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Hope in the Future- Part 1

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • June 12, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Father S. we consider your word to small a name we pray. That you will speak to our hearts. Draws nearer to you. In Jesus name we pray in a man in my many travels. Always have the pleasure of sitting next to interesting people. And one of my particular travels I discovered I was sitting next to a lady in charge of all the apparatus of pointer space to see if his life out there. Which she told me that she was a scientist and that she. Was in charge of all the apparatus pointed to space if there is life out there I just informed her that she was too late. And she looked at me quite. Amazed that I would say that to a scientist and I said you're wondering if there is life out there and I said the Bible over the child says it's my fault there so I shared with her Job Chapter one Verse six and seven which says the sons of God came together for a special meeting with God. And I said you folk and trying to build a city in space she said I was correct I said you won't you are too late again and I said God says in the Bible that there is a city in space and it even has a name called the New Jerusalem and I said not too long ago that you signed to discover how to make transparent gold she said Don't tell me I said yes the bible also tells us two thousand years ago that there was such a thing as transparent gold and that's what I watch and share of the twenty one who are seen as you're going though this in verse twenty one. And so Chief to me in response this is amazing she said Can I share something with you to go right ahead to the My brother just became one of the born again things. And he invited me to go to his church so I attended the church the pastor sat us in a circle placed Bibles on our laps asked Mr trying to a certain page and then asked us to read about the content of that chapter and give our impressions she said it was something about some bone. And she said I was just amazed that people with shit like this try to figure out something about bones and given Prussians and then she said that that's all that the Bible has to offer who needs it but she said I never knew that the Bible was a scientific book. And she said as soon as I get home I'm going to buy a hot a Bible. Now. The Bible says The heavens declare the glory of God and firmament show us his hand they were they on today there were speech and night on Tonight Show of knowledge. There's a lot of scientific research being done and going on even at present they're trying to figure out questions that have disturbed them for a long time however every time they study they on earth something that shakes them up and points into the reality that maybe they've made a mistake that's hard to admit when you're getting paid thousands of dollars per month just to try to chase down some hypothesis and discover whether or not this true but listen recently the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawkins. And several years ago made the statement and this is what he said. I fear that since the evolution evolutionary process has worked through the dialectic of determinism and aggression our long term survival in any hope for our species is in question however if we can keep from destroying each other for the next one hundred years sufficient technology will have been developed to distribute humanity to various planets and then no one tragedy or atrocity will eradicate us all at the same time so the astrophysicist feels that there is some hope and the hope is is in leaving planet Earth and finding other planets that can inhabit human life. As recent as last year he was actually transmitted through technology to the Opera House in Sydney he was near London. And he was. Projected on the stage as a holiday. By technology and again this particular time he made another statement I don't think we will survive another one. One thousand years without escaping beyond our fragile planet. So first she says within one hundred years enough technology will be this discovered to take us to different planets so that we will not be destroyed all at once and then he says that even this planet will not survive more than walk then a thousand is now if you know the scriptures if you know the Bible. You realize then that this man is saying things that he doesn't understand he's saying. But we do as amazing as it is that scientists are trying to figure out either take some of us off to different planets so that the human race is not destroyed question how much hope the scientists have for this Earth in reality. None that's the truth. How much. Zero. That's the truth. I will ever what their suggestion leaves us completely hopeless because not. Not one of you will be around one hundred years from now how many. Zero not one of you can participate with that they're presenting to get you off the planet. Now the question and this is time running out for another and I'm going to share with you from a scientific perspective what the Bible has told us all along are you ready let's take the trip first of all. Other galaxies how they are that have planets that can sustain life that's a question because their suggestion that we need to go to other planets correct on their planets that it consists in life and what's interesting is this recently fact in one thousand nine hundred five they decided to point the telescope in a certain direction and fix it in a dark spot the size of a dime. The size of a dime that you can look at a seventy five feet. So how big does that dime look at seventy five feet. You hold in your hand it's pretty small if you look at it seventy five feet even gets much smaller so they focus on that little tiny spot to see if there was anything in that dark spot is what they discovered is a picture of it. And here's what they discovered about one thousand five hundred galaxies are visible in this deep view of the universe how many galaxies. One thousand five hundred. Taken by allowing the. Telescope to stare at the same time any patch of sky for ten consecutive days in one thousand nine hundred five the image covers an area of sky only