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It's Time to Run to the Mountains

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 5, 2009
    11:00 AM
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father we can assess away today that she would speak to our hearts nor to impress your choose upon father I think you would speak to me hiding behind across Lord father it is no small thing to stand before your people as the surgeon who is preparing to do heart surgery so is the work of the minister in the pulpit some are giving me a delicate can and speaks to me Lord as you operate on the hearts of your people we pray this in Jesus name amen I like to open my fielding of violence of the book of Luke chapter twenty one who Chapter twenty one beginning with verse thirty four Google Chapter twenty one verse thirty four the Bible says and take heed to yourselves that at any time your hearts be overcharged with start fitting and drunkenness and chairs of this life and sold that day come upon you unawares for at the snare it shall upon all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth within the word watch me therefore and walked pray always that he may be accounted worthy to do what is state all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man Jesus tells of that we said that we need to watch and pray that we may be found worthy to do while if escape to stand before the Son of Man why do we need to watch and pray why do we as human beings down in this time of verse history need especially to watch and pray want to the notice of me the book of Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah chapter fourteen beginning with verse twelve the Bible says how art thou fallen from heaven owns the far son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations for thou has said in my heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mountains of the congregation in the sides of the no behavior they are far meeting mom 's Malay meaning congregation was the first designer to sit upon the horrible hand of God the amount of the congregation and what we find what we know from our studies in the Bible is that Lucifer was able to pull one third of the congregation of having one third of the congregation in heaven when you hear the term congregation when you think of a church yes indeed there was the church and had a search of angels and if it starts of Angels was so shaken that was part of them were deceived wholly intelligent thinking angels as for all we send for me humanity gone in the very end of time how much more ought we to be walked watching and praying you see we understand that this is the very same thing that Lucifer will attempt to do in the last days the Bible tells us that the enemy of God will seek to think in the temple of God showing himself that he has done he's going to try to do the same thing with the amount of the congregation honor by the way how many are glad to be part of the month of the congregation on earth as you are your product you are part of the month of the congregation and any effort to remove you from the mount of the congregation in the same effort that Lucifer ways in happy you hear someone telling you being the church that's nothing new it happened and had watched Jesus says watch and pray that you may be found worthy to if they these things in the last days there will be a shaking God tells us that that that that these final events will come upon the world as a snare this about in the book of Revelation speaks about the battle of Armageddon the last great conflict eleven is a battle that is going to to all revolve around the people of God and I believe the signs are autonomous commune you believe that in fact I want to the notice of me not to shut the twenty fourth verse fifteen mouth Chapter twenty four verse fifteen Matthew twenty four verse as the Bible says that when he therefore saw see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place whosoever read of them understand finally deposit here what we see here is a merit any of what happened where in heaven the Lucifer wanted to stay on top of the mom of the congregation not being told when you see inside the same thing in the Congregational north in the holy place on earth now that the time is why neither come to believe the time is near notice what Jesus says when you see these things not twenty four verse fifteen over sixteen and that is to be enjoyed BR three into the mounting a type of my message this morning it's time to run to the mounting it's time to run for the mountains now you all the very nervous pastor heard his message as before where you try to tell me it's interesting here the word here for some agency that were there adverse of fifteen the water from if you look at the names on concordance the word actually means of escape out of your following me Jesus I pray that he may be found I need to do while this guy and his recess when you see these things it's time to flee to the mountains or walked S J you want to escape the things that are coming upon Mister it's time to run to the mountain 's wine of God called us to run to the amount isn't it interesting it's almost as though he slay listen prayer controversy they are where they are mounting number of the congregation where were all peace and all was was was joined on the same in these final times I want to talk to you when the mount your notice shall be up in the mountains it's easy that kind of clear mind that she's that you feel that closeness with God there's a reason why box office to go to the mountains because fear is way