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Christ: Let Me Show You

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • November 11, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Happy service. And the special greeting to the few of you who were not with us last night. You missed a once in a lifetime opportunity unless you know more about time travel and I do so. I do want to provide a little introduction because what we're covering is a continuous thread and so if you miss the beginning you're at something of a disadvantage. Last night we had one of the less common sermon topics last night we spoke about Lucifer because there is wisdom in knowing your enemy some of the highlights so you just have the background. Lucifer of course is the protagonist of the antagonist I should say in the great controversy the great controversy theme is I would argue one of the most profound and most far reaching of contributions that the administration has to make in the realm of theology you can understand administers without understanding a controversy. And so if you happen to not be an Adventist. You're in the right place if you're trying to understand what these people are all about this is really. I would argue the most basic of fundamental propositions upon which Adventism is constructed just unconsciously consciously theoretically philosophically everything it all stems from an understanding that we are involved in a great controversy between good and evil. And to do this weekend the purpose is to look at that just a little bit more interesting things from last night Lucifer. Wanted to rule the earth. And in one of the in one of the more the if you're familiar with the letters and manuscripts releases from the writings of L. and white and they were released about two years ago well the most fascinating statements that I found in looking over that previously unavailable material. So I tells us that as the planning for us was going forward the covering cherub came and presented his request that he be the prince of this world. But that that was not accorded to him Jesus Christ would be the ruler of this world and the law of heaven would be the standard law for this earth. There are fascinating details which I can't take the time to go into any further because we did that last night and Incidentally for those who. May be interested or perhaps are listening and audio verse I will just mention that due to time constraints this is not the full meal deal. But there is a previous series of recordings a five part series that if you know if you're fascinated as I know I would like you to be because I find it fascinating when I hear if you really want the whole thing there will be there is a series on an audio verse already. From about two months back or something like that down each of pines I don't know the recording of probably a verse but then all of us and boom there were so. Today however we move on from beginning with Lucifer. And were Christ which is more fitting for seven serving serve and I think Jesus well Lucifer said. The subtitle for last night Lucifer said try something new. So try so if responsibility sounds good. It really was self concern. It really was selfish ness and philosophically you can make an interesting case that it wasn't in some ways that different from the law of heaven which is service for others you look at selfishness service of others Yeah and you see the difference but it would have been an interesting way and we did come to us and so I can't give it any more however Christ doesn't say that Christ's subtitle here today. Is Let me show him. Let me show. To carry this read we have to begin with losers accusations if you go through as I did one hundred thirty four thousand hits in the Writings. I boil it down to there are only nine accusations which Lucifer brought against the government of him my theory on that was you know if an argument starts and you can find out what the arguments over then maybe you're better prepared to resolve the argument so I went looking for the accusations of Lucifer against the government of heaven and I found nine angels are holy by nature and wise enough to govern themselves they don't need God's Law God was unfair when he exalted Jesus above Lucifer God is proud God is selfish God's law is defective and needs to be changed and perhaps the measure of that change is neither angels nor human beings can obey God's law number seven actually we won't have time to touch on this at all other than for me to say that this is the one that everything hinges on and if you want to go wading into really fascinating deep territory look into Lucifer's charge on number seven he said God's laws arbitrary as a result of God saying no it is not arbitrary Lucifer said in that case it makes forgiveness impossible and number nine God is lying about all the above. And since I see people those only taking pictures of that slide I will just simply mention that my P.D.F. serve my presentations are always available on audio verse and you get the whole thing from downloading it there so you don't have to spend all the electrons necessary to record them here you're welcome to OK So this is where the accusations now I left the audience last night with the question. If your god what do you do next the ball is now in your court what do you do about it how do you respond to these accusations the first eight would have logically or simply or reasonably invited an explanatory comment. God could say well let me discuss the angels The enjoy nature I can explain it to you God could say Let me tell you about Jesus I can explain that to you God could say Let me explain what pride really is and how that works none of that was possible. Because the Night accusation. The night accusation in that in terms of formal logic is called poisoning the well when you say that your opponent is lying it doesn't matter what he