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Bad Religion

Dee Casper


Is God responsible for the harm caused by religious people? Is there hope for people who are stuck in bad religion? 


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • September 29, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for this privilege to come into your presence and career thank you for the beautiful location here in the Melinda and for the people who are present I just pray that you would bless us with your presence with your peace and that you would help us to see the word of God the plans for your church more clearly than we ever have and that you would heal the wounds have been caused by bad religion. And I ask these things now in Jesus. It's good news tonight I promise I will be complaining I won't be railing or ranting this message is based on a series I usually do is we get prayers at academies or churches or wherever and it's called What if it's better what if god and religion were infinitely better than we imagined and so we're just going to deal with three components of that there's many more things I could or would share that's just what was my burden for this particular weekend the first weekend of school right and I free Californias later than most places so. Yeah I just want to kind of set the school year right to kind of get us on the right footing on healthy pictures of God and to be excited to serve Him So again Bad Religion. What is bad religion Some examples would be the holy wars the Dark Ages televangelist this is a little bit before our generation but they still exist to some degree rich make a church pastors write some people have negative views of God because people are fleecing the flock right with their prosperity gospel and so forth. Judgement all Christians I'm sure none of you have ever contended with any of those but just in case I added them to the list being pistol whipped of the Spirit of Prophecy or with scripture I'm sure you haven't dealt with that either I sure hope so because both of those have been a tremendous blessing to me in my experience etc Ok so I remember hearing someone share a couple years ago and they were telling about a story when they were preaching to a group of young people and they asked a question these young people. Well they said what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Sabbath and one young person raises their hand and say this is where they sit in response to the question what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Sabbath and they said sit down shut up and color. Because that's what their parents told them every Sabbath was to sit down shut up and color obviously there's not a positive word association with this young person and Sabbath and many of our young people are wrestling this way I've been all over North America like to twenty two academies and a lot of our young people are wrestling with unhealthy pictures of God not because of who God is but because of who he is portrayed to be by people who claim to know him you know stand the difference and that's what we're going to cover this evening. So God's ideal plan what God wanted for the nation of Israel was for them to be the evangelists to reach the world through their teachings through their example this is what God wanted for them and in his equal thirty six God kind of has a bit of a quandary here I call it God's missional quandary and as you kill thirty six begin your verse twenty two used as I do not do this for your sake or house of Israel but for my holy name sake which you have profound among the nations where ever you went and then he says and I will sing to find my name which has been profaned among the nations were of you and and then he says how he says I'm going to cause them. He says that they're going to see pictures of you pictures of me in you basically turn as you go thirty six go to verse twenty four correction in a walk through the rest of this and I've been in the sun all day and my brain isn't working as well as I would laws. Thirty six beginning of verse twenty three he says and I was saying to find my great name which has been profaned among the nations which you prefer into their midst and the nations shall know that I am the Lord says the Lord God when I am hallowed in you before their eyes so when the people of God look like Jesus the surrounding nations are going to realize man these people got it together I want what they. Have I'm interested the problem is the Israelites did not give that example the surrounding nations wanted nothing to do with God because of the people of God Can you see how this would be a problem for God The very people he hired to bring people to Jesus are pushing people away from Jesus with their example that's not helpful Christ so this is the experience that God went through now the way that God plans on restoring this bad situation he begins to unfold that he's going to transform the lives of the bad messengers to make them into good messengers to convert them to give them the power of the Holy Spirit to live a righteous life to be a good example they have stony hearts he says or move the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh I'll put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them this is very very good news very good news but that's the only hope you'll have of the world seeing that Jesus is the guy is if the people of God look like him that make sense this is what God wants it's what he always intended but these are lights weren't the best of examples in that regard now the question is Is it possible then well let me phrase it this way. Based upon my reading of his ego thirty six I'm left with the impression that God has a problem with Bad Religion like just from the outset how many people in this room have a problem with better than anybody here God does to according to his equal thirty six and this is very good news for you guys because God does not endorse people acting mean acting arrogant and so forth in the