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Hope in the Future- Part 4

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • June 13, 2016
    9:30 AM
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And like you to buy you had to me as we consider the word to Heavenly Father we're grateful that we can study this morning together and we asking. As Now his promise that you will be with us but in more than two or three here. Speak to our hearts we pray thank you for hearing us and she's just a name Amen. Yesterday identity inspiration of the Word of God and on the Word of God is based on our lovely Kong doctrines and the word doctrine simply means teachings and it's it's important to remember that the Bible gives us to change that and we would be able to place our faith on the correct messiah or the correct price for their many ideas to the floating about about Christ and the only place to find the correct idea about Christ is in His Holy Word the Bible. There's been a lot of questions of recent times concerning the headship in the scriptures. The headship is something that the Bible speaks about the night to the be well for us to crown find some of these things because he has seems to be a lot of confusion that to mount first of all I know I could tell you that men and women are not the same now you probably knew that already. But perhaps she did not know that there are many different changes between men and women let me just suggest a few. Because of her unique chromosome old pattern the woman has great constitutional vitality Normally they all live manned by three to four years generally women die of disorders related to female reproduction and breast cancer which men don't suffer from. Women stomach kidneys liver and appendix are larger than men that you know that. Their lines just smaller than men's resulting in about thirty percent less lung capacity the bass solo metabolic rate of man is higher than that of women. The finger the first finger I will woman's hand is usually longer than the third it you know that. If you take your first finger. And you look at it. And you take the third finger and you look at it normally speaking the first finger is longer and then the third finger with man the opposite is true with man usually the first finger is shorter than the third. So. Boys teeth last longer than Dude those are girls women skeleton structure has a shorter head broader phase less patrolling chin and short on legs and longer trunk the glands work differently in the two sexes for example a woman aside why there's larger and more active in the largest during menstruation and pregnancy which makes her more prone to go either provides resistance to cone and is associated with a smooth skin rather the relatively hairless body and the thin layoffs subcutaneous fat other important elements in the concept of personal view the blood contains more watcher twenty percent fewer red cells since red cells supply oxy into the body he tires more easily in a more prone to faint. Nine normally men are fifty percent stronger than women in brute strength ten men's hearts beat slower and those who are women eleven women blood pressure ten points lower than men varies from minute to minute. Women have men to publics and do not women can withstand high temperatures better than men because their metabolic rate is slower or slows down less That's why women can handle kitchens better than men can. Men and women different every shell of their body is because they carry a different chromosome have her male and female fetus corpus callosum are different the bridge of nerve tissues to connect to the right than the left side of the brain had to think a measurement in female fetuses than in male fetuses sixteen men and women listen to a novel when males listen only the left hemisphere of their brains was activated the brains of female subjects however show that to them both the left and the right hemispheres. Seventeen men have larger brains that you know that but women have more brain cells. And cine men and women are different use different parts of their brains while thinking nineteen there are significant differences in the brain activity of men and women twenty male brain neurons are about a third larger than female new Iraq's male and female nuanced take up significantly different amounts of document. A brain chemical that access a mood enhancer release pain and right to its motion twenty one electrical system of the hardest different in men and women women have faster heart rates and a different electrocardiogram and than men that's only twenty one of the many many differences that there are between men and women now perhaps you knew some of these things and perhaps you did how many of you did not know some of these things. Now you know that there is a difference between you not just in the physical appearance but actually in your makeup. Men and women are different. Now when God decided to create mankind He could have done the same thing that he did with Mary. He could of inseminate. He and from me bring about an atom. He could have done that. True if he could do it marriage certainly could do the creation because the made the woman and then plant a seed and there would be a man gone but God did not choose to do it that way God chose to make a man and from the man make a woman which is clearly a purposeful plan a god had. Because the normal process of a man being born comes from a woman is that true. But in creation it was not so God did the reverse so when you ask the question what comes first the chicken or the egg that is a mute question because the model makes a plain that man came first what he say Right so God made things different now God could the made another man to meet the needs of Adam as the Bible says that of brother or friend six closer than a brother. But a man and then a man could not actually meet the needs of a man it had to be a woman. So in the beginning God made a man from the man he made a woman. And then Timothy and as well as Genesis it says that God chose to first make a man and a lady is this is not about an anti lady presentation it is about it Biblical