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More Media and the Brain

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • June 12, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Well you haven't We thank you. For the privilege of meeting in the presence of. That. Office you. Do know that our ears will be in our hearts. Willing to follow whatever it is you're trying to. Do just thank you so much for. That. Part. Amen thank you for the prayer Gail and thank you for having me again I love this track you know there's there's nothing more important than the education and training of our children are you and I'll share something with you you may have heard me say this in the past but for those who who haven't I want to emphasize this again because this is really at the at the baseline and core of why I like to share on things that relate to families and children and by the way if you came in thinking you were going to hear how to share your faith as a family you're going to hear in these first few slides why it's important and then come back Wednesday for that session OK because we switched Mondays and Wednesdays so I was going to be on Wednesday and I'm here on Monday and and it will be on Wednesday instead of Monday I'll be on an airplane to California on Wednesday so why is this important I want to think about the three most important events in the history of redemption OK the three most important time periods are monumental experiences the exodus when it is when when the Jews came out of Egypt and then they were given the walk on Mount Sinai and then they were taken into the promised land we'll call that all one one thing OK big time God's beginning his movement with his people then the first coming of Christ second most important event definitely the second coming of Christ and yours are the first coming of Christ with with the cross the resurrection the ascension all of it then the second coming and the time we're in right now the time of the judgment so that's three. Exodus first coming second coming what do all three of these have in common as it relates to our children two things there were something positive and something negative do you remember what child it was that saved Moses life so that he could become the leader of God's people what child was it that saved his life to remember it was a sister Miriam so a child played a key role in the whole exodus narrative Miriam then at the first coming of Jesus who was it that shouted Hosanna a blessing to see you come up in the name of the Lord when all the fairies were grumpy and saying tell these children to be quiet it was the children wasn't it now look at this quotation from testimonies William six it says as the children sang in the temple courts Hosanna bless it is He that cometh in the name of the Lord so in these last days children's voices will be raised to give the last message of warning to a perishing world hum so as it just was in the past Miriam play an important role the children at the temple same thing in the last days the children will play a key role in presenting the final message of truth and warning and hope and salvation to the perishing morrow but there's also another quote on this when the heavenly intelligences see that men are no longer permitted to present the truth the Spirit of God will come upon the children and they will do a work in the proclamation of the truth which the older workers cannot do because their way will be hedged up in the closing scenes of this earth's history many of these children and youth will astonish people by their witness to the truth which will be born in simplicity yet with spirit and power in the near future many children will be indued with the Spirit of God and will do a work in proclaiming the truth to the world that at that time cannot well be done by the older members of the church is God going to use the children powerfully in the last days when when the laws and restrictions are placed upon adults to do the work of a. Ministry the children will be able to get away with it and God's going to use them powerfully just like he did in the Scandinavian Reformation with the children coming having the Spirit of God come upon them powerfully and they would speak the truth that we're presently important at that time so if that was the case three times in a row do you think the devil is going to allow this to happen without a counter plan what happened at the time of Pharaoh. What are the what was his edict to the children do you remember for all the baby boys in the river and then at the time of Herod It was kill all the baby boys in and around Bethlehem. And our day to day we're dealing with the same thing an attack upon the children and upon the family and that's why I'm sharing about media with you today because there's probably nothing more in our lives that disrupts our relationships with our family today than media than just being glued to entertainment being on our phones constantly in fact look at this Martin Lindstrom was the neural marketing expert at the company Apple and they did research on your brain and how it interacts with your phone OK and what they found is what happens is you have a very specific relationship with your i Phone What we learn from a very recent study we did was that there were actually two activations happening for people who are in love with their i Phones did you hear what I said in love because we actually realized from the study that the same area of the brain that is activated when you are in love with someone is activated when you are in love with your i Phone isn't that like weird and creepy and alarming and scary at the same time and laughable and all of it I don't know whether to laugh or cry people are in love