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The Silence of God

Dee Casper


Where is God when I feel that He doesn’t hear my prayers, when I’m hurting and He seems silent?


Dee Casper

Brand Evangelist, ARtv



  • September 30, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Great God in heaven I think you for the privilege to worship you together as a group for this beautiful place these beautiful people but above all else I'm praying that your beautiful character would be made manifest today I'm asking that you would do something that none of us would soon forget and that you would show us your glory father keep me from hindering this in any way or pray that my sins would be covered with the blood of Jesus and that your spirit would speak in that you would keep my flesh. And I asked this now and expected in Jesus name and for his. You know so the silence of God This is something that isn't an easy thing to talk about but certainly not easy to go through there are people in this room who are really hurting right now because they prayed for someone to be healed and they were not healed they prayed for people to still be here and they're not here. They were hurting in a time of grief and they felt that God wasn't there for them this is a real topic it's a heavy topic and. Yeah I just ask that you would keep this whole process and prayer that this would be what God wants it to be excessed certainly don't want to get in the way it is a very delicate and important issue so what I'd like to do is to start telling you the story of three people who endure the silence of God in Scripture three groups of people one is an individual a second is a group in the third is an individual also have you classify that but I think hearing their stories and how God dealt with them can be very helpful for us in the midst of wrestling with the silence of God in our own experience and maybe even finding healing from the silence of God that we deal with years ago because it's no joke I mean this this can level people's Christian experience that they're laying it out for the sake of the people around them but they themselves have died aside and so. Yeah please keep praying so the first person I want to tell you about this morning is John the Baptist's this was a man of righteousness Jesus had probably the most glowing testimony of anyone mentioned in the Bible. This is the guy right there was not a greater profit than John the Baptist Jesus is John the Baptist is preaching a message of repentance and it's a powerful message and it's rocking the nation of Israel and this is actually what we're told the desire of ages that was the result of when he preached that Seaton feared for the safety of his kingdom. How's that for preaching. I can't say that about my preaching all day that much but that is what God wants and that's what happened when this man opened his mouth and bricklaying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prepare a nation for repentance and accept this messiah seating himself trembled for the seat of his kingdom now when John sees the Jesus walking by he triumphantly proclaims in John one twenty nine Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world this man has no hesitation no qualms no no an easy miss about who Jesus is or is or what his mission is he knows and he's not afraid to tell anybody this is the guy when Jesus was baptized this Dove this you know the Holy Spirit in bodily form like a dove falls upon Jesus it's a supernatural occurrence and the voice of God even is present only further affirming John's conviction that Jesus is the guy. But then things start to change for John John had been telling hair that it's not lawful for you to have your brother's wife had Stroup it's nuts but he marries his brother's wife and it's not a good thing and when he rebukes Herod for this Herod feared John the Baptist's but her audience was livid and eventually John the Baptist gets thrown into prison and this isn't a pretty picture right John is basically left to sit in this lonely prison cell right at the point when Jesus is now coming onto the scene the very guy you've been perp. During the nation for the guy you see baptized a Christian the beginning of his ministry and now all you're getting is like telegrams if you will in a lonely dark damp prison cell. And this just has to be a a really confusing experience and a disorienting experience for John because he's assuming like a lot of the Jews are assuming that Jesus is going to take the nation back and it's going to get awesome and soon but Jesus isn't responding in the way that he thought he would for one and two he's in prison he doesn't get to see in the of this is very very difficult all John is getting are reports about Jesus but he's not getting any visits from Jesus and this is very difficult for him this is the cousin of Jesus there's a close intimate relationship there and this is something that is not easy but it gets even worse because while John is wrestling internally the devil himself is certainly at work in the people are around John the Baptist's their counsel and their words are cut like the counsel of the friends of Joel it's worth nothing. If anything it's worth less than nothing and they're questioning is Jesus actually the guy because I mean for goodness Look John's in the in this prison still would he do something about this if he was the guy and couldn't he do something and this is what we're told is our of ages but the question why if this new teacher was the Messiah he did nothing to affect John's release how could he permit his faithful Harold to be deprived of liberty and perhaps of life these questions were not without effect delts which otherwise would never have a risen were suggested to John and Satan read joist to hear these words and to see how they bruise the soul of the Lord's messenger so he Tribbles when John preaches and he delights when