name of God he doesn't endorse that it's frustrating to him it limits the missional objective he had for Israel so that should be encouraging to us just from the get go he's not about that he doesn't roll that way that's the first thing but the next question is Is it possible for redemption for Bad Religion can that crusty elder in my church really change his behavior can he really be someone who is inviting who doesn't say nasty things a bit against people who smell like cigarette smoke or visitors in my church or. We're always getting on to the young people about this or about that is it possible for something to change with individuals who are just in the midst of bad religion yes and even give you a perfect example how many people part of a guy named Saul of Tarsus never heard of Saul of Tarsus was it a good boy or a bad boy bad boy he was bad religion to the nth degree right he was v him mentally pursuing people who believed in Jesus to arrest them to imprison them and to eventually have them killed because they didn't believe in God in the way that he believed in God They used the same Bible at that stage but they didn't see things either I and he felt that it was so offensive for someone to believe something other than what he believed that they have to be stopped and forcefully not just reasoned with right this is bad religion perfectly exemplified but in Acts Chapter twenty six Paul's telling his story to King Agrippa if you'd like to turn their Acts Chapter twenty six beginning of verse twelve. This is my favorite account of Paul story I think he tells it like three times in the book of Acts but in actually after two twenty six beginning in verse twelve. Again he's speaking the King Agrippa kind of making his case X. twenty six beginning of verse twelve he says while those occupied as I journeyed to Damascus with authority in commission from the chief priests a warrant of arrest basically at midday O. king along the road I saw a light from heaven brighter than the sun shining around me and those who journey with me and when we had all fallen to the ground I heard a voice speaking to me and saying in the Hebrew language so Saul why are you persecuting my people is out to Texas was it he says why do you persecute me wait a minute did Paul have a warrant for the arrest of Jesus in Damascus is that who is going to arrest no but Jesus here seems to be identifying with the. People who are being harmed by bad religion are you with me in this he seems to identify with them that whatever you're doing to my people in the name of religion and harming them you're actually doing to me he says that's good news you all can I say ya'll in Southern California and I say that OK. This is really really good news for us because this tells me first of all that Jesus has nothing to do with Bad Religion. He's hurt by it too so when you've been hurt by bad religion so his Jesus just according to this first reading but let's continue he says it's hard for you to kick against the goads So I said Who are you Lord and again he says I am Jesus whom you are persecuting and again Jesus isn't the guy he's looking for he's looking for X.Y.Z. believer in Jesus but Jesus says when you do it to them you're doing it to me and the thing is SOL is as sincere as the day is long and most the people that are causing the problems in our church are just that they are so sincere they want to do the right thing to resent us for God They want to be helpful but it times the way in which they go about it pushes people away instead of brought draws and then yeah they're not bad people they're not trying to cause harm is just a misunderstanding of how to go about it that makes sense the word tact may be missing from their vocabulary. But they're sincere is a day is long they want to do right they want to honor God and will make sure that's clear and so I said Who are you lord he said Jesus whom you're persecuting But then look at what Jesus says to him he doesn't say hey guess what I'm done with you you've been a bad boy I want to exile you somewhere else you can't be used in my work that's not what Jesus does with him he says but rise and stand on your feet for I've appeared to you for this purpose to make you a minister and a witness both of the things which you have seen Jesus Christ himself and of the things which I will yet reveal to you I will deliver you from the Jewish people as well as from the gentiles to whom I now. People he didn't think were worthy of being saved before his conversion he's now going to be used to save and the amazing thing is whenever he's employed by God to go and strengthen the churches that were dispersed because of the persecution of Stephen after Stephen the very person who caused this persecution and spreading Paul Ince of being their district pastor. He ends up growing and strengthening and training these very churches that were spread because of the persecution that he was leading I think that's amazing that God had a plan for Him God did not view him as someone that was just balance of the chains of Bad Religion never to be redeemed never to be useful for the kingdom Jesus didn't see him that way he saw him for what he could be in Jesus but that's really hard to think that way about people that are persecuted you isn't it it's very difficult to view them that way but Jesus does and Jesus can give you the faith of Jesus in them and for them that makes sense that's good news he doesn't treat us the way he doesn't treat them the way that we would like to treat them or this race of that way and that's very good for the kingdom of heaven because we would go to town and. But he continues he says to open their eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light the same thing he's doing for Saul and from the power of Satan to God Why that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who are saying defied by faith in me I think this is great news I don't need to take the information we're going to cover this evening and go back to the elder