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Investing in Eternity: Sound Stewardship - Part 1

Cory Herthel


  • June 12, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Gracious kind and loving having grateful that we know who we star you are the captain. And we pray as we are here today that you might bless every event it takes place to be with the speaker you know him with a double portion of the Holy Spirit and maybe walk away here lest in knowing that you. Thank you Jesus will be lucky oh yes this in unity in. A good morning to be with you this morning so what I want to do is a two part seminar sort of like what you've seen already with Pastor girl did on marriage only I'm going to talk about Christian finances sounds who are ship invest in eternity from their want to look at the spiritual aspect of stewardship our money the things that God is interested this with and then tomorrow we're going to talk more about practical application how can I use the vehicles God has given me to be a blessing to the Lord to be a blessing to his word to help others and to do things so that when Jesus comes back you can look at me and in the context of my finances and my resources it can say well they are good they meant let's have a word of prayer Father God as we open up today help us to. Move a whole and to be receptive to the Spirit's leading as he can fix us and talks to us through the various things that we're going to study together through your worship in spirit prophesy. And morning indeed help us to be faithful stewards to you help us to do the things that you would want us to do more so that we can gain a rich blessing from it but that our hearts might be prepared so that we can enter in to that citizenship there in heaven let our treasure me in the right places where we ask these things in Jesus in the. Now many of you know that prior to coming into full time ministry I worked for Regions Bank that is a bank that doesn't make it into Michigan it is. Nationwide Bank but in only over sixty states within the nation and it goes as far north as of the area Indiana didn't quite make if you Michigan but I was in Chattanooga Tennessee I managed to different branches chairman's club three different times while I was there on the five and a half years and what that meant was that my branch was one of the top ten percent when it came to productivity the household group tension with satisfaction and so forth and so the Lord gave me the opportunity before he called me into full time ministry to allow me to need some administrative knowledge and to gain a little bit of wisdom in the arena of financial things I was a licensed banker so I dealt with extend vestments and help people stay planning legacy planning and those sorts of things I was never a financial advisor is a big difference between a banker and a financial advisor. I was not and so I can't I can't answer questions in that realm but I can give you basic investment saving strategies and most types of things and so if there's any questions about than a pastor here I'll mention yesterday if you had questions related to finances if you could see me and I'm happy to feel those questions but just know that you know I'm not one of these Wall Street makers that those day freighting are needles types of things I can't talk to you about that but definitely help you with DAY TO DAY and future say. So part one investing in eternity sound stewardship in everyone hear me OK. All right good it does clear to me but I guess when the. First thing I have on here I'd like to ask you is when you hear the word steward what is the first thing that comes to mind what is a steward a manager OK that's a good a good answer. A caregiver OK. Somebody who controls assets like that. Merriam Webster's Dictionary says that a steward is a person whose job it is to manage he said manage the land property and wealth of what was a here. Another person my facts are going to work with my clicker them thank you best of you you just move me again did you ever go. All right so and manager somebody who so so who actually owns the property or the wealth of the assets or whatever it's someone else write the Bible talks about us we use the term steward where someone who is to manage what God has entrusted us with somebody also said someone who serves or care go right through because we're taking care of something that has been intrusted to us the first time I ever heard of a steward as a young person coming into the seven Devenish church becoming a Christian I heard about what were to be stewards and were certainly waiting there are those of the on the airplane sir coffee and things in that who that is now they don't call themselves stewards anymore they're flight attendants which is probably that's probably yeah it's the same thing in their context but flight attendant is probably a better descriptor for what they were doing I would think so anyway we want to be stewards not that kind of steward well it's OK if you want to be a flight attendant I'm right with that but when it comes to our relationship with the Lord we want to be a base a steward that is managing God's. Bible says a Malakai chapter three in verse eight probably many of us are familiar with this Will a man Rob Those are pretty harsh words to be to steal and to Rob Well a man rob God yet you have robbed me but you say in what way have we rob you and God says what. In times and offerings there is sort of a wave. To the Christian church these days and I'm hoping that it's not caught on too much in Adventism but within Christianity today that basically says that tithing is our whole dispensation in the Old Testament and that it doesn't really apply to us anymore and we don't need to do that however as I read through the New Testament I find that Jesus says that we should do those that and on and on I see nowhere where it says that we should do away with or that it has been done away. We go on to verse nine. Your cursed with a curse or you have need says even this whole nation he's talking to Israel bring all the tides where. Into the store how so there seems to be a central location that God expects for his tithe money to go it's not something that should be appropriated individually but it goes to a singular place that there may be food in my house