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Personal Preparation- Part 5

Carol Torres


  • June 13, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Gracious father. My father. Was a smooth your presence maybe send your spirit but more than that May we sense your passion for souls and larded as we present this I pray that you will give me the words and Ward what I think will please give it to the cause anyway. That's my prayer in Jesus' precious precious name and. All right we ended with the harmony broken. And. And why it was necessary to have a war you would think that a war in heaven just was completely out of place but it was necessary for what reason. Freedom of choice but more. Because God want all or nothing that true. So it was necessary for there to be a war in heaven so that they had to be a choice for one side or the other you couldn't stand in the middle there was no such thing as standing in the middle you had to be either or or or Lucifer and that's the way it's going to be at the end of time that not true. There is a battle that we're going on that's going on with us now and we have to be on one side or the other let's pray that we're on the right. And so that's why why harmony was broken and that's why we needed. A war to separate. The people. And it's very clear from what we've studied before hand up to this point that there was only two people involved in this what were the two. Things but Patty just it makes it clear that God the Son Jesus Christ with all the loyal angels and Lucifer are now head of the disloyal angels or the generals in this biblical account recorded by God's prophet to give us a clear picture of what took place just before the creation of this world and I'm going to share with you something that is not something for you to share with others but I want you to know where I'm getting this all right but don't. Don't do that to me. And not sure exactly why it did that but it didn't solve that's just try this again OK. I have stated to you that the creation of the earth was immediately after the war in heaven and I gave you the biblical text that says that that Lucifer was thrown out where. Surely you are right. And so because he was thrown out to the earth the earth hadn't been created yet so then I showed you where he's called the. Angel of. The air. That's number of Chan on your next page. For under Lucifer. So it's important for us to understand that he was thrown into this area. Because God was planning to do what. Create the world now. Right after this war in heaven it says the father consulted his son in regard to at once what the word at once carrying out their purpose to make man to inhabit the Earth while there consult his son in regard to at once carrying out their purpose to make man to inhabit the Earth that's found in. Story of redemption chapter one. Nineteen point two. So so what is it that we're we're. Following up on that it was important for God to to recognize the fact that he did not want this thing of sin hanging around in the universe he needed it continue this process so that we would have only basically the thousand years absent in the universe right the seven thousand here is what. After the war comes the seven thousand years. Millennium right so it's important there's nothing new just. So it's important for us to recognize that God was not wanting to drag this thing out. He's not anxious to. Let sin hang around in the universe once it was taken care of in heaven it was set to where the earth was being created and. So Lucifer was then. Lucifer was then. Giving giving. Time to watch what God was doing on the earth in creation which is very very important now I want to give you a different viewpoint mostly what I've been giving you is the viewpoint of God. And his. Go his way of looking at. Nothing at. All so it's important for us to. Look at not only how God is looking at this whole thing and how he wants us to look at the whole thing but also I want to give you a glimpse of how Lucifer was looking at it now why would I do that. Because I want you to understand the intense hatred that Lucifer has or. Are you calling me. The intense hatred this is not something oh I just wish this guy was in a different block. I wish he would just go out to the rest of the universe no Lucifer has an intense hatred for Jesus Christ and that's why I want to share with you just a little bit another viewpoint and that is from Lucifer the fallen angel he was watching with intense interest as the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit preceded in bringing into existence a magnificent home for the occupants yet to be created he was watching this whole creation than area he's seeing the first did he sing the second he sing book third and he's saying the poor thing he's saying pretty interesting you think that day and then he comes to the second. Right so now he says he is watching. How it is that that God is going to take our create and and women and man and wife. Adam. So he says the sun. So man that he the the God that he dislikes he sees the sun. Stooped down and create a majestic form out of the dust like clay in the potter's. You think he's interested. He is so anxious to see what's going to happen. But this was far more beautiful he has never seen anything so outstandingly. So here is the Son created in the form of Adam. But not only guess he creating this magnificent poor him. He stoops down and breeze into his nostrils the breath of life and Adam becomes a living cell incredible Don't you think you think I wonder if I was created the same way. You know this is an amazing thing for him to watch. Before his very eyes he sees the men come to life he sees Adam's first look into his