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Own It- Part 8

Mike Randall


  • June 14, 2016
    9:30 AM


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Dear Father God I think you. That we can have victory over the devil we can have victory over this world if we will but have Jesus if we will but tell others what he has done for us and Father if we will allow the love for the world to come to be cultivated within our souls. Tonight father as we begin we have been blessed we've been brought into well the courts of heaven with the music that we've heard the singing that's been shared with tonight Father we want to hear about another journey we want to hear about Mike's journey and learn I just ask that you would speak through him that you would bless him that you would just allow him to be a mouthpiece to see evening and I just thank you for his willingness to tell this group why he chose to own his faith for this we pray in Jesus' name amen. With everyone. But those who stayed Thank you. But if you guys in the back want to come. You don't have to. Suggest. Yeah my name is Mike I'm the president a bridge. But before I begin I just want to thank Pastor Bentley I want to thank all the District twelve pastors because we are truly in a district in a church where they support and I cultivate young people and that is not something that is replicated around you know different districts and different charities and out of the seven they have an affair if we are truly blessed and fortunate to have that so that's a Bentley I just want to thank you for your continuing support past the Conaway I think I see Pastor Henderson earlier this thank you for your ongoing support I really do appreciate it and so the title of my testimony has caught a time for war and by nature I'm a pacifist somewhere now about a person I don't lie. War but I do believe that there is a war that we should continue to wage every single day of our life so before we get into my testimony I was going to have a quick another quick word of prayer and then we're going to get into the Testament and then that's great you have the father learned I just thank you for the opportunity to speak to your people Lord I am fit and I will never be fit more because for some reason you see me fit to speak to you people are just as and to remove me and hiding behind your cross I'm just a man and a man so. I am married by the pastor said the next week will be one year first yes oh no. So you have a very sweet it will be a one year marriage and it's been wonderful. My wife is a fantastic cook she is a great big and cook so as you can imagine over this year I've been putting on a couple pounds just a couple of the look on the slim but I've been on a couple pounds so I recently joined a fitness club. Has caught the. Eye and it's a beautiful beautiful for this well I mean this they have an indoor track poor is completely is decked out is beautiful so I've been going jogging and I try to go every morning I have been OK What I'm going to wear but I try to do every morning and. I usually jogging I bring my running shoes my running gear and I usually jaw and. So I go I talk to go early in the morning so you know usually early in the morning you have you know older older people that are on the track and so I go and I run so there's a running lane and there's a walk in there so I go and I run so one particular morning I was running out feeling good you know I was running and. Bernie's calories burned up eventually last week you were not so I'm feeling good to run in and when I get to one particular portion of the track I feel I hear somebody gaining on so I'm running a number on it I'm running and I'm like every time I get to this back there's somebody like it provides if hours like somebody's going to pass and so mind you again there's there's older people there's all my OK I'm gaining weight I can outrun older people some pill or bad about myself something I'm running and I'm so I'm like every time I get to this particular portion I keep hearing them so every time I'm like oh I'm just I'm breaking it is is as hard as our past we can and often around doubt I was running from myself. I was running for myself this particular part of the track was enclosed and what I was hearing was my own. True story I was hearing my fellow but I was like man I'm going to use this testimony and I'm using it right now because I was running from myself I was running from the most powerful enemy known to man. I was running from someone who was not evil dictator some corrupt regime or some evil person with nuclear weapons I was running from somebody who literally tried to kill me. A person who took me to nightclubs took me to parties where guns ran down. A man who put poisonous drugs alcohol in my body. I was running from Michael J.. When I found out I did a little research when I was doing this studying for his testimony and just studying about the art of retreat and I found that. Is a war tactic actually retreating is something there you go to basic training in a teach you literally how to run away very interesting you know soldiers are are trained intensely not is not just you know one day. Over a long course you know a long period of time soldiers are trained in the art of literally running away. But today I'm not talking about this now we're talking about today that's not why we are here today we're talking about engaging. We're not talking Margaret with himself we're talking about engaging the enemy from within and that's what I want to talk about tonight perhaps the greatest war between man and self in the Bible is that of Apostle Paul. He writes and Romans Chapter seven you can go there if you like Romans Chapter seven verse fourteen I burst fourteen he says for we know that the law is spiritual but I am unspiritual so into slavery to