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Personal Preparation- Part 4

Carol Torres


  • June 13, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Heavenly father we again come to you thanking you for your incredible blessing that you are giving to us day by day. So many that we don't even have time to even share them all and we're so grateful that you are mindful of. What seeing in significant in the Planet of the universe yet you're mindful of us and you want to give us the best we pray Dear Lord that you will help us that you will give us strength and that you will help me to present this in a way that will be clear crystal. And precious. So. This is what we're working on this is the one from yesterday. If you don't have it please hold it please get it you have. And. So that's what we're going to be working on today and I hope that you'll have a pen as well you have a pen you have yours. OK we're almost out but we're in opinion need a pen All right so we got pretty much down to the bottom of page one. And now we've got almost to the bottom of page two didn't we. So something that I want to do to make sure that you understand that our our planet this planet is pretty much divided into two thousand year and increment that correct so after creation in about two thousand years we had the flood in about two thousand years later we're going to have. The first coming of Jesus and approximately two thousand years after that we're going to have the second coming of Christ and you know I don't mind if the large waits a little bit to get more people and. I wish he would come now but I'm thankful that he's going to come. Here at the bottom of page two. I'm thankful that he's. That he's one thing to get everyone into the kingdom so I'm glad that he's waiting a little bit of time. For that I'm gone and for that I will still pray family and just keep saying Lord come quickly right so at the bottom of. Second page. I just want to bring to your attention that Noah was the prophet that led into the flood is that correct and know our priest for how many years. One hundred twenty years so the Lord tried to make sure that the people were understanding that something was going to happen no why did he preach but he built that incredibly big month strategy of an ark which nobody at ever seen before right they had all kinds of things then that probably we still haven't even compile come up with at this point but at that time this was that ark was something that was something that nobody had really seen the four and who's going to mean where is it going to. Have Nothing. And so it was it was a laughingstock but in his message get to the whole known Wordle world at that time. Absolutely it got everywhere and God was doing that because he wanted to give it will strengthen the fact that there is a way out he always wants us to know that there is a way out and so he says to Noah build me an ark because that is going to be the way. I'm thankful that he thinks. So that's what they were doing before the flood after the flood we find a for him. Coming on the seeing. Abraham. Who start a city whose builder was gone God gives us a promise and that was sick and the texts are there and. So he's been. Abraham is looking for city builder and maker of God and He is anxious to look forward not just present but look who are going to that great day he's looking forward to the first coming occurred Jesus and he's looking forward to the end result the city that built by God. And then we have Jacob who nameless changed page three. You know it is we're just going through three studies that are helping us to understand the plan of salvation the everlasting Gospel and these these these studies my intent is that if we could get people to take at least three studies and understand what the Bible is saying in its entirety that they will want the details that they'll want to go on and keep studying so I think these three studies are very important to me and I think that as I use them and other people I think are very important to them and I just want to pray that they will be very important to you as you're working with people. That's why we're doing this and so Abraham So we've gone through the first two pages and where John Abraham now. Abraham now on down to Jacob Jacob and. Jacob was the father of who. Twelve sons Jacob the father of twelve sons the twelve tribes of Israel and he had a name Jacob before he met the angel and when he struggled with the angel then then the angels called him what. Is Real. There's something in these names aren't there and so Jacob now is a real person in Christ he's overcome those defects of character from before and so he's he's he's wanting to be. A father of. Man that he hopes and prays will continue the lineage of God right so here we go from Jacob to who Joe who I have job in there. He was a godly men he was a man after God's own heart he wanted to do everything right and in fact when Satan goes to God you know he's only doing this because you're blessing him the Lord said OK try and I think how would I stand up if they think that the God you know she's only during the because of your blessing here. Is what credible is. But Joe. And I think all of us need to read. And think we'd like to recruit but that's why we spend so much time with our Bible right though. This is one pro Tuesday and you can. Not look at it now but. But I want you to want you to know that that some of the things we've been talking about is the Word of God OK And so it's important for us to realize there's many things in the Bible that are important for our our understanding and are encouraged that when we coming into the last days and I think job is one of them. Joe was able to stand when even his wife that you. All its friends everybody to you. And you know I'm glad he stood firm in a way