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ISIS Crisis & Last Day Events- Part 1

Philip Samaan


  • June 12, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Loving Father in heaven we thank you for this occasion to learn and to be inspired and to be transformed by the Holy Spirit to be more Christ like because that's the most important thing in life. When everything is said and done the question is are we like Jesus when He will look into our hearts asking the question do I know you may he look into our hearts and find himself revealed in us and recognize himself in us may this be our experience as a result of these meetings we have in Jesus name Amen now I see all Cather all across this place and they said for the camera it's better to have me stand up here I said I like to be down here with the people they said no it's not a matter of being humble and close to people nobody will be able to see you and I said thanks for the compliment which implies I'm not tall if you stand here in the front nobody will be able to see you. And whoever told me that please we're tenth of that because I mean that's rubbing it in the UK to some on your short let me tell you when Jesus comes all of us will be tall. Not only thought will be perfect. That's a great happy reunion when we experience the blessings hope so we can meet all our loved ones resting in Jesus one of the wonderful happy we Union let's never miss out on the by being ready today as William Miller said today and today and today until he comes so if you want to get an A in this class please I beg of you move forward right here where I am because over there I don't know I don't see you if you want to get in a please move forward let's see what people are going to do now I wonder if the a is is a good incentive my wife is moving here to the front look at that there are people actually who care about their grades. Please do me a favor yes or yes OK Yes You know I know it's a little bit harsher for you but it helps me to know I'm not speaking in space. I'm speaking to people I can see their faces that helps me. Thank you so much for the others who resisted this appeal we'll just have to settle for an A minus OK. I mean that's the bad grade is it it's not the best of thank you so much so here for the seminar the ISIS crisis and last of the events we were reminded of that was not yesterday when you had that shooter. Mateen. I can't believe it's two worst attack. A weapon like this in the history of United States fifty dead as of yesterday this morning I guess it's forty nine so thankfully one survived and fifty three wounded going through surgeries and we pray for them and their families that they will survive. We live in very troubled times and the last I was asked to speak about the subject because I happened to be born in Syria not too far from the headquarters of ISIS and the city name is what is Rocca R A Q Q A I mean none of us shoes were to be born right but someday we'll all belong to heaven the best country in the world everything in this world will be consumed with fire. Think about your homes your riches accomplishments even some loved ones will be read to rest the only thing that will remain is our late Jesus so. If Christ were to come tomorrow morning nothing will be important except our lation would Jesus we should think about that quite often it will help us see the white respect of our life. So I left home when I was a teenager and because of the persecution. Intolerance. I was never allowed to see my parents the parents were never allowed to see me and I wasn't even allowed to go to the funeral when they passed away but I'm glad they are resting in Jesus and none of the violent civil war killing in that part of the world effects and nobody can touch them anymore. That's good news for me because half of the population of my old country is decimated two and a half million skilled fifty eight percent population displaced or refugees around the world we're living and precedented times. And ISIS members infiltrating these poor refugees because they have their own agenda. They love to have all these questions raised by the millions of Muslims infiltrate Western Europe United States because they want. To impact the world for radical Islam I'll tell you more about it this week. So therefore I thank you for coming to my seminar you've got yourself a subject a course you've got a professor here. And we need to share with the a textbook that you can just bar because I do a lot of original translation because I know Arabic I know the Koran directly from the Arabic or into English I want to you to see some of the things in the textbook I spent five years researching the subject about this radical Islam and impact of Islam on the world one point seven billion people more than a fifth of the world's population the fastest growing religion I ses and the world. It's something we confront with every day in the news media several times every day and all news channels and so I don't think we have enough but maybe one per family please I wanted to look at some things with me to see it with your eyes and so I would ask one of the ushers and maybe Shirley and my wife to help out look at that box I bought only one box with the book entitled The other Abrahams other son we need Ishmael. OK we often fall focus on. Isaac and Israel in the same we're going to focus on Ishmael and learn a lot about that subject so I would say we can spare only to have one per family please one prefer Millie now you're going to borrow those. Don't underline them the A.B.C. were is working with me because they made the arrangement that you can use your books here so you could learn from them or if you do not want the book you bring it here we don't have enough of them the