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4. Take Your Family Outdoors

Angela Boothby



  • June 13, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Dealer I praise you so much for another beautiful day I think you for the clouds I even think you for the humility and the things that you can even teach us that and Lord we ask that you into this classroom and that you into our hearts and that you open up our hearts and our minds and their eyes the things that you want us to learn and take away inspire us with ideas to become stronger families and stronger members of our church Laura to encourage those around us and point them to you our pangs We Love You Nice renews time to you you need men. So I tell us about on this briefly and I didn't feel like I really talked about enough so I want to go back to it really quick at the end of your math handout I had two quotes about music I don't know if you noticed them but I was going to read them to you really quickly as the children of Israel journey through the wilderness cheer their way by the music of sacred song so God bid to skilled in today glad in their Pilgrim life there are few means more effective for sixteen his words and the memory than repeating them and song and such song has wonderful power has power to subdue rude and uncultivated natures power to quicken thought and to waken sympathy to promote harmony of action and to banish the gloom and foreboding that destroys courage and weekends effort is one of the most effective means of impressing the heart with spiritual choose how often to the soul hard pressed and ready to despair memory call some words of God the long forgotten burden of a child have song and temptations lose their power life takes on new meaning and new purpose and courage and gladness are imparted to other souls that is found in education pages one sixty seven and one sixty eight and so one of the things that I've really wanted to have a take away from the seminar is the importance of looking for God in everything and nature right to walk around and does not help but be reminded that different gods different promises of the Lord and I have this favor. Quote and steps across the I'm going to get into tomorrow and I can even help it over here it's seven and steps across a quote and steps across that says. If we believe the promise God supplies the fact so for filling our minds with those promises then we can claim them and God supplies the fact but if we don't have those promises going through our hearts and our minds then we won't know to claim them so when you see a tree or when your child sees a bird I want them to be able to recall bio vs not just what comes to their head I can't help it when I go to a waterfall when I go to a river I just can't help now but say different verses in my head and another way that I think you can do this is by picking songs that talk about nature so because Saddam's will stay in your mind forever so if you have your pencil I just wanted you to write down and I know maybe I have a thing to write on right now because I'm waiting for my handout but to put the songs in their hearts that just talk about nature and connecting God with nature so these are all from the seventh day I miss him no this is my father's World page ninety two page ninety three all things bright and beautiful that's a really fun one to do actions with to. Fairest Lord Jesus page two hundred forty you turn off father strong to say page eighty five. Page sixty Let all things now live in. Page six hundred forty four the beauty of meadows. Six hundred forty. Page eighty eight I seen the mighty power of God. You know it's so awesome as these him are so full and rich and little ones all remember them they really were I taught my children my students. This is my father's world and to slub that makes me happy and or another and they can see and if there's huge words and you hear them say in them and they will remember them. Pay. And I think you're also creating a love and them for their kind of music too so there's mall Tyreese I think to start off your mornings as a family maybe with a nature song. Twelve joyful joyful we had already page to all creatures of our guiding King. Page ninety eight can you count the stars page one o three Oh God our help in page forty four Morning has broken and the last one you might be surprised. My professor challenge me with this one joy to the World page one hundred twenty five What is that song about usually want to equate it with Christmas but if you read the words no more let sin and sorrow grow nor thorns infest the crowd the ground he comes to make his blessings flow far as the curse is found well when he came was there no more sin when he came for Christmas time for his first birth know when is that going to be no more send a second coming this fall is actually original originally intended to be a second coming song but we sing it only at Christmas time or joy to the world should be in the second coming section. So I know your kiddos would love any excuse to sing a Christmas song at any time but Christmas so when you point that out to them you have a lesson right there so there's just a couple of him but there's a lot more hams out there and then there's always those fun little kiddie songs too that talk about nature but. Family Worship is really important and this seminar isn't so much about family worship today it's more just ideas to spend time as a family outdoors but family worship is a great way to start your day or enjoy a day and if your maybe saying once a month that's. Well why don't we do more than that why now one week a month is devoted to only nature related devotions I didn't bring it with me and I solid up in the A.B.C. store it's called God of wonders It's a look it's has quite a bit advanced it was written by Definitely a doctorate. From a college level but it takes all these wonderful nature things and it shows you how to draw lessons from God and it's called God of wonders it's definitely for the more. It's probably not a child level book but some of the things are really fascinating like how fast of hummingbird flies you know you could pick and choose some of the things and your children would definitely connect with them. But that's a really cool devotion book is God of wonders. All right so he checked bats the next thing I want to talk about that I didn't touch too much on for this week was the fact of picking an area to do as your outdoor classroom we call the outdoor learning laboratory is one thing that we refer to as the pickiness spa or thinking