John suffers now there are times of war hurting and we're wrestling and again that Kelso that we get from the people around us is worth less than nothing and so John the Baptist a righteous man is well acquainted with this the silence of God and not only the silence of God but just kind of the frustration of your friends and the people around you only compelling the problem right and this is what John is going through it's not easy for him very heartbreaking for him and this is what she says she says oh how often those who think themselves the friends of a good man and who are eager to show their fidelity to him proved to be his most dangerous enemies your bread close friends have words for you when you're hurting there is like a stab in the heart John the Baptist knows of this like. Hell often instead of strengthening his faith their words depress and dishearten. Now. John had expectations of Jesus as work that were not in harmony with the will of God This set him up to be disappointed and to be hurt the what he thought Jesus was going to do is what his hopes were set on and when Jesus didn't do what he was hoping Jesus would do he was disappointed and we wrestle with that sometimes too don't we their disappointment isn't because Jesus was unfaithful it was that we had expectations and Jesus didn't do them and we ask him to do things for us that may not be in our best interest and God in His Love for you deprives you that thing that you so desperately want because he knows or something else that you really need you're going there. And then we get disappointed when it doesn't happen now this also caused John to actually doubt that success of his own work because the very people that I trained in Disciple very now doubting the identity of Jesus shouldn't there have been more results right than what I'm seeing right now and we're all of my sacrifices in vain because the whole thing's falling apart around them it seems you're been there you pour your life into some people and then when things get difficult they just give up on God entirely me think whoa whoa whoa like. I thought things were working and now I guess they aren't and all this is going through John's mind as he's enduring that deafening silence of God. Again he's hearing things about Jesus but he's getting a visit from Jesus it's very difficult for him but his faith in Christ did not fail and God eventually sent angels to his prison cell to remind him of the hand of God in his life in Christ baptism enter myname of the promises of God So he begins to realize I need to not harbor these thoughts much longer and he didn't want to express his doubts to the disciples and so he thinks I have an idea I'm going to send them to go see Jesus and this is going to convince them that he's the guy but he sends them with a request there's a little perturbing to Jesus in Luke Chapter seven The disciples are basically told to go talk to Jesus and they say hey so we're coming from John he sent us and he kind of wants to know are are you the guy or should we be looking for somebody else well wait a minute what happened to Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world and look at what Jesus thinks according to his Here it was keenly bitter in disappointing to Christ human nature. If John the faithful for honor fail to discern Christ mission what can be expected from self-seeking molded. These are the thoughts going through Jesus is mind very people he's come to save like if this guy doesn't fully seal was going on what are they going to see. So Jesus doesn't spend a whole lot of time brooding on this and his response is go back and tell John what you see what what does he see the blind receive their sight the deaf hear the dead are raised and the poor have the gospel preached to them and then he closes with this kind of veiled rebuke for John where he says bless it is he whosoever shall find none occasion of stumbling in me or who will not stumble because of me in short John you know better. You know better than this John. And this is what she says based upon John's response to what he hears the evidence of his divinity was seen in his adaptation to the needs of suffering humanity and his glory was shown in his condescension to our low estate that he was willing to set the captives free and be willing to associate with those people who are not to be associated with right be willing to set the captives free to preach to the poor and the disciples bore the message and she says that it was enough this was enough for John it's good news for us she used that phrase a lot actually which is very helpful for here John came to understand the true nature of Jesus is where he came to get it but eventually what is happening is her audience goes and dances a dance at a gathering where adult beverages are involved and they seem to have missed the class on dress reform. And she at least seem to have missed the class on dress reform and when you miss alcohol and scantily clothed people things happen and he isn't thinking clearly and he says. He's trying to stick chemist and oppressive for his boys as I am to give you whatever you want to have my kingdom. Not knowing what she's about to ask for not even considering it because the guy actually fear John. So she doesn't make her own decision she goes to Mama says hey what do you want me to ask for and she's I want the head of John the Baptist on a platter and I want it now. And she runs. Then she tells heritage and you can just know that he had one of those goal that's. Now why do I just made it so he's hoping that somebody is going to stand up for John and you know what happens nothing. No one stands up for John so because of the people around him and because of what he said he does that John dice and jar never gets a visit from Jesus in the only prison so never shows up. But here's why Jesus did not in a post to deliver his servant which he says next Jesus knew that