A.B.C. asking for them but if you want to keep the book. Then you can't come to the front. And my wife is there and you can pay for it we're using royalties to help us through the missionaries we have one hundred seventy five of them that go around the world and we have about twenty seven Evangelists the things that are evangelistic now in different parts of the world and so far from Southern Evan this university because of the work for our student missionaries and eventually my wife was a part of the five times to Central America we have twenty seven thousand people baptized Southern at the same as a very evangelistic University. And so we use the resources to help students who are eager to do eventually win souls to be able to do so I think that's all we have right so you wish we didn't think we have so many people and so Sharon we got out of the books right Mrs Amman we want other books work OK Well the A.B.C. have some more now let me start by saying that most of the Muslims in the world cooperate with the United States and with the papacy are they when I talk about the papacy. To fight ISIS. Most of the one point seven billion Muslims are peace loving but you have what you call a death cult. You know where the death cult is people who blow up themselves people who detonate a bomb and blow up themselves while smiling and they say while did doing that we love to die more than you love to live how can you fight people like that and here you have this man by the Omar yesterday born in New York educated nice States having all the privilege and all the blessings anybody can wish. Plus. A certified security officer and something clicked in his head and believe will if you heard the sound of the attack. It was just rapid fire can imagine one man a few moments hurting and killing more than one hundred people. It took thirteen well armed policeman Swati thirteen of them. To subdue this man. It's only by the grace of God. That we don't see more the smoke more of these attacks God has given America a precious window opportunity for people to be prepared. For Christ coming or coming upon this world is no reason we don't have more attacks big ones but God is watching over America because America figures big in biblical prophecy and God is still using America to finish his work in this world so he is providing us with where precious window of opportunity so we can be ready to pay other people to be Jesus as the only important things in this world by the way and let me tell you something. This world is having so many monumental problems. That only the coming of Jesus will solve them with don't you agree with me Obama is not going to solve them I don't care how hard he tries Hillary Clinton will never be able to solve them even the Donald will not be able to solve I mean Donald Trump only Jesus will be able to solve them this mom a teen that brutally murdered innocent people. In Orlando. You know we live in a free country right we give people the benefit of doubt even though we have a good indication is they're going to commit acts of violence we can't we can't arrest them this man was investigated in two thousand and thirteen two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen they had many doubts about him he gave an allegiance to Mr Baghdadi the head of ISIS in Baghdad and somehow. We as Americans are so trusting we didn't touch him because we didn't ones violate his rights. But I would say to you as a U.S. citizen there rights of more than one hundred people killed or wounded their rights were violated by dying see how careful we are as Americans to protect people's freedom. We had indication he was a troublemaker he made statements to his colleagues that showed he was potentially very violent but we couldn't do anything see the America what we do is we do a lot of investigation a lot of research a lot of heart searching after the act is done. But somehow we seem to be impotent before things happen. Like I heard the news yesterday a husband who abuses wife and began to have threatened to kill her were put in prison and after three four years he said if I'm a nice I'll kill her and I mean business and she called the police it but we have no evidence he would do that but Sir I'm scared to death I'm going to die please please save me. American since crying out to be saved man we can do anything. He got out of prison the first thing he did he got a gun broke into the house and killed her and then we mourn her loss. Last needlessly so I'm just telling you things are changing and somehow we need to address things maybe differently I mourn the loss of so many people innocent. Now people ask me the question how did these attacks take place which we hear about all the time in Europe and here other place in the world. It's because ISIS uses this dual strategy. Either inspired attacks or directed. This one was inspired be free act on your own grow your own selves take leadership in the attacks or directed. From ISIS of this was inspired and then people ask what's the difference between ISIS and I so I as I as. I as i L. was a different well you'll know if you wash in those that questions like you and me ancient questions from the time of the Apostle Paul who took the gospel to the part of the world living in Syria living in Iraq by the way their questions like you and me most people think there are no questions in the Middle East but they are. How do we know that historically because that part of the world was a part of the Holy Land and it was a part of the Christian Beason teen impious before any Muslims came on the scene in the year six hundred so then what happened was there are people who refused to be converted to Islam more than fourteen hundred years ago and their ancestors their descendants remain