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The Bible and the First Amendment

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • September 9, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Holy Father. Our falling gun heaven. Father we thank you for waking years of this early Sabbath morning the still your word and father in spite of myself may I be a blessing and a curse your people. Are these precious people have come early to gain a blessing so far that you honor their sacrifice you Phillis of the Holy Spirit that made this presentation be relevant in a political to our everyday lives. As this nation is splitting apart as it seems Father help us understand our mission and our purpose to bring healing to the nations. We ask your spirit this we pray in Jesus name Amen the United States of America. A nation. That is connected with freedom. And liberty of conscience I find a very interesting that the servant of the Lord quotes in great converse page two ninety five paragraph three this is about the Constitution of the United States and all of this which she says quoting congressional document serial number two hundred darkly and number two seventy one on great corners of page two ninety five paragraph three it was an inspiration service the framers of the Constitution recognize the what principle eternal principle that man's relation with his God is above human legislation and those rights of conscience in amiable that word immutable means natural rights so she is implied by quoting the statement that the principles of the Constitution is divinely or day not today in the brief moment that I act we're going to trace the history of the United States and the history of the First Amendment not only from the United States but from the Bible. We're going to study about the first moment from bad word Persia Pagan Rome and Papal Rome we're going to study about the purpose of why God raised the United States of America. And so bear with me get your seatbelts on we're going to have a crash course history class a woman. So first of all we want to stablish one. Was God's purpose in establishing the United States those are the Bible says and Revelation twelve years fifteen and sixteen do you know that the United States is found in Revelation Chapter twelve. And as we study will see this more clearly knows about is the relationship the twelve or fifteen and sixteen the Bible says and the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood and the earth helped the woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of this mouth so we have several characters here in this text we have a serpent or a dragon. The serpent and the dragon persecutes the woman the church we have the woman was a woman represented in the future chapter five twenty five The woman represents the church so the serpent and Dragon Satan persecute the woman but church but what does the serpent and Dragon do how does the serpent dragon try to destroy the woman by spewing one out of his mouth water and if we compare Scripture with Scripture water represents. Highly populated areas peoples nation can do sometimes and some say thousand for Waters represent the floods of one godly men so Satan. Is trying to destroy the church by peoples nations multitudes and tongues and the flood of ungodly men. And then the earth. Was the opposite of water dry land is that correct and so if water represents a highly populated area what is dry and land represents a land that is less popular is that correct. Now question was you're behind a populated area we have many nations kindreds tongues and peoples isn't that correct we have Britain and Germany and Switzerland and Italy and Hungary and various ethnic people so it's a highly populated area and still see to news all these nations during the Dark Ages to try to destroy the church but then provided a relatively on populated area called North America for a way of escape. And so God established North America the United States to be a haven for religious liberty in fact who are the first people from Europe to come to America for religious liberty anyone can we say aloud or pilgrims Amen now in the same family church we have controversy of celebrating Christmas we have controversy celebrating Easter but we should not have a controversy celebrating Thanksgiving. Now only for the tofurkey and the NIEs mashed potatoes and stuffing but it is a holiday that we assume that is very special because the celebrates religious liberty now only that but there was a special passenger. On the Mayflower the Mayflower is the ship where the pilgrims came from Notice what James White said In life into this page and I it was what James white one the founders of the seven officers he said this my father descended from one of the pilgrims who came to America in the ship what Mayflower and landed upon Plymouth Rock so when really the remnant of God see one of the founders of the stuff they have assured his ancestor was on the Mayflower it was prophetic we were doing so notice the progression. Europe. Church is persecuted by the papacy on the wall then season and the faithful by various nations because church and state was merged then God brings away the skin for the pilgrims to come to the United States of America what would become the United States of America in North America there is religious liberty for people to believe however they want by studying the Bible by their own personal relationship with God and because of this save even a religious liberty there was