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Hope in the Future- Part 2

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • June 12, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Of father that's we study this morning we pray again claiming the promise. To be the one to speak to each one of our sent to us so you are named the glorified Jesus name and that relative to the subject is a subject of trying to find the true church. Now I do not know if you realize. That Presently there are thirty nine thousand question the nominations how many thirty nine thousand question the nominations if you look at the chart you will see that in the eight hundred there were five hundred different question and nominations by nineteen hundred there were one thousand one nine hundred by nine hundred seven they eat you see the exponential growth from one thousand nine hundred to how much eight thousand seven hundred one thousand seven hundred showing seventy is the Christian the nominations grew by about seventeen thousand more by the mid two thousand again it almost doubled and slowed down by the year two thousand and eight. So that one to thirty nine thousand you can well understand why it is that people having difficulty with church finding. A church and when you consider that there are thirty nine thousand it becomes even more challenging. Especially when you realize that there's only how many books. One only one Bible and not a one by one you get thirty nine thousand. How does that. Figure out. So people many times have called Church hoppers I mean if you have heard that term before church hoppers and the reason why some people do church hopping is because they're trying to find. What they consider to be the true of the real. Others just Church hop because they like something called smorgasbord where you can go and get a little here and a little there and a little here and there the now whereas before you only had a few choices now you have thirty nine thousand and it take you more than several lifetimes to go through that's one of the board. Figure out which one is the. Right one. However in the scriptures. God does not seek to make it so complex so difficult that people can find the way to salvation and so. You. Were swung from camp to one beloved when I gave you all diligence to write on to you of the palm and salvation it was needful for me to write on to UN exhorting you. That you should earnestly do wot. Ten for the what the face which was once delivered unto the Saints obviously according to the Bible that's how many faiths. One fade but according to what we just read in this and the statistics there how many there are in one thousand. So from one face now you have thirty nine thousand but it was not always the case and I want you to know does far as the Bible is concerned the Bible is clear there is only one How many is only one now you can argue and you can say well preacher you are arrogant because you don't know all roads lead to Rome however I should let you know that Rome is not the kingdom of God nor is it having. Rama something set up by men and God Salvation is not to be determined by Centrepoint in a place called the Vatican which seven hilts rather salvation is found in Christ and Christ makes it plain that he has how many face one thing therefore it is expedient or should I say it is urgent for us to. Discover which is the right one because from what we see in the world things are winding up with the thought. So in them again and in Genesis if you look at the Book of the Bible. The Bible begins with two chapters Genesis one and two and he said well that's obvious which are well and also into two chapters twenty one and twenty two but I want you to know this that the first two chapters of the Bible and the last A chapter the Bible a mirror images in other words in the first chapter and chapter two you will find it as a perfect world a perfect home a perfect relationship between man and. Perfect food perfect environment everything is perfect if you go to the last two chapters whether you find you find a perfect environment again man is back and perfect Jenny is with the perfect god the perfect home perfect food everything is perfect again so you find a perfect world you begin with and you find a perfect world to begin with. Your perfect environment obviously we're not in the first and we're not in the I won't call it the last even though it will be the last. We do not find it in the new. Right so we're not there nor are we there so where are we. Someplace in between and the purpose of the Bible is to help you know figure out discover learn how you can get from our first two chapters to the last two chapters everything in the Bible is to get you from point A to Point Z. therefore every teaching of Christ that Christ encourages. The basic tenants of history you can find it in the first two chapters and you can find in the last two chapters in other words the first two chapters there was no death as that drew. No last a chapter there is no death that to. Arrive So in the first two chapters as a perfect diet is not true. In the last chapter the perfect guy that true. We know that's a tree of life in the first chapter we know there's the tree of life and. In the last chapter and so we can see then in the scriptures that God has a plan which some people call it the