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When God Is on Our Side

Daniel Pel


“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31). Romans 8 reveals a powerful picture of all that heaven wants to make available for those who are following Christ. Failure is not an option! 


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • October 7, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Gracious Heavenly Father I want to thank you for a wonderful Sabbath that we have had I want to thank you for a new week that has begun and I want to thank you that in freedom we are able to gather here tonight to listen to your word. And I pray Lord that you will fulfill the promise of your word that says that your work will not return to you void but accomplish that which you please and Lord this is our sincere proof in the lines let not your words return to you boy but Lord May they find a place in our hearts and in. And in our lives what I pray that Romans eight may come alive the see the name that you will show us clearly that you are with us that you are on our side and that you want us to see. In developing a character fit or happen and that character Lord as a gift from you help us to receive. And help us to cherish Lord Tonight we pray for your Holy Spirit's guidance we pray that your Holy Spirit inspired the text will now teach us and may you be with us as you have promised with this we ask your beautiful name in the name of. A couple of years ago I was visiting Germany and I was going to teach there at a Bible school at amazing facts has kind of a sister project amazing facts Europe in Germany and I was going to teach there for a few weeks a couple of weeks and during those weeks we also organized as a team and together with the students some health presentations and so we would invite the community to come for these presentations and my wife was going to teach that meeting and so I was there and I thought OK I'll just try to mingle in with the visitors and see if I can get to know someone and so I was waiting a little bit before the presentation was going to start and as I was waiting. A young man came into the room where we were going to conduct these meetings. He was not German from the SAT I found out that he was from East Africa and as he sat down I sat down next to him and in the moments that we have before the meeting was going to be again I asked where he had come and and a little bit about that he could tell a little bit about himself and he started telling me his life story which then we only got a little bit into it but then after the presentation we sat down some more and he continued to tell me his life story which was an absolute remarkable one. His name was Malek and he was born in Saddam and he had fled Africa because of the war taking place in his country and together with his father he was only a teenager at that time he had fled to and then in the attempt to get some work there and to basically start a new life but the situation in Yemen was very very difficult also a very unstable country a very unstable place his father died while he was there and he was only a very young man at that time and so he thought that he was going to try what many people have Try and that is to get to a better continent to come to Europe and so his journey began and as he was telling me about his life story he was describing some of the journey that he went through as he traveled from Yemen across Saudi Arabia on his way to a better future hopefully in Europe he traveled on a cattle train throughout Saudi Arabia he said it was deplorable conditions. But they kept going hoping for something better in the future. As many have tried together with others got onto one of these boats can't really call it a boat a floating device would maybe be a better term to try to make get to now we have all read the reports on the news always perhaps seen pictures and I must admit that I had seen these pictures and I read these reports but it's very different when you are looking into the face of a person that is actually telling you that they have experienced such a kind of journey and so he's describing to me how they're on this floating device and they're really at the mercy of the sea and they're trying to get their way to what they believe is Greece Well what happened is that the floating device did not it didn't it didn't float very well and eventually it capsized and they were all there in the water just waiting to hopefully get picked up by the Coast Guard. Was one of the lucky ones as he did get picked up after being in the water for many hours he saw people around him drown he witnessed with his own eyes people dying around him and he thought that that was the very end for him but eventually he gets picked up by the Coast Guard and gets taken. And now he's in Greece and he had hopes that he could settle there and have a future there but the situation was very very difficult he told me that Greece could maybe be a nice country when you go on vacation but if you are a refugee in Greece it's a very different world and so he decided that he was going to continue his journey and he went by. Put through a variety of countries of Eastern Europe and. At one time he had to get across the border and he was going to go into Romania and as he was going to wait his way across the border it was during night and so he had paid someone and yet it was literally the last money that he had he paid someone that was going to help them get across the border by night and they were going to go through a forest not to be detected not to be see and so as they are on their way as a group making their way these migrants going through a forest during the nights in Romania suddenly their guy that they paid the money to was nowhere to be found and so here they are wondering where they are the morning breaks and you know it starts to get light around them and they're just wondering even in what country they actually are they came to a dirt road and Maalik was together with with his is wife and by this time they also had the young child that they were with and so he is waiting there by this dirt road and just hoping that the car will come by that can take him to perhaps the closest town or city where he can try to get some more help and eventually try to get a refugee status in this country of Romania