freedom of thinking for people to study the Bible for themselves and God raises up a movement in eight hundred forty four called The Seventh such knows with inspiration says a man Author Page one ninety three Paragraph four Warren has done more for the United States than they have any other country upon which the sun shines here he provided an asylum for his people were very few worship Him according to the dictates of conscience here Christianity has progressed in its purity the life giving doctrine of the one Mediator between God and man has been free top God designed that this country should ever remain free for how many people all people want to worship Him in accordance with the dictates of conscience he designed that its civil institutions in their expansive production should represent the freedom of gospel privileges so God ordained United States of America to be a haven for worship of all people Muslims Buddhists New Agers Christians where religious liberty would marry and so because of the free freedom that people enjoy and because people can study the Bible however they want without the dictates of a government without the dictates of a pastor telling them what to do God raised up this movement in Revelation twelve seventeen because the woman escaped to the earth the Bible says and the driver was rough with the woman. And went to make war with the runners see which keep the commands of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ so the people that believe the commands of God and test were Jesus Christ came about when the woman went to the earth or to North America. So God ordained North America as a jumping off point for God in time. Now notice what else they got established and why guys the United States knows well evangelism page five seventy paragraph two states inspiration states God would be pleased to see far more accomplished by his people in the presentation the truth for this time to the foreigners America has been done in the past as I have testified for years if we are quick in the story in the opening province of God We should be able to see in the motor plan opportunity to reach many foreigners in America divinely appointed means are rapidly expanding the third into his message to all the nations over God is Providence has brought men to our very doors and for us them as it were into our on that day my mother in the truth and be qualified to do a work we cannot do in giving the life before men of other terms So in other words she said. That immigrants in. God ordained the United States to open the door for immigrants to come to America to learn of our in time gospel message to learn the truth so then they could learn it and pass it on to their family members and to the nations they came from there was a plan for immigration and God brought every nation kindred tongue and people to the United States of America for the opportunity to learn God's truth so that they could teach their family members in their family members if you can communicate overseas and the Gospel the world be preached in all nations and. That's the purpose of the United States you know I go to Hawaii almost every summer thanks to Patrick. That. I work there in the summertime it's not a vacation. I repeat it's not a vacation. Some people think it is and I have some down time we want to Waikiki some people like going there I think yes. I was walking around there because I'm shooting a documentary I'm shooting a history blog that I'm going to do online in the future for the benefit of kids trying to integrate the gospel with history and as I was filming footage in Waikiki I noticed something very extraordinary that was based upon the spirit of prophecy I saw Muslims I stopped people from Europe I stopped people from Asia I saw people from all around the world in that one strip of beach you see God has given an opportunity for us to share and in time gospel message God is bringing the people to us what the policies that are being established Currently we may have limited time to enjoy those privileges because control and legislation is coming at this moment of freedom that we have now is the time to take advantage of it and so God The stablish the United States of America for a beacon of religious freedom so that the seven thousand church could be established and God in time gospel message to be spread to all the world. Now what does the Spirit of Prophecy says about the Constitution the United States knows when inspiration and great constipation five sixty four paragraph by the Constitution of the United States guarantees liberty of conscience Nothing is more dear or more fundamental So she's saying that the Constitution provides something that is nothing more dear and fundamental which is liberty of conscience liberty of conscience is that God gives us the choice. To either accept them or not to accept you know even in our homes we try to force our children to believe the truth and then our tents are good is that correct but that's not God's order. God's or it is for us to show the attractiveness of Jesus and the children must choose for themselves whether they follow God or not to try to force children to accept Jesus is no better than the papacy. And so liberty a constant nothing more dear than fundamental knows what she says great constipate for forty two paragraphs to the founders of the nation wisely sought to guard against the employment of what our. Secular power on the part of the church with its inevitable result intolerance and persecution the