creator's face what absolute joy. Then he watches just see what's going to happen next he. Says that Adam and put to sleep. Are reversed taken from his thought I'd grown up. And Jesus orms out of that grip of. How amazing her form is more delicate her features more gentle. Is running li. Then he watches. As again she's brought to life and she's taken. To. Union inaction. Now he's singing the first. That's tender near. Him. He is almost overwhelmed but you know what. You thought what what he is seeing but he is also. With what he has planned. What is his plan. Georgie ran. You say if he had to. Has the one he was the one that watched cracked it and derailed the third of the angels What did you do remember I said a third of the angels went with Melissa for. A third of them he directs them and he knows what works best that he know what work best with you. He decides at that point this would be his own project are you. Now you decide this way his own project but he waits many years we don't know how many news. He waits until there is a separation from Adam. In the car. You weigh. You wait. And you wait. Anyway. You can't go in place without the Tree of Knowledge of. There's no other place from the go that's the only place on earth that we can see right now so all of us little imps are out there watching but they see our two towards the tree this is why. This is one chance he has to make the very best so he summed all of his. Intelligent mind to try to come up with a plan that well trap. He receives and when Eve is taken by the lies that that Lucifer gives her there at the tree or now Satan the Devil the dragon the serpent now what he gives her there at the tree and she takes the fruit and. I know that there were. From the powers of evil they were thought. That it that she had taken that fruit and they see her run back to Adam Adam. No that's was wrong there was no question in his mind that that this was the fruit ribbon fruit but he's torn between you think credible love for even if he lived with her we don't know how many years but it could easily have been seventy or eighty years you love this woman and he is torn just heart wrenching inside of him just can't believe. She's going to be lost. How can I how can I live without her. Adam texts. And decide that he'd rather share her or her. They'd rather then be true. Adam takes the fruit but then. Lucifer here's the problem. Is that static and kill he hears the problemas Genesis three fifteen he hears mind readily grass what that means he will readily grasp what he means and he said wait a minute. Why didn't they just throw them out like they threw me out and he. Is angry. Because this is not turning out the way he thought it was Internet you cannot know the mind of God. God's love is so incredibly greater and bigger and more extreme than anything you understand. And Lucifer or did not really understand. Even though he had lived with him for millenniums even though he had seen him more of the poor all the other universe and and the way that he treated all of his other other people that were on the other lot other worlds he he was a God of love there was no question about that but this was. Far and beyond what he expected that the God the Father God would give his son. To be. He couldn't happen. And he has seen over this that evil force quiet down. Because they recognize. That this is not a fight that's going to be easy they were thrown out of heaven worth it. They were thrown out of Heaven they were banished to the earth. They could no longer go to heaven most of her is overwhelmed and he determined he does what. He determines that that promise is going to be reversed it is not going to be Jesus that's going to be. He intends to make himself. So for him now the fight is truly. You get what I'm saying he truly understands what's going on now. He doesn't know to what extent the father will suffer his son to be tortured doesn't understand that. But he knows that his work is cut out. And as we go on the next page. We think that we have two generals we have the Son of God as the general and we have Lucifer as the general God as the general of what is right and good and righteous Lucifer is the general of what is everything wrong ruin. For the question might be asked the question might be asked why did God not cut Adam and Eve off as he had Lucifer the serpent. Were on top of page four why why did got not cut off Adam and Eve. As he had listened for his servant. Had God chosen to keep sidelining every one that sin there never would have been victory over it and it would have been a blight or ever in the universe there could not be any just Or there could not be any anarchy. Trying to listen. To she trying to listen. Oh I can I see look there for was found in sin after what many millenniums of a happy life with God and in his presence nothing more could be done for him that her you need. You need a choice in the full knowledge of who and other well. There was nothing more that could be done for him. However Eve was deceived by a devil who lost his countenance and could now fabricate lie so it was by Satan that true was Adam to sit by thinking Adam was not deceived by Eve. Adam chose. Over Scott at that moment. What a pity. However. Since God knows all why did he not destroy Lucifer and his hosts. God no must allow the universe to see to what extent the wrong paths in or take in order that all who choose the right path do so with what I understand. So it's important for us to recognize that God is asked to truly see the extent of what then would do to the universe. And the only way he can do that is to place himself at some point in the in the hands of the evil forces on the cross for them for the universe to