here we can have undisturbed communion with God there is where we can learn about the character of our God amen it's time to run to the mountains have you ever wondered what mounting in a run to an time from what moduli run to you know where I got a go something already sent another mounting and you know dating because man I hate to sleep on the floor so seventh-inning hinges when everything is right I know my love what you ultimately want to beloved while you ponder that I suggest to you that there are some time on things that God desires his people to write to in the last days were finished are crucial for restaurant to you want to know where these mountains are already I believe the loving that it is in the mountains that we alternately prepare final battle so God wants us to run for the mountains what not okay to start with Mono tomorrow I know if you try to run to the mounting using when we were on the Mount Moraga and I'm talking about running to and fro in the Scripture now when we run tomorrow you have received a story of Abraham he remember Abraham and view the maharaja is that Abraham was so dedicated to the God that he wasn't willing to sacrifice his son and an MBA what is coming down anything that I know that you want here God is only one for mom the fear of God something that is definitely needed by the people of God in the last leave home if you want the fear of God living in your heart not only without it shall be run to maharaja suggestively wrong to mount finally night as well I think gossip just we went to Mount Sinai as well why because that is where he will get his first experience of God that burning bush experience you can read about it in Exodus chapter three verse one to four when will they get this this this this this coming closeness to God this burning experiment how do you need a burning experience burning and countered with Jesus Christ notice time to run to the mountains there we discover what it means to draw close to God and to have our hearts burn within us and to be exciting to about the word of God is at the same place where God says to Moses Moses on the mission field you are go people tendency to Moses on calling you restaurant in the mountains and fun for us to understand that God is calling us to draw his people out of captivity it's time to run to the mountains noninvasively run to mom Oralia and Mount Sinai I believe we should also run for multinational you're not what happened that my comment is not exempt and four hundred and fifty false prophets of Dale and I called out from all past you between the two opinions beloved when we run to my car Miliband we learned that we must be enough for God or against him how or coal is time for God 's people to run to the mountains let me suggest this while we marched through physical events website point and maybe even now begin to leave the cities and countries if you do not learn the methods on the mountains of Scripture you will simply be lost in the mounting Navy into weight loss and loss that was lost it makes no sense to run for the mountains and if we have not first learned the lessons of the mountains of Scripture it's time to run to the mountains but I believe that we ought a month-to-month violent that range of Jerusalem Mountains where we learn so much about the life of Christ the ministry of Christ where he sat upon them upon the mount and gave the sermon showing police father really was where he was transferred or trained Lord help me to be transfigured help me to be transparent when we policy Jesus being tempted in the wilderness father gave me that same power to overcome temptations of Jesus overcame that we are run for Mount Olive when we see Jesus agonizing and prayer and he felt as if I also I am praying and what were they found doing sleepy over there we learn the awful lesson of the rooster you wonder the rooster Jesus said to Peter Peter in an economic is on a lot of the discussion at the ninety and every time you hear a rooster Crow reminds you that you have denied because if Peter had stayed awake on the mom always she would not have denied his Lord without a time of trouble is coming up on this world and if you are not found Ronnie to the mouth about guess what come on think about how many times do you hear the rooster crow in a day going someplace where you know you single all your friends around they'll hear it regularly airing Friday Giuliani yet will he it's time to run to the mountains now is the time the signs are upon us and if we do not learn the lessons of the mountains now we will learn them all to me there is a powerful illustration Anthony say a prayer call mountain that you and I need to run to in order to be prepared for the last thief in order to understand the criticalness of this mountain I wanted to get back to the Old Testament would need give you a a a a made-up figure but this is actually a true representation so we are going to discuss the character what about the name of Seidel Dionysia Hebrew name John Galileo 's insane these parents came out of Egypt on they made it across the wilderness and a seventeen and and and and now you indicated and he's been living a good life she's got a good one he's got children are up to the home and I'm sorry if it is a hard watchmen and one day something happens to a child we don't know the details but what exactly how long he was at work he accidentally kills a man he runs home and he begins to tell his wife and his family what has happened and they immediately began to cry because they know what this means jot down my sleeve he must run to what is called a