John would bear the test. That's the fate of Jesus and work he knew things about John that John didn't know about China. Gladly with the savior have come the job to brighten the dungeon gloom with his own presence but he was not to place himself in the hands of enemies in a peril his own mission Jesus is on a biblically ordained in prophetic we proclaimed that right. Mission I didn't mean to say that it has happened. And. This mission is a the up most importance in a G. just as anything to imperil his mission is going to cause a lot of problems right Daniel seven Daniel eight nine thousand and nine namely so gladly would he have delivered a state full servant but for the sake of thousand to one after years must pass from prison to death John was to drink the cup of martyrdom So this was not just for John this was for people who had learned from the example of John who through similar experiences as John. The so that we can learn from back so times we suffer because God knows that we will be champions through this by his strength and that other people will go through this and will need our story to get them through. God gets glory to stuff like this it is a mess around right nothing is wasted with the kingdom of heaven. As the followers of Jesus should languish a lowly Selzer Paris by the sword the rock of the burning stake apparently for sake and by God and man what is stated to their hearts would be the thought that John the Baptist to whose faith was Christ himself had borne witness had passed through a similar experience just imagine how many people in the midst of the Dark Ages could look at the experience of John the Baptist and realize by God's strength my story can do the same. For years afterwards generations will be afterwards been affected from John's story death itself only placed him forever beyond the power of temptation in this warfare seeking it was revealing his own character before the witnessing witnessing universe he made manifest as in the tea towards God and man and she may see this in one of my later slides but she literally says the. He died eight conquered and the people who die in Christ die as conquerors never to have to be tempted ever again that's difficult for us because we've you happiness is them being with us we don't you happiness is them being with Jesus and having them be eternally sealed I don't mean going to heaven immediately after you die in that sense don't kick me out you're not going to hear. But this is what's going on here right Jesus knows that death literally seals these individuals that nothing can take them out of the hand of God But when we wrestle because we want them here but if we step back and see God's perspective it's helpful it still hurts and it should death was meant to be for an Adam and Eve wept more over the first leaf dying than we do for close relatives we're told death is meant to be for we're going to jaded to it compared to them it's OK to have those feelings of longing but we need to take a step back to understand the full picture of reality to appreciate what's going on that makes sense. The noble Regulus Deliverance was granted John he was not forsaken him and he had always the companionship of heavenly angels who open to him the prophecies concerning Christ and the precious promises of scripture God literally sent angels from heaven to visit this man he didn't give Jesus but he got angels from heaven reminding him of the promises of God that's good news you will very good news. These were his stay as they were to be the stay of God's people through the coming ages to John the Baptist as are those who came after him was given the issuance Lo I am with you always even to the end and God never leaves us children otherwise and they would choose to be led if they could see the him from the beginning and discern the glory of the purposes was there fulfilling as coworkers with him and I think we close with this not in it who is translated to heaven not Alija who is did it in a chariot of fire was greater or more on or than John the Baptist who perished alone in a dungeon unto you it is given to be half of Christ not only to believe on Him but also to suffer for His sake and listen to this and of all the gifts that heaven Kemba still upon in fellowship with Christ in a sufferings is the most weighty trust and the highest honor. To feel like it in the furnace does it but it's true. But look at what she says next here's the problem the nation that was looking for a Messiah who had not been promised. And one who would fulfill their desires based upon a misunderstanding of how the kingdom ovaries they wanted someone to deliver them militarily and politically they were looking for a messiah that had not been promised but here's where the airplane lands in your living room many of us are wrestling with the same thing we are looking for a messiah that hasn't been promised so one who will deliver me from every hardship every difficult. Every loss every grief that's not the Messiah that was promised but we were promised a Messiah who was sent the captives free who would heal the broken hearted and who would do for us what we cannot do for ourselves and then when I left alone to suffer we've got help that's just as how she how God dealt with John the Baptist in the midst of his silence of God it was for the glory of God and He died a cog and then. The next chapter started John Chapter eleven I was kind of summarizing for time sake. And I'm sitting my slides to one of the economy here to make available to everyone last night today and tomorrow in audio Institute so. If you want to sit back and enjoy the ride fine if you want to take no to take pictures it's your call but I am giving the slide afterwards now in John Chapter eleven Jesus is approached was going to turn they all kind of introduced the story from the text and it all kind of summarized to the best of my ability did try to be a good steward