to be Christians to this day. That's when I was teaching it and this university we had a Muslim scholar. A Sunni Muslim scholar from Jordan who was giving a lecture at our university. My family I invite into our house we prepare Middle East and food he'd like that for a laugh and to bully baklava my family played Middle Eastern music on the piano and violin and yet tears in his eyes he became emotional were ready to eat the meal and I was wondering. If I should throw in the name of Jesus and he like he could read my mind said Dr some on please go ahead and pray in the name of Jesus. Why would you say that I ask. He said Because originally all of us used to be Christians. The only difference between you and me is because. Dr summon you as sisters never succumbed to the Islamic conversion but my parents did yet or Originally all of us were Christians who believe in Jesus as a savior last so please go ahead and pray in the name of Jesus and so. If you go to Syria or Iraq and please don't go don't take a vacation there take it somewhere else like Hawaii Alaska anywhere but now there you will find on the door and doors of question. Like you and me the stand. In the red color the letter N. it looks like a some I circle like this. A dot in the middle. And that's a letter N. in Arabic. Guess what it stands for what about the letter ended up the fight is a question. It's not the star of David during World War two It's now the end letter what does the letter N. tell you about being a Christian what was used as called one of his titles now as a ring Christians are known as the NASA rings. You are Nazareth in your father thing as a rain. The end identifies you household as belonging to Jesus in the eyes of a marked and of that letter N. you have the let you have the words in Arabic the double Islamiya in Iraq question which means literally. Islamic state for Iraq and Syria ISIS now why the change the ISIS because they were so successful. At their work of terrorism. They expanded their ambitions I saw the L. at the end it stands for the love and and Evie N.T. which is more than Syria is the whole Middle East Israel Jordan Lebanon Palestine all of these countries put together. Now then. We didn't take them seriously at the very beginning some years ago we thought they were just a bunch of flunkies. Never amount to anything when you deal with radical Islam nothing is funky by the way we're going to be careful and they began to to grow their forces. Close to I was born in the Rocca one thousand two thousand. The ISIS was a difference between ISIS al Qaeda. Well to some al-Qaeda members of car there wasn't brutal enough. It wasn't murderous enough and they said the only way radical Islam would succeed if we were totally brutal to Shab the world their strategy is to be brutally shocking to everybody. And so they split from al-Qaeda to develop organization they said we cannot win the world for so long hiding in a cave in Afghanistan like Osama bin Laden did hearing in Michigan they said we got to do better than that we got to control countries and territories and we got to steal the most sophisticated American weaponry steal it and we have a way to do it. So therefore they trained thirty thirty three thousand killers. And if you last if it was brutality. The ends justify the means do anything burn murder or kill it doesn't matter as long as you want to accomplish your goal after they became seriously thousands trained in the in the vicious practice of total brutality and rather. They attack the Iraqi army seven hundred fifty thousand trained for years by American forces and we gave them the most sophisticated weaponry tanks and everything else and because of brutality the Iraqi army who ran. Fled after thousands who were killed. Left all their weapons behind so no ISIS took most of Iraq and most of Syria into Libya into Egypt into Jordan there into Lebanon into different parts of the world and now in their parades they control the oil fields in the grades that parade our big tanks Humvees they're a state within a state they took over. Big parts of these countries and continue to expand they have the cells around the world and at the moment I'm speaking American Special Forces along with Iraqi army are trying to take over solution Iraq the one that many of our Marines were killed I secured by that and now they're trying to get out of there and it's so difficult to dislodge them I feel sorry for the in the system billions caught between. Forces trying to flee ISIS but I says to them straight this is a flea and they should as a flea and while you and I are sitting here so peacefully are you thankful to God for the freedom we have we have to see our children die we don't have to see Mitt we are sitting here peacefully with enjoying freedom don't ever forget to all ways and every day thank God for the freedom you have I know what I'm talking about because I lived under dictatorship I know exactly what I'm talking. Just remember the lamb like Beast. Will speak like a dragon. When Jesus comes the stone will hit the kingdoms of this world and some of the except America. Don't you think America will survive when Jesus comes here no everything will be destroyed my friends don't be stuck. On anything in this world be stuck on Jesus will remain with what we got stuck into. You cleave to the Rock Jesus you stay with the Rock Jesus you cleave to the things that are temporary in this world. And you say with a temporary thing let's not stay. And let's not build all our hopes on this world because it's a better world to come now than when. Goal of ISIS is to. What they're called Islamic Khalifah the Empire. That's where their leader in Baghdad Mr Baghdadi he is called the first Khalif the Khalifa is the leader of the Islamic empire