plan of salvation others call it the plan the redemption call it the great controversy but whichever term you use it is to signify that God has a plan by which he's going to take you from the beginning to the new beginning like that where you say I'm glad it doesn't say from the beginning to the end that God doesn't have an end for his children God has a new beginning for. Same and to the So how do you get there now in the beginning there was one faith how many one's favor the Lord has spoken to man Adam and his wife and that gave them the understanding that they needed to have in order to maintain a present relationship with their make a face to face communion with them but something happened something went wrong and sin came then when sin came in it divided that one saved and they became. So you have. Abel and you have Cain now you have how many Jews one is following the way that God ordained that the other one is following in the way he dictated. Speaking about Cain so you have two separate face now two divergent and when you come actually to the chapter six of Genesis you will find then that what's happening is that that was to faves have merged have one that merge and the one faith that God gave that was to be me maintaining pure. Came polluted But God always maintained the truth that through those people who were called SEE have ears but what they call. In other words today we understand that that whole idea of a carrier you can be a carrier of some. Disease that true I mean have you have ever been tested positive put to rest your loss' and they have you get the shot in the numbers rather than any of you have had. So you are in WA. Area even though it has not manifested itself in you they all of us are carriers were carious are one thing a work area is another thing work carries over multiple things but the God ordained then that that brave that God and trusted to mankind would be carried from father to son to son to son to sonne through the generations and that. Particular phrase had. Elements that marked it as the genuine faith how many. Elements one was they if and the other one was really how many. Job That's simple enough a child could understand rush and obey the law there is no other way to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey so you have how many job. All those who identified as God's true believers. Showed the them selves to be true believers by having genuine trust in God and showing that trust by their obedience. Always. In the genuine cheek area you will find those two characteristics All right so. Not as it said because Abraham did what. Obeying my boys and that one else had my charge my commandments my statues and my law now I want you to know the something interesting by this time there was nothing written about last tattoo's judgment a commandment So how did they know it was verbal That's correct there was the truth was passed on by word of mouth from mouth to mouth and so the faith was kept alive by people living it and sharing it so that Abraham. Was a person noted as a man who obeyed but also he was no the some man who had. Saved by faith Abraham or you can say by crushing Abraham when he was called to go out into a place which you should after received growing inheritance what did he do you know. Did he have the two qualities what's the answer yes he had faith he trusted in God and what else he obeyed those two qualities the other essential What did I say they're essential. For identification purposes and during this time. Wow Abraham was faithful and obeying there were other so many other types of ideas so ideologies out there so Abraham's faith was not the only one there were others so from Cain is split into many. And the names of the different gods began to multiply and be began to worship all sorts of things now and frog and dogs and cats and inanimate objects people began to think that God was something they could make up in their minds but God is not something you can make up in your mind God is something that makes your mind up. And so the Bible makes it plain then that the carious of the true faith are traced and that's why you have those long lists of genealogy in other words in the book of Luke that has the longest That's it takes you all away from Christ all away to Adam who was a Son of God In Matthew it takes you through the genealogy of Christ and in Hebrew as well it gives you a whole list of the faithful so the preface of these lists is the let you know that God did not miss a moment that he lost track of the seed carriers he always strays his job believes throughout history and so they were being traced from the time that Jesus made the statement about the sea in Genesis three fifteen and that sea had to be traced all the way true because your hope and my hope your salvation and my salvation and salvation of the whole world centered upon finding the right C. and that's why in the Bible in the Old Testament there are three hundred thirty three prophecies that have to be took will by the Messiah. How many. Three hundred thirty three prophecies now to help you to understand the significance of that Jewish for Phil what he ate prophecies how many. Fell forty eight prophecies the probability that in the in the day you know could fulfill that would be one. Hundred and Thirty seven hours. I don't know if you understand what