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Something or Someone?

Daniel Pel


“Who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator” (Romans 1:25). What happens when God is rejected while his gifts, revealed in creation, are pursued? What takes place when Someone is replaced for Something? 


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • October 6, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for these moments that we can come together like this that in freedom we can open your word and study it together. Father I pray that you will bless your word this evening and that you will bless us Lord as we receive that is not just a theoretical truth that we seek to understand with our minds. But may it be a beautiful life transforming truth that we embrace with the heart it's what I pray for your Holy Spirit guide me touch my lips Lord open our minds and hearts let us be receptive to all that you have. But we ask this in your metaphor in Jesus' name that everyone say Amen amen OK Romans chapter one the beginning in verse one and I'll just right away make a disclaimer here we are gathered here this weekend to study the Book of Romans and as you understand in five sermons we are not going to be able to go through sixteen chapters but what I have what we will endeavor to do is I will choose some portions that I hope will inspire and bless you and also. Encourage you to go back and study more in-depth the book of Romans because there's just so much here for us it is also a book that fits so well with the year two thousand and seventeen one of the students already Marcus already mentioned how. It's the year of reformation we are five hundred years after Martin Luther Martin Luther nailed the ninety five thesis on the church door of Wittenberg and fifteen seventeen here we are five hundred years later in two thousand and seventeen and one of the books that Martin Luther wrote most about and preached most about was the book of Romans and it's. It fascinating that he is using the book of Romans to oppose the church of Rome I mean I thought about that when I say to you what comes to your mind when I say the Church of Rome many of you are thinking of the Saint Mary and the idols and the pope and the veneration of saints and the candles and the holy water and all the traditions but before there was a papal sure there were a Gather all believers in the city of Rome and it was to those believers that Paul wrote a letter isn't it fascinating that the latter to the Book of Romans is the true gospel on display that was later distorted by the Church of Rome so we have to decide today as we are seeing before our very eyes the world gather together the Protestant denominations running back to Rome as we see an ecumenical movement take place we need to decide are we going to decide to follow the Church of Rome as it is today or are we going to follow the latter over Rome the latter of Romans a man because the latter of Romans opposes the present day Church of Rome the latter of Romans is the pure undiluted unchanged Gospel of Jesus Christ and man so let's study it together Romans chapter one and beginning in verse one Paul a bomb servant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle separated to the gospel of God He introduces himself as a servant of Jesus Christ and then immediately he tells us that he has been separated to the gospel of God and if you have read the book of Acts you will know that that the way that Paul was separated the way that he was called as an apostle was a very dramatic turnaround in his life. He was on his way to the city of Damascus he was on his way to persecute. The Christians and he met Jesus he looked face to face into the face of Jesus and he had a radical turn around and he became an apostle now first one to seven OK Romans Chapter one Verse one to seven is what we would call the greeting of Paul but I want you to take notice of something this this is just came to my attention as I was reading it through again today that even in the greeting can not contain himself to already start sharing the gospel it's almost like he's going to say you know he's going to give them a greeting and you know maybe what do you do when you have a greeting you maybe tell where you have been or what you've been doing or what you plan on doing or something about maybe your family situation or when we greetings to each other we say things like that hall is going to give a greeting and then suddenly out of his mouth just comes the Gospel already take notice of the verse to you he says Paul of verse one ball of Paul a bomb servant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle separated to the gospel of God which he promised before there his prophets in the holy scriptures concerning His Son Jesus Christ our Lord who was born of the sea the day that according to the lash and. We are to be the Son of God with how were according to the spirit of holiness by the resurrection from the dead through him we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the day among all nations for his name among whom you also are the call of Christ Jesus to all who are in Rome the love that of God called to be saints and it's almost like he has this moment of oh yeah what was I doing Yeah this was by the way the greeting all yes Grace to you peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ so he just bursts out into a gospel declaration in his greeting to the believers in Rome it's like you going you know meeting your neighbor and your neighbor says yeah it's a beautiful day isn't it and you say yeah it's a beautiful day and that was another beautiful day two thousand years ago when Jesus rose from the grave he set us free from sin and one day he's going to come back with great power and have a nice day. You should try that. He cannot contain himself he must share the good news and when he's going to give his greeting to the believers in Rome immediately out of his mouth comes the Gospel of Jesus Christ it is really in a nutshell the Gospel Jesus how he came what he did and what we are called to be through his name. And then he follows in verse eight to tell them about his desire to meet them in person you see Paul had at this point not set foot in the city of Rome as a matter of fact the book of Romans was written on Paul's third missionary journey when he was in the city of Turin Now if you read the book