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Hope in the Future- Part 5

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • June 13, 2016
    2:00 PM
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The last segment in I presented was called Inspiration of the Scriptures. The head ship. And this is a follow up on down so this is part true and I believe that we should pray together and ask God to bless us once again we present this time to you father in a bless a dame of the ice son. In whom we believe. That he is the author. One that gave me directions for the spirit to inspire the holy prophets. To write the council said We have the champ the last our hearts and lives the lives of millions who have turned to these through it. And now we pray for your spirit to guide in this presentation we ask it in Jesus' name amen. If particular. Presentation is man's role in the New Covenant. I think all of you are acquainted with the phrase new covenant. And the new cabinet is important. But before Jesus established a new Come on it there were several things that he had to do. Quests of all of this interesting that when Jesus was doing his ministry there were women who followed him and ministered unto him and Mark fifteen verse forty and forty one is says there were also women looking on the far off among whom was Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James the last and of Josee and. Salome who also when he was in Galilee followed him and ministered unto him and many other women which came up with him on to them. So we know that they were men and women we don't know how many we know the names of few who are involve in following. The law and she went home place the place and ministering unto him from their means. And there was Mary Magdalene whom after. Lot had done his ministry and just before his crucifixion wiped his feet with her hair and doused him with sweet fragrance for praying him for his. Burial. My will also tells us to be size these women and they were men and he says after these things to look ten and verse one and seventeen the Lord a pointed out of seven The old so and sent them two and two before his face into every city in place where he himself would come and the seven he returned again with joy saying Lord even the Devil's a subject unto us through the name now I do want you to understand that from what I understand the show. When they were seven The men just like the twelve men it was selected and it's interesting that there's a parallel between Israel and the New Testament church in this show there were twelve page trucks and in the near chest seven there were twelve disciples in ancient as show there was seventy elders Moses appointed to help him and in the New Testament there was seven the man who follow Christ as well so there was twelve and seventy in the Old Testament and then twelve and seventy in the New Testament and what's interesting about all this is that it shows that our Lord has been consistent in the leading of His people throughout history but it was time for him to put together the new covenant. As you know it had been prophesied in Daniel Chapter nine that he would cause a sacrifice at verse twenty seven and ablations to cease he shall cost a sacrifice just on the place and sissies and the time was coming when he would have to do that but for this momentous occasion when he would set up a new covenant neither women nor the seventy disciples were included in the ceremony nor did they participate in the establishment of the New Testament the only ones permitted into the actual large chopper one of the twelve disciples and when the evening was come he sat down with how many. With twelve and Matthew twenty six and verse twenty and Mark twenty verse seventeen it says and in the evening he cometh with. Two out so this was not ending clueless if meeting this was a next Xclusive meeting everybody except the twelve disciples were included. Everybody wants to screw that except the twelve disciples who were included in the last supper at the Savior had. Before he established the new covenant. So when Christ established a new covenant. No women were present in the op of whom no are the seven the. Disciples that followed him. In the book of Luke twenty two in your story is just one the son of man shall shed in the throne of His glory he also shall sit upon twelve throne he also shall Chena twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel in Matthew Chapter nineteen verse twenty eight this is what Jesus said to the twelve disciples prior to His glory then in Luke twenty two Verse thirty at the supper it says this This position was also reinstated on restated to the Apostles and Luke twenty two thirty and he told them that you shall see it on twelve thrones and judge is Phil show it's interesting then at the one to the promise which set on twelve thrones before the Last Supper and the ones that he promised at the Larsen upon that they would shoot and twelve thrones were the only ones that were permitted to participate in this is a very very important gathering that was to bring a closure to the old system of sacrifices and bring an opening to the new system that Christ was to put into place. And don't Scripture says and as day the twelve disciples did eat Jesus or took bread and blessed and break it and gave to them and sad Take eat this is my body and he took the cup and when he had given things he gave it to them and they drank all of it they. During come of it and he said unto them this is the blood up my. Of the New Testament which is shad for many this is my blood of the New Testament which is shed for many verily I say on to the you I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God when they had sung us and him and went out into the mountain of olives I have to confess you that every time I drink grape shoes I'm reminded of the statement that Jesus made I will not drink of the fruit of the vine I'm till I drink it with you in the kingdom Yes madam which sat. In the Bible that and then never to assisted women elders that is a new coined term it's an oxymoron because hell there is a male term and only applies to man in the entire