in my church and just give him the business right I don't need to do that in fact won't let me use my slides all run ahead of myself if I deal I will say this Jesus has nothing to do with bad religion in fact he was killed by the Conservatives and the Liberals did find one thing in common their hatred for Jesus and this is what allowed them to do their deeds but here's the good news we don't have to fall in. Yet we can be genuine Chrysler people living Christians who don't do stuff like that and even if people are a bad example they too can be turned around but just so you know this evening if you've been hurt by people in religious settings Jesus has nothing to do with that Jesus actually is acquainted with your grief he's gone through something very similar and he identifies with you in being hurt good news very good news for us now in Philippines chapter three he come to give some of his pedigree and some of his experience Philippians three Galatians Philippians. Philippians chapter three. In beginning in verse one the Libyans three beginning verse one finally my brother in a read Joyce in the Lord for me to write the same things to you is not tedious but for you it is safe in the look at the name that he uses for the bad religionist of his day he says beware of dogs be aware of evil workers beware of the mutilation for we are the circumcision who worship God in the spirit rejoice in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh though I also might have confidence in the flesh if anyone else thinks he may have confidence in the flesh I have more so circumcised on the eighth day of the stock of Israel the tribe of Benjamin a Hebrew of the Hebrews concerning the Law of fare is easy concerning zeal persecuting the church concerning the righteousness which is in the law blameless if there is anybody who could have been saved by what they did it was me he said if anybody could it was me but what things were again to me these I've counted loss for Christ yet indeed I've counted all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish it's literally animal excrement whatever I had to lose for going all in for Jesus was worth it all that stuff it doesn't matter to me any more he says. Why so that I may gain Christ and be found in him not having my own righteousness which is from the law but that which is through faith in Christ the righteousness which is from God by faith so that I may know him intimately and the power of His resurrection to have a transformed life and the fellowship of His sufferings being conform to his death if by any means I may attain to the resurrection from the dead. Sometimes bad religion creeps its ugly head because we just get really consumed with the stuff that we ought to be doing and we ought to be doing them amen now downplaying that at all but people are working through a process some people. May not have the information that you have maybe their pastors haven't taught them these things there is a process and a way in which you can invest in these people to lead them to the truth as it is in Jesus without downplaying standards but uplifting Jesus at the same time does that make sense sometimes we can err in this because what we see is errant behavior but we don't really know what's going on in here and we just kind of go in because they're not conforming to what we think they ought to look like on the outside The problem is we have no idea what's happening here we think we do but we don't and all my talks about the fact that you know the you can have the corn in the stock in the ear people are different stages of development but she says that they could be perfect at every stage of development you know a very small little sprout wing is not capable of holding a full year of corn yet but it will and every step of the way there would structures being developed so that it can we're not downplaying character development we're not downplaying growth but people are on a process that we don't fully know where necessarily what we can do is show them Jesus we can make those reforms attractive and palatable and we can love and encourage them does that make sense or we don't downplay principle but we also don't push the people out of our church right in the way in which we handle some of our situations so anyway I think there's good counsel here from Paul but here's the issue people are not rejecting Jesus because of who he is right you don't watch a documentary on the life with Jesus and just say I just don't know about this guy everything about Jesus is the Miss Lee a tract of an amazing people are rejecting Jesus because of who is portrayed to be by the people who claim to know him and many of our young people are thinking at this is what religion is about I'm counting the days until I turn eighteen and can get out of here and I speak this from experience I'm going to twenty two academies around this country a lot of our young people are wrestling a lot of them with knowing can I stay can I not because they think God is the one who's doing this stuff or at least that God endorses this treatment that they received he doesn't. News very good news so this is a quote that's widely circulated about Mahatma Gandhi that he says that I like your Christ I do not like your Christians your Christians are so unlike your Christ now to be fair this quote is debated as to whether he actually said it this way or not but I use it anyway because his life story vindicates this process none the less he says I'd be a Christian if it were not for the Christians you know why. So Mahatma Gandhi had heard about the teachings of Jesus in they were immensely attracted to him and he thought I want to know more and so he shows up to a church in India and it too bad experiences one he was living with Christians in South Africa not that all South Africans are bad Christians good South African friends that are amazing and love Jesus just make sure that's clear but he status of people to the best of my recollection in South Africa yet I think the