constant provides a Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof and that no religious test ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States she is quoting the First Amendment to the constitution now in the First Amendment to the Constitution we have the guarantee of the freedom for religion that amendment that freedom of religion is divided into two components. We have what's called the establishment clause. And the free exercise clause the Establishment Clause is that government. The United States government cannot form a national religion for all its citizens to be a part of. The Free Exercise Clause is that government cannot prevent us from exercising our right to worship and express our religious preferences unless it violates public safety. You know if you're doing child sacrifices that's not protected by the first eliminate men. So we have the establishment clause and the free exercise clause now we have established that the spread across the states that the Constitution and the First Amendment specially is divinely or day. So we have to conclude that the principles of the First Amendment can be found in the Bible now how can the First Amendment especially freedom of religion be found in the Bible. You know Israel was a theocracy but notice this I found the something very fascinating most of the Bible says in Second Chronicles Chapter nineteen verse eleven so the nineteen percent notice this and behold an M.R.I. of the chief priests is over a year when all the matters of the who. All the matters of the Lord is that religious or government religious and Zevon dire the son of Ishmael the ruler of the house of Judah of all the what matters Kings matters that religious or political. So you have a separation you have M.R.I. The priest dealing with all of the religious matters and examine either side of the national the ruler of the house of Judah of all the kings matters so you have a separation of church and state even a nation. And so I can chronicle Chapter twenty six for one hundred twenty one we see this principle in action you have King chapters in verse sixteen he sought to go into the temple or the saints to worry to burn incense now burning incense is even religious function only ordained by the priests but he wanted to burn incense and he want to serve the role of the priest and the bird incense and transgress against God God told him not to do that. In verse seventeen eighty Azariah the priest and any priest will still be king telling him that only the priests the sons are errant are consecrated to burn incense in the temple what. Went ahead anyway violating the separation of church and state and then verse twenty one king as I was angry attempted the bird inserts but he was stricken with leprosy. And was cut off from the house of the Lord and leprosy is a type of sick whenever of government seeks to legislate religion God sees that as a said we must separate church and state now the First Amendment recap you have Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion in other words no government should establish a national religion. And also no government would prohibit the free exercise thereof but do you know that Persia Pagan Rome people Rome they all violent the First Amendment and when they violate the First Amendment you know God's people had a response in the solution whenever that was violated that we have a special word to do notice what happened in Babylon. Chapter three verse four the six The Bible says then Harold cried aloud to you in this commanded Oh people nations and languages that all what time we hear the sound of corn it through heart sack but don't summer and all kinds of music you fall down and worship the golden image that never give as they are they kidding have set up and whosoever fall if not down and worship shall the same hour be cast in the midst of a burning fiery furnace and what part of the First Amendment did not because of violate he was trying to establish a national religion he was violating the Establishment Clause now when he tried to impose a national yet a worldwide religion based upon his government notice what God's people did in response to that and also the Bible says In damn chapter three verse sixteen the Bible says Sad rack me Shaq and I better go ass and said to the king oh never can answer we are not careful to answer the in this matter if it be so our God whom we service able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of the hand OK but if not be unknown and to be king that we will not survive God no worship the golden image which thou hast set up in other words God's people stood up. When the First Amendment rights were violated. You see there's going to come a time. Unfortunately when this nation or violate the establishment clause and like the three Hebrew voice we as God's people must stand up for freedom of religion not only for the seven thousand assurance but for all religion it's. Because God gives us a choice and so God is preparing us through these types of history that we as a people not only are preaching the everlasting Gospel not only are we doing medical mission work but we are also to stand up for the powerless the abuse those that are being abused by the law of a dictatorial government we are seven thousand as are risen up to stand up for religious liberty then you have the means and Persians. Whether they do Chapter six or seven all the presidents of the kingdom the governors and the princes the councillors and the captains have consulted