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Omega: Nothing New Here

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • November 11, 2017
    4:30 PM
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Let's begin with the word prayer. Father as we meet one last time for a little while here yet today we prayed it will be with us pray that you would give us the. Appropriate levels of caution. And humility and just simple recognition of the human lack of for knowledge we want to take the inspired instruction for all that it's worth and nothing more. Than pray that you would guard us from jumping to conclusions because the truth is we know. The real details of things help us to. Benefit from what you structed not to go beyond not to imagine to make stuff up not to think we know what we really don't and yet treat with utter confidence is just this. OK so the title this one is omega. Nothing new here and that's a key thought. See what. How are we ever going to resist a foe who is so much more intelligent and powerful than we are. And I would argue that a key element of that is by learning the lessons of history the followers of Christ know little of the plots which Satan and his hosts are forming against him. But he uses in the heavens will over rule all these devices for the accomplishment of his deep designs the Lord permits his people to be subjected to the fiery ordeal of temptation not because he takes pleasure in their distress and affliction. But because this process is essential to their final victory he could not consistently with his own glory shield them from temptation for the very object of the trial is to prepare them to resist all the allurements evil just to just you know can we read that here as I'm talking just this think that's true in your own head here. We take great delight in the promise of the Lord will not allow us to be tested or tempted above what we were able to bear and God's people have depended on that promise I promise you the pain of that promise is a precious promise but if you are Satan What do you think of God keeping him from giving us his best sales. How can you call that a fair test Adam and Eve shows the Knowledge of Good and Evil and Satan will clearly say this is tampering with the judicial process to not even let me present myself. And I can like let that every earthly support what seemed to be a terrible thing made out to be actually the go on. Similarly here. Temptation and trial is to prepare us the very object of the trials to prepare them to resist all the allurements of evil How can God be true to his promise he will not allow us to be tempted above what we are able to bear. And yet let Satan bring everything he has to bear upon us the only way he can do both. To help us to grow to the point where we can bear everything that he can bring to bear upon us that make sense he was. That So Fergus. That's all that Thomas is not there so that we can i wonder if the worry about that I get out I get a get out of jail free card. I was there for it's there so we have the time and opportunity to grow to the point where. God can fulfill his promise and yet currency moves which is necessary the end of time well that's what. We have nothing to fear for the future. That's good I'm going to I'm going have to go very quickly they're. Saying deceives and corrupts the world that makes men believe they're sinless and holy while sinning against God but in so doing he is only carrying on his original work he has introduced no new arguments he has created no new empire of darkness from which to draw supplies for the for that's of his deceptions and sin that was sin in the beginning is sin today and sin the Apostle requires is the transgression of God's Law the end of time the Omega apostasy whatever you want to call it we've seen it before there's nothing new there. That's important in these days it is since determined purpose to intensify sin by making it legal in the children of disobedience. To the peasants and discover this and over he is a reveal to the world and to heaven what is the order and result of a Government carried on according to his ideas with Mr ation in law he is working with secret yet with intense zeal in both church and state to cause men to throw off all the restraints of God's law and take a decided stand with him in the ranks of rebellion but when his work is accomplished the Lord will interpose and vindicate his honor as the supreme ruler of the universe what do you suppose it takes for his work to be accomplished for him to be free to do what he wants then to turn purpose what make it legal. And the interesting landmark legal rulings in the last little while that. Might lean correction. I happen to live in a different country a moment things are unique and different there. We have some challenges so isn't. Well so we look at those for the point is to try and understand these two. Let's look at the good side first how are we going to do God's work how is a loud cry going to go forward well we've got a few simple things we can think of Christ's method alone will give true success we could try that. It's the only way it's going to work when I try to. The great object that brought Christ the earth was to reveal the Father God is Love This is the great truth of Christ in the world to reveal the object Christ mission to the world is was to reveal the father in all his ministry all his software and saw sacrifice press obviously has revealed god of the world that was his that. Is the only method that God has in his arse I suggest it's the only weapon we should carry with us the world needs today what it needed two thousand years now. A revelation of Christ who needs what the world these days the light of Christ's example. Reflected from the lives of Christ like men and women. This is why we're still here our role