of Acts you will find out that Paul made three missionary journeys through Asia Minor Turkey what we now know is Turkey and and Greece and and such but the fore. The journey was not a voluntary journey the fourth journey that he eventually did make to Rome was one in which he was a slave he was a he was actually on his way to be judged in the city of Rome but this at this point he's still a free man and at this point he is expressing his desire to come to the city of Rome. You need to know something about the city of Rome it was the capital of the empire the empire the Roman Empire was very large the city of Rome was the capital Paul had a great gospel ambition and he thought if I can get the message of Jesus Christ to the capital through this great metropolis this great city then from there it can spread into the highways in the by ways of this empire so we had a desire to go there by the way on the last message on Sunday and I hope you stay to the very end my last message is entitled The Gospel ambition and we're going to look at how Paul was a man that had gospel ambition he was not settling for anything less than seeing the Gospel impact as many people as it possibly could through the humble means that he was able to bring by God's power through God's power so look at that on Sunday every final message gospel ambition but already in the first chapter you can see this in Bishan coming through Paul wants to go to Rome look at this first eight. First I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all that your faith has spoken all throughout the whole world for God is my witness whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his son that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers making request if by some means now at last I may find a way in the will of God to come to you for I long to see you that I may impart you some spiritual gift so that you may be established that is that I may be encouraged to gather with you by the mutual faith both of you and me now I do not want you to be unaware brother and that I have often planned to come to you but was hindered until now that I might have some fruit among you also just as among the other gentiles I am a debtor both the Greeks and to the barbarians both that are wise and to the on the wise so as much as in me I am ready to preach the gospel to you who are in Rome also this is the portion of the beginning of this latter in which Paul its presses his sincere desire to come to the city of Rome and to preach the gospel to them so actually the letter that he writes to them is kind of like and it is to pave the way you know this latter would reduce what they would receive they would read out loud in their in their assembly in the place of worship and Paul was in such a way preparing them for his own coming in which he would then share with them this gospel so we have the greeting the nutshell of the Gospel is already in there then we have Paul's desire to come to them verse eight to fifteen and then we come to what I would argue are the most. Known verses in the entire book of Romans Romans Chapter one Verse sixteen and seventeen and this are these are also the verses from which we have drawn our theme the power of God unto salvation take a look at verse sixteen and seventeen. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes the Jew first and also for the Greek or in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to thing a as it is written The just shall live by faith maybe some of you know these verses by heart. Paul says that he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Now remember that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the story about a man called Jesus that. Claimed to be the Messiah the Son of God but was crucified by his own people however rose from the dead and then sent out his followers to proclaim this good news that he is alive and that he will one day come back so you can imagine Paul traveling to these places where they've never heard this message before and to then Talib out a Jew Now remember in the Roman Empire the Jewish nation was a little bit marginal rise they were kind of looked down on so here Paul comes that he has a message from already a region that is not very popular and then he's going to tell them about a man that claimed to be something but then was put to death on a Roman cross which was an utterly humiliation but that He then rose from the dead and so this massacre in itself it seemed a very difficult one to preach a very difficult one to convey and yet Paul says I'm not ashamed of it I am on ashamed of this message because he knows something you know something that we all need to discover and that is that this Gospel foolish as it may sound to the secular mind in it is the power of God A man in it is the. Power of God He says I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God It's not the power of man and how sad it is that often times we have made it the power of man when we go in our own strength to preach this gospel this Gospel is does not have its origin in the human it has its origin in God it was God's plan and it's God's power. And the power that comes from God leads to salvation and it's for everyone it says for the Jew and also for the Greek verse seventeen says for him it in the Gospel is the righteousness of God revealed the right another word for righteousness is character the character of God is revealed in the Gospel from faith to faith as we experience the Gospel we are experiencing the character of God and by beholding we are becoming changed our faith is strengthened from faith to faith as we put our trust in His love and in His mercy and in His grace and in his power we behold him and we become changed from face to face. I love how it says that it's the power of God because I think so many times so many times in this world in which we're living we are looking for strength in ourselves how many times that we talk about you know becoming better people and looking at strategies and means and and leashing the potential in OS and you look at all the self-help books of the world that talk how you how you become richer and how you can become more healthy and how you can become a better leader and and you have four points to success and five points here and seven points and if you do this you can become this and in the midst of a world that is telling you that the