and then try me known this says the LORD of hosts I remember when Jesus was being tempted in the wilderness by the devil in the devil was trying to get him to do things that he knew that he should do Jesus had an answer back to the devil and he said. You know that it's a sin to tempt the Lord by God but here God is telling us to actually try him or test so God not saying to tempt him but this is one time where he commands us to put him to the test and then he says if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing that there will be not enough room to receive it Molokai three verse ten so I want to talk a little bit about the difference between high and offering how many of you here are Kamil your with in the seven they have an assured what takes place with your money when you mark that envelope you know we're both. OK. About half of you are so where does the tie the go somebody answers. They both. Praise the Lord All right so the tithe goes to the storehouse which is the conference office and it is handled by the Conference Treasury not by one hand there are many people that are looking over that one thing that we were very adamant about in banking which carries over I seen God's church is something called dual control that's an important concept when you're dealing with any finances because you want to have integrity and transparency in men and I praise the Lord that the way that that our church has been organized is that there is no secret about what happens with that money when it goes in you can see all the reports and audits of everything takes place with that money that you're returning I want to be careful not to say with your money. Because when you return you are tied to the Lord it belongs to him that is God's money Amen and then the Bible gives us guidelines and principles all throughout the Old Testament and even into the New Testament Paul talks about those who preach the Gospel should live off of the Gospel OK And so that tie as my brother here said the tithe is then divided up. And is given to pay the ministers that are in full time ministry to keep them and their families afloat and be able to meet their needs it also pays administration of our church which our conference officers our leadership there and then it spread out because we are part of a worldwide organization we're not just a mission from France we're hardly even WITH YOU are the unity and and all the divisions together make up the General Conference so the money gets spread out one of the things that drew my heart near to the seven they haven't a church when I came in is the way that the money is handled in the church you know you see some of the you see some of these mega churches out here other denominations who are independent their own entity and you see some of the you see some of the pastors the salaries that they're making. It is just unbelievable and I'm not saying that a pastor should be broken destitute have to live in the street but I also remember that Paul says that we're not to enter into ministry in order to become wealthy and famous Amen and so I see some of these one hundred six hundred thousand dollar salaries or even million dollar salaries that pastors are making and it's just unbelievable just unbelievable to me and so I praise God that in the Adventist Church and I'm just kind of given a little tutorial as we go in the Adventist Church. When the tie that is divided it's divided equally among these under shepherds that God has called what your pastor we've been the it doesn't matter if you're the conference President or if you're a pastor of thirty members church friends you're paid off of the base for that you're paid off the same base remunerations did and God is good that way he takes care of us you don't have any there's no competition none of us are saying who you know will reveal more retires I can't wait to become a presence like me. That's not how it works you know we're all on the same ratios matter of fact I'd say Mormons are like lower please don't call me the Congress president has more responsibility heartache and you know we're number may and so but I'm thankful that God has it set up the way that he does. All right so number one and number two here the tide is the ten percent of all increase Deuteronomy Chapter fourteen versus twenty two and twenty three talk about the increase of the land in the increase of grain and I recently had somebody asked me how Pastor you would always talk about rain and land and Menton all the all of these things so see I believe that it's something that doesn't exist anymore because that's not how we barter anymore Well that's true but the principle is still there amen we don't barter miss a serial E. with our crops and with our sheep and with our land but we do have a bartering system and it's a monetary system and so just because we don't use grain to for. Richest things we do have a sort of Graeme we call it oh. Right and it's the cash that we have in our wallets or in our bank accounts and so nothing is changed it's just the object of our bartering is irrelevant change the principle is still there so the Bible tells us a tenth attempt the Bible clearly says the high the return is the same things or ten percent of all increase to be what rent return this is non-negotiable nonces you have robbed me if you don't do this so this is a non-negotiable thing this is not if I feel like it this week I got a maybe I'll give my return my tithe this is a book or I do anything else with the money that comes to me from my earnings. That money gets and. Because we're OK. Now some people say well what if what if the conference made a decision where I live and I don't necessarily agree with the decision that conference made then what should I do. Should we would hold archive because we disagree with maybe a decision that one of the leaders in the conference made why why should we not do that. All right because the Lord gave us instruction the Bible says that God says it and if we are surrendered to the Lord's will we're going to follow what the Lord does and he'll take care of the rest yes ma'am. Yes the sister here just asked there is a instance in Illinois writing the spirit prophecy where she talked about being redirected basically because there were some things going on however