about the width of a dime viewed from seventy five feet away so now they know that beyond what they can see there are galaxies and galaxies and galaxies out there which means then that there must be planets and planets and planets and planets so that immediately raised high hopes on the scientific community that they have should be able to find a planet out there now. However as they have done their search they're beginning to question began to do on the question show in a Wall Street Journal. Article that came out in December twenty eighth two thousand and fourteen. It began to explain a lot of what I'm going to share with you that Wall Street Journal was actually article was actually issued just before Christmas on the summer and show. What was the gist of it. In one thousand nine hundred eighty six astronomer and famous promoter of science Carl Sagan announced that there were. To requirement for the life to be possible on the planet how many. Requirement so they can find a planet that meets those two requirements then wham Oh there is. Life there. So based upon this premise they set something up called SETI SETI it's actually a. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. So now they're looking for planets that would meet these two around with it. That's over half of this or number one. There must be a star like our sun Number two a planet a certain distance from the sun. So if you can find and then a planet that is close to another star likes our sun then there is a potential for life. And so on that basis then they estimated that since there's an estimate that. Amount of stars there Chand to the twenty seven's power. Roughly one octillion. Of planets sure that exists in. All of these stars. So now they're saying them we discover a mine. There are all of these galaxies which means it must be all of these planets that meet the condition for life. And so they. Establish this thing called SETI and they put millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars on the apparatuses that would somehow be able to catch some signal from one of those planets to be able to start communicating with them. However. Once they establish that and began to listen. They were surprised that in seventy years how many years seventy years there has been how much response. Response The silence is deafening there with all those apparatuses pointing up to space hoping to somehow get some signal from with all those planets that have the potential of having life. Septillion of them surely somebody would be responding or sending us some signal but zero response. Well after a while. They shut down the program the government U.S. government decided not to fun SETI any longer. But there were people who decided to keep it going so a shill going on because the scientists that I met on the plane was about three years ago. Show the program are still going on they're still hoping that there is some signal from outer space and that there is life out there and one of those planets. But after seventy years you think that would give. Well the Wall Street Journal then as they. Accepted this article should made it the article then said that rather than true Coram others for two conditions for life to get to be able to be on a planet they discovered over two hundred. Since one thousand nine hundred ninety five that must be met and by the way they must be mad at the same instant and the one millionth of a second instant in order for the thing to happen. So there must be two hundred parameters happening instantly in order for there to be life on the planet. Well two parameters which was a goal but as they began to discover another parameter another parameter another parameter that began to disqualify disqualify this qualify disqualify until finally they came up with two hundred parameters and that meant then that it says in the light of new findings and insights it seems appropriate to put excessive euphoria to Rashed this is Peter Shankman. You SAS then it seems appropriate to put want. You for your to rest what he's saying is that we were all excited when Sagan said that only two parameters and there is life out there. But as the parameters increased the hope that there was life there is zero. So he says then in light of the new findings and inside it seems appropriate to put excessive euphoria to rest which it quietly had meant that the early estimates No All longer are tenable. Think of it. Astrophysicist Hopkins trash that our hope is to get off the planet. And go to other planets. The two hundred parameters suggest that there are no other planets so the only hope you have is to get in a rocket and go someplace where you're going to go so. As factors continue to be discovered in a number of possible planets hit how much. Zero and kept going in other words the odds turn against any planet in the universe supporting life including. We should not be here. So pinch yourself you here you should not be in existence according to the parameters. So you must agree with me that things look pretty dismissal out there. That if you are a person that has no faith. In anything else then evolution or science you have ZERO hope. How much. It was in another plane. And a scientist who was behind me when I responded when I said we're on the wrong line because we were waiting. And the person was taking too long a time and he said when the wrong line and I turned around and said no when the right line we just hit the wrong time. And so he said and what do you do for a living. And I said I'm a pastor tell me why you have people so afraid of evolution. Oh I should I'm not afraid of something that doesn't exist. What he said and he began to. Attack religion. The latest said next and I was going to hear that word. Next. So I disappeared I got my boarding passes appeared and got on the plane they have great and made sounds thankful for that sat down became comfortable on the chair and as soon as the plane reached thirty thousand feet up in the air all of a sudden I had somebody looking at my face I felt that presence you know open up my eyes and who do you suppose it was it was a scientist. And he said Now tell me why your people so afraid of evolution and I again explained it to him so if all you have is faith