that means by the chances that a person can satisfy fulfill forty eight problems is one chance in a hundred and fifty seven which you take ten and you put one hundred fifty seven zeros to it and that's a chance let me simplify it this way if you take the state of Texas and you felt the state of Texas two feet deep which Schober quarters how high. And I mean isn't actually because they boast about that they're the biggest something. Right they have big rabbits and they have big this and big. Jacks. You take taxes you felt I would too two feet. Are Gone right so aquatic and you take one silver quater and market how many are one your market and then you purchase some place in the state of Texas know what to. Call others and then blindfold somebody and ask in one pit to find what would be the chance of chance it would be one hundred ten to one hundred fifty so. God did that to guarantee human me that when we find the true Messiah we find salvation. And God did that to also let you in the hope that there would be a lot or a chance by the enemy to fabricate or make the call is so that people would put their faith in the wrong place thinking that they're secure only to discover on the final end of the law so you must place your faith and right Messiah. What I'm saying you can't just place in an any US place and in the Jesus and that the Jesus had to satisfy how many prophecies not forty eight he had to fulfill how many three hundred thirty three I already told you the other other possibility for one of the by. Now. From most years then probably from Adam to Moses God traced his younger one played from Adam to Moses to price God traced it to anyone and so when Jews just became to bring attention back to the faith that had been deliberate Adam at the beginning and even though the Jews had their different ideas about salvation and then the Romans and the Greeks and so on even in the days of Christ's it was only one true faith you remember what you said to the woman at the well you said you Samaritan don't know what you worship but salvation as. You now if somebody were to say that to you today you think that that's arrogant. It's not about the arrogance it was about truth. Crisis not being there again Christ was trying to help people understand that there shall Gratian was not the planet up on finding a well that you can get water from that was dug by some ancestor your salvation had to be depended upon the living Christ and that's why he said that they will come when those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Christ then reestablish what he had given to the people in the beginning and through him you could trace the truth all the way back to Adam one faith that had trust and what else. You know. Christ then and trust that that Jannie one face to his disciples who later became the Apostles these apostles then were given the tasks of. Committing and enlightening the people to that faith that only saved and when Paul went to priests and Athens to the Greeks he tried to match ideology with ideology philosophy with philosophy and he didn't succeed. And then he woke up to the reality that he was going to say people he had to bring them not to ideology but to a living Savior and that's why he said to them I will reach no longer anything but Christ and Him most of. He failed if you read the council you'll discover that he recognized that he did not succeed by matching or using philosophy the comeback the last of he succeeded when he stuck to share with people where if salvation was found and in whom they could find it and that was. So the OP was not a crave then began to spread throughout Rome and by God's grace many people even in Caesar's Palace began to turn to the genuine thing even though there were many gods many faced eccentric tenth are minded to you today as an advocate going and preaching all round them people saying what do you think you're holier than anybody else you think that your church is you only way they're going to get to happen and then they make up a little story just like there was a group going all around touring and haven't and find it akin to one group and the angels as. And they people say why because those of the advent of they think that they only want and haven't so they've got to come up and create all of these things these stories to try to let people think that you can find salvation in all the nomination and let me say this while it is true that God in mercy has his people everywhere that you know what I said while it is true that correct it is also true that all summer really there will only be one thing how many one place there will not be two thousand and three thousand and thirty nine thousand different faiths entering into the kingdom that it's not going to be God did not say that that will take place so the scripture makes it plain there. That you have one living faith. Now going back to the OP I started playing when the opera style of play was. And they began to make inroads into all the other groups and different ideologies. In the Siple who dying on. And finally Paul wrote to the believe. That the mighty parting shot into in the Mung not very well the flock what you than others that ball the safety locks. Where they see. The flock which means that he understood there were many flaws with only one flaw also your own selfish all manner are