city of one refugees why because there is an individual named Vietnam veterans are on the political causes of chin the person that he killed this up and throw blood what was legally allowed to change this man down and kill him if he found malignant numbers chapter thirty five numbers thirty five in verse eleven numbers chapter thirty five verse eleven I want to notices with me numbers thirty five verse eleven are solid for us can speak unto the children of Israel and sent to them when eating bizarre and into the land of Canaan then so when you say these tiny things on a refuge for you that your may please been there with Kenneth any person caught unawares by the way one word for me means escape God was providing all way off SJ for a person that killed someone how on the waves but with millions of the book of Deuteronomy chapter nineteen and please don't lose me here blood in your building up to something absolutely incredible Deuteronomy chapter nineteen beginning with verse one when the Lord thy God the nations whose land is owned by God giveth thee and also theaters him and was in their citizen in their hobbies then somehow separates recently surveyed in the midst of my land which the Lord my God given the specific also prepared the way to divide the cost of my land which the Lord thy God giveth needs inherit into three parts that every slayer may flee thither and visitors of this later when softly figure that he knew it was however tentative labor how is the ring the only hit an all-time task at one point into the wood with his neighbor to Hugh Wood and his handset of the stroke would be asked to cut down the trees and they had that the family help in light of the bonded labor that he died to self three one of these cities those things in a way that the fans are on the pursuit of slayer while his heart is hot and overtaking because the way is long and slay him whereas he was not working of death inasmuch as the unity and not in time past with one command he said thou saw separate out to be these three cities over with the diverse eleven but if any of any labor and lie in wait for him and rise up against him and smite him mortally they died to free than twenty cities then the elders on the seedy salsa him him until I had the event of the blood that he may die to give Tapscott is the person was guilty intentional intentionally killing someone those long was he was to be taken out at city and given over to the avenger of blood the only way you can famously need is a few more interesting if you are it it was not intentional murder John go is on the run he is on the run he is fearful for his life in verse three we read powerful this about in verse three we read that the roads were to be all all all all of that there was a waiver in this way were told was convened that the rebels were to be what were to be small all things were any removed out of the way so that the person right when each trip over anything on what you know it he had a clear path August eight you can read about our privacy spirit of prophecy which is just the way was to be made clear at all days are upon these roles there are signposts that were basically pointing the way to the city of red the Bible tells us you are of the world a city that where your a city set on a hill cannot be hid I becomes their assigned points that are pointing to the city do you realize that God has called you to be a signposts do you realize that there are people out there in the world today don't feel the danger of blood on their bill running out there speaking for the city of refuge and if you are not our policy think of the guilt on your head every time you do not start somewhere you're leaving a fine folks doesn't matter where you lead an SI vault into directing someone who may not even realize that they are running this is not again looking for something it's not John goes on the run why because he doesn't know the avenger of blood is together know this man's relatives are it can be anyone he can be walking in the market one day and some complete strangers is walking five and a half of my discharge around and puts one brightness that she had no idea I thought everyone became suspicious taking and silly like that was was just doesn't jibe a person crazy so the one thing they knew they could do is wrong to the city of refuge notice of the data chapter twenty verse one Johnson Chapter twenty verse one is what the Bible says here the volatile state of the docile saying speak to the children of Israel saying a point of view cities of refuge where are my statements you by the hand of Moses that the fire that killed a person unawares and unwittingly may flee thither and then they and they shall be your refuge from the avenger of blood and when he got not one of those the saucepan of the engine of the gate of the city as arbitrary as part of the heirs of the elders of that city this all taken into the city on to him and give up place is one among them praise God and if the inventor of blood pursue after him then something not delivered as they are up into his hand they are because he smote his neighbor how unwitting the hitting and not before time and he shall dwell in the city on film to stand before the congregation for judgment and until the gap of the high priest that's all be in those days that saw the familiar return and come into his own food he currently is on house and onto the city from whence he lay he was safe from the avenger of blood as long as he needed to see a beloved lest you get bored I want to share with you that there is an incredible truth you see in Psalm