power resides in you the gospel message tells us that the power comes from God Ultimately there is no power in us we receive power from above so here again the very core of the gospel message in verse sixteen and seventeen and now Paul makes a little bit of a transition. And the rest of the chapter verses eighteen till verse thirty two. Is a description of humanity listen very carefully a description of humanity that does not have the power of God in their lives. The book of Romans uses an extensive amount of words to portray the condition of humanity without God. And I believe there's a very very important that is very important that Paul does this is very important that that we study and look into this because we are not going to appreciate the gospel if we don't first realize the depth of sin and the odder hopelessness of man. Hi without a savior you know you're may have heard this illustration before but you know think about someone that you know goes to a beach on a beautiful day and there's the sea looks good everything's fine and this individual decides to step a little bit into the water and the water is right up to his knees and he's just enjoying this day and suddenly someone comes up to him grabs him by the arm pulls him out of the water and says I saved you. The individual that is pulled out of the water is going to look at the other person as if he's crazy I did not need salvation I was doing fine I did need saving. But if you went for a swim and you found yourself being pulled out into the ocean and suddenly waves are crashing on you and and you're getting water you're swallowing water and you're going under and you're just struggling to keep above the water and to make things even more dramatic there's a shark that is circling around you is getting closer and closer just use your imagination and then you're looking like what can I do and suddenly in the distance you see a boat and it's coming closer and closer and just before the shark takes a bite at you there is a strong arm of a guy and he pulls you out of the water into the boat and he says I saved you. You're going to be thankful to that person for the rest of your life now what's the difference the difference is that you. Were aware of your need we can tell people that God saves them that Jesus saves them and it's not going to mean much to them until they understand the depth of sin and they understand the human condition as it is portrayed in Scripture and that's why the book of Romans uses extensive amount of words and descriptions and scenarios to picture to us where we are without God how odd or how blessed we are if we don't have him in our lives how our power means nothing we are drowning in an ocean of sin and we are about to be devoured by the enemy and it's only then that we start appreciating salvation when it comes to us so take notice of this description let it just pierce your heart and mind as I read now verse eighteen and just take it in the description of humanity this is us my friends if we don't have the gospel this is us if we don't have Jesus in our lives verse eighteen. But the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness because what may be known of God is manifest in them for God has shown it to them for since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse because although they knew God they did not glorify Him as God nor were thankful but became few tile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts were dark and professing to be wise they became fools and changed the glory of the in corruptible God into an image made like corruptible man and birds and for food animals and creeping things first twenty four Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanliness in the last of their hearts to dishonor their bodies among themselves and I'm going to stop right here I'm going to read verse twenty five a key verse in just a moment but you get already a feel for where Paul is having all this saying OK you know people have turned away from their maker they have turned away from the Creator and instead NG allow instead of allowing the creator to make known to them his will they are now devising in their own minds how they want to live and this is catastrophic. When you deny the creator and you deny his design for you you are going to now start to devise your own way and create your own life that you believe is going to lead you to happiness. Now. First twenty five this is our key verse and I believe it's so relevant and how our full for the day and age in which we are living verse twenty five says. It's talking about those that do not want to know Him It says they have or who exchanged the truth of God or the lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator who is blessed forever a man. Let me read it one more time who exchanged the truth of God for the lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator who was blessed forever amen the picture that we're getting here is that Paul is describing what happens when we deny the existence of a creator when we say you know there is no creator then what happens is that we start worshipping the created you see. We are all going to be worship for us every single person born into this world is going to worship the question is what do we worship either we worship the creator that made us and if we worship the creator that made us then we are enjoying the design of his creation we are enjoying his creation in the way that he designed it to be enjoyed but if we deny the Creator then we are still going to worship but we're not going to worship the creator we're going to worship the created. And this you see all around the world there are people that are worshipping the created things of God But they're not acknowledging the creator and what happened. When you don't acknowledge the creator but you started worshiping the created what happens is you start reversing the way that God designed those created things to be enjoyed. So either we worship the Creator and we enjoy his his design the way that these creative things are designed to be enjoyed and of the way they are designed to be experience or we worship the created and we try to find joy in that but the created isn't and in and of itself it doesn't lead to anything more and we start and what happens is it is perverted and it leads to sin Now let's look at a couple of examples of how this plays out and