what I will say is this just quickly answer the question the tie even though it may have been redirected still went into his or her house and still went into the church is it wasn't that somebody said well you know I'm disagreeing with somebody and so I'm white so well if that's the case go hence in your tie have to self-supporting minister is because that's that's not appropriate the tie this to go to the store house and. The lead there and B. and B. managed I guess you would say by god. So the tenth the ten percent of increases to be returned that is non-negotiable now the offerings God says that we have also if we do not obey him in this that we rob him not only through our tie there are ten percent of increase but also through our offerings but the Bible really doesn't give a guideline for the amount the Bible doesn't say you have to give this amount or this percentage but rather Paul tells us the second printing Shapter nine that we are to give as the Holy Spirit has we a purpose in our heart and we're going to read that verse I'm not going to get too deep into that verse at the scene we're going to read that her and see exactly what Paul has to say there because to me. If I'm not being faithful to the Lord when I know that I can be and this is really kind of a this is a rebuke to me if I'm not being paid. What it boils down to is God has set up a system for us to gain a blessing he's not trying to take away from us so that we hurt him and is trying to help us to be bless moving along does God need our money does he need our money no he doesn't why are you saying he doesn't. He he owns the cattle on thousands of hills he owns all the gold and silver right everything belongs to him so why then did God give us this foundation or this this system of pi that they would have this quote that which lies at the foundation of business and take any in of true success is the recognition of what God's ownership the creator of all things he is the original proprietor I think it's amazing how sometimes we will say somebody else say Yeah I worked and did this and look at how much I've earned look at how much I've gotten look at all and I remember never can as or as we're reading the story in Daniel there about him how did he look at Babylon How did he himself within Babylon. Right. Look at what I have built look at what I have attained look at what I have put together and the problem was all that pride built up in him and while we see the times that he fell and fell and fell again but hopefully I think the story leads us to believe that never been as are dead and that your cigar which praise the work that amen but it took him a lot of hauling to get to that point in a lot of times a god had to deal with it so we have to remember that the Creator God He created all things and that he is the original proprietor he is the one that put it together. And came up with. We. We are is steward all that we have is a trust from him I want to be talking about trusts some are a little bit in this presentation you have heard of a living or or revokable of your revokable trust anybody have one of those OK So we have a couple people here that are familiar with that I'm going to talk about that what I think is in or see if he uses the term all we have is a trust from him so we are using God's trust do us think about. We are the heart of the the benefactors you could say God's trust and so anything we have we should be saying thank you Lord for what you're providing for me to use here help me to use it. And so this is a trust for me I'm to be used according to his direction that's Adventist age three sixty seven and first barrier and so when we think of Christian stewardship being a steward to answer our first question the principle of returning and giving offerings is not a natural issue. It is not a financial issue. I've had some people ask me the question of Pastor if I get a if I get a birthday card from my grandmother and she puts fifty dollars into you I return tie on that fifty dollars. What do you thing. What is your answer I'm not going to answer what your answer. OK I'm hearing several people say yes praise the Lord. Biblically is that a requirement to give ties on a gift. OK it is not that's right because Biblically the requirement is what your increase so that means you have earned the money right you have earned this thing and so because I have earned it God has given it to me through what he has provided me because we have to remember that God doesn't just provide the wealth but he provides the means to attain the well. In men he provides the mental capabilities the physical capabilities so he's the one that is providing all he's the original proprietor of all things in men. That's exactly where I was having a brother so if somebody gives you a gift you have not earned that gift so member you are not required to return a tithe on that because you did not earn that it was a gift given to you however. I believe that we should say Lord a gift has been given to me now how can I give a gift back to the men and the gift aspect is what offering it's offering the tie when we return tithes that's not a gift to God that belongs to him that is his reserve it belongs to him we return that but the offering is a yes you know we have on our bulletins of times in the church it says worship through giving. I think it's a worship giving and returning men because we return the tie and we of our offer to God says I'm going to give you some things from my store Accra my Treasury I'm going to give you some things for my for us and then you have to appropriate these things properly so the principle of returning tide and giving offerings is not if an actual issue it is the recognition of God as our provider and it is our willingness to partner with God in all things it's so easy for us if somebody says hey I've got a project that I need to have done and if you're somebody who knows how to build perhaps it's no big deal for you to go and see ya when you're an hour to an all around a sauna drill in some and a hammer I can do that for you that's no problem and you feel good about yourself because you've gone and done some work for the Lord and you help the person that feels good or if somebody says hey you know the Pathfinders want to do a car wash the summer we come