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5. Connecting with the Creator in His Creation

Angela Boothby



  • June 13, 2016
    2:00 PM
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A lot I preview so much that today is Friday which means yes our IT IS COMING AND Lord I ask that you. Still have mines and that we may focus on what you want to learn and that we may have a heart for all of you that we may be overflowing to share with others you need and. I want to start with the quote there on the top of your page. It's from the book education page one hundred one thousand nine hundred twenty and I know that I share a lot of cooks in the book education but this isn't just in the book education if you read Adventists home if you read ministry of healing you're going to find all over where it talks about the importance of portents using creation to learn more about job. He'll loan who recognizes in nature his father's handiwork who in the richness and beauty of the Earth read the father's handwriting and love that he alone learns on the things of nature their deepest lessons and receives their highest ministry only he can fully appreciate the significance of hill and dale river and see who looks upon them as an expression of the thought of God a revelation of the creator merely many illustrations from nature are used by the Bible writers and as I observe the things of the natural world we shall be enabled under the guy who have the Holy Spirit more fully to understand the lessons of God's Word it is thus that nature becomes the key to the church a house of the word that you love that nature becomes a key to the treasure house of the word so there should be encouraged to search out in nature the objects that illustrate Bible teachings and to trace in the Bible but then you drawn from nature they should search out both in nature and in Holy Writ every object representing price and those also that he employed in illustrating truth bus may they learn to see him in trees and Vine and Lily and Rose and sun and star they may learn to hear his voice and the song of birds and the sighting of the trees and the Rolling Thunder and the. Music of the sea and every object in nature will repeat to them has precious lessons to those who thus acquaint themselves with Christ the earth will never more be a lonely and dust of the place it will be their father's house filled with the presence of Him who once dwelt among men in that incredibly powerful and exciting I love that I am I I don't know how I missed it and tell I understood it and I started doing and then I went back and I read this and I said wow I've been doing this toy maces I do you walk around on a day right now and I just can't help but say different bio verses I see a tree I see a sun I think you see a bird I just can't help it now I'm seriously feeling like I'm walking in the presence of the Lord and it says that Heaven can be again here on Earth and I understand because I feel like I just had us walking next to me all through the day because there's nature all around. So today I want to hopefully teach you guys how to do it. At the end of the paper as I told you about a book at the bottom of the heart mender haven't even heard of Sally stride. I met Sally stress I wrote a book for children called challenges by the sea and what she does is she goes to kids come to visit and she takes them on special walks always by the ocean takes different cells and teaches them about the shell and the creature that lives there and then she makes spiritual lessons and as a kid actually I go because Junior Cademy we had Sally Streib come and you have presentation and she gave us each our own little treasure container with sand on the bottom and she would give us a shout each day and talk about the object lesson and it was really awesome so it's amazing to me how I had was exposed to this as a child I still missed it I still didn't fully grasp what that quote was saying and so maybe some of you haven't fully grasped either what that Cohen saying but just wait hopefully it but at the end of the so we had cause so excited to go study my Bible so that's how I feel well. But what started me on doing this wasn't even my Master's program was the book of the heart mender So she kind of went through a very traumatic experience I think of the Horace and some other things and it's called the heartland and the only reason I picked it up was that it was at the A.B.C. and it was on sale a couple years ago you know like a dollar ninety nine of the whole why not that looks kind of cool and sometimes I just figure out random books and in it she talked about doing that and how looking at objects in nature is very silly and she just did examples in the book plus her journey was just really inspiring to me as a woman I definitely suggest this book. Maybe men's lives like it to you I don't know but the Hartman it was was really what got me started on this looking at nature and my Bible in a different ways. So then back to some ideas the way I'm going to do this classes at the beginning I'm going to give you a couple ideas for your children and what I did as a school teacher and then I'm going to switch gears and show you how to apply it here life and I believe when you remember we learn by doing and also our children learn by our example so when we are passionate about these lovers as they when they apply to our personal lives our kids are not going to are not going to be able to resist and they're not going to be able to resist catching the fire that's in your heart and it's just going to shine forth because you're going to be excited about oh oh look at this verse I found honey so I'm going to switch gears and not focus on the children for very long all right so at the beginning of the paper I just gave you a couple ideas one we've talked about this quite a bit about a sit spot. So I encourage them to have a special devotional place. Outside whether it be they always go under a tree they talk about to have regular devotions we need to have a spa that we always go to every morning to make it a routine so pick an outside or outside spot for them to have a set spot to do their devotions and even as adults can have a set spot always under this entry or always on this bench and maybe make it special Have them have a special chair or a special blanket that they take to their set spot. And then give them an Alan White quote If you have an older child give them an Ellen White quote. To journal about or give them a Bible verse and then even older kids love to illustrate and they say when you draw something you understand it more and you apply it more because you're trying to think OK what is this verse really talking about so what I did in my costume as I show some of you these journals and I found them at Target I don't know honestly where outs maybe just look at Amazon it's a regular composition book but it has the little kid lines and then the half the top half is blank so every week I'd have liked it I was right there let me rest this they sit there and copy it and then I would turn on some classical music and they'd have to draw a picture to the Bible verse. So that's an idea that you could do is start your week with a special focus for your bible verses and then just have the topics of a just have them do