and so he's waiting and eventually a car comes by he tells me and then he gets into the car any and he tells that he wants to get to the closest town and the man in the car once of money from him which he does not have and so he explains that he has no money but he really needs to get to this town he's together with his wife in this doubt and they just need to get get out of this place where they are now and the man looks at his cattle and his hand on his hat and have a ring and so the driver said OK give me that ring and I'll drive to the closest town and so he takes off his ring and it gives his right. Yes no money yes nothing lasts and he gives the last kind of thing that he has on his body through this driver and the driver brings him to the town he comes to the town and he read just is there he gets some help but it was very very difficult he says that there was really not a not help at the refugee center and so in order to really survive and for him to provide for his family he actually went out cheering that day and he would sit on the street and beg for money. Well what happens is one day as he is begging for money there is a Turkish businessman that was visiting Romania that comes by and asks him about his story and so Malek starts describing the journey that he has been on now I'm telling you this journey and maybe I've been telling you this now for about five ten minutes this is actually a journey that spanned altogether fifteen years of his life. He was about my age mid thirty's but for fifteen years of his life he's been traveling he's been on the go we've been searching for a better future. And so this Turkish businessman listens to his story and that he takes out a whole bunch of money and he puts it in Monex half but he says Get your family on the next bus and go to Germany he said go to Germany and so did as he was told he purchased the bus ticket and together with his look small family they went all the way to Germany they arrived at a German train station in Frankfurt in the middle of the night and so they slept that night at the train station and the next day as the morning breaks mama is now trying to find some help and so he's going around asking people where can he possibly get some help it ends up that they. Advise him to go to local church and so he goes to this even jackal church and eventually there they start helping him and he has a place to stay and eventually got refugee status in Germany and now he lives in Germany and that. As he's telling me in this whole story I think I'm thinking to myself What kept you going I mean through all of those trials through all of those difficulties through all of those disappointments What kept you going what made that you got out the next day and it's continued to try to get to a better place and I asked him the question I said. What kept you going and his answer was Crites quite simple is that I believed that God had a plan for my life and that he was on my side I said in the midst of all of that he said yes in the midst of all of these difficulties I still believed that there was hope and that four letter word hope makes an enormous difference in the life of a person a man I mean the someone said you know you can go you can you know you can go days without food and you can go perhaps some days without water you can go you know some seconds without air but you can't live without hope. And for ma that this was the driving force in his life that he believed that God was on his side so he kept going and it kept going and he kept going today is actually helping other refugees that are coming to Germany and he is part of an organisation that is receiving and helping establish themselves in the country of Germany and he can understand where they're coming from and what they have gone through because he has walked that. He has walked that way south even knows from experience what is that what it is to be like to be on the move and to be looking for some better life. As I contemplate and think about the story of Moloch I'm reminded of the promise that we have in Romans chapter eight Turn to Romans chapter eight and we're going to go through this chapter together but let's start with verse thirty one Romans chapter eight verse thirty one. And this is where we have also gotten the title for our presentation the see even in our study this evening comes from this very text Romans eight and verse thirty one The Bible says What then shall we say to these things if God is for us who can be against us he who do not spare his own son but deliver him up for us all how Still he not with him also freely give us all things what shall we say to these things. If God is for us who can be against us and when it says these things what shall we say to these things certainly he is referring back to the things that are mentioned in Romans chapter eight but law in a larger context than that he's really referring back to all those records and throughout the book of Romans so far the Book of Romans is a most wonderful beautiful have ironic picture of the Gospel we talked about this a little bit earlier but the progression and beauty and build up of the book of Romans just surpasses human invention this is a divine work this is a masterpiece of not human origin but it originated in the mind of God and that I mean when I read the book of Romans I am the ends that this is not come from a human being this is the work of God. God is inspiring Paul to write out the experience that each. One of us goes through and so he comes to Romans chapter eight the pinnacle of the book of Romans the Pearl of The Book of Romans and he says well what shall we say to all of these things if God is for us who can be against us you start out there in Romans chapter one and we talked a little bit about this yesterday evening Romans chapter one is a trail of the human condition without the power got it is a can it is portraying the that all sin the deplorable nature of the human condition without God But then you move into Romans two and we didn't get to cover that this weekend but I just appealed to you to go back and read these chats the Romans chapter two is really dealing with the condition of the church the condition of the Jews they thought they were much better than those people that did not believe in God They thought they were much beyond those that were living