after the death of Mohammed their property. That's what they call it Khalifa. And the philosophy behind that is everybody in the world not just the Middle East not just Western Europe not just you know I say every person in the whole wide world billions of them are all supposed to be Muslims so they view you as a Muslim. They view me as a Muslim why based on this feel loss if every body. Born in this world is given by God The desire to be submissive to a higher power because he would Islam means submission I don't know if you heard about this before that's where this everybody is a Muslim we just have to tell them they are they don't know because they ask people Do you have a desire to submit to God or Higher Power Yes See that means God put in you the whole desire to be submissive to God to a higher power and so if you want to submit a higher power than the almost And because you were the slum means submission to God. Now if you don't surrender to God some interests have to God by. By talking to you then they do it by force that's why in Iraq and Syria they come the next day and they say have you decided to deny jesus or die. Two choices deny or die. Deny jesus or die for your faith and believe it or not it should inspire all of us. To be very committed to Christ these ancient Christians are saying we'd rather die for the cause of Christ. Or the enough faith in Christ. This a Christian martyrs I wonder what would happen to us how would we react. If we faced the same experience here. Either deny your face or die especially for seventy AD and. So many things are happening today all around us even in the church. Where I message is being watered down where we are told we are like any other the nomination we love everybody of every denomination but I believe God did not need another denomination to add to the list God needed a movement to take a special message to the world we are part of that So anybody who tells you don't worry about this is this think if teaching get along with everybody. And I like to get along with everybody but not sacrificing my principles not sacrificing the precious at when this mess is my parents were in prison for and were persecuted for were beaten for God needs loyalists today they like the word loyalty faithfulness he is loyal and faithful to us we need to respond to him by being loyal and faithful to him. And I tell you something. The environment is being prepared right now in a very subtle way. That when the time of course sushi comes Adventists. A kind of get used to the idea. Not to fight for your beliefs. It just be at peace with everybody don't make an issue of the Sovereign State of the dead sanctuary message. Three Angel messages. Hell versus. Don't make an issue of it we're living in the last day let's just get along with everybody now is the time today to stand like Daniel now is the time to practice to be brave and to stand up for truth and love by the want to talk about truth I never talk about truth without love Jesus always spoke the truth in love while tears in his voice and Satan hijacks this idea of Jesus and he says go to extremes either speak the truth without love. Or supposedly love without speaking the truth. If you speak the truth without love you become a legal lest a harsh person if you think you love worst being in truth you are simply a nominalist your love is simply superficial and sentimental and there is no substance to it. We are to live at peace with everybody like the wild and seas did but that comes to compromising our principle with the spirit of love and conviction and respect of people we say here I stand I can do no other because I'm basing my principles. And his word. When I travel from place to place and I said that somebody on the plane they ask about me what church do you belong to seventy Adventists I used to say Adventist only know I say seven they are and you know why. Because I thought they were seventh day is cumbersome and like we are picky on a day when I was a teenager No I love the whole name. All of it is there for a purpose seven day tells us where do we come from. Where did we come from what's our legacy. We come from the creative hands of Jesus used to create us as well and why I said if people believe in the Sabbath and keep it as should be kept they'd be no atheist in the world. The Sabbath reminds us we were made by Jesus he fashioned us in his hands what does he want seventy me when Jesus died on the cross he finished his work of redemption he said it's finished and the first said he did like he did in the Garden of Eden he rested from his work of redemption where in the grave. So the Sabbath reminds me of Jesus completed the work of redemption and therefore when I keep the Sabbath is not something illegal istic What is it. It's basking in Jesus accomplish work in my behalf I own rest from trying to save my son Mom own words and I trust in Jesus work that's why the Sabbath is the highest sign. Of freshers by faith in Christ. And finally Adventist is talking about price at the end soon coming. So the same heads. That were marred with what could they in fashioning us with the same headers that were smeared with warm blood from the cross and with aiming us the same hand scars in his hands beckoning us to come home. Come home much and I'm coming soon to take you home seventh day. Adventists I don't know why I said this name was inspired by God to give a certain message. And also this name takes care. Of the whole cock to see. All of the past present and future especially when it comes to the problem of sin Jesus takes care of the penalty of sin whatever of that in the past he takes care of the penalty of sin in the present as he sanctifies us he takes care of the power of sin so we can walk with Jesus and be sanctified