of your time today John Chapter eleven being in verse one. John Chapter eleven beginning in verse one now a certain man was sick Lazarus of Bethany the town of Mary and her sister Martha Jesus stayed there a lot by the way and it was this Mary who had known to the Lord of the frigate oil to wipe his feet with her hair whose brother Lazarus was sick therefore the sister sent to him saying Lord behold he whom you love is sick now does jesus love Martha and Mary and her brother Lazarus to jesus love Lazarus first of all. But they're reminding Jesus that Jesus loves Lazarus why because Lazarus leads him. But this is what they say he who we love is sick and that's it now and please come and the address is and you can put it in your i Phone here they don't see any of this they don't even ask Jesus to come you know why because they know we will all we have to do is tell Jesus what's going on and you'll come we know. Is that Jesus says this sickness is not and to death but for the glory of God the Son of God may be glorified through it same phrase we heard which on the Baptists isn't it that the glory of God to be achieved through the suffering. So. It says in a verse five Now Jesus loved Martha in her sister in Lazarus and so if you didn't know the narrative was Jesus going to do it like right now as a result of that statement. He's coming right Jesus is leaving right now he's taking the fast as means of transportation there but then the text goes on the say so that when he heard that last years was ill he stayed two more days where he was. Well wait a minute Jesus loved them. Jesus made them wait. Why does that work was what she says though he loved them No Wes because he tarried. You were in a message to Aisha. I know Jesus loves me but I don't like that he's making me wait guess what he loves you no less because he tears you can take that to the bank. Now when he arrived help long is Lazarus been dead. For days well here's why the Jews hated Jesus so much the religious leaders specifically that they actually discredited Jesus as previous resurrections because they weren't really dead I mean they had this tradition that came from Greek foolishness that you know the soul stays in the body for three days and then it does its thing and so they're literally questioning a resurrection from the dead they hate this guy so much oh I mean come on like she was only dead for like twenty four hours. What he said he's laughing and you know he raises the widow's son he resists gyrus his daughter they think no that's not good enough and I really did also say you could raise the bit right well no but. Yeah so they hate Jesus that's why so this is why this has to happen because those previous resurrections to disprove that ridiculous myth but this is another thing that has to happen even the closest people to Jesus are sure that Jesus failed them right now and a lot of glory is about to come out of this we hope. And this had to occur to show the power of God It is not limited by any circumstance or situation the power of God is not limited by our circumstances it's not as a matter what it looks like if Jesus is wanting to do something it gets done. For days no prob thirty days no problem right Jesus can handle that so when Jesus shows up and Martha Wiley hears about it the first thing that comes out of her mouth is Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died. If Jesus had been around I wouldn't be hurting right now would be suffering. So Jesus responds as hey your brother is going to rise again and she says yeah I know later those it talks about the resurrection and this is something that we wrestle with because hearing about the promise of the resurrection in the midst of grief is so want comforting but not comforting enough. When we're hurting right when our emotions are just stressed on the event and so yeah that doesn't help me right now can't hear the hear the beautiful sound of my brother's voice I can't feel the warmth of his embrace there's nothing for me right now if you would have been here I wouldn't be going through what I'm going through. Your present that. Thankfully it's not the first time he's heard it. So she says if you had been here my brother would not have died but the process continues because once Mary gets when the Jesus is there she rolls up you know she has to say the exact same thing word for word they've been using this wind day after day I mean every day that Lazarus gets worse they're looking at the door they're looking for that mill your silhouette and Jesus never shows up. And whereas a wrist dies and Jesus doesn't show up and four more days go by and all that keeps running for minds is if a Jesus had been here my brother would not have died. And again they're kind of looking for a Messiah they had been promised Look we got this guy can feed people he can heal people's wounds and raise the dead no one around Jesus is going to suffer but it's not the Messiah that was promised because Jesus of the bigger view. All they can think about in their suffering is it Jesus had been here they would not be going through hardship right now when Jesus is near by he's like the good luck charm and suffering doesn't happen but that was based upon a misunderstanding of how the kingdom operates. And so when Jesus goes to the two. As he is going there the people going to start to murmur a little bit you know could he done something and change this and literally in John Chapter eleven the shortest worse in the Bible it says that Jesus wept. God cried and you know why. Because of the unbelief of his people. As you know that God cries in our unbelief. The two instances that we see Jesus cry in the New Testament are both because of the unbelief of the people and because of people not being able to live up to their full potential because of their own believe it makes God cry and so when Jesus gets to the tomb he says Take away the stone and you would