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Personal Preparation- Part 2

Carol Torres


  • June 12, 2016
    2:00 PM
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All right. One of the things that was so important to the Lord that he wanted to make sure that he took care of. And. So he is resurrected from the grave and as he is resurrected from the grave he. Goes to Mary Magdalene What does he say to her. What does he say to her touch me not why did he say Touch me not. I haven't gone to my father yet. And so he is going as he is. The day starts passing he realizes he's going to go to his heavenly father and he goes to his heavenly father but you know. He is he is welcome to with wonderful wonderful messages from God from from the gates of heaven and he says Lift up your heads to say. Left up your heads oh you gaze and be lifted up the everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in and the angels inside said Who is this King of Glory Why did they say who is. A low. It's. OK let's try the skin left up your head or your gate and be lifted up the everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in and the angels inside said what who is this King of Glory Why did they say that they wanted to hear it they wanted to hear it because they were so excited the crisis come home they were so excited about this this event because they had watched this terrible scene on earth they had watched this king go to the cross they had seen in the in the garden before he went to the cross they had seen him his heart torn out trying to his heavenly Father please father if you can take this cup from me please take it away from me because I am I. Having problems with the father but in the Lord's. But nevertheless not my will but your will three times. Is the want to go to the cross. But he was pleading. I'm sorry you wanted to die for us so why was it that he to go to the cross he didn't want to be separated from his heavenly father he felt the pain of city in the garden from his heavenly father he knew that the weight of sins that were being placed. Was greater than he thought. God the Father could handle. He knew that the sins are what separate us from God Oh please it's possible Don't let this. Never the less not my will but my Will Be Done been watching this and thank their Is that a father hasn't been more. Present in this whole present. Very present very present but he couldn't read being himself to his son he couldn't do that because he had to die the die the death that you and I will die if we are separated from God for eternity he had to do that so. They're anxious to try to help him and he falls. Great drops of blood flowing from his head. And he's saying you know. Father God. When he feels like he's going to be taken even farther than the ground. He hangs on to the crown. But he's weak the struggle has been almost too much Heaven's break with an angel. Angel comes in and ministers to him said. It's OK It's OK. Your father loves you. Remember he loved each other it's watching over you she'll see you through this it's OK you can give the world a chain. And he encourages G three. Jesus somehow from that this is from the host himself together. And he goes back to the disciples one more time but where are they. What are they doing. They're sleeping that's what we feel like doing right now. And Jesus says. It's OK you can sleep on and about that time what is it hearing he's wrong so here. Herbal try. They hear him. Fall under the cross. They say Joseph McCarthy a come up and the cross. They are thrilled that the somebody is helping their master they wish that they could give back what cross they wish that they could. Be the brow of the master they wish that they could use so much but they're held back and held back so they just are watching. Their watch. You watch with amazement and they see. Ya on the cross dresser. There is such extreme there are so so happy to that he's been he's been victorious enough to to actually. Be. Wiped out seeking for eternity on there are actually so happy and he says Lift up your head or your gate and be lifted up your everlasting doors the King of Glory shall come in who is the King of Glory the Lord wrong and mighty the Lord mighty in what battle the name angels again say lift up your heads or you even let them not be everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in and that the angels inside again say Who is this King of Glory. They know. What they want again and again and so the. Really home are UNION starts. And they're so excited and I know what do you this did what did he do. He went to his Him Father went to his heavenly father and the father is a been enough. And the father said it's more than. It's more than. This Welcome home. Is cut short Jesus has something on mine. He has his church how his it going to go ahead and and. Prepare he has to be completely ready for what's ahead of them. To do that and so this little ring union only lasts about at the best and he's back on. His back on Earth and he's walking with a couple way to where. I am. And but he doesn't reveal who he is because he doesn't want the attention to be on the person of himself why is he not revealing who he is quite a minute and can't go on without this. He did not want them to he was them to be. Focused on who he was that he was that he was raised he wanted them to be focused on what the message was that he was going to give them and that message was what. And beginning at what Moses and all the prophet he had founded under them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself that's the one hundred seven so he's walking to with them to America and he's just telling them all things from the scriptures point to him but this this man that you're talking about he's he's talked about in the scripture starting from zero says he starts expanding to them all the things that pertain to him and he's their hearts are our warmed their hearts are maybe