on the path ahead of you no matter what the circumstances are in life keep your eyes focused and go forward behave we have peace and John Chapter twenty one we're going to go from verse one to fourteen he says. After these things Jesus showed himself again to the disciples at the sea of her Bierria this and this way he showed himself so now just a little bit of back story Jesus died at this point and he's risen again and we have the fisherman who decided to go back on the sea we have Peter he decided to go back on the sea and why actually says that he decided to go back and do what all he knew what to do. Some of us in our journeys in life and we get discouraged we get frustrated life goes up and down you know I see lots of kids and I have two kids of my own and sometimes the kids can really test you and sometimes they cause you to go back and do things that you didn't necessarily think you would do maybe it's been frustrated in and shouting at them maybe it's having a little bit of a short temper because everything has built up but all the things that you've given to the Lord we sometimes find ourselves going back and redoing them again and here we have Peter who only knows what to do is fish only knows his only trade in life is fishing now his one savior has died but one person has worked for the last three years has died so he goes back and fishes as a little bit of a back story to go to first to Simon Peter Thomas Simon Peter Thomas called the twin Thani of Cain and Galilee the sons of Zebedee and two others of the disciples were together some in pieces said to them I'm going fishing see how it was Simon who instigated that Simon Peter said to them I am going fishing. They said to him we are going with you also they went out and immediately got into the boat and that night they caught nothing redesign of ages she says she goes into detail that they discussed in depth the last three years of what happened and how Jesus had led their ministry and now we're at a point where they're wary now they're frustrated and it's almost like a carbon copy of what happened three years previously with Simon Peter. But when the morning had not come Jesus stood on the shore yet the disciples did don't know that it was Jesus then Jesus said to them should have you any food they answered no and he said to them cast the net on the right side of the bow and you will find some they cost and now they were not able to draw in because of the multitude to fish therefore that disciple who jesus love said to Peter said to Peter. It's is the Lord's and I was Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord's he put on his outer garment three he had removed it and plunged into the sea Hey how many we can take a guess why Jesus said to plunge into the right side now bear in mind three years previously Jesus was on the boat and he said cast into the deep now phosphors three is Jesus specifically says on the right side and I want take a guess why. The right side would be the way to God you're on to something OK Before I tell you the answer to this question in a bit more detail I discovered something last night actually I take it back my wife discovered something last night and she shared it with me and I've I found it fascinating when we go on a boat these days we have the steering at the back of the boat don't we. And the person who has probably has the engine there is able to stare at the back of the boat you go left or go right in those days the steering was on the right hand side of the boat so fishermen very often did not cast the net on the right sides because the net could get caught in the steering mechanism and the net but here we have Jesus telling them to do something which is not normal or it is not normal for a fisherman to COS is not on the right side the reason they had on the right side is because most people are right handed so they would have the steering mechanism on the right side of the bow so it is not normal for me to cost and on the right hand side just in case the net breaks. But what I discovered is that Jesus was on the shore. The boat would have been over here casting the net on the right sides would have been the direction that Jesus was. So beforehand Jesus was on the boat so it didn't matter where they cost the net but now Jesus on the shore Peter has to have his eyes fixed on Jesus and because he's got his eyes fixed on Jesus Jesus is able to bless him abundantly Now if he had cast on the left hand side he would have headed back to Jesus which is no use as Christians we must have our eyes fixed on Jesus because without that we're catching nothing are you following where I am alone why has a wonderful quote where she says and Jesus had a purpose and bit in them cos then on the right side of the ship on that side he stood upon the shore. That was the side of faith if they labored in connection with him his divine power combining with their human effort they could not fail of success and I day to day lives our human effort combined with Jesus will not lack success it's a promise it's a given we must be so in tune with Jesus that he is leading our step every single step of a way now it's hard sometimes it's a challenge. But often enough you find yourself getting frustrated with your children when you haven't had that time with God you find yourself slipping up and going back into the old ways when you haven't had that time with God Peter was frustrated because it spent three solid years with Jesus now he almost didn't have that time with God so he slipped back into his own ways but Jesus showed him. That it's not the end he showed him. That I will fill your nets it was a reminder of what happened three years ago it was a reminder that I can provide for you but listen you don't mean this you need me and I need to go out and carry on delivering the gospel now the first step is always faith it has to be faith at first in the first story Peter stepped out in faith he gave his both his his business he gave it to God and God blessed abundantly that in faith he left his business and he followed God for three years again we fast forward three years he's on the boat again he's not got any faith because he's gone back to what he used to do and again Jesus has cast on the right hand side he has eyes fixed on Jesus he steps back out in faith because the net and the fish are for it begins with faith you follow what I'm saying church today. OK Now ironically the book of Peter speaks about the steps of faith that we need to take it to actually talks about the ladder of Christian progression now sometimes we look at people and we say. That person is very knowledgeable that person knows all the Bible prophecies that person does this that person does that when actual fact the very first step in following God is faith what kind of books a second Peter chapter one verse five. Second Peter chapter one verse five. Can I get an amen with their church. Second Peter chapter one verse five says Put also for this very reason giving all diligence add to your faith virtue so virtue knowledge to knowledge self control to self-control perseverance to perseverance godliness to godliness brotherly kindness and to broadly kindness love for if these things are yours and a bound you neither be neither barren and fruitful in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ Jesus is saying. To know the knowledge for us he is saying to exercise self control first he is a saying to exercise perseverance for us he's saying add to your faith. Add to your faith so we as Christians we have to step out of faith before we can do anything else whether that's your business but that's your home life or less your ministry whether that's whatever you find yourself doing it could be hospitality we must step out in faith a few years ago I was preaching in India and. I was preaching to the people and I was saying you must go out and spread the gospel you must come out of this building and goes door knocking and do this and do that and do this and do that and I was only upon a reflection. After going through reading my Bible and understanding the word of God more than I realized actually your gift may not be mocking your gift maybe hospitality Indians are very hospitable extremely hospitable your gift may be videography which is what I do your gift may be. Driving a taxi it may be feeding the homeless all of these different acts working together. For the glorification of God and to bring people closer to God there is not one body one per part of the body that is more important than the other we are all a collective group of people and we must be diligent and working together diligent in the gifts and talents the Lord has given us and spreading the gospel and I don't know what any of you guys do for a living or what you do day to day but I say to you step out in faith and when you give to the Lord don't turn back when discouragement comes stay faithful. As a story. As I close. And know that you have to be at the church at a certain time so I'm not going to keep you too long today but as an interesting story. Of something that took place over two hundred fifty years ago. And the story goes like this. There was a group of minute a group of people who set up some evangelist meetings. In Wales. And because of these evangelist meetings. People got converted and there was a particular family who became converted. Who decided to give up everything. And use their ministry to reach out to other people and what they did was if they jumped on a boat they travel thousands of miles to India. And they said they were going to find a village of people that they can minister to. Now they found a village but in this village they would. Be careful with my words because the young people they would. Decapitate you if you fell out of line. And they would parade them around their camp site as a warning to any foreigners who'd come in and try and do things to them this family stay faithful now they became so weary that they weren't able to convert anybody that they almost left but right when they were about to leave their home birth to one family one family and this whole village. Now this this family decided to take it upon themselves to minister to each and every one of the other families. However the chief of the village got wind of this and was not very satisfied that this family was trying to convert other people. So they called a meeting and they said to the family they actually said to the hot the father who the leader of the home they said to the family to the father if you do not renounce your faith. We're going to kill one of your sons I think they had. Two sons they're going to kill his children sorry we're going to kill his children they got two sons I may be wrong in that and he turned around he said to them. I have decided to follow Jesus no turning back no turning back. I don't know a moment the sons were killed and again they're then approach the wife and they said to the wife they said to the to the husband if you don't retract now we'll also take away your wife he said the world behind me the cross before me no turning back no turning back. With the sons of his wife. Gone they eventually said to the husbands it's your turn now if you don't retract. We're going to also kill you. He said to them though none go with me still I will follow no turning back no turning back one of us no that's on I have decided to follow Jesus and that is where that song comes from. The amazing thing about the story is the father was killed. However the chief after contemplating things could not believe that this family had given up so much for one man named Jesus and he said there must be some truth in this message and he converted and not only convert he converted it's all village not it is convert it's all village that village went on to spread the gospel to other villages amazing the question is today. When you decide to not turn back we decide to give your all to turn back but then he turned back again the right way I implore each and every one of us do not turn back stay faithful it's a long journey and it's not easy and it has its moments it has its frustrations it has its times of contemplation of what if I just done. But as Jesus blessed you in the beginning he can bless you again he can bless you repeatedly but not only can he bless you he can use you to be a beacon of light in your community in this community in the lighthouse community how ironic that you call the lighthouse church. He can use you to be lights in this community if you give or you know what to do to give to the Lord I was a videographer I spent three years at university I did not have a clue what I was going to do with my degree and in my third year I gave my life to God. I went on this journey or I left my job from Sky I left my job from the B.B.C. and I said I'm giving my all to you now what there's a videographer I have to do in the same day Adventist Church in this country sixteen limited but I decided decided to persevered and I went from face to face to face the faith and I have my moments when I turn back Don't get me wrong I had my moments where I went for a job interview and I thought I need to go back into the into the work environment but God kept provide a miracle after miracle after miracle and recently of this year I became employed by the admins this review of the General Conference on T.V. as a videographer on a new project they're creating. And sort of creating adventures Netflix. Not for entertainment purposes but to have materials to evangelize to others materials that we can use as Adventists so. And hearts to move across to forward now who would have thought in two thousand and eleven when I got my degree that when I knelt down and I prayed Lord what would you have me do with the only gift I have to I'll be standing right here now preaching to the White House as the a church saying that I am a living testimony of what happened to Peter. So I am pro-choice. Whether it's hospitality or distracted driver a nurse purpose a doctor to clean or give your all so the gospel and I want to fight any one of you here. Who want to make that step to say whatever I can do I'm going to give it to the Lord to stand up. As we close in prayer I'm going to ask my my elder brother covering your name Keith I want to ask Keith that to come forward and close in prayer. And anyone else who feels a burden to use what they have to also come forward as we close in prayer. That's part of the. I believe this was. Exactly who the. Very. Place. He was. We still. See here. This media was brought to you. 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