presentation helping us biblical questions to understand that God is a God of order and that it is author he chooses to do what he believes to be the best for his creation. And when we follow what got us so again we find ourselves happier when we go contrary to what god us ordain we find house house mashed up. Notice how they say I'm happy so God chose to make a man first. Adam was given the soul the responsibility in creation number one to dress the garden the father was an e e it was created to be a help made God had already given Adam his tasks in Genesis two fifteen in this crater that God told him that he was to address the garden he was also told soley Eve was not around to stay away from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and I have the verses there to prove what I'm saying Number three he was given the sole Tasha's name of the animals Eve was not yet created number four he was given dominion of the earth before there was a woman and so Adam was made first and he was the one that was given the responsibility of being loyal to God He was the one given the task to take care of the garden he was the one given a task to name the animals he was given and dominion over the world and he was given a task of naming his help me and so all of these were first done with Adam before there was a woman on the earth from Adam's bones God made and Eve and she was called the mother of all the living now there are people who go around trying to teach that before Adam and Eve There were other other being used around the Bible is plain that he is the mother of all living a course apart from matter that anything that came after Adam came from. The Bible then is clear that man was not created for women the woman was created for the man Eve was created to be a help meet him by the way that's repeated twice and verse eighteen and verse twenty the word helpmeet. Simply means somebody who is to be a helper to somebody else that's what the word helpmeet means and inefficient five twenty three says for the husband is the head of the wife even this crisis head of the church and he is the savior of the body so right from the beginning God made man responsible for the woman as well as he made responsible for all do your. When you consider this it places a great responsibility men to be Christ like. Because without a Christ like character you will take all that God has done and mess it up and show God that created all these things but he also created man with the ability to take on that God had ordain and use it for the benefit of others and so while Eve was to me she was not to be a slave she was to be a companion to Anna and sometimes people misuse the Bible even when it says Let the women go home and ask their husbands let them not speak in church now people take that and say women are not supposed to speak in church but please remember that Paul says let them go on ask their husbands Therefore Paul is only speaking about married women. Who. Married women. It is not a general statement applying to all women and since it says let them go and ask their husbands that means a single women or women who never got married. Virgins accent were permitted to talk and if you take that and apply it in the appropriate way. You would understand that God is not through Paul saying that women period can never speak in the church because in first going to Chapter six it says that both men and women prophesied and prophesied was only to be done where in the church and so. While people can take and completely alter what God meant we can read it and see what the Bible says Mankind had not been considered fallen until Adam. Well in other words when sin it was not considered that man had been conquered it was only until Adam found that mankind was considered to have fallen and that is just it was by the scriptures it was not until Adam you have the two Eve that the fall of man was accomplished you can look at job thirty one verse thirty three and Romans five in verse fourteen. So man he was made. To be a Son of God. And to have the qualities of the Son of God to rule. In the likeness to his maker but unfortunately when Adam yielded to it is interesting when when God went to look for the player. The Lord did not say a where are you would write he said one. Adam where are you. Why did he singled out Adam and not easy because Adam was the one that God had made who had the responsibility to keep himself and all that god it given to him law to God but Adam failed he did not keep his wife close to him so the gentleman remember that keep your wife close to you what do you say. I love you smiling. And show because I don't fail God when he went to look for the compilation he called out for Adam and of question is sad when Adam said I was afraid I was hiding was why did you do. That you do either the tree which I told you not to eat. And then Adam began to pass the buck going on with that. So when Adam fell he also lost the character of the guy that the intended man to have he was to be the protector the house band the one that kept the house together which we call husband and as so he was supposed to be the one protecting shielding guarding and once those things had gone and trusted to man but he failed in that and too often times a recent Well we have all sorts of different weird things that come to a plan of their IT because we as men have not been what God intended for us to be. If we as men were the kind of people that we should be women would feel safe and secure in our love what do you say but because we fail so miserably oftentimes we have all these different variations that God is not for the Swiss. Where for and by one man sin entered into the world and death by sin and so death pass upon all men but all have sinned nevertheless deaf running from Adam to Moses know this it doesn't say the deaf running from Eve to militias it says from where Adam to Moses when you think about then you realize what actually happened. East punishment only included the hardship of childbearing it you know that. Well as a punishment. It only included want. The pain of a child there. And how desire being spent and that he should