out and help us wash cars oh yeah no problem with that I can handle that or you know and you see where I'm going with that it's easy to do those kinds of things but as soon as we start talking about the pocketbook we all can't you know sometimes we tense up don't we. Because that's where that's a sensitive area in our lives you're dipping into is dipping into my home you're dipping into my resources. And so we have to recognize that God has provided for us when we return archive to God What we are essentially saying is I am not relying upon my job and my salary to meet my needs you meant I'm not relying upon my employer I've had I've had people struggle that are coming into the church and want to get baptized and they're struggling with the Sabbath issue. And they say Pastor I the thing is the job that I have I have to work Saturdays because if I don't they might take away some of my hourly income you know some some of the medical professionals if they work on the weekends they get a bump in their pay because they get this weekend option this increased or the weekend hours. And I know if somebody has children or or their they have a lot of debt or things extra money is a nice thing to have Amen. It helps. And so I've had people say Well Pastor I have to work these hours or else I don't know how to make my my rent or my mortgage payment I don't know if I can be afford to feed my kids without the extra money I understand that. What I always tell those individuals as I say listen I don't know too many people. Number one who's testimony is I became faithful in honoring God in the Sabbath and I became God in my yelling in my stewardship and because of that I'm on a destitute usually the testimony is the opposite of that and then usually the testimony is I finally let go of my inhibitions and the Lord help me to do this in the faithful and I've committed to be faithful and God always provided act I know for myself. From the very first job I took when I was fifty. Teen years old I was the only administering my family and I took this job working at a nursing home told him right off the bat I will not work Friday nights on numbers sorry night sundown it was in dietary wasn't in a medical aspect of it and I said I'm happy to work Sunday through Thursday pretty much any hours it doesn't but my school. Be happy to work and they were happy to work with me that you mean a hard time. And I remember the very first paycheck I got the guy me but he dollars hours so. Now I think I made six fifteen now back when I first started in my first paycheck. It was maybe like one hundred eighty dollars or something for two weeks it was it was a real you know but to me that was a big amount of money. And I remember the very first thing I did when I looked that paycheck or as I said OK I mean one hundred eighty six dollars or whatever I said the magicks twenty dollars That's my. First thing I ran through my mind that's my top and then I said Now what am I going to someone split that in half and that's mile. And I put that in and I started that from that point forward my family was like well you don't make that much money you shouldn't have to do that the church doesn't expect you to do that I said the church and that expect me to my Lord expects me to do. And I'll tell you if you get into that habit and just make that a habit it doesn't matter if you make one hundred eighty six dollars or one hundred eighty six thousand dollars either way if we're in that that mode of thinking and we create a habit of that God will help us to develop good standards and good principles for managing our finances really well because it sets our priorities straight and we realize what needs to come first and then so we want to make God our partner in all things and he will guide us we have to remember there's five principles I want to point out today and these are simple principles this is really a simple topic but it's one that so. Often I feel as seven they have a service Christians in general we tend to look over it and we tend to be careful how we talk about it because money is sensitive finances are sensitive I know that I worked in a bank and I dealt with people who come in and sit down I had one sweet old lady that would come in every single month at Social Security time when the month when the check would come in and she would come into my office use well in her eighty's and she just wanted to come in and see me just to make sure that check and clear her counsel she go buy groceries and I would pull up her count I remember the first time she came and I sat now with or and I oh I had typed in her account number and I pulled it up and she said sat now she's goes yes dear I just want to make sure my check even so I can go get groceries and I thought OK and on check in and I pulled up and it pops up before me and I tried not to launch a little bit the she had in her checking account almost two hundred thousand dollars but she wanted to make sure that eleven hundred dollars So security had come in so she could buy her groceries it's just amazing the way that people think about things you see so the point is we want to remember that the money is what it's not ours all of that belongs to God Now I didn't know this lady that well because that was the only thing she would ever talk to me about with your check I tried and tried to get to know more because my goal anytime I saw something like that was to try to help people make sound decisions for what was going to take place when they were no longer here. And what was going to end up with that money because if you're not making those kind of decisions somebody else will do it for you when you're gone. And the thing is you want to make sure that when you're making those decisions if you're a Christian you want your stewardship to continue as a legacy after you're not in it it's amazing what influence you can have even after you're gone with your finances and how you can benefit the gospel ministry and so forth and others through what God has blessed you with and so I would always when I saw things like that I would say you know I notice that you have X. amount of dollars and I could look back and I could see a long history and see how long this money had sat as an average balance and so when I say you're not spending a dime of