together to establish a royal statute or in government law and to make a firm decree that whosoever shall ask a petition of any God for man for thirty days say four of the king he shall be cast into the den alliance now King establish the decree and sign the riving that it be not changed and according to the law and persons which alter it not wherefore a King Darius signed the writing and the decree in other words the means and person said you can't worship anyone but us if you pray to anyone else but the king you will be thrown into the lion's den in other words the mes and pertinence violated the free exercise clause providing people from worshiping or expressing worship freely now who was thrown in the lions there. And why was Daniel thrown on the line there. For prayer is that correct because he was expressing his free exercise clause to worship God how we want and most of the Bible says in day out Chapter six first for the five The Bible says this in the presence and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom but they could find none occasion or fall. Or as much as he was faithful neither was there any error for found in them then said these men we shall not find any occasion against is Daniel except we find against him concerning the Law of his God and what to Daniel do and now Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went into his house and this windows being opened in this chamber toward Jerusalem he nailed upon his knees three times a day and prayed and gave things before his God as he did for a time then these men assembled and found Daniel praying and make supplication before his God even though a law was passed. Daniel remained faithful and worshipping the true God. The Bible says they found no fault in Daniel there was no dirt on Daniel the only dirt that Daniel had was that he wanted to worship God freely so to are in time church God's Church will be pure. Because God's people receive the rights of Christ so they'll be no dirt or fall upon us because our sins are forgiven and because of that we will exercise our free exercise clause and worship God Even the midst of a lot to penalize us lines then it's coming but God is faithful to shut them out someone. And what did the kings of Babylon and Persia still continued to do when they realize that Daniel's God is the true God when they realize that Shadrach me shaken a better go God was a true god I found this very interesting even though they knew that God is God knows what they still do there are three twenty nine Therefore I make a decree that every people nation and language would speak anything amiss against a god or Shadrack me shakin a better go shall be cut in pieces and their houses shall be made of dung hero because there is no other god that can deliver after this sort This does not make it right. The spirit of Babylon this forced worship. Babyland does not change and so even though they receive the new acknowledge the true God this will pass the law forcing people to worship the true God when God gives us freedom of choice. One of the missing persons to know about this isn't a Chapter six or twenty six I make it decreed that in every dominion of my kingdom men travel in fear before the God of Daniel for years the living God and steadfast forever in this kingdom with whom shall not be destroyed in this community shall be even to the. So the missing persons and the Babylonians continue their establishment of violating the First Amendment. Then we are Pagan Rome or the Pagan Rome New Revelation Chapter two verse ten the Bible says fear none of those things which thou shalt sell for the whole the devil shall cast some of you into prison and he shall be tried and he shall be how tribulation ten prophetic days or ten years beyond to feed forward to that and I would give the account of life Pagan Rome persecuted Christians because they do not acknowledge the supremacy of the government where you can roam. Didn't care what religion you were as long as you can knowledge that your religion was inferior to the government. And what Christians did is that we have no king other than King Jesus and because of that Christians were thrown into coliseums Christians were thrown into persecution and burned to their. Because they sought. To exercise their First of the rights. And what happened. When Pagan Rome sought to persecute Christians notice how Jesus responded when pilot. Sought to persecute the Bible says and John eighteen thirty three then pilot entered into the judgment Oh yeah and called Jesus and sat down to where art thou the king of the Jews so a pilot is investigating Jesus. And asking Jesus are you trying this stablish to rival civil government to take my place and also Jesus in this response John Chapter eighteen verse thirty six thirty seven the Bible says Jesus answered My kingdom is not of this what. If my kingdom world this world then my servants what fight that I should not be delivered unto the Jews when I was my Canaan not from him it's therefore said unto him Art our king then Jesus answered Our say that I am a king to this and I was I born and for this cause a lot I did to the world that I shall bear witness on to the truth every one that is of the truth here at my voice in other words Jesus say that my government is not of this world my government isn't heaven and that if my governments in the world than I would have a military to overthrow your pilot in other words. Jesus was sharing with Pagan Rome that there is a separation between church and state