says. You'll see how that played out now what's interesting about this situation that God found himself in the Godhead found themselves how do you want to phrase it I'm not trying to pick a theological argument or bring out however you want to deal with that god of no has to deal with these accusations and you know you would think that God being God is probably single and I could really this or I could do it like I could I could do this I could do it you know God has a thousand means to provide for our needs of which we know nothing it was that way with this. There was one way only one way and it's fascinating the stuff that God couldn't do how should the universe know that Lucifer is not a safe and just leader. To their eyes he appears right Lucifer. Kept up a good appearance it looked fine everything he said sounded good. They cannot see as God sees beneath the outward covering they cannot know as God knows then to work to unmask him and make plain to the enjoy the coast that his judgment loose was judgment is not God's judgment that he has made a standard of zone exposed himself to the righteous indignation of God would create a state of things which must be avoided. God couldn't go there God desired that a change take place and that the work of Satan be brought out in its genuine aspect. But the exalted angel. Standing next to Christ. Was opposed to the Son of God The Under working was so subtle that it could not be made to appear before the heavenly host as a thing it really was shattering one of our cherished childhood childhood. Mantras if you wish. You know God can't do anything there are some things God can't do it could not be made to appear as what it really was a scene could not be presented to the universe at once and his real character his crooked course must be allowed to continue until he should reveal himself as an accuser a deceiver a liar and a murderer and we looked last night at the issue of murder and what we found was that murder. Is inherent in sin which begins the moment you doubt the moment you lose faith in God's love. And his wisdom and that's where Lucifer started there was some point in time when God said Lucifer please do this and this was a no that's better. And the only way you can say that's better is either say God is not smart enough to figure it out or to say God knows but he's trying to get me to do what's not in my best interest so wisdom or love one of the other and both rapidly had to go. Consequently I would point out that still some six thousand are the sheers later. The solution to the issue is righteous this by faith because unrighteousness began the moment Faith was fractured and the moment that happened it came to murder because once I lose faith in God's love and his wisdom his ability to care for me I have to assume the care of myself. And since I do not have infinite resources if there's only enough food for one and there's two of us it's nothing personal but I will kill you because I have to eat that food. That's what loss of faith does to us what's gone. Satan had disguised himself in a cloak of falso the end for a time it was impossible to tear off the covering so the hideous deformity of his character could be seen he must be left to reveal himself in his cruel artful wicked works and again the impossible is not a word that we commonly associate with God but it's true. Not only were there things that were impossible for God to do. There were things that he had to do and we don't normally think of that either it was circumstances forcing God. There's stuff we couldn't do the stuff we had to do. Well can kind of strange but it's gone God's purpose is to place things upon any turtle basis of security now just. Eternal it's never going to happen again that's that's the goal OK in eternal basis of security time must be given for Satan to develop the principles which were the foundation of his government they have in the universe must see worked out the principles which they declared were superior to God's principles. God's order must be contrasted with Sainz order the corrupting principles of sins rule must be revealed the principles of righteousness expressed in God's law must be demonstrated as unchangeable perfect and eternal. So once again the idea of God being forced if you wish being limited. Is stronger than we normally think you notice these words it doesn't look like he had a lot of choice. And why tell us there was only one way Actually there were things that he had to do in order to arrive at his. Eternal basis of security. What I want you to notice right now though. Is the method to be used in all these things that were required by the circumstances of the case notice the method. That God had to use. Satan must develop his principles the universe must see these things worked out God's order must be contrasted Satan's rule must be revealed. God's law must be demonstrated everything to be gained is listed here as a matter of perception. Of education if you wish. The universe needed to understand stuff that they didn't understand. And it had to be shown. Because God had been charged with this honesty Mark this point well this process of demonstration. Is the only tool they have and they are so unlike Lucifer where as many. This is the only. Weapon that God uses in the Greek honors. Notice as well that as as far as seen was concerned the damage was all to be self-inflicted he would reveal himself it was his own demonstration of his corrupting principles that would defeat him but Satan failure. Could only discredit himself. It couldn't remove the doubts that he had created in the minds of the universe about God. So it wasn't enough to simply let Satan implode that would take care of one side of the question so speak. But now there were doubts about God How was God going to respond to that. He had to respond he had to take the initiative he had to do something and the universe