this what is your plan for. And I would encourage people who you know well I'm a Leave it all to my you know one child I would ask questions about that you know will tell me about your tell me about your child what kind of habits does he or she have when it comes to finances because I would hate to see somebody and I'm not trying to be nosy or meddle but as a banker I felt it was my responsibility to at least give some sound advice and it was up to them to decide what they want to do. But one of the things as Christians that we want to be careful with is if the Lord has blessed us with the ability to manage and to attain Well we do not want to leave that into the hands of someone even if it's our child or someone we really love that may squander it away. Because I wouldn't want I would want to put that burden on my child to have to deal with that we were. Men. So we need to be thinking about those kinds of things the money does not belong to us it is a blanket. And belongs to the Lord. We've already established that God does not need the money why is it that he asks us to reap to be faithfulness that he doesn't need it why does he have us do that. Well. Because we need the blessing right makes might let them make a choice it's part of our salvation relationship with us right we have to make choices constantly and I believe that every choice we make in this life. Has eternal impact in some way or another. I don't believe that there is I don't believe that there is some. That there are some neutral or inert choices that we can make where it doesn't there is an influence on somebody or something where they were choices in men somebody has influence one way or the other and I want to think to myself Lord help me to make choices that have a positive influence on help me to make choices that when others see what I'm doing the choices I make that they are turned and focused on Heaven help me to do that. So God doesn't need the money it belongs to him already he doesn't need it but we need the blessing because God said in Malakai three test me now on this try me on this and see if I don't pour out this blows just test me and say God made a promise does God always follow through on his promise. Yes he does it men it's character building do we have good characters do we inherit a good character No Our character is messed up from sin and we are now six thousand plus years into sin and our characters are messed up and you know. I can't remember who it was and I can't quote it we're hardly anything but there are some saying and I read it and I know that a lot of our evangelists in the shirt your views that I think I've heard Sean Brewster recently use. But it's talking about your morning baby. And the human condition and if you want to see what sin looks like you can see it in a newborn baby no Soule That's terrible the say that but this is an old saying I can't remember him from I wish that I could have found it I tried to find it I just was not successful but I've heard it now like that maybe some of you are familiar with it but it's basically saying that you take a newborn baby. And if you took the same character that newborn baby had and you placed it into a grown man what you would have would be a liar a murder of the an adulterer everything just wrapped all up into this because a baby's only inclination is pure selfish. Right maybe doesn't know any different and that's why we have to start instilling into that baby what care we want him or her to have as he or she grows that's why the Bible says train. To be trained means that it takes time and there has to have something that we have to have something develop within us to get rid of that which we don't want and to place in there that which we do and so stewardship is all part of character building and it's preparing us for the kingdom it's taking away that selfishness What was the original sin to begin with. Somebody wanting something that wasn't in men if we read in Revelation Chapter twelve we see the war between the devil and his angels and jesus and Michael and his angels and what happened Isaiah fourteen breaks it down for us you know the story there Lucifer looks and he says wow I am going to exalt my above the stars of God and property tells us the stars represent what Angel's who is the leader of the angels Jesus is the leader of the angels right Michael me. And so basically when he looks at Jesus if he wants what Jesus has and he wants to claim that is his and he says Ah I will be like the most high and what does the name Michael mean the one who is like God So Lucifer is looking to Christ this uncreated me actually the creator or he's looking in Jesus anything I want everything he has so much so that I want to steal his identity. Lucifer was the first person that attempted first being that I didn't I then and this is an amazing. He said I will be like the most Thais and she says I'm not happy with the lucifers of the morning I want to be me the one who is what God is. And so we have selfishness inherently in us because that is the core of the men the core the root of all sin is selfish and self worship self exultation and so when I can look at mine I'm doing the bigger quotations if you're listening to the recording if I say my finances I'm looking at my finances they're really one of the men my bank account belongs to God and I say Lord I am willing to give you free what are yours and I'm not going to be rogue you for taking my my ten percent that I return to the matter of fact I'm happy that you can I know you already. So if I do that and then the Holy Spirit picks my heart and says now there is a need over here and you know fifty dollars would be really helpful for this ministry and. You people need to do that I'm going to give that a few dollars. Or when I'm listening to strong tower radio and I'm gaining a blessing from that radio station and I hear them call for a little bit of an offering and I say OK we're on the set up that monthly recurring thing to go strong to our radio and awards prompting me to do that and I do it praise the lord it's building mine or it's preparing me to be in heaven because we cannot go to heaven with a selfish character family. If I go to heaven I'm thinking all about number one and how can I exult myself and how can I gain and how can