see to what extent. Satan will take the world if he had. I have to ask you what's happening with ISIS. Not specific what I'm trying to say is look. What I'm saying is this. And those that are not Christian. They want anything and everything that stands in their way that right. They are exhibiting to us today. That the evil forces are extremely strong in this world. It seems that God is withdrawing the spirit from the world and we're seeing horrible atrocities take place all over the world and I'm not saying that they didn't haven't over the period of time they have but it's getting worse and worse and worse it's getting to the place where I think that if God doesn't come pretty soon he might have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. You understand once then. And I'm not I'm not in the place of God I'm not going to tell him what to do but I'm just saying it's getting so bad on this earth now that we we think just about everything. Except the final. Thing that will crack about so now is the time to make our choice for or against God today. And I would like you to add to that Psalms ninety five or seven Hebrews three eight. And fifty seven eight and fifty. Seven eight and fifty. OK Psalms ninety five first seven. Hebrews three verse seven eight and verse that. Now's the time to choose. God has promised that once this does demonstration of the two sides is complete it all the one that chose the God of love maybe still to say for eternity I'm looking forward to that. For sin shall never rise again Isaiah forty six first chair and somebody read that please lies Claire loud voice. Isaiah forty six first. Here in. Times. My. Forty six as a forty six first ten. Yes I was I put the wrong verse. Right. So and shall not rise a second time. Yes of. Mayhem one nine And I think I asked him for that my car got to write it down so. So what is that OK election just say it again. OK he will make out what an outer and and up collection shall not what rises a second time so you need to write that down a ham want one. OK very important now interesting considerations had lifespan continue not as it was before the flood and we counted each generation every six hundred years and some people didn't even get yet have children till they were over two hundred years of age we would only have ten generations from then till now isn't that interesting. After the flood and I'm just giving you a picture of how short time this really is. Right. It's really a very short time yes. From one generation to the next it's not a certain number of years I think I think later on we probably saw more close to forty years. But that was before the chimes. When there were in their lives for greatly. So forty years would be. About half and six hundred years is not quite half. But it's interesting over this period of time it's really a very short amount of time really when you consider what God is doing right. After the flood God felt that one hundred twenty years was sufficient to make a choice for or against God and that should be Genesis six three not three six. I caught that one all right once got allowed me to in the diet he explained that the life of mankind would be required for the life of the animal thus lifespan shortened accordingly Genesis nine born five Noah lived nine hundred fifty years Abraham one hundred seventy five years after the flood Genesis Moses one hundred twenty years David seventy plus ten because medicine changed in lifespan changed life style and life spans are now getting longer but yet it's even how one hundred years is still what very unusual so just just helping us get a picture of what's going on now them. As we have seen the real issue is God's way of love and righteousness or the devil's way up to see and lies. At the cross Jesus Christ was victorious over the devil. At the cross the universe the universe be held the terrible conflict at the cross they saw the gracious loving and merciful general which was Jesus Christ right. Tortured spat upon humiliated mocked. They heard the pitiful cry of their king crushed by the enormous weight of our sins Isaiah fifty three they also saw Lucifer and watched what a trick he leveled against the very one who brought him into existence and love him with an everlasting love. After seeing this dreadful and despicable act the universe has clearly made up its mind it is God the Father the Son Jesus Christ and the sweet spirit that have without any doubt completely won their hearts thank God. Only there is earthly this earth's population so tiny in its vast worlds without end are still undecided. Now the great controversy between God and Satan rests where with us who will we choose well it be with the great most with the great multitude of the angelic hosts the unnumbered beings of the unfallen worlds the magnificent father the glorious son that we will cast our lot. Or. Will it be the popular way. The broad way. That leads to. For most of us if given a choice between Christ and say we would readily choose what Christ but what the devil is hoping none how many none will fully understand is just how crafty and deceptive he is. If that can be if that if that can be looked up looked over as is just human danger or no one is perfect or it really is not that bad he can pretty much back. That back and watch us get swallowed up by his distractions counterfeits and lying wonders. It is when one of us should really understand the conflicts. Are we getting this it is when one of us should really understand the conflict they could beat me and begin to question the path we are on and start reaching out for Christ that we begin to fully realize just how serious the devil is. We have approximately how many major world religions. Fifteen