in evolution and I hope that those people who are listening out there. Because there are a lot of sincere people like myself who when I was young only understood evolution as an answer to life. That's all I was talking New York City was have illusion and so there are a lot of sincere people who have been. So Fat this evolutionary theory they have believed it sincerely but I pray as they listen that this presentation may help to clear up the reality that there is no hope in that ideology so let's continue Dr Hugh Ross the National Fish has compiled two hundred parameters that must be met by any planet that could possibly support life such as. That was over ten years ago. Ten years ago over how many two hundred parameters which means that they're still hot. They're still finding other where I'm at is just going to go over a couple of them in order for a planet to be able to sustain life it has to be in a spiral galaxy what kind. Of spiral Now you might say You mean there are other kind of galaxies Yes there are other galaxies had a different shape but this one. Ours is a spiral galaxy. So it has to be a certain size not too big not too small it would have to be a certain age not too old not too young these facts will eliminate an estimated ninety percent of galaxies as candidates for a planet could support life. So just number one has eliminated how many. Ninety percent of galaxies that can support life Number two the planet would have to be situated in the right location in the galaxy it cannot just be any place in the galaxy it has to be precisely in the right location and galaxy it has to be located in a narrow region between the spiral of the spiral galaxy show the galaxy spiral Let me show you a picture of a spiral galaxy here it is this is the Milky Way This is where we live the arrow points to you where you are in that galaxy OK so it has to me in the right location within a certain limit of that galaxy in the other for a planet to have or sustain life on. This so the planet has to be situated in the right place then the galaxy to the much bigger than the Milky Way radiation levels are likely to be too high for an Earth like planet to support advanced life. For the star around which had life bearing planet must be a single star What kind of star a single star in other words about seventy five percent of the stars in our galaxy are not single stars shiny five percent of the stars and I'll galaxy a twin stars double stars so if that planet. Is with two suns it cannot support. Human life so seventy five percent in our galaxy that means that only twenty five percent of possibility that in one of those stars there could be a planet that could sustain life. So we're down to. Narrowing the numbers significantly just with two parameters number five it must be a very specific match stars to other odds lightly more massive than our sun burn too quickly and to radically to maintain life support even for a plan of the just the right distance so it not only has to be the right sonne at the right place at the right location the right galaxy the right kind of galaxy it also has to. Be the right size is the right mass in order to support. A planet that can support life Number six starts of the slightly less massive than the sun will not work either so if it's too big it won't work if it's too small it won't work either. All right the small of the mass of a star the less energy it radiates and the closer in the planet must be to be able to maintain a range of temperatures suitable for life so you can see so far that we are narrowing the scope number seven Earth has maintained itself in this narrow range of temperatures should have zero for the development of advanced life if life originated and developed in strictly naturalistic processes one wonders how these blind processes could have possibly anticipated the Physics of Star or solar burning. In other words how out of these things that don't think figured out how to be precise in the right place so that they could be a planet too and haven't life. We continue. To certain killed. Twenty three point five degrees in the axis the tilt of the our spends with respect to the planet of its orbit about the sun. All right it's important for a habitable Earth the Earth spin axis is tilted at twenty three point five with respect to the ecliptic giving moderate seats. And in preventing temperatures extremes anywhere on the planet so if the earth were not tilted the way it is then there would be too hot in one place and to call another place so because of the still the just right it is never too hot or too cold in any place. On the face of the earth. So it's not just having to have a planet that's the right size it has to be the right. So tell me how did an earth that has no brains figure out how to be at the right tilt so it can have life the planet also has to be close to a system planet nearby like Jupiter. In other words it cannot. Survive in space by itself. A planet like Earth has to be close enough to another planet big enough to observe all the different projectiles of flying through space so if we were not so we were the been decimated a long time ago but what happens is because Jupiter is so large its orbit actually draws any asteroids that may be coming to the earth and it goes toward Jupiter and gets absorbed over there. So if you don't have a planet small with a planet big then that fine a small would be no problem at all. It has to be the right distance etc Now what's interesting is this that recently they have discovered a potential planet read may support life. And here it is it's called Kepler four fifty two B.. The problem is that that planet that they thought or think that may be able to sustain life is actually at a distance of one thousand four hundred light years away. How far is it. One thousand four hundred light years away now on that presents a real challenge which means that we're not going to get there too soon. Why. He is light travels a light year is a speed that light travels in the year and how many of you remember your science class where they told you that light travels at a speed of about one hundred eighty six thousand miles per second I mean remember that I mean you don't remember that that's OK maybe