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Lucifer: Try Something New

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • November 10, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Dear Father I thank you for the the privilege to be here as thank you for working out the details and covering all the loose ends that threatened to derail this occasion. And just now I pray that you would. Give clarity of thought and that. More than. Anything it might be accomplished in my mind that that the inspired content would speak. And be of value to those who listen. Pray that you would bless to lead in Jesus' name. Now one thing I should say because you know anytime you have a group like this there's a chance hopefully it's a good chance that not everyone here is born in the fold and died in the wool Seventh Day Adventist. Some of you maybe you know kind of wondering what this operation is all about any one of the things that Adventism has to offer to the world. Is the concept of what we refer to as the great controversy the understanding of the war between good and evil behind the scenes and in a greater level of detail than. Is common in other denominations Now if you happen to not be some of the add an asst I understand. And I relate to your mental processes I can I'm good with that as a problem. I want you to understand that at this point what I'm going to be presenting is a clarification perhaps if you wish of an underlying concept that pervades Edmonton's So it's a it's a mindset it's a it's a perspective sometimes it escapes our own detection we brought up with it some of us and we don't we don't even realize the degree that this great controversy concept is molding us but that's really what we're going to be looking at so whether you are prepared to agree or whether you are prepared to accept the authority of the sources I cite that's OK. At least you can say well that explains these guys. Now I kind of understand why they think the way they do now of course I think that's the way we all could benefit by thinking but I invite you to consider it so we're going to begin with something less than the you or your most common of sermon topics you don't often get a sermon on those for I don't suppose but you know some some general I've forgotten who it was probably there's multitude of them who claim the distinction but someone once said that the first thing to do in a war is to know your end Know your enemy. And so there is a place for that so we're going to going to be looking at some of that and I'm going to. Walk back and forth so I can see what's happening here so we start off with Lucifer. Now Lucifer is a great example of something that I find interesting. In the business world and. I don't know just every other world today one of the more commonly repeated axioms is you need to think outside the box. Apparently we're all living in a box and very few of us can actually project our thought process is beyond the cardboard and so the idea of thinking outside the box is you know that's that's that's a valued think this is innovative mindset that's a that's a sales point if you're on your resume right if you're trying to get a job where you know Lucifer was the first one to really do that. And so you know if you have a low subtitle there. Lucifer is just basically said let's try something new and you'll see what I mean by that what I think he meant by that as we go along so let's start at the beginning well actually it's the middle of the beginnings because the Bible gives us three beginnings if I just said when is the beginning Biblically speaking you would probably think of this one. But that's number three. And if we think of a different beginning. That's number one. So what's the beginning in the middle so that as not as clear cut perhaps and not as famous but it's this verse Jesus speaking to the Jews is that you are of your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth for he is a liar and the father of it the beginning. Number two the beginning beginning of what beginning since. Something really complicated. But what's interesting here is that Jesus says that the moment there was sin there was murder. Well this second mystery is closely related with me that the middle beginning is closely related with the second mystery Bible speaks of mysteries Paul especially seem to like that terminology the first mystery is the good one right the mystery of godliness the second mystery is the bad one the mystery of lawlessness Well the interesting aspects of these two is that the. First one. Was hidden from the beginning of the ages. Now what makes that important is that the mystery of godliness proceed in the mystery of iniquity or lawlessness in. But the mystery of Godliness is the solution the only effective response to the mystery of lawlessness that makes sense of the Word of God had the solution for the problem came up that's my point it's really hard to catch God very flat footed you might as well give up on it pretty much OK well you're probably familiar with the this this mystery of lawlessness. We can take a quick look at this you're no doubt have seen these verses for the mystery lawlessness is already at work the coming of a long lesson one is according to the working insane with all power signs and lying wonders with all unrighteous deception among those who perished because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved and for this reason gone will send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness Now there's an interesting little detail buried in that I am not a Greek scholar my my Greek vocabulary is probably about. Words. So I don't qualify as a Greek scholar but those