major religions. Other than Christian Most are some form of atheism faith into asm tower is a good ism say cousins Celtic all atheist ism and a number of different kinds of paganism. Islam has the Qur'an. Judaism accepts only the books of Moses now you realize that both of you can and today you do use them only accepts the books of Moses. But only Christianity can be identified as a Bible based religion yet there are nearly thirty four. Christian denominations last time I looked on the internet it was thirty nine thousand. Thirty nine thousand what we all believe in the same book. Something's wrong right. Why so many. So few really studied the Bible folk for the change what is it that chain of truth that can be clearly followed from Genesis to Revelation this is the only way we can identify truth anything less leaves us open to deception many Christians think the Bible is too difficult to understand so depend on someone they see us doing well burst in scriptures but that leaves us what carried away by what every wind up doctrine Paul praised the burying ends as they what it says that is the Scriptures to see if what they were told was true. We need to listen. In this section we are going to discuss the incredible ways that the devil has counterfeited truth but in order to do that we must first establish what truth is a very simple answer is whatever is found in the Bible as a chain of facts regarding the fundamental truth of Scripture who God is who is the Son Jesus Christ is who the Holy Spirit is and why why do I put up the Holy Spirit in there. Is part of the Trinity and not only that but there are many many Adventists that are fighting against who the spirit is they don't know who years they thinking is an essence of the Son. It's mind boggling so we must know who the Spirit is the true worship the true the truth about the everlasting Gospel of Christ the character God is asking of his children the Ten Commandments and salvation these are the very basic things right from the list you stated above we are getting we are going to simply show the truth as it is in the Bible. Basic instruction Before Leaving Earth and then show some of the counterfeit plant in our world to deceive God's people this is not a complete list did you get that this is not a completely. So this is this is only a very cysts sink less of of how it works is going to get just getting it for you. So we've got God's truth why it matters to God and Satan is counter fit you see that. So we have. God's God the Father. Why it matters and the counterfeit All right now that I've got all of your attention I'm going to simply go down the things on the left hand side. And then we go back so I'm trying to do I'm trying to establish the singly Not that this is not a full Bible study are you understanding this this is not a full Bible study try to saying please who God the Father is. Who got the stoniest who got the Holy Spirit is creation and I am a creationist as I told the group before I truly believe in creation I believe in the six seven day creation cycle without a doubt we won even have a seven day week if it wasn't for creation. We've been trying every other things it doesn't work it doesn't work because it's seven days that the Lord has created heaven and earth and both seven days that make us. Understand what's creation is all about. Worship how important it is to understand worship. And I would like to add. Also Isaiah eight twenty at the bottom of worship. Twenty. Under worship on the right in the middle of the page to. Worship. On the left side OK that's the left side. All right the great controversy and the everlasting gospel. The Word of God The Ten Commandments faith hope and salvation even though I could have covered five pages at least. Child of the king the way that we should behave. And I think it would be good for you to put James three eight to twelve on the outside of that. Column James three eight through twelve the Old Testament sanctuary in one is the Old Testament sanctuary necessary. Because it tells us what God is doing in the New Testament sanctuary right but he's saying I want you to build a all Testament sanctuary because I want to do what I want to do well among you right. That's what our God wants to do what's a promise. The New Testament sanctuary the great Two Great Commandments which are. Love God with all your heart mind soul and your neighbor as yourself true prophets. Truth about the body temple. What happens when you die result of Satan's lies. If we didn't have it if this lie that most of heard started. Wasn't continuing we won't have spiritualism with. That's that's the continuation of the. True Church life death and resurrection of Christ. Stewardship. And when I'm talking about spiritual time not just talking about money I'm talking about I'm talking about everything that we are to take care of that in our little realm of who we are so I need to take care of my time I need to take care of my finances I need to take care other people sometimes there's many things that I must take care of that's in my little realm of personality and it's important for me to recognise that that's Dura ship is required of God It's not something that he's just hoping for is something that's required of him why he gave us the world he gave us. This planet he made us He wants us to take care of us and the world and so it's very important to him if I if if Michelle give me a wonderful gift and I destroy it what does that make her think I'm thinking about her. Ungrateful. Ungrateful terribly ungrateful right. So God is asking for us to take care of things. Haven't seen all of God or had only. Second Coming of Christ the final judgment. Now let's go back to the