without God and denying the existence of God but in Romans chapter two Paul portrays that they are just in the very same condition what they couldn't damn the non Jew of doing they are doing themselves they are breaking the law God and then you come to chapter three in the book of Romans which just really summarizes the human condition you know very well known verse in Romans three twenty three it says all come short of the glory of God All have sinned and come short all need a savior and so the condition of humanity is described very very. Powerfully and very convincingly in these three first chapters and then you come to chapter four we talked a little bit about chapter for this morning how hall now tells us how we can be justify how we can experience the righteousness of how we can experience the power of salvation and it comes by faith we must believe in the promises of God and Romans for the actually uses in the example all Abraham Aber receive the promise. That we're going to have a child together with Sarah and that promise was given at Abraham to believe it even though he could not see the fulfillment of it and many years went by and it became more and more on likely that the promise would ever happen I mean here you are talking about a man that is one hundred years old with his wife ninety years old how on earth are they going to have a child and yet they have to believe the promise despite all the evidence that seemed to be against them and yet they believed I mean they had yes we looked at this this morning the story in The Book of Genesis they they tried to help God but then it came to the very point where they actually fully believe that this promise and God's promise came to pass in Romans Chapter five that it describes how we can be pumped become part of a new family it describes how we are regionally belong to the family of Adam and through Adam comes condemnation through Adam sinned through Adam comes eventually that but then we can be part of the new Valley there's a new in Adam there's a there's Christ that now stands in his place and through Christ we receive justification and righteousness and and eventually eternal life. And and then Romans six Romans six is also an amazing shock to because it talks about the experience that we need to go through as Christians it's the experience of dying to self Roman six tells us how there must be a death all south at death of pride and sin in order for Christ to live within us and then Romans seven which is quite a well known chapter in the book of Romans which which describes the internal battle between South that wants to be alive but Christ who then eventually must come to deliver us from self and sin and the wretched condition that we are all in and so with that kind of background with that that foundation we arrive at Romans chapter eight will be in walking. Through these gospel steps and then Romans eight is really the answer the call as we come to this chapter in which God is portrayed as being on our side he wants to give us all the victory that we need in our Christian experience look at Romans eight beginning in verse one. Romans eight beginning in verse one it says there is therefore now how much condemnation no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk according to The Flash but according to the spirit those words are so precious I mentioned this morning when Martin Luther talked about the gospel he said if we were truly on the stand the Gospel we were so happy we would be so happy we would stand on our hats for joy. And sometimes we don't really understand the Beauty and the how where all these words. There is no condemnation you see we are all of that a condemnation and. Then and sin leads to that that's where we are without Jesus but because of what Christ did for us there is now no condemnation because how can there be no condemnation that condemnation has to go somewhere I mean if if so then leads to that then we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God then we are all on that condemnation ops and so that condemnation you can't just sweep it under the carpet you can't just sweep it under something to say OK it's no longer there the condemnation has to go somewhere and the Book of Romans chapter eight tells us where it goes look at this verse to put the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus had made has made me free from the law of sin. That poor what the law could not do and that it was weak through the flash God did by sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh on account of sin he can damned sin in the flash so what Christ came to do is to take upon him south the condemnation that belonged to you and. That condemnation he took upon himself and. It led to his that. He die in our place and it is through the death of Jesus that we can be forgiven you see what do we give to Christ other than a polluted heart what we give to Jesus other than a sin polluted heart but when we give that to him he takes that from us and instead he gives us His righteousness forgiveness is a beautiful beautiful thing there is no condemnation to those who wall in Christ Jesus who are in him. It doesn't verse three for what the law could not do and was weak through the flash God Did you see the law found no expression in US other than condemning us to that but then when Christ pin into this Will took upon Himself the likeness of sinful flesh in other words he came like one of us and as he came like one of us he then through the power of the Holy Spirit in the power of his father he lived an obedient life. And ability and lived he fulfilled the Law The Law was expressed in all that he did and so his perfect life and victory and his atoning death give us two things and give us first of all forgiveness because he took our sin our. Nation upon himself and he paid the price so that's OK but then his perfect life and the fulfilling of the law in him is also a gift to us in that when we receive Christ we receive the law and the law is now at work in OS Not because of our own ability to keep but because the one that had the ability and kept that is now at work in us. Powerful is that a man how beautiful is that I mean Romans chapter eight tells us we don't know that we no longer have to live a life. Of defeat after defeat after defeat and why is that because we're two thousand