they love their you know usually think of I love my family I love my wife I love my children but now we love our phones do you see how there's a. It's are now intruding in on the family and our relationship with our children and with our home in our homes George Barna also found in his research that on not only are we in love with our media but he looked at entertainment media and people are absolutely addicted to it he says media exposure has become America's most widespread and serious addiction so if we are in love with and addicted to our media there's a pretty good chance that this is going to wreak havoc in our lives and in our families but there's a deliberate agenda here I mention that this is Satan's plot and plan to disrupt God's purpose for family and for the children and how about this statement from H.B.O. C.E.O. Richard or top you know media mogul elite here the C.E.O. of H.B.O. said in an interview what we're in the business of doing is building addicts building video attics So we're trying to get people addicted to our media is what he said Now we live in a time where basically parenting is being outsourced we no longer take ownership of our role in Job and calling in our culture today and there's a statement that jumped off of the pages of Child Guidance to me as I was reading it it's one of those slamming in the face convict you know poke in the eye wake up call quotes so brace yourself for it we need this kind of tough medicine sometimes from the Lord parents give their children to Satan with their own hands like the apos date Jews making them pass through the fire to Molech and it's easy to look back on those aging ancient pagan religions and how horribly cruel they were but you know that was only destroying the children's bodies today we hand our children over to the mainstream media and the entertainment industry to essentially raise and train and educate our children according to worldly ways thus sacrificing their souls to the enemy and that's why. Two of the seminars that I routinely do the one on media media on the brain which you're hearing bits of today plus some new information on that and the D.V.D. set called schooled this exposes the other thing I mean what do kids do during their whole childhood typically after Yet after age you know four or so they're either Today they're either sleeping eating or and some of this happens at the same time if they're eating and watching T.V. at the same time so you've got sleeping time eating time and then you've got the time spent with media and you've got the time spent in a desk at a worldly public school and that's what's training and raising the children and this is the devil's attack he's not throwing them in the river or doing Harrods type of edict although twenty percent of children never make it out of the womb so there is actually an attack upon the unborn literally physically but we're talking about the spiritual angle today indeed this is happening in alarming ways the children now are spending fifty three hours of screen time per week those are old numbers actually but fifty three hours of screen time per week we also have five million video gamers who are playing over forty hours of video games per week nineteen million gamers are addicted to video gaming now by the way eighty three percent of kids have a gaming console in their home and this is an addictive device OK It's actually identified as an addiction in the psychiatry manual and so if you think about it along those lines we would never take our kids to the casino right we wouldn't expose them to you know pornography or cigarettes or you know alcohol or other addictive things but eighty three percent of them have the gaming console teens today spend nine hours per day on entertainment media of various kinds from social media to video games to movies to worldly Music nine now they're going to school to school it's like how do you find nine. Hours teens are spending nine hours per day on entertainment media and doing media for school also and so you know you're doing educational media and of course this is a helpful tool and device right I forgot to bring the D.V.D.'s for Gail to give as the. Give away for the drawing and I was texting my wife Kim and can you please bring the media on the brain many seminar and the captivated D.V.D.'s I forgot to bring them for Gayle So I'm thankful for media right we use media to present can't meeting over the Internet we have D.V.D.'s our ministry you know media on the brain is a D.V.D. set so using media wisely is an important good thing so you've got kids using media for educational purposes that's really great but nine hours per day on what kind of media just sheer entertainment right just sheer fluff and meaningless web surfing and social networking and all of this it starts to crowd out everything else in your life particularly relationships within the family and by the way just as a side note while I mentioned the educational media they recently did a study on I kept I have to throw this in here that they did a study on reading off screens versus reading the same text in a book OK you might assume it's the same text you might assume there's going to be no difference right there is a different there's two differences first of all the first study it was done years ago in Israel they found that reading comprehension just was better when you read it off paper so don't toss out those books don't put everything on an i Pad necessarily right there's nothing evil about it but you do get better comprehension from reading books also what they found was you can actually be better on a screen at detailed fact collecting like identifying individual facts but without context and meaning and perspective. Because that's