it outside I just would be kind of interesting to see what kind of pitches they draw outside as compared to inside because now we talked about that on Monday about how. Our create art and vention people and the new thinking people of that age were inspired by nature compared to now were inspired by four walls and man's creations so I just I think it be interesting to see what kind of drawings they come up with outside compared and sized and it's not necessarily even relating nature to the bio versus just having them be outdoors. So there's one idea on Friday have any of you guys heard a Sabbath celebration that was a liberation was started in our conference I'm not really sure the whole story of how it got started I think it was highly views Lee It was her idea and what some people do in their classes they talk about the six days of creation and then they light candles and talk about them and then like the seventh want to say they're starting the Sabbath Well I decided to do a little switch on it because growing up I said they haven't and sometimes savants. Were not always the best day because. You had to sit in church and then you know there was all these things you couldn't do and I'm sad to say that's the way I thought and so I started calling it Sabbath celebrations and it happened at the end of school on Friday I gave it about an hour an hour and a half to have time for it first clean up the classroom because I try to give them the idea Friday preparation day so we have them clean up the class and then we sing the Fourth Commandment How do you guys seen those books that they go through huge passages they give Genesis one in two they do songs twenty three they do as they have to be. Yes it was a call. Creations and it takes the literal by over some put them into song and I have the Ten Commandments it takes to give like ten minutes to sing it but my kids could sing it kindergarten through second grade we did it for a special music at our church they could sing all ten commandments and talk about a five year old and they could do it but every single after we had to clean up our room on Fridays we would think the fourth commandment together. And then I say All right guys it's time for our adventure with Jesus so then we praise and he is gone I adventure and we would go outside one thing that we did with we there's the sticky stuff where sticky on both sides there's a Melissa called laminate your laminate sticky on both sides I cut it in half and I stuck it on their stomachs so that they had these little sticky things on their stomachs and they said they could put whatever they wanted on their stomachs and then there was a really cool they came up with a little artist thing I don't know where you can buy it but it's literally sticky and both sizes just clear and then after they were done I took it off and I put it on this little piece of white hart cardboard and then they had this little one hanging and I had made one two in my flowers were still colorful for a long time and they we had these little parts but it was a way of them sticking nature on themselves and they thought it was great we called those our Jesus journals and sometimes we would take them out to draw pictures or something always all in nature. Sometimes we would take them out to just have a sit spot and talk of us and drop it juice you can really do anything with those Jesus journals. So that is what I have for you for now for the kids ideas one more thing discovering our relationship to the natural world that idea. What you do is you make columns for columns things in nature things we have in common how it helps me and what it teaches me about God So if you look at the bottom tree we've all have an outer layer to protect us trees have bark we have scanned a cheek gives me option and then the bio verse that I love when I see two is for you so I was joy and be led forth with peace the mountains and the hills of great forth before you into singing and all the trees of the field clap their hands and that's also a song found in he is our song. And that varies has been really helpful to me because recently I've had to try to figure out a lot of changes and things and I was working at Camp a Savile and I was having my devotion on the lake and I saw all these cheese and I said Alright Lord I'm going to go out with joy and be led forth with P.C. Well I don't know any peace at all. And it if you know we know that if if we don't praise God then it says that the rocks and the trees and the hill so all break forth in this scene and size sale at large you're going to have to just help me have the two people singing with me because I don't feel the joy of the piece. So I only both contain minerals psyops us grow food and the parallel that I did that one is parable of the Sower you talk about soil if we both need shelter they're fun to watch and then people may have heard the proverb six six go to the ant fast like it consider her ways and be wise Well there's a couple ideas that you can do with his and now it's for the fun part. OK So a couple other books that I want to. Just found on line with trans treasure was ran by Sally striving and steps to Christ and I didn't I didn't buy the book but it sounds really cool because I know the way that she does things is using natures so trends treasure steps to Christ that looked like a really awesome book. And treasured by the sea yet I spent out for a long time and you could pick it up very inexpensively and it's a great story time all right there's a verse in Romans one twenty that says or since the creation of the world hasn't visible actually these are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are with excuse when students comes out there and this is one of the verses that we share with them and we say Have you ever read a book and stopped halfway and never finished it. I would kill you right well that's what we're doing when we're only reading God's word we're missing the other part and the Lord says that when we look at nature there are things that can be explained that can't be explained other ways and so don't miss out look at nature that's what we're going to talk about. My one out to my favorite quote the steps to Christ are if you believe the promise of supplies the fact one thing I realized in my life was I didn't know a lot of God's promises I knew the traditional God's promises but I didn't know a lot of them and so when I was going through different hard times I would just say the traditional verses and that was nice and that was helpful but then I started so you might want differently and I realize that while there are so many incredible promises and God's word is living and alive in my heart and it is living that applies to my life now when I've done this this way it's now my Bible verses not just somebody else's Baez's like no God wrote that for me to enjoy and to be helped another one I love as I believe it is so not because I feel it but because God has promised incredible promise so what they started. In the first thing that I started doing was I made a goal throughout the day to look for something cool in nature so something that I thought was special and at one time for example it was a sunset and the sunset was six. Exceptionally red and so one thing that I invested in was a strong can carnets they