who do tell us that there is a there's a specific point that's mentioned here very specific point I should say you maybe are used to this verse in the King James I'm sure you've heard it it says that they did not receive the love of the Jews and that they they all should believe in. But the Greek authorities tell us that. It's the definite article. You remember your grammar. Articles how many articles do you have these days come up because I talk to anybody for twenty years you're getting there. Well technically three but you are pretty close. You could make it almost two because A and or the same thing it just depends on where you start the next where the values are not OK So we'll give we'll give credit for two but A and got now I'll catch the difference here in case this is somehow a little vague in your thinking since seventh grade English class there is a difference missing between saying There goes a car and saying There goes the car. I don't know what the difference is but in a normal conversation you would know the difference I mean if I'm talking about friend's car and I say There goes the car that's that's for it it's a specific car there's a specific lie. What's the specific lie. Remember I want to find out where this thing began right. Well the devil was a liar from the beginning as well as a murderer. We often say that the first lie was. You will not surely die. And you could maybe make that case for urse but that it had the whole rebellion in heaven already and was a rent kicked out of heaven he told plenty of lies up there already so that wasn't the first lie. My and this is I will just tell you right here is this is a point if you choose to differ with me that's fun I am not dogmatic on this point but when I go looking for something that matches what I think are the basic characteristics of the lie I go right back to the beginning. And I would argue for. Finding in this passage I will ascend into heaven I will absolve my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the Mount of the congregation on the farther side to the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high. Well no we could look at that and say Lucifer is not going to end up that women you're wrong so the whole thing's a lie or what we just call it. Hot air breaking I'm going to argue that. Down at the bottom of this is the root of. Where Lucifer is saying here is I'm going to take care of myself. And when I do that. It just be the same thing God does I will be like them or I will be God like who's going to argue with Godliness and you know playing devil's advocate for just a moment. You know you can only remember from its name doesn't even know there was a law in heaven right OK there were a lot of things that had never been raised to their perception and if Lucifer came along and you know how to asked a few simple questions things like the Gabriel you know how many hymns there are in the hymnal Yes I looked the other day just out of curiosity there are sixty seven million five hundred forty three thousand eight hundred twelve or some other number I don't pretend to know that by any inspired source and then Lucifer might say you're right. Why are they all about God who set that up why he when we gather for worship. Do we always worship God who set that up. Who set up God as a creator. So did he sold his throne duties. Was he in fact. Had God done what Lucifer said he wanted to do I'm going to argue that's the lie Well Nancy it's gone. Before we proceed any further in this discussion here I need to make a point I'm actually going to repeat two or three times because I want you to be sure and catch the point and that is that there never was and never will be a reason for since. You know. I just want to refresh your mind there is no reason for since it is impossible to explain the origin of sin so as to give a reason for its existence Sin is an intruder for whose presence no reason can be given it is mysterious unaccountable to excuse it is to defend it could excuse for it be found or cause be shown for its existence it would cease to be sin. Now you know you could if you take up the challenge of trying to figure this out you can base your head against the wall for a long time. And gain nothing but headings you know I mean perfect God perfect universe perfect creation perfect angels perfect heaven. Perfect Lucifer. Where did sin come from I can't tell you. You can't tell me. It is a mystery. I want to point out. That saying there are things that are impossible to understand. Is actually annoying. For people who like to understand if you consider the Western world. Approach to what we call academia a fundamental premises if we only get enough information we can understand yes if we can understand it then we can relate to it wisely we might be able to manipulate or modify or maybe even use it. If we understand the devil will tempt you to try and understand things that God has said you can't. Don't do it. OK. It bugs me too but just don't do it OK just just don't do it OK if we think it's on a reason for Lucifer choosing to sin we're wrong but that doesn't mean that God has not told us quite a bit about this process. And that's what we want to look at so we're going to walk a kind of fine line between trying to analyze the process of not the very origin of sin but the promo geisha and the growth of sin. The moment after it sprang into existence so Nixon's. Kind of feel like one of those big bang cosmologists you know. It just happened. And in the first twenty seven offense zero seconds or whatever it is in there was this yeah. OK. It's kind of that way that. I can't tell you how it happened. But I want to understand what happened