is mission critical to the selfish hearts will be captivated not by the glory of men were by the inward adorning of an abiding Christ it is the revelation of Christ in the man that captivates arts of men and women they behold the beautiful character of Christ revealed by good works and good words. Proclamation is the explanation of the demonstration. The proclamation without demonstrations pretty much imagine God's purpose in committing to men and women the mission he committed we read this in before this is the identical I'm going to skip ahead the glory of the character of Christ can never be expressed in words human language isn't adequate to reveal it it must be made manifest in the life it is to be manifest in the individual Christian in the family in the church in the minister the work in every institution established by God's people that's where we are for this are real the father. Christ the great medical missionary is our example healed the sick he preached the gospel in his service healing and teaching were linked closely together today they are not to be separated. Medical missionary work. Is the means through which the true fight includes the large cities which will catalyze the who. Can always bear never has and never will in the future divorce the medical mission work from the gospel ministry they cannot be divorced bound up with Jesus Christ the minister the word and the healing of the sick are one. Union of Christ like work the body of Christ like work for the saw is the true interpretation of the Gospel and once again remember the definite article is not a tutor petition it is the tutor. OK Well we looked previously at this less than we tossed off the first six OK we've got three down there at the bottom these are scenes accusations against God and His governments. What's God going to do about those down the bottom there we don't have time to look at all the details of these three accusations but I can tell you they are fascinating special number seven there is something special about these three each one is intricately connected with the fate of simple human beings in fact the task of proving them false was something that Jesus proving these three Falls was something that Jesus could not accomplish by himself to do so requires evidence from another source in the character of God's people a living testimony would be born that would contradict the fallacy of seeing who has declared that love Jehovah is arbitrary and holds its subjects under a cool bar. This is our job. This is where we're at we ought to get on the same page the Lord desires to his people to answer Satan's charge by showing the results of a beating it's to right principles OK So let's take a quick look down through here God's final work uses the same method that Christ used during his life on Earth the revelation the character of God God's final work requires a human being's take on the role Jesus played during his life on earth I should probably reword that though I don't mean is it that we're all supposed to be the Messiah OK and I know this is some limitations and that I should be explicit in making sure nobody gets confused on that one but. The blended ministry of teaching preaching healing that's what we need to do I need to describe. The revelation of God's character cannot be accomplished in words alone acts of mercy and healing are also necessary in short God's final work. Is so sacrificing the ticklish. Status didn't call it in the new one I don't carry a little magic about that name I really wish we didn't call it medical mission or you know wasn't a way to ninety three of the first kind that we don't whatever use the expression medical mission. Before that we call that the Christian help work or the number one word in some ways I like that because when you start saying it's medical missionary everybody says am not a doctor so I guess I don't have to do any Well. No it's not that way. OK the truth for this time the third in his message is to be proclaimed with a loud voice meaning with increasing power as we approach the great final test this test must come to the churches in connection with the true and another give you time to worry about it but I usually ask good admin a Saudi and so say the true Sabbath which is correct but that's not what the statement says must come the church is the connection of the true medical missionary work a work that has the great position to dictate presided all that it comprehends. Let's look we're going to go back with a couple times looking at the often they make the most for obvious problem was a pantheist. And believe God is not a specific person but some sort of all pervading on entity all men Saints and Sinners alike became at least partially Divine because God is everywhere in the sanctuary became wherever God is that was the whole point of the living temple title right the on the fourth offering almost there were also clear indications of direct supernatural in Valmont we look at some of the Lucifer's involvement there it is not John Calvin you are dealing with it is a being who wants figure in the course of heaven as an exalted angel a poor doctor is not his right mind it is seems there is that are now coming to the front from the lips of Dr Kelly I do not think that Kellogg is irreplaceable in that regard others can pronounce saints there is to spiritualism declares there is no death no sin there is that they have just recently love it when we talk about spiritualism the end of time we usually think of Aunt Margaret coming back from the dead or something right OK and there is that element there's no question but Ellen White also describes specialism in a more philosophical sense notice knows this description of spiritualism spiritualism declares there is no death that's the more good thing I don't like his whose name we're here