years ago Jesus paid the price for our sins and He made all power available to us he is right now if you if you just jump will come to this person a little bit a little bit later in our study of us just jump to Romans chapter eight and verse thirty two look at what it says what is Christ doing for us right now. It says she who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us how many things all things who shall bring a charge against God's or lent it is God who justifies Who is he who. It is Christ who died and furthermore is also reason he is even at the right hand of God who also makes intercession for us not only has he paid the price for our sins but he has risen and where is he right now the Bible tells us he's at the right hand of God and he's doing what he's making intercession for us he's praying when he's interceding. He's looking down and he sees every challenge and trial and difficulty and perplexity that you have. That you are facing more will things the season you know says and the beautiful thing is that we have an intercessor Jesus Christ the High Priest that is not detached from our human emotions and feelings and struggles because in the book of Hebrews Chapter four it tells us that Jesus is a High Priest that can sympathize with us and that beautiful he can sympathize he he knows what it's like to be a human being he knows what it is like to walk in this world he knows what it's like to be assailed by temptations and difficulties and he knows what it's like to be tired. He knows and therefore he's a perfect high priest and the beautiful thing is that the Bible tells us Romans chapter eight tells us that he's a high priest that is interceding for us doing everything in his power to aid us in our salvation in our earthly experience as we seek to follow Him God did something amazing and he is seeking to impart his own it's perience to each one of us. Now take notice how as as this truth unfolds here in the book of Romans how there is really two ways to lead and there is one way to live and that is in our own strength with our carnal mind in our carnal heart and separate from God and separate from the Gospel and and that is one way to live but then there is another way to live and that is by receiving the Spirit of God being empowered by Christ and then walking no longer in the flesh but in the spirit I want you to take notice how in the next couple of verses here in Romans eight Paul is describing these two experiences as a follow along verse for. That the righteous requirements of the Lord. Be fulfilled in us look at this who did not walk according to what was a say flash but according to that spirit so we have two ways you can either walk according to the black church or you can walk according to the spirit OK Let's continue to read here first five. For those who live according to The Flash set their minds on the things of the flash but those who live according to the spirit the things of the Spirit so this walk with the flash according to the flesh of the walk with the spirit has also to do with things that are going on in our minds. So we can either have our mind on the things of the flash or our mind on the things of the Spirit first segues. For to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the carnal mind is against God for it is not subject to the law of God nor indeed can be now this is the human condition before the gospel has entrance into our lives we are carnally minded and the Bible says that we're not just carnally minded We're actually at enmity with God We don't want the things of God and in that condition who is it that takes the first out what is God that takes the first that he sees Romans Chapter five we didn't read that verse but the Bible says He saved us while we were yet sinners in other words God always takes the first step in this plan of salvation she sees that our mind is at enmity with heads and so what does he do you take the first step he reveals to us what Christ has done on our behalf he seeks to draw us to her to to him south through the sacrifice of Christ and as our mind starts to grasp something of what God has done when our mind starts to see some glimpses of the cross when we start seeing that what Jesus went through was actually for us personally then this mind that was formerly at enmity with God now is under the influence more and more by the Spirit of God we start seeing something we start savoring something of the beauty of what God has done on our behalf and that Mind that was formally formally at enmity with God and now through the Spirit of God becomes subject to the law. This is a process that is described here look at verse eight so then those who are in the flash cannot please God but you are not in the flesh but in the spirit if indeed the Spirit of God to Wells in you now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ he is not here. And if Christ is in you the body is death because of sin but the Spirit is life because of righteousness and this reminds us a little bit of. What we see when we witness about this up because what do we witness when we witness a baptism someone is going under the water which is a symbol of the death of Jesus and then you come up out of the water which is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus even though you know that this is perhaps a decision that we make one time or perhaps have been rebaptized but it's one or it's not it's not something that we experience on a daily basis but the truth of baptism is to be an experience on a daily basis all he says it will in one place he says I die daily so in order for the spirit to live in us as is described in Romans eight in order for us to walk in the spirit self must be put to that. Is that something you can do by yourself can you yourself self to that. You know I like what I like how a whole says in another place in Galatians he says I'm crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live yet not I have a Christ live the yet not I the Christ liveth in me so so now Christ is living with them because at that has a cure but think about it if we have to be crucified with Christ think about it literally can you crucify yourself or you can get maybe maybe the nail in your feet but maybe if you're really handy you can get it in one hand you can never finish the job never. And this is the same in