send. Down to verse seventeen says but now it is no longer me doing it but saying that lives in me verse eighteen says for I know that nothing good lives in me that is in my flesh. If you catch that but now it is no longer me doing it but send that live in me. Paul has drew the battle line between the law of God and the law of sin Webster Dictionary defines bottom line as a line defining the position the positions of opposing groups in a conflict or controversy. A clear demarcation between laws within his own beings or members. Verse twenty three says but I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members no pause using these terms like war in captivity or as these sound like you know something that we hear on a nightly news or or see and then we are talking about two countries conflict and these are the terms and he's using a bad word the point I'm trying to make is this Paul as engaging the enemy within is engaged in enemy with and he has identified it he has named it he has drew a demarcation about a woman and he has created opposition and this is a continual battle that half of the rest of his life for Paul at that moment moving for it was a time for war you know for many years I was in retreat had never heard somebody say. You know I'm too I'm too young to give to the Lord I'm too young to go to church I have never. Heard it. Because that was my main thing I'm like I'm too young I want to have fun I don't want to I don't want to commit I don't want to commit to anything and I did not want to commit to a church I didn't I want to lead a ministry like I'm doing right now I don't want to do any of those things I like my sin to be honest looking back on it in retrospect I wobbled in. What I was doing. But you know looking back on and I found that I was afraid you know I was I was afraid of what change would look like I didn't know how a different me would look you know this is the you know kind of the bravado the person of that I put on whereas I OK this is me tough guy whatever you know going out doing whatever this is this is who I am but you know back then are probably OK this is who I am but now looking back on retrospect I was afraid I didn't know when I I don't know who I could become I don't know who I could be. But then. Really cataclysmic event happened in my life in two thousand and eleven. My best friend my cousin Pierre muse a best man at my wedding you know love the debt in two thousand and eleven he went to a party in our minds you year was like. A spoon whatever you want to call him he was just he was my guy so anyway he went I won't even know he was and he was in a lifestyle that I didn't necessarily jive with at the time even be evil even though I was in the world it was certain things I wouldn't but that was my guy and I was my cousin he was like my brother and you know one night my life changed forever. He went to a party and he and another one of our cousins were both shot. Now mind you I went everywhere with him but this particular night you know whatever it was and I know what it was now was the Lord but I didn't go to that party. And that changed then. That's when I knew that I needed to make a change in my life because it was it was getting real it wasn't you know it wasn't just having fun and going out and going to the clubs or going to bars or whatever there is this life was threatened and my potential survival by this life was could potentially kill me and I Susan I didn't I didn't see that before but now was becoming crystal clear and you know by the grace of God you know peer actually got shot in the head and and by the grace of God he survived he and mother can survive but that was enough for me you know that was enough for me because I know you know my attitude at the time my outlook on life I probably would have been when I got killed so I looked at that is like this is a wake up call I need to get my. I need to get my life right I didn't know exactly what to do but I knew that I needed to do something. Because there when I was too close to home so I moved in a group and. It's about the way. I live if you my whole entire life I've never lived anywhere at that moment I was transferring schools I actually decided to go to the University of Michigan Dearborn and I decided to move down there so I moved out of the for the first time at the age of twenty two I never lived anywhere else and I moved down to Dearborn Heights got my own apartment I was living on my own I had roommates prior to that as want to. Get away I mean most people we treated Detroit with as does kind of what I did I just moved away because I want to kind of be by myself and I will spend you know literally hours you know in my apartment just staring at was that I was Bamma I was by myself for the first time so I was just there was and I was just meditating thinking about my life and what I was going to do. If you're not familiar with universal mission there but it's in Dearborn and there we have the largest Muslim population in the country. In the country and. While I was down there I was I was I was introduced as a couple of classmates and I even consider converting to Islam I went to a couple actually I took a class it was comparative American identities and one of our project was to go to a church opposite of your faith and I'm going to ask and I strongly considered it because I didn't I had many for find was I didn't have any influences and so I was looking for anything I was like I want anything contrary to what I was doing you know to me I was a Christian at a time when I didn't have any reinforcement around so I even considered praise God I'm standing in. His but you know wife at the time she was my girlfriend. And she introduced me to some literature that I was milieu where she gave me the desire of ages and I grew up in a home my father was alive