they knew that the unfallen worlds saw that the character of God could be vindicated only through this trial and conflict of the two forces. The attributes of God must be made to appear of the stability of his government there must be no question. Yet. You know we see this. Somewhat frequently in earthly politics. You've got two politicians and they're. Saying terrible things about each other and you know if you're the the true. Most of what I want not patriot devotedly of the political party that's one there's better word of a good thing with real. Partisan There you go thank you if you're the true partisan you will say my guy is right and he is all wrong or vice versa but you know I suspect that there is a large proportion of the population of the citizenship of various countries the may look at these two politicians and say. What if they're both telling the truth about the other. We could have a tough choice going on here. And. God could just let say discredited self he had to vindicate his own character yet to show that he was indeed worthy of his position as ruler of all the world he had created how is he going to do that well the simple answer is he just had to convince everyone in the universe that his government was the only one they wanted. He's a good idea that. It's a pretty tall order. And you know. I surmise that there are created intelligences the which actually have intelligence they think for themselves you know in the United States you're sort of conditioned here to Democrats and Republicans but you know you go to some other countries and you might have fifteen different political parties how do you. How do you win when you've got fifteen opponents and I mean I don't I do this right OK. Someplace out there in the universe. There could be someone watching who said. Wow. Saint is really felt up I mean that stuff he was advocating it down that's really messed up. But you know God's idea you know again that's kind of far on the other end you know I think we should do this. Somewhere in the middle. And you know it's really hard to argue some of those things and I suppose you've got a major arterial street through a town and there's that's to say there's fifty thousand people a day trying to get to work down that street. Speed limit is set at forty miles an hour and the people are really frustrated because you've got fifty thousand. Vehicles going through there and you need the speed limit to be like fifty just to just accommodate the traffic and so they have a big civic forum and people are making the case for raising the speed limit to fifty. And then a young mother stands up Jews I live on that street I have four children under the age of five I do my best but you know and I know that one of these days the ball is going to bounce up and and the street forty is to say asked it should be thirty. That you care about my children Yeah you know it's where the media should be thirty to. Hell maybe thirty seven point four three nine How do you say what's perfect when you're making laws like that what's God going to do. Is going to convince everyone that they want his government or you do that. You know verbal description could reveal God to the world. Through a life of purity a life of perfect trust in submission to the will of God a life of humiliation such as even the highest Serafin heaven would have shrunk from. God Himself must be revealed to humanity you remember the account probably in. The notes in the early writings story of redemption maybe it's in pages of prophets to I forget exactly you remember when. God and Christ met and they agreed again on the planet salvation and they announced that the enjoy ghost and the angels know all. Let me go they didn't know what they were saying if they had known what they were saying they would have shrunk from this is how Jesus. Wins the universe. He says this is what I'm willing to do to help those I've created Anyone else want to do more anyone else even want to do that there were no volunteers. The divine response went ahead which is why we have verses like this. Who saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor. There for his own arm brought some vision for him in his own righteousness it sustained him no one else would take on that job. But notice again this is a matter of revealing. And showing of clarifying talks of the. Rebel wage there it's a matter of. Actually correcting our perception of God of rewiring our brains you know in the medical world now is this whole neural plasticity things like a big big idea is going to call. There as usual god was a few thousand years ahead of us and that we. Were still playing catch up there and it's probably going to go on for a while yet. But there's an educational process and I was as a recovering teacher I like the idea of people learning things and. This is what God had in mind from the importer universe is just I need to. Sheetz you in order to Cheech. Let me show you how important this. Without the correct knowledge of God. The human family would be divested of all divine straight stop right there at the ready for the. Practice of self-control. Vocabulary words. What does divested mean without stripped from if the opposite of is vested if I invest in your company I'm giving you money if I divest right you know sometimes you get so to such a school has a portfolio or they've invested in this country were mad at country so we want you to divest right you for them. Without the correct knowledge of God The human family would be divested of. All divine strength with a force agile kept before the mind as belonging to God The human family would be the dupes of say ten ical lies and the subjects of say ten agencies and he could practice upon their credulity with success this is such a great for Kerry Larry paragraph so what is a dupe do you know where the root word comes from a dupe is one who falls for someone else's