a spiritual sense you can not crucify yourself you can not that so after a staff of the Gospel from beginning to and is a work of God And Matt what is what are we doing we are responding to his workings Romans eight portrays that God is at work we are at enmity against him we are God haters we are God This splicers the heart is carnal we don't want anything to do with the law of God and then what happens when God sees us in that condition it's not that he's waiting for us to love him in order for him to do something it's not waiting for us to take the first step so that he can take us that this is very contrary by the way to to Islam because in Islam Allah loves the ones that love him but in the Bible the Biblical God God is portrayed as always taking the first step he loved us while we were still sinners Romans Chapter five he takes the first step and in taking the step the spirit is then at eight and able to start working in our minds that we can see something of the beauty of God and if we then respond to that beauty it is God that is then working in us his will and His way and slowly and gradually we talk we start taking steps towards him instead. Away from him the mind that was at one point carnal and Mitzi with God is now subject to the Spirit of God and God is in him in that person. And there's a death that appears there's at that to sell we don't know we don't love the want to live according to our own ways and our own desires and our own pleasures we we put self to death and this is something that God does we invite God to put south to death so that we can now walk in the spirit in harmony with his law and his way and what kind of power is at work in our hearts I love verse eleven look at this I think we left off in verse eight already from verse eight it says so than those who are in the flesh cannot please God but you are not in the flesh but in the spirit if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ he is not his and of crisis in you the body is dead because of sin but the Spirit is life because of righteousness verse eleven but if the spirit of the him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you he who raised Christ from the dad will also given lie to your mortal bodies through His Spirit dwells. In other words the same power that Rose The caused the body of Christ. To again come to life two thousand years ago on that first day of the week that same power that caused life to come into the Body of Christ it cording to Romans chapter eight that very same power is manifested in our lives to awaken a desire for God Wow. I mean that is power a man I mean what are we talking about when we're talking about the Christian faith are we talking about some theory that is interesting are we talking about historical facts are we talking about cute little proverbs that we can put on the wall in the bathroom what are we talking about we're talking about power in that we're talking about resurrection power we're not talking about just some theory that we read about or something or something interesting idea that we that we have again no we're talking about a power that comes from above and power to bring to a dead person alive that's the kind of power that Christ wants to bring into our lives. And when we understand that power we're also I'm going to understand that as we move from the carnal mind as at enmity with God if we if we then move. Most are in closer and we come into this experience of walking in the spirit that we were on the stone understand something that is at the very foundation of the Christian way and that is our relationship with God as our heavenly Father you know this this relationship of father son father daughter is something that is expressed throughout the Bible as a matter of fact you can find it more than two hundred places in the Bible that God is our father so this son ship relationship this daughter relationship is foundational it is a been longing that God instills in us that again gives us the power and strength to walk in his way look at verse twelve to seventeen where it talks about this relationship of son ship being a daughter a son and a daughter of God Therefore brother and we are debtors not to the flash to live according to the flash if you live according to the flash you will die but if by the Spirit you put to death that these of the body you will live for as many as are led by the Spirit of God These are sons of God We do not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear but you receive the spirit of the dops and by we cry out Father the Spirit himself here is witness with our spirit that we are children of God and if children then ears ears of God and joint heirs with Christ if indeed we suffer with them that we may also be glorified together this belonging in Christ who being a son or a daughter. This is to empower us actually to live for him because when you understand that you are a son or a daughter you understand that you have a place to go you know I have a son that is three years old and you know if he has difficulties or if the US is joys which are. Comparison with our joys and sorrows there are small joys and small sorrows but but he knows where to take them he comes to his mother he comes to his father he knows where to go. And this should be the same for us as we consider that we are children of God We should know where to go to man. Where we bring our sorrows where we bring our joy. We bring it to him. Because he is our heavenly Father we are his sons and his daughters. So Romans chapter eight as we've seen so far it starts with saying that there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus and as it describes what Jesus has done for us we are now compelled as we see that picture to respond to that end and that response brings us from a carnal mind that is at enmity with God to a mind that is in harmony with God and walks in the spirit and that walking in the Spirit gives us the assurance that we are his sons and his daughters this beautiful progression we see here in the book of Romans in chapter eight and then we come to first aid. And from verse eighteen here Paul is making a little bit of a transition but he is now describing how Actually all of creation is really waiting for this moment of deliverance because the moment that we go from being carnally minded to spiritually minded