Michael elder never applied to women it's just like calling women today fathers and calling men today mothers it's an oxymoron doesn't exist it is simply a new term that has been invented the new phrase but biblically speaking you will never find a woman elder. Thank you for the question. But I stand here then Jesus said I will not drink of the mind so Jesus was ready to establish the new covenant New Testament and he on he invited only those who he deemed to be important enough to include because they were to carry forward the work that Jesus was about ready to cease doing and she went to happen so he was in trusting to disciples the new covenant and it was through the disciples. That we know about the new covenant. Had this there were no God never inspired the apostles to write about the new covenant you and I would know absolutely nothing about what Jesus established we only way we know is because Jesus has entrusted that these men with the sacred responsibility of sharing with the world. When we now know as the new covenant. The New Testament. Now what's important is to remember this is that Jesus had been consistent the Bible says Jesus Christ has a same yesterday and today and follow along for him for Jesus consistently recognize the male role because he is the creator he's the one that made man to begin with Dan for he has always consistently held up the role of man as well as they're all the women and by the way I should tell you this that the only title in the Old Testament in reference to spiritual women that you'll find is now THERE'S of Israel Deborah on the Burra some people pronounce it. Is herself called a mother of Israel. There are some people who are trying to twist it and say that it was the leader of Israel no it was not the bar and leader of this show it was the king who was the leader of his show The bar was a prophetess that God use to uncurse a king to go and do what he was supposed to do but she was not the leader she was a prophet It was just like Samuel Samuel instructed Saul what to do but Saul was was the king he was the leader not Samuel Is that clear and show the moralist not the leader of this show she was a mother of his field and if you type the word mother of this show you'll find the women that were considered to be mothers of issue because the men were considered to be the fathers of Israel show you never called the mother's father which you never called the fathers mothers and would have been consider that a complete blasphemy is thing to do against the father. Or against some other mothers were respected and fathers were respected because they had their respective roles is that clear show Jesus is consistent with his recognition of men drones now the Twelve Apostles and understood the leadership role that was entrusted to them for example. The my will assess in Acts Chapter six was two of the four then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples on to them and said it is not reason that we should leave the Word of God and serve tables wherefore brother and look you out among you seven men of Honest report full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom whom we may appoint over this business but we will give ourselves contended to prior and to the Ministry of the word Notice that the Apostles understood their sacred responsibility that God had placed upon them to be faithfully carrying forward the work of God and when the the church Drew and it began to be difficult for them to carry for their with the work of ministering to them without success and the Greeks began to complain that only the Jewish ladies will be and saying Cara the Siple said look we shouldn't be doing this anyway you select seven Wotte seven men again who they on the stand should be leading out. A man you select seven men full of the Holy Ghost and give them the task of taking care of that and we know that some of those men became great great missionaries from God We understand Philip who went and witnessed of course to the Ethiopian eunuch who by the way was not some pagan Bible said he was a worshipper in Jerusalem and was read in the Scriptures this man was a Jewish believer who was on his way back to Ethiopia to do the business of the King sometimes people misuse head and just to say well you can baptize anybody any time because the at the open unit never got a Bible study and he would baptize they forget that you cannot be of Jewish faith and keep Sunday. If he came from Jerusalem worshipping what they would be worshipping on. Sadly so he will say sad of people did he believe in the Bible absolutely he was reading through the book of Isaiah was this man a devout man absolutely did he understand that Jesus the Messiah No and that's why Philip enlighten him about the Christ and when he understood the Christ it's interesting that he himself understood the new world Baptist was all about because he himself said as much water here what hinders me and then to be baptized and Peter said if you believe with all your heart you may so they went into the water baptized him and that man his wife and it is believed that because a handy at the opens actually kept the Sabbath from century to century to century. So know this then that the disciples understood the sake of responsibility to Christ and place upon them and they will beat into it. Then there came a time to substitute or to replaced the fall on one who had betrayed crimes there one hundred twenty believe was up in that room you remember in the book of Acts chapter one you can read the verse thirteen anon you will see that there were one hundred twenty believe which And it mentions that there were men and the women. Mary the Mother of Jesus they were Mary Magdalene and other women who were. And when the Holy Ghost came upon Peter it was done this is Peter who said we need to do something when need to conduct a constituency maybe something that church members don't like these days when it comes to the end of the year when you have to do you have to select one elders and sometimes we think with and I we don't want to do that we hate this process but it's a process. This was a sad by the laws himself by who. By