beginning. Again the. Thing in the middle column in the middle is why it matters to God and I'm not going to go through this because I don't have a lot of time left but I want you to see Satan's counterfeits What is the first thing on Satan's counterfeit he sets himself up as a God Isaiah fourteen fourteen is not in their eyes they are fourteen fourteen. All right. God the Son Lucifer Satan is an arch enemy of God the Son Is that true they Lucifer hates so and hates Christ he is out to two part him in any shape that he can do that and not knowing is the object heard him but he knows that what's precious to him is the children as he saw them created by his and and he saw that wonderful relationship between adamant and in Christ he knows that we are so important to God that he will do everything possible can to destroy us so that he used Christ in the in the process. OK God the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is the quiet one. One and so how does Lucifer saying counterfeit that he makes can make sure that our lives are so Daniel light of beyond pollings is not true make sure that there stimulated beyond belief the crowds out that still small voice creation he makes his own self the Creator he creates Babylon the Great you know Babylon the Great I was thinking about this last night Babylon the Great is is you know Babylon is just it's a miniature of the New Jerusalem it's four square it has garden it has a river running through it it's it's thought it's savings a way of counterfeiting. Heaven. Not only did it counterfeit heaven but he try to cause never Knesset or to look at everything that God had given him right. God had chosen never canals or God gave it that the kingdom to him and courtesan never can there's out looking at his wonderful world that he has created and he's saying I've done a really good job. Yes the same thing that happened to Lucifer he was left up by his beauty by the by the merchandise that he had he was he was exceptional and never to cast never connected thinks he's pretty exceptional doesn't it and he's just saying you know that's really interesting I'm the one who has established this whole thing. And most of us going. I think I need to get to that. And what it is what happened. You lost his mind. He lost his mind now could do it could God have done that to Lucifer. Now. You know why. God worked with Llosa for over and over and over again Lucifer committed his sin in the pope knowledge of who God never can never was a created being he had not known or lived in the presence of God or millenniums. He could not have done it with Lucifer but he could do it would never Knesset never can as or last loses his mind and when he comes out of it he realizes what. Yes God It's an incredible God he say my life even after this. And he praises the god. You think God is trying to say to each one of the hopefully we don't have to lose our mind to get there right. So saying create is on the tower people worship he makes his own pop worship if I if I say there's thirty four thousand. Thirty nine thousand Christian religions Christian religion. Is trying to make it very difficult on us to find the true. And that's why we need to be people out of work that's why we need to be people who are studying like the for reasons that we're studying the scriptures to find if what people are telling us is true so very very important he has he says he has a fault worship system that he set up. And it's horrific and I think it be good for you to also have. The capability of presenting some of the different things that have come into into Christianity over the over the. Years. OK great controversy. The great controversy most people think that God is the one that started soon is that true. Where to start. So they started by who the devil but he blames God for it you follow what I'm saying. LANGE game everlasting Gospel the plan of God for each one of us satan tries to keep us from knowing God's plan for our life as they are for sexist and second Christians and so on and so forth word of God The Bible sure way of for us to know God is through that and Satan is what he has done he's made multitudinous holy scripts that lead away from truth Ten Commandments the perfect transcript of God's Law God's character and so it's him it's important that that even though it perfectly reveals God love and shows. Like keeping the commandments it's important then that Satan has done what to. Change the law took out the second commandment took it out. Completely took it out and changed how we keep the port. Well it's not the fourth in their commandments it's the third OK. So and. If you have a Catholic catechism that would be good for you to be able to show that faith hope and salvation I chose Chapter eleven of Hebrews the great faith chapter. But what does do what it says counterfeit he discourages and he condemns us is not right. The child of the king far sickness concerned anything goes right as long as you are going after Christ Anything Anything else will do it doesn't have it doesn't it doesn't matter how you live it doesn't matter what you think it doesn't matter anything as long as you're not following Christ so immediately we're finding that that that he's taking over over the rest of the world by the way that he's acting OK All Testament sanctuary has. God is wanting to live with us. Saying this has always had his faults God's systems of religion and or otherwise so. The New Testament sanctuary he set up his own priesthood not true the Two Great Commandments what. What. Satan does a set of Law is done away through prophets he has his false prophets truth about the body temple he has so many vices it's hard to keep up with them is not true. What happens