say it's for the strong backing. For all of us that I now when I go on vacation I'm like No but I want. Well for those of you who you know have a different phone you all have your concordances on your phone but I want my book. Sound I looked up read that day and I found a really awesome virus that you may know Matthew sixteen three. And it says he answered and said to them when it is evening you say it will be fair weather for the sky is red and in the morning it will be foul weather today for the sky is red and sweating hypocrites you know how discern the face of the sky but you cannot discern the signs of the times and I said well this is at the very beginning of starting to do this looking for things in nature and then looking for verses that apply to my life and I said Wow how many times have I heard that same. Red sky at night the red eye in the morning sailors take warning rest at night sailors see light I have heard that a child I didn't know was in the by of all of my group there's really nothing new under the sun because I just didn't go that it was in the Bible and to me when I thought that the beginning of this journey it was like oh the Lord has so much in store for you just you wait the Lord has so many promises here that you haven't even discovered you thought you knew your Bible you thought your ears I'm the ominous and knew all the verses and somehow I missed this. Another thing that I thought you was the fact that another way I apply this to my life was one I I need to dig deeper in my words and the second thing that I have fights that time was the fact that I had been walking through my Bible I had been walking through nature but I didn't even notice all the things that God wanted to teach me I was completely oblivious and I was like oh you hypocrite you say you have a lock with the Lord but you're missing out on everything around you so that was after that was one of the things that I found that time another time I was in Texas going to college and you know college here trying to figure out what you want to do with your lie you're trying to figure out boy some blah blah blah you know that stressful time in college and I decided to go for a walk at a state park down in Texas and on though how about you guys but Texas is kind. Dry kind of lacks some they simply says to go hiking sorry if you're a Texan but where I lived that's what I felt about it but I guess what I stumbled upon a river of like oh and so I have told I had my Bible with me and I pulled out my Bible I knocked my Bible just has a little concurrence on the back and I looked up the river and I found the verse that will always for ever be my favorite fight over us and. Absolutely wonderful I say I sixty six verse twelve and says For that says the Lord behold I will extend peace to. Her never said to her in the by well the road is very sure we have no feet as the whole I'll extend peace to her like a river you think there's ever a time I can walk by a river and not say that verse myself No it's absolutely impossible and I grew up singing the song that peace like a river and I sang it but it didn't really mean that much to me Do you think now when I go to him I can't help I just pause a Thank You Lord I can't help but just Pozen have a conversation with them because that verse goes in my head the whole like some piece to heard her like a river so there was another example. Another one oh other thing I want to add and I forgot my pens I'm really sorry I want to show you have you guys seen those really all stressed then bible marking pens altar is also fine I'll just find pens they come in different colors they're fairly expensive they're like eight for twenty dollars or something like that so I know they're not cheap but they underlining your bible really pretty and they don't bleed through the pages and one thing that I have done since I started doing this is my Bible has become my journal so what I've done is when I have found a promise that now applies to my life in a certain situation I write the situation in my bible that way when I'm flipping through my Bible I can't help but be reminded of all the ways that God has led me in the high. They have nothing to fear for the future because there are so many pillars I call them pillars and my life I can just lean on this pill I can reflect on this pill I can think of that pillar because my bible is now full of different markings in different situations where that bio verse has literally now become something to my life and not just an awesome by overs in the Bible. Great Dates I might write situations I might write places and it's just small is a little pens and has just made my Bible so special you know that that question they asked you if your boss was burning What would you want to grab out of it and you know you felt like you should say your Bible but I never want to say in my Bible because I said well I can always get another Bible now you better believe I'm I'm not going to be the first thing I want either because there are seven years a pillar is in here and I started this about seven years ago and I mean I should be able to remove all the Bible verses but I don't think I could remember all the situations that I journaled in there and I would hate to leave my party will I spoke precious I love that on a pew one time when a child scribbled all the pages or any of you know a pen or a certain Tell me after class because I don't want to get rid of my Bible and now has been scribbling been like I don't know twenty other pages but I still have this violence though precious to me. It's been on a lot of different journals to. Me as a publisher to make them whiter than snow and you shall forget. Those wonderful children moving you so much joy. Another example that you might know is Burt's and Matthew six twenty six I'm sure it's a Various that you've heard. Matthew six twenty six as you probably can even say from memory. Look at the birds of the air for they neither so nor read nor gather in some binds yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than they know how many times we see births find in the sky and now every time I see it I really can't help but think you have anything to worry about you really have anything to fear you know I do this to you this is everything you need to become the Lord I've spent time doing and it's taken time this can court is has been flipped through and honestly sometimes it takes me an hour an hour and a half to find a very so that I feel applies to that situation and I pray for the Holy Spirit because I don't want to take a verse out of context or apply it in a way that it shouldn't be applied but I just pray I'm like Lord please help me to find and sometimes I mean read took me a long time to burst like twenty five words read and then you know they turn the river into red I was like nope that doesn't apply to them. You know and so it's going to take time but if it's made me a lot more familiar with my Bible and when I found that I just can't help would be like wow Lord this is so special to me one thing that I talked to you guys yesterday two days ago was about waterfalls high absolutely love waterfalls and my application for waterfalls is and John says then all that's nothing on that walk when I found the rhythm that I kept walking you'll never believe what I found