being. Spiritual because there is no death no sin no judgement no retribution that men are unfallen demi god that's pantheism pretty much that desire is the highest law that man is accountable only dose of the barriers that God is directed to God truth your reference are broken down and many are thus emboldened in sin. We are as evidence we have very sensitive in Tennessee to speak for the dead spirits coming back part OK And we should not knocking at. Sometimes I think we're a little blind on some of these more basic philosophical assertions but that's spiritual as of. Now the perhaps the most busy thing to remember about seeing is the last the attack is that it is counterfeit in nature. Something interesting about a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. By its very nature it has to look a lot like a real one. As a crowning Acme great drama of deception say to himself a person it cries OK we probably all regret Conversely we know this didn't cross your signal manifest themselves skipping down sort of tramplings out upon the air crisis come crisis come we're all familiar with that counterfeit. That's not all. Before the final visitation of God's judgment upon the earth there will be among the people the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since Apostolate times the enemy of saws desires to hinder this work and before the time for such a movement will come he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit under a religious guy single seek to extend his influence over the Christian world now what do you suppose. Of godliness as related episode to what do you suppose that might look like. The work of the the other gospels the work of the episode church which was patterned after the work of Christ which happened to be a lot of heating here me the last great delusion sent open before us and a crisis to perform is marvelous works in our sight so closely will the counterfeit resemble the TRUE that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by those scriptures by their testimony every statement of America must be test. If the latter rain loud cry closing up of God's work is largely carried on in that something that we can recognize and we can label medical missionary work what would a counterfeit I think resent a counterfeit so closely resembling the truth that it deceives those who are willing to be to see how this is us what does it take to be willing to be to see. You have to sign a pact blood you have sold your soul the devil. Benteke What does it take to be in this class willing to be deceived and remember. This only it was you know the truth or should believe. What does it take to be willing to be deceived it's a reception of the very simple fundamental principle of Lucifer's government. That says I need to hear myself. Say this goes on they desire to shun the self-denial and self-sacrifice than that which self-denial self's. That's the truth. If you don't receive the love of the truth you will. Sense it tracking with me so often I also sacrifice keep coming up we saw them this morning. The light is give me regard to the poor understanding of those who have been in the truth that these soft astri's and this mysticism in doing away with the personality of God with the person of the Christ we get the whole room of the heart all ready for these miracles as it will come to work right near miss where this for some shall depart from the faith giving heed to Susan spirits and doctrines of devils. Miracles is going to be miracles. What makes miracles so cool in medical missionary work why would they be so appealing. It saves a lot of self-denial and self-sacrifice medical missionary work it is at its core so often I was also known as you are you are expanding your time your effort your energy and your resources to help that person would be cool if I could just. Approach you here knowing somebody that you can see better on Sunday morning right OK. No self-sacrifice involved no self-denial. Piece of cake. So the people that. Wonderful scenes with which Satan will be closely connected will soon take place God's word because Satan will work miracles he will make people sick and then will suddenly remove from them His see tannic power they will then be regarded as healed these works of apparent healing will bring Seven Day Adventists to the test menu had great like will fail to walk in the light because they have not become one with Christ His instruction is not palatable to the what is his instruction lay down your life for your brothers. So often are self-sacrifice is the core of Christ and structure that is not palatable those girls. The shout of triumph brings out upon your crisis calm crisis can the people prostrate themselves in adoration before him while he lifts up his hands and pronounces a blessing a blessing upon them as Christ blesses disciples when He was upon the earth His voice is soft and subdued it full of military in general compassion towards the present some of the same gracious heavenly truths which the Savior uttered he heals the diseases of the people and then is it in his assumed character of Christ he claims to change that to Sunday. He heals the diseases of the people he is doing exactly what he has to do to look like Jesus because sin will come in to deceive a possible very elect he claims to be Christ and His coming in pretending to be the great medical mission now despite the devil's efforts to make his work look like God's work there will be differences. Some of these won't be easily visible because sane is a liar he doesn't want people understand what's really going on so as a reminder let's look again at the list of techniques that Lucifer used in heaven the bad Kellog used them in the Alpha and it's safe to say that they'll be cropping up again in the Omega exploit position and trust as long as possible