speaking perverse things your way disciples that. God established a genuine play from the beginning it got into. God brought it back together and the people of Israel they publish or fail to do their work they became. Christ came to United it gave it the Apostles they began to breach. The faith became. So the attempt of the enemy was to make it so. That you find the journey when things would be like finding on the. Show. What would happen to. All of us going to Revelation chapter. And Revelation chapter. One that represent the journey when they were. Standing upon the moon symbolic. Types of shadows of the old. Symbolized by close the righteous. And the Crown a postcard symbolizing the twelve messengers of the. Show a church that comes in a pure. That's the OP of solitude. You can read that in Chapter twelve of the child to be born. Now and since that church would make an end to all manner of paganism and all manner of ideology the devil did everything possible to the story because. We decided to make sure that it wasn't as effective as he decided to try to. Put things in it. Make it. So you had no. Fortunately. But kept Azhar on it. And the bibles of the woman but into the will. She have a place prepared to feed her. So for twelve hundred sixty. The genuine. True carriage. Had to go in. And they went into hiding because of the great great virtue that the enemy lashed out to try to destroy. That. So. Well in Bible prophecy you know that the. Five thirty years seventy nine the. Journey went very well. And we know that that time there were many people who would give their lot. In the sack or much anything. To. Join in the song. Like mine. So I continued on. The file and after something like. The one you want I know that the woman was given. A great as you might buy into the. Book. And show it. The. People. Who carried. The book. You know bang God according to the. Mocked. Person you. All. Remember one family and one of them they were brought to trial. Because they dared to. Say the Lord. And because they taught the girl said the Lord. Would burn that. That's what. But dog. Fighting. Between. And so. And. Identify people that you know. Where. The. And the commandments of. Those elements to qualify. The remaining. Of the Lord told to identify the. So from the time to. Come out of. Wisdom on the part of dawn the race that. In the most prosperous country. Of our time. You can buy Bible and. Ask you how many of you have Bibles and. I think. There are so many different versions of the. And I want to say this. But. I've done work in the bibles you need to be. There all the Bible. But if. You need to go. Because if the other make the. Wrong. You will succeed by destroying it. Simply by. God did not. And so I'm not somebody who. Read this book in. The capital. Two hundred years have passed since the time that the. Genuine faith was ripe. And then. In the Book of Revelation chapter. Thirteen and. Warren says about a great the quote. Is what. God wants us about the. Perhaps you have seen it this way. But in chapter fourteen and the first. And had its initiation of the. Revival. But then the second followed the first. BABYLON US law. And most of. This is of course. The big. But I want you to. Know a lot of warning about the. Garden warning about. Well and Babylon of. BABYLON. With. Great. But you know that the word balance arrived. For. The reason why the word Babel and we should use that term just babbling. We use that term. How many of you have. Wives. How many wives. You know why would. One of you want to. But it means simply that your other and something unintelligible correct. Something that no one can on the. Word of Babel. And Babylon represented a woman. In the bible it's a symbol of a church that. Babel actually began with them correct. And when it began with an Enron. Tower a baby. Got confused. Now I should tell you that that's a version of part of the by accepted Jewish mop the first. List. Is the one that. You know. And God did it. Separately because they were trying to establish affordable religion. And God did not want that but the salvation of. Computers and. Languages then became. Separated. And. You can go to. The language you want. I remember I went to a particular country. And my wife and I would plan of trying. Book. And it was in there on so we went to the information and we. Thank you help in the immediate response was no way to. Get us out of ourselves. So we figured out how to get out of that country. And we sort. Of that's what people speak different languages and speaking. We could figure out where the go we couldn't figure out the. Language of separate people. But languages can also unite. And it's interesting. Language is the language that uniting people. Go anyplace in the and somebody will talk to you. And by the way the country was. Americans were arrogant we go to your country we learn English you got to our country. So. BABYLON said to be the mother of. Her daughters but symbolized. Church doctrine. And follow her example of sacrifice. And the rule of. The form of the Law Alliance. BABYLON. The state about. Daughters of. The Protestant denomination. Of the pardon. And whether that's true that there's a jam on my. Nominations but the Catholic the truth the. Base the obedience. And the and they find not in. And that is reading such a confusion in the world