the Lord himself and show they took time to take care of the church and by the way the cycles were not just needing on their knees the time ten days in the book of Luke and Marcus says that they were in the temple witnessing daily they were testifying to God they were not just waiting I lay praying on their knees all the time they were actually witnessing but because they could not succeed and break through to the Jews they sense that they need it and more power in their lives and they began to search our hearts to make sure that there was nothing that would stand between them and what God that promise so that when they came to the place when they were finally in hominy with what God wanted when they were sitting actually after two Verse two says the Holy Spirit came upon them and the Spirit of God did not come upon them when they were kneeling came upon them when they were one sitting and were told that the Spirit of God in the last days will come upon the church as the people are sitting and some will be receiving the Spirit of God and some will not so by all means make sure that you are in the camp and does what you say you don't want to be passed by. And so one hundred twenty they decided the Spirit of God led them to make a choice and out of all the women that you know they could have thought of Mary Magdalene they could have thought of G.H. Jesus mother and who would argue with. This type of data set with thinking that made them out of of the law it should be one of the replacements No The Spirit of God led them to two male wine because God had a status a covenant and one Christ had a status a covenant and he bequeath all that he it was doing unto it's a cycle and they understood quite well wife. Jesus intended and so the Bible does not say that women cannot be pastors and by the way this is an argument that some people use I mean if you have heard that the Bible does not say that you can that women can't be pastors Well unfortunately that is a sad statement. That they want a Satch statement no Christian she used the argument that God does not say therefore it's OK How many Christians non-Christian should use the argument that because God does not say you cannot do it it is OK to do it it's a it's a a bad direction to go in the Scriptures God uses what is called tacit or sup audition language now how many of you have heard of sub of addition and you're that word before well. I speak Spanish and I've heard it what about tacit how many of you have heard of the word tacit you have not heard of the word Tashan. You have a well I mean explain whether this here is what it is it is the act of understanding something that is walk in fly but not overly stated the Bible God often times use it tacit. Additional language so that he doesn't have to lay out all that you have to do you just simply tells you what you shouldn't do and that should let you know that that statement automatically eliminates anything else. It is understood that one. Let me give you some examples. My brother and his conference President there are and some other members came to visit me and wam and they wanted something to do so my brother notice that my house needed painting so he decided they wanted to paint and I had to take a trip so I said I want the house to be painted with a great tan comma OK where did I say I want to paint it with a great hand comma Now suppose when I came back I found the house painted in blue. Or in brown. Or in yellow or red do you think that I had to tell my brother now Gene by the way he's a retired pastor in Florida. If I had said Now Gene I don't want you to paint my house in. Blue or red or black or brown or yellow or Ping did I need to say all that you know all I had to say is I wanted the painted in grade ten period. And that statement eliminated everything else do you understand what I'm saying show when the god Maysa spliffs it statements affirmative statements it is to exclude anything else let me give you some examples for in six days the Lord made heaven and the sea and all that in them is and rested a seventh day wherefore the Lord bless the Sabbath day and hollow that now tell me something how many days it got say our holy. How many one how do you know that because as an explicit affirmative command six days shall not labor. And the seventh day is that they are for us now there are people who use the argument God did not say that you cannot worship on Sunday and you will not find any place in the Bible that God said you cannot worship on Sunday. And people who use that argument are correct there is no place in the scriptures that says you can not worship on Sunday or on Friday or on any other day what's interesting however as it is that in the actual Greek when he uses the words first day of the week in the Greek it actually the language is the first of the Sabbath. The second day is called the second of the Sabbath the third is called the third of the Samba the fall for the side of the fifth of the Sabbath and the six of the Sabbath but when you trash read and then Blish it just simply uses the turn Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Sunday etc You understand but in the actual my evil everything is from the reference of the Sabbath the point of reference is the Sabbath so what you knew that it was a first of the saddle which means the first day after the Sabbath or the second of the Sabbath etc The you understand so when God says these seven it completely eliminated any other alternative or any other option God did not have to say now wait a minute you need to worship me bot don't worship me on Sunday NO NO NO NO NO neither on Monday no no no he didn't have to do that all he had to do is say worship me on the seven day period and by that statement it completely eliminates any other alternative that you hear that. Yes. Remember to keep the Sabbath day holding the implied prohibition as obvious that is that it is not to be any other they then the Sabbath day ascending with creation God said that he created the world and how many days six days by that affirmative statement it completely eliminates any other possibility. And for people to say that one day it was a thousand