I had intentions mothers and choir insinuate that clear assertions storage perceptions maintain plausible deniability shift responsibility to others lie abandon discredit positions are accepting responsibility for having advocated them sites appear supporters evidence of correctness and appeal the sympathy is probably others. But this is. This is the stuff that argues against self than ourselves and we don't know who's going to be using all these tactics unfortunately we're told there will be surprising apostasies and in a time we should be overly suspicious of course that is should we be so naive as to allow someone to lead us away from Christ and his methods Christ method alone gives to success. The union of Christ like ministry the body and Christ like ministry the SO true success. So sacrifice and self-denial laying down your life for your brother or your sister gives to success. Other stuff doesn't. You don't have to be a doctor you don't have to be a nurse it doesn't have to be medical you can do medical missionary work by waking leaves for a little late so maybe the trees down here don't drop. In other places they do OK and they get to be a problem and there's little ladies the other good weather regularly they love it when you know the Christian help band is a simple simple thing here's this kid going to school with the holy in it's fifteen degrees below zero you probably have a problem here. Give the kid a jacket OK you know somebody can't find work how can find a job. Can you imagine how cool it would be if some of the admins could establish some sort of a job finding placement whatever office and offer their services for free it would be like a really practical thing to do if I knew how to find work I would never do that but. That's not. For I say something more embarrassing Let's go. There's also sought to bring in the supposition that a great reformation was to take place among some of the evidence and that this reformation would consist of giving up the Doctor's a standard that those were faith in engaging in a process of realisation were this reformation take place what would result you know this is known what some nation of cowards apostasy in the early one nine hundred and what she's saying is if this thing had gone a little further what would it have gone into other words here's the alpha if it had grown. This is what it would look like. And my argument is what it's for growing we're going to call it the enemy so this is one of the most. Specific and useful statements trying to understand all this like OK so when the best pictures are. Implying at least you know the elements we will find in the omega of apostasy. The principles of truth the gun his wisdom has given to the run the church is continuing on this it would be discarded our religion. Would be changed the fundamental principles of staying the work for the last fifty years would be accounted as air and new organization would be established books of a new order would be written a system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced the founders the system would go into cities and do wonderful work the Sabbath the course of the light they regard as also the God who created it nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of this new movement of the new movement of boys a lot of little details we could focus on here the fundamental principles one of the fundamental principles. Fundamental Principles would be change. Would be counted as error. And so think of some fundamental principles will somebody might come along one day saying that was on the stick. Like the one about books of a new order would be written you gotta love that one every time somebody publishes a book somebody else is like you know I see this both sides of every divide imaginable and doesn't last fifty years or laughs a book of a new order right there with all that want to work with happy abandon it's kind of like. A system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced. What's the alternative intellectual philosophy would suggest it's practical work something like that. So to say that intellectual philosophy is all wrong there's a place for being intellectual clearly makes that case is a case for having a philosophy of your Christian approach to life but if that's all you've got is intellectual a philosophy you don't have much go down to some medical mission where you don't help somebody. Founder's the system would go into the cities and do wonderful work now and Dr Kellogg's day that would have been the medical or the Chicago mission in which he was pouring huge amounts of money he was he was a great fundraiser the guy was like fantastic he was he was. Back. And he was sucking up all the money of the administration poor. Get into Chicago now. Oh man there's there's so many neat things in the details. Just going we merely and giving away money and helping people is not the answer either OK that's what Kellog did as as actually spending huge amounts of money down Chicago so much so that the evangelistic work was suffering so much so the missionaries in Australia were were underfunded for the entire time the whole White was over there that did not make her happy you can read about some interesting comments about that. There is a balance on all this sort of stuff hell I was was using up all this money and he was doing it in ways that seem so so so nice and holy there's a balance there's a balance we've got to strike the balance Jesus remember Jesus he came to I was pretty I may be off and turn him. On a sabbath you know they waited till after sundown and everybody came about all the sick people and healed them all early next morning he's out praying that type of scum old use the crowds back again this is time for me to go. Over the statistical. There's just there's spasming principles also this