I found a waterfall. And I do a lot of this I think is when I found this verse and this is where I you know waterfall I couldn't find him I can call him so not everything you're going to be able to find your chords and you might just have to think of a word or. Maybe that time you're struggling you're looking for guidance so sometimes I just use the word guided or I use the words reflection I'll show you that when I show you down I'm jumping ahead of myself so let me just possibly go back OK so why the fall so this is my verse for a lot of follow if anyone's thirst let him come to me and. Key you believe in me as the Scripture has said out of his heart of levers of living water and every time a culture a lot of ideas can help but. Even if there's just a little bit of water going over a waterfall do you this is that. There's still a fair amount of water flowing over that waterfall right even if it's little and I think that's the radius is to me he's up in heaven and he's not like Oh well let me just let me just let you get to know me a little bit OK that's all you can handle No He's like let me pour on you like a lot of fathers so much I want you to know about me I want you to have that intimate personal Wafa mean I just want to overflow you live with rivers of living water and then out of that I can't help but want to share and so when I come to that what if I lose I'm like Lord you love me you're so crazy about me because I look at how big the waterfall is or even if it's small I mean I just that's what I think of when I go to waterfalls. That one was John seven thirty seven and thirty eight. One hundred of the airlines have reflect on before I go to another one is and Joshua for I sorry I should have I'm sorry I should have had you bring your Bibles should have sent that to this one so Joshua four verses one through seven and this is the story about. Crossing over the Jordan. And then Joshua tells them to take stones and why does he tell them to stake those stones. Also to be way. And remembrance a memorial and that is when I said or this is the biblical concept of remembering the way that you have led us in the past and so an idea for us as a family is to collect stones and write on the back of the stone where God has led you you want to give your kids a visual and so you could. Right a situation in the back of cells have a collection of prayer Stones maybe maybe people's names are on your stones I've seen that where my friend has a table and on her table she has a huge plate and there's all these stones that all our students' names you know because you have all. But you must must strive to live it but you want to create a visual reading you know reminder to your children of the fact that God has led them in the past and that's what this is all about Joshua was set up so that they would have a memorial so that they could tell their children's children Dylan and stones in the House of time and so write on it with the markers are permanent marker the way that God has led and you could start your own little stone collection however you want to do I just think we need to be more and tensional about remembering the way God is let us in the past because we have these awesome experience all of us have testimonies about how God has led us but how many of those we forget on a daily occurrence about the little things that the Lord has done for us and so that's when I started my Bible into a journal whatever it is I just think we need to start writing these things down a recording them because I think we find that we're a lot stronger I walk with the Lord than we even have thought so I think I plug this and yesterday but this I bought a second ten year journals for those of you who are new today this is called The ten year journal I know everyone that book turn you know that's or dominating I love it's produced by because time flies pretty original so I have a day here of February for and it's a date her and then it has four lines for each year so two thousand and thirteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty and you only have to write four lines so I have mine that I write the silly things because I just want to remember that I have a great life even when you feel like things aren't going your way I just like remembering the different things that happen that I did for fun and friends I made so that's my other one is for but then I just recently bought one for my personal walk with the Lord so when I was. Been through this I can be like three years ago today I preferred this in The Lord answered or I pray I sort of painted this person ten years ago today in the now look at what the Lord is doing with him or her so I decided now to put this in my my devotion life is another way to remember the different stones that the Lord has placed for me to lean on in the hard times. OK so here we go I was on a mission shift me and my this last. Christmas and everything that you can imagine went wrong on this trip everything you can imagine from the passport expired past one day minus the minus the six months of good it was going to expire the day I landed because you lose the day when you like the China so the day that I left I was perfectly fine and if I had been like arriving fine in America then they would have been fine but become how I was losing a day in flying they were going to be one day shy of the six months they won't let me on the plane and I watched my whole group go ahead and then God did a whole giant miracle and then then I get there and I get sick and lalalala just a rough ship all around the block and I don't just Journal about spirit nature things in my Bible so you better believe me and Mars all through my body. Because I was the then the airport and China not realizing that my visa was from my old passport number and I had a new passport because I had to get a new passport something I just got on a fourteen hour flight I just was stranded in the airport and lost big Los Angeles for two days and then I'm now in the China airport for twenty four hours realizing that I might have got all this long way paid all the money and I'm going to sit back. And I just play around like a lord if you believe in Him asking my name if it's of your will then you will provide and I you know me and my. All things here so don't just record the native things record the other ones too anyway so at where me and Mar where changing the first Avenue tests medical missionary team they don't have any kind of emergency responders in the country I mean why it's formally known as Burma and the house geographically place it and we have done that for a week we have changed forty people not myself I just came along as a girl chaperone I'm not medically inclined and we had a little time of the vacation and we went to the ocean side lobby with one of the teenage girls and we were like wow that sunset is just so beautiful and I've always just felt when you go to the ocean to watch the waves or something that I want to teach me but I just have never gotten very far with it it's always been like well life keeps rolling I'm just I just don't know Lord like I know you I know there's got to be something to the ocean because the waves are just so calming but every time I look it up it's like a storm came up the wave came over and I would I don't feel like