even bubbling maybe their hearts are even excited about what he's telling them because it may rings true if the scriptures it tells us what's going to happen warmed by this message that he's giving them and then I'm home coming home and they say come on home you know he he sits down too. And he raises his hand. Now they know it was it is just a lie they are so excited but he disappears what does it disappear. In because he wants them to remember what he has said and not the fact that he is a lie. Right. They. Forget the meal I think is just sat there. And they ran to where. They ran back to Jerusalem and they go up to where the disciples were and they knocking on the door not going to and then they come in and they think he if I. And again he shows. This time they know it's him but they do they really know it's him it says that they even thought he was a. Ghost and again he explains to him from the Bible explain to them from where. The By who. And then he goes on these are the worry country you while I was yet with you that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the Law of Moses and in the prophets and in the Psalms concerning me so he is telling them that. Everything was written. Everything was written. And that's why we're going to spend time on the inspiration of. Heavenly Father. Again we come before you because person that can give us what we need we thank you father that you. We thank you Father. That you have endured. The terrible things that have happened to your prophets take us to the Scriptures and give help us to love the Word of God help us to love what it says to us help us to love what he can do for us and help us to love it's just such an extent that we will walk in his paths and meet you again in the clouds this your presence. May it ring true in our hearts what you have done for us is my prayer and Jesus' precious thing. OK. Matthew chapters four three or seven. Use the Scriptures to what. To correct wrongs and or. Cultural or otherwise to establish what or to encourage faithfulness and what obedience. So they they. They wanted to. Jesus use the Scriptures to correct wrong and or ideologies cultural or otherwise to establish truth or to encourage faithfulness and obedience Let's skip chapter four up there for right now and starting with the. The amount what can you remember from the Sermon on the changed the thinking of what the people were hearing from what. They thought what the thinking of their time in fact all the busses were a change in their thinking were they not a bless it were because they they were thinking that they were downcast that that they didn't have hope they didn't have they didn't have a chance with God and Jesus is saying wait wait wait wait wait lessons are you. So all the bless us are. What else is a change in thinking five six and seven alive for the world yes. How about the year. And he says if you if you've lost your saltiness Then why do I keep you around right. You're going to be ashes under our feet it doesn't say ashes What does it say. Going to be trod upon right so what do you see saying if we've lost that saltiness that ability to to give life and to give help to other people and to make that the Gospel flavorful to other people if we've lost that ability then we have lost our hold on him and we are going to be we're going to be trodden under feet is that what he wants. He wants us to change that doesn't he he wants to change that so that we are all the time right even if you are at home I think that there was a somebody. I didn't realize it was locked but I guess it is. Even if we are somebody that is stuck at home I had a young lady well I should say young is quite old that wanting to do something to help the Lord and all she could do is couldn't get around she couldn't drive her eyesight was really wouldn't do but she still could use the telephone pole shake still could use a magnifying glass and she could go down the. The phone book she could go down the popup and she started calling starting with a. All the way through the phone thousand people in her world now. And she called everything go one of them in order to in order to come give them. An offer of a Bible she said I've been I've been studying the Bible it's been such an inspiration to my life and I know that you would be loving these studies just please come and let me let me take your name let me take your from your address and let me and many many people signed up with or. Can you imagine. So yes. That's OK if that if they want to come I know. It is hard because. I get taken away from what I was thinking and say. Thank you so it's so important that at any age we can still have sought in nursing homes I've been visiting people in nursing homes and found that they simply loved to tell. Even if they couldn't even if they were paralyzed they wanted to tell. They had lost theirs. And so it's so important watch him get locked up. So important to remember that God is trying to tell us that these things need to be changed in our lives that we need to correct our thoughts that we need to have the light that we need to have the salt that we need to also how about prayer. Interesting I hope you will review that. Prayer about going to the temple some standing up and saying that they are so right with God others beating their chest I think who went. Away. Forgiven who want to weigh forgiven. The public so was that a change of culture. Who changes of culture huge changes so God Jesus used the scriptures to correct wrongs and idiology cultural or otherwise to establish. The and encourage faithfulness. He also pronounced word as the only source of what. Power over what temptation and you'll find that in verse four of Matthew Chapter four of Matthew and then I'm going to come back to that end of the meme. He cited from MOSIS writing specifically the Book of Deuteronomy as a means of using divine thoughts to destroy satanic suggestion temptations so he said and he quoted