whole thing going to go on the leaders would teach that virtue is better than vice prison or that much. You know it's a shame when it's worse. But God being removed they would place their dependence on human power which without God is worthless. And their foundation would be built on the sand and storm in Tempest would sweep away the structure hell I went into the cities and did a great work and he largely divorced himself from the spiritual work. Has his spiritual content got thinner and thinner and sitter and more and more and more ambiguous and pantheistic OK He was not preaching this ring was messages in Chicago. There's an interesting. Scene maybe I'll come back I think later Hold that thought we come back to it is easy to get distracted doing purely humanitarian work you know it is more blessed to give than to receive it's actually more fun once you've experienced it just helping people it's kind of a cool it's fun. But it's easy to get caught up doing nothing but. Whatever it is you're doing medical dental whatever those are all good things. And neglect to do anything about the gospel. Has got a lot of that selfishness masquerading as as as benevolence. How can you say I really want to help this person up to a certain point when it comes to saving his soul and really that that is not love. That is. Going to die. It's easy to get distracted I fear that there are some who are so distracted and example at this Peace Fellowship very strongly ecumenical groups one of twenty seven Peace fellowships as a Baptist Fellowship because fellowship and peace those ships then Peace Fellowship doctrine is not really dividing issue there. They advocate good things humanitarian things they want to make the world better I think this is if I'm not mistaken that's like a. Oh some sort of a Jim whatever and you've got all these people working for absolute pittance digging out these precious stones and some company making a lot of money over so it's a growth in equity situations with pictures about OK but notice it may not be on the way down here bottom so good for you there they advocate Sabbath economics we support debt relief for developing nations and a preferential option for the poor so. If that's all we're going to say on the fourth commandment then I think we kind of missed that particular book OK now I don't don't focus on this operation and these particular people. They may be doing more than. That I'm not aware of but if that's all we have to say. On the surface that's not the three messages OK So notice we're back at looking at the statement again it talks about here. There is the other section their foundation will be built in the sand and storm and Tempest and soup with a stroke what is that an allusion to. Built in the sand what I'm talking about. The wise man built his house upon a rock right now don't let it get. Storm and Tempest would sweep away the structure. In the parable we are told of no differences between the two Houses other than the foundation that they could have been you know cookie cutter tract houses for whom we know they have the same shingles on the outside that they look exactly the same but the foundation was different what's important is that. It was a single storm it was one still in the same storm hit both houses one Foundation held one foundation cell what's the story that's a question what is the storm a tempest that sweeps away the false the counterfeit of God's work what is that storm Tempus When is that storm a tempest. I'm going to suggest that the name we use for that usually is the little kind of trouble not a prophet significantly above my pay scale. But it's easy for me to believe that it might be coming soon the world is kind of balanced on a knife ish on a lot of things political financial. The medical So I'm looking at drug resistant infections and some of those things there's a lot of weird things that could happen you get a good flu you know coming through with the wrong characteristics there are a lot of issues just Crutcher issues cultural divides between what I consider acceptable in the next guy considers acceptable there's a lot of tension in our world and the media has built us into a kind of a frenzy where everybody feels like they have to stand for their singing and it's really quite amazing and. This is live in a different country and and they're ahead of us up there in some ways. And very literally the only thing you can do that's unacceptable. And can't it has Boy you can murder people that's not accepted yet he did it but basically philosophically speaking the only thing you can do that's unacceptable is say that what you're doing is unacceptable this initially situation if if a. If an individual. Was both X. and Y. chromosomes came walking into my store in Canada I don't have a store but if I know that it was speaking. Over biology is up to this but if an individual or both X. and Y. chromosomes came walking into my business enterprise and said. Please call me Sally and I used a masculine pronoun referring to that individual that is a federal offense and I could face jail time yet. Anyhow so as I'm saying there are issues. The world is kind of a precarious position right. I suspect and I'm not a prophet Grice suspect that we will see a progressive collapse of things that we take for granted today Law and Order I think it's going to decline medical care I think is going to decline if I mean if the government can't use it for us I don't know how or what we would depend on but you know just it would be easy to overwhelm our medical system in North America all North America and probably rules the world with a good contagious flu. The and a black and I bought it resistance you know there's a lot of things going on gonorrhea is on the rise as an easy prevention for that. But. When the lawn or declines when medical care