next as much as we can and it's important in this we remember that. We are actually in a war a war with the potential of deadly results we would feel. Somewhat put out I suppose this is almost a little too raw to even use us up and use this illustration for months now already I don't know it's maybe i should this week but you know if somebody were to walk in the back door with an A K forty seven and search shooting as we would we would take offense at that that wouldn't be good but we are in a more and we have a foe who is. Wanting to do worse to us than high velocity lead poisoning. So where that money it's gone. God calls for more tact more wise general ship than has yet been given him by as human agents there is need of sharp same to fight thinking and keen work to counteract the ingenious plans of St Well how are we going to do sharp sainted by thinking if we don't know anything about the topic then. I think there's a there's room for exploring this. At the final condemnation of Satan and his angels and of all men who have fully finally identified themselves with him as transgressors of God's law every mouse will be stopped. When the host of a billion from the first great rebel to the last trance Crestor stop and think about that for a minute the last. Threats grosser what. Were the dubious distinction that would. Of all the losers in the universe you need to be the last line. And can you imagine you just think back to the rebellion in heaven you know lose weight implies that Lucifer had almost fifty percent of the angels at one point and in the good angels kind of you know argued the issue back and forth a little bit and and it got down to only thirty three percent. Well OK so if we say maybe it was up as high as forty seven thirty three to forty seven it's fourteen percent of the angels. Who have spent the last six thousand years with a very queer realisation that they dodged a terrible. By the smallest of motions perhaps. That would that would be something to wake up to every morning when. I guess they don't sleep I don't know any else. OK So with that in mind. Let's take a look at the beginning of sin almost the beginning. The greatest talents and the highest gifts they could be bestowed on a created being were given the Lucifer the covering chair before us fall he was a glorious being occupying a position next to Christ OK good now the right of Lucifer was a covering cherub distinguished by his excellence God made him good and beautiful as near as possible like himself now I'm going to stop you there for just a moment because one thing that we're going to have to wrestle with is isn't as a little. Piece of wisdom that we all received as children and that is God can do anything. Now again. Where did that idea. He could not make someone more like himself than most of her for the Says. As near as possible you can't go for that he could do it that was the. That was the most god like. Being he could create. But notice something about Lucifer. He was a created being and these gifts were given. To Him God made him good not a bad way to start off your existence is it. Who on the day of your creation you are the most god like being could possibly be made not a bad deal. But Lucifer chose to sin will never know why he did that what we do know one thing that we do know is that he needed that choice about the same time as God was getting ready to create our plan that's been implied in a number of prophecy statements that we've had for quite a while but there's some. Some new information. So it raises the question here this whole thing about the creation of earth is that merely coincidental or did the creation of our planet and our species. Actually play a role in this whole drama Well let's see. When God said to his son let us make man in Our image Satan was jealous of Jesus he wished to be consulted concerning the formation of man and because he was not he was filled in be jealousy and hatred. It doesn't say that that was the very first time he had sinful tendencies or. Thoughts or whatever. He may have harbored desires for self exaltation prior. But they were. So much yes and wraps. Seeing hates mankind because they are the workmanship of God He opposed the creation of man. MAN Yeah man. Don't do that that idea don't make those guys it isn't. Is this only coincidental how is this related if it is related. I'm going to tell you that I think the two issues are very much related very much connected so and again you can differ with me out of them I know I'm a big boy you don't have to buy here they go say OK you judge the evidence in the you know for yourself OK. But I want to show you a sequence of statements now and consider these from the position of Lucifer after having. Sir sed indulged in selfish thoughts next to the angelic beings the human family formed in the image of God are the noblest of his created works OK he might have known that the earth was to be peopled with beings only a little lower than the age that sounds a lot like Song eight which coincidentally sounds are like Hebrews two because he was quoting salt. Man was created a little lower the needles. Are enough. But at the same. No other creature that God has made is capable of such improvement such refinement such an ability as man man cannot conceive what he may be and what he may become through the grace of Christ he is capable of constant mental progress. Well now that makes human beings sound kind of special. But they were created below the angels but notice some words are. Proven become. Progress Lucifer was made. Created. Given is the difference here it was a wonderful thing for God to create man to make mind. God created man that every faculty might