kind of how we surf the web and you're you've got a tab here and it's have. And you flip in here and clicking on that link and you're all over so we cut accustom our brains to reading on screens that way we're kind of fact collecting but the danger there is if we're not getting the perspective in the in the ideas in the big picture other people might be doing our thinking for us right so when you read in books we've condition our minds to read it differently in the sense that you're reading more thoroughly reading more text and taking in the deeper meaning and wider context so just a little bonus information but let's continue with the stats years ago it was estimated that the average child by the age of six will spend more time watching television than he will spend in conversation with his father in his entire life. Now when I say like that quote about handing our children over to Molech that's not an exec aeration the average child will spend more time watching television by the age of six than spent in conversation with his father in his entire lifetime that's a sad reality now they've found some more research I'm giving you some bullet points on some new information has come out here the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex D L P F C That will be on the test but basically what they found is there's this area in the brain that connects with other areas of the brain it's called the D.L.C. F.P.. P.F.C. and this area is in gamers is hyper connected to other areas now what does that mean does that matter. Videogame is rewiring rewiring our brains to the point where this hyper connectivity is actually a signature of a lack of impulse control and and so you know hyperactive types of disorders are coming from that lack of being able to control your impulses video gaming also in one week of video gaming they found that over ten hours to let a little over an hour a day so ten hours total for a week they found after one week of video gaming the frontal lobe of these subjects was less active and so frontal lobe is where you have lots of important spiritual things happening and we can talk about that later we have tired but here's some more the. Points for you let me skip that one American Association of Pediatrics American Academy of Pediatrics by the way came out and said years ago they said children under age three should not watch any television at all yeah you knew about that and then the government of France when even further and they said children under three actually for the A.P. it was children under two but the governor of France said children under three if you air any television on the public airwaves that's aimed at them that it's against the law you've broken the law in France if you're trying to target little children toddlers pre-schoolers with your entertainment media because we know that it drains the brain and develops the brain in an imbalanced way the limbic system becomes over emphasized the frontal lobe becomes deemphasized the limbic system is where you have all your you know emotional outbursts and all of your impulses and all of your you know the last of the flash and and fear and anxiety and irritability in anger and all of these things you want that stuff under the control of the frontal lobe so you want to strong frontal lobe but this entertainment does the does the opposite I get into that in great detail in the full media on the brain seminar but same thing with worldly music it does the same thing now this is some new information I want to I want to emphasize the new information and as much as I can hear us I know a lot of people have seen media on the brain by the way if you haven't seen the full media on the brain seminar that I'm skipping most of the information of the A.B.C.'s got it right now and they've got a discount on all of our D.V.D.'s all the belt of truth ministry stuff media on the brain rays in the remnants schools all of those are discounted up there just so you can be aware of that but heavy social networking use they found that people who are on Facebook a lot have a depression rate two point seven times the normal rate now that's huge Right I mean this isn't like a twenty four percent increase this is two point seven times as much depression among heavy social networking users and they found the more media you consume the more board. You are. And the less happy you are that was an important finding because when I used to be a media addict myself I grew up you know watching whatever I wanted to watch and playing video games nonstop and all of this I used to think that you had to let the kids and I was the kid at the time the kids have to do these things and order to get on board right to De Boer defy them you have to let them get into the entertainment so that they're not bored and oh no no we've got it backwards the Entertain is the cause of the boredom because it gives you these high stimulating experiences and then all of a sudden you're like a drug addict you need more of it right so I used to be a Mountain Dew addict and I thought that I needed Mountain Dew for energy No I didn't need bounden for energy I needed to get off the mountain dew and eat a good five or breakfast high fiber breakfast never good night of sleep that's what would have given me the energy so it's the same thing here we go to the stimulating media because we think you know get us out of our boredom but it actually leads to more boredom Now check this out three quarters of U.K. children spend less time outdoors then prison inmates survey finds this was reported by the U.K. mail I could not believe what I was reading there three quarters of U.K. children spend less time outdoors in prison inmates so we are just like locked in our little media