duplicity. To face an as and I got sucked in I am now a dupe. Because someone else was practicing duplicity what are credulity. What's clearly go ability Yeah OK so this looks like this and that this paragraph. Thinking of it. Without the correct knowledge. We divest of all strife the Vine Street. With false attributes we would be dupes. We would. Suffer because of our credulity. Would be toast. I think Christ loves human race and has expressed this love in every action of his life I put that one in there despicable as expressed in the idea of how important was this to do this and it says here there was every action it was something you kept in mind on a. Genius basis every act of Christ Ministry was far reaching in its purpose it comprehended more than appeared in the act itself you know one things that I admire about Christ as humans he's smart. And. He's smart he thinks things through and he thinks them through ahead of time. So everything he did it comprehended more than. Dummies like me you know are likely to see. A wise purpose underlay every act of Christ's life on earth everything he did was important in itself and in its teaching. There were good reason to spend our days thinking in a way Christ were the mind of man capable of understanding his doings every act of His earthly life would stand forth important complete and in harmony with His divine mission. Shifting here we're going to going to take our focus to that divine mission Jesus came to earth to teach men how to live a life of self-denial and self-sacrifice and how to carry out practical religion in their daily lives he labored constantly for one object all his powers were employed for the salvation of men and every act of his life chanted To that end now follow the logic of this here to a little sore just something with me he labored constantly for one thing if everything he did was for one object and he did this I know that this was for one object you know with me and OK. All his powers were employed for the salvation of men. Every act of his life tended that in now go back up to the top. Why did you come to earth to teach men how to live a life of self-denial self-sacrifice. Which is the say that self-denial and self-sacrifice. Are necessary components of the salvation of men it's going to follow that through. So how did he do this what kind of tactics did he use on a day to day basis what did he do. The great object about Christ to the earth. Was to reveal the father. God is Love this was the great truth that Christ came to the world to reveal the object of Christ's mission to the world was to reveal the father. In all his ministry all his self-denial and self-sacrifice Christ's object was to reveal God to the world now notice something here that last statement. Where did we last see self-denial and self-sacrifice they were essential components of the one object that he was laboring to do which was the salvation of men. He came to teach us so of the Nile and self-sacrifice but it was so of the Nile and self-sacrifice that he used. To reveal the father. If so often hours of sacrifice reveal the father and we are the learned self-analysis of sacrifice we suppose our job might be and that our welcome back in Christ exalted the character of God attributing to him the praise and giving him the credit of the whole purpose. Of his own mission on Earth What's that next little punctuation mark oh. Yeah I told you I'm recovering teacher here this is not a hyphen hyphens a little short words hyphens are used for hyphenating words this is an em dash. It's called an em dash because it's the same with as a capital M.. OK There's another one is a little bit smaller it's called an end a yes what it is why yes yeah OK and that one is used to replace the word two so if I say April day should June that's an in there is not any indication that a hyphen above is a wonderful thing you should study it that many out. Now this is used in this case this M. de. Is used to set off this separate element which is. A restatement of what you just said OK So we're talking about the whole purpose of His mission on Earth. Which was to say man right through the revelation of God. Now this is fascinating I find it fascinating. His whole purpose was to real the father. But I thought he was here to save people yes here is a people that's the setting man right part it's a twofer right you get two for the price it was some of their hour so sacrifice were real the father and I the active agents in setting man right maybe it's all strange sounding you know we saw them think of salvation as we're here we see the whole purpose was to set men right and this was accomplished by helping us see what God is like. Let me show you. The statement continues however that's. Since we're on the topic we call those dots. It's an ellipsis there again regular statement continues when the object of his mission was attained another Him day the revelation of God to the world as the object of his mission a restatement there the Son of God a nuance that his work was accomplished and that the care to the father was made manifest to men what was that announcement it is finished the revelation of the character of the father required the self-denial and so sacrifice of the cross. Up to that point it was started. Here it was finished again this is the object of his mission right. Now when Jesus was in this process he. He could not have done less than he did and it and succeeded anything less than his life as he lived it would have been a. Incomplete revelation of the character of his father but he had had a boundary had to be careful not to cross in revealing the father. I'm glad Jesus works with great precision. God sent His Son into the world to reveal so far as could be endured by human sight. The nature and attributes of the invisible God you know there were times when I think he kind of deliberately lets kind of slip over the