is also the moment that we start looking beyond this present world is that true I mean if you have been touched by God's Spirit if you have made that decision for God and you are following in his word and by faith you have accepted Jesus you should be looking to another world and that when you realize that Europe pilgrim in this world you realize that this is not your eternal hall that there is something better than this coming and I want you to think Notice how Paul describes how basically all of creation is waiting for this final deliverance verse eighteen. For I consider that the sufferings of this present time and. Worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us the furnace expectation of the creation eagerly way or the revealing of the sons of God for the creation was subject to futility not willingly but because of him who subject. Because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know verse twenty two for we know that the whole nation knows what it says in my Bible groans. The whole creation grows and what is it waiting for and it labors with birth pangs together until now but later as a birth that hangs on the there's some expectation there so waiting for something you know I don't know about you but if you look at the news just the last couple of weeks is that so evident that the signs that Jesus spoke about two thousand years ago I just a feeling rapidly before our eyes I mean one after the other and some people will say Yeah there always been earthquakes and there's always been hurricanes and there's always been an arrest and there's always been wars but the in that city and frequency at which this is happening it's like the pace is increasing showing us that the birth pangs are just getting more and more and more and there is a deliberate it's about to take place and that I mean it's just amazing like you just look at the last couple of weeks the hurricane one after the other I mean a hurricane that destroys ninety five percent of an island and then if that's not enough a couple of days later another hurricane comes the news doesn't even talk about hundreds of wildfires that have just out of control throughout the northern parts of America at the same time there are floods in Bangladesh and in my own mar that we don't hear much about four hundred thousand people that were displaced millions of people displaced and in the UK because of also there floodings and then if that is that is all the unrest on a natural in a natural area but then you have all the other unrest because of people I mean you look at my own Maher and and the trustees that are happening there with the reading must plumes hundreds of thousands that had to flee their homes and the U.N. calls it a case of ethnic cleansing you know this is happening before our eyes and then you look at all the unrest in the rhetoric between North Korea and on the United States. And you look at the world and you think to yourself that's what's happening rapid increasing signs this world is like groaning It's like groans birth pangs to be having towards a final deliverance and what is our response to be as bible christians in such a time as there was no I didn't really think of going to this passage but I want to I want to bring you to another passage to come back to Romans eight in just a second go to Luke Chapter thirteen Let me show you something I believe that Luke Chapter thirteen the words of Jesus in this chapter tell us a little bit about how we should be living our lives in the light of all the calamities that we are seeing taking place before our eyes we are seeing a variety of calamities and the question is how should we live what should the response be of a Bible believing Christian when you behold these things. Well there were two calamities that took place in the days of Jesus and they were wondering they were asking Jesus like like why did this happen like many people asking today like what why are these things happening and I want you to take notice of the reply of Jesus the response of Jesus in Luke Chapter thirteen beginning in birds while. They were present at that season some who told him about the Galileans whose blood high that had mingled with their sacrifices. That was a great calamity imagine a gathering who wanted to sacrifice most likely here in the Temple wanted to go to a religious service and as they are in the chapel going to sacrifice they find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time there was some revolt that took place some response of Roman soldiers sometimes as the Romans if they got upset about some revolt they would just start. Hammering down and start persecuting and not necessarily the very people that were of all that revolt that seems to be the case here there are people that are just peacefully on their way to bring a sacrifice and suddenly their life is mingle. And. Their lives were taken. And then Jesus answered and said to them in verse two do you suppose that these Galileans were worst sinners than all the other Galileans because they suffered such things. And then Jesus continues he says I tell you no but unless you repent you will all likewise perish and then Jesus gives a second calamity take notice of this one verse all or those eight on whom the tower in so low and vowel and kill them do you think that those where they were sinners than all the other men who dwell in Jerusalem. And again repeats the same in verse five I tell you no but unless you repent you all likewise perish very interesting Jesus talks about first Jesus is made aware of the calamity this taking place which is caused by people there are people who have taken the lives of these innocent Galileans And the question is why did that happen and then Jesus points to another disaster but this one is not caused by people this is what we could call more of a natural disaster at least a disaster that was not directly caused by people it was a tower that fell on eighteen people and killed them. And this was these are actually basically the two types of disasters that we can place this asses in the world you know we have natural disasters not directly caused by people who are against Nato's our thanks. Fires. Floodings you know Goa and then we have the kind of the SAS is the cause but people terrorism murder you know. Atrocities caused by people and in Luke Chapter thirteen