and be cross like and finally at his coming at his advent he will take care of the presence of sin can you imagine when Jesus comes to take a song there will be no presence of sin anymore can you imagine a world without sin. Jesus with take care not only the penalty and the power in this world but the presence of same in the world to come the day will come this if God knows no more death. This is good news well nobody have to worry about going to funerals the way they have to worry about having a heart attack or cancer or stroke no death no more cancer no more sin no more say to no more evil angels totally a perfect world in Christ and that's the most awesome news I can share with you and that's why that's why Jesus is the answer. To all the people of the world with every religion persuasion she longs to be Muslims need Jesus the many ISIS members of their members being converted today it's amazing how God is reaching out to these people because of this crisis and say. There's no hope of anything except in Jesus. You remember what John three sixteen says For God so loved America that he gave his only son for God so loved England or Mexico did he say that whether they say God loved. Except the one point seven billion know he loved all of the world seven the others have unique adventure in Muslim people such as the Sabbath the health message the state of that the investigative judgment the sanctuary most twelve things no other day in my shoes have except as to affect the race to Muslims and in the book I talk about all of that and there is this text John three sixteen I just recited to you who got some of the world. And that's what Jesus says said Go ye into all the world not accept all the world Christ's message is for the whole world why because God created everybody nobody came from monkeys and apes in the ME but they all came from God I'd rather come from God than from a monkey which you see I meant to that and so Muslims have a problem with the sticks when it says be gotten for God so loved the world that he hated his only begotten Son They don't believe God begets any children they take that literally. The word in the original biblical agree it should have been translated this way it's a Greek word mando again A Is For God so loved the world that he gave his mano again a yes son. Now you know all of you know how many no Biblical Greek raise your hand please what's your problem OK we don't know how come you haven't come to my classes to take that but you know Greek right now don't you you know the meaning of this Greek word many Greek words sound like English words so you know the meaning of this mano means work. How come you said you don't know Greek. Let me change my grade from a D.. To and a mano one again a yes. Kind Type one of a kind you need only. And Muslims like the Christ to be presented to them as a unique one of a kind where nobody like him and they believe all of that because they believe Jesus never said Mohammad himself said if I could see Jesus is still less one I would be the first one to go and confess my sins to Him to be forgiven they believe Jews will be the judge of the world because he's the only one qualified he never sin they believe he is the Word of God like in John one when the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the word. So what I'm telling you in my work with Muslims peace loving Muslims they respond a lot to the gospel especially to the Adventists messages in their Koran it says study as much as you want about the true religion but you always have questions Shekh with the people who believe in the book. Believe in the Bible let me go back to this word mana going to yes. What are. What are the two biggest problems our world is facing what are the biggest fans don't tell me old age don't tell me wrinkles don't tell me cancer go beyond that the real ones behind the scenes the reason we fear cancer the reason we feel depressed What are the two biggest problems the world faces now and only Jesus can solve it by the way that's why the Muslims need Jesus they have no savior. Everybody needs a savior every person this whole regardless of religion culture philosophy and because Jesus is uniquely qualified to solve it two biggest problems of the world. Do you know yourselves do I know what I used to be a spoiler. Don't be like doll club and say I have no problems they ask him if he ever repent and he says I never sinned Did you ever confess your sin I don't sin Don't ever be perfect like that only Jesus is perfect so what other took us to because phones you're facing and I'm facing. Who said the WHO said Sin What's your name so. What should. I give you ten bonus points for the final exam would have at the end of our seminar this is sin sin you say well it's sickness Well it's all from sin guilt from sin. Depression sin. All of that results from sin. One of the biggest problems ever life is sent and no psychologist can take care of it no you could pay a psychiatrist of dollars he'll never be able to liberate you from the question burden of guilt and said nobody. Except Jesus. Shouldn't you feel so special. And blessed to know the answer to your sin is found that you. Now let me ask what see I think you know the answer because I don't take a risk with anybody else so the first huge problem for humanity is sin consequently what happens because of sin I'm trying to make the end so easy for you put you on the spot. And you know consequently. As somebody said here and you copy that we should do it in my class. You know the answer yourself OK So basically feel results from guilt and sin. All have sand and come short. Of God their wages of sin as well. So the two biggest problems in life are sin consequent to the sin the results in death and Jesus is the only