be the faculty of the divine Mind I don't really understand. That's one of those statements I don't know that. Put out hold means but I think it's a deep. Man was the crowning act of the creation of God made in the image of God in design to be. Part of God Man is very dear to God because he was formed in his own image what did he know in the white mean when she wrote counterpart if the present the United States. Should go on a foreign trip which he is right now as I recall. And he runs into through some state occasion the leader of some foreign country. That's commonly expressed that the president met with his counterpart It doesn't necessarily make them equals. The president could meet with the counterpart of some very very tiny little country. And you know this guy is the. King or Prime Minister or whatever of three million people and you know Mr Trump is the president of whatever the head count is down here in oh I don't know. So counterpart an interesting word or interesting interesting work that's gone. God would place man upon probation to test his loyalty this is the whole tree in the garden thing right before he could be rendered eternally secure if he endured the test were with God saw fit to prove him he should eventually be equal. With the Angels. Interesting those who in the strength of Christ overcome the great enemy of God and man will occupy a position in the heavenly cords. A book. Angels who have never fallen. What happened a little lower. Happen to a little lower the work of redemption involves consequences of which it is difficult for man to have any conception there was to be imparted an excellent sea of power which would place him higher than the angels who had not fallen. But you know these statements this one and the previous one they they're both set as the the result of the plan of salvation. And so that raises a kind of attack a little question are we better off because of sin. If they're going to tackle when it's like well maybe there are few friends benefits this whole thing after all in order answer that question we need to know a little bit more about Lucifer actually OK God was a light so a full giant that Lucifer occupy the position of covering cherubs So the universe could at all times look upon his glory he folds didn't he say certifiable twenty five cent word. What a great vocabulary word. And we know what he folds it means. It's Old English for bright. God was a light so bright. The loose bracket by the position covering chips of the universe could at all times look upon his quarry. OK this was Lucifer's you know you get the impression that Lucifer had more than one job you know he was the choir director but he was also the coverage your lives would also get to get but this is what he was primarily known as as the covering chair What is this one he who was once the covering chair of whose work it was to hide from the heavenly intelligences the glory of God. Perverted his intellect and divorce of self from. What was Lucifer's job to hide. The glory of God Now notice this. Adam and Eve were granted communion with their maker with no obscuring veil between this is clearly prior to sin so what happens to Lucifer's job if this idea catches. Well. So is that a reason for sin if you know Lucifer was not included in the Council on the planning of Earth and humanity he wanted to be. But he just wasn't invited you but apparently he heard something you know I don't know are there. Coordinated leaks in heaven like every government on earth. Somehow he heard something about it it seems. And if he heard that and says an if but if he heard. You know these guys are going to start out blowing tools but. They ain't going to stay there would that be a reason. For dissatisfaction on his part would that be a reason for some. And I'm going to say no was no reason whatsoever. What that should have been a reason for was for Lucifer to say Praise the Lord for the first time of my life I'll get to find out what it's like to take orders from somebody else's and God This will be so cool everything God has ever done in the past has been for my blessing everything he's doing now is why was I will learn the wonderful things by being in a new position that I have never had the privilege of being in before praise or that's what he should have said. I suspect in this is only a suspicion at this point I suspect that he had already in some way the other come to indulge this desire for self exaltation. And then you come along and say these guys are going to get the get the promotion above you and that's like like so all right now it's gone. Through the in part a life of Christ the man has been given opportunity to win back again the last gift of life and to stand in his original position before God a partaker of the divine nature no we are not better off because of sin. Sin is an unfortunate interruption. But when it's all said and done and human beings are in fact above the angels who have never sinned it will be because through the crease of Christ they have regained their original position nothing more. Saying in his efforts to deceive and tempt our race had fought to frustrate the Divine Plan A man's creation but Christ now ask that this plan be carried into effect as if man had never fallen he asks for his people not only pardon and justification full and complete but a share in His glory and a seat upon his throne. You know Lucifer and said a thing or two about Thrones if you just stop and realize the magnitude of this OK. Goddess adjusting to the universe. And he take people like you and me who have never experienced a day of heavenly perfection in our lives who have in fact been guilty of all the worst sins pride