you didn't attend the same science class that I did so light travels how fast hundred eighty six thousand miles per second a light year then is the distance that light at that speed travels in a year. So here it is. I multiply it out for you to do the mathematics if you can see then that if you travelled light travels in one minute it goes six million eleven million miles in one minute. If it travels for one hour it goes six hundred sixty nine million miles but if it travels twenty four hours then we're talking about billion and if it travels for thirty days then we're talking trillions and then of course where there's no way we're going to be able to reach this distance even in one year but that's that they think they found this one thousand four hundred light years away question whether the chances that any human being will get there. The fastest that our space ships travel through space is about twenty one thousand miles per hour. So. You make the math you know the sky over that will take you many many many lives in other for you to be able to reach that planet that's supposed to be able to support life Jeremiah thirty one verse thirty seven says dust say of the Lord if Heaven above can be was. Measured and the foundations of the earth search in the. So God is sign that Heaven is so broad that nobody can measure it now how that the writers of the Bible know that. When there was no telescope and no way to actually put a hobbled scope up in space to discover that there was one one thousand five hundred galaxies in a space the size of a dime out there obviously. A master astronomer had to inspire the Bible writers for his say. But let's continue on. Possibilities of space travel since his suggestion that you have to travel to space what's a possibility and here goes. Near Earth space itself is about three hundred fifty degrees fifty six degrees Fahrenheit below zero that is that if you're in space and the sun is not shining on you the temperature is three hundred fifty six degrees below zero However on the other hand if the sun is shining on you then the temperature is two hundred thirty nine degrees Fahrenheit hot question in under four years or survive in space can you go as you are what's the answer no you will either become an instant icicle. You will be instantly incinerated So in order for anybody to get into space they're going to have to have specialized equipment to protect them not just from the sun but from radiation and from other things that are out there so Josh With the temperature alone the chances of human life surviving out there is what. Zero earth is the only planet. As we know of that has an atmosphere that has the ability to protect us against many things asteroids. Radiation. Excedrin and exchange the hot and extreme so cold aren't you glad that we're live on planet or. Lesson. Humans to venture into the environment of space can have negative effects on the body let me give give the she and the one significant adverse effects of long term weightlessness include muscle atrophy and the true ration of the skeleton so you go off six feet for you come back shorter number two other significant effects include a slowing of cardiovascular system functions in the three decrease production of red blood cells number four balance disorders number five eyesight disorders number six weakening of the immune system number seven additional systems include symptoms include fluid that redistribution causing the moon phase appearance typical in pictures of astronauts and number eight loss of body mass nasal congestion sleep disturbance and excessive. Fly violence so when you consider just the you already know that you're in trouble which means that if you're going to take a space flight which right now they're trying to build a hotel in space you know that right. Or just cost you a few million dollars to get there but they're making a hotel in space you're hoping so that people can take a flight to space and say and stay there a day or two or so far from come back it means then that you have to have to specialize equipment to be up there and a specialized equipment to get up there in a specialized equipment to get back. Which is pretty costly. And if you get there then there are challenges health challenges and the average life span for a tank of oxy that is between six to eight hours. When the most dangerous places on an astronaut it is the launch and re-entry of the rocket a lot of rocket fuel for reaction mass and energy is required to attain even a low Earth orbit the spacecraft needs to get up to at least seven miles per second or twenty five thousand miles per hour which is a very scary and dangerous speed and by the way if you happen to get into space and you have one of those strings tied to you that are you doing a space walk you know if for some reason you get detached from that tether and all you need is just a small nudge and you accelerate up to about twenty five to twenty nine thousand miles per hour so the chances of anybody catching up with you if that happens to you is nil and once you reach that speed even as they shot the rocket to try to catch up well you don't ever be able to catch up with you because you're still traveling at the same speed that they're traveling and you only will survive six or eight hours anyway so your chances of existence out there is how much zero. Well. They're thinking now maybe Mars we can travel in March and they made a film recently about Mars how many of you have heard of that film somebody who glance on Mars and all the things in March Well it's kind of silly but unless you if you don't know the science you think well it's probable possible if you know the science you know that a person flying. At twenty five thousand miles per hour is not just going to be caught but somebody grabbing your hand pulling you in how many of you can catch a ball at one hundred miles per hour. And if you have NO NO catchment system I wish is it to catch something going at two hundred miles an hour. Along going at twenty five thousand miles per hour so all that science Hollywood does is that it would trace things that they hope could be possible the reality is that true science reveals it's not possible. Well. To get to Mars and speed