Jesus brings to our attention one calamity that is not directly caused by people one that is and then he brings out a teaching out of both of these disasters moments he says Do you think they were worse than those do you think otherwise in other words do you think that just because they were a fact it that they are worse a worse sinner than. You I mean we sometimes we look at the T.V. and we look at these calamities and we see this island that is just wiped out by a hurricane and we think when we see these people that are in my own mind they're fleeing for their ally and sometimes we might tend to think that you know perhaps I have somehow they deserve that perhaps this is just the judgment of God upon that and we kind of you know. Think that we're pretty good because after all live in a safe country we have enough money in the bank accounts and we have a nice car to drive in a nice house to live in and for ever so long but we can just maybe pat ourselves on the back thinking that perhaps it's because of something that they did or something that happened that that this is just a consequence of that and Jesus says don't go that route and time go that route. Don't say that they were sinners actually the case that Jesus is making a Luke Chapter thirteen is we're all sinners and the natural result of sin is condemnation and that but in the light of you seeing that calamity take place in the light of you seeing that calamity take place over there this is what how I want you to responses Jesus he says that in verse three and he says it again in verse five he says I tell you unless you repent you will all likewise perish and then again in verse five I tell you unless you repent you will all likewise. What is to be our response to all these calamities what is to be our response to a world that is just growing and and is in labor pains waiting to be delivered the response is to repent. The response is to come to God with a contract heart and to say. Help me I'm a sinner in the of your Grace I my in my mind that enmity with yours but I read Roma. Eight and I see what you want to do for me and I pray as I surrender my life to you I pray that you will do me what I cannot do for myself Help me Lord. Grant me that experience that I read about in Romans eight fill me with your spirit that is a Biblical response the Biblical response is not just by reading and reading about these calamities and thinking it will never happen to you a Biblical response it's not just thinking that is going to happen all the time somewhere else you are not guaranteed tomorrow. None of us a guarantee another day or another week and yet we live as if our lives are going to continue. In God saying Jesus is saying to us repentance come to him while you still can lay everything on the altar I mean Romans eight tells us something that all of God's done for us in our response should be if that's what God does for us if he gives one hundred percent why don't we get one hundred percent and that if he gives everything why don't we give everything to him. And the whites in the last part of her life she lived in elsei then in that California and sometimes she would be invited to speak at specific Union colleges which is not so far from her Whoa and I want to Cajun as she addressed the students there she said the following she was all this time you know just a couple of years from her that and she stood before an auditorium full of students in their young years and she said to that she said you know if each you two spoke about a chap to say where it talks about armor of God God makes an armor available and we have to put it on right the helmet of salvation about the truth you know the shield of faith the sort of the spirit the feet of the Gospel of Peace and all of this armor is made available and then she said the following says that at a young age I decided to put on the whole armor of God and I decided to never take it on. How about that. How about that when we go when we see what God has provided Why don't we say God I take everything that you provided the entire armor and I want to put it off. And I just don't want to put it on and just take it off now and then because you know I just love that movie I just got to watch that movie and after that I put it on again and then I go through life but I guess I got to play that few computer game where I start to watch that thing on You Tube or I just got to go there one more time I just got to wear that one more time it's going to say that one more time and we take the armor off and we put it on and we take it off and we put it on and God is looking in saying I made this armor available for you why don't you just wear it. And that why don't you just put it on and keep it on I mean the enemy is out there he's shooting darts at us seeking to destroy our family seeking to destroy our lives and if we don't have that shield law we don't have the armor on we're going to be mortally wounded that. God in His Grace has made everything that they enable question is we will we are this armor we're going to take it and say thank you for not just going to wear it once in a while. I'm going to put it on I'm not going to take it off anymore I'm going to let you have control over my life as we drop down this time it's running away from us here just dropped down to verse thirty one I want to look at the last persons here and Romans eight let's go back to this question Romans eight verse thirty one What then shall we say to these things. If God is for us who can be against us if God has made the armor available and we put it on then and if God the Holy Spirit is at work and God the Father is at work and got the son as it were if we if we know that all heaven is interested in ourselves surely who can be against us. He's made everything available you know just back up to verse twenty six I want to take at least verse twenty six with us in this in this study before we end this is one of the most encouraging verses I know up in the entire Bible Romans chapter eight hundred six I don't know about you but this is a verse that that I lean on very heavily that says the following Likewise the spirit also helps in our weaknesses for we do not know what we should pray as we ought but the Spirit himself makes into session for us with groanings which cannot be I don't know about you but find yourself