declines when welfare payments are no longer available because the political system is struggling the financial system goes down the stock market collapse whatever when it comes to the point where it's a dog eat dog world an every man for himself storm in Tampa sweeps with the structure and the selfish heart as I'm not using that to you. And humanitarian efforts cease Jesus once put his disciples into such a position intentionally. I think to serve as an illustration for us he turned around one day and he said to Philip there's a lot of people here where you feed them. And fill up being a rational guy after my own heart he said that would cost a lot of money. And Jesus said have you sit down. I got this and when the world goes to produce one in a penny purse and everything falls apart around us and storm and Tempest sweep away all false forms of humanitarian assistance. God's people. Continue to press so of denying self sacrificing service why. Because God has promised their bread. So here's a guy who's hungry he's sick he's just just don't average Joe who's watched the world fall around the fall apart around him he hasn't had a job he hasn't got any money he's hundred and I see and I say man you look hungry Here's a sandwich but he's got a little decency as hard as I can take this and many you've got to know no seriously take the Senate no I can't take this. You need the sandwich You hundred one of the last I knew it three days ago either said it no I can't take a Senate I don't have to worry about it you take that what do you mean your underwear. Guard has my back. You don't have that take the samples but if you want to know how God could have your back and give you a lesson. Can you imagine the leverage that Mr exert in that situation the demonstration of of ridiculous Lee I did this is faith that God is honoring because this guy is still alive when it's dog eat dog world and he's giving away food for crying out loud. That's powerful stuff and the last scenes in this are sister war will rage really pestilence plague and famine the waters of the deep will overflow Their found boundaries property and life will be destroyed by fire. If you are a competent physician you are qualified to do ten fold more good as a missionary for God than if you were to go forth merely as a preacher of the word I would advise young men and women to give heed to this matter perilous times are before us the whole world will be involved in perplexity and distress disease of every kind will be upon the human family and such ignorance as now prevails concerning the laws of health would result in great suffering and the loss of many lives it might be say what an opportunity for ministry. The government. The government has stolen from the church its mandate of caring for people the media has educated us to be ungrateful for anything that we received was the last time you saw somebody get a welfare check and say oh I just love the government just when I was so happy I was so late for that I got my welfare check. We don't do that that's not the way our minds work and are because a welfare check does not carry with it any sense of self-sacrifice and self-denial. If someone is dependent on assistance and they see the guy give them the sandwich they begin to have some gratitude. And gratitude is gold when it comes. As religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation those who would stand for freedom of conscience we placed an unfavorable position is for their own sake they should while they have opportunity become intelligent regard to disease its causes prevention and cure and those who do this will find a field of labor anywhere there will be suffering ones plenty of them who will need help not only among those of our own faith but largely among those who know not the truth medical missionary work the foundation of Christianity is Christ our right as the storm comes through oh. And it cannot destroy that foundation but selfishness lies the foundation of all sin and the storm comes through and the selfish heart says I'm keeping that for myself the last great conflict the controversy was saying those who are loyal to God will see everyone to support this is the same sequence as we had this morning as it was when it was what appears to be a terrible ordeal is actually the goal. Not going to go like that just because it works my brain so badly. This thing that I thought was just oh it's going to be terrible is actually exactly the experience a God wants from me that's right. So what's the storm Tempest going to look like well I'm not. But my pay scale go down. Take this as of thus a day. You know how important that is right OK here's what I've learned when I see well separation healing from soul winning the devil always been trying to do that so with you can you can assume that there will be that being advocated there will be mistaken science there will be a derision of standards doctrines in the Spirit of Prophecy remember with Kellogg's case. Don't say anything until they take their stand against inspiration Reitman that was the issue right when they take their decided stand against the testimony that was the thought the time to act so them that's going to be happening. It doesn't have to be identical second to to. What I see here to deride doctrine standards spirit prophecy by Will such things does not take some formal motion or some great pronounced something other notice the statement by a careless sneer a turn of the head or words of scorn and derision or wrongdoer may set in motion and influence freighted with evil and evil insinuation once started it will spread rapidly carried from mind to mind it was by the expression of such thoughts that same place in the minds of the angels that rebellion spread among them. The most dangerous thing I see it was the church have to contend