and I'm talking about would take about two hundred days I would look last night and I could see Mars. And I could see Jupiter I mean if you could see both planets last nine grams of C. there's some star cases here to get to Mars which is the closest at this point it would take you about two hundred days. So first you have to get there in two hundred days. Which means you have to have enough supplies to last two hundred days. And once you get there you have to have enough supplies to come back two hundred days so already you're over a year that you're gone. Plus you have to have supplies for over a year so the chances then of you being up there and surviving in March means that is possible only if they keep on sending rockets. Consistently going up there to reach you when you and when your ammunition is about ready to expire. And I don't know about you but I don't want to be in that situation so. That in a thousand years. The earth will not exist the amazing thing about. These scientists is that they are discovering things that they just simply misinterpret. Like the scientists that were talking to me talking to me about evolution he said you can't deny that embryos on have gills. And that's that the problem is that you take that information the interpreted evolution. I take that information interpreted this intelligent design I said a simple. You take the stratus of the earth. And you have a small bigger bigger bigger big a bigger bigger. And you interpret that evolution we take that and chirp with it a flood is that what you mean a simple you take pebbles or rocks of different sizes put them in a bucket spin them and let them settle down which settle down to the bottom first which you think the bigger of the smaller. Which ones how many of you say small Can I see your hands and he say big Can I see your hands I mean we don't want to raise your hand see that all right. It's OK to be careful but don't be too careful about things. The truth of the matter is that what settles first the smaller ones. And then the bigger and the bigger and the bigger I said to him that's why you have you have fossils of fish on top of mountains. Because it was say worldwide flood. So I said you know you take your take that information interpreted this way we take the same information and we interpret it this way. And show Hawkins said one thousand years now those of you who know the Scriptures know two things number one. That in order for you to have hope you must get all the OR you must walk in off the or you will not survive on this planet that's what the scientists a science but they're only confirming the Word of God. Because Jesus said I must take you off the earth. But he said that in these words Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many if it were not so I would have told you I go all and prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and to walk and take you off the planet. And to walk and take you off the planet so that where I am there you may be also and by the way so that you will know the Bible establishes that this travel. Faster than the speed of light. The Jinn though that you don't know that and many things that the Bible establishes most of us don't catch it because when I think of science that is clear. You'll see that this says that the angels fly in a flash of of lightning and one. Flash of lightning so this flight in the scripture is faster than light God says that you are going to have to be getting going to getting off the planet but he also had made the provision think of the signs behind us OK he says that when he comes something's going to have to happen with your bodies because presently you are not capable in your shape and the form that you have to get into a space. God will have to do something miraculously to make you capable of taking that flight and the Bible makes it plain that this says you will be changed in a walk in a moment in the twinkling of the eye when at the last trump where the trumpet shall sound and the dead in Christ shall be raised and corruptible Nan this corruption shall put on watch. In corruption which means that you will not be able to be corroded again I didn't hear anybody say amen about that. Just think of it no more wrinkles ladies then it says and this mortal which means you are subject to walk down put on watch immortality can you see what's happening the Bible Scientifically speaking gave us the answers to our hope science who doesn't believe in God leaves you with the only idea that perhaps there's a planet out there that we can the scape to. God says yes you must escape the planet will not last. Seen in this corrupting influence this is destroying the planet and this drawing us. God must do something to rescue the human race if God doesn't do it there's no hope for us are you hearing me. Therefore praise the name of Jesus that he has given us inspiration through His Holy Word scientifically explaining to us that the moment will come when you will be able to fly. And I praise God for that hope what you say want to bless at home. When we say unto you by walk. By the word of the Lord yes this holy book that a lot of people this day and and and criticize etc in here you find the hope for humanity and it's sad but this we say unto you by the word of the law that we should we which are alive and remain on to the coming of the Lord shall not go ahead of them which were then who are the Lord himself shall they send from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel with the trump of God and the dead in crush of Rights First think of it for centuries people thought you cannot fly therefore they didn't believe what Jesus says in the book that he ascended to heaven and the disciples stood up there looking on up to heaven you remember then and you the angel said You Man the galley Why are you standing up looking out to have been the same Jesus which you have seen go up into heaven shall come back in the same manner as you've seen him go so you for centuries people mock that impossible how can you do that now when though that is possible men are traveling back and forth to space not as many as God will take that we now know that it's possible to get off the planet. Through. More you also know it's not