so fissions and he says I want to bring them to heaven and. Give them a seat with me and my three cents straight you is a good idea. And just to. Kick it up one more notch What is it. First of the six sixteen so many correct me because I was hurt. I think I may have actually kind of remembered it right this time being. We use the verse all the time in our studies in the state of the dead you know God alone has a mortality but then what's the whole deal with first Corinthians fifteen. The trumpets of sound and this mortal shall put on immortality. Do induce have immortality Now those of her will die but again Gabriel is not going to die no he won't. That not because he is immortal. It's because he has what the theologians refer to as conditional eternal life as long as he obeys he lives he's going to continue of being he will continue living forever smart man or. But God saying I want to take. Human beings to heaven put them on the throne of God and then make it so we can't get rid of them if we want. This one one more the creation of our world was brought into the councils of heaven there the covering cherub prepared he is request that he should be made Prince to govern the world then in prospect we would say then in planning. This was not accorded him Jesus Christ was to rule the earthly kingdom under God he engage take the world with all its probabilities and I suspect that includes the probability of sin. The law of heaven should be the standard law for this new world for human intelligence as Lucifer was jealous of Christ and His jealousy worked into rebellion and he carried with him a large number of the holy angels. He wanted to be the prince of this world. God said no and kick him out of heaven and Lucifer said. You wanna bet just watch. Interesting is it's a pretty personal. Controversy. OK gotta move on now at the core of this is a rebellion there is one very simple but immensely important concept. There was I don't know what it was but there was at some point in time any first occasion when God said looser would you please do this and Lucifer. Thought. Well that's better would be fascinating to know you know was it a little thing. That most of our let's let's start worship tonight with Him number such and such so I wonder what. It is that word started was it a beggar I don't was a huge I don't know but someplace there was a first time when God said please do this loser said no that's better. That's huge in order to get to that point one of two things had to have already happened in Lucifer's mind. Either Lucifer God had Lucifer believed God had made a mistake that's was not something that God wants me to do this but it's like he goofed. And that's obviously better any just because God's pretty smart but he just wow. Can you believe that maybe he used just a purely intellectual sort of an issue if it wasn't that it wasn't a mistake but Lucifer says this is better that's better and God says do this and loose was not that's better and this is no mistake whatsoever God knows what he's asking me to do and he knows that that's better but he's trying to get me to do that or we got there the second option is equines of could have believed that God It deliberately commanded something that was not loose wrist best interest. In other words Lucifer had lost faith in God. Now very quickly there's a there's a concept sometimes known as the divine or the divine triad or the Supreme Being triad or something like that and basically this is this is not unique to Christianity but but the idea is if you believe in a Supreme Being You better hope he has three qualities OK you better hope that he is all wise all powerful and all loving. And he better be all three. Because if he's all all loving. And he's all wise but he's not all powerful. Well you know I try to just and work. That could be a real problem when you're running the universe. If he is all loving and all powerful but not all why is that you have come and somebody come along with with all others who aren't so well let's try another idea. OK perfectly good intentions and the power to make it happen but not the wisdom to. Perfect right thing happen. And if he's all wise and all powerful. But he doesn't love you you better watch out. To see you in a world of hurt then OK so these three characteristics wisdom our. Lucifer. Called into question two of those was the love there is no record and by were severe prophecy of Lucifer questioning God's power. Of the angels the good angel said you know. He could throw you don't like a rock to the ground. It's easiest to want to Pebble the ground and Lucifer said yeah. I'll risk it. Because. I found something new. Even if God had just made a simple mistake that was a serious error after all God was in charge really universe who could trust his wisdom if it had been proven faulty and if God hadn't made a mistake then it meant that he was intentionally harming his subjects' who could trust his love if it had been proven folks. So Lucifer had lost faith in God's wisdom and probably God's love as well I'm certain that it was a very little time delay you lose faith in His wisdom you're going to lose faith in His Love quickly. Those are huge that's this is this is the beginning of everything this is losing faith in God. I think there is no coincidence that right to snus today is still life. We've got to go back to the group. That's not all if Lucifer was smart enough to spot God's mistake that meant Lucifer was smarter than God I. What's more if God had tried to trick Lucifer in a doing something it was a breeze best good then the mere fact that God had failed the fool him meant that Lucifer was smarter than God So stuff pride is made you