with are those who simply mock and you're right. And it's so easy to do. I'm a bit of a cut up myself but it's not hard and used to be a schoolteacher it's really easy to influence. That's a part. Of the storm a tempest it may not be the highest profile this could be one of most damage there will be selfish church officials there were certainly selfish church officials and callow So it's interesting most everything that ever went complained about Kellogg she acknowledged actually started across the street at the review and here are the General Conference it started there and then Kellogg adopted it not all but many of those who claim to be children of God have become so self-centered so selfish so full of idolatry of self that they are jealous mistrustful of everyone whom they have an idea will as they suppose out shined them therefore there is strife and bitterness evil thinking and evil speaking in relation hatred this is the reason that the Lord cannot endure the sentiments that are being brought into the life and character of the responsible man in that review and here lies. Well who are they are they teaching against but what is around their days no that is being selfish selfishness is actually a very big issue in appropriate spending. Money. Member that way saying go a penny saved is a penny or. If the devil can spend a thousand dollars doing something that ought not to be done it's a thousand dollars is not being spent on what ought to be done there was a problem Kellogg's day there will be missed direction of work or same sort of ideas that is the allocation of assets you can spend money in a foolish way you can put people to work in your foolish tasks it's a problem there will be shifting strategies. How could shift strategies so fast people would their heads would spin. It's an interesting thing in some. What sort of want to say. Can't figure out in some in some not so much in within their district but in some theological quote unquote or spiritual movements it's like they change the name of what they're doing about every six months so by the time somebody figured out all this is a problem they don't call it that anymore it's just it's shifted right it's shifted we got a new thing going on now Kellogg became a key in. Utilize. A VOICE. There can be honest lawyers like I think I know some but Ellen White was scathing in her reaction to the binding up of workers under certain kinds of contracts the controlling influence of this institution over that institution she just BOY Yeah you just read what she had to see about that that was a big issue to go on selfish. For back us and selfish church officials selfishness has a way of growing. And eventually it pushes you to the place where in order to get what you want you have to not just be selfish but you have to be dishonest about it to get there it happened I think it'll happen again. Straight out OK. There will come a point where there are deliberate plots and conspiracies and there are references to kill not just people doing unfortunately stake of things or people deliberately trying to do that which they know is contrary to the best interests of the church who are slave members. You know I'm been reading through all the correspondence between Ellen into the saving office for. About half a dozen or more other people oh it's so fascinating to watch them going through this period with Kellogg trying to figure out what to do next they. It's not there's high levels of confusion going on it's going to be a lot of us probably myself included. Who are sitting here saying I don't know what to appeal the reputation the peel the sympathy I put hypnosis and mysticism down to the end that's not necessarily to say that it comes chronologically at the end. There are elements of those sort of things that have been kicked around for quite a while actually I first ran into it personally. In one thousand nine hundred five so that's been what. Thirty two years ago. I ran into. A travelling I generated some day Adventist advocate of gnosis and mysticism was an interesting thing the trend is still that's out there to run into if you look for or it looks for you I put this one here minimal identification of apostasy what I mean by that is the same thing as we talked about with god did nothing to help the other angels Jews didn't point out Lucifer Ellen White said be quiet about Kellogg write all those and. This is I don't think that we have any reason to expect it to be different we're not going to have the liberty or the freedom or the. Convenience of someone standing there with a big sign and saying this is an element so of the world and Adventism are apostate avoid them we're not going to have that. Now I get a kick out of those who feel appointed to put up signs of that nature there are no. Good hearted souls who want to warn the whole world about that sort of stuff. I think that there's a minimal amount of that it's a fascinating comment that a white made she writing to Edith Daniels and Debbie Debbie Prescott Prescott was editor of The Herald at that point and she wrote and she said let there not be too many articles that will stir up the doctor. In the real hero but they're not be too many articles. How many is too many. Add up and then just kept writing as can we do something about it now and she kept running back and saying no way. Really kind of a funny environment to try and function. Eventually there will be the blatant rejection I put spirit of prophecy just because that's what it was and Kellogg's day but maybe then maybe it extends all inspiration I don't know. That's kind of a signal point. Well let's see finish up I'm sorry and longer I want to be God desires everyone understand the hateful character of selfishness and to cooperate with him in guarding his human family against its terrible deceptive power the first