of a spot that's available to you to go out and teach and I was really blessed in Holland where I had a huge green green space not only that but there was a woods that went around the parameter too and years ago they had a trail that went around and so I asked Can I read develop this trail and I put him out to the church family I went just talked to all these different fathers and I said can you help me build a trail and they helped I had nine fathers that came out and we blazed reopen the trail not only that but my father is a genius and he said you know I treat cutters often will donate their what chips for free so if you give if you know we really off of each of our churches had out there learning laboratories I mean I think why are aren't our Sabbath school ever taught outside you know why don't we ever take Church outside do you. This is always taught outside on the hill everyone is so fine if once a month or during the summer we had outdoor church your kids would love that like it would be exciting to go to church with something different we take them outdoors so maybe you're not a school but we all go to churches So let's think where can we develop our churches and outdoor spot for our students to go to for our Sabbath school classes to go and if we want to start a movement it starts with us so if we think of ideas I bet our church would get on board I don't know how many churches are representative here but the more that do it then the more what others will call you that what that church is doing that's so cool so some ideas for an outdoor learning site is simply if you don't have the kind of green space do you treat your logs and make a circle and you're just talking you're sitting on little tree logs you're outside. If you have a creek then your options are endless and I know it's scary because people come in their Sabbath best and little girls have those adorable white frilly dresses and I can just think my mother would say but you know you get sheets for basically nothing not good wells so we put those sheets on the logs it's not really ideal but we can work together if we compromise we can make this happen another thing to do for an outdoor learning laboratory is simply planning a garden or a flower garden or a wild flower make sure you can get those really cheap for a six dollars a huge wild flower package at. Lowe's or Menards and you could just sprinkle that in an area and you have a butterfly garden and all sorts of other things would come to it. Or some other ideas. Maybe even picking a special tree and meeting under that tree and you just put blankets out that often on when I would read the Bible story to my students we would just go outside to read it simply because that's the way I felt that Jesus had taught so. Simply just being outside not necessarily even making references to anything that was out there but just I had a special blanket that was our Bible story blanket and we go and we sat and I would read them a Bible story. If anybody does any of you have any ideas going through your head if you think of your churches because that might help others. I'm going to have to stand next to you because when they're recording if I am too far away from you then the people who are listening to the C.D.'s can hear other comments it would take me forever to repeat your great ideas so don't be scared if I come stand next to. Me while having other years when they think of their church I really love this idea of the Lord totally describes to my head. Confess that but can you think of any other ideas that your church you could think about how to make it a special outdoor classroom that would work in your setting. Where. A core Holland church has a giant dizzy bow so they could even just me under those evils and I don't know if your church could build a good Zebo I didn't finish my past story I forgot to finish that so I was driving my students on a field trip to a nursing home one day and I saw these guys cutting down trees and I said guys pray that they're still there when we come back because I had to make the appointment for my students to seeing for the nursing home so we we sang and we left and they were still there like was still there so we pulled over and I ran I told them the Holland seven they are in a school and I want to develop. Trail is there any way that you guys could give me your wood chips and they said yeah of course and in fact they say that their company does thirty I could be off on there at thirty three service hours a year to help local schools local churches so he said if you need help cutting down your trees or coming just to work on your past we can help unfortunately the Lord moved the mysterious ways and I was I started the trail but then I didn't teach there last year because I was at Camp A SAGAL So I didn't get the guys to come out and help but I'm talking to people how to make sure that trail let's go work on it and I'm sure they will because that church is awesome but there is people in the community that could help and once again it's that whole thing if your church disappears with your community notice and if we get our communities we need help they say if you want to make a good friend Step number two is asking them for help and so if you're asking your community for help and they're involved in creating this outdoor trail or whatever Another thing I wanted to convey on my trail was how he has been a camp a SAGAL And on the boardwalk and there's the benches I wanted to put benches on my chair like a prayer walk for the church to use for them to just come and the church family to come use the shell not just for my students another thing that I wanted to put on my trail were special what in plaques that you could open and that would describe what was there give you information about that tree year that plant and put those little plastic signs I mean the possibilities are really endless that you could maybe develop I don't know where some of your churches are that's a possibility or not. So that bases than our classrooms even e-mails have any other ideas to add or. Whatever. You know what you're saying. Last night well just to laminate them yeah that's so to. You know and you know trails you know true go on. And you get a label that you also could put a Bible verse. And then the other adults are seeing all that's a nice bio verse and then they're starting to get a whole new line of thought. So at your home it's also important to try to the bell up a special outdoor learning laboratory and I thought this idea was really cute. It said that their