years is not supported in the scriptures. And the other words you are not don't live a thousand years therefore we could never keep a thousand year Sabbath. When Jesus comes of course we'll be able to keep thousands of savages because he will live more than a thousand years will live forever what you say but until then you and I are limited and we only live so long therefore God says in six days the Lord made heaven on earth period he doesn't say now wait a minute I want you to understand I didn't make the orphan a thousand years no I didn't make the Arfon a million years no I didn't make the earth for nine hundred ninety nine days he simply says I made the earth in six days period suppose I asked my son and said Now son I want you to go to the right hand corner of the backyard of my house and I want you to dig a hole because I want to put in a apple tree there you did OK and I'll take care of it. Well the next day I come I'm looking for the hole is not there and I said Jim what happened oh Dad I made the hole I said but it's not there oh yes it is and where is it I decided to put it up on the front of the house. Now question they do what I ask them to do. What they do they do their own thing my state men lemonade it anything else do you understand so the Bible you say what kind of language tacit or sub Odisha language God does them for example one day I was in the store and a lady came and looking for something in a Sears store and I was dressed with a shirt and tie so I said Madam you look like you're looking for something oh yes I can find it on what is it she told me as I know where it is come right with me I just go right there she said this company should be proud of having somebody like you work for them. And that's it no matter I don't work here here you don't work here I said No I said I'm a Christian I love to help people you're a Christian yes then she said Tell me why she got so negative. I said negative What do you mean is do not DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT. And I said that's not negative is a positive she didn't want to mean well I all I need to know is what I shouldn't do and then I have to live with it to do everything else that I can do. To me is positive God is telling me that I'm capable of not doing something. So I am capable of not killing I am capable of not stealing I'm capable of not committing adultery why because God said don't do it and then God says on do it it means that I am able not to do what you say but it doesn't limit me from everything else that I can do can you say meant to then and so she was surprised it turned out that she was a Persian or somebody from Iran within on the stand the beauty of the Ten Commandments that there are actually a promise all of them promises children. Show God uses what kind of language so God says the seventh day of holy many say every day is holy who's right. In the Bible God made how many women for man. One woman God made one woman for the first man by implication by walk. This implied in other words that God only one and how many wise for one man. One line. So much so do it imply that man should practise monogamy should only have one why yet polygamy was and still be in practice question and why because some but to Q. of a religious persuasions assert that there is no place where God explicitly for bits it is no to languish in the Bible it says you cannot have two wives. Or three wives or fall on anybody here can find that sex for me please let me know. Nobody it doesn't exist bug God simply says You shall not commit one of the Ultra and because people got it all muddied up Jesus finally came and said if you lost out to a woman you know mine you will either commit adultery that statement simply omit any other alternative than one God intended what you said is that clear so for people to say God didn't say that the woman can't be a pastor why did he have to say that because he did made that clear statement that only men were to be priests New Old Testament. Notice what it says. In the book of Jeremiah twenty eight verse three to a point two eight and three verse fifteen. And in the New Testament there were older surpassed of serving as ministers of pastors and that. Efficient four eleven first Peter chapter two verse twenty five question with a chapter three verse one. And two second term with the chant the former twenty two try this verse one verse seven and tie the first we were fifteen and it's proof. Now this what God said. In Exodus twenty one and take that on today who. Am I and I brother and his sons with him from among the children of his that he may minister on to me in the police office even who. Now that you know there's something interesting he said I want you to airing your brother and then he said Even Aaron why did God say that there'd be no question when God was explicitly and implicitly declaring to be the priest. Says I He should minister on to me even Aaron Nader and by who only as your on it if I'm on air and sons so he was explicit or implicit in both cases then it says neither shall the priests the Levites want a one. Man before me to offer burnt offerings and to kennel meat offerings and to do sacrifice continually John I thirty three Verse eighteen know this it doesn't say neither shall the priest believe I want a woman what does it say. What is the word want mean in this particular It means lacking what does it mean. You have wants me to lack so it says neither shall the priest the Levis lack and before me to offer burnt offerings and to kindle meat offerings and to do sacrifice continue. So God established the covenant. With Moses. And then that covenant God established a priesthood you see that. Got us that was a covenant and that company establish a priesthood and that priesthood was my oh the rector it was never to be female doing. That's in the old company. And then you come and. The word pastor says found and oftentimes the word minister or ministry is confuse the word minister of course when Aaron was ordained as a minister as a priest it said He shall minister on to me but the word minister appears with Joshua It says that Joshua. Was most is minister. Mosts rose