result of the entrance of sin into the world was the birth of principles of selfishness the design of the Gospel catches the design of the Gospel is by means of remedial missionary work to construct this evil of selfishness and destroy its destructive power by establishing enterprise as a big nothing once what does that mean remedial missionary work where is the remedy being applied that's us that's the church that needs that when you have put your hands with that anybody take. English one one bonehead remedial English careers remedial math and you want to code. Yes sometimes we're a little well not quite up to speed so fishless is not up to speed in God's word. So God intends to confront this evil so isn't. That confront this evil of salvation and destroy its destructive power. Enterprise of benevolence helping people or media mission I think it's a fascinating statement. Growing up closing up here because so little effort Oh OK So what do we do now what do we do you know you know it's always nice to have all sorts of theory and all sorts of prognostications what if you don't want to do today. There's a couple of humble suggestions. Because so little effort has been made to engage young men and women in the missionary work which must be done to bring the Gospel invitation to all there is but one worker where there should be one hundred. The indifference which is manifested for suffering humanity is charged against churches. And families. And individuals. Why because so little effort has been mean you can gauge young men and women the missionary work. So you want to do something today. Do whatever you can do to get people young people especially involved in gospel medical missions. Why young people you know I still feel you know in my in my own mind and then I'm basically like seventeen still actually. I never have been good at growing up particularly but you know why young people. Well it's because they insert a disproportionate influence it's weird what they can do. You know up until like the early twenty's are not so far removed from the youth that are them the teenagers they're considered totally aliens you know and they can still actually influence downstream kind of that way is you know it's the world our you know you know. And when you see I think a twenty three year old or something like this you know who's doing something cool and intelligent and and you know. In six weeks time you know they're going to be twenty three twenty four twenty five year old pathway to health and never be people coming through this and they're saying that badge you're wearing it says you're a volunteer and you try to tell me that nobody is getting paid to do this no no he's getting paid. You know says that you came from New Hampshire you really came away from the you know I can manage Why did you come from New Hampshire the Phoenix tell people like me because it's more blessed to give him. And his middle aged gentleman is going to say. I didn't I do anything like that when I was twenty three. And he's going to say oh yeah. I was in college I was drunk oh. There's something about seeing young people do some work stuff that's very very influential. It's amazing actually I think it's because we have kind of a low expectations for our young people we expect them to be idiots. Sometimes they live up to our expectations you know sometimes they rise above right I suggest rising above actually I used so much since all the time as you know the more stupid the world gets it's actually it's actually to your advantage it's so much easier to stand out from the crowd. You know I mean seriously. Cozying up unless there are those who will devise means of turning to account the time strength and brains of the church members there will be a great work left undone that ought to be done haphazard work will not answer we want men and I would include women don't need to be sexist here we want people in the church who have ability to develop in the line of organizing and giving practical work to young men and women in the line of relieving the wants of humanity we people who are trained or are skilled in lining up medical missionary work to bring in one hundred kids. One hundred kids by themselves are not going to be able line it up we need people can live. That's what pathways do. It's kind of a cool thing in the line of relieving the wants of humanity and working for the salvation of the souls of men and women usage. Not just hey we can bring your blood pressure down or we can get you off your diabetic medication and of an days that's great I'm so happy you can do that diabetes is a wonderful disease like the word created diabetes just so we could have something to help people with. But you know what if that's all we help them with so there's all oh. Oh tell me that you love them so much you want to just help them with their diabetes. But you're not going to have the guts to even offer to pray with them. I'll give you that. OK you have been very patient the Saints are known for being patient. I thank you with Doris for her. Father I just pray your blessing upon everyone here I pray your blessing upon your church and its leaders upon those who are in positions of responsibility and influence upon those of us who should be learning our honey how to line up work for practical. Ospel medical missionary evangelism for young people learn help us to grasp hold of this remedial work. Maybe just because we need a mini. Ready to go with us to the Paris for the times ahead that you could help us city to cut away from everywhere as the supporters. Cling to you trust you we have faith that says. It has my back. In fact if you principles sings. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons pleaded Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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