great people and you should too. Just say I'm going to see a guy and. Make sure it's abundantly clear I love South Africans. That's abundantly clear but he stayed with some bad ones right some bad vintage if you will they were having us but some bad Christians and this that was already kind of unappealing to him but he was in a situation that he walks into the church in this elder makes of beeline for him and says you are not welcome here. Because you're not white and you're not of our cast because they have a caste system in India well how do you think this is going to go over so one hears about just imagine what if someone has God just speak to them in a Theosophy right just this encounter with God in their car and then they show up to church not knowing how to dress not knowing what to do but it's their first day there Imagine if they get similar treatment right scrutiny or something else yet they could fall in the same category as God that I would have been a Christian were not for the Christians right those people chased him out the door for even got to see the offering plate go by right this is not the way that God wants us to operate right just. It's abundantly clear but Bad Religion is not this myth it's happening and all religions are dealing with it even our precious movement has folks who are willing to but are hurting folks not intentionally but it's happening Jesus has nothing to do with them so they keep saying it the whole night now this is an interesting only relevant quote particularly in this absurdly. Impolite society that I currently live in we do not know how to communicate like Christians with fellow Christians on social media platforms and other places and we should be ashamed of ourselves the name of God is blasting among the Gentiles because of you people who engage in stuff like that. Stay away from that stuff if you can't if your religious experience causes you to lose your religion when talking about religion it's not a religion worth having You'll get it later. But it's true so I found this quote that is just absolute dynamite and I love it and I share this academies wasn't this someone else was frustrated with what they were seeing the kind this bickering going back and forth was what this person's This Nothing frightens me more than to see the spirit of variance manifested by our brother and we are on dangerous ground when we cannot meet together like Christians and courteously examined controverted points Listen to this I feel like fleeing the placeless I receive the mold of those who cannot candidly investigate the doctrines of the Bible it will never feel like that in a walk out and leave you want to unfollowing whole bunch of people on your Facebook feed or just get rid of the whole thing for your computer in the bathtub and call it quits they continue. Those who cannot impartially examine evidence is of a position that differs from theirs are not fit to teach in any department of God's Cause you know who said that. Ellen White. I want to give her a hug. Like right now and continually that lady swept me off my feet OK So the danger is that we face is the church this is a brief history of eight hundred eighty eight I am not in a scholar on this I would recommend a book it's called return the letter reign Volume one by Ron Duffield an awesome treaties and what happens is just giving primary sources on the history of what took place not secondary sources or historians opinions just reading what the people said I thought he did a pretty objective job boom in history of this so we give you an overview we as a church were on the verge of having a Sunday a lot crisis upon us in fact it was happening in the United States government similar Blair was pushing in other departments were pushing force of the law to be passing United States of America in the eight hundred S. And at this time that God was trying to prepare people to stand in the day of God there were two things that he was doing his message is to prepare us so people who refer to the history only talk about one but there's actually two and if you'll love this religious liberty was one that I don't hear as much talk about that we need and the second is Christ Our Righteousness righteousness by faith right now liberalism righteousness by faith uplifting principle and uplifting the righteousness of Jesus you can have both you don't have to choose one or the other you can actually have both in it's really good news so this is what was going on at this time but the problem was going into the conference there was this powder keg of politics that was kind of bubbling under the surface and it was a long. One camp was believing that the longer lesions was the ceremonial law the other camp was saying hey I think this also is involving the Moral Law the Ten Commandments and the division was so difficult between both parties that actually the gentle covers present times is do not listen to what they have to say like to stand by the way marks don't accept any daylight at this conference and L. What kind of saw the storm was brewing and she was begging people writing through the review and other things think for. Yourself do not be reflectors of men's thought make your own decision based upon the Word of God don't let people think for you and eventually just hit the fan it was just a mess right the whole thing blew up because they were just sure they were going to go into long and they didn't really go into law Galatians and they kind of want to. Tone things down the who's in the wind isn't really the issue this is my point the political hot topic of the day was the long and it kept our church into camps we're with them or with them and don't read the stuff that they're writing don't support their ministry that because they don't believe what we believe on the hot potato of the day politically now are we in the midst of any real big dust ups in the seventh am going to church about a political topic yes or no yes are we seeing our church divided into two camps over this