Deuteronomy what eight three. And in that quote What is a say in equivalent unequivocally stated it to be that which what he proceeded out of the mouth of God. So the word in the Old Testament was proceeding from what the mouth of God Now again some of this is very very familiar to you. God is the source of the word and the source of life Jesus confirms that the we speak unto you they are what life it is through the seeding great imprint of God that we might be partakers of the divine nature this is probably one of my favorite promises. Second Peter one verse four whereby are given unto us. CD. Great and precious promises why does Peters have to say exceeding great and precious promises because they are greater than he can explain to us right there greater than he can explain and so he's saying I am giving to you exceeding great and precious promises that by the she may be partakers of the divine nature. In that amazing it's like God is saying to you you know what. I'm giving you. A gold credit card being even higher than gold I'm giving you this credit card and when I say to you is that. Every three thing that I'm offering you can get on this card you can get everything that I'm offering on this credit card and the fact is there's no charge for. Everything of heaven is offered to slice and offer to us through the promises there is no to what we can gain from Christ through His promise. So it's an incredible what God is doing for the I love this quote I will this promise actually and it is by taking heed to the word that young ways and by hearing it face what. Awakened Psalms one thousand nine and eleven and Romans ten seventeen respectively Christ ever made scripture is subject to what Christ ever or never. Christ never made the scripture subject to dissecting On the contrary it was to be what the dice sector. For the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit are zero and is a desert of the thoughts and intents of the heart. It dissects US doesn't that it's lets us know what's happening in our lives it lets us know what's happening in I thought it lets us know whether or not we are right with him or not and so the Word of God is is necessary for us to be prepared for his coming since Christ declared all scripture to be the Word of God It blasts famous for anyone to assume the impossible task of what determining what peace of peace is inspired and which is not. Get back to that all Scripture how much. All. I have to emphasize that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and it's profitable for what for doctrine reproof and for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be what perfect draw you furnished unto all good works the word inspiration in the Great is what God breeze the oh what new steps first that when it says that all Scripture is station that is talking a priest this to the the Prophets this first that no prophecy of the scripture any private interpretation but the prophecy came not in all times by the will of man but holy men of God spake as they were what moved by the Holy Ghost so I didn't come by what. Private interpretation. These are things that we've gone over reinstate in our thinking Paul's writings were based upon what his understanding and dependence upon what the Bible as being what every futile work of God to the Romans he wrote he had promised for by his prophets in the Holy Scriptures. Cometh by what hearing and hearing by the Word of God. For whatsoever things we were written aforetime What does that mean aforetime this is this is coming from the New Testament. So whatsoever things were written aforetime which means the Old Testament. Were written for what our learning that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have what hope but now is made manifest and by the scriptures of the prophet according to the commandment of the everlasting God made known to all nations for obedience of faith and Paul as his manner was went in under them and three Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the Scriptures these were more noble than those where were those people that were more noble. The Beurre and Marian's more noble than those in the US I'm not in that they what receive the Word with what already know us of mind but was it just receiving the word. It wasn't just receiving they were they were just listening to it. They searched the scriptures to make sure that everything must as it was in the scriptures. They searched the Scriptures. We need to learn to search the Scriptures even more more and more even more and more towards the end of time first Corinthians fifteen three and four For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures. Prison loike. Inspiration is what. God's method of influencing and directing the minds of man in the process of making them channels of divine revelation so what is God trying to do by the board of God. Making Us channel. Making Us channels of divine revelation if we are not getting the divine revelation how can we give the divine revelation. Does that make sense to you. Receive it in order to give it. Many of the Old Testament authors asserted the inspiration of their message by playing their statements with such words as say I thought Jeremiah Amos the phenomena. Malakai etc The Lord speck thus Isaiah came much of the new Kill this is. I'm sorry. Yes but I'm I was part of forget the words for. It's cross reference there we go cross reference Joan Joan Joan No one one etc The Lord said Hosea one to the Lord hath spoken it over die at eighteen etc so that the writers of the Old Testament prefaced the things that they were saying with God is saying this I'm getting this directly from God So since in their minds then how should we relate to the Old Testament and the New Testament Christ attested to the inspiration of the Old Testament by making reference to it as what were it and record of God and all those those texts are there to help you. Know where he's where he said that