the Bible in Romans chapter one already gives us an example right after this verse so let's continue to read verse twenty six Romans chapter one and verse twenty six. For this reason God gave them up to vile passions or even their women exchanged the natural use for that what is against nature likewise also the men leaving the natural use of the woman burnt in their lust for one another man with men committing what is shameful and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a debased mind to do those things that are not fitting. You see my friends God the Creator has given mankind a gift. And it's a gift that is designed to be enjoyed in the communion in the marriage of a man and a woman and that gift is sex sexuality right and what happens here what we're reading here in Romans chapter one is either we can worship the Creator and we can enjoy his design in the context in which he has designed it to be enjoyed and experience or we can say I don't want the creator but we still worship the created and then it becomes a perversion that's exactly what Paul is describing here in Romans chapter one now we live in a world today that is absolutely perverted when it comes to sex I mean it's just something that you see all around us it is a. Attack of the enemy where we don't know longer take the design of God but we want to experience this in all kinds of other ways and you know how this starts this starts with the distortion of genders now you know the Bible from the very beginning in Genesis chapter one gives us a picture of God create. Being the man Adam and then he creates the woman even in a sense he conducted that very first wedding that marriage marriage is something that we find in scripture between a man and a woman marriage is a beautiful beautiful created design of God. But when we deny the creator but we still want the the we want the we want the gift but without the giver of the gift what happens to the gift it's perverted. What we see in the world today in society is that they're seeking to change the very ways of God to pervert the truth that come from Scripture and we were seeing it not only happening in society we're sadly also seeing it happen in the church and this is not only when it comes to sexuality this is comes in so many different forms you know God has shown us in Scripture what it means to be a godly man a Godly husband a godly father the Bible talks about what it means to be a godly wife a godly mother but these pictures that we have from scripture are again under attack of attack in our society today where children are growing up not understanding their call to be a matter to be a woman the identity that God has given us from the very beginning. I just read the other day. That in Sweden they are now experimenting with new preschools kindergartens where they have removed every gender distinction. And other words they don't and I read the article and I was just amazed at what I read because what they said is they no longer address the child as him or her they are it all of them are it. No longer him or her they encourage you know the boys to play with dolls and their cars to girls to play with cars and there's nothing wrong in and of itself with that but the problem here is that there is a continual at back on what we would consider the natural there is a continual attack on gender distinction and this attack is going on in society and we are seeing it not only in culture but we're also seeing it in sure. The Bible has given clear roles to what a man should be like what a woman should be like how the two are to compliment each other in church life when we remove those distinctions and we start messing up in the name of equality equality we are actually removing the design of God and still we're seeking to enjoy his creation but it is now a perverted creation. Her home and step the one verse twenty five says who has exchanged God or a law I it's a lie my friends a boy is created to be a boy a girl is created to be a girl it's a lie and people are buying the lie. The transgender movement is aggressive the homosexuality movement is aggressive and we're finding it getting inroads into God's sure. And I want to say this with with compassion because I know that many are the victim of these things I don't want to be harsh but I do want to be faithful to Scripture a man I want to be faithful to Scripture because Scripture tells me that if these gender distinctions are removed then what we have done is we have started to worship the created instead of worshipping the creates or and God's design can only be fully in. Joy when we follow the designer when we follow the one that has given this to us. You know the the family in many ways is the building blocks are the building blocks of the church think about it what happens in the family happens in the church it's like you have a little family here and a little family here and a little family here and a little family here and those families to gather make up the church also those families together make up society so if the devil is going to destroy God's church if the devil is going to destroy the society what is he going to be what is he going to a mom the family you know I just it just pains my heart to see that in the age in which we are living and the age in which my children have to grow up is a world where there is just this ferocious masterly crafted attack on the family I mean just destroy any thing any trace of the image of God on the family from the beginning it is and it is the the most massively created attack at this moment that we are experiencing you know and we as Seventh Day Adventists we talk about the Sabbath and of course we know that in the end days you know the Sabbath is going to be a great issue and it's something that was given in Eden and and mankind is seeking to change that day of worship and has changed that day of worship but but you know even though that is a big thing we see something else that goes all the way back to Eden it's marriage it's the family. And God is attacking the family sorry the same thing as attacking the family God is defending the family right here but there was an attack on the family and our responsibility I believe as a Bible believing Christians is to come back to the word and say Here I stand here I stand I mean the Reformation needs to continue and the Reformation must it could be it must continue as I