I thrive in and achieve and get all these things. Well in the spirit which cause a disruption in heaven would reenter heaven and God can have and so this is one basic principle stewardship is one basic principle that God uses to help reverse that problem Zaman it's a real deep spiritual thing isn't it it's amazing how God uses it change our character Naam Actually I have actually had this question before and that's why I want to address pastor isn't money the root of all evil if money is the root of all evil then why should it me using or to advance the work of God Why do pastors want to get money why do they want to get a paycheck of him. Should they just be living off of the manna from heaven. Well let's this is what happens when we take God's word out of context right. Should her name into that. If we take God's word our context we can come up with all sorts of their brain ideas can't wait it's one reason why the radio program that the Lord I think inspired pastor aren't and need to do is the tough questions because so many people take the Bible out of context they have an idea that pops in their head and think of the funds of the Bible supports and in they think it will bring out a. Text and twist it around like Peter said that people do Paul's writings and they come up with all sorts of doctrines that aren't there so we don't want to do that so let's take a look at what Paul said here first if it's him if in the first letter of chapter six and verse ten for the law. Of Money is a root is what Rand ate root of all kinds of evil Now that's a lot different than saying money is the root of evil early home right the love of money. Is a root of all kinds of evil. Here which some have strayed from their faith in their reading us again who's the father reading this and saying all the way in a satanic influence that causes us to be that way. And maybe each one of us here in some way or another have had that little inclination for really doesn't have to just be about money if you ever walked through the. Planet church and you saw your favorite dish there and you're way behind in people. So that you're thinking to yourself I really want some of that Mish And by the time you get there you're just getting what's dried up and scrape on the bottom of it and you might be thinking to yourself who you're upset at that person you're going to that's a that's a spirit of. Right that's a spirit because it's something I want and that other person should they had it because it should have been mine. We've got to be careful with this. And a lot of times we allow these little these little. Gentle or these little Bevary sans I don't know how to describe them to just kind of pass and say all that's not a big deal. Until your friends any time we allow Spirit like that you're going to be angry is to build up in us we're opening up a window for C. to. Seven our hearts and our hearts throne and we won't use. So the love of money is a root of all kinds of you know for which someone strayed from their faith in reading us and pierced themselves through with many so. God doesn't want to. Amen Brother him and sin is sin no matter whether it is small or large yes man. That's right some of the sins that we have are more subtle. Loves that crap the he loves that thing in it and again. How easy is it not everybody knows what you what your income is right. I don't share with everybody what my paycheck is so really this comes to a point where true integrity and Faith asked exists amen because nobody knows we're not we the church doesn't take our number two and look at it yes brother. OK so for the recording I'm just going to summarize that. This gentleman just shared that. There are some churches out there that in order for you to hold membership very you have to show a W.T.F. to show proof of you're in and make a commitment that way we're asking in the Adventist church that we make that commitment so will the Lord has seen your W. two and he knows Yes Man that's true that's true and that's why we have to use we have to use some godly was some discernment we have to pray innocently spiritually The question was that in the in the church mentally administers we do say that in order to hold certain offices within the church that you need to be a faithful either return or I don't like to say we're always a call he might find. We don't not is not asking us we're not paying a bill that we can't pay anything we just give him back with this and so that is true that is one of the principles that we stand by within the church when we're thinking mommy elective office. The thing is we have to use judgment and discernment and perhaps and that's And really the only eyes that should be looking at that report would be the pastor who trade here maybe the middle depending on the circumstance and so if the pastor is taking a look at the report with the Treasurer and comes across somebody and let's say that person's been given ten thousand dollars a year. And the very next year you see that they gave a thousand dollars that's probably a red flag pastor needs to visit that person have a friend with it's not I'm coming here to beat you down and hunt you down find out what it's to say Is everything OK and it's it should be a spiritual visit what's going on spiritually I notice that this is where you were in this will happen if something happened in your life and we talk about it can we pray about it and a lot of times you're going to uncover those types of things and so I don't believe that God is call. His ministers to be police or his treasures to the police but we do need to use wisdom and common sense and discernment and we do need to hold one of their counsel. To the tithe and offering Yes One last question the movement was on the run. Absolutely so what if they've lost a job or what if now something has has shifted in their life and now they are they are strained in need help Absolutely and I think that's where the church band together and we do and help them or not and punish somebody because they lost their job and they don't I mean the tithe again is based on increase right so if you're not getting the increase any more than you don't give five based you know you can't you know tie them something you're not received and so very good ones are going to move along here money