up on his minister Joshua and Moses went up into the Mount of gone. Now sometimes people get confused with ministry and minister a minister minister should do ministry with ministry yes not only limited to ministers ministry simply managed to serve what does that mean. And God said about his passes that they were supposed to be one servants show a minister serves we are not here to be kings over God's people we're here to serve concert people that's the ministry and so the first time the word minister appears in the Majlis in the Book of Exodus and the King James version then this word is found how many times one hundred occurrences in ninety eight verses in the Old and New Testament all except for how many were true which is sufficient for nine and first Timothy one for was used the word in reference to contributing a minister with their means have to do with the male gender you know being a minister are doing one ministry. When Jesus said to the signpost Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God also believe in Me In My Father's house are many mansions who were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you I will come again to receive you unto myself where I am there you may be also this is tacit language what is it tacit language what does this mean well it simply means this by this statement Jesus comforted the disciples with the clear implication that at the second ad then and not at death they would be united with him knowing. That clear. This is tacit language I am going home and I'm coming back to take you with me so when are you going to be with me when I come and get you period no other time. You understand therefore the Apostles of the disciples and not in heaven who. Were either. There waiting where down here until when. Until the word of crisis fulfilled he promised them I'm coming back to do was to take you so where would they be it would be down here waiting for them ouster. The system the sacrifices of meeting us and the time of crisis about to go to the cross and by his dad do away with the ceremonial system that pointed to his atonement for the sins of the world show the covenant was about ready to be put into place a new coming that before the new coming that could be put into place any changes that had to be implemented had to be done prior to the death of Christ. The year when I said. Any changes had to be implemented before the death of Christ how do we know that. In this crucial hour of transition from the old covenant to the new he must make it absolutely clear that the old system of time and shadows will be done away with and replace. Now which amazing is this. It is important to take special note that there is no wreckage of Christ stating that he was replaced in the sacrificing of animals with the emblems of the body when I said. There's no state one with Jesus said OK I'm going to tell you now that the old system I'm going to do away with and I'm getting rid of the sacrifices and all that so you won't have. To follow that anymore as no statement recorded that way what is recorded is a positive affirmation of what he was going to do and by it implying that everything else should not be done. Here is what is and by simply implementing this new ceremony called a large supper of communion the great majority of Christian world has accepted the in fly displacement of the system of sacrifice. Can you see what we're dealing with here. Because God does not necessarily want to have to spell out everything God simply tells you what you need to know so that it makes it easy for you to follow what you say. And many times he simply just implies what he do is simply just implies this do when he says this do it as at mean that you can't do it. But he doesn't say what you don't have to do he simply says that which you have to do this do and I shall live what does that mean it means don't do anything else do this so I'm thankful that savior is simple. There are many things in the Bible that come you know complex in reference to if we were to use today's language but in the Bible is very simple I like to I love science and I like to find scientific things in the Bible and so I was speaking to a group of doctors two weeks ago and I was explaining to them that in the Bible there are many things that God reveals that happened before people even understood what he was talking about so I said for example he put Adam into a deep sleep and so I said to the doctor what he have to do with a person before you do surgery. You have to do something. Called Hog anesthesiology. You have to anesthetize somebody well the Bible doesn't use that they were demolished simply says you put them into a deep sleep now a child can understand right you say well you've got to use and this and the static Well they may not understand it but he said the deep sleep and then I said and then he opened up the side and the nurse said incision. And then they close up the side and she said. Sue sure. But he pulled out a bone and she said extraction. So the nurse was using all the medical terms that I was using from the Bible. Show that the Bible actually is far advanced science all right but God uses simple language that even a child can understand how to get to the kingdom what he is saying all right so no understand that this important time the Lord is making it simple he is implementing what is he doing he spends no time at telling to the cycles all the things that he's doing away with he's simply implementing a service that is to completely do away with the other he sealed the new covenant with his blood he implemented what he wanted and the Bible says where a testament is which means a will or a covenant there must also of necessity be the death of the test either in other words my mother in law passed away. Before she passed away she had a will which is a testament but that Testament could always be changed was she was still alive but when she died then walk and you cannot change that will it is she said and that's the lawyers get involved with it and then they. I come up with all sorts of interesting things to get as much money as they can out of the Testament but if it's plain and simple