and I love what came to him and said can you do all the things that's who you're dealing with and. I can think here Joe then we go to Moses we're dealing with the little lineage of people that carried on the torch of godliness throughout their lives and we've got we got to Moses Moses was a Jewish Jewish son and he. Should have. Known better but he made some pretty difficult mistakes didn't he and here you ended up so he plays up to the wilderness and there you know learns what God is all about forty years to undo forty years of training here that. Were new to forty years of training and yet forty years in the courts of well twelve years approximately. In his mother's. With his mother and then he goes to the court and he has the training of the yes and he is trained in all these things but it took forty I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit is working on us and it's going to get us right. Much but. We need to be asking for that spirit which we talked about the first day. So it's important the most then then he is used by God to lead. Israel out of Egypt what are glorious day that was but I can tell you. That for him right where we were we were pretty pretty stubborn people and I think we because aren't we still stubborn yes we're still. And God saying no this has to be cleansed out of us. That has Because doubt of us so most of us is. An amazing man and he wrote the first five books of the Bible and. In fact right now the only only partial of the Scriptures that. That the Jews will accept is. They don't like Daniel why do they not like Daniel. Prophesies about the Matthias and they knew they knew when Jesus was supposed to be born so it really is showing two to them to not have accepted Christ right they're still looking for the Messiah can you imagine that puts him wide open for. Delusion so. Then we go to. Change David David is a wonderful person a mighty man God did some really crazy thing. That God had to correct the corrections were tough but he still calls him a man after my own. That to me is. That as messed up as we can be sometimes when the correction comes what if my attitude toward. That was just a little thing do I say. Everybody is doing it. Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean when David what's caressed his heart was broke his heart was broke and he wrote the palm. Which wants when something which some. Fifty first. No different person because it was he's crying for God to cleanse. Son's him from this disaster that he started. Don't take it away from me so it's that's why David it is such a beautiful character and why it's so much to me because it tells me that as long as I respond to the corrections of got appropriately that God will call me a man or woman after a song. And I'm so thankful for that then we have various prophets and all throughout the prophets Isaiah Jeremiah is it you know Daniel and I want you to preserve our ground Daniel Daniel is very very important he was six hundred approximately six hundred years before Christ and he's the one that prophesied the most about the. Coming of Christ and so on and then for poor hundred years for four hundred years there was not a prophet. Why. Then you got I'm sorry. They had quite a bit to go on didn't they and that's that's the same thing we're having right now right it's been it's been one hundred nine hundred one hundred fifteen years since the Prophet died a little bored now. And now a little less of that actually. And and we have so much since very many. That we should be going over and understanding because she gave us everything we needed to get to the other side. She gave us what we need. The word. God. By them the most important the Word of God and her writings amplify the Word of God over and over and over again bringing us back to the Bible brings back to the Bible brings back to the Bible and it's extremely important that we continue to do two studies that were in studying her writings because we have that information aren't you know and we need to we need to make the most of it and so for hundred years there wasn't a problem then we find when the fullness of the time had come God sent or. Galatians fork or what does that say from the Greek that parts. All. OK So gov't when the whole was the time was come God sent forth His Son it was it was Paul it was the pope a prophecy was it not. There was a fulfillment of prophecy in those prophecies were found where in Daniel nine twenty five through twenty seven right. Twenty five through twenty seven is in your in your study you got it there so they won't miss that one. John the Baptist also was crying out that the man thought I was coming. And that is Matthew three one two three alright. So it was it was his time he was to come and it was a for the man of prophecy in this is how many years approximately after the flood. Approximately two thousand years after the flood he was born poor five B.C. Thankfully we don't know exactly when he was born because we would. Misuse it unfortunately gave us a complete example of how we can live in harmony with God John searching for someone to. Thirteen fifteen or. So what are they doing is giving us what an example he's giving us an example of what and how we should live is not a marvelous there's other text there is well but I wanted to just draw your attention to that one and so he gave us a that's great example but then I want to bring you back to something we talked about yesterday and that's John three sixteen God J. U K. Can you imagine the Heavenly Host looking down and think Christ me warrant as a baby talk about ball or a ball yes. Extremely vulnerable what if Mum doesn't teach him right. What if his older brothers and sisters. Mis guided him which they did. Rather stay true but the brothers and sisters had quite a bit to say about this. Too. So. God gave