governments in heaven now learn. As we are Seventh Avenue sadly as we learn in the afternoon presentation here today many Seventh Day Adventists are caught up in partisan politics thinking their kingdom is on this earth rather the kingdom is in Heaven God has called us to firmly declare a separation between church and state and Jesus even taught that in Pagan Rome or the Papal Rome. Daniel Chapter seven verse twenty five The Bible says that he shall speak way words against the most high and sell wear out the saints of the Mossad's In other words the papacy what they did. Is that if you do not follow me we will persecute the same spirit Pagan Rome the same spirit of the myth and purge in the same spirit of Babylon came through and extreme to people and I find it interesting a Revelation thirteen first one. The leper bees that represent the papacy what elements Yeah he has the elements of the line of Babylon he has the the elements of the Medes and Persians he has the elements of Pagan Rome although symbols are all modern made it and the principles of violent separation of church and state is culminated in the papacy the papacy established a state religion through the governments of Europe. And one of God's people do at this time. Raise up a movement called the process Reformation. And in this reformation you have the wall then sees. It was then disease said there we have the right to study the Bible for ourselves we don't have to have a priest interpret the Bible for us. Then fifteen seventeen. And we're approaching a very special anniversary October thirty first of this year of the process Reformation. Catholic monthly Martin Luther. Saw that the papacy was a system of control and forced worship you see the papacy at that time said this in order for your sins to be forgiven you have to pay a tax called the indulgence. Yet the pay up and pay us money in order for your sins to be forgiven and want to move to reading the Bible for himself and discovering Romans chapter one verse seventeen for there is a right as a God revealed from faith to faith as it is written the judge shall live by what day it is faith forced yes or no. It's a choice is a believe that comes within you that you choose and so as Martin Luther sparked a revolution. Among Christians I'm saying that we do not have to go to our priest appreciate or Pope to tell us to have our sins forgiven we do not have to go to a king or a priest or a pastor to learn the Bible we can learn the Bible for ourselves the principle of apps five twenty nine B. came to light then Peter said earlier apostles where as I said we are told rather than men are we obey men more than God here to their brothers and sisters I mean we're trying to do that in society. We easily accept what a person of authority tells us what to do we easily swayed to what a person influenced tells us what to do but like the present reformation where people begin to study the Bible for selves it is our responsibility to learn truth for ourselves. And so. Across the Reformation overturn the hierarchy of priests and freely that every individual has a personal relationship with God Every individual has a right to study and learn about Jesus for themselves no longer should Bibles be chained to churches no longer do the common people not have access to the Bible but we are a priesthood of believers that every person has a right to teach and preach the Word of God just like the early church that's why the Bible says the first Peter chapter two verse nine but you are chosen generation royal priesthood. Holy nation a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of their who are called you out of darkness into his marvelous life. We're all call to this priesthood. We're all called to do ministry. That we as God's people we have the ability to preach and teach the Word of God we have the ability to do ministry we don't not have to follow a man God is all ordained us to do our special type of ministry and that's laypeople God is calling us the priesthood of believers. And so the prophet Reformation challenge the church state structure. And declare that each individual could study and learn of God for themselves and this personal relationship of studying God for themselves instead of the Bible for themselves led to the toppling of people forty and then we go back to relish Chapter twelve The Prophet Reformation you had John Calvin and you had Anabaptist and you had various other products in the nomination that came about as a study the word for themselves and then from that cross the Reformation you had the pilgrims coming to the United States of America and the Protestant Reformation sparked the establishment of the United States. In fact it was an inspiration says the great college paid for forty one paragraph one. Freedom of religious faith was also granted every man be permitted to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience Republicanism and presenteeism became the fundamental principle of the nation these principles are the secret of its power and prosperity So in other words he's saying that the power of prosperity United States the secret of it is Republican is them and prosperous. Now these are fancy words. Republicanism is simply this welcome to my American government class. Republicanism is simply this. You the people have the right to we lect representatives and those representatives have a social contract with you that they serve the best interests for you if they do not serve the best interests for you then you have