answer to death that is that you are uniquely blessed nobody can solve your problem of death except Jesus shouldn't be called on to Jesus should be stuck in Jesus should we have a POV which never part with Jesus he's only hope. His only life is only righteousness Now how does Jesus solve these two big problems is a very simple but yet. Life changing experiences he says I would like you to learn something about the great divine exchange you know we can say in our own culture maybe bargain. How many like bargains in this audience be honest now you like to buy things on discount rates you. Miss a month you're not raising her did you did you hear your husband pay attention what you has been said Do you like bargains do you will raise your hand and OK if you didn't raise your hand see me after the seminar for special counseling OK because we Americans like the bargain like this necktie here made in Paris hundred percent something over Russian only forty nine dollars. I don't need anymore ties I have too many of them but I couldn't resist as I was an expensive store and they're selling five toys like this different colors designs for five dollars only in America so what I do I bought five of them why. I don't know why. But I love to wear these ties on sale I feel I saved a lot of money I gave them to my needs to this you see still enjoy an expensive try I like bargains even about the next time I'll tell you about the greater bargain. G.'s if you have to share it buying something on sale like I saw somebody yesterday afternoon someone come and see my brand new car. One of our pastors here he was so happy with this car why are you so happy said first of all it looks beautiful. Smells brand new but I got a good deal on it. It was worse so much. And I bought it for ten thousand dollars less I love my car I parted sue so economically you might appreciate a necktie on sale a car on sale but now look at Jesus this what he says. You're stuck with sin and I have righteousness nobody is The Lord Our Righteousness except Jews Mohammed is not Buddhism. So now if you wanted to open your heart to me this is what I'm willing to do either to do I am willing. To trade to exchange. Your sin with my perfectly. Wouldn't you think that's a great exchange really yes if you have cares here told me about you're going to live one month and here you are thinking about your day a few words about your little buzz. And somebody comes with. Do you care Sir Lucius. No I don't believe oh X. ray test if we have cancer you jump up and down for joy no cancer free of cause I'm on. Few more years and the divine oncologist Jesus who specializes in spiritual deadly cancer since he said A simple I said. Please give me you cancer. Sin. Cancer of sin where I put a mark upon myself I put upon my heart I can take care of sin and its place I give you my perfect righteousness what the Apostle Paul said he became sin who no notion that we might become the watchers of God and consequent to that Jesus. Killed on the cross and so he took our death. And he gave us His eternal life he took sand and death and he gave us an exchange. His righteousness and his life it is not a great divine exchange and please don't lose out on that be smart spiritual. And do that because Christ is a winner as Satan is only do so why do I talk about this. Because that should be our good news for the whole world everybody in this world needs these two problems to be solved. Only Jesus can solve these problems that's why many Muslims even the radical Most are turning to Jesus because you don't find these answers in a so you could have a great religion you could have great after cold cold in you but if you don't have Jesus you don't show love and. If you are some of them who are in big trouble let me give you a little bit of history a little bit of history because I see the Dr presentation for the summer I will have it all week and that is. There was a Christian in Pylea be something the power come from my parents told me the gospel was brought to us by the Apostle Paul is not something the apostle Paul was our first mission of the American missionaries asked to meet the most honest people in town when they came to my part of the world and my prayers were chosen among you. To be the most honest and they heard at the message and they were converted in this message and so I just want to have some something about history. And that is Islam and there Mohammed who said enough with worshipping idols. Let's go back to the God of our father. And worship him one he led his strives to be unified and strong they began to desire to take the whole world over for Starr So with the zeal they invaded the Christian in part because and took it over they moved to North Africa took over North Africa all the way to the to the. Subrata area the strait separating North Africa from Spain and their general by the name of Torak in north actually build a navy. Another Going beyond the confines of Africa and the Middle East went to invade Western Europe Western Christianity and he gave a speech after they landed on the shores of Spain. Do all. This is behind you. And the Christians I me for you destroy all the ships so there is no hope to escape. Back home and fight for the cause of Islam and they conquered Spain Portugal. And went to France all the way to Karpin you know only you stop by the French General Charles Martel as above to us they stop their stay there for seven hundred years. Few hundred years later. Now in the book I talk about this pair of pliers everything I'm telling you it's here by the way this book has two hundred fifty questions the puzzle Western minds about Islam two or three questions they're all answered like interviews two hundred fifty questions answered by two hundred fifty