rule all go with me that was her punishment Adam's punishment was much greater. Is far more extensive the burden of the weight of the transgression was placed upon him and it was about global nature Adam's punishment the Bible says. Curses the ground for thy sake in sorrow shout out eat of it all the day said I light dawns also one Thess will shall bring forth to the and Thou shall eat there are a bit of the field in a sweat I face shall not eat bread till the return on to the ground four out of it was now taken from dust now Art and on to does show the return and then God said man had become like one of us therefore we need to put him out of the garden and so along with Adam Eve had to leave a lovely home. God then charged Adam with the global responsibility for what had happened not he therefore it means that God held Adam responsible and not the woman for the mess that we have and planted there even though men like to blame women is not true. So why are you smiling man. Most of the problem is that as I said we have the responsibility well that takes place on this planet. And so God ordained an order now you and I may not agree with it we may not like it we may not think that is a wise thing to do but God in His wisdom stablish an order for the well being of society for the well being of the family and for the well being of the individual if we are as a people to maintain our relationship with God a God of the stablished it I think families would be happier and I think children would be happier as well and so all there is a primary reason why the Lord inspired Paul to write the council wives should make yourselves on to your own husband as unto the low sometimes man just called the first part of which part of that quote. First part. Why I should make yourselves on the. I'm the boss but it says as unto. The Lord and He repeated the council again to the officials when he was kolache upon me when he said why I should make yourselves some to your own husbands asked it is fit in the law has been to love your wives and be not bitter against him and show we find the counsel for the purpose of order you are nine now that even in the kitchen you cannot have two queen true how many queens can you have in your kitchen only one queen. And as much as you might like to be friends with somebody else when they come to your kitchen you may relent you may say you take over the kitchen but that's only temporary because when you come back and discover something missing then all of sudden your kitchen. Or when you discover something is broken then no she broke my it's not true show how many Queens in a kitchen only one queen. And how many kings. One king other wise you'll have a two headed beast. And the two headed beast doesn't function All right it is bit when we actually follow and practice one Goddess or day and then we find the perfect unity that God intended for us and Goddess the God of water and the people who were charged in that you know there's not sustain has a headship There's no high art key and that is not true that is only an argument because people on willing to submit themselves to the author of the gone there's a or day we know that and have and there's an author who is in charge of heaven. It is the father who wasn't. It is the Father and Jesus admits himself willingly to the other. You can see that and Mark thirteen thirty two and John eight twenty eight and ten eighteen angels submit themselves to Christ and they obey his orders willingly happily and then Hebrews chapter one and six it says that all of the angels shall bow before Christ Now if you are bound before somebody that means that there's a hierarchy is that true. You recognize somebody higher than a sob and there's nothing wrong with that by the way because if you may have been lonely and lonely there's no problem with Down down it's only when you're proud that you have a problem down down to somebody I remember when I before I became a Christian I was a very proud person and I wouldn't bowed down to anybody but when I became a Christian I was I was drafted and I remember the and my first day of induction that to kind of make us humble they gave us assignments and they Simon they gave me was to clean the commodes and they thought that would break my pride but Christ had already broken them so they were too late. Show when I went to the come old I said what they are your hands find of to do the will and how much with all your mind so I cannot come up better than anybody else had printed before why because with me is no more an issue of pride it was a willingness to submit to Christ even know what they had asked was not necessarily my job. Among the angels there is a chain of command we have cherub bands and we have walk friends and we know that the cherubims stand before the presence of God and we know that Lucifer was one of those cherubims and show that there is a chain of command and happened and it's interesting that when there was a battle and have and it doesn't said that the angels fought against being Jews it says that Michael and his angels fought against. The Dragon and his angels which means that there was someone in charge of both camps what do you say is that clear yes and so in the scriptures. There is a chain of command even in the angels but they happily work together I remember one time I had when I first became a bi worker I was working with a pastor and it was the my to work with that pastor he didn't seem to have a gentle bone in his body I was one of those so when I was even though I had never been trained and I only had one year of college education I was bringing people into the law all the time and the pastor he would just glow and say look what the Lord did to Brother Charles Not a soul a man and not a soul a man in fact that is the first year of my Bible working ministry there were thirty three people baptized and that basket was just excited that brother Troy has is what he used to call me I had won all these people well he got change he got sent to another district and a new pastor came in to take his place and I remember the first meeting that I had with that pastor the question the ass