us. And when we look at Isaiah fifty three what does Isaiah fifty three have to say that whole chapter is given to what. How he looked for us how he died for us he took our sins. That he had no part in and gave us his life that we have no part in right so I say at thirty three as is a wonderful promise that brings up to life what it was that God gave His Son for. And then. Jesus. Is in his ministry he comes to the place where he realizes it's time for him to go where. To the cross and I like what it looked nine fifty one look nine fifty one. Dead fastly you're a whimper and and that's a light you know that his face that vastly to go. In spite of the fact that Peter had something else to say Peter had. No want to go to Jerusalem look you want to go to there and what is this I didn't. Get behind me. Heard I know that hurt and are not even a man. The got that but to me I would still shudder and I would hurt yes I think I'm not even a man because men tend to be more macho. Want to be more right sometimes and Peter was going to thank him not. Taken down for making. Just. But was that suggestion necessary Christ had to recognize and Peter had to recognize that they could not stand in the way. And so they go to the cross. When they go to the cross the cross just walk. Satisfies the law of God reconciles us to the father brought harmony between God and man so I can Corinthians five seventeen through twenty one how actions one porting through fifteen Part eighteen through twenty in whom we have three dimension through his what blood even the forgiveness of our what since who is the image of the invisible God the firstborn of every creature and he is the head of the what the body the church who has the beginning the firstborn from the dead that in all things he might have what preeminence or it pleased the other what the father pleased that he was going through all this know it please The Father what. That in him should all. Do well and having made peace through the blood of his cross by him to reconcile to what's the word reconcile all things under himself by him I say whether they be things an earth or think of an Isn't that glorious. What an incredible package of scripture scriptures telling us that Christ did it everything he needed to do for ourselves they should. And I say for our salvation because there are many people who will say that Christ did it all on the cross that's not true he did everything for our salvation on the cross. And there's a difference if we don't follow him past the cross we won't get there you calling what I'm saying we can and we must come to the Cross that we must follow him after the cross we must follow him until he saves us in His Kingdom we need to take our sins where. They're hidden in the sanctuary and right now we need to we need to give ours our sinless and our are our shortcomings and all of the things that highest then out to him we could take him to the cross you know oftentimes I think about taking it to the cross and leaving it there but you know what. You know sometimes you give somebody a gift and they really don't want to feel what. You know what. Oftentimes we take our sins to the cross. And we take them that. We need to take our sins to the cross and we need to leave it with God and go on go on and go on he going on until the day that he comes to take his home. And so here we are now so he so here we are now we find that he has gone to the cross who has done all this for us and then we find that we are getting close to what. The pope will meant the completion of the and what was the promise that Jesus gave to His disciples when with on. Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go and prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you on I will come again and receive you unto myself that who are there you need. That is the promise he. He said it's going to happen are you hearing me it's going to happen and I'm telling you it's going to happen it's going to happen so the second coming now we're coming down Chile the second coming of Christ and here again prophecy is being won. Both will is a true prophecy of what what sets the date towards the end of time start the time of the end where does that start what Daniel. Daniel what. Eight fourteen the twenty three hundred a prophecy right and that takes us right up to when eighteen forty four so the third you will be coerced and that Daniel eighteen forty four OK And so here we are up to eight hundred forty four now and what did God do again that he bring us the prophet. Then. He brings us a modern prophet to help us know and to keep our business that you know because we tend to really get sidetracked. We get sidetracked so easily I'm thankful that there was a little lady that sheen of the life that God kept alive that God lost her life in gave her to us to help us understand that we need to keep our Bishan straight toward the sin coming of Jesus Christ. And so we're now being heralded again by a prophet before the coming of Christ the second time God does nothing that he does without sending a prophet. And so it's important for us. To. See and understand that we are coming up to that time so. When when God gave the promise let not your heart be troubled This is the promise of a gentleman by the promise of a gentleman. Second Peter three nine what does it say that computer three nine gentlemen honor their promises. That there yes the Lord is not what Slack concerning his promise or at some men can blackness but it's what long thought or a two X. word that what. That OK Can I hear it nobly. Not well I think that any should perish but that all should come to repentance That's why I say that I'm I'm I'm little sorry that that you haven't come already but I'm also thankful because he is a gentleman waiting not willing that any should perish but that off a come to