son wanted to have his own secret garden so they chose a spot hidden between some trees and he made a border with rocks that he collected from the yard and then they transplanted some flowers from another part of another garden and it was perfect as it was a his spot to give them a place to dig him or how he talked about the union there is a good thing to do. And it didn't upset her gardens and he had his own little secret garden and all he needed was his imagination and a hand shovel. And by chance playing or divine existing plants we don't even spend very much money and they're also these boys are in charge of weaning gardening weaving and watching and taking care of their garden which teaches responsibility so there's another idea if you're not sure that you have a spot that would work in your Our yard is just creating a little wonder you know one forty foot by one foot they can do is dig around and find worms and cool things all right so that is the outdoor classroom that I want you to consider another thing too that you can have is a local naturalist if you go to a nature center. You can get a local natural and I never had a chance just behind I was going to have a local naturalist just come to the school and help me learn because I don't know all the plants I am very intimidated by the thought of trying to identify all those plants and trees like I said before I am not a biologist. I squeaked by with not the shiny is crazy I took biology to hear Mr Carter so. This is never been my forte as a tree in play identification but I'm learning by teaching you learn. And so you can definitely have a naturalist come to your school or your church and will probably be very very happy to tell you what kind of life that you're supposed to have there. Are right two books that I wanted to show you was fifteen minutes outside three hundred sixty five ways to get out of the house and connect with your kids so these don't have any spiritual connections they're just ideas to get out there not educational they're just ideas to get out and play and they're random some of them you such a good idea but there are three hundred sixty five some completely up to you I just got it off Amazon like I said once I get going on Amazon and like all around like school now what school learn huh I make enough. By Rebecca P. Cohen. And it's just it's just fun there's just lots of fun ideas that you me didn't think of to do and also tells you to sometimes different holidays going on to so like this is random There was one that I found like the last day of June is. Camping in your back yard National Day or something. Some of us are really random things out there that are pretty cool but three hundred and sixty five ways to get the house and connect with your kids in the books just called fifteen minutes outside. The other one that is fun this is more geared toward love younger level it's called I love dirt. And it's written by Jennifer ward and it's fifty two activities to help you and your children discover the wonders of nature. And some of them give you a couple examples take a walk on the wild side is one of the ideas and so you play Simon. Says what you say Simon says with different nature things so walk like a penguin twirl like a leaf slither like a snake stomp like a bear hop like a rabbit raise a little. Think you creep slowly like a Sloss. And then there's always a little green section that says Help me understand question does everything on earth move and then it talks about that so there is little educational points to all of these fine ideas. Another one that looks like fun to me ladybugs. Are all the question there is it's all ladybugs least who know ladybugs can be boys or girls even Boy ladybugs are called ladybugs and just talking about the all ladybugs look the same are all there dots in the same place. How are they different Have you ever thought about that that's not like a child question is a ladybug a boy that part never have even considered ladybugs being boys or girls so this is a really cute little book. And neither one of these are very expensive on Amazon I think they were five or six dollars apiece with shipping and handling. None of these books that I have showed you so far have been very expensive books but like I said once you get going there's like all these ideas All right so the hand you are getting. Is some idea to spend together outside as a family. It's in no way. Exhaustive list. And don't look at the first page yet that's for the activity that we're going to do you and a little bit. Where you guys get to do homework. Guys good to get your brains going so turn the page. Many of you probably go for hikes I know as a kid I miss when my mother said let's go for a walk. So you can see me. And my mom would love to go for a walk I mean and my parents had an obsession with waterfalls which is really funny how now I've turned into being the same way where I love waterfalls but as a kid my mother would literally be. The kind of parent who would want to see all four views of the Yellowstone waterfalls but we didn't see this one yet let's call that one likes they were just hiking all the time and I just got so tired of hiking My mom has put is of me on the rock sticking my tongue out refusing to take another step. Because I was just so tired my mom one time we literally height eleven miles for a waterfall care I'm not kidding my mother loved it. It was beautiful it was beautiful and actually I started hearing fun when they started this plane off along side of the road and I about want to follow school and we were just hiking play around that waterfall and it was not even a regular hike that when it has one it turned out really fun so we don't have like maybe a lot of waterfalls here and Michigan. Do you know your own state. Here tourist in Michigan OK so let's go to the U.P.A. on your next field trip one thing that I would also suggest as a family is taking time to do family became I was very blessed I grew up my my mom is a teacher she took eleven years or thirteen years off when. To raise me and my two brothers I have an older brother and a younger brother and she raised us and then she went back to teaching my younger brother started going back to school or started going to school but that also meant we always had summer vacations and my father were farmers and we would be all hay so any between. Between usually the second and they're coming we get away and we would load up our pop up camper for literally two or three weeks and we would drive out west because my dad has a twin brother who lives