is this is from Adventist home page three seventy two paragraphs one in two money is not necessarily a curse Amen I'm thankful for that. Because I do like to get paid Amen I like having money and there's nothing wrong you know sometimes I think as Christians we shirk to say that oh no I can't say that I like when I like money and I and I hope that you do too because it pays for your food and it gives you shelter and it gives you clothing and a vehicle to drive and all those things. But remember what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount right isn't Sermon on the Mount where he tells us not to worry and he says seeking first what the Kingdom of God is not about food and it's not about clothing the Father in heaven knows that you have need of these things right but seeking first the kingdom and His righteousness and then all these things he will add to you amen So the point of speed of sound stewardship is not that money in and of itself the simple and it's not even simple to have lots of it. It's not there are many wealthy people who are very faithful to God. And so there's nothing wrong that when Jesus talked about the rich young ruler and said that it was easier for the camel to go through the I will of a needle than for a wealthy man to enter the Kingdom of God The point that he's making is just this what was the ritual really is probably comes up to Jesus he tries to flatter Jesus right he runs up and falls down on his knees and he says Oh good. What must I do in here. He couldn't do that right Jesus said we'll keep the commandments and he starts quoting thing to Mamet's and. Looking and see Jesus said that because he knew that's what he wanted to hear so Jesus trying to test this heart Jesus starts quoting the Ten Commandments in the richer was all yeah I got that I got that I've been doing that since I was a young person it's OK I'm Cameron and he's a lot but there's one thing in life and this is the big test right the pocket this. Going it rid of those things because what was it because it was a sin for the rich and ruler to have money and to be well think no it was a sin because those things were his god Mammon was his money was his God and as soon as Jesus put that test to him How do you respond if his heart was truly broken and turned toward Jesus. I trust you have done that but instead says he went away. Had great. B.C. friends money is not a curse what is a curse is when we term money into our temple worship we turn money into our gotten into our idle when all we think about we wake up in the morning is how to gain more money you know Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest men in this world one of the wealthiest men in this world he's so wealthy that at this point they say I heard it said that if he's walking down the street and he were to drop a hundred dollar bill it would cost him more money to stop and pick up that hundred dollar bill and put it back in his billfold and continue walking than to just ignore it and keep on moving that's how valuable his time is that's how much money he's making for sex. So it must point his his wealth the team to his gaining well is just about seeing it's really become a game to him he I mean he couldn't there's no way to get ever spend the money that he. And so for him it's become a game to see how much he can gain and and basically now it's just. Playing us a game of strategy for him that's all it is. When we get to that point that's that's a scary place to be I would never want to be friends because I know my my soul you all. I don't ever want to be there money is not occur even having lots of it's not a curse but when it becomes a game to us when it becomes a how much can I get and who are trample over to get it and is that one thing was gaining wealth and getting the next big thing and getting next big thing and getting in and climbing this ladder climbing the ladder then we're in a dangerous zone and God doesn't want us to be there but when we can gain wealth and we can say Lord please give me that next thousand dollars because you know this ministry really needs that thousand will praise the Lord and God expects for you provide he's going to provide for you too he doesn't expect for you to be hungry or major destitute. We have to find that balance look the Holy Spirit of our hearts Amen money is not necessary first it is a high value because if it rightly appropriate if you good in the salvation of souls somebody show same it in blessing others who are poor then are so. By I am prominent or unwise use money will become as a snare to the user he will employ money to gratify pride and ambition makes it a curse rather a blessing so how does money become a curse if we use it to gratify that selfishness and to build that up in ourselves meant to balance herself up is when it becomes a becomes a problem but it can be a blessing and God intends for it to be able to raise a little money is a constant test of the affection meant. Them requires more than sufficient for his real needs should seek wisdom and grace to know his own heart and to keep his heart diligently lest he have imaginary ones and become one of the full. When we love God supreme Lee temporal things will occupy their right place in our pictures now listen she didn't so. The temporal things will be gone the chick. Is a sin. To have a car that runs and works OK and is fairly decent. No medicine. And less God is that and less that thing becomes right unless that thing becomes an idol and God has to work in your heart I can't tell you that it is but God can write and you can't tell me that but God can tell me and we have to be receptive so she says when we love God supremely when our priorities are straight a man. These temporal things which God blesses us with will occupy their right place in our picture. In men if we humbly interest we seek for knowledge and ability in order to make use of our Lord's goods we shall receive wisdom from above that's the key friends and stewardship Lord this is my salary this is my income this is what I may how would you have me to appropriate it and to prioritize. And when we are honest. And you know it's so easy I know sometimes we try to we think we're kidding the lord think we we think we're joking with the Lord and we're pulling one who will reside