people think that it is a good thing to unite because we need to be one of the friends unity for the sake of oneness is not with cranks one's unity for the sake of truth is what Christ ones because Jesus did not say you shall be one and the one was make you free J.C. said You shall know the truth and there to show why make you and they also establish the fact that he then this can be one together. And that what he said is said you know you need to love different then the hidden because they are one in harmony and helping each other so you know that I think if who is who wants to rob who has the want to unite with another thing they become one is not true. So becoming one is not what saves you even though if you are in the true Christ you will become. But wonders is not necessarily what God wants to do less than they were say a what is called the Promise Keepers in a meeting down in plant and they were still wood with thousands of men and their leader that particular they got up and sat at the count of three I want you all to shout your particular the nomination. And so that one two three and everybody yell out their particular nomination. Baptists Southern Baptists and Church of Christ and all of those are the same time and he said what does that sound like while they all look at each other to sound like bedlam now he said now the count of three I want you to call shot out Jesus All right so he said one to the three and I write each other out Jesus then he said Now what does have sound like but that sounds like you know that you understand. And the people there fell for it. But that's not we're cranks is calling. I just calling poor people who try to back to the truth that's it is and so I'm back to what they are the true as of this inquiry now it's a simple thing to understand this. The message of Revelation fourteen announcing the fall of Babylon must apply to religious bodies that were once pure and I've become one corrupt since just masses follows a warning of the judgment it must be given the last days therefore it cannot refer to the Roman church alone but that church had been in the form and condition for many centuries. I. Study with people all the time. And it's amazing how many different ideas you know that people think come from the Bible I The lady one time I was a pastor downtown down south yonder in Georgia and the little old lady came to me she said. They don't pastor he said I have a question for you and I said what that system she sent when the Bible isn't found that a growing hand and a whistling woman is an abomination unto the Lord you understand hands on crows quote. Where in the Bible can you find that a crowing hen and they whistling woman it's an abomination to them and I said that's in the book I has the chi she said Hezekiah. Oh then she said. I said that the point sister it doesn't exist. Just She lashes Oprah so you are silly I said no I'm not sorry I'm trying to give you a point it does not exist that something made up by sudden men trying to keep women from Wessling because they think that women who whistle are an abomination unto the Lord so they call in this phrase a crowing hen and a whistling woman is an abomination to the Lord therefore that would stop the women from whistling What do you think about that lady some of the most beautiful whistles I've heard in my life who were. Like there is a woman that goes around she's blind but she whistles. Songs Christian songs. So. The Bible of them is the center of attack. The want. To buy. The sad thing is this that that attack on the Bible. Also scraping in where. You have to recognize. That if there were ever time that you need to know the Scriptures it is when it is now know the scriptures for yourself the hankered in the word for you. Learn those qualities and Christ has delineated in the scriptures concerning the true believers when he was asked he simply said there is one Lord. As one Dave and one baptism Paul who wrote this was not suggesting. Anything else then that the one true Lord One True Faith one true baptism because he says that is they there are many lawyers. Fact Paul said if you if you know somebody comes and push you another gospel then what you have heard militia in chapter one let them be a curse Paul says also that there are many will come preaching Christ and Jesus I'm so worn that there are many false Christs coming to the world so you need to find the true one but where can you find the true one in the Scriptures Christ is not just some love it that we name that saves you Christ is a real person and has a real tenets of teaching that are calculated for the person who accepts them to find salvation. Here's a patient. Those things yeah they are the key to come out. And face. Again. And just as other sheep have I which are not of this fold them also I must bring and then I shall hear my voice and they shall become one flock and one. The father Master comes there's going to be. Group. Who follow the one who. Is not suggesting that I think that I'm better than others however. Some people say Who do you think you are holier than thou not. I hope so. I hope I'm holding. Not because I make myself well. But because if you connect yourself with the savior he will make you. What. He said Read our holy for I am told so if somebody you know I had somebody say to me just book it was a big book