possible to live in Spain. Show the law himself and then shave with the voice of the Ark and you would have trouble God and the dead and crush your eyes first as another miracle the idea that people can live again what scientists are trying to figure out what they're hoping to do with Stephen Hawkins this is freezes body so that when enough technology is developed they can kind of fog him and there poof you'll be back alive if they would all only accept the Blessitt writings of the Scriptures. As the only hope. But I want to tell you something interesting in April when Stephen Hawkins was asked and he made a statement about a thousand years. They asked him if there was a god and he said no. There is no god. However in July. He changed his tune. In July he shocked the scientific world. By saying some master intelligence has organized things. Science at least those who are sincere. Are beginning to see. A different perspective than they have been brainwashed to believe and that is that there is a divine being who provides hope with the world. And that hope is for you into a me and what about the oeuvre existing a thousand years whether the Bible's tell us the Bible says that when Jesus comes we will be in heaven for a thousand years and then after the thousand years what will happen to the earth it shall be destroyed so Stephen Hawkins is right on the money. Without knowing it so I hope he is listening because if he doesn't listen then when the Creator comes back and the ex have to match his lot and Savior he will be restored to his young manhood and they able to function again as God is able to do for all those who love Him and trust in him the same one who walked in Galilee is still able to heal people when you say. But while your healing may not take place here it certainly will take place when the Master returns what a blessing is what he is say for the Bible says fire came down from God out of heaven in the god damn and the devil that deceived him was cast into the like a fire and brimstone but that day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in the which I have been shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat by the way they found out how cold it can get they have not found out how hot it can get I think a cold is that they can get on there is four hundred fifty seven degrees below zero. But they have already discovered that there is heat that beyond two thousand three thousand four thousand degrees Fahrenheit. What the Bible says is true the earth will melt with Walk for urban heat which Maine says going to have to be a hot fire weather site and the elements shall melt with fervent heat the earth also in the works that are there when shall be burnt up and brother say in then that all the stain shall be dissolved what manner of persons ought you to be in all the conversation and godliness looking for and watch and hastening on to the coming of the day of God were in the Hammond being on fire shall be dissolved and the elements shall melt with fervent heat. It is better to trust in the light. And to put confidence in man. Science forty one forty six verse three would not your trust in princes know in the Son of man in whom there is how much. I only hope is for the Lord to return the only hope there is no other place even pleasure hope science is only confirming. What the bless the Word of God as the credit to us a century is too bad that we have to wait for science for our stability I remember was a little boy seen people kind of move in their lives and when we saw people move in their lives we do this you understand how many of you recognize that I don't know if our kids today on the stand that signal but. In the in Yiddish we used to say is machine going to and the cup you want. To share gonna win the cup is yet ish in manger crazy. Crazy but now nobody thinks people are crazy sometimes you go into the rational people talking. Then they're talking to themselves now they're talking on cell phones right. You standing in some place and somebody is talking a turn around they think they're talking to you and they're talking to somebody now nobody thinks people are crazy even though we're probably more crazy now than we were before so people didn't believe in prayer people thought prayer was something funny duddy people who just didn't then have anything else to do but try to think that maybe there was some god something that they could you know hide behind but now nobody questions the reality that you can talk and that your voice can fly and go someplace Is that true. There's no question the difference is this. The talk that you do that we have cell phone you have to pay for time the talk you do to God is free and he hears faster than your cell phone can respond. We have a home in the living God who is the creator of the or was organize all and gives just the promises that yes the earth will be dissolved. Yes the end will come. Yes there's no escape in man. Yes there's a scape in God. Maybe there's somebody here they've been struggling with their faith by. And as you've heard this presentation you realize that what the word reveals is true. And you can trust God. You can put your life in his care and he's capable of taking care of you if you let him and anyone here in the audience of the struggle with their faith and would like to raise your hand and say this presentation has increased my faith in a Living God can you raise your hand today and say yes I understand now better than before and what God says just to and that science is simply confirming the precious promises the goddess made let us pray that when we find it. We marvel at all that you know Precious were tells us. We pray and father that you help us to put our trust completely in you. And we pray for the scientists who the enemy has led to invent and create and and forge ideologies that lead people to no hope. And those who are sincere we pray that you are turned them to you and in turn that they'll turn thousands to you because they have found you to whom they could trust. So must. Keep us safe. And at last save us we pray to Jesus. This media was brought to you by Adil first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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