come back to scripture and say I don't want to exchange the truth of God for a lie. I don't want to end up worshiping the created I want to worship the Creator do you know that when you worship the created and you seek to get your pleasure out of the things that God has given without God then you will always listen very carefully you will always be on a surface level of joy. Because only those things if they're enjoyed in the context that they're not in and in and of themselves if you enjoy them in the. Conflicts that they all waste point just something bigger and greater and that is the creator then you will enjoy those things in the way that they were designed to be enjoyed and that joy goes are far far beyond anything that we can imagine a man and this principle of Romans one twenty five it can be applied to so many things you know physical exercise is a blessing you know to work is a blessing to work with your hands you know the Bible says whatever they had find it to do with all their might you know to work to have physical labor to do you have to exercise the body is a great blessing but it's only a blessing when we understand that our bodies our temple of the Holy Spirit and that we have been given them by God and that God is to be glorified through our bodies if we detach the creator from our bodily experience of working out or or sports or whatever you know what becomes you know what happens we start worshipping the body we start idolizing the body and what we what happens you look look at competitive sports competitive sports of separated the maker the creator from the created and what happens it comes full of pride and full of selfishness you can apply so many things to Romans Chapter one Verse twenty five. Think about food. Blessing a man you can say a man who does a blessing if we thank the giver of the food if we thank the giver of the food and we have enjoyed the food the way that he designed it to be enjoyed but again if we separate the creator from the created and we seek to enjoy the created separate from the creator what we find what we come to is a perversion of appetites leading to sickness and that. This can be applied in so mad. The areas think about relationships are relationships a blessing if they are a relationship that is God ordained Yes God has given us a gift of friendship he's given us a gift of relationship but if those relationships are and in and of themselves and they don't lead to a creator then they become again an idol you know that boyfriend girlfriend. If your she does not know God and you are pursuing a relationship with her or him you are pursuing an idol but if the Creator is in it it can be the most beautiful thing ever i with me. Is the silence and then. Romans one twenty five what a verse what an experience let's read the rest of the chapter though. Because Romans one twenty five if we experience pursuing the creature rather than the creator then the outcome is made known in this chapter it's just one example that is given regarding sexuality but it continues there we can read in verse twenty nine it says being filled with all on righteousness sexual immorality and wickedness covetousness maliciousness full of and the murder strive to see evil mindedness they are whisperers backbiters haters of God by a lint proud boasters inventors of evil things disobedient to parents undiscerning untrustworthy unloving unforgiving unmerciful who knowing the right just judgement of God that those who practice such things are deserving of death not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them all is giving us here on the inspiration of God the outcome of a life detached from its maker this is what life looks like this is what life looks like when the Creator is not part of your story this is what life looks like when the power is not coming through the Gospel this is what life looks like when you pursue the created and you worship but separate from the creates are this is what life looks like. And it's not a pretty picture. Who would choose for that. And yet our hearts want it at times don't we and it's and it's not we cannot take it for granted that we wake up tomorrow being a Christian I mean is a gift from God that he has given placed faith in your heart to know him a man and we should thank him every single day that he can separate us just like Paul was separated from the world that that we can be separated from the world and the sin in this world. I want to bring you to another verse in closing time with me to the book of Jeremiah. Looked at Romans chapter one that I want to close in the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah chapter two. And verse thirteen and I believe that the verse that we're going to read here in Jeremiah is a summarization of the experience that we have studied and looked at in Romans chapter one. Jeremiah chapter two and verse thirteen Jeremiah chapter two in verse thirteen listen to what it says. For my people have committed how many evils two evils. They have forsaken me this is God speaking he says My people have committed to evils they have for saken me the fountain of living waters and then secondly they have who in themselves cisterns broken cisterns that can hold no water to evils that God's people are guilty often I would I would say that sadly many in God's church today are guilty of these two evils. They have for saken God says they are for saken me the fountain of living waters they they have turned their eyes away from me their Maker their creator. But not only that they have they have then sought to find their own pleasure in the things of this life they have who in themselves cisterns but the cisterns God says cannot hold any water. What are those cisterns What's your sister and today have you for yourself a sister that you believe is going to give you happiness and joy in life only to discover that it's dripping and leaking and there is nothing left to enjoy. Why is it that so many people in our day and age today are miserable. Why is it that so many people always need some new high or hype some new agile lean bird you know burst because they're looking for purpose and meaning in a system that they have out for themselves but it cannot contain the living water. Because it's their own creation they are worshipping the created rather than the creator it's leaking. But if we want to experience God's joy if we want to experience