fifty nine verse sixteen to turn their drive down if you want to the Bible says that God is our refuge 's God is our work rests use a lot of it is irrefutable guess what you are die out you'll are guilty of something that might affect at all how wrong say and found it was sort of the glory of God so that means that at some point the reason why you are here today is because at some point you realize you are not guilty and given the moment you first realized the guilty I'm guilty here is a realization of a child he realizes he's guilty just as you want I come to the realization that we are guilty and not leave us slave can't remember when I discovered I will telephone the world doing my hip-hop name you know what other and then all of a sudden called upon me and I was guilty and I will fight I need to find a city of refuge on Wednesday minimum I know I will say what the law was leaving weeds without me even though he and I began running in the seaside holes where directing this in the way walking he particularly wanted about is my beautiful that Jesus comes along anything John fourteen think I found the lot in a the truth and the life beloved he is not how that leads off to rescue but you see here is where the parallel breaks down you'll remember that is the person had intentionally killed in a he was put out of the city see you when I get guilty of what we guilty of murder and murder anyone pastor in UD goal the son of God now you'll realize what I've done and you also realize the unit that will help us over the city but I don't want to the city you'll realize something that when you get into the city you cannot believe it and nothing every time someone came on your door and knock on the door you intentionally turned away from Christ every time you stopped on the minister preached and Sandman appearance account I is not how one tries to my life you intentionally rejected him anyone guilty master your hand where insurance not exercise our right to the city of refuge that Edward was saying also well mad if I stay here I die and if I bought there I unlimited my chassis angle before God numbers thirty five verse twelve notice with neither numbers thirty five and verse twelve number verse twelve says this and they shall be unto you cities for refuge from the adventure that the men flared lineup until he stand before the congregation in judgment isn't it beautiful that God become to go and even though we freed guilty are you with me even though we plead guilty God says I'm a country to Odyssey Nye from previous wasn't my fault God it was an accident that's not true confession is when we plead guilty by some mercy of God begins to throw out and he says they are forgiven that is therefore while boldly to the throne of grace which will we are safe from the avenger over the Bible tells us in the mystery fibers twenty five notice and the congregation shall deliver the slayer out of the hand of the revenge of blood and the congregation shall we start into the city of his refugee when he was fled and he shall abide in it until the death of the high priest which was anointed with a holy life so listen to me that the man who now found refuge in the city this day they are on fill the gap on the high praise when the high priest and I don't trust that is what you want freedom of it we have a high priest who because he died for us we are now want three and then not presently in the story here when the high priest died that Danielle could not go back to that is hometown question can be put back on the no why because our high priest the lady for ever yeah there's no going back you stay in and that's all about staying in the city that was unnecessary Angel to stay in the mom of the congregation stands that he pray that you many found larvae to walk S J you can go back to the way things were as a Christian you can never go back the way things were if you have friends out there then comes the inside done for the city but you can never leave the city our high priest meets for you there's something beautiful about these cities there were six studies on West Hill are their names there were ten session paper on this is Rama and Goldman these were the six cities of refuge and each of these names have meaning let me read them to you meaning sanctuary SysAdmin meaning Psalter or portion paper on meaning for this shape our association is very meeting mine or Blanche meaning evidence or superiority or elevation and call-in meaning passage or revolution but I want you to understand something fees thinks cities of refuge were all found in elevated play faith Jesus and I if I did want to develop will do why or how all men unto me and another number how many wounds you live in one two three four five and he died of a broken heart Christ is our face to face cities of refuge reflect the and he won I must round somehow in the body is not Mount Calvary beloved that all men mounted where when we were onto we are set free from everything in the past without it he thinks may reveal Christ and it all on the cross of Christ is enough rest in our sanctuary our solidarity in our online infield lower elevation if you thought how crazy he is our enemy it's time to run but it is only at Calvary where the way of escape is provide pray that you may be found I need to do a lot if I remember when I made it into the city of refuge I was out of breath who God has forgiven me and I said praise God numbers are looking around the city in checking it out I saw some people upon the walls of the city they were looking out of the city a map of the Lord what is was conducted on the