know would be easier for Lucifer to simply do what he was sure was the best thing I mean actually it's it's been categorically proven that I'm smarter than God He wants me to do this but that's better and since I'm smarter than God what would you do you would do the smart thing when you know that's what we call disobedience. The rest happens in the mind but that's not all. Even if Lucifer never said a word about his disobedience the influence of his actions to law the other angels you can't abandon God to take care you you need to take charge of your own life you need to do what God does you need to. Exhaust yourself you need to take care you need to look out for number one and actually you know it's kind of weird why in the world should I spend all my time worrying about all you guys and you spend all your time worrying about all the rest of us and you spend I don't want to Why don't why don't I just take care of myself and you take care of yourself and you take care of yourself mathematically it comes out the same in our agreed idea. I mean it really says and who knows what I need better than I do. But the answer that is God but was for was tracking that where you can. That's a lie you need to exalt yourself you need to not depend on God that I argue is a lie a direct descendant of the lie which says that God lives that way but that's not all once Lucifer took the responsibility of caring for himself it meant he had to do whatever it took to provide for himself if necessary that meant stealing. You know what there's only enough food for one. And there still is here. If necessary. Then that murder. That's a person. Not that I dislike you. But I have to look out for myself. And there's only enough food for what I do the said Lucifer was a murderer from the beginning because the very principle that says God is selfish I will be selfish to. Parent in that is all evil up to and including murder OK let's move on now. I'm going to sort of apologize because I'm not going to cover everything that would be fun to cover here but I want to do is list off some of the things that were told that Lucifer did never wear the tactics what did he actually do in his rebellion Well the first thing it is exploited his position of trust is like I mean he was he was a big guy he held on to that for as long as possible he hit is intentions from others. He would imply or insinuate without clear assertion number so just come right out and say what he was trying to do just kind of. You know I assume that angels average I.Q. is somewhat in excess of mine. It would be fun to know actually probably scary to know the level of subtlety that Lucifer use to trick really smart beings you know how. He would distort others' perceptions L.-Y. says that he used hypnotism. He would maintain plausible deniability. Get other people to do the dirty work for him so he could say I know I didn't have any to do that he would shift responsibility others have a fall guy. He would lie. He would abandon discredited positions without accepting responsibility for having advocated them. When he would say something that was Chandimal require enough to clear enough that God could address it directly the moment or the Angels the moment someone did address it and say that's false it's just like oh yeah that never never happened. Because move on. And what makes that point a couple of times. He would say this supporters as evidence of correctness that. They believe they all believe. We're all in this together you can't all be wrong. And last on the list he would appeal to sympathy it's always picking on me. OK we don't have time to cover everything on the list but I want to go through some of these things real quickly some some statements that you'll see that these items are come up and it will paint us a picture of what that were but it was like taking advantage of the loving loyal trust reposed in him by the holy beings under his command he had so artfully instilled into their minds his own distrust and discontent that his agency was not discerned Lucifer had presented the purposes of God in a false light misconstruing in distorting them to excite dissent and dissatisfaction he cunningly drew his hearers on to give utterance to their feelings then these expressions were pitted by him when it would serve his purpose as evidence that the angels were not fully in harmony with the government of God Now this right here is the number one thing that Alawite sites more than any other in the process of Lucifer's rebellion he would plant seeds of doubt and then she says he go away and he come back later. Makes me wonder what's that what's the timeframe in heaven has laid here like you know three days or a week a month hundred years you know I don't really know the time scale that this developed on but he would come back later and reengage those same angels. And manipulate the conversation to lead them up to the point where the seemingly intelligent thing to say was what Lucifer had said the last time that makes sense he plants the seed and then gets them to say it. That's dangerous the number one thing she cites Now I will just point out to you that there is in fact and honored profession amongst human beings. The professional duties of which consists almost entirely of telling people what to believe and then checking to see whether they can repeat it back to you. Teaching Don't ever underestimate the ability of an educational system to corrupt people if it's not being here it properly going on while claiming for him so perfect loyalty to God He urged the changes in the order in laws of heaven were necessary for the stability of the Divine government thus while working to excite opposition