theologian like he had. And we had a desire to so when I seen that on my A brought me back to my childhood and so I you know I began to read it and. I was extremely interested and of eventually Pastor Joe really working with me over over the year I think it was a year and a half before I was introduced to that book and then I got about a year and a half later so eventually I was baptized and praise God for then you know my life changed completely I you know I was able to finish school you know I was offered a great job and I finally had their relationship with God and I always wanted. You know but I was still falling victim to sin and that's the point I'm trying to make today made this I made a decision of Christ I was baptized I was living good I was living right I was looking different acting different my mom even told me every I mean everything was different but I was still falling sense and I think that that you know it might be somebody here this that's there right now it's like I'm doing all of these things but I'm still falling victim the center they may not know that there is one other step that you have to take and that's the. Least. So so I was I'm like why you know I had given my life to Jesus I dressed differently I didn't cars I wasn't loud I wasn't I wasn't rambunctious I well I definitely wasn't in the club I was in and I wasn't doing that life anymore so I was able to penetrate what what did that what did I not do you know that allow sin is still persists in my life I didn't I didn't understand get it and I would I even became a leader like Pastor said I. Became President of you know a bridge and the door ministry which I am to this day and during this time I was still full. Victim the sentiment what is it or what do I have to do you know what do I have to do. You know but even though it seem I have come so far in I could not have been further I could not have been further because now the back on in retrospect I was a sitting duck because I was now forty five and I'm out here proclaiming the love of Christ and proclaiming his promise and his salvation but I haven't fortified myself out of the city that put in me he can pick me up any time he wanted to because I didn't I didn't have that but now I know and that's what I want to share with you today in The reason that I was a sin was because I didn't draw those battle lines I did not draw the demarcation I didn't draw the line to say that's where sin is this is where God Sin is there here is a guy I didn't draw that line and because I didn't do all that cleared demarcation every single day I was subject to a VERY says to the enemy every single day every single morning I was subject to that because I didn't draw clear line and asked what I want to do moving forward. You know sure most of me was surrendered to Christ like I said I became a leader you know I was eating different I was acting different I was praying I was reading my Bible some of me was surrendered to Christ clearly but there was still portions of me that was you know like use your imagination and you know this is a country you know you have said over here and you have. Christ over here something right here from Christ right there where you can look at me like I magine little packets of price little here in your little in can here in here but they send this to everyone and I'm like but what about what about the little park it's a bit like saying it was all over me and I did not identify as OK that's an area that I can't go that's something that I cannot do i had to clearly make the markings because devices of enemy were so strong after I got that there were much more stronger than when even when I was in sin even when I was living for the world there are various Is the enemy was whole much stronger so much stronger. This was not just a battle or a balance with say this was an all out war absolute victory was the only solution. It's a this day and that's the point I'm trying to make today to this day this month this week this day this hour this minute this second I continue to engage the enemy within it is not something the accurate put on in the morning. Is not something I can put off till the night I do I have to do this every single day every single day I am warring against myself to make sure the US they are in line with the will of God. I got so I continue to engage you know I can say to engage if you can use the imagination again you have a strong hose of lust anger jealousy crumbling. You know because I have new fight I thought that I thought I was the hard stuff. Going on and I was are stuck here right I have stuff to me that I had no idea it's not I'm doing we're probably ten years old to start you know when the when you really surrender your heart and poorly and allow God to dig in you will find so much that they don't even in the stomach don't even have a bill to do with you my dear for you know in your You've been dealing with it has manifested in so and different ways in your life it could be from that this could have started when you were five years ago you never know you never know so I continue to engage and. I'm taken back strong holds a say and has once had but the Lord of. The so many different layers and I am a gauge in that as well so now what is a gauge to look like. What is what does it look like to engage the enemy of self every single day. Eight Steps for. Number one some of denial that's a gauge of self centeredness. Repentance and gauging so righteousness retreat. Prayer and study of scripture daily daily and gave me prayer and study with no application retreat. So confidence retreat confidence in the blood of Christ and. So like I said in the beginning you know I'm a. Pacifist no war. Why wage war you know why do you know in a time turmoil in the time of nuclear weapons crazy dictators when all is terrorism why