wanting to pray and just pour out your heart to God but the words are just not there. And you just feel that you are lack the ability to express what is happening inside and sometimes you just really feel that the prayer is just bumping off the ceiling and coming right back you wonder if it went any further. And we wonder that when we pray sometimes it's hard to concentrate so we start thinking of everything else that you have to do that day or you're tired now isn't that interesting you're fully alert when you're watching all the rubbish and then you go to pray and suddenly you're just so tired. There's an enemy that is at work right and so we seek to pray and we're on our knees and just the mind is just going in a thousand different directions let me give you a promise heroes' eight verse twenty six next time that happens to open your Bible to Romans eight twenty six read it out loud and say thought this is your promise to me right at this moment I feel that I have a hard time pray have a hard time expressing to you what is going on inside of me but the promise of your word tells me that the spirit is helping my weakness and he's uttering things he's praying and he's uttering things that I can't even utter but a beautiful wonderful promise that. That as we see God in prayer the Holy Spirit is taking those prayers imperfect though they are and he's taking them and it's bringing them to the father he's bringing them to God and in words that are far beyond what we could ever utter. To know that the spirit is aiding us in such a way it's a great comfort for the souls I mean if you ever have a difficulty praying what a promise to cleanse say God I've a hard time uttering this prayer but I know that the spirit is with me and your spirit is going to bring this prayer to your throne even in words that I cannot outer book of Romans chapter eight shows us that God is on our side. And on our side the sun is on our side if they're all for us who can be against us I want to close with the last verses of this chapter. Verse thirty seven. Says yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who love us. For I am persuaded that neither that nor lie nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor Heights nor that nor end other created things shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Nothing can separate us from God Nothing nothing nothing can separate us from the love of God There's only one thing that can separate you from and that is your wilful choice to walk in the opposite way. Because God is so loving that he is going to get you that free Well he's going to let you do that. But he's going to stick to draw you through His Spirit. I would like to make an appeal to see even before we close because. We've come to this inspiration weekend and. Perhaps you have come here knowing in your heart there is something that you are struggling with. And you don't want to take that thing with you when you leave this last perhaps there is something that you've been struggling with and you struck me struggling with this perhaps for many many years. And it's something and and when you read Romans eight you think you know if God is for me like that then the I don't need to carry this burden any longer. What a moment like this to actually come before the Lord and repent as Jesus says as we see all the signs happening as we see that God is totally on our side why not come and repentance before him in compassion and say God I just want to lay this before and I pray that you will give me the power to overcome I mean it is evident in your word that all have been is interested in myself nation it is evident in your word that it's possible for me to lay aside this besetting sin that has brought into my life not only into my life it's affecting others also because that's the way sin works it doesn't just work on us it works on those around us or perhaps you say tonight I say I just I don't want to carry this with me and longer. I would just like to ask you if there is something in your life that you just want to lay before the Lord and say Take this from me give me the power to overcome that describes you I would just invite you to come forward for special prayer this evening I don't have a special prayer for those of you that say I see that happen it's on my side and I need that help right now because I'm struggling with this or that I don't need to tell me what it is to tell the person next to you what it is but tonight you have the opportunity to tell God what it is that describes how you can come forward and we'll have a special prayer and all others that. Are Here I hope and then join us in this prayer cell to give you a moment to come forward. And then we will and you here together. And lay whatever it is before the Lord and ask him to set us free as on his promise to do so we kneel together bother and have them. I want to thank you for. Beautiful words of Romans chapter eight the assurance that you are on our side. And I believe someone needed to hear that tonight. And I know that I needed to hear it again but I want to thank you that you all have this interested in ourselves ation. As we face the struggles and temptations around us help us never to forget. That you are with us that we are not alone in this that you have provided and are heard that we can take on that we don't have to take off but you want to empower us every day to resist evil and to live in accordance with your law lord thank you that you make all the power available there's nothing in us Lord. That is strong. But every. Single person on their knees right now I want to thank those who have come forward expressing that they're something that they want to leave behind they want to lay at the altar they want to laid at your feet. And I pray that whatever that is that this. Has as. Tangled in the life that you will. Take. Orders we. Pray that that that's now the place. That we understand that your death insufficient that you pay a price for all however they are and that in return. Us. Thank you father that this moment. And I pray that as we as we move forward. That you will. You remind us every day. Our. Lord when we fall when we. Thank you for every person thank you for the way to. Do so. Thank you. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot. Org.


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