so you've got a lot of texts to look up but also affirmed its authority by stating that the Scripture cannot be what the structure cannot be broken. You'll understand why I'm going through all this Paul claimed that what he taught was not by what the Spirit. Peter acknowledged Paul's writings as on a par with others in sixty there is because we are finding a many people who are saying that Paul's writings are partly inspired and partly not. But the. Sermon after the Holy Spirit came upon them. He preached because I knew. That big things would be coming upon earth and he also said that Peter's paths writings were on the same par rep that his message had its source in God and came to him through an angel now I'm going to move even though there's there's more there I think you're pretty close to the fourth fourth page. Three OK. Just second page How can a clear up to the bottom of the fourth page is all scriptural references as to how God related to the Scriptures. Now we're going to change a little bit we're going to say here what the modern prophets said about the Word of God and right bottom of page four. There are some that may think they are fully capable whether finite judgment to take the word of God and to state that what are the words of inspiration and what are not the words of inspiration I want to warn you all that ground my brother in the ministry put off by shoes from all by me or the place where on Boston this is holy ground there is no finite man that lives that you see that are you watching there is no finite man that lives I care not who he is or whatever is his position that God has authorized to pick and to choose in his word. Is that pretty straight forward. It gets even more straightforward. What man is there that to take that Bible and say This part is inspired and that part is not inspired I would have both my arms taken off my shoulders before I would ever make the statement or set my judgement upon the Word of God as to what is inspired and what is not inspired is that a pretty strong statement. She is being very emphatic isn't she very emphatic Why is she being in phatic because she's knows what's going to happen. She knows what's going to happen those who think to make the supposed difficulties of scripture playing. Are you with me. Those who think to make the what. Supposed difficulties of scripture playing what is that saying. There really aren't difficulties but because I think that they are I'm going to make. Is that what this is saying it's saying no those who think to make the supposed difficulties of scripture playing in measuring by their finite rule that which is inspired and that which is not inspired had better cover their faces as Elijah when he when the still small voice spoke to him for they are in the presence of God and the holy angels who forget ages have communicated to him in light and knowledge telling them what to do and what not to do. I am to go back to this. Even I'm just reading it through go for they after the Alija think for they are in the presence of who God is and what holy angels who for how long ages have communicated to men light and knowledge telling them what to do what not to do unfolding before them scenes of thrilling interest Waymark by way marked in symbols and signs and illustrations God at all instantly and through the New Testament communicating to us everything that we need to know in order to be stable in our experience with Jesus Christ steadfast search and our feet anchored in the rock This is what God is trying to tell us that he is doing. And this is extremely interesting to me. And he God has not while presenting. The perils of clustering perils cost during ABOUT THE LAST DAYS WHAT TIME IS THIS FOR. And he God craze scenting the perils of clustering perils clustering about the last days qualified any finite man to unravel hidden mysteries or inspire us of men to pronounce judgment as to what. Which is inspired or is not how many years have we been in a seven the minister. In twenty thirteen we celebrated our hundred fiftieth anniversary we had one hundred fiftieth year. And Elder Wilson said he said I feel that we've gone one hundred fifty years in the one again I can be unthankful that we're still here right one hundred and fifty years we have interpreted the scriptures the same way we have been known as the people of what. The book. Known as the people of the book one hundred fifty years that went through the life of what. Ellen White the modern prophet. That helped us understand. The scriptures. They worked it out with God first and then as to the the little group that was forming Ellen White heard God pronouncing that good. She didn't form those studies did she. Know she didn't form the doctrines she didn't form anything of the beginnings of the church but a voice told her that this is OK. This is the way it should be. And once we had that foundation then the Lord gave her more information but never the on the foundation of this church and I mean that it was founded in the Scriptures and what she was given just added light to it it's like a AAA map how many of you are familiar with the ultralight naps. How about those triptychs Do you remember those triptychs. Those trip tricks are wonderful warm for. Love those triptychs But was there anything on those triptychs that wasn't on the map. Was that you're sure. You know it only focused on the part that you were going so it amplified what you were what was already on the map right. So you may not you might not see this little town but as that amplified it you see it there's little towns and there's there's the map. It was on the map and that's. The scriptures are the foundation all truth. Ellen. She added more information what I'm saying there. And we need to we need to study the Scriptures so that we can see how it is that all of it fits together. So the scriptures are so so important we have had one hundred fifty years where we have. Come to the Scriptures