on the walls of the city notice of any good-looking with longing to go where you're coming from a far larger kidding right the first is the amount of the congregation he said you're looking to leave the city health muscle floor someone was our playing freeze with the devil you know in the city unsafe limits on a writer who could do nothing not come up short on Sabbath will maybe why are you playing freeze tablet itself why are you attempting why are you trying to do to get yourself destroy a a in the city the devil simply trying so that are you out all of the city do you realize what Armageddon news Armageddon says that it's in the Hebrew tongue and the Hebrew tongue is hard mount may get old meeting rendezvous or meeting place it is some scholars believe the very same word used to describe the amount of the congregation that Lucifer attempted to exalt himself over and having solid loving the first half my hat on the farthest on Monday the first mount of the congregation was where anti- and alarm began when any solid in the last day the Armageddon will be Satan 's attempt to set himself up over the mountain of God and to enjoin you out August eighty I pray they will be found worthy even one third of Angels did not escape prayer walks and three that you be found worthy to escape the beloved the avenger of blood there is something very critical that you and I must understand about this adventure of like the seed they seem to ward off danger of blood of the work that the one on the Internet is a Hebrew word got out and I were his very chocolate it simply means the nearest of chain so it was the narrowest of change in the person who has died that was the event was that what had the right to go after whoever had killed his family member no one wants this beloved Lord have mercy I will be guilty of killing who is his nearest of team when it not hear you're in the city may there is this guy back there sees any who happen to see his face but I'm glad we are not and God says my son that was me with women at Ridgeway for we need that was you see the love God loves us so much you see like you cannot have puppies one you may want your puppies to go back in the in the house you want me to hit my currencies when you do the running around with you if I see some to do I get them where back in the house that you realize that unless if it's numbers to the Bible says that our sins have hidden God 's face from when the God you made your the one that were tested and gone since I was the one I was simply trying to chase you into the city is beautiful that Jesus says okay let their guilty to their guilty jazz oriented I'll be the way God is okay and competencies the horses again I'll bring the conviction that their guilty and will get them into the city on a flight God is working in a possible way and may subject you and sue the place ostensibly Darwinian you want to tell me when you talk to get rid of my music no the only words I destroy my solving father conduct background no traditional use of we thank God out to the stores we think God is not to punish us what is that you don't know and we run run run and then we get to the city ending up back in hindsight legal community with noticeably very quickly from the fifty four Isaiah fifty four Isaiah chapter fifty four and verse eight as if the former state the Bible says in a little I hid my face from the formal but with everlasting kindness when I have mercy on thee saith the Lord my reading note that Hebrew word is for Redeemer is a Hebrew word got out why I couldn't see her face got there in the dark yet because the heart is for the city hid my face from you and I was only trying to guide you into seeking a look at God in the world and I felt to kill take away their funds take away their joy take away their happiness when God is simply trying to say his people it is true then that a home does all the he shakes the home of the features and we know whether there is really safe clean the Lord loves he chasing Chase do you know that the best thing that God can do for us is the treasonous is to chase us and to season you know the Bible says the sphere the raw spore baton in one faith the Bible says he don't beat the child with the rod and he will save his soul from hell and more efficiently figure what is back I love you in a physical sense that maybe true but there is a much deeper truth they are usually gone the wrong the first time we find is wrong coming up on the think it is mostly a memo at what God said Mohandas Robinson and ophthalmologist found that Ron and leaf through the rock down what the rod or cone a serpent when he picked it back up it became a wrong opinion on Iraq stands for in Scripture anyway it stands for Dominion defense for power authority routers but I do know that Jesus Christ is called the wrong in the Scripture Isaiah chapter eleven 's Bible calls him the wrong is to me when Jesus came down to this hour he became sin for us and you and you okay Moses was the rock down in the company while circuit he picked it back up in the comes around again beloved Jesus came down to this RFI was treated like a sharp pain he became sin for thermal effect on for more than they make a brazen serpent entered upon a whole he came down and was treated like a star but I can't have and now even he recognized they had in his back in his place on authority is this problem that God tells Moses take this wrong into aging wisely telling Moses to take the wrong to eat see feel about teaching spare the rod sports how do you feel about ancient you feel about the people in Egypt two thousand and