when you die. This is the first lie of Satan shall not die he says You shall not die Satan's first lie and most most of us most of us believe that still most of us believe that still. Result of Satan's lie is spiritual lesson. And. In the Bible talks about that and it in terms of spiritual Islam actually who are we talking to. Were talking to the dead and evil angels. While they even were talking the that are the evil angels there you go all right. Yes. The true church he has at least thirty four thousand Christian denominations. Life Death and Resurrection of Christ. Are caught her Lucifer he says there is no resurrection. The soul floats to heaven but the body stays here interesting. Stories she have what God what God is asking us to take care of satan is trying to destroy. Heaven. Lucifer saying looking for a better land here and now it's not later. Live like now this is the only light you have live it to the full Do everything you want to do now. He's not helping us look to happen. He wants us to live this our life here the way we want to live it to love God. Is in the forehead but the mark of the be used to swear or had our entire hand so the mark of the beast means that I can not only have a mind against God but I am working against God. Second Coming of Christ second is coming as correct as Christ did not amazing. It may be your fault is taking the world by storm to deceive even the very elect what is it you do see for what. The very elect. The rapture though I have must say that there are people that seem to really believe. God that really believe in the rapture but you know what those will come out I believe. Come to the truth I believe. Final Judgment. I like Hebrews one eight somebody read this one. Right. So all the scepter of God's judgment is what Right right I love that. But when it comes to Satan side I just had to say sorry saying. I'm not sorry. That Satan will be destroyed. I'm sorry that he didn't choose God in the first place. Yes. So sorry say you're lost there's going to be a new heaven and the new or. Hell is often contrived to mean a hot place where the devil is in charge we have heard it so much it is part of our thought patterns and what caviare not like we have been told but there actually is a fire at the very end of the seven thousand years those who have chosen God are in heaven for a thousand years going over the books of heaven to me this is an incredible doctrine. I think it's an amazing that the God of Heaven the God of the universe. Wants us to check up on him when you imagine that. Say whether or not his decisions happen right he's not going to clean house until we. Are completely. He does not want to come up again he wants us to know for sure that everything he has done for all planet or is as it should be. Then. We have the final and the cleaving have. I think that's amazing our God is not afraid for us to be certain that he has done everything right. He wants us to do this before he actually cleans house when all the saved are content with God's decisions he then does what the Bible calls us what strange act Isaiah twenty eight twenty one. He oversees the fire from the midst of the Lucifer and consumes those who have not chosen righteousness they would not be happy in heaven anyway where they there is no sin there is no sin sin for practices so it not only it not only destroys all the unrighteous but it destroys himself is a cure all and we find that in the secure twenty eighty last part in one thousand the last part. The last thing to be swallowed up it's what death itself. There will be no more death no more crying for the former things have passed away now is the wonderful saying in First Corinthians fifteen fifty five Oh Dad Where is the eyes during a grave where is that I think what a beautiful plan yet. Not realizing what God asks us to do. Is for our good we often do not submit to Him We chase we're just you know don't bother me that's here to saying you know do it differently but we're saying. This is what I want this is what I want to be this is where I want to go this is how I want to live my life and we change with the Holy Spirit. And when it comes to the place that we come to the place that we don't want it at all we start to ignore it or we get downright insubordinate of course Incognito or something not so that is why the scriptures tells us no man can serve two masters for either he was the one and love the other how many times have young people left their homes because mom and pop place. We're praying for you we love you we don't want you to do this. So they separate yet. They cannot stand. That talk of who are with their heart and so they second rate that's what can happen to us so we you know if we if we don't if we don't comply if we don't give up our spirit willingly we come to the place that we just hate. No man can search through matches for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to the one or despise the other you cannot serve God and Mammon. Take she. Says in Hebrew. If you are three twelve. Or so but if they can read. Through fifteen. Miles. Right here. Wow. OK so why what what is that the causes us to harden our hearts I'm barely. So what can we do what is the solution. We need a new heart music your eleven versus nineteen or twenty. When you don't know heart now. You think you're nineteen eleven one thousand nine hundred twenty Now there's somebody that can read that. As. Much as you judge me. By people you know. What a beautiful thought isn't that God wants to give us that new heart he wants to give us that new heart you know. God is in that process. Doctor in the surgery he wants to take are all heart and want to give us a new. What I wonder if a thought that is