and believed the Scriptures something happened interesting on twenty fifteen twenty thirteen. What happened on twenty thirty two you know and a verse three what else happened I'm sorry. Something pretty pretty astounding happened in the Fall Council at the general come twenty thirteen where a a symptom of the problem did you hear what I said yes. No the women's ordination was simply a simple done of the problem. Or just divide but that again is a symptom of the problem. What was the problem. No no no no. How do you know the even the spirit of we've we've been questioning the spirit of prophecy for a long time but it was questioning how we are going to interpret the Bible. What method of interpretation. And. Was given to us at that North American division meeting sometimes I wish I could just bring this because it's the. Greatest apostasy. That in our church. We are now trying to change the way we're going to if we change the way that we can Inter and change interpret the scriptures then what does that do for us it leaves does. It Leave the no pound Asian or people the church is the head there the church is still a fairly stable. But there are people under the chipping divisions that are taking the lead in in changing the way that we are going to interpret the scriptures. It's called P B H C principle based historic principle based historical cultural interpretation what's different We've been principle based historical. Now we've added cultural Do you realize that this is allowing many people to think that it is OK to change itself so they are they are trying to neuter rights but does not arise me. Would you like to hear what it knew to rise means. New to rise verb to make men and women and society devoid of gender tendencies or characteristics in the attempt to eliminate. The miniscule an anti a primary goal of Western feminists is to neuter Rice society. So back they're quite a ways back holing God they're trying to change that to holy people of God. They're trying to change everything illustrators so that it matches. Better rise to a society. That society's should be outside the church not inside the church my sister it's mind boggling when I woke up one morning and heard this I was astounded I am of this generation seventy agonist. But I'm a fifth generation father was. Vice President of the General Conference. I have many relatives that have been missionaries in and head of different divisions all over the world. When I woke up and found that money church. My church. Had decided that the way that we've come to truth all these years all these years is not good enough. I was. Completely. Distraught. I did not know how to relate to it at first and went on friends for that or that meeting even before you know I heard that they were going to get together a big a change to study this I said wonderful I'm looking for biblical answers to why there's such a change or such a division why are you we thinking that it's OK to do this or no not OK to do this and we've got this division that are coming why why is that there must be something in the Bible that I don't see yet but every time I heard what was being said I would open my Bible and it would be quite old testament that is even before. The me. Aaron sons. Priests that was not the interpretation. That God was getting to that text. We need to look to see what God's interpretation of the checks and we know what our interpretation can be right. And so I was I was I was stunned Yes we can be stunned. It's OK to be stunned but. We have to go beyond that. We're on the other side of it. It's already happening. So what are we going to do are we going to get followed by all of this miasma out there are we going to come back to the word. To the word. Absolutely true the word that is what keeps us stuck fast that is what keeps the Word of God and that's why I G.'s a stopped his wonderful first of all in have been to come to the to the earth to help his disciples get stabilized in the Word of God It was so important to him that we are we are people of the Word of God so important that he's tough all the celebration in heaven and came back and said Let me just tell you something you've been hearing what's been happening in Jerusalem here this isn't the Bible to talk about. And he went through the books most through the songs through the early pulled them that this was when. He had to do. In order to say that which was why he had to do this to say you and me and so it was extremely important that this happened now let's go on and what is to say and then takes what. Special care that it is not what corrupted. In that amazing God gives the message and he says look. Not you're not going to just sit you're going to give it the way I gave it. That's why it's so so important for us so so important and that's why I wanted to take time to really help you. Recognize that we've got to get to the Scriptures because we could not all of these other things and you as a peer that I'm going to be present in but there's more things that are coming into the church that we have got to completely say plea of God All right it's not what God gives the message and then takes care of special care that it is not corrupted We need to remember that I take the Bible do you believe it's utterances in an entire bible how much anti or Bible men arise who think they find something to criticize in God's Word they lay it bare before others as evidence of the period or with them. Oh yes. I could spend hours. Telling you about things like this but my point here is to direct you where. Men are right to think they find something to criticize in God's Word they lay it bare before others as evidence of their superior wisdom these men are. Men learned men they have eloquence and challenge the whole life work of whom is to unsettle minds in regard to the inspiration of the Scriptures Yes. First the first selected messages page seventeen. Think of the pamphlet since. Pamphlet but if you if you