line just a little bit you know those occasions you read about what divinity flashed through humanity like the whole the everyone in the temple is running away from this guy standing there with this not really hitting anybody or anything and they're all running away terrified by that. Divinity flashing through humanity. Moses next statement Christ revealed all of God that simple human beings could bear without being destroyed. I'm glad he knows the limits we are but dust. Christ is the perfect representation of his father the father his life of sinlessness lived on this earth and human nature is a complete refutation of scenes charge against the character of God Remember the accusations Christ life was a complete refutation this was not just random fall just go down there and have a happy day type of thing this was targeted this was intentional this was tactical This was planned to refute the argument saying I find it fascinating I don't there's a number of other statements that point to the level of precision anything more would have killed us anything less would have not worked there was only this one path that Christ could have walked had to be a perfect revelation how perfect was perfect. I mean. Sometimes I try to actually try to avoid but you know sometimes I get in a position where I'm actually trying to represent what my wife thinks. This is dangerous territory. And I fail with. Startling regularity. And there are times when she tries to portray my the subtleties of my thoughts you know and you know it's hard to do that. How perfect a representation Dejesus have to get. Had God the Father come to our world and dwelt among us availing his glory and humbling himself that humanity might look upon him the history that we have of the life of Christ. Would not have been changed in its in unfolding its record of his own condescending grace in every act of Jesus in every lesson of his instruction we are to see and hear and recognize God in sight in hearing in effect it is the voice and movements of the father if two weeks before a game came and visited Mary God and Jesus God the Father and God the Son. Had been sitting around chatting and one of them said let's take it up a bit let's switch places. We would never know. We would never know the life the history. That we have of the life of Christ would not have been changed. When God says perfect. He actually means perfect and that's gone. Jesus a discourse he was seeing me as in the Father's up to say Show us the Father. Already did that Philip right. OK. Jesus could not express in words to the understanding of man the love of the father he could only say God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son those are believed in Him should not perish but have everlasting life there's a problem their words don't. Work. These are good words. It's most famous verse in the Bible and these are wonderful words you know Blessed are the words wonderful words of life you know we sing about this sort of stuff. They didn't do the job Jesus needed something more than words. Unfortunately the statement in yes but he did express the love of God in his actions so I don't know how to express the. Words of good. Who stuck with. You Something along with the words. And. The savior of the world devoted more time and labor to healing the afflicted in their melodies than to preaching Well why not if you get more bang for the buck out of the actions spend your time with the actions right now the words are important the words have to explain the actions of real people might misinterpret the actions the words or the the serious the explanation the clarification perhaps the words are important we need to preach I get a little annoyed when I see this cutesy little thing that I know where it came from but you know wherever you go thinks the Gospel and if necessary use words that's crazy I'm sorry oh yes everywhere you go do some do good things you show the love of God but take the opportunity why would you not clarify it to the person if you have the chance to do so. Preach the Gospel. Heal the sick do with Jesus did well OK honored Christ came to this world for no other purpose than to display the glory of God that man might be uplifted by it's restoring power this revelation of God is. We don't give it the credit it deserves it's an influence it's a Power How to Win Friends and Influence Well you know always when friends but how to influence people. Christ revealed God to His disciples in a way that performed in their hearts a special work such as he such as he has long been urging us to allow him to do in our hearts. The power of God's love demonstrated and explained. Is not less today than it was in his day in passing now we need to notice one particular aspect of Christ's dealing with Judas Now for those who were not here last night. We noticed in passing last night I will pick this up in the meeting this afternoon but we noticed in passing last night an interesting statement a troubling statement to me and said that Christ a loud Lucifer. To develop his deceitful ness and you I don't need exact wording here but developed his his character and his deceptions before anything was done. To help save the other angels I might look at that and saying God that's going to negligent you might think that too you know what we both need to get a grip and deal with it. Because it's consistent Now Jesus doing with Judas. Late in Jesus' ministry. Had Christ unmasked Judas this would have been urged as a reason for the betrayal. And those charges being a thief Judas would have gain sympathy even among the disciples. The Savior reproached him a lot and thus avoided giving him an excuse for his treachery you know that was wise I find a god is quite consistently wise. But you know every course of action has ramifications even in wise. Actions they influence things. And the question here is what did this mean to the