the right to remove them out of office by voting new representatives that's Republicanism. So in other words. We know well no literate group of voters to understand what is the best interest of society and so therefore if they violate the Constitution if they violate freedom of conscience then we have the right to vote in new leaders that's Republicanism. Protestantism is simply this we protest against. Forced religious authority and every person has a right to study the Bible for themselves. Freedom of religion freedom in government and freedom of religion and that is the secret of this power. Your president downtrodden throughout Christendom have turned to this land with interest on the whole millions outside its shores and the United States has risen to a place among the most powerful nations of earth that was God's purpose of the United States but Sally Protestantism is being attacked. And has degraded its morphing to what's called apostasy Protestantism So what is happening today Feb two twenty seventeen Johnson asked President Trump out on Thursday to overturn a law restricting political speech by tax exempt churches a potentially huge victory for the religious right and that gesture to evangelicals the voting bloc he attracted to his campaign by promising to free up their pulpits in other words right now. No church can endorse a political candidate from its pulpit. No pastor can say within the church say vote for this person to vote for that person because we believe in the separation of church and state the current president stating we want to do away with that we want to empower the churches politically and so. Repealing the law would require approval by Congress which could prove challenging given that Democrats and even some Republicans will resist what many view as a Roge of the separation between church and state limiting the measure has been a goal of many social conservatives who argue that in a fairly restrictive clergy members from expressing themselves by endorsing or speaking out against political candidates. And so the current administration wants to empower evangelical churches to use government to force their agenda upon the American people a merger of church and state in fact most of the Washington Post. OPINION religious law may be coming to America but it's not Shira or Muslim it's Christian. Even the world is seeing something different. Policy processes is on the scene and you know what's dangerous about Evangelical Christianity. They want to force people or legislate morality rather than God changing the heart they want to force people to become Christians I've read articles and I read Stevenson and sermon they want to mind having minorities of different faiths and different opinions to be out of this nation. And so you have here this establishment or this violation of the free exercise clause right before our eyes and so what's the big deal was a big deal about ministers and pastors openly declaring a political candidate in their churches knows what great converses Quakers can find money to paragraph three. The dignitaries of church and state or United private persuade or compel all classes to honor the Sunday the lack of divine authority will be supplied by a president that means political corruption is destroying love not just the regard for truth and even in free America rulers and legislators in order to secure what favor public favor or yield to what demand popular demand for the law enforcing Sunday observance liberty a concert which has cost so great a sacrifice or normal or be respected in other words. How is popular demand expressed how do you secure public favor. In politics. Through voting. So if Christian evangelicals have their way and are empowered to endorse candidates from the pulpit in Laos for more mobilization of votes so that this type of legislation can come about because honestly all politicians what matters to them is not possible votes and the popular demand says we want our Sunday law. The mechanism will be already there that Johnson the man is done away. And so we're seeing here right before our eyes interesting developments that are possibly Protestantism one that like the papacy is trying to force people to be Christians to come on the scene what are we as God's people to know as one inspiration something great cars paid for forty three Paragraph three whenever the church has obtained secular power you see apostate processes them once they attain secular power she has employed it to punish the said from her doctrines Protestant churches that have followed in the surf in Rome by forming alliances or worldly powers have manifested a similar desire to restrict the liberty of conscience religious liberty is being threatened right before our eyes. But God has a special word for us to do what are we to do. It was the Bible says and Zachariah Chapter seven person and plan. Now I speak of the LORD of hosts a execute true judgment and show mercy and compassion every man to his brother and oppress not the widow nor the father of this the stranger nor the poor and let none of you imagine even against his brother in your heart so if you see a Muslim oppress for not being able to wear her headscarf we should stand up for them if you see other religious being oppressed because there are different from Christianity we should stand up for we need to stand up for religious liberty not only for the center of the church but for all because when we asked him to add this show of the love of God saying that God has given