issue yes or no my opinion doesn't matter here's the point because of this political hot topic of the day it's causing us to be in a boxing match with each other while the world is erecting an image to the beast and we need to be focusing on the two things that God was trying to do to make sure that we were ready whenever that happens the message of Christ Our Righteousness and liberty of conscience we should abandon either one of those messages both need to be central to our message and not in place of everything else that we believe but they're all together does that make sense there's a greater emphasis of this this is what God wanted and we need to be careful do not fall into one of these I am one of them or I'm one of them to be honest with you I don't really have a camp at this stage I'm kind of frustrated with both parties because we were not able to have civil discourse my principles fall on one side of the aisle but I just wrestle because I see people that believe things that I believe acting very un-Christlike in the way that they communicate with people they don't agree with them and that concerns me and I see people on this side of the aisle that are having communications that are very nasty with people that believe the stuff that I believe and I don't like that either I wish that we could meet together like Christians and impartially examine the truth of Scripture and choose to focus on missions. We can go home that's my burden that's my desire I think God wants that God wants of people to be ready to stand in the day of God and Christ Our Righteousness and liberty of conscience have to do with that don't neglect these things and get caught up in this fire storm please stay focused on mission please please please God asking this of us now I covered that good John Chapter seventeen of verse three were almost a John Chapter seventeen of verse three. This is what Jesus says. When defining the term eternal life. John Chapter seventeen of verse three he says and this is eternal life that they may know You the only true God in Jesus Christ whom he has sent if we want to be able to stand in the day of God when the whole world falls apart around this when the image is erected in the plain of Dura if you will we have to have a living breathing abiding connection to Jesus Christ as a father something that is real that is so rock solid that I don't care for my emotions family if the people around me feel you feel me I'm going to stand why because I know him even though I feel that God has abandoned me in my greatest time of need I know him better than that and he would never do that this is what kept Jesus into simply through the cross and is what can keep you two and intimate abiding knowledge of the father in his true character and abiding with him and connecting with him daily all throughout your day growing and furthering this relationship this is what we need we desperately need this because apart from ourselves we can do how much you know what I actually said that by the way he said apart from from God I can do nothing. Jesus. I'm just saying if he needed it you better believe we need it yeah but this is my appeal to you tonight Jesus is asking us to think for ourselves and to see for ourselves that he is good do not let Min's opinions or men's bad behavior keep you from standing for Jesus. What they did is not right to people hurt to the name of Jesus it's not right it's not good Jesus himself was hurt but you can not on the day of judgment say I didn't choose you because so and so was mean to me Jesus is going to ask you what did you do with the information in hand and just because somebody may have been nasty does not deprive us or excuse. Use us not investigating whether he's good or not that makes sense you still have to make your own decision I can't take somebody else's oil they can't take my oil you have to have your own experience with Jesus Amen so don't let them deprive you of the beauties of communion with Jesus just because they were nasty just because they had a bad day maybe they have a bad day every Sabbath of the year right regardless that does not excuse us from tasting it seeing for ourselves whether he's good or you with me Jesus deserves at least that right and a bare minimum to just taste and see for yourself what does the Word of God say about Jesus Jesus himself actually says if you see me you seen the Father some of us wrestle with these unhealthy pictures of God the Father because we get well with Jesus we saw what he did but the father is just a mystery to some of us like he looks at me in the way that I look at me a lot like a disappointed parents but what if God didn't look at you that way what if God actually believes the very best things about you and want you to be seed and will do whatever it takes to see you see the only way you're going to find out is if you search the scriptures for yourself to see what he says and the stuff that Jesus says about you in the Bible is awesome it's amazing it's inspiring and it's good news you all the gospels meant to be good news with a capital good right it's good news so on a cause of the story I may get in trouble for this but I hope not so I want to close the story of someone I know who did not grow up in the agonist your church and actually grew up in a very violent home unfortunately the violence was not so much exercise towards them as it was to mom it was to him once into his siblings but Mom put an end to that but she took the brunt of it day in and day out and day in and day out Indian India out and Thais experience was miserable his view of what God was was just a monster in his mind because he allowed for this he thought well. Something changes in a moment. What happens is his mom pulls him aside one day she can see how much this is weighing on him he's just distant in school he's disconnected she can see this is really weighing on him and I'm only telling the story because it's such a powerful example of bad religion it's the perfect way to close this