but you know what there's there are things that can. Complicate that isn't there if I'm if if if I am on a watch list to get a new heart. I know somebody has to what DA in order to get me a heart is not true somebody had to die in order to give us a new heart that somebody is Jesus Christ. He died to give us a new heart. Even though he died to give us a new heart we still sometimes being mown the fact that that I you know I have to take care of myself now I have to things that are quite different after I get this new heart even a thought I have might. Sometimes I bemoan the fact that somebody had to die in order to give me. Is that what God wants us to do what he wants for us is to say thank you. I accept your heart in my life. I will love for you I will continue to. Rejoice in your Christian because you are the greatest god that have ever lived. Yes. Won't you accept this. I want to accept this. And I pray that each one of us will. Bother God as we've gone through this I pray Dear lord that it will somehow trigger something in our hearts and help us want to share your everlasting Gospel with our. Lord Jesus how. May this heart that you have put in us now. And say that which is lost. May have changes to be like you that is our prayer and we thank you Jesus precious. Now I need to Jeff you give you a few little things I've told them it's going to be a little bit late. You remember I gave you that's. When you are having bible studies what you want to do is you want to make sure that it fits into the first picture. You will see the Sabbath goes from. The beginning to the very end because even in heaven don't we still have the help have Sabbath the law of God will be from the very beginning to are until the very end you can have and write the burble word of God was purple before now it is the written word and it is something that we will check to have and in heaven we will get his verbal word again thank the Lord doesn't that and then we have the all Testament sanctuary and went then goes out to the New Testament sanctuary everything is on this little chart right when you are giving Bible studies you need to help them understand that this is an overview of everything I gave you the overview of the everlasting Gospel right. I gave you that view the great controversy is this bad side of that everlasting Gospel. And so that is the. Thing that God is wanting to tie us all together. He wants us to understand what's happened before and what's going to happen in the future and so. Then all of this ever as you give your studies make sure that you're fit into this picture of God so that people can see where it is now if you if you've given this study but you want to focus on the cross. Yes. You're given the everlasting gospel and I gave you that the first day of the of the studies on Wednesday when when you saw that I just touched on the cross. But that cross then maybe I want to spend time with it so you know this is part of the everlasting gospel and I want to spend time. To tell you what it means. To you so focus everybody on this. This. Picture of God and make sure that it's very clear now there was something that I wanted to say to you. In this last study. I'm sorry. All those above those of the seven churches. The seven churches in Revelation right. One thing I wanted to say to you on the last page page four. On page four. You notice I would I put a. Fast directs after Chase ignore and insubordinate why I'm going to I'm going to add more to that so it will come on the very last page. I didn't I didn't talk about this page because it's an X. extra materials so I'm going to start I will send you our copy those of you who have my Internet and you send me a note I will send it to you right I gave you my card last time I hope you will use it. Because I think it's important for us to help people to understand that you know when when we're when we're first. Always Spirit speaks to us first we just kind of child back and forth. I know it's not good for me but I'm going to eat it anyway I know that this is not a good thing for me to drink but I'm going to drink it anyway I know this isn't the best thing for me to do but I didn't do it anyway what is that doing to the Holy Spirit so we come to the place that we start to ignore that point right people need to understand that so I want to just add a little bit there and that will be. On the last page. Also I did not mention to you because we were flying through the US on the first. Plan. And part one. The last the last page of this I'm not doing too bad I'm just two minutes late. So far. On the last number four of the of this document there is a there's us a statement of why I believe the Bible to be the true Word of God. I hope you'll look that over and if you have any questions write to me all right it's not complete Did you hear me I think it says there this is not exhaust. All right it's not exhaustive but I think it's important that we bring this to their attention and say you know we're studying the Word of God but you need to believe didn't. And I think that this might help you to believe so read it over and if you have any questions next time we cut back together then you can ask me both questions and we'll try to take care of all right. You've got a great group thank you for. Coming to this class I pray that it will be a huge blessing for you not just now but for eternity made many people many people who want to Jesus Christ for understanding and accepting the everlasting gospel. To take care of you have a wonderful wonderful day. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your purse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot. Org.


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