think that Mary and Martha going to say amen Jesus take away that stuff that's not what they say you know they say he stinks Jesus. And there's nothing you can do about it he stinks just like this whole situation it stinks and Jesus is responses the glory of God like the mystic e to. The glory of God is in the midst of this stinky situation whatever you're containing was a hardship and difficulty yet stinks but that's where the glory of God is found. Something good can come from this you said this and God didn't give glory to this to text later says that many of the Jews were leaving the priest and believed in Jesus so the priest had a great idea let's kill Lazarus two. Let's kill Jesus and now we're going to kill Lazarus give the roses guy from the dead after four days and if people didn't believe they would do it and he did it we got to get rid of it were the evidence but here's the point the people are wrestling Martha and Mary are wrestling and they wanted comfort. Let me phrase it this way Jesus had comfort for them. But they wanted their brother more than the cover that Jesus had to offer them and this is what makes him cry. Because we're telling Jesus he's not enough for us remember those people in Jesus dying conquerors but in this situation they wanted their brother more than they want to cover the Jesus want to give them and this is what broke his heart and some of us has been there haven't we Jesus has an abundance of comfort for us in our times of loss and separation I promise you he literally calls the Holy Spirit the Comforter to do for you what you can't do for yourself in those moments and yet in our grieving we have the audacity to tell him Jesus he's not enough and this is what crews of tears remember that John only lost his earthly life but the why that was hidden Christ he cannot touch the enemy cannot touch and he died to conquer but this is what a White says about this and this is some of the most beautiful language ever Pym by a word or in the midst of heartbreak and difficulty to all who are reaching out to feel the guiding hand of God the moment of greatest discouragement is the time when divine help is Near East. When you feel the wheels of come off of this thing it's all a mess that actually would garden is the closest. It's good news. And she says the look back with thankfulness on the darkest hour of lives with gratitude. Good friend of mine Sean Briggs a pastor and made one an article on this and this is what he says it's lame resolutions old read it. Says we cannot know of course in any particular moment if Jesus want something quarter call bad to happen or just simply allows it to happen but we do know that he loves us and that sometimes in ways that don't make sense to us at all in our near-sightedness he always has a much longer view in mind sometimes we are content with far too little we want to experience healing God wants to give us resurrection we want to be spared of temptation God wants us to experience victory through temptation even Jesus perfect as he was learned obedience by the things which he suffered Hebrews five adversity Further God wants to give us much greater evidence of His love and a far greater belief in his power but in our impatience in haste we like Martha are tempted to say Lord it of only you had acted sooner this Fill the blank to us as to Martha he says I love you and because I do I want you to be witness to a far greater evidences of my love and power. But the hardest story to tell is a story of Jesus himself and in Matthew's twenty six through twenty seven. When Jesus gets into the garden and gives him an e as soon as he crosses the threshold of this gate he collapses to the ground because the entire weight of the sin of the world is now in heat upon his shoulders and I mean every individual sin in the punishment it deserves from the first fall of Adam and Eve until the second coming of Jesus Christ all of them get heaped on the shoulders of one man at one point in time and Jesus collapses to the ground and the disciples had to help him up then he falls to the ground again and the disciples had to help up and they're seeing a Jesus that they've never seen before. He's visibly shaken and distraught and he's a mess right now comparatively and they don't know what to do with this because Jesus was always calm cool and collected all the time to make a demoniacs running out of the gatherings rebukes the demons of Texas later they were clothed in seed in their right minds. And demoniac jumps over the military and says What are we to do with you Jesus you son of the most high God He rebukes the demon The man sits down. On the boat whenever the waves are crashing over the seas Jesus is asleep then the disciples literally the first words out of the twelve disciples mouth in the Gospel of Matthew our Lord save us we are perish Matthew It has after an introduction. And then Jesus rebuked the disciples before your abuse that when the waves because of their unbelief. Were going to wake me up which wake me up or something else right. So this is a visibly distraught Jesus but they don't know what to do with this because all of their confidence is being around this guy who is always confident who's this why does this tall and who can handle anything but then Jesus is just seemingly collapsing under his load and they don't know what to do and he tells him my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death. I'm going down fillers. But Jesus is not only dealing with the silence of God in a small and he's also dealing with the silence of the closest friends that he has on earth. Certainly if there's anybody who's going to be there when Jesus is going to be James John in Peter and where they are sleeping. And Jesus is left to suffer alone begging God the Father to change his mind. Because his flesh is shrinking back from this responsibility he knows a thing or two by the silence of God. And the