to the law of God and to instill his own discontent into the minds of the ages under him he was ostensibly seeking to remove dissatisfaction and to reconcile this affected angels to the order of heaven well secretly fomenting discord and rebellion he with consummate craft cause it to appear as is saw purpose to promote loyalty and to preserve harmony and peace how sweet. In his first display of disaffection Satan was very cunning all he claimed was he wanted to bring in a better order of things to make great improvements have been good been you know we can. We can improve this. Incidentally if if some of these start to sound a little bit like politics. There's absolutely no coincidence OK. Scene could present no defined reason as to why he wished to love God change your boss he simply declared his conviction to the angels would be better off without the law but could not tell in what way they would be advantage. Lose or gain the sympathy of some of his associates by suggesting thoughts of criticism regarding the government of God This evil seed was scattered in a most ado sing manner and after it had sprung up and taken root in the minds of many he gathered the ideas that he himself had first implanted in the minds of others and brought them before the highest order of angels as the thoughts of other minds against the government of God That's by ingenious methods of his own devising Lucifer introduced rebellion in heaven. You know guys I just need to let you know what they're saying down there on the street. I planted all the ideas myself I didn't say that OK this is again I just want to reiterate this is the thing that always. Cites more calmly than other and I think there's a good reason for that in the statement words have power to react on the character men are influenced by their own words Austin under a momentary impulse prompted by Satan they give utterance to jealousy or evil surmising expressing that which they do not really believe but the expression Bre-X. on the thoughts they are deceived by their words and they come to believe that true which was spoken at Satan's instigation it is dangerous to utter a word of doubt dangerous to question and criticize Divine Light the brain is apparently wired so that when it hears me say something it thinks it that's my idea. I've said it now it's my own position that's one of the reasons I don't wait cites for not being. A strong proponent of debating society anybody ever be you know get themselves into some sort of academic debate or something and be assigned. The side that you did not believe. OK OK Well. Let's go back to the sphere many of these angels who sympathize with Lucifer had occupied high positions in the government of God All were in Richard the telling of intellect were girded with strength and glory remember the four hundred fifty princes who sided with Cordy through the Byron. Is like in the same stuff there me be some. Extra danger. To being in a responsible position one might not want to covet that. The seeds of alienation were planted afterward to be drawn out and presented before them the courts as originating no say in but with the angels in his are for why he drew expressions of doubt from them then when he was interviewed he accused those whom he had educated he laid all the disaffection on the ones he had led. In his interviews with other angels after succeeding in fine example ties us here ranges of arguments and presented them as if they were the sentiments that originated in the minds of those we first led astray this is the whole shifting responsibility Plaza building I ability to put things. That's so guys down the southeast quadrant they're the ones who troll makers or. Were. Put yourself on the other side of the situation suppose you were an angel a good angel what's your defense. Against those that's a trickier thing that it may see. What is your defense against these ideas the tempter would throw all the blame of his course upon others who were below him he would make it appear that if he could have moved according to his own judgement all this demonstration of rebellion would have been avoided but he wouldn't just let me take care. It didn't need to be like this guy. Lucifer worked through the medium of influence taking advantage of the action of mind on mind and ever since then sin is continued to tape for work reaching from mind to mind every sin committed awakens the echoes of the original sin mutual dependence is a wonderful thing reciprocal influence should be carefully studied when placed on the side of right influence is a power for God one place inside of evil is a powerful scene one human being under Satan's control becomes a means of temptation to another human being thus evil grows into immense proportions. The influence of mind of minds is similar so strong a power for good when sanctified is equal strong for evil in the hands of those opposed to God that this power Satan used in his work of instilling evil in of the minds of the angels and he made it appear that he was seeking the good of the universe that's what it looked like to the angels. What was their defense. Sisk screwed here seeing was artful in presenting his side of the question as soon as he found that one position was seen in its true character he changed it for another doesn't like a politician scene exultingly pointed to a sympathizers comprising No they want half of all the angels in exclaimed These are with me will you expel these also and make such a void in heaven. And the answer that question turned out to be yes. But he didn't think it would be everybody agrees with me God You just keep picking on here when it was announced that with all this sympathizers