cages in this prison of the virtual reality realm where we step into this alternate place and all of a sudden the world is passing us by and the birds are singing with no ears to hear them because we got our ear buds in with our video game console the beautiful sunset is happening all around us and we're glued to the screen who will get into that nighttime use of media in a minute but if you know that ninety six point six percent of toddlers and preschoolers use mobile devices today I could not believe that finding it's like everything I said four years ago when I did media on the brain for the first time it's like. I had no idea how bad this was going to get four years later it's the leave a ball the scourge that is taking place virtually all toddlers are using mobile devices now and by the way the American Academy of Pediatrics I was proud of them and I was cheering them on I was their biggest fan saying yeah tell folks not to have their children doing any media you know to babies and toddlers they had that strong recommendation in the past when they discovered this they started rewriting all their recommendations because they said we have to keep up with the times and we have to remain to be credible and so we're lowering some of our expectations and I said that's not science right so we've got to go with reality and truth and science not the cultural trends but anyway teenage obesity has doubled since the early one nine hundred ninety S. because if we're just sitting doing media and not living life as a family and being outdoors and so on you see tended NOT get that exercise extreme obesity in teens has tripled since the early one nine hundred ninety S. Again these aren't small increases fourteen percent increase you know that those are significant you talk about them this is a tripling in obesity unbelievable statistics now this is an old study so it's much worse than this now but in two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven they did a sample study of forty four Focus groups families and they found that one hundred percent of them had their three to five year olds using media and that the majority of the parents never interacted with their children while their children were using those forms of media whether it's lives usually T.V. back then today would be more often the i Pad or whatever zero interaction with the children. That was the majority of them some on they would interact a little bit but all of them had their kids using these forms of media which we know are rewiring in all. Burnet Li developing their brain so that they are coming up different than children have for centuries past now it's not just the kids though where do they get the idea from right the average American spends now four point seven hours on their smartphone per day that's one third of our waking hours we're on our phones now by the way if we're on it for like two hours we're like OK good I'm way beneath the average no no no the Bible says those who compare themselves among themselves are not wise so don't ask you know where is the culture and I'm going to try and beat that by a little and be a little better no ask the lord where are my boundaries and balances here with this in terms of the quantity of time that I'm spending with my my devices now by the way when you're on this little screen like that well a few things happen first of all your eyes my dad's an eye doctor he's been telling me about this for years myopia rates have doubled in North America since the one nine hundred seventy S. So a lot of the started with heavy television viewing that really ramped up in the eighty's and ninety's but in just the past few years we've seen a thirty seven percent increase in myopia by the way do you know what myopia is this is near-sightedness this is I need glasses because I can't see who to read what I'm reading here right so Asian rates by the way are as high as eighty to ninety percent of Asian Asian cultures which are using media even more particularly South Korea and other places virtually the hope the whole society is becoming winded right at the there's a spiritual analogy there too isn't there not just needing literal glasses but we're going to need the i say i have from God because we are wretched miserable poor blind and naked spiritually in this culture today but something else is happening too by the way when when we're on our phones typically we're on I'm like like this has got louder on my my quick as my head went down. But you know the posture I mean I have to imagine like people that believe in evolution they're going to have that picture you know of the little monkey on all fours and then he comes up and then we've got you know almost homosapien erectus or whatever they call him you know and here you stand but now the next face is like this it's like what happened to the human race what they would call species right of course we don't believe in evolution the whole the whole trajectory from monkeys this is nonsense it's a joke but you know so is that I guess is the next stage in human development as we're going to be bending at that and that and they're talking about teens now and children developing not straight spines and that has that has major effects upon the physiological help because when you come down like this they call it. This I was just talking to my friend John cope and who's a physical therapist and he said Yeah that's a very serious thing because you know your spine develops a curvature at the top So these are some of the effects but how about this these these studies that I just just picked up off of the news fifty percent of teens admit that they are addicted to their mobile phones fifty percent admit admit that they are addicted to their no mobile