about how the. Churches and I should have only to read. And he said you got a closed mind pastor and that it's true I'm supposed to close my mind to those things that. He got upset that he was trying to intimidate me by saying you've got a closed mind. And when I'm sure that you're right my mind is close to those things and. I said listen when that writer points to a church he has to stablish that's complete Adventists in faith and in truth then I'll read the book but that right I have no idea how to plan to have on the church because he doesn't understand the AT and. If he did he would be writing that book to be writing a different we need to be careful that we don't get intimidated by people who try to put us in a box. We need to recognize who we are what we stand for what we believe because it does say that you should have an answer for the faith that is within. Unless. Are you having problems finding and they don't have. I know a lot of people that I've met. And I deal with constantly on the plane as I travel. I have a genuine desire to mine. I was just holding the meeting and. And the lady came and sat. Outside of the Champ leaned against a coconut tree. And I didn't know that she was sitting up there until one evening I found a sitting on. But should not you should have been here for several nights that's what it was sitting in the it's OK I don't like shooting but of course I said no no you need to come inside the part of the family all right so you came inside and then she went all the way inside she came every single night. So then she. Discovered that I was telling about just. So she said I want to get baptized tomorrow. Sav a part of me and I said I'm sorry that I've mentioned. I want to be I'm sorry and that's what I need to spend time with you. Repaired. That was one of my baptismal services I'm sorry. That I have afternoon. So I said but I need to get together with you. When can we get together. He said well we can get together tomorrow welcome Ardern happen so I called her and I said we still need to get together on Friday yeah we'll get together well we can get together fry then actually shows up all excited she planned to get baptized and I said well we still need to get together I didn't know how to tell the lady I didn't know what she understood and that she needed to have an understanding of. Who Jesus was and show. To have a morning I preach and she came right with her black clothing. So I met with her at lunch time and chatted with turnout that this was a lady who comes always I'm hungry both in New York you know actually moved all the way to. Drop less of New York the little thirty five miles by Chan I know. So I said What are you doing here but she came to work oh. So you want to get baptized this afternoon Tell me what kind of work do you do Oh she said I'm a stripper and I. I mean you mean the kind of thing that you do. Yeah. That's why they're. Crying. Every time I'm going to do it. And then as I look at those people who come through much of your sorrow. And I pray that this woman was the Merrimac. Or she was the woman up. In our hard earned a desire to know and to follow. All the different ideologies out there. I prayed with her and she shared with her. I said. What are you going to deny the Bush you got baptized What would you be doing. And said Would you be a witness. That you have accepted. So what would you like to do a lot she said I would love to work on and off and. Let me put together with some friends of mine. Another very. Fun. Where you can serve on according to the. I praise God that everywhere there are people looking for. The need to find the right. And the truth shall make you. The way to find a needle haystack since. You don't have to know all the prophecies of the Bible even. Know them by their. Simple asses. All you have to do is take the ten commandments and how many Thank you. And if you want to find the right the nominee. Then take to thank a member go through. And you will discover. That many many many many don't ration you claim to follow. By and then. Just by Sunday even though people argue that some day of the day they do. Not say somebody would mean my day. Even while. They went to synagogue. And then by the Bible in the book of Isaiah made it plain that the Sabbath. So the one who gave the Sabbath to begin with in creation is the one who kept the sour when he came so if you confuse about the written counsel you should be able to see it by the. Light. And show. So if you find a church that's true church and yet go Kochhar to the print command you can just write them off because even though there may be wonderful people in that church you are looking for the needle in the haystack and then they don't. Get all of it with a magnet of the Scriptures and so simple and then if you have more questions about other the nomination because there are some who claim to believe all the command of the Jewish faith. They follow all the commandments but they do not have a paper. So it becomes very simple you narrow it down doesn't have to be so complex if you try to check out all the nominations are out there take more than a lot of time to figure out the right. God gives. Find the one that has the truth. If there teaches harmonizer the first two chapters of the Bible the last which after the Bible then there I will be the right one whether