and no one can test the Testament NAND it sets what it sets and it cannot be changed right so what is telling you is this prior to Christ's death he instituted the changes that he needed to institute and a status a New Testament Church which the twelve disciples asked their founders so as the if the pillars of that church and then to seal that with his blood therefore the emblems that he uses are emblems that were in the Testament and so. We see the consistency then that Jesus is. The covenant putting man in charge of that covenant to make sure that it was carried for and if you are to with the understanding of all that Jesus wanted them to teach people concerning his teaching and then it says down there for my son Timothy The stronger the Grace said this in Jesus Christ and the things that down has heard of me among many witnesses the same commit now to faithful. Men who shall be able to teach others also. The cycles follow the dictates of their Savior and therefore in the New Testament there are no women masters. In the Book of Revelation the last from Malaysia and given to us. We find twenty four whether they call. Elders we don't know who they are. We believe that they were resurrected on the day when Jesus died because it says the grace were open and many of the Saints came up on the graves and but God does not mention names you could have said most is there you could ascend you not because then their largest they're good to mention those three but I want you to take notes of something interesting that even though the Bible reveals three specific people who are in the kingdom how many of those people a mention of saints in the conference church. None. The ones that God does say are saints and haven't completely omitted. But God does not make the mansion because the tendency of mankind is to worship things and God doesn't want us to worship people where ship God. I'm only shown house or well listen. Conclusion next of this one thousand nine hundred six my will sesson you shall be on to me a kingdom. And then hold a nation said the words which now shall speak on to the children of his. On the other side God told Moses what to tell the children of Israel they were should should be a holy nation and want to make kingdom priests it want. A kingdom. Nan P. their understanding what God's stated. Rephrase and put into his day the same commendation a God had given to the people of this ship because you remember that the new covenant established the New Testament church and they needed the authority from happen and other for them to have the authority of having to have to be declared to be the new church of God The Hebrew Church of the Jewish church with no longer to be considered as God's main people but the Gospel was to go to the world and everyone who became a believer became part of that new church and so that church needed the authority that God had given the Old Testament church that it once was the Church of God in fact and accept a seven and it says the church in the wilderness. And so here is his new church a crops up and God had to give an official stamp of approval to that church and so Peter then says You are the chosen one. Generation it royal priesthood and holy nation it peculiar people you should show for the praises of Hamel have called you out of darkness into this marvelous light. Just like in the old Sassaman the hole in the nation was a kingdom a priest God intended that the Testament church the New Testament years like what should be a holy nation with rather than having many priests they would have one priest and it was that. It is Jesus Christ now. Men clearly in the Bible have a rule. And this should not mean that women are side step yes simply means that God has an established order and by which he has guided his church and today God still is in charge of his church when you say. And they may be many things that crop and equipment to the church but that does not remove the reality that it has gone church. In my dealings with this particular subject. I have come across things that just kind of shocked me because people are trying to find something in the scriptures that's not there for example I had a theologian tell me that that Rachel was a pastor in the Bible. And I said How do you come up with that conclusion when he said Well uses the word that she was a shepherd and the term Shepherd has a masculine term therefore Rachel was a pastor I have to I have to confess to you that when I heard that from the theologian I thought something was going wrong with his mind because to suggest that Rachel was a shepherd with also have to suggest that all those who are called shepherds in the Bible like. The shepherds in the Old Testament who were dealing unkindly with the girls that were having problems the most and how to push them away that means that those men were shepherds pastors It means that all the boys of Jacob were pastors and I don't think any of you would like to have those kind of classes today they were not necessary good mowers until finally they became converted when he was signed but prior to that when Joseph went to speak to Pharaoh he said my father my brother and I are shepherds. So that means that these were pastors then you have pastors all across the Bible that are heathen next cetera but they're pastors so to me to use the term that Rachel was a shepherd The problem is that some words never have a feminine. Gender to it some where it's only have a masculine gender to it for example the wear soldier What do you call a woman who's a soldier. You call or a soldier you don't call a soldier rather. It is some masculine term but there's that turn that that make that woman a soldier in terms of a male know their terms police how do you how do you change the word police into feminine gender doesn't exist there's something to the just masculine and and and gender but they can be used in different applications is that true. So there are some arguments had brought up that just doesn't seem to make to me any sense just support women being passages in the Bible. I have found none. Good news is this and we have a Bible God gave us this word to help us to know what is