there's a storm right now so when I looked up ways and I can chord it has never taken me that far but it's that day there was the most glorious reflection of the sunset and the clouds on the water and it was so beautiful and I said I was teaching this girl Taylor how to do this with her Bible in nature I was like Let's try it so we had looked up the water we had looked up waves and neither one of us have found anything that really seemed to fit what we were going through at that moment so we tried reflection. And we found a verse and first Corinthians. Various Corinthians chapter thirteen verse twelve. For three and the End chapter thirteen verse twelve for now we see in a mirror dimly but then face to face now I know in part but then I shall know just as I also known now I don't even know honestly how we got there because the word is not reflection is in there so it sometimes. It's a journey of just figuring out a what am I thinking about as I'm sitting here in this nature what is it coming up to my mind and prays alarming found that verse but I don't remember the journey we went on because it was from reflection to then then I thought about what makes it function I think is what I did and then I remember that verse and I said oh oh wow think about this and I was the about me as I was seeing that ocean reflected about what a journey it was to get there and I honestly at that really I didn't know why God had bought me there because I am not medically inclined I couldn't help with a chain I got super sick so I couldn't even I was mostly the go sponsor but to me I was so mostly drained that I mean feel like I was helping anybody it was a really rough trip and every way and I said OK Lord I am just looking in a mirror right now I don't know why but there's a purpose to this. And you will make that known well later on this. A couple weeks ago I was in a huge turmoil trying to figure out where I was supposed to go for a job and some different things had really fallen apart and personal stuff and I was looking a sceptic Rice and I found this amazing coat and I had to read my Bible next to this verse and it says we maybe Joyce that all which press perplexed sorry we may rejoice that all which has purpose left us perplexed us in the providence of God will then be made plain things hard to be understand understood well then find an explanation where our finite minds is covered only confusion and broken purposes we shall see the most perfect and beautiful harmony. Credible. I didn't write it but that's because the end it I want to say. It's one of the last three chapters I want to say Chapter thirteen at the end of Chapter thirteen. We may rejoice that all which has perplexed us. It's Or maybe it's in the rejoin the Lord's chapter. But isn't that awesome I mean how many is that to me and discern in the end you know things where our finite minds discovered only confusion and broken purpose is we shall see the most perfect and beautiful harmony comedy of us don't have huge burdens on our heart right now and I don't know what when I'm going to be any other late in watching the ways or when I'm going to be out of the ocean but I know that I'm going to think about this quote and I know that I'm going to think about Jesus as I look at reflections and how about right now things seem so unclear and unfair but that God is going to make it clear so you say to get the picture that you just can't help but see God Once you start looking at nature in a different way. So then let's see your pa's my time OK. I switched to China decide you guys come you guys have a way like a bible. At your phone access to a Bible can you raise your hands I know it's possible OK not super possible not impossible I'd love for you to try it but I think I'm not going to have you try it because it's also really personal and to I mean yeah you're going to share with each other but if you're going to really find that depth in this you're right now you're probably going through a struggle we all. Have little struggles and some bigger and some others I just encourage you to make today your first day just look around while you're walking around in nature while we're outside and if it's just blue sky or you know go a little bit around the way like reflection that got me to mirror I don't know what journey that I will take you and I can Bashir you that if you see if you ask the Lord to show you and ask the Lord to make his word alive in your heart he will and it's just become my Bible yes or. Thank you so much for looking that up for us last two paragraphs of Chapter twelve. Page one twelve I had my little pen I'd write it. All right so as much as I could this go on and on and on about all the wonderful things I mean I just can't help but feel my Bible and see different things all Castiel one more one more. OK this line. Once again and I was wondering what to do with my life we're going to see a pattern. That cycle how does anybody how could only we should all be there really are not the only one we're trying to size mothers if we do the right thing as parents as teachers where we should go what's the next stage you know retirement room and that there you go you know OK so once again I was wondering why the Lord had led me to the certain place and I was frustrated about something so I went on a hike. And I just started climbing and I ended up on top of this rock and I was up there and I was like oh Lord I just don't understand why we've come this far and I still don't seem to know what you want to do like how do they get here again you've given me all these wonderful promises yet I'm sitting here wondering one thing once again what am I going to what's going on with the point of this and I sat there and I just thought like the Lord was saying wait just wait and then birds started flying around and said Do you not borrow trouble for tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of you so when you have enough worry for today and I said OK Lord I'm going to test and so I went back down. And I was looking in my bio and I was looking for a rock or mountain kind of felt like I climbed a mountain and a rock and I found this verse and song sixty one some sixty one verse one in two Oh I remember now this is also what happened I lost my passport and I was supposed to go to Dominican Republic. Says I there Dominican Republic. Sports. I'm responsible have no fear OK. Sixty one verse one to hear my cry Oh God attend to my prayer because I was thinking more than you know a miracle my plainly mean tomorrow and I have no passport my mum and dad frantically left work to look through my room it's kind of hard when someone is right here that knows everything that you're talking about in detail so yes I was begging the large for my passport and it said from the end of the earth I will cry to you when my heart is overwhelmed and how many of us have times where our heart is overwhelmed all of us lead me to the rock that is higher than I every time I see a rock a mountain I'm like Lord lead me to a rock that is higher than I how many times we get caught up with our own little woes are on top all of them think my life is so difficult now every time I see a mountain or rock kind of pine like right Lord lead me to a rock that is higher than I and I know you live in Michigan and there's not many rocks