repentance we know that there will be need. But we don't know just where everybody that. There may be someone who still needs to be garnered in and I'm praying for that wonderful wonderful day when he can say it and. So. We are to prepare a work to make got the second time one John the Baptist's Matthew twenty eight nine hundred twenty What is that. That that tells us the go make disciples death so we are to be John the Baptist now right where big to be John the Baptist now and getting people ready for this getting people ready for this then the Lord will come and who wants to read first that selling sport searching through. Or. You are. All. One and. In that beautiful promise I love that promise. Obviously we hear too often in terms of the graveside But I tell you what Still it's a beautiful promise and so so we have that promise and then we have what current First Corinthians fifteen fifty one three fifty five. In the. Last. Four. Months but. More. So for the. I love. I love so these are the promises of the coming of Christ and you know. So what's keeping. Too many people many. Look. Not park I'm in the promises of victory so there's something there's people out there that are not ready I'm thankful that there seem to be a groundswell of people wonder get ready for the coming of God I think that's great I think it's marvelous but more than that there's so much work. So why will you perish turning me turning thirty three. Somebody were to read them. Or. I have no. Ways. That's written to us where the health of this will. Now that us that's keeping us from come I wonder. When it says oh House official talking to him so I'm saying and asking me today might he be waiting for me Michael Brady. Was all right the next study got fine for you thank you so much. This study we are going to do the background information on the plan of the great controversy. The first study was just. Tiptoeing around. That. It let us know that there was a tree of knowledge of good news that let us know that that's where. He met the serpent Yes. A lot of know that the serpent was was. Evil and that the serpent was put to the ground so to speak his wings were taken away the glory of the serpent was it was removed the separate was now on the ground so to speak and it let us know that much it didn't tell us much more did it and the reason I didn't do that in the first study is because I didn't want to overwhelm them yet that's why this is done you know overly one study on top of another. So it's important for you too because I I actually gave a little bit more information than I should have the first time around so it's important for you did you know and stick with the script because you're you're laying groundwork for the next Betty Otherwise if you had if you try to do this all in one study I gave my student the whole plan of salvation. The whole everlasting Gospel and they looked at on the how many pages and I said I need to break it up so. That's why I'm breaking it up so that. Something that you can really use yes. No no no no the notes that you took today that's part of that study and that will be entered into that if you write to me it will be entered into it with an. This week is. All the studies the Not that I gave you today. So anyway so here we are now talking about the great controversy of the second study. And I want to create a. Frogger again Lloyd I know that this is not something that even one wants us to really understand so please keep us awake he says aware keep us focused and help us dear father to see that's great controversy that we are in and the Victorian over it just as you were victorious over it Lord this is our prayer thank you in Jesus precious. OK the great controversy background information not source science places the universe they young seven years old. Is that true yes that's what that's what science that's what science that's right that's what they say they say might this be approximating a god who have no the uni Had you thought of. OK well let's not get ahead OK because let's let's if you come all the way through right if that's not answered by the end then Naomi OK. OK. So this. Get to that sun it's. Says that that the universe this universe right I'm talking about the universe right. I'm talking about the universe is billions of years old plus plus might this be approximating a God who has no beginning who has no beginning or ending revelation once and then also not biblically our solar system is relatively recent in our earth six thousand years old that correct OK this would mean that we are truly a very recent but new kid on the block many try today Earth at it all things work this thing but for this earth all things have not been saying the biggest catastrophic development was the plug before the plot all irrigation was stopped raining and that is that there was no rain but missed do water everything part of a burden what like that when we went up there to Kant meeting yes. Because I was up there. I don't know I don't know about Alberta but I was up there for CAN'T meeting and there was no irrigation anywhere in Alberta everything was. Really Yes I was in Alberta we went to camp meeting up there and there was absolutely no irrigation in miles and miles and miles and miles and miles. Miles apart plant beautiful canola canola and it was gorgeous and I I think you know I don't I'm not saying you're a geisha you know we don't you know everything comes from. The water level is high enough that all this area is watered by by appearing in so. It was and I don't know if it still is you know because. Yes. Yes. Anyway OK. And we go all right. During the flood elements broke up and there were earthquake volcanoes floods so that the whole earth was covered and there were no places for animals to survive except what was in the archive Noah so severe was the event as to