truth and while there are people who may either innocently naively ignorantly. Or intentionally mistranslate the my. God has made this so that it could be your reach you could read if we have sound and no adults to fill it with you say God has established a church and that church has principles God gave authority and the church is some people will say well look. God didn't want to King but the people did so God gave them a king so why don't we do the same with the women. Well assess in the book almost saying that God gave him a king in this anger in one in his anger so why would anyone today desire to make got angry by doing something that he does not desire I do not understand that kind of thinking do you why champ God when He says absolutely that he did not desire that can and he did it because they insisted on it and then he said to Samuel they have not rejected you they have rejected me. God makes a claim and clear that that move was a rejection of him show for us to use an argument and to put a woman into a pastoral role just to say that because God allowed it in the Old Testament then we should allow things in the New Testament is not good logic nor wisdom. We ought not to repeat the mistakes of the people of all days when the aside. The Scriptures say that these things so written for our admonition for our learning. And hope. The good thing about it is that irrespective of what people say oh do God still has given us the word and you can stand on it because he says I change not you can believe in it you can trust in it and one of the most difficult things on their of to they is the complete trying to alter what God says just to be what is called politically correct and I believe friends that the only politically correct thing you can do if you're going to use that in the correct term is to do that which is right. And the Bible makes it plain. I honor women I train women all the time we are told that women can win more souls and men can sorry brother and. That's a reality because God made women with special instincts that man don't seem to have. Is that true when you think of women you think who has intuition mom or dad. Or why did you say mom. Man do you agree with that I may be a man agree with the mom has intuition how many of you men don't agree with come up to me let me talk to you. The reality is that God has given women special skills so that they can sniff out what the kids are up to before they do it what do you say they need that ability because all of us men are off working and sometimes distracted and the women are the ones that have to be after the kids on the time and so God has given them ability that we do not have. And we should use those abilities to advance the kingdom What do you say but that doesn't mean that we begin to do something that the Bible does not permit I'm glad that God makes it plain there is a special role for the women and a special role Florida the man I'm glad that I don't have to bear children. What do you say. I hear the man now saying amen now I'm glad for that but I'm also glad that God did provide a way that children can be wrong and I have five grandchildren and my wife told my daughter if I knew the grand kids were so great I would have had them first. But the reality is that God has created the process and he has ordained the church and he has her day in principle Sinestro and as Christians we need to do all that we can to come into harmony with that which God So again for us as individuals for us as roles in the church. And for us as people who are expected to be citizens in a kingdom that is filled with order not one all of us to come into harmony with his principles what he has said and when we do we find safety and we find comfort and we find hope. Now I don't know how far this thing will reach I'm talking about women ordination I know the General Conference go with it. Against it. But I know that. Money has been laid aside about six hundred fifty thousand dollars have been laid aside to make sure the two hundred fifty more women could be pastors. I know that. So I don't know how far this thing will stretch I do know this that sooner or later. Sooner or later it will have to come back. To one guy. And while that's process going remember this and I share this with you. It is clear that we're told that God permits apostasy to try the hearts of his people God committed the nation Israel Jesus allowed Judas and then the assassin we find apostasy God allows apostasy that does not make the church of Babylon you know what I said they may be the same things that go wrong. But we need to remain faithful to what we know to be true. As I said to you the other day when I'm flying and I do it flying and the pilot comes over the speaker to tell us his turbulence he doesn't say jump out the window he says tighten the seat belt and if there's ever a time when you and I need to tighten our seat belt this today because was being attacked is not women who have been attacking is what. The Word of God and we need to stand up for what we believe to be true that's why it's sad that we ought to have a reason when they answer for the favor that is within us and where do you find that fave in the dust say of the law and lease Amen to that and to they I want to recommit myself as a Christian to the standards that the Holy Book of God has ordained for me what about you. How many of you would like to stand to the same by God's grace I want to remain true to that which the Bible reveals and which the VI will implies not to do. At this point only Father we thank you for the New Covenant Jesus deal with his own blood. We know that all that he wanted to him implemented he did it for his dad. We know that all that he wanted to change he changed just simply by in implementing that which he wanted. The same happened in the Old Testament so we know that you are the same yesterday today and forever. And we stand today. In renewing our covenant with you and we will be true and faithful to you and with our holy word until you are. True to you we write in Jesus' name and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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