he must be expelled from the bow to bless Sydney and his host of the blame of their rebellion holy upon Christ declaring if they had not been rebuked reproved they would never have rebelled. Any. Because I went backwards. You reproved for your life but it didn't look like for them. That's what makes it so tricky. God was in the position of having to reprove that which didn't look reproval ball. Makes sense only. It was not an easy situation. Lucifer cast the cause of his defection upon Jesus Christ and upon God if they had not so firmly resisted his plans he said he would not have gone on doing as he did wrong doers always find sympathizers and Satan so represented his case the angels that he drew many angels from their allegiance to God you know when we look at scenes are against like this frankly sometimes you look really stupid right this way you know that. If you. If you if you had resisted I would have done what I would have kept on doing that and that is it makes good sense with physics you know you get an object in motion it takes an equal and opposite force to stop it right now if you had resisted me I want to go on on what happened a lot of inertia you were OK you know but you know. So it seems kind of dumb. And yet it was packaged in a way that was deceiving to angels and angels are done. I really think Alawite has had to translate this down to dumb it down for us I suspect it was several orders of magnitude trick here. Same is very good. And what he does unfortunately is he's way too good how good was he. So at this hour is impossible for man to measure the ingenuity shown by Satan deceiving human minds you think you can understand everything and that's going to be your defense. Maybe not want to bet on that. Check this out. Lucifer is a work of deception was done in so grete secrecy that the angels in less exalted positions supposed that he was the ruler of heaven what do you know that I'm not really know exactly what he means by that. But it does give me an idea that he was pulling the wool over somebodies eyes and. One. Thought here this will sip till we come back to it later this one's challenging we're not going to dwell on I just want to throw it out there for you notice this the originator of sin work with all his deceptive powers and satanic subtlety to become equal with God in Heaven as the Son of God was then he thought he could sway they have to leave jewels as he desired this specious deceptive work was carried on secretly the arch deceiver himself concealed his identity so far as possible and the Lord permitted this rebellion to develop. Before. Anything was done. To save the Angelic Host from the past last. Cause the deceptions of Satan were allowed to develop before anything was done to save the. That. OK Last like. What was it that started the argument. Lucifer actually when I when I began doing that research I I was fearful there will be dozens of accusations of things there are it's pretty simple even when I slice and dice and kind of spin them out as separate as I can distill so that you can be real specific Oh we come up with nine. So here they are number one angels are holy by nature and wise enough to govern themselves so they don't need God's Law in God was unfair when he exulted Jesus above Lucifer. God is pro God selfish God's law is defective and needs to be changed. And maybe as a measure of that defect neither range is not he would beings can obey God's laws God's law is arbitrary God's law makes forgiveness impossible last but not least. God is lying about all the above now. If I am candidate A And here I am candidate B. and we're both running for. The office of mayor of woman Linda. And we have a political debate type of a thing OK So candidate eighty stands up and he says Ladies and gentlemen I am so glad you came out to our debate the today it shows your high sense of civic something in so before we really get going on on all the issues there's one thing you really need to understand about my opponent and that is my opponent is a notorious liar you really can't believe anything that he says and then Candidate fills out the remaining however many minutes of his first time slot and Candidate B. No has a chance to speak what's the first thing he's going to want to say I am not a liar. And Canaday says he just lied. If you study debate and formal logic you'll have all these cool little logical fallacies that's one of them works a little different than some of the others. This is known as poisoning the well. Candidate A poisoned the well of Candidate B. he implied that he is not honest therefore. The audience now has to question. Everything that he said. You don't know whether he's telling you the truth now that's probably a not a bad position in which to approach politics in the first place but but nonetheless assuming assuming that maybe there was a an arms politician somewhere you can see how you're in a bind want someone who says you're lying because no matter what I see. I could still be lying again. Make sense. He lied about A.B.C. I did not he just lied again nothing but lies so once someone has said it you're a liar what can you say. Nothing. What can you do that's the question. What was God going to do now I want you back for tomorrow morning and we will look at. Christ's response to this issue and work with their spirits were all that we thank you for the Sabbath Day Thank you for the chance to slow down after running I sure but a year was probably just as busy as. Thank you for. Mr information the ability to. Look at a picture. Where we fit in picture. How. We'd like to know. What we can do to. Finish that picture. 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