troll the world off axis that's giving us the severe weather patterns that we now have this may be difficult to understand except that but now that we have quite recent catastrophic activities that give us great windows into the past the most recent that I well remember was the blowing of Mt St Helens in Washington state that should be state the volcano and subsequent magnet low cost like trees animals humans almost instantly what have taken millions of years took only seconds minutes to develop this that is why the Scripps Institute in sending you go now entertain the idea that there was a catastrophic worldwide event that took place approximately ten thousand years now I'm saying they say ten thousand years that is such a far cry from the millions of years that they were putting on this before. The one when they when they come up now. They say ten thousand years they're being they're being. They're saying it had to have been ten thousand years or less because these things took place there were volcanoes underneath underneath the ground so now they're saying now that this is something that they admit is not the interview. That is credibly interesting to me. So. I don't know if they're actually advertising that I just know that I went through the. In the. Museum and the lady that was that was giving the guidance she said that we know that there was a catastrophic worldwide experience approximately ten thousand years ago and I said Can you repeat that just that that there was a worldwide catastrophic experience happening to the world approximately ten thousand years ago thank you that's what I thought you said but I wanted to make sure. At Scripps. San Diego in Scripps museum on oceanography. And so on. Which is a far cry from the. Millions of years that previously suggested to other recent events also shook the world a lot little part of their off its axis that being the earthquake and what Haiti and of the earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami. There may be others but those two I am sure are. We know that the earthquake in Haiti really shook the world up really really shook the axis and we also know the one. Japan I could give you so much more. There are other inhabited worlds job six one six through seven apparently not of the image that reflects the. Genesis one twenty seven angels cannot procreate Mary so we know that there are there are other worlds that are that are inhabited by job's writings not only plants by job. It's important for you to know that. And so job it is telling about an experience where where the devil comes from this earth up to up to heaven and it's is bickering with got over job and so. So but we but we know we know that the angels don't procreate so we are probably assuming because it seems like in Genesis that this was kind of a new creation for God right he says I'm going to create We're going to create man in Our image let us make man in Our image so the man seemed to be a different specimen so to speak right and so it's very interesting the being God's great universe including the creation this is important including the creation of the angels. Three through nine to the last event before creation of our appears to be a very long period of time so from the from the beginning of. From the beginning of orbits I say OK. Beginning of the universe and the and the angels the creation of the angels and the angels were what they were created OK. It seems to be a very long period of time the inhabited planets which might have happened over many millenia God does not get that information to us certainly were in place before the creation of this are. So all over the place that there were out there won't be for God came and made this. Are you following me. So we have seeing when how man fell but where did the dragon serpent that met eat at the Tree of Knowledge of good will come from before we go into this I wanted to just take a moment to talk about got. The perfect universe in the beginning us in the greatest characteristic of the Kingdom of God and His method of operation is what harmony compassionate and pretty well love loyalty and justice all other characteristics can be summed up under these headings harmony and then it gives the text that go along with that and then on the next page it says God is what. Mission which means what. All knowing he is. On Never chant. All powerful and. Omnipresent able to be everywhere at once OK in their checks that go along with that I'm going fast because I want to get through. This one because I want to spend more time on the one tomorrow. So. The Angels served a wonderful God in this printing work are you not ignorance the angels serve a wonderful got in this framework for many what millions we have no idea. How long this was we just know that the that the universe is. Up to millions of years all right so we don't know when the Angels work. But they serve a wonderful got in this framework for how long for many millennium but there was one after many many years many many millennia there was one that chose a different path. That was who Lucifer the camping chair of wine to Pascha scripture deal with what was taking place what will be in the future will be discussed in the next. Let's read and see your twenty eight parts part of twelve and eight through eighteen Isaiah fourteen thirteen to fourteen is equal twenty excess What are its recall of you now let's read it. I may read all of it just so that and your you wouldn't read all of it's just going to read the parts that has to do with. With. What what was happening OK and going to start we're going to start in fourteen. We're not going to come back to it. Importing Tao art the anointed. Who was this. Lucifer was the anointed share of that coverage and I have second this not the words I made him the cover and here that's the position