was whose boss and that was of strange thing for me because I had never any question that the past it wasn't job you understand but my form of Pastor didn't act like a boss he acted like a football coach encouraging me to go ahead and do more and doom on them on but the new pastor that came in he had a different mentality it was about who was boss with the Angels it doesn't work that way it's not about who's boss they recognize who is in charge. Jesus serves them all. And show man is made lower than the angels. Just a little lower but it doesn't matter which notch you are if your lower your lower and so you find then that there is a father and there is a son and the Holy Spirit and you find that there are in charge of a retinue of angels that have cherubims and Sarah fans who are in the chain of command and then coming down to plan are there if we find that man was made in charge of all the animals and in charge of all that God had given to him and show there is a chain of command that works even in the family where your side. Now. When the Jews were to leave Egypt. One of the commands given to them was this God says Speak unto all the congregation of rituals saying in the ten day of this month shall they take to them every man a lamb according to the house of their fathers a lamb for a house God was about to establish something called pass over. But I want you to know the something interesting and Moses called for all the elders of Israel and said on to them who do they call the elders and by the way you know Elder is some masculine turn a blind to women in the Bible. When I said. Elder as I want a masculine term never applied to women in the Bible. And so most is called the Elders of Israel and said on to them draw out and take you a lamb according to your families and kill the Passover You shall take a bunch of Hyssop and dip it in the blood and it's in that basin and strike the lintel and the two Sipos with the blood at us in the basin and none of you shall go out of the door of his house on till the morning I want you to notice something important here and God holds the men responsible for the salvation of the family when this the angel that was a come of destruction throughout Egypt it was not the women they were called to bear the responsibility of the safe keeping of their families it was the men the elders and they had the responsibility they had to take the blood and put it on the lintel to protect their families and they themselves were to stay with their families in sun their home obviously God ordained that and that Passover feast was to be practice until Jesus the Passover Lamb was to come sacrifices also were made primarily by man Abel is registered at the first one to offer a lamb. After that we find that it is no and after no we find that it is Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and finally they went to sacrificial services established in the tram and Akhil it was the man that was supposed to bring their offerings their sacrifices before the time when. When the Day of Atonement was complete it was a man that was to take the scapegoat and take it out into the wilderness and then to go out to die so if you see even when it came to the priesthood it will only men that were to be priests and by the way I should tell you this that when Aaron was chosen as a priest there was a challenge to that priesthood by a woman her name was Miriam and she challenge that and God punished as woman forgive daring to to challenge what God had ordained not what most as how the stablish because God is to want us to like that there and God is the one that said that Aaron shall be my minister it was not about Moses and when Miriam who obviously must have changed Moses diapers said look I'm your biggest sister you are not better maybe I'm the one who do care I'm the one who who rescued you and told that princes than I can add somebody to take care of you I'm the one Moses it was not about Moses it was about going to God how the day and God of the day and that man and then when men challenge the position it's interesting that chorus said we are all holy What was he doing he was quoting or misquoting what God and send God had said it shall be a hole in the nation and a royal priesthood and they took that to mean that they were all wrong holy and so Karak misquoted God and saying we are holy Why are you making us of more holy than we are look at all these prints two hundred fifty of them were all holy Well that's not what God meant when he said You shall be a holy nation the royal priesthood what God meant was you shall be all in the nation under a royal priesthood unlike the other nations of the world that would be ruled by kings God intended that God's people be guided by priests. And he made it clear what he meant when the establishment priesthood by ordering that Aaron and his sons would be the praise and nobody else and one car a who was a first cousin to Moses they do it when I said call was a Levite he was a first cousin to Moses he was only given the charger carrying the furniture never to minister in behalf of God and when he danced to say to Moshe we all have senses we're all priests you see isn't that what people are saying today we're all a lot we're all three priests of the believers friends don't believe that that phrase is not in the Bible the priest of the believers that phrase was coined by Martin Luther who was making a contrast between what the cafeteria was doing is saying that only certain people can approach God who a priest not on those who are simply saying we can all approach God we're all praise so that phrase preach to the believers is a Martin Luther calling the phrase not a Biblical phrase that you hear what I said and so when Cora dances challenge Moses and say we are all priests we're all holy just as you are God said to Moses at the ground opens up and you know that that God has spoken by me but if you live a normal life then you don't need to be worried about that well the ground opened up and car disappeared and then the two hundred fifty priests who there to claim to be praise was slain by fire and the people were still angry even though