in Idaho and Washington State and my parents were awesome I didn't even realize it but they by putting these two things together seeing family and national parks they created in me a need to make sure that I was always connected to family so all of our chips were about stopping at national parks and seeing family and friends it wasn't anything else than that was the purpose to eventually get uncle on a Jodie's house or to go visit rotten Martian Montana or you name it was different family visits and that was the point of the vacation but we always stopped at different national parks so if you get a chance. Do the national parks they are awesome and it's one thing that all families should do. To spend time together is going to national parks if that's too intimidating state parks Michigan state parks are really awesome and if you just go on the website for Michigan State parks they have it all nicely organized now with what is available at the different parks yes. You're. Right. You're. Right you know you can go to the National Park. You get to go in for free that was. Never. Wow very nice for the fourth grader and national park pass two years ago and it was fifty dollars and it's all year long it's not very expensive and then these days when you get your Michigan license plate when you register your license plate you can pay just ten dollars and you can get the end of state parks for free so definitely and on the Web site you can literally click through all these different a Michigan state parks and they they come up with a weather page of Michigan a map and there's red dots everywhere where there are state parks and their wrists home any state parks in Michigan that I had no idea but this Web site makes it super clear yes click on little red dot and it gives you a list of everything like swimming or biking if you can at pets there's a place for your boat it gives you a really good idea of what's available at that state park and state parks and other very inexpensive way to get your family outdoors and engage in nature. Yeah and national parks also have an awesome children's program I never went through it as a child but you can become a if anyone he has done junior ranger and you can learn also that they when they have them do different activities to learn about the different ecosystems going on there and nature that's of animals it's really cool to do that there is. Just this year I want to go do it just this year oh no. I can't I don't have time wow that would be really fun but I'm not I'm too old to be a junior ranger but that's. OK This year let's do it so next year I mean forget me let's see how many junior ranges. All right. So next if you see me probably wearing my junior ranger badge to look at hugging her why writes a couple ideas when they're on that hike that kiddos get so tired of a tired of as an alphabet. Before heading out on a hike he end each camp or a piece of paper with a letter of the alphabet listed and explain to them that a finalist one item and nature for every letter the real name of the I them must be used so this would be a really great way to teach plan identification to open up their eyes different trees and birds and mammals some of those letters can be very difficult but maybe it's not so much of trying to do every letter by who can get the most letters or who can find as many as possible another great idea that I was life on was a memory hike so you as the leader when you're walking along you're finding you're asking questions so it says for this hike tell the campers that they'll be hiking for a certain distance and when they get to that point they will be asked questions about certain objects along along the trail to test their observation skills as a variation have each camper think of ten questions of his own after the hike so that would be really fun you're all walking along the in question so who remembers where we saw the nest who saw the nest on the right side of the trail you need us asking different questions that really helps them not just that I'm doing this I love him how hike I am looking for things along the way. Cloud raises I'm sure you guys have done this just looked up at the clouds and watched them go across the sky that super fun and awareness scavenger hunt is just looking for things. With I love scavenger hunts I don't think you can do too many scavenger hunts and once you look at a couple scavenger hunts it's pretty easy also to think of your own scavenger hunts nature hanging's you can read about that one. Another idea. As I've talked about this one is just going out and picking up trash so there's an idea to go pick up trash the next I think is fine and you could do this one at your churches or your schools as build a community pond source. And it's just kind of gives you an idea of how to build upon there and what to do with your pont that I think looks like a lot of fun the next one is build a birdhouse. That one teaches so many different things because now they have to give you measuring and then they get to use hammers and nails and also it's a fun things and then you can you observations about who comes and lives in your bird house also you're helping the environment by purpose by providing bird houses and other the good news Bill back houses I didn't write this one down but I don't know if you've heard but there was a big scare recently about our bats being in trouble with the fungus they have now said that they have this hope for that one I haven't heard completely all the research on it but I think they found either a cure or something but we were in big trouble because if we lose all our bats then we're all in their child will and so they were encouraging people to build back houses and then you could join this on line website and be a contributing factor to the environment as you are having a bad house at your location and if you just Google. White nose white nose fungus that project is how you could figure out how to be a part of that and the bad the bad houses are very hard and difficult to build we have two or three of them at Camp A Sabo. The bat houses the past diner on are very good. Another really fun one that I thought of because a tree nursery source so it gives you an idea of how to. Start your own tree nurseries and I think this would be an awesome outreach idea is that you. Grow trees and then you could ask me. Who want to treat and say you are the date for them and then you could also even say you come watch it once in a while and that would help create a relationship and maybe instead of trying to go give