answers a brief and concise A simple to understand and here I talk about pair of pliers they almost clamp against Christianity first of all from the west through Spain and France they are stopped because God want to save God Christianity. And maybe use the Islam in Venture invasion to warn to wake up Christians who were left living in corruption and darkness and false with false teachings through the Ottoman Empire from the east they invaded. Eastern Europe Central Europe all the leaders of your Honor to the Ottoman Empire and they are stop at those of you and they see how the pair of pliers almost came by their stock at Vienna and stop a perp in your friends to safeguard Christianity and to give West thinkers a chance to be revived and to be corrected. As far as teachings were concerned. I say this because they failed to conquer Christianity almost did they fail to conquer it militarily. And now the western world is very powerful militarily and they know they cannot defeat the Western world sometime with radical Muslims about what ISIS only so now they want to defeat us spiritual. That's what they think because Christianity thing is bankrupt in the West people are very materialistic hedonistic So they want to conquer Western Christianity and the world through their religion. And by the way they're doing it the fastest growing religion in the world. To mock the telling about their their beliefs how enticing they are and their practices the fast growing as United States and the world if you go to France there are more mosques than churches in England many of the churches are empty because. In England United Kingdom is really fading. It's just like a tradition. Many of the churches are empty. And so most of them which Muslims come and say ask the price for you church. Any millions of dollars OK with us and they make them in the mosques the more I'll tell you why this is fast growth and how we can respond to that even though they don't have the answers to the world's two biggest problems except in Jesus now. I mentioned something about the papacy I mean. Rather than the Catholics make the best seven deaths I'm talking about the idiology. And. Coke Francis the first is poised to cooperate completely with one point seven billion Muslims around the world to fight ISIS this week I'll be telling you about the how does it relate to last events where the pope said we can all be united about. Around our spirituality we all have common spirituality if we're Catholic Protestant Buddhists Hindus Muslims atheists we all can unite around our common spiritual because everybody got some spirituality how did this whole thing start from the very beginning what was the inception of this big family feud that we see on the news every day can you imagine more than any other knows the family feud among the childe of Abraham is the longest running family feud longest running and no matter how many people try statesman to solve it it gets worse. Where the start is started in the household of Abraham and imagine a more than four thousand years ago still running we see it on the news every day every hour I want to look at the cover of the book if you have the book. What picture do you see. The picture of Abraham. And Hagar the maid servant being gas into the wilderness was with a jar of water and the other hand holding her son Ishmael be wounded how could you do this to me I've been a faithful servant and in the very background you have the picture of Sarah telling Abraham get with the program cast her out till this day the children have a chip on their shoulder look what they did to our mother it wasn't fair it was not fair. That's what they think. That she did God could not have Ishmael is a promise and what because it had to be a miracle son not trying Hagar though she was a good woman it had to be a miracle son from Abraham and Sarah. And that's why God waited so long till beautiful young became ancient When God told Abraham it will be from your wife he said God please my wife is eighty five Have you recently had a look at my wife how could she have a baby I may go some will come from you why America some by the work because I was going to service a type of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ Abraham was to serve as a type of God A Heavenly Father and I said as a type of Jesus His only Son I want to understand that it had to be a miracle child and by the way Isaac was going to a miracle child. And Jesus. Was also a miracle son wasn't. Born by the Holy Spirit version birth and look of this God did not want Isaac to be sacrificed on the altar but he was showing in the list ration what was going to happen the future Abraham represented the God the Father was the sacrifice his son does his faith to illustrate to the world how Sunday God the Father was going to sacrifice his own son Jesus. And one Abraham proved to be faithful No No provided and ran to take the place of Isaac as then when God the Father put the punishment whole the world upon the head the person on the cross. There was nobody coming to see it is around because he was the Lamb of God That's why in the Koran the Book of the Muslims says we shall redeem him with an awesome tremendous victim referring to that sacrificial lamb that's amazing because the Arabic word for sacrifice is always a normal word the is used the exceptional word in Arabic the awesome tremendous victim referring to the substance to shin or sex of course of course then they believe it was Ishmael we believe it was it was Isaac and the other one is this. I'm running out of time so I don't have to let you open the book the right pages to read but bring it with you we will have time this week to go to all the reference I'm just going to finish this on how much time let me just tell