they saw the direct manifestation of God who is for tech than the author and he has stablish by it slain these rebels the peoples got mad and said You have killed these holy men say they had believed the doctrine a car had a stone. Said everybody was holding you and kill these holy man and a plank broke out and when the plague Roque out then the most was taller and there and take your censure and stand between the living and dead and when Aaron alone with his sensors good in the midst of the living and the dying and the plague stopped but even after that the people still did not accept that Aaron was to be the only proves so the only way I got settled it was this way he said Tell all the tribes to get rod and put their names on the rod twelve of them and most just did that and then God sent put them in the Chairman Akhil So Moshe did that in the morning it was only one that bought it and that fruit on it and leaves and that was whose errands Rog and that for ever settled that God has ordained Aaron as approved Why is it that God has to go through all that when we should just simply accept what he says. What he has said. So what is the problem with today. Under the cover of that we're all equal they are trying to establish something that God is not ordained. If Scripture is plain God has. A On or a system that he established and when you think of all the heaven and all the or if you will see that even in nature God has a system of you know even among animals what happens you take wolves. And among the wolves there is a one and Alpha What's the alpha. Head wound or how do they figure that out. You understand. There's always a leader in everything is that true. Yes I know how they figure that out. It's interesting that the animals figured it out a long time ago and we haven't been able to do that and we're supposed to be the supreme beings with my own talent and intellect. A lesson. Even the ten commandments from God who wrote the Ten Commandments God wrote the Ten Commandments as directing the man and you probably have seen this before but if you consider the commandments you will see the second commandment is addressing not the mothers but who. This sit in the iniquity of the fathers unto the third and fourth generation the Fourth Commandment is about addressing the man down the ice son and I daughter if you look in the commentary you'll find that man the ones that are accredited as being this Fathers are the sons and daughters It never says the sons and daughters of the mother it always says the sons and daughters of the Father and show God is addressing in the flock I'm am and the males as responsible for their families and making sure. That the families are in harmony in keeping the fourth commandment so sometimes their wives have to remind the husbands hey it's time to get ready for the Sabbath but it should be the husband that says honey we need to get ready for the Sabbath What do you say now we get forgetful don't we man. True. So maybe on the one inch away your head. Well do we get forgetful Yes and now sometimes we're so busy working outside we forget what time it is and I'm saying for that we have good sacred commit wives that will call to our attention and say honey it's time to come in the fifth commandment on the day I thought and I neither. The tenth commandment Thou shalt not covet I neighbor as well I I want you to know that this is all mail directed this is what you change the author that God established and you might change the ten commandments and so the attack today in changing got all the other is in essence to change God and the Bible says it changes now. And so throughout throughout the Bible you find that God did establish a system and on. Man only carried the from the Church of the time and I call that also the sons of Korah by the way it's interesting if you read the Bible Council of the corridor died but his sons did not. Which is interesting then that his sons were not part of the rebellion even though the kora and dates in the Byron got together and two hundred fifty others but Kora sons did not support death apparently because later on YOUR find the chorus sons still serving in the sanctuary care and the French. And by the way. The young man who touched the ark and I happened to be. The person who violate it was John said. That only certain people could handle the ark. Only males could be priests in the Jewish economy women were never pushed only males became priests the only one who comes close to being a priest in the Bible and a priest this is just about. And I don't doubt that any Christian woman would want to emulate just about. Man what I had to the tribes and families when the most as father on gave them Council is says Moses chose one that he choose able man out of all Israel made them had some of the people rule us a thousand rule is one hundred fifty seven rulers of towns and they judge the people on all seasons the hard cost is they brought on to most of their every small amount they just themselves notice again that God set up a system for the well being of his people however it's interesting when the nation went into apostasy we're talking about the way after when the Kings were established and all that when Israel went to posse then the order the God of the stablish change I want you to know what the Bible says and Isaiah three twelve as for my people children are there oh pressures and women walk rule over them so one issue when into apostasy the altar that God had set up change. Now it is clear then that there was some women at the law Jess a bell and other women who chose to become leaders in Israel but it was not God's plan. And in fact if you read carefully and Jeremiah you'll discover that the women began to participate in making offerings on to other gods and that the men actually supported the women in that. So when the women began to participate in making offerings on to other gods they were participating in the worship service but they didn't misled the nation and the nation was completely devastated today there are Jews everywhere in the well who don't know there are Jews because they were scattered because of the apostasy that