that are higher than I. But maybe we does need a little you know humble leaning remember that even if we can't see it the Lord is up there ready to attend to our cries so that was another one that has just become such a powerful verse in my life and I will sort of I will close this out he's going to go and we all right. So some idea of this for you and your children are just yourself too let's be honest this is fun so I just found these books the A.B.C. and the used book section thank you for going to those who. Are For excited so they're Bible plants and animals and there's a mammal book and a birds book and plans book and they literally have the exact name of the plant or the animal or the bird and where it's found in the Bible and some facts about that animal it's just these are just the core less books ever for example there's this seeing Harry here the. GYPTIAN here and it's mentioned and Deuteronomy fourteen seven. And they're just talking about unclean my wall unclean meat and all of it because laws. But it just mentions exactly where is the I want to plan a sale a drawling a spiritual lesson for you just giving you facts about the animal and where is in the Bible but I think that's really caucus sometimes you come across big words that you like what is this not an animal that we know about and these books to for you and then when I'm going to go into the next section of how I have enhanced my Bible study learning about an animal and its prophet have been another incredible way. That I have enhanced my Bible study so these are really cool reference books I don't know where you can find them I'm sure you can find them on Amazon. Bible plants and animals by Harry J. bird bird. These are really cool I've had these up here for a while kids guy to a Bible in a most kids guide to God's creation. These are really awesome books too and they have pictures so I'm sure your kiddos were poor at least for ours. And it just shows you a picture of the animal and things fun things about it. That are really cool lights cannot jump or fly through that's good to know. Because. OK The next thing. This book is really awesome this is the Family Guy to Sabbath nature activities so it gives you lots of ideas this is put on by a Seventh Day Adventist it's a really old book a really awesome book. Yet kendo for a six ninety nine is really the only place that I have found it I have not been able to find it used but maybe we can ask and maybe we can reprint it because this book is really awesome it has quotes in here from steps to Christ and from our blessings and it takes you through the five days of creation a whole different ways it takes you shapes and ask you to go and look at different shapes that are out there and it makes a spiritual lesson it gives you games it gives you tons of ideas to do with your children on the Sabbath it's just a really good book Family Guy to Sabbath nature activities written by Eileen Lantry. That is a really awesome book OK Changing Gears about so that was one way that I really have enhanced my personal walk with the Lord another way that I have done is to pick up process in nature or a specific animal or a tree is study it and see what specific lessons the Lord has for you so these books are absolutely incredible and if you don't believe me talk to a couple mothers in here because they agree to. These are called character sketches. They're old and what they do. Is they deal with character value that I'm sure we want to teach ourselves and our children like contentment and then it gives you an animal so this one is a part correct and. Parts of the pack rat gives you a key a little like story about what the pack rats doing and then it gives you the ample of the pack rat in Scripture and it tells you all about him a hundred tons of information about where he lives when he is. A pack rat loses his ears because you know you have to hunt pretty cool so I give you that and then it gives you. A bible story that's trying to teach you contempt man that's going to long with what you've learned about the pack rat. And then a character sketch of a person showing contentment or whatever character. Is being character trait is being built upon so these books are awesome and your kids can pour through these are you can pour through these for hours and hours and hours they're expensive because they're out of print some of the time and even it's all value one for she was falling for five dollars on volume one Amazon I've seen them for thirty each the new ones on the lot on line website if you just Google character sketches they were. Fifty dollars a piece one hundred and forty three for all three of them so they are pricey but I think that's a worthwhile investment there are three values yes. Yes I have to talk about those not so yes and there's forty nine forty nine character traits and it talks a lot in these three volumes. And seriously I have had these as I was a look and I haven't scratched the surface. How much information all three of these yes is yes. OK that's. All right so it's not Seventh Day Adventists. Printed or produced so just keep that in mind but I really think there's ninety nine percent good and there are the other thing that I found just recently on line where these little tiny character sketch books and there's only a couple of them and they're only six dollars apiece and they're actually beautifully illustrated and so as one of the child's left so they have one delegates on attentiveness I'm grateful this and it is just a cute little book that goes through it they also have coloring books that are nine dollars that go along with the character sketchbooks to you though that's awesome restarts this I think they have one in my life for example let me teach you guys a little bit about I've Jack's Heinz as a present I decide. How many of you guys know I Jack kind she is. He's the only one he's the strains on with all the branches going the wrong way OK he grows. I would say mainly northern Michigan more so then down here so you're not going to see it but I'm a very interesting about this Jeff pine tree is that the columns and order for them to Germany are them for them to produce baby cheese they have to be negative fifty two to use race love that doesn't happen in Michigan right or two hundred twelve degrees which means live fire writes on for order for those cones of burst open that have to have fire all right. How many of you think fire is a great thing. Right that we think fires are going to bad some of you always knew him so you know where this. Is going fires are actually a necessary part of our ecosystem in order to have some trees reproduce they need fire the jackpot in order for there ever to be other baby jack pines you would have to have a fire come through how have you been to camp a saddle when you walked around the board walk for some of you of the older generation they ask us what happened to all the white trees what happened to the birch trees what happened to the aspen trees Well this is what happened A fire has happened at campus Savile and that area and I don't know how long and what happens if your forest is when it gets burnt down and the soil the first thing that come up are you asking cheese for your birch trees they don't need that much and the soil they come up quickly they also don't live