you what the book says in this question answers number one we always have a tendency to blame women for things that go wrong. I don't know why even America you know if I lose my kids I ask what happened to my case what did you do with my case I don't know why it's our tendency and my wife smiled at me and she said they're in your hand. And I really get embarrassed about that you know. And they say if they were blaming Eve and the same thing with us we blame Cher. For causing this biggest family feud we blame of her by the way we don't label her because Abraham and Sam be impatient with God's promises whether they do they follow the Code of Hammurabi coming from present Iraq what did the court say if you don't have a son to inherit your name and legacy. There are two ways together around the first of all adopt your best male servant. Or the other son from a maid servant and Abraham tried the first solution he asked God First of all if a liaison or his best mates could be could be his ups and God said to be American from us later on he asked him if mail could be the one he said No I told you many times will be from you and Sarah. And Abraham it says he left the ever no that Abraham left of God's promise couldn't believe it he left but we think only of Sarah laughing but both left. And when his plan about. A laser or Ishmael to be the promised son failed then Hagar I me than Sarah try the second solution I will Robbie the love given of her old country over the years and that she asked Abraham to have a son with Hagar. Now. At least I can share something that could be a little humorous page if you look at patient three I just I read American literature and so read a book by Mark Twain and he describes with a family feud is like Top of Page thirty three. It says on page thirty three Mark Twain in his book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn about two characters by then Huck and Buck and this how it goes a feud is this we're man has a quarrel with another man and kills him then that other man's brother kills him then the other brothers on both sides goes for one another then the cousins ship in and by and by everybody is killed off and there ain't no more feud why. Because everybody is killed off but it's kind of slow and takes a long time it's kind of slow and takes a long time let me. It's really helpful to me that it's not like preaching one seven and seven that's my only chance I'll have several chances the streak at the subjects so I'm going to wait for the information for tomorrow but let me conclude with this that we conclude with this on page two sixty. Two sixty two I want to share with this experience among the many many Muslims will be converted including violent radical Muslims because they find the only answer to sin and death is in Jesus not in Mohammad than any other prophet only in Jesus so there's any man that's a religious leader the Sami mom he was taken by was the this about our distinctive message and accepting every one of our precious distinctive teaching but he had a hard time accepting Jesus. As his Savior and Lord. Except as the greatest prophet the sinless one the perfect one but not as the Son of God not as a savior so Islam is a legal decision they have no savior. And God is very effective in getting Bob mysteries but don't worry about God finishing his work don't worry about God using text messages and emails God in his brilliant mind genius might can you communicate to every human being on planet Earth instantly. He can speak impress their minds and so this in mom we talk about dreams. God is using dreams to the very effective way of communication somebody said well I don't believe in the reason the Bible is full of dreams they're bad dreams and good dreams and God sends good dreams OK. And he's our dream as he was struggling with this issue is you is US My Lord my savior is he the Son of God is the divine in his dream he saw several tomb of religious founders. The first to me found was the tomb of his prophet Mohammad intact pretty with flowers around it he saw the two a Buddha intact and he saw the tomb of Confucius. Intact and disturbed he saw two might have ear and disturb the Tomb of the roster understood the two of Nanak and the star of everything looked pretty and intact. Except there was one two rock was broken dirt was thrown around. The fire he was curious as he approached. He saw the tomb was empty. And granite engraved these words he is not here Jesus Christ is not here who is risen Jesus Christ the Savior of the world he woke up from his mean. A believer in Jesus Christ Son of God and the Savior of the world. Thank God we serve and risen Savior. And never part with Jesus never part with Jesus and he live apart with you now we're going to have a word of prayer. To conclude our seminar. We still have like for five minutes and after the prayer. Then you can bring your books here to be used for our next. My wife will be helping you here my wife's will be here at the stable. So let's have a word of prayer. And then I'll give you some instructions after that loving Father in heaven we are so thankful. For the precious unique gift you have given us in Jesus. To solve the. Biggest problems over the last console. Sin and death. Oh thank you Lord Jesus for giving us these two guests. For now we open our hearts to you a new Lord step into our lives and take full control may nothing separate us from you because we never want to be separated from the precious righteousness from this awesome eternal life. He's coming over everything become supreme. And then you hope us. To walk with you and be like you always increase in our lives between my decrease in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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