ten trees out you just go get one or two trees out and you really forge a bond with this family that you're giving the treats you it says I love this is like or we should all play at least two trees a year because that is what we use and one way or another cheese can make a garden five degrees cooler then would have been the case without them another random fact for you a maple tree a maple tree produces as much cooling effect as one window air conditioner so if you want to save money on your cooling bill at your house plant maple trees around because maple trees act as a natural air conditioner. So that's pretty cool because I know all of us like ways figuring out her make our bill smaller of plants and maple trees. So there is a really funny idea about how to plant trees together and then. I think it'd be an awesome outreach and you can even include a bio verse about trees on the tree when you give them the tree and help them planted some other little ideas yesterday two days ago I didn't talk about this when we go outside on adventures we call it going on adventures with Jesus is what I call that with my little kids I bought them these bug kits they were at the Dollar Store and they are super cheap there are just these bright colored little plastic buckets and on one side they had a low magnifying glass and then they had a little screen and they had little pleat preserves I don't know why they had tweezers are they going to be squished bugs where they have a tweezers and they have a tiny little magnifying glass and a tiny little net and there was just a dollar Also you can get bug nets at the dollar store for a dollar and so make a little adventure kit find a little backpack I'm sure you can find those at the dollar store these days you can find anything but the Her store is my favorite place to go shopping. Finally I was shopping for one of them said a fifteen. But girl of give them a little backpack have in it a little bug kit magnifying glass binoculars a small little journal you can get really cool little journals and maybe one of those little small Bibles just to get them in the mindset maybe it's not a Bible that they can read but it's the mindset that when I'm going out in nature I'm going out with Jesus and us that parent can read the Bible to them but if they just have one of those little backpacking Bibles they'll just the equate it now same time with nature spending time with Jesus and that's the whole point I mean yeah we want to educate our children about what's out there in nature but the whole reason why we want them to bring them in nature is to bring them back to Jesus right so put that Bible in their little backpack kit Another idea is watch the moon for a complete cycle we had to do this in class every night we had to go and make an observation and draw what the moon was doing every single night and you would do it for a complete cycle watch a meteor shower together as a family spend the night out under the stars we talked about that one couple they are just yesterday some of us had never done that. If you don't know what to do as a family Pathfinder honors are awesome They're so awesome and they have everything there for you they have a spiritual point if you if you have no idea where to start do a path find on are together or an adventure war together they have something in nature and they have a spiritual lesson to it so if you're in tell me about making lesson plans start with the Pathfinder honor. Yes. And. The kids. That. When. Well. Normally but animals. Who are all very core and you're being aware mysterious that's when we use our available resources were also given opportunities for us to be a witness to them when we just stay in our own little bubbles and say I can do this almost going to be just a little family unit and we're just going to you know keep them safe and worst of everything just as we're limiting the possibilities that our children can be witnesses just a little side story really Whew I took my students door to door with a glow tracks and we stopped at this door and the man came out Smokey and what I do with my see is that I had them sing sing to us love that makes us happy and then they gave them a bio verse you guys know a reason for handwriting they they made one of those and then they gave that as a present and then they gave a because we were trying to promote unlock revelation and we would sing for them and then we would pray with them and the little boy literally prayed Please help this man stop smoking. And please help him not to say ten but if you. I mean there are things that a child can say that we can never say and this little boy was about this small and he was a little loud boy and he was just the cutest thing ever saw in your life and he looked like he was three or four but he was seven but he was just the picture of cuteness and who could ever get mad when this little guy is praying for you and then he says think you have a nice day you know and the guys thinking about the prayer Don't you think. What is because I talk very late in my classroom and I say very real with them and I say guys you have two choices you're choosing say and you're choosing Jesus there is no choosing a middle ground and so that was things we had to. But I had no idea that they were going to praise me in that way. So ho ho take your kids out it's awesome it's so such a blessing to take your children out door to door and you know it is scary and to many but I'm hoping some of these ideas are helping you know give a birdhouse give a birdhouse to your neighbor you know show them that you care about the environment our world is really big and to cane about our environment right now and so they're going to be very open to you suggesting ways to make their environment nicer at their house to build a fort together plant a garden study a new animal well go into that later the next one is just something that I found on line and I'll email it's huge because a lot of these are links that you can just click on and they give other ideas. But is just really a lot of ideas and how you want to go with them is completely up to you. All right so time for a little activity and then we'll talk again. So when God created the world he put things. And and huge importance that say and likes to attack and one of them is the Sabbath and the other is marriage right but marriage was it just because Adam and Eve need each other they're also going to have children in a family so our families are something that is so important to God and what I want to do now is I want to have you guys