message I think and so mom sits tied down and she looks at them that I that I they're very close to each other and she has something in her hand now time has always known to believe that all this chaos is happening in the home is dad's fault and dad is a monster this is always been a reality for Ty and mom sits down and she says Tai and you tell you something. She says so and so is not your dad and this is when those cartoon graphics of like car brakes screeching or like the record broke right when it stops like. What do you mean so and so is not my dad he's always been dad what you're talking about she's known so and so is not your dad and she turns around what she has her hand and it's a picture of a teenage boy. She says Ty so and so is not your dad this is your dad. And I want you to know that he never he. Never said those things to me he never did anything like this anti it's very important you know this is your real dad not that monster this is you know. We were teenagers he didn't know what to do he got freaked out when I got pregnant in the ran but he never did anything like this and it was a paradigm shift for him because his whole reality was built upon the abusive relationship he had growing up that this is my dad. But wait this isn't dad. It changed everything it opened the door for him to eventually be able to accept Jesus and I want to make this abundantly clear this evening. The monsters who have hurt you in the name of religion and the picture of God are they given to you that's not your debt. This is your dad he would never do that to you never and you need to know that this evening Jesus doesn't work that way God the Father does not work that way Jesus says that God the Father is just like me How did Jesus deal with broken hurting people were simply lovingly will never excusing sin. This is the picture of God the Father and it's so important for us as believers to help the picture of God because we're not going to stand in the day of judgment for someone that we really don't think believes in us and so on that we viewed as a monster he's not a monster he's the love of your life. He's everything that you've been looking for and you're everything that he's been looking for and I just want to make sure that abundantly clear to you so I do this week a prayer on what if it's better I have to start with this topic because I want to start making appeals on behalf of Jesus tomorrow and in the afternoon and you have horrific pictures of God in your mind why would you want to respond to a God like that Jesus has nothing to do with bad religion are you hearing me. That's not him that's not your dad you never do that to you he's always been there for you and tomorrow actually going to hear the topic of the silence of God What do you do whenever you feel that God isn't there for you when you feel that the whole world is falling apart around you and just God seems silent when you need him the most when to deal with that tomorrow and then tomorrow afternoon how does God do you mean when I fail what if I fail really just practical Christianity important topics but so many of our members in our young people have grow test grotesque pictures of got her hideous. And so what we're sticking it out just because we feel like I better. But we're not really wanting to stay in with all of our hearts I think it is better I'm fully committed as I believe the seventy AD Mr TO has the most beautiful picture of God available to humanity fully convinced that I wouldn't be here if I wasn't and I just want to walk through that with you this weekend is cut make sure that our compass is are set to true north on who God is there are things that God expects and I if I had more time I'd tell you those things too but if I only get one shot with you guys starting the school year getting a chance to start right with Jesus I want to make sure that your pictures of God are healthy and whole. That's my burden OK I want to close to the word of prayer and then we'll conclude with this evening Lord Jesus I am so thankful that the monster that's pro-trade by other religions and by Bad Religion is even in our own or a that's not the type of person that you are and that even when we were hurt by bad Legion you understand your acquainted with our grief and that you her to. You don't just watch us hurt and you don't adores them hurting us your hurts too and we're grateful we're thankful and I was so excited to unpack beautiful pictures of God over the course of this week it got just bless us with your presence with your peace God show us that not only are you beautiful but every plan an expectation you have for us is for good we should not run from conviction we should not run from principle or are forms they're good news therefore good you love us so much and I just pray that that would be clear God protect every soul who is here this evening as they travel home and I just pray that this thought would weigh heavy on their minds this evening and I pray specifically that you would put a burden in our hearts to pray for those people who hurt us in the name of Jesus the church was praying for Saul and he had a face to face encounter with Jesus this person can too so I just ask right now for anyone who's heard people in this room in the name of religion that you would forgive their sins that you would cover them with the blood of Jesus and that the spirit of Jesus would awaken them to the fact that they could be a champion for Christ if they would make a full surrender and see him face to face give them that give so they can be used for good I pray that you would heal the wounds in this room and I pray that there are people who are bitter towards you bitter towards your church because of the bad religion that you would forgive our sins and cover them with the blood of Jesus and that you would set us free help us oh God I pray for Paris to stand in the storm that is just upon us and may your will reign supreme has this in Jesus name. 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