us a choice in our force and we stand for religious liberty for all people I believe that will melt the hearts of these other religions and these under the nomination and I believe that as we preach justification by faith along with religious liberty that it will swell to our loud cry and we can say come out of my people and many will join the women. A forgotten ministry for our church is religious liberty. When we see a brother or a sister of a different faith being persecuted be a Muslim be a sheep it is up to us the Senate for that. God is calling us to do a special as I please a final points. What are we to do. Why in five the testimonies page seven sixteen left to Watchmen now lift up their voice and give the message which is present truth for this time. Let us show people where we are in profit history and see tall rouse the spirit of true Protestantism awakening the world to a sense of the value of the privileges of religious liberty so long enjoyed. Now is the time. To cry aloud and spare not. Then portraits of religious liberty. For all we are not doing the will of guy if we sit in quiet to doing nothing to preserve liberty of conscience fervent effectual prayer should be ascending to heaven that this calamity may be deferred until we can accomplish the work which has song so long been there let her be most earnest prayer and then let us work in harmony with our prayers. God is calling us to stand for religious liberty it's time for us to support our religious liberty department we have added to the tourney's right now fighting on our behalf and we should get educated and if there is laws that are violating liberty or conscience we should call our congressman. Because nothing is more dear and fundamental than the First Amendment of liberty of conscience of freedom of religion. You see. Do you know about we have some they have less we give in the final. Call to United States of America for probation calls and you see inspiration tells us that the seventh Avenue Church will be declared religious liberty and that the United States will one day repudiate or tear apart every principle of the Constitution. For the last appeal to the United States will be given to us that the United States not go to the edge of beyond no return to declare that we must preserve. Freedom of religion. Or call to be Stephen's. Call to. And just at the same behavior it stone Stephen So to see the stones of persecution. But I Stephen was being persecuted What did he see. Jesus in the clouds of glory. Jesus will come to deliver his city. But we have a work to do brother sisters we have a work to stand up for religious liberty and God is calling each and every seventh day adventists to do this neglected work already there is a movement of Rights is by faith but along with our movement needs to be a movement a religious liberty. That will help in the store along with medical missionary work and God is calling each and every one of us to stand up for him and stand up for the oppressed so that people can see a demonstration a religious liberty that God is giving us freedom to choose him or to reject you see a path a process of them is say we're going to force you to be Christian. At the center of a search we teach it's a choice and we're going to track you not by law to punish what by showing the truth of God which is love thy neighbor as thyself. That is our law the counterfeit laws coming which is Sunday but the true barkeepers those that keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus will demonstrate love your neighbor as yourself because love is the fulfillment of the law and God is calling us to be light there. To stand for those that. Are father. And God in heaven Father we thank you for raising this church to do a special work we thank you. Forgiving for them providing the United States of America so that we can have freedom a religion where people all around the world can come here for safe refuge Well Father we know that this right is limited time and brothers and sisters it has about a close there's someone today say father today help me to stand up for religious liberty help me to stand up for those religions that are oppressed by our past the processes that help me to be instrumental in these last days to not only preach the three angels messages but also to declare the rights we have for religious liberty if that's your desire I simply ask that we stand. That your desire. Father. Our Father got to heaven. We thank you. For the opportunity in this time in earth's history to stand up for the cherished principles of freedom of religion of the separation of church and state. To follow we are standing because within ourselves we are powerless we are weak and we're feeble So today we're standing and asking that you do something special in us to empower us and to strengthen our faith in these terror perilous times. Help us to stand up for religious liberty not only for the some of our church but for all people Father help us to be instruments in these last days and as the storms of persecution come in the horizon we stand faithful to the end to show the love that you have for us that our lovers our wax cold and asked are past their last Sunday. Will be declared more loudly help us they're worth a lot of love love our neighbors Yea our enemies as ourselves we thank you Lord for the opportunity call us through this most valuable ministry we ask for special grace here today this we pray in Jesus' name amen. 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