get in circles move your chairs around get in groups of four five whatever comes about three to six somewhere in those that range and I want you to think about all the reasons why God would give us family so let's just talk about a couple Now what is the point of family why would God make families OK to learn to love each other. Security. And teaching you learn a family creates an environment where you have to teach. AS I WANT TO BE ALONE praise the Lord. Character building character building all right so what I want you guys to do when a baby shark is born they come out and instantly they're on their own a brother me a sister a sister married a brother mom a turnaround on the whole they are on their own as soon as they begin life so there's an example of a dysfunctional family. That is where nature is so cruel because we can see the marks of the Lord and we can see the fact that we live in a great controversy and that say as attacking nature did God a resilient plan that the Sharks with their poor be little babies No of course not and what a really big and real way to open up our kids' minds to the fact that say it is at work here and that we do need to make a conscious effort are we picking say and or Jesus so in your groups I want you to think of a value or you can do several values that the point of the family that why there is a point to family and then I want to think of something in nature that teaches you that value so think of a foul you and your family that's really important why we have families and what something in nature that teaches that value or demonstrates that you. Are in your thinking caps early on this morning so God gave us family and nature shows actually it's all right I'm going to give you maybe ten minutes maybe not quite ten minutes but in a group of four or five. And start thinking about family the reason for family. And how that's taught in nature. All right if you want some idea is that first page that I made for you on the Family time is a section out of the book education the message of the stars and that's just a portion of that section but they give you a couple of ideas that this is a new concept for you to do all this go down start with that I give you the one about the palm tree just something simple the pond by the scorching sun and the fear sandstorm stands green and flourishing and fruitful in the midst of the desert its roots are fed by living Springs its crown overdue is seen a fall over the parched desolate plain on the traveler ready to die urges his failing steps to the cool shade and the life giving water the tree that does it is the symbol of what God means or the home of what God means the life of his children and this world to be there to guide where the souls fall of unrest and ready to perish in the desert of said to the living water there to point their fellow men to him who gives them a taste in any man Service let him come to me injuring so if I was a apply that to the family I would say my family is meant to be a symbol where people in the community feel the presence of God when they're among my family that my home is the place that they come to and it's a resting spot for the weary and I would I would teach my children that I would want them to be like a palm tree in a world that is so full of sorrow and sin and suffering and a place that their place of comfort to other children so there's an idea of what I would do you but I just want you to come up with different ideas of how you could teach your children the value of being in your family using nature. All right a. Very ready to share. Who at seventy the first group to share. Your little. Leather Ganley can tell you there is. A manager and. There are so many different things you're all need. Not only our own thing and the like church family now. People. You know we can't tell her. Oh if we. Ever been. There again yeah I love it we have I have different roles. And I know for a volunteer we were doing how I have. Got to have protection and. Action. For the birth. And he now has good enough to read here and nationally let's let a little rant only. Let alone here men think about everything everywhere exactly line man and you. Don't know in the netters that right here and you know don't worry because to Linda right now is to window in the interests of my own needs now that these are actually. Starting to go across the well like this and he gets really tired and you know in the done the abundance of what. He got you are going to be hearing a little here a bit when he gets here it's time to pull him down. And then go and have that protection in our home to our children who go in there. The other one learn more by letter. Let you have a regular Well you know do our thing in fact into a community the good and the yeah and now when is. What we are. And. Now we want to be for now. That you took your children out in news don't. Ever not. Now does not talk about our attitudes. Or even. You know this now that I don't know what. You know. What. Thank you very much and she were a little bit more into R. So how I'm going to show you tomorrow when we study things in nature and you learn that and took it processes that are going on you can see. Much about God but he's taking that time to study right now I'm still only scratching the surface as in this kind of represents this to me but if I study the way that plant grows over the way that bugs survives and lives studying that process is incredible and that is when you Torah we understand different things about God the plan of salvation you can find any teacher you can find. Just say a really hard theology theological concepts and they're displayed and tie in nature when we study deeper and really study how this practice scientific processes work. As they also have any family things they can share. Certainly there are actually. Very. Nah. I just think we're not. In that they were. Very. Very. Proud of. Their uniform. And. Now you can let me raise. Our have parents were attacked at Yeah. Yeah. Orcas and how they're very disillusioned with another war as an example whatever the those whatever just in the shower trying to say that. The only. Person that says of helping somebody else is like we were trying to. Turn witnesses to have an assist by. Bothering to see that person. Was. I mean they outs want to share but most heartless. And threats Merrill's well mean oppressions or scratches on others and in our family or in the midst of the jewels are we leaving an impression. Right. Now thank that excellent any other brave souls want to share. In only us. Stuff like that Mulder. Now I knew what. They were and garter and. Broke the ice. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah thank you very much. Another thing you guys could do is every month pick a vial. Of the this month to be the rain forests the next month could be the ocean the next month could be. In the desert and I ever heard of enchanted learning that Com is I think twenty dollars a year or something and it's geared toward the younger grades say it's really primarily the K. four level but what I did as every month we would pick a bio and we would we would do that we would talk about that and we talk about how it works we talk about the animals and then they had a a month where they had to come back with more report so you guys could do weekly reports and the reports those could be on. Grade levels those papers that you print out but each member in your family could go and research about an animal and then presenting a family worship time and so each month you're picking different miles and there's so many cool animals out there so many random animals out there and maybe you can even pick regions so like Australia or Africa and they just come back and they they research an animal and then they share it. Another idea that you could do is start a nature family tradition how many is love family traditions their precious right we love the fact that we have family traditions that bonds us as a family so star in nature tradition maybe every Thursday you go out and look at stars you can find telescopes at Goodwill a lot of times people don't really use telescopes as much anymore I found some really nice telescopes that didn't go to Wells. So I mean Thursday night you're doing star gazing or maybe once a month you have a camp out in your backyard just go to your backyard it doesn't cost a penny and your kids will think the most fun thing in the world to camp in your backyard and challenge is you know maybe skip January but do February. January might be one of the most difficult months but sometimes you can have a warm weekend in December another thing that I did in my costume is for a day they each get to pick an animal and I would call them that animal and they just had that nickname for the day so they were elephants which means they were also running around acting like an elephant and it was just silly it was a fun way to switch up school and maybe do something fun that you start I don't know it kind of feel much additions you have but I would just really encourage you to start of a nature family tradition. Another idea that you could do is start a bug or reptile and Fabian jar in your house create a nice little home for him and then once a week on Sunday they get to put a new animal on there and then every Friday night you could do a special application you release them on Friday night so you release them on Sabbath and so. Every week they're bringing in a new creature and then you're letting it go and you can watch them you can study and you can take care of them another thing you could do is start an outdoor treasure plate on your table so I mean they can bring in all their treasures and put on this little plate and at the end of the week they know that the treasures go out. It's a way of encouraging them to bring the chair endures and it may be the plate scary maybe it should be a sealed container. Because you know we're going to start crawling out of there a little treasure isn't. It also gives great dinner conversation I know that sometimes you have a million things you have to do and there's a lot of research out there that talks about the importance of sitting down as a family and having a family meal. Once a day is what they're what they're telling studies are showing so every evening have that family meal and say All right guys every night we're going to say what is use equal in nature today and that is just you go around the table and you say what was something that you noticed cool in nature and that is one thing I talk about tomorrow is what to do about that cool thing that you saw and nature. But it's just a way to get them to be observing to paying attention to what's out there what did you see cool. Yes Does anybody while we're just talking have any idea of family traditions for nature. You. And we actually have. And even though. And you might just. Well this remind me of you know you know life in general would have. Made you still may not you know. Random objects. No I mean. Yeah very good. No I love it just even probably now is nature objects just random objects we've done that before and mission will have a bad name as a Band-Aid in a Q tip and like can you come up an object lesson with that and you really can like God has an awesome way of bringing lessons from mine and most random ways yes having other family traditions idea that you could add in outer add when I when my students leave I insist that they have to make two goals because otherwise we hear much of things and they were like Oh that's good and then we walk out why what am I going to apply so right now in your head I want you to think of a nature dish and you could start in your home one nature's edition you could start in your home maybe it's just once a month maybe once a week sounds to me every day sounds to me that family turn to me. But once a week or once a month a nature should Titian. It's brainstorm about a little bit what is the nature tradition you can start in your house. Hearing laughter is that we were coming for really fun ideas. Can't be here they can only be here. Hey I would have loved it if my parents set up a pop up camper in the side yard so. This the smell of that they would give me excited all those must fall so. Just minute adventures were coming. Anybody think of any me to finish. A Bible study into a treasure hunt very cool like it. Actually play very evenly recreating. That work so you could you end nature craft one once a month or once a week you can roll pine cones I'm sure you know that one in peanut butter and bird seed that's a really inexpensive way anybody else have any nature. Tradition idea yes. I met. Oh. You know never go. Wrong. When. You could have a special demand for Melissa this treasure box you could have a special a journal where they come in and they write it as a special nature family journal and they can all come in right there draw a picture of something cool that they saw and you just have a special nature journal sitting on your coffee table and they're just like oh yeah this today I saw a giant were eating a leaf or are you know there's something