I put. So God the Father Son and you think I'm made. To have this position that was upon the holy mountain of God Now hast walked up and down the midst of the stones up our stones upon who are the stones up are the angels. That was perfect in Die ways from the day that that was created new or what. Perfect in the days that that what's created till iniquity was found. So for all these millenniums it's been perfect right. He's been perfect and then suddenly something seems to be that during inside of him iniquity was found in the by the multitude of eye merchandise they have built the midst of the with violence and some of this I would not read the first time all right that's going to be the next time. And the multitude of merchandise. By Heart was left of the first seventy find heart was what lifted up because of by. The half corrupted by wisdom by reason of by brightness I will cast the bottom of it it will be later than has defiled. So that's that's basically what we're talking about in this study right that that Lucifer was perfect he was made perfect he was he was he was in the present the God he was the covering chair up and he was there in the end he God made in that way and God made him that way because it was his choice got a choice right. But his heart was lifted up because of what. Because of his duty. OK I say what does that say. And I like the way the guy does as he helps us remember these things because you know. I think it's just half of the. Right. So what are the say in Isaiah Howarth that fallen from heaven old Lucifer right in verse twelve son of the morning how are cut down to the ground which just weaken the nations where there has said in the end harsh but again I will ascend under the heavens I will exalt my throne. Above the stars of God I will sit on the upon the mount of the congregation in the sight of the north I was sent up above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high. He does have a case of the eyes which means then that he's looking now to himself rather then what. You've got and so. So here we have what's happening to Lucifer and. Notice where Lucifer ends up. What we're going to do Revelation twelve four and one and. One twenty Revelation twelve who are. OK what does it say. OK that's one that's for what that's one twenty and Revelation twelve for. All that was trial for. I'm sorry Revelation twelve seven to nine My problem with you can't even read my own writing here. OK So what happened now you didn't read it fired up did you. OK Keep going. OK so where was he sent when that when this war in heaven breaks loose where is the percent. To want. To be your. Now. Isn't that kind of strange. If you change go over that over you will find. Under close a first Certain second. Number ten prince of the power of the air where city center the earth but is he on the earth yet it hasn't been created. So he sent down to the earth to be created and he has the power he is the God of the power of the air you see in verse. Number ten they're. Interesting isn't it. So he sent to the earth now. Why here. The earth became his after Eve sinned but it wasn't his When it was created. No he was he was flying around up there he was flying around up there why here. He knew that there was something was going to happen on this earth he knew that that but. That's the plan he wanted to be part of but we don't know that from the scripture. So. So. OK. He certainly certainly gave that indication that he wanted to be like the most are you want to do this and do that and do the other thing didn't he he was setting himself up without a doubt but we don't know that for sure in terms of the scriptures alone right and so why here I think it's important that no place in the universe was there. And yet God needed to give. Our parents remember he made he made them a Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil he had to give them a chance right to finish it up right so he was sent here because God was trying to put a surrender sin with. A. He wanted to contain it that's the word I'm trying to use you want to contain it so he sent it down here because he's going to give them the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil to choose. Right. In her edible incredible God Jesus later tells the disciples about this war he says I saw things fall. You know what I can't binged today I'm going to ask for extra time. Because I need to finish this and go on so well beneath this bring it back with you all right. Tomorrow and we're finished just to borrow and the last one is. The last one for ever but anyway you've got it. And. I pray that you will be here tomorrow and we can finish it but I just think that it's important that you realize that God recognized that this earth he had to give our parents a choice. And so what he did. Was planning this. That there is no other place in the universe. Where there's been. Because. Most of her was just kicked out of heaven right. And was there any was there any shred of sin left in heaven when he left why did God have a war. It's important that that we have a choice right. That's the Civil War was the same thing right separated who was who was not. Wars do that we're in a battle now. Let's make the right choice. So that we can be on the right. That's my prayer as we go forward with our heads Heavenly Father. We recognize that you point this out not that you planned sin. But you planned your great everlasting Gospel around. You knew that you were on the come and board we just pray that will be part of your plan not the devil and Lord give us the grace give us the understanding give us everything that we need to make the right choices at the right time to be on the right size with you is our prayer precious. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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