other disciples Jesus had said things like this take he wouldn't be aware of the leaven the Farriss and Sadducees but he never said that about us at the Last Supper Jesus is what you do do quickly and Judas goes off to make have to finalize the bargain with the priests for the betrayal of Christ and the other disciples. That he was going to buy sinful and. Hang on to that that Jesus treatment of Judas may strike us as a high. We look at is oh yeah we see how it worked with Jews that made sense to that with Jews but what about everybody else. It seems he missed a lot of opportunities help the world disciples of Jesus doesn't work that way because C.S. wise circles are misses those. Jesus was working out a master plan and he was directly addressing the accusations of Lucifer. Seen charged God with possessing the attributes that he himself possessed Christ came to this world to reveal God's character as it really is he is the perfect representation of the father. His life sinlessness lives on this earth and human nature is a complete refutation of sins charge against the character of God Very soon the one we just read a while ago maybe the same one I don't remember. But I want you to look at that again. It's a complete refutation of Satan's charge. Against the. Character of God now so here's here's a unique thing. To add it isn't it's common in the Christian world understand that every issue that might have been an issue was resolved by Jesus at the cross right the dead of sin was paid Oh good. There is a troubling question that arises from that though why are we still here. And specifically why does God continue to allow suffering. I remember twenty some years ago. So you are too young but you. Can remember twenty years ago the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma remember the bombing and all things I was living at that time twenty four miles east of Oklahoma City in Oklahoma having the mountains that it does twenty four miles east of town that explosion rattled the windows of my house. A week later Billy Graham came. To have a. Ceremony and I believe it was announced in advance he was going to discuss why do bad things happen to good people and I said this will be fast I was. I was profoundly disappointed effectively what he said is we just don't know. And well that is being honest so maybe I should be disappointed the Christian world does not know they don't have a reason for why sin exists there's a God and God's busy this week you can't just you know this bring the curtain down. Don't ask me to work but God who allows sin and suffering to exist needlessly. Which is to say philosophically there better be a need. But what is it if. The crew life of Christ lives in this earth and human nature is a complete refutation of Satan's charge against the character of God Why isn't the argument done. Notice what she says. It's a complete refutation of sins charge against the character of God That is a subset of the nine accusations there are one still remaining So let's go through these quickly we have time to do that so here are these accusations now let's look at these. You know from a position following the life death resurrection and ascension of Christ OK So New Testament time period God said the only way to deal with these accusations was through the process of demonstration that's good that's what Jesus did how we look at how are things at this point New Testament how are we looking on this list. OK so it's going to be one angels are holy by nature and wise enough to govern themselves so they don't need God So how does that claim stand up in the minds of the unfallen universe anybody can believe that one anymore after the crucifixion. OK so I was done God was unfair when he exalted Jesus above Lucifer. I mean argue your argument there is still basically all that how come he got the promotion and bear in mind that that that whole concept and no one talks of of the exaltation of Christ you know that the god had injured God the Father had introduced him to the angel as the Son of God He had explained that Jesus apparently this is my. Feeble effort to try to make sense out of things apparently Jesus just. Lost the word again but it just routinely. Takes on the role of manifesting the attributes of the character of God in the guise if you wish of lower beings and I say who I could really figure that out that that Lucifer thought he should get the job he didn't see that there was a categorical difference between him and Jesus. And so he said God was unfair he gave the promotion of the wrong guy well four thousand years down the road after Lucifer is crucified in Christ and incidentally his missing things are of age as it says that at the crucifixion there Lucifer revealed himself as a murderer picking up our thoughts from last night. Revealed himself how come it took four thousand years for people to catch on this guy was was was a murderer. And the answer is simple. He had the perfect dodge. For four thousand years he could say don't let me. You can quibble about whether we use a little injection or we hang them or use a firing squad or a. Gas chamber in the room is probably some others you can quibble about how they die but don't blame me it's God's law that says intercepted. You may recall that speaking for Lucifer here you may recall that I'm not in favor of that law but don't blame me. For those. That change with Jesus because for the first and only time in all of the universe and innocent. Lives are revealed himself as a murderer at that point so. Questions one and two I submit were off the table. Were not three and four. After the crucifixion. Nobody's buying anymore what about five and six. The law is defective it needs to be changed nobody can keep it you know some things are just nicely resolved with demonstrations. There have been individuals who have doubted when I told them that I can in fact bench press four