check if you go to and put that in and you'll get you'll get it up OK. This one is Page seventeen first looked at messages brother let not a mind or hand the engage what is Why is this a letter not a mind or hand. But we know that the mark of the beast was in the forehead or in the hand right here she's saying look not even in your mind nor in your hand can you do anything. Engaged in criticizing the Bible it is a work that Satan delights to have any of you do but it is not a work the Lord has pointed out for you to do personal collected messages page seventeen the Holy Scriptures are to be accepted as an authoritative infallible revelation of His will they are the standard of character the revealer of the Doctrine and the test of experience. I take the Bible just as it is at the inspired word I believe it utterances in an entire Bible the Holy Book has withstood the assault of Satan who has united with evil man to make everything of divine character shrouded in clouds of darkness but the Lord has preserved this holy book by his own miraculous power in its present what shape a charge or guide book to the human family to show them the way of heaven as it should be right that's up to the point that she wrote this those who are truly converted to Christ must keep on constant guard unless they shall accept air in place of truth those who think that it matters not. Listen to this those who think that it matters not what they believe in doctrine so long in what Jesus Christ are on what dangerous ground. Are we hearing that today we're hearing it a lot aren't we are hearing it a lot you know I thought to me it's just so amazing Picard is done so much to save us. I am just amazed that he's done so much to say this I need to finish this and I can talk or. Christ favorite thing oh yes Christ a thing OK yes I'm I'm very thankful that God has done so much to save us that he's done given us so much he's given us the word here and can you imagine the persecution that people have gone through in order to to give us the word. Are you're familiar with that yes terrible persecution. Yes. The the God's word is going to be attacked but we have a sure word as long as so much of the time we are listening to other people give the word are you hearing me. We cannot. Let them be our conscience. We must go to the world and study it our selves secure. Christ and I like this because Christ had many he had things to say about the right we should do things the way he had much counsel he had much. Admonition he had much. Certainly Peter felt like he was spanked when Mort's turned to him and said Get Behind Me Satan now was quite a shock Don't you think. He had his moments but what was the thing that was his favorite thing what was it. Christ favorite thing was the love or turn and tenderness and abundant grace of God He dwelt much upon the holiness of his character and that his law he presented himself to the people as the Way the Truth and the life let this be the things of Christ ministers present the truth as it is and Jesus make plain the requirements of the law in the Gospel tell the people of Christ lifestyle of self-denial and self sacrifice of his humiliation and the death of his resurrection and the ascension of his interest in intercession for them in the courts of God His promise I will come again and receive you unto myself that is Christ preferred way of working. Now this goes back to the Bible I love this quote I don't know why but somehow I missed this even though our many times. I guess I had read it in context with with what we're dealing with now right. But now that I'm in this mind set and I'm I'm dealing with the Word of God This really start up to me who are in God willing more abundantly to show unto the heirs a promise who are the heirs a promise. Oh. Us I hope I hope we are. The heirs are promised the immutability what is immutability me. It can't be changed right the minute ability of here's what counsel come from get by an oath he did what they come from to by what and all that by two what immutable by two Immutable things in which it was impossible for God to lie we might have a strong consolation who have glad for refuge to lay hold of on the hope that before us which hope we have been anchored to the soul well sure instead and which in entering into that within the veil whether the power rounder is for us. Even Jesus made in High Priest What is that saying to you. There is absolute hope that that not only has God It says there the image ability of his counsel come firm grip by and oath do you find in the scripture but he says the immutability of his counsel the counsel think what the Word of God. The immutability of his counsel confirmed a by an oath that by two in need of all things the promise and in the counsel in which it is it was impossible for God to lie we might have a strong consolation who have fled for refuge refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us. Praise God. Praise God what a wonderful God we have he gives us counsel and I present to you again. The Word of God The most important can ever spend your time will. Get in the word. Don't be listening to everybody. Get in the word. Make sure that anything that you're listening to is from scripture. Don't be taken away by every wind of love the truth with your whole heart and as you do that. You will find you will have safety in the ark of God. That's. Heavenly Father I know in my own life that there are so many different things that want to take my attention and I just pray for those hearing. That they will have so far and your word Lord God make us ready. To meet you and. Soon to come because we're seeing are happening outside of us. Make us not a part of it but make us completely focus on you in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your first if you would like to listen to more servants leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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