ten set in Iran and Poland to Egypt by Moses Lebron he may need to a miserable place to be turned out of the water so that they would decide our something better to drink I'm sorry turned their water to blood so that they would decide her something better to drain life in the land and the life started attacking their flesh while prophet who shall deliver me from this flash his desire was to make them see how hateful disgusting piece in front of them allowed what happened when you have danced all banks the things you want to find lacerated when God gave the wrong upon your back when God lays the frosts of being the child with the rod and you will succeed his soul from hell the best thing God can do is leave the wrong upon our back 's and Rod saves us from him everything you did an aged wife to get them to think ahead when when you got that from the last things that I wanted how many of you if this place started thinking what would you do just like totally spanking spanking spanking don't affect her hometown your young one day you dispute the Newport Division I turned on that strength belied honey blood is coming out of the thought know how they would be like okay I'm leaving me with that he would stick around I think your areas are suddenly all the water turned to blood I started to get help immediately it will only take maybe two or three of those things make the move over to the school system attempting to make things up as undesirable when God lays about half past eleven when God tells us to come to you when God comes to pick up your cross he is simply trying to make things on this while undesirable so we might design something better as I believe our alteration of habitation and recently someplace where there is peace and safety we run tomorrow Calvary where we are alternately prepared for those nasty God and the teachings and he chased out of a cooler thought for you I want to take your minds to that final moment in the history of the wiki the Bible says in the book of Revelation that the feeding of God in fact Daniel to cause the amount this amount can defend out of and inside the CD are all of those who fled the city outside the city on those who ignore the avenger where are you going to be you can run to the mountains all you want to end up outside the final mountain of God but Hesiod is something if God is the other is vital when you refresh the Salinas forsakes the Bible tells us my paragon classes will be on an user on his people will take and what they call easy eventually given that his people think what's on in your way here you are outside the city if it was God really he was really after this later who was a flyer faith in the devil comes to kill steal and start after the slaying and he was simply try to get you into the city Slaton deal with the flyer by himself at a house sanity when God reveals I was the one cease I could've caught you outside the city thousands of how fast using body God is running supernatural divine baby steps to make sure that you what does Hong Kong they have to I didn't even know you thought I I am coming and what will I wear one it was all I but we think it's fast and it's superduper snow and either and could easily have problems outside of the city on the time but now it is to me outside to see because I was simply turn the drive you to the mountain of God without of what is holding you are outside to see what the devil have you watching that is keeping you outside of the city I want to make a simple appeal this morning this is for those of you who are specifically human please freeze tag with the devil are you not even in the city now you same Lord I didn't know that was huge chasing me all that got me into the city law I want to be found in the same effect if that's your desire if you are not in the city there may be maybe all Uranus city Alamo but here's one of you who kid was shifted it was an you know what I'm not nothing I'm not want to be in the city now I want to be found in that city at the end of time the needle if that's an asset is fancier to know I am not in that city I'm praying series Lord lead me into that love and praise God companies some of your standing just to be an encouragement to somebody else amen I want to make this even more pointing you is still in you realize you're not standing it you realize that I know I am not in the city reason I have a public declaration Lord as of this date I am fleeing for the city would you raise your hand if you're standing you raise your hand praise God please is not that I don't want to meet God outside of the city you don't want anything outside of the city is not that he's suddenly become some mean monster also the city Noel on why cause of the mysterious farewell it's mysterious because God have to say goodbye to to to someone that he is not so much he wasn't willing to invest his own son to see that presidency they rejected that Southeast 's time to run to the amount heavenly father how you love that you are willing to do whatever it takes to save father we pray and we might run into Calvary that beautiful amount upon which that infinite sacrifice typically for the airborne one thing is certain we shall be found where the tuition fee bear and only the is the way of his thank you Lord for speaking to his knees father may we be as signposts leading others for the mountain of God and may not one of us in this room could be defined at last outside that seating of eternal rest in Jesus name will this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio tours or


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