hundred pounds. There are some who look at my somewhat scrawny physique and they question the veracity of that statement. But if I were to use this little bench right over here and bench press four hundred pounds the official term for that is now and then and now. OK. When you say it can't be done and they do it you just lost so five and six and no I can bench press four of us but you. Might be fun but you know I'm not sure about that I've never done it so yeah. But five and six are gone. That's progress we're up to sixty six percent two thirds of things accusations are now resolved through the life of Christ there are still three. But they will be addressed. Unfortunately these three items extend the reign of sin. The time is across all the way down to day. Why. Because. These items require yet another revelation they require a demonstration that has not yet been made why not Jesus was here why didn't he take care of that. In one sense he did but in another sense no he didn't we see this most clearly by. Looking. At. One of a unique expression it's a common expression whites writings I mean disturbed dispel some of the suspense on this the problem here is that these last three require a revelation a demonstration through people like you and me. We are the reason that sin still exists two thousand years or so because. Our fear to provide that demonstration is the problem. This is not an accusation against the government or against the character of God These are accusations against the wisdom of the role of humanity in the universe will see that. L. Mike speaks commonly of Jesus as our substitute and surety so use it more than three hundred times in just the normal published works right another hundred thirty some odd times and letters and manuscripts it's quite common in time she's saying something that much you might think well I must you must be quoting Bible but this is not Bible the Bible doesn't use that expression substitute surely it's kind of interesting as another prime example that when she speaks of faith that works by love and purifies as all the Bible doesn't say there you have to piece three different verses the gether to get that but that's her expression of trying to get know if that's just you know her literary effort to get across a certain idea seem a substitute surely no substitute seems like a simple enough concept we don't have to get confused on that but the question raised what does she mean by this surety thing. So. Let's look for some examples of her use of Christ as surety. When she's not comparing it up with substitution right to make sense so we can isolate the one concert goer. OK I want to help myself. Here we go this is the eight hundred twenty eight Webster's dictionary definition of the word surety is pretty much what I would have grown up with one would think. Notice we've got quite a few definitions here but we can kind of draw a line between four and five the first four. Surety is a guarantee of a positive outcome. Last three sevens kind of oh yeah five and six in particular are more a guarantee that if things go south we'll fix it. So the difference. The first four are guaranteed a positive outcome but in six say I'll be held responsible going to my dad signing cosigning Jr wants to buy a car right hey dad would you go sign on the loan. May or may not be a good idea. OK So let's look at her use of surety God with us is the surety of our deliverance from sin the assurance of. Our power to obey the law. The Redeemer the world in the wilderness of temptation fought the battle upon the blood of apt on our behalf as our surety he overcame thus making it possible for man to overcome in his name Christ came to our world as man's surety preparing the way for him to gain the victory by giving him moral are Christ came to our world to be man's surety to overcome in his behalf that sounds like substitution doesn't overcome in his behalf to live for Him A sin was life. In his power they might obtain the victory over since every eye in the unfallen universe is bent upon those who profess to be Christ followers here in this adam of the world enter this warfare is going on a battle in which Christ our subsidy and surety has engaged in our behalf and conquered so where the watching us. Jews are in debt. She. Why would they me watching us. Paragraph continue. Now we cry Spurs dispossession must become soldiers of his cross and conquer in our own behalf on our own account through the power he wasn't given us from above the influence of the cross of Calvary is to vanquish every earthly and spiritual evil power and we need to know the plan of the battle that we may work in harmony with Christ this is the surety. Christ says I have taught intially notion and influence that I guarantee he is going to produce this result time because. Last. Phrase did Moses Law reveal to me that glory a revelation of the goodness the tenderness the love of Jesus toward fallen and will cause self to sink into nothingness and will exalt Jesus lift him up the man of Calvary talk of Jesus and His Majesty of there as were many a present the truth failed they talked doctrines but did not dwell upon the matchless for burning love of Jesus and the statement doesn't say it but the other ones have. And they don't carry it out in their actions Jesus could not give a verbal description but he could reveal. Earlier you heard a. Brief pathway to health a big fear. It's a revelation. Actions of the love of God. We will close with that I would ask you to come back to this afternoon we will look at a more modern day illustration of both Lucifer's methods and Christ's methods and then or a final meeting will be looking ahead because everything we talked about up to that point serves as a pattern to understand the loud cry. Of the process. Think this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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