when we do it with if we do it other people we can't do it will or the men. Will say things like Yeah but does this God really want that and we start asking questions that we kind of really already know the answer to the ever done that you're around yourself and that because you're trying to justify or rationalize something in your own mind and heart here's the thing friends God has blessed us all with some measure Amundsen some of us get more than others and some of us you know we just have a little Brot but God gives us all some. We all have stuff OK And so the thing is we have to use that common sense that God has given us and allow the Holy Spirit to send us that was him from above and no other person can give that to us we can ask all the questions to try to rationalize or justify something that we are. What nobody can answer that God has to be the one he meant. And so here humbly and earnestly and honestly I'd like to say seeking for not an ability to make a right use of what God is in trust us with then he's going to give us the wisdom to do so. The lady with the with the might the widow's mite I met she knew what to do with it. And this is Adventists that I just read to you base three seventy if you want your job I'm not sure I said that. And then in closing here I told you that I would take a look at what Paul said a little more deeply here talking about our returning rather our giving of yet returning to tie that's non-negotiable right. We don't say the Lord Melor and I really I could use a little lecture this month and I just give you the percent. No it's ten percent that's what God is asses for is what he told us belongs to him but when it comes to the offering Paul says he knows what spearing he will also reap sparingly and he says bountifully will also reap. So let each one give us a purposes in his heart not grudgingly or I'm assessing a. God loves a cheerful yet. When we think about our faith in our walk with Jesus do we want our do we want our walk. To be of the regiment. I want to wake up in the morning and say we're. Going to ask one else. Doesn't want that kind of a spear it's not useful to him as this poor rising if somebody sees that you're going to push people away or not and are all the men God wants a spirit in us that. I am the peace love and joy down in my human that's what we want to hear and so we need to give as a purpose in our heart that. Purpose should not come from within it should come from the Holy Spirit needs to give us the wisdom from to know how we should and when we do it we should be happy as we're getting in well I guess if it is your I guess I don't get to go on that Nick issues here is a game is often so you have something even better in store for me and that's why you. Men suit me. Yet how it wouldn't be yet we're giving it regretfully brother says wouldn't be like a vain giving offering in main sure God doesn't want that he doesn't want to take his name in vain which what does that mean by the. Means misrepresenting his character right if I'm wearing a badge and says hey guys I'm a Christian I'm a seven they have a nice Christian but then I go out and I treat people like trash and are all nice and Jesus said in Matthew the whole chapter of Matthew twenty three what he was saying describes an affair. Or in all respects it's a chapter removed. And he deals with this topic in verse twenty three THE says those private imperiously is free return your tie the mint and it's hard to say this. But you don't have love you don't you these days and one of these days as you should have none nice thing is these are the way they are matters without meaning. And then there's I'll tell you friends the flip side of this coin is that there are many people. Who because of their well and their their excess if they have have no problem giving their ten percent is another victim in the least on the right there check every week you're my ten percent believe in your offerings but they're cold in their hearts they don't love their brothers that they don't have a Christ like desire to see their brothers and sisters in heaven and the flipside of that's just as bad as not giving your time offering to be the sweetest person ever we have to have that balance James says our faith and works have to go together like to vote or as it were his role in one or more around in circles not getting anywhere we've got to have both going together so friends as we talk about owning our faith this week. This is one of the places where we can truly own our free because we want to let god own everything about our lives including the resources in the finances he dresses. Less pray for your father God help us to be faithful in why stewards give us the wisdom from on high this is your money these are your resources your of all and Lord everything that is temporal in a circle one day milk with fervent heat and so we cannot place these things in our lives as idols and and will not be worshiped you are the God of Heaven you are the creator and you are the original proprietor of everything so or help us to use this trust. That you have given us as your children wisely and in a way that pleases and more we thank you for how you do bless us and provide for our needs and our desires but Lord there is a work to be done. And you have entrusted us with this where you can reign down diamonds and rubies and cash and whatever you want from heaven and you could supply everything but then we would become lazy. And even more greedy and selfish and you know that we're going you don't want to build that up and that's rather you want us to learn how to become like Jesus surrendered so hopeless sacrificial. And so Lord help us to live up to that charge that Paul gave in Romans Chapter twelve where he said. That we ought to present ourselves as a living sacrifice which is our reasonable service more and let us be living sacrifices and all that we say we think we do and how we procreate our. Take ownership in our lives today. So that when you come in the power not only have we helped others to make their decision for you not only have we helped to fund ministries war and activities which build up the kingdom but you can look at us and you. In our hearts. Well. This is our prayer in Jesus' name. 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