silence of the causes people to you on earth so he is enduring the most deafening silence imaginable he's been in the fellowship with God from attorney passed and in this moment it literally is of God the Father does not exist he's nowhere to be found in the experience of mind of Jesus in the thoughts that are running through his mind God is nowhere to be found out and then God does for Jesus what he did for John the Baptist's but with even more enduring way which is heartbreaking to me. He sends an angel from heaven the angel is at the right hand of the father is dispatched to go in minister to Jesus as he's being tempted to walk from his mission. As he's suffering tenaciously in the picture given a desire of Ages is literally heartbreaking she says that this angel the right hand of the father comes to Jesus and cradles the head of Jesus in His bosom and speaks tend to hordes of encouragement to Jesus reminding him of the promises of God to. Jesus. And to do for Jesus what we did not do for Jesus do you remember the baptism and he said this is my son who I will pleased it's still true you were the Mount of Transfiguration when he said that this is my son listen to him it's still true he's here Jesus and He cares Jesus was longing for human affection and sympathy desire of ages tells us of this moment and he has nothing for people so God dispatches the angel the right hand of the Father to give it to him. Everything he needs. And she says that his decision is for her he will save man at any cost to himself that it. And then comes a crucifixion and we hear words coming out of the mouth of Jesus that you never expect to hear from God Himself my God my God why have you for sake in the ME. You know who saying that God Jesus is so overwhelmed by the deafening silence of God that he's percolating out loud in virtually my God and my God why have you for sicken me Jesus is enduring the silence of got you have this in common with him. You have a savior who's acquainted with your grief who's been tempted all point as you are and yet without said why so that you could therefore come boldly to the throne agrees that you may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Because you know he's safe you know he understands you know Isn't think that you're weak you can't tell boldly to Jesus when you're wrestling with the silence of God Why because you are stamps he's been there giving you doesn't want to help you. Now what he has to offer you may not be what you're asking for what I assure you is what you need. And it will lead to the glory of God in him. You also have a sin coming with Martha Mary a Lazarus and you have this in common with John the Baptists. The Culebra do all the God and never let them. And you never for Seville and in the time of their greatest need he was closer to them than he had ever been. There's actually a quote on us. At this point in time when Jesus is on the cross it looks like Midnight is actually new. And there's a reason for this and I hope we're going to buckle your seatbelt because this is not an easy thing to cover but there's a cloud surrounding the cross you know white. What corners are made to seventy three in that thick darkness God's presence was hidden. He makes darkness his pavilion and conceals his glory from human eyes God and His holy angels were beside the cross. Are you with me. If the time when Jesus feels are the fathers of farthest from him that he's been a thirty three to have years he's literally the closest to him he's been in thirty three and a half years he is there physically. God has condescended to come to earth to be next to his son he never left a. God never left him and he never left you even in those moments when you felt that he did he didn't the story is the same and all three of these stories say to cast an impenetrable cloud of darkness between them to make him feel that he was for saken but he was not I repeat he was not and neither are you. If you feel that you're in the same darkness we now see that he hasn't for seeing you the whole point actually for the clouds because Jesus or God the father actually wanted to spare the sinners in the presence of the cross to the even they can be seen. In the same way it was the pretender was the incense behind the curtain to save his life God did this so that even these souls could be saved if people deserved to die many of them we would think and yet God's love for them is so strong that he shrouds himself while he's there next to his son She says the father was with his side it is presence was not revealed and His glory flashed forth from the cloud and every human being holder would have been destroyed and in that dreadful hour Christ was not to be comforted with the Father's presence he tried the wine press alone and of the people there was none with him. You know why. Because there's times when we tread the wine press on. There's no one with us he did this for you. Jesus was willing to do this for you you know why because he thinks you're worth it. Regardless of how you feel regardless of what lies you're being told in your head from the accuser the brother of it doesn't matter the actions of Jesus speak louder than the lives of the dole. He had to be tempted in all points as we are weaker this earlier from hubris for to write healing in strength the only he could give in that time of need for us Jesus had to suffer like us to be able to heal and comfort as according to Hebrews two so that when you feel that God is nowhere to be found and he doesn't care about you. He knows with his like. He's been there. He tried that Word Press thinking of you. And want to cause of this thought before moving away as I should hear silence can rejection are not the same thing and I was speaking to genuine Christians obviously. But there are times when we're wrestling with the silence of God We think that we've been rejected by God but that was not the case for John