is it OK to wage this war. Because we either fighting or running for our lives that simple and we are fighting for the province's of our mind our hearts and our soul. If you're addicted to porn. That's a time for war. If you depressed it's a time for war you suicide own time for war whatever you're dealing with whatever with whatever is creating conflict within your heart and within your members as pockets whatever is creating that conflict. Is a time of war you have to you have to seek that out and figure it out or whatever it might be might be your phone it might be to Netflix or might be television that might be an opportunity for you to draw a line to say that's not where I can go that's a battle line and I have to defeat that you have to search your life search your heart search your relationships and figure out where to draw those. I can go the enemy that needs to be destroyed because of my salvation but don't be to see you again strong hold back let's say we'll go to the ends of the earth for us so he would do anything he will use anything I his disposal. Ten ten says that they've comes only to steal and kill and destroy praise God The verse deny in there I meant for our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rules against the authorities against the power of this dark world against the spirits of forces of evil and heavenly realms as a fetus sixty. So I know it seems like if you turn on the T.V. every day you see the craziness you see you know people you know. Run in. Innocent people you know you see this craziness everywhere you know but the true war is not. It's not. The. Russian or whatever whatever it might be is not that's not the true war the true war that we're waging as the Body of Christ is eternal in turn and it will always be in turn it will always turn that's a manifestation of the war the manifestation of the violence that we see but the true war that we as a body of Christ are should be engaged and always should be engaged in is the internal war against. The real adversaries of the powers of this dark world the spiritual forces of evil and heavenly realms you know I hate saying heavenly room because our light is heaven but spirits are the you know they want demanding over the province's of your soul. But why again the question is why why why these advances from say you know why my little old me why why little Michael and why why am I have been in this ward with conflicts within me you know why you know why turn of Romans chapter eight verse of. Our eyes and since we are his chosen we get OK And since we are His children we are his heirs and in effect together with price we are heirs of Guy's glory. So when I think of little me Little all my career and why you know why me why am I. You know being subject to advances of the enemy every single day this is not a once a year oh you know I get picked off by saying no this is a war that I have to wait every single day why me because when you accept the promise of price. You accept his plan of salvation you become heirs of the glory of God Amen. And is that we're fighting for every single day every day. L N Y writes in the review and herald December nineteenth. There are many who do not understand the conflict that is going on between Christ and say in all of the souls of men they do not realize that if they would stand under the blood stained banner of Prince and many. Most be will that they must be willing to be partakers of his conflicts and wage a determined war against the powers of darkness the gaining of eternal life will ever involve a struggle a conflict we are continually to be found fighting the good fight of faith we are soldiers of Christ and those who enlisted in his army are expected to do difficult work word work which would text their energies to the most we must understand there is always his light was one of aggressive warfare of perseverance and Durrance for Christ's sake we are two under a man so the fame of only. Only your salvation. Only your body literally your physical body only if you're doing things that is causing confliction to your body. Only take it back take it back only your happiness your mental faculties your to your true happiness now you know and so that it how you are going are doing something that is contrary to the word guide only your happiness I own my body. But the first time I can say that would most assuredly I own myself I own myself because I give myself to the Lord. So that is our thing and that's what we want that's what we need to live by and so I and I encourage everyone here to find those provinces file. Strongholds there still are subject of the enemy draw a line of demarcation drop the battle and wage war every single day until you give it to a man I met some of that is your goal moving forward. Let's pray you have the father Lord I just thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to your people in to be here tonight Lord and I asked. As we leave from this place that we not forget what was spoken. Not forget your words who spoke to me lor And as we continue to wage war against the enemy with. Against say in his and his demons I was asked to equip us. On the silver righteousness give us a strong sword that we can fight the fight every single day and we can win back win back those provinces and those strongholds that say in house talking because he doesn't want us to claim the victory of salvation Lord he knows that as soon as we claim that we become partakers in the glory and that is something that he and his army can never receive and so I just pray that everybody under the sun of my voice would take up their positions draw those battle lines of demarcation continue to fight every single day and I asked as they fight you continue to respond in a name and soon as I pray. 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