as long. And so they come up first and that's called your first succession then the pines and the oaks come and they take the shade and they push out your birch and your ass then and that's the secondary succession so right not to have a Sabbath were in the secondary succession and we will we will remain in the secondary succession around the boardwalk probably forever because no one's going to want to fire them unless we figure out a little controlled burn right next to the Boardwalk. To allow some trees to die for other ones to grow up and so the jack pine trees he is home to a little bird. And I was going to make others guess the sheet or the book so they know this already so the current line of work only nest in C. An't strands of jack pine trees and they they nest on the ground in the grass and they they need the Jap pine trees to be from zero to seven ages to seven years from the other as they don't do it they won't nest there and so back in the seventies. Jack Pine war where all Kirtland were almost went extinct because there were no old Jack Pine Street. And in order for them to grow and so the D.N.R. right there in Crawford County at Camp A SAGAL Now has a HUGE thousand eight your project where they plant jack pine trees and they have a whole system that they they use them for other things and then they grow new ones and so on now our numbers are good again for the current warbler So something very interesting because it's something that you think is very destructive fire you think that's very devastating good comes out of that. We are on a ship for my master's program and the Boundary Waters in Minnesota and when we first got in the water we first got into the canoe this it was all birds all around us and I was sitting there being like this is kind of I don't really like this and my professor spoke up and he was like I don't understand I'm thinking this my professors and everything I have to say why people think this is ugly Don't they know that this is necessary part of the environment that we need fires and say that yes I'm going to buy this still looks and we're going along and then it changes in the burn areas gun and I say thinking about my own life and how God allows different burns to happen and they're ugly and they're painful and I don't really appreciate them but out of those fires what comes uniform new growth and when I think of my own life what I change that beautiful new growth for anything you know what I get out of the fire is gladly but I know that that new growth is there only because the fires are there. So that is an example where a process in nature or a play on a tree study then taught me something about my life and my walk with the Lord so those are the two ways that I have done it does that make sense OK. Let me think of anything else I want to show you oh. This was a required. Spoke for my Masters It's called The Dream Bible. Is the new you by standard version and you know and our Bibles we have the red letter edition where we timed spoke it's an read well this has things in green. And it's what's in green is four different things how God and Jesus interact with care for and are intimately involved with all of creation that's one of them another thing that's in green is Hall all the elements of creation and of water air plants animals humans are interdependent that third one is how nature responds to God which we don't think about most in Isaiah right about the trees copy in their hands and then the first one is how we are called to care for creation. One thing that this Bible and then it has. Excerpts from other green people and. Some Well like. A priest so different you know articles are in here but the Bible is still this is still about the new bystander's of is a fine version and I just put things in green So it's really kind of fun to be looking for different nature things that maybe just have no idea where the largest I can really gaining new from a tree but I was looking through this and you see some things in green that apply it this way so this is kind of a fun fun by evolved the green Bible and it is not waterproof and it's not storm proof or backpacking proof sorry but it's called Bible. All right so you do have time for I'm going to push you guys into groups for a little bit and I want you to try to think. Of an animal maybe some there's some but in biologist and here that know of something really cool about animals maybe we won't do the first example that I gave you where it's more the personal one where you look for something in a change try to apply a promise to your life but instead I want you guys and if you want. To show one of those that's fine with your group but I said I want to get you groups and think about a process that happens in nature maybe you know the lifecycle of a mosquito what Campbell or teaches about that being about something that you know in nature already I know you guys know something about nature is about things endanger like the jack pine example I gave you about the cone needing fire think about something that you already know and where can you draw all of them will call. A lesson out of it can I do it. Yes. OK. OK I'm getting groups of four I'm not going to give you two tails a long like ten minutes or less. So getting groups of four and try to think of something in nature that you know about. OK. Or I'd like to be a brave soul will. Just have a very corny premise is that Minix come stand next to you that way they can get this in the recording also Well every year I like my students to see the process monarch Caterpillar forming or is listen the emerging so in August and then my students found some too so we were just having fun with those on the board when the going in. Well I was working at. The monitors called a lawyer just found a caterpillar doesn't want to stay at home and tell them want to die. Going to school and sure you can. Drive knob and. Miller on his finger. With. That's really great and it almost looks like them but it was. Kind of when it was a. White man who had a white flower so looks like a black sweltering. Yes So we went out on the whole there and my aunts brought new me that yes those are the kind of plants and hat so his mother had another one of those observation will. Clear and we move in there on a plant so all I can say that you know deserve it are. No longer remarks and when I mention that this low stage which is. Then a little white part of the variance is not very attractive so we just have a track of all that he now and that one for you now and one of the monarchs never. Saw it we kept going there all winter and it's little. I thought for sure it died and I was there all it out times not to. Two weeks before school is now on a Friday I went back into my classroom I have an outlet. For his mother who are still out there half an hour already nine minutes after school is out went back into sort writing verse and there I see something wandering in the. Wind your. Entire winter in the classroom Volodyovski and I thought that was really cool so round that out with a case of shells lawyers mom and I thought this is really strange I wonder I did it all along and took them out but it said they usually. To emerge from my crystals when they go into will come out and well when the daisy shorter in especially. Starts right now going