the Baptist that was not the case for Mary more the wiser as in You better believe that was the case for Jesus there are proven case studies this silence does not equal rejection you need to know that today just because you don't know the silence of God does not necessarily me that you were rejected by God it could mean that Jesus knew more about you than you did any knew that you would be a conqueror it will be gorra Grigori to the kingdom of heaven for his sake he chose you to be the diplomat for you to have a story for the better for the people around you and maybe generations afterward Jesus sees things in you that you don't see you and that's good news that's the faith of Jesus. So there's a singer songwriter His name is Andrew Peterson who's a very very gifted musician I prefer his acoustic stuff the but that doesn't really matter anyway. So enter has this experience where kind of a funny not funny story so someone was invited to sing in a monastery they couldn't make it and they said look you go for me and just tell them that you're me and you're not going to know any better monks don't have Facebook like just just go until them that you're mean and he does he wanted time to get away he was really wrestling because he was wrestling with Jesus because there were things that he was wanting from God and He chose to take his time there to fast and pray for three days to show God that he deserved the answer that he was looking for. In their. Outreach fasting. Final call grandmother right whatever the situation may be that you're just wanting to show Jesus that you're worthy of receiving the end of that your desire desperation so he goes. And as Andrew is going he goes on a walk on we got these pathways in the mountains of Kentucky and hills if you're going to be Californians the mountain is depending on what they were and so he's walking and there's a sign that says to the statues Tito the statues OK he walks along this path he just wrestling with God because he's not getting the answers that he wants. And he gets to the statue and it's Peter James and John asleep and says Oh I get it this is good because Ivanek Jesus is probably at the bin somewhere so he follows the path up a little bit more and he sees that there's a statue of Jesus because that the picture that I saw there at that moment was not the picture I expected to see what he expected to see was a picture of Jesus standing and praying and piety maybe open hands but the picture he sees is this Jesus on his knee. With his hands on his forehead and his elbows out like he's got weans in this is the thought that goes through enters my me as he sees it he says he was in agony this guy is in agony and in a moment it dawned on me that he looked the way that my heart felt my God my God why have you left me alone why won't you give me the answer that I want. And he said on the way back I realized I had been comforted my pain had not been taken away but I was comforted in the fact that the God I will love and worship is familiar with my soul. Some of us like to close with an appeal some of us because of the silence of God in our experience it has levelled us we've not been the same person since. We lost someone we lost health mobility we lost jobs we lost families we lost marriages. And we've gone through these difficult painful situations wondering where was God when I needed him most. I hope we've seen today that he was in the same place he was with John the Baptist's Mary more than Lazarus in with Jesus right beside you and some of us have left we're here in body but we've left in mine and in spirit we continue is some of the Christian disciplines to keep peace in the home but we left it was too hard others of us are trying to hang on but we never really got our footing back. We feel like we've been swimming against the tide the whole time. And some of us by the grace of God have found deep healing and strength that will last through the ages and praise God for that. I want to buy all of you this morning so take hold of a hand that will never feel you. And I know that you can cling to the silence of God in the life of Jesus John the Baptist and Mary more than Lazarus if you're wrestling with that right now and you can know that he was faithful he was faithful to them he will be faithful to me and you can take that to the bank you know. And so people this room have wrestled with this and they want to come back. They want to be made well. They want to thrive in the Christian experience and they want God to get Gloria the situation. That's you I want to invite you to stand today. Hands I want to invite the rest of you to join them in solidarity as we close in prayer. Sweet Jesus I think you that you are indeed a faithful guy who's acquainted with grief. Who's acquainted with pain and sorrow and a man who's acquainted with the deafening silence of God. And I just pray for those who really wrestled it struggle because of their experience that you would set them free. Or that you would show that the your everything that they've been looking forward more and that no more grief will be brought to your heart because they don't believe that your Enough show us today minister to us today and show us that you are indeed enough all that we need in everything we ever would want. What I pray that you would bring comfort and peace to these dear souls in ways that nothing ever could that no human touch could the word of comfort or that not even having these people back could afford that you would be everything for them. Pray that you would cover ourselves the blood of Jesus you would forgive us for wrestling. For grappling with our faith we've been leveled by the silence of God. We pray that you and your glory and it is today. And the next day in court. This is our plea we asked the SO God and Jesus. In this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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