they contradict the first two chapters the last two chapters then they cannot be the two. Youngest and when they become very simple. Honest hard to find their way to the right. You know Revelation Chapter thirteen and fourteen that God identifies the false and you know that and the third angels message it uses language just really rough language that. Says those who accept the mark of the bridge shall be so mad that would walk out. And people say well that's a terrible god how could god. And I just want you to understand that the message is that we believe our righteousness in there what. Simple. When I read Revelation chapter four and read that last angels message I do not see. As a hive mind you into heaven by telling you to do a fire. You understand. Skate the five know there's a message of love there let me explain to you this way. When I was a little boy growing up in New York City we had no place just what other than the school or in the street or in between the buildings we lived in these tenements there were five stories high and so there was a kind of a passageway in between and a space between the building where we could go and play without having to play in the in the street. In the street in those days a car who are much area than they are today and the people in New York don't know they have brakes they know they have horns and so all they do is they push the horn get out of the way put the brake on it but the horn on you understand so we're playing in the street my mother used to sit up on the window sill watching us down there and she would watch the traffic coming and she would say. There's a car coming and we get out of the street car would go by and we go back on the street way out punchbowl or whatever Scalia or something that we would like this time we're playing in the in the in between that corridor and between the buildings and we discovered two mattresses. That might have thrown out. And we got a bright idea instant trampoline. So we put the mattresses One top of the other and began to jump up and down you understand we have a great great deal of fun jumping up and down but after a while we just couldn't jump high enough so we thought how can we get more extensively than jumping. We got a bright idea we saw the when the first story when we put the mattresses against the building went up stairs stairs and then I was I go first I go for no let me go for it you know how it goes right and so. Boom. Boom and we all jump out the window and you know have a great great time and after a while when what happens not exciting as it was to begin with so we got the bright idea to go out. There we went up to the second story and now it's interesting that when you look down it doesn't look very high but when you're from up down and it looked pretty hot and so there we were looking down and those mattresses look smaller than the before. And this time it was and I go for a title for this title was Hugo. So finally it was all right I got to be the tough one you know. Bright one so I got on the one of but it deep inside I'm a I don't want to jump. That I didn't know how hard I would hit and how far we've come off where I would fall so out by Harvard's I'm being secretly I was wishing that I could get out of the situation but didn't know how and all of a sudden I heard footsteps coming up. And I looked down and who do you suppose was there. And she saw me on that window sill. And she said it's in the lovely having no wonder. You think that's what you say. Or do you think. Bard she described the worst scenario possible to wake me up out of my sight. So that in Spanish seem better when Shah actually yelled You shameless while getting up that I went out and if you don't get that when the hour break yet. Well my mom hated my mom. Because. In a moment of crisis. She got only a bump yell out that one. Of my. Decision Revelation chapter. Is not about. Looking forward for people that. Are warning to all denominations that they are standing on the precipice. And they do not understand the consequences. And. Yet all that. If you don't get all that I had You're going to suffer grave consequences. When truth is essential. You know what I said. With Christ truth is is central. That's why user said you know. And the truth shall set you free is not about trying to muscle people into it's about war and. We are living in the final days of this. Right. They don't find the right truth they'll find a. Lead them to the. Gone Ones you. Warn the people. They get Also preppers if you believe in your heart that what you believe is true. Then you can sit and hold it. You are a seed Carrie of the truth and God wants you to share the truth with those who know not truth you need to let them that there are consequences they do not get on. A God of love like my mother screaming out. Getting me my attention. So that I can get off. From the danger. Do you believe that you have that would you share or. Would you stand to the. Lord help to know the truth. And to give the truth if you stand. Let us pray together Heavenly Father we are great but the truth which is and. And we have followed the truth throughout history in the vine the truth that you have given to. We hold dear. But help us not to keep it to us oh God let us keep. The. Granted that. The war in. 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