fast and as. You know and then it contains nine to ten months ma laying out to be a whole lot. I'm at the end yacht so I am here on that honor why not no I had stayed in that in my classroom the entire winter and I see that it didn't come out during the winter what we've done with it and hear him out. In May And so I had a spiritual at home Lucian navvies me. Hot graduation some people. Right away and they're out there and they're wandering around there it's. Just not. Right might be are. You mad as a teenager you know there are about a year and a half two years. Of that time. So. Greg and then. When I am I mean I want to share as anyone else want to share but. All. I started out. Are articles of. All or all. Or rather. They're also talking. It all or. I'm sure. In order for us to have an amateur. Or. Censor and. A letter to. The right in. The words he other Sure. He. Doesn't just. I don't migrate burger. Bar. Now who. Is. Now Very good thank you I said you have an awful idea and I wish I had half so I cannot offer but I have a high off something extremely famous why you leave. Fifteen is going to come up yet so I let her share of you. A little but now I'm by our. Education that promise I'm the Boids and. I'm different he thought me time for three months past three. That for our three brands. And then what I did not for. Reptile. The garden the wonders of. Wellness. Goes through and you have a Bible lesson and you're back I mean you haven't heard. And then you have what is. That everything. Now it's just plain and simple and your memory verses in our birth to go along with the. So and here's day one. This is a review of the full lesson and it has your Bible Mary birth parent study what you can. About her to see in and which are some property and her to see Pauline and all the. Things that you'll be learning in nature and this they want and it has you reading your bio and acting properly and your nature and then at the end that has. Her To correct to. Go outside. And the bottle story to act in a. Very good and it have I just let me guess and I had ideas like take out the trash that was even going to a very practical thing this is education curriculum done for you already I didn't even know whether they existed but it's basically what we've been talking about and I've just given us that I mean I have ideas to take regular curriculum class I but this is curriculum already done for you and very practical and it's going through all the things that you want you to little learning so this is for ages everyone and. Briefly and then there is that elementary level which is. For elementary school level. And then there. The high school edition there's a high school addition to this is free so go to my education dot com go to downloads I tried starting download I suggest not here gone and that is definitely not the strongest but you can just download it for free and this is just a year one quarter two this is one booklet for you one quote you say there is and mean free resource available to you all full full of ideas and complete curriculum that goes to all ages can escape and so you can get this. Go and get a copy. And the have the cover they cover in the back and have it in the Now be nice to find the ink I mean but if you do your fear in binary and you do not make a copy and they also have an activity but don't want this little. Younger like the bird. So. Much of. What. This one is called Sorry family Bible lesson but if you just look like education dot com and just click on the download link there is ha ha's the download so make sure you just click download and go to bed. So basically everybody is in this class to go down of this. You. Know they're not incredibly more. Now so just download them and print hundred presents and print and print and you have the paper characters and so I think if I have to pay for. Any other questions for this curriculum. Are you guys you guys use it to do everything else to comment on it. As you go. Yeah. That's very. Very. So you know all the subject to math science language arts. Health. So why do we break up some of the findings like you think go by bit thank you so there you go thank you very much if you want to look at it then and see Miss Christine so I just put my e-mail address both on your hand out and up here my left knee and then eighty that come so please email me if you have any questions if you just have ideas you want to share Miss Jen Cook is going to start a Facebook group for us that is going to be closed but you can invite your friends to come and join and then we can post pictures and idea that we have found because like I said before I've tried googling nature education ideas and they're just really hard to find except for the script kill him it's all there for him to Sta out there education has to be there education I want to make actually to get as DA our education will be the Facebook group A. Group of I don't even know that we don't have the right so the thing that I wanted to and on that I'm sorry for keeping a little bit late is one might thing that I find they should have us notice that when the sun is shining through the clouds it looks like this almost half ways I love that so I was like oh sunbeams I wanted to do something with sun so I looked up the sun has a lot of how many pages so then I tried late and this is what I found and I and I just think this applies a lot of so I mean I just keep finding these verses that apply to the situation I'm going through and I think this applies to today there's a wry shine for your light has. Common I don't know about you but when I did it it was like. And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you for behold the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the people but the Lord will rise over you in His glory will be seen upon you and so I mean from Isaiah sixty. The Gentiles shall come to your light and kings the brightness of your rising will lift up your eyes all around see they all gather together they come to you your sons are coming from afar and your daughter shall be nursed at your side then you shall see him become radiant and your heart well with joy because the abundance of this shall be turned to you and I think there is so much abundance in the Word of God And this just so much joy has and what's my life when his word is high to my life and a real and personal way. And I hope that you will find it to enhance your Bible study and that you will just be a radiant light to everyone that comes here because you know that I have knows you and you know. Let's praise and. Delight I think you so much for the joy that only comes from you I thank you for the joy that in for all of our hearts in recent time we thank you that you want to thank you that you want to become real and personal to us and literally our best friend who not only knows us but we know you Lord give us. Time and our busy lives to make time to give us eyes to notice the things that you want to notice and nature help us to put our new glasses and new new eyes or to see. And help us to this be a light to others that they just can hope to see in airplanes when they come in. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about an audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W. Or.


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