the power of salvation then let us come to the source of that power let us connect ourselves with the living God the Creator God that made us and that designed us to live according to his way and when we connect ourselves with our maker then all the creation is at our Exposed to be enjoyed in the way that he designed it to be enjoyed when you are connected with the maker and you have the guide of life the Word of God you can experience marriage you can experience food you can experience where you can experience all these beautiful gifts from God in the way that he designed it to be experienced and you will find true joy true purpose and not a surface level of joy but a deep joy that words cannot express that's what God wants for us why. Would be why would we be satisfied with the last. Couple of weeks ago. I was traveling to Malaysia and I was going to do a weeklong lecture series in Malaysia actually also on the book of Romans. After that I travelled on to a strain for some more meetings there in Melbourne. It was a time where I was a couple of weeks away from my family two and a half weeks at that was the longest time I've ever been away from my wife I now have two children at least is three years old enough is nine months old it was hard I already already was dreading the moment that I had to leave and but anyway I knew that the God was calling me for this trip and so I was trying to make the best out of it but already on the flight to was Malaysia every kilometer that I'm getting further away from my family say two and a half weeks Laura this is going to be really difficult. Eventually I landed in Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia I was just very very tired I was thinking about my family I'm never really a good sleeper on planes and you know for the last fifteen years as an international evangelist I've traveled all over this globe but I sleep very bad in planes I can hardly sleep anything and I've never Sloan and in business class a first class never I always fly you know in a call to me class and so. Sometimes every time you know when you when you you know how it is you walk they make you walk through that area you're going to sit in a comic less but they live they make you see those seats like why do they do that that's torture in and of itself so you're like oh I can't I can't lay down there. And so you get to see it but you can never experience it and so I'm tired and I've arrived these are the kind of moments that you look like your passport picture you know just worn out and and here I am and I'm going to get into the car and the guy has has come to pick me up and I don't know who he is never met him before I'm very tired haven't slept for many many hours had a layover in Abu Dhabi so I'm just I'm just exhausted and I thought maybe I'll get a little bit of sleep in the car and the more than I sit down in the car the first thing that he says as he closes the door he says it's testimony time. And I like I've always been I've always enjoyed testimonies but right now I just admit I don't want to hear any testimony so I just want to sleep. He says it's testimony time and he says OK I'll start he says and he just testimony for the next one and a half hour drive so we arrived so and you know I was so tired I thought OK just put on a smile and say I'd love to hear your testimony and he started sharing and in the beginning I was really tired but he's only like a couple of minutes into his testimony and I'm sitting like right straight up in my seat and I'm listening to every single word that comes from this young man suddenly I was just like quickened to life. And this young man he starts explaining it he says you know. I've been a drug addict he was about my age probably thirty seven something like that he says I've been a drug addict for the last decade I have been I've been living a homosexual lifestyle put the last decade multiple partners he has just been living in the dirt and mire of sin wallowing around in it he has been hurt he has been he has been a multiple times he came to a point where he just wanted to end his life. And he's explaining to me yes to all oh I was a little bit shocked when he said like I'm picking you up I was like I don't know. But he knew my name and thought I saw the Lord I hope this is right so I got into the car but it was right the guy had to choose all over the place he he lived this life just the most wildest Baron's you can imagine and that is but then he says and there's just tears in his eyes and he says. Jesus saved me. Jesus. He he out of that life and he sat me free and he started explaining with tears in his eyes that the experience the joy of the Cross and the oh I of salvation and the joy of the Christian walk. And as I listened to him fully quickened I thought what I am going to preach this entire week I have now seen with my own eyes because my friends the book of Romans is not something your radical true that you just receive from a book it is an exterior that touches the heart and man it is a deep experience that is a lie transforming I mean what I have given my life to is not some other teaching like any other teaching that we receive in high school or college or university I'm not interested in a book with good ideas I'm interested in a gospel that is the power of God I'm interested in a gospel that has the power to transform those that have fall as the deepest into sin Heber seven twenty five says that he is able to save to the uttermost those that come to him and when we start seeing that my friends we reach we realize the power. Of the cost for the power to set us free and the power to lead us back not to the created but to the creates or and to experience all the creation in the way that the Creator designed it to be experience. So how many of you want to say tonight that's the God I want to be part of following I want to follow that God I want to be part of. My creator and I want to enjoy all of creation in the way he designed it to be enjoyed how many. The Lord praise the Lord I look forward to our continual journey in some of the chapters of The Book of Romans but tonight I pray that as we have started to gather here that you will have a heart. For the power of the gospel that you have a heart. To your Creator and. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave to visit W W W dot. Org.


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