really quite random by this encourages them to think about nature you know is there another hand. Well I have my garden on. I didn't really enjoy. The rest. You know read. The road. And then you know that. I saw. How exciting that you. Yes. There were protests were living room. The roads aren't we. Oh that's. Another thing you could star is just a weather Journal watching the weather is really cool and. I have to show you these things so our I don't know if some of you are into journaling but I like to journal but I am way too active to really want to journal so have you heard of a ten year Journal Has anyone heard of ten years journals OK these are perfect for busy moms and busy people how it works that one has all my stuff in it this is my new one. Is it has the day on the top August twelfth or June eight and then four lines for every year so two thousand fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty so you can look back and be like a year ago from this day what was I doing and it's just super fun now it's kind of small for your children to maybe want to write in this but you as a parent your kids say some really fun things or for me I literally just write like the highlights of the day I don't know if I would share them with you but. I you and I have always I had this for six years and I have always been good as you can see by some days. I've done you know not terribly bad so maybe twelve I kept most of the years for the last six years and what was really cool as I notice sometimes I put the weather in there must have I don't but as a teacher I put the snow days in there and. And one day a little league it was all three years I taught was a snow day was this chances of that it was like snow day Dummer for for the first year snow day number two and snow day number six it was really cool and so. You could do something like this where you're keeping. Back to the weather and what's going on in the season to get them aware of what's changing you know on a twelve we saw all we heard our first Robin you know of two thousand and twelve the next year we didn't hear the robin until two thousand and. Sixteen and maybe here Robin's all year long and they're laughing at me right now. But. You know when the first snowfall of the year that's super fascinating when it snowed on October twenty fourth the first time we made snowflakes and put it on the window the next no fall wasn't till next year until December first I mean we got our first but given aware because the world is changing it's not boring even though maybe your landscape seems morning when was the first day that they saw the worm that year you know they went out every day looked in the snow and made this you're going to find the worm before another one when was the first time the snow melted the snow was all gone and May six of two thousand and twelve and two thousand and sixteen the snow didn't disappear in tell July first or. You know I just I love journal and I think it's super fine in these ten year journals they are like forty dollars. Amazon was the only place I have found it and they have carryover pages for those of us who are long winded and have more to say than four lines which some days I do. Also they have. The beginning months and review so I put like big vacations that I did if I just want to look like quickly over what I did in November over those ten years I put like the cations is what I do here but these books are really awesome Yes I'm going to have a race and I'm sorry I just got going all right. I think that is all I throw to keep going with tomorrow to please all Mr Maule it's going to be the whole point if you miss nothing or if you get. Nothing from the summer tomorrow I hope is so essential Can I was so excited about how to share tomorrow yes a similar. Record. Yeah start a family need to scrapbook where they come in they take things on a paper and you put them in plastic pages in your plastic pages and bind us for a very inexpensive price might rather than why we want everything. Right it was in a book and they had on the table now and. Then Times are different see areas. Around and in the country like. That. Which is great because how many of us get caught in those tourist traps or like oh I must have a souvenir what like my family did but what if you had a nature's souvenir book you know a leaf from each of the different places you went or Rock rocks are really cool and they just write on the back of all your rocks the day of the vacation where you picked up that rock and I just feel like I'm just going up. In the flabby. You know their selves or. Whatever and I'll either way or actually you know there are some. Christmas ornaments That's pretty cool car all right something that I want to get a question a survey saying I'm keeping you but. I've been wrestling that with wanting to. Do and I want to say this of Facebook. It's because then you guys could watch each other and share but I hate to encourage you to spend more time on the phone because I've been preaching against having some dire time if we start a Facebook page would that be something I just mean a place that you can post your pictures you know my family and I did this maybe this is a really great idea that would work with your family or have found this lesson plan that was really awesome and you share on the page because when I have looked on Pinterest and I've looked on googling it it's really hard to come up with that many hits and I really have spent a lot of time in the seminar trying to come up with more and more and more ideas and I somehow upon a time going through pages not really finding that many great ideas here and there and a few it just takes a lot of time and I found that I spent hours to just come up with a couple but if you guys had a page that you guys could scroll through Is that something that you guys would be interested in just this is the agreement I promise not to spend too much time on it. Right. Let's close with prayer Dear Lord I pray. For incredible minds I thank you for the the ability to think and reason and be creative I think you for their creativeness and this room in the Holy Spirit in this room and just the energy lawyer that you give us free loving you and may we be a light an actual muni's may we be a light in our homes and in our churches about how my she would love us and how much you want to be known by us we love you. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you first if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W. Dot org.


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