took place in this room so from Adam to cries God was consistent with his ordained order had shipped. When the Jesus was about to reestablish the new church the Bible says and he ordained how many to out now I should tell you that there were many women who follow Christ but he only a day in how many twelve twelve one twelve men. He ordained twelve men and before he left the planet he had a time with disciple by this time there were how many followers were disciples. There were twelve and then they were seventy but when he had this special location ready to establish his Church on earth he only hand-pick the twelve men that he had ordained and it was not to the seven the disciples but to the twelve disciples that he had ordained that he gave the commission to follow through with the establishment of his church and in fact he says that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom and shit on. Thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel there were women one the four women who ministered on the crisis who gave them money to support Christ even from Harriet's kingdom yet Jesus selected twelve now people say well that was cultural and those days women were not allowed to serve and that is not true people who use that argument either do not know history or are willingly trying to say something that is not true in the Roman Empire or you hear me in the Roman Empire doing Christ time the Roman selected seven virgins how many seven virgins. From thirteen to thirty they were supposed to serve Rome asked priestesses and these women are to maintain their their chastity in other for Rome to prosper in if something was going wrong with the Empire Rome they would go and investigate to see if one of these young women that had been the hands of the recognized as a priest as in Rome had violated her covenant and if they discovered that one of the young virgins had violated her coming that they would bury her alive in the ground with her head sticking out of the ground. Show in Rome there were women who a priest is who recognise highly by the wrong time fire and who the Roman Empire believe that their success and prosperity dependent on the pier at the end chastity of the seven virgins. So people who say that and Christ day the culture was their friend don't know what they're talking about or are willingly ignorant or are willingly trying to cover up the reality that history is truth that in culture in those days there were many women priestesses throughout the history of the pagan nations. The reality is that God had a purpose he had and one purpose he oh dang how many twelve. And he told those twelve that they would sit on twelve throne which means that what a lot of the stablish would know I was not just for then but was for. When one of those Apostles apostatize name was Judas. They decided that they needed to set up another person in their stead and that that rule now they would not seventy but that one hundred and twenty men and women Mary Magdalene was there who Jesus that sad story needs to be told every where where the Gospel is preached the story of man Magdalene washing Jesus' feet should be told well you would think then that as you men what would Jesus said Mary we buy that select her oh what about Mary the Mother of Jesus and all people she certainly should take the place of Jews but no that was not the latest selected again the Holy Spirit who led the Holy Spirit led them to select another male to take the place of fallen Jew this and so it was so after narrowing the illegible male candidates to two men namely Joseph called our Sabas who was named Justice and Matthias and so the large Spirit led to select one man. Finally the Apostles on the stood this order and followed what Jesus and. Paul writing to Timothy thou therefore my son be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus and the things that now has heard of me among many witnesses the same commit to one. Faithful who. They full man. Who shall be able to teach others alls. The Apostles honest good quite clearly and there was a mandate and they will be the end to that mandate. And so throughout the Scriptures we find that God has and on. Now this thing of equality. Where as sure as some people misuse the books of Pong pressure the lation says as neither Jew nor Jan towne neither Greek nor neither male nor And they say well that means that now male and female have the same friends look at each other and see if you have the same. Women are still women men are still men Greeks are still. Jews are still Jews bonds are still bonds and free are still free my friends that is a mis application of what Paul was writing Paul was writing that when it comes to salvation all of us can approach the throne of grace how many of us including children. All can approach the kingdom of God It respect of of where you come from who you are where you are high or low where you male or female all have the privilege to find salvation and cries and nothing to do with as being the same lesson. You can say four quarters and a dollar bill on equal. They're equal in walk and value are they the same no try to take that dollar bill and fold it up and put it in the slot where four quarters are required and push as much as you wan that machine and not going to start. You want to start that machine you buy the put in the Four Corners equal in value but the machine doesn't know the difference and machine just has to receive the four corners and so being equal does not mean you are. The same God made and the water and I'm saying for that there's the add on Unfortunately I grew up with only a mother I'm saying I'm fortunate because I never knew the love of a father so when I was going to become a Christian I couldn't understand how you love a man you understand because you're only supposed to love a woman a man loves a woman a man doesn't love a man and show it to me this whole idea of loving loving a man was kind of bizarre because I had never asked Peter and the love of a father I knew the love of a mother and I thank God for my mother but my mother often would have to say to me I have to be everything to you I have to be your father your mother you know and everything and bless our heart she was she was raised in six boys by herself and the York City in the slums of New York and mother. Even though she had no education she was a very simple woman she knew enough to teach us what was right and what was wrong even though we went the wrong way she always prayed that we would go the right way and God did answer her prayers and finally I got grace all of us became Christians praise the good Lord and so there's no question and mine's. Even though we had no father that we never call Mom Hey dad. You understand what I'm saying. We never said that to her that would be an insult to her we always said. Mom Mommy. And there we charge she heard that word mommy she always responded she knew who we were talking to sometimes she may believe shit in here because we're after one and this one and that but she knew who we were talking to I'm thankful that as Christians we have clarity in the scripture is that there is a headship What do you say. God has established an order what do you say and by the way that author and God as established and have and will continue it will not change God will always be God thank God for that Christ will always be cries thank God for that the N.G.'s will always being jewels thank God for that and the only ones that will change will be OS we will all be made equal to the Angelus now we are a little lower but then we will be. Like the angels we will be kind of elevated when you say so ladies don't try to elevate yourself now wait until Jesus elevate you and you will be a just like the Germans and men Likewise God as promised there is hope for us in the future when you say but our hope must be based upon that which God has established for our well being for our happiness for our salvation for system for order for regulation you abandon order and regulation that's what happened during the hippie days and I remember the day when the hip it is how many people hippies here and the former hippies we got former hippies and don't look. Hippy anymore. I remember hanging out with the hippies. And you know what was going on with the hippies they decided to discard all order all along so they could be fruity. And they discovered very quickly that there's no such thing as freedom apart from having on. Author is something that God has ordained for his children to our well being and when we follow His aunt or we'll find safety when we disagree on this regard his on it we'll find cans and was bringing in this division into our midst today is that there are well meaning people who are who are thinking that they need to put women in the place where man ought to be and it ought not to be with all due respect to the ladies. My wife just you know she's a maze she said I can't understand it and you know what's interesting about it. Is that in our rank and file of members across the United States and I travel all the United States it is only a few women who are desirous of the position the rank and file of women across North America Adventist questions have no desire to enter into that because they recognize the Bible is clear God has a system that he has established and the quicker that we said meant outsells to his on the faster that will find salvation God wants the latest children home but he wants to leave this children home in the way that he has to day and the final conclusion in that version that where says your royal priest or the holy in the nation what God is doing through Peter is telling the opera style of church that now they hold the position that ain't. An issue hell they want to be a holy nation with a royal priest The difference is this Christ is higher royal priests and Hundred Christ we have to be a holy nation and all of us all of us should set middle shelves to that which God has ordained for his church I praise God that we have a church that recently voted in the right direction when you say. It was clear and I hope that by God's grace we will continue to hang together but listen we are told that the church will appear as it has fallen now if it appears it doesn't mean it does fall it only one appears as far as some people say while that's only that's only spiritual people now it is the church the church will appear acid has fallen but it will go through while sin it's in Zion will be sifted out so friends listen when I fly in airplanes and I fly in many airplanes I have a million plus miles and United and a million plus miles and Delta that tells it up front to the moon the for several times back and forth but listen when the pilot assess we are. Going into turbulence jump out the window. Now what is. What does the pilot say when you're going to determine what does it say tied to say about so friends brothers and sisters we are in turbulence right now this is not the time to jump out of the window this is the time to the walk tighten your seat belt stay in the church even though it will appear as it has fall and remember it only appears but it will go. Through there is hope for God's people what do you say how many have you read Josh and that help today. A man let us pray Heavenly Father. We thank you that from Genesis to Revelation even a twenty four Aldershot sit on twenty four Thrones and happen that you have been consistent you have more deigned a human race with man at the head. And while it is true that men have violated misuse the gift that you have given to him is also true that those gifts can be used in the right way so that man cannot live their families men cannot live their communities man could provide a safe haven for their children and men could protect their families and make sure priest in their homes to provide a way of salvation for all that while within their homes Oh God help us to be faithful calling bless your church help us to be willing to set min ourselves meekly to that which you have one day and save us at last we pray in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio for us a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio for us if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W. Or.


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