phones nearly one third of this is everybody not just teens but nearly one third of us at MIT in surveys checking our phones in the middle of the night with almost half admitting that they have the phone on next to their bed so that if a text comes in or a call comes in in the middle of the night that it will wake them up and that they will be on their phone right twelve percent have their phone on and under their pillow. With the radiation and all that's not very healthy either right so you know we're available twenty four seventh's to the whole world for every ounce of our attention and energy that we make ourselves available and attentive to. The world to everybody to extended family to the whole social networking world with my thousand friends for every ounce of energy and attention we have to that world that is taking away from our families isn't it and there's a balance there you know but we want to bring our kids into our lives and into as much as we can here by the way they did a study how many friends are we actually capable of you know you've got a thousand friends on social networking that's kind of crazy sounding like I don't really think I really know a thousand people or six hundred people or eight hundred people or whatever the numbers are Facebook and they looked at cultural groups throughout history and how people tend to you know you know have communities and families and and the through through cultural anthropology studies they estimated that the average person has about a social you know a capability for social connecting with about one hundred fifty people max and then you've got you know your immediate three to five closest you know family members and then a second circle of you know social circle from there and a third from there and then kind of people you kind of know up to one hundred fifty right and those that that's your social world and that was through cultural analysis with they recently did a study on people's cell phone calls people to actually talk to on the phone over the course of a year or so and they found that the cultural analysis was almost exactly correct that people typically will talk on the phone and this is a gauge of people who have an actual relationship with right now friends on Facebook and you have three to five people that you actually talk to and then and then a couple of layers of The Onion outside of that maxing out at about one hundred fifty and so we're kind of on social overload right I mean the mom is there and with the kids and there's twenty new posts from friends from high school and people from the other side of the world and you're keeping up on everybody's life and what they're doing all of a sudden you've neglected what's going on right beside you right because you've got eight hundred ninety four friends now on some more statistics there twenty eight percent of the. People in this survey say that they feel lost is the word and other spiritual analogy they feel lost if their phone runs out of battery now they're not talking about I don't have my G.P.S. It's just like this this this emotional feeling of I'm just lost without my phone because I love it right and we're in love with them so many people had met there's a new term like we have new words in our in our lexicon like tech neck and screen sightedness but how about this one these people who feel lost when they don't have their phone are suffering from foam Oh have you ever heard of this one foam Oh seer of missing out what I might miss out on something if a text comes in I got to be right there available like my do no social you know credibility it really is on the line I don't want people to think I'm derelict here I want to be so connected with everybody so I don't have foam Oh nearly half of those surveyed said that they have never tried to limit the amount of time that they check their phone or their social media so half of the people are just surrendered to this like I'm just going to go totally on women impulse sad reality. Nine percent revealed that they have tried to get away from being on social networking all the time nine percent so one in ten give it a go zero of them in the survey statistically none of them stayed away they just kind of all drifted back into their previous their previous life of being on it too much now there's another term to that if you don't have your phone with you that people reported that they have no mo phobia no mobile phone you're right I have fear of not having my phone with me all the time no mo phobia Wow Now teen and adult related cell phone injuries are up eighty four percent because if we're constantly looking down like this. This or of many teens who lay in bed with it like this they drop it on their face that's a heavy neck and hurt leave a little Shiner right there and but you're walking like this and you walk into something I mean this is a like becoming kind of a joke right to our to our whole society but it's not funny when the guy in San Diego is on his phone walks off a cliff and dies like that's a really sad and serious thing or people were walking into traffic all over the world getting hit by a car these these statistics are going through the roof by the way Australia and a town in Germany both just decided they're going to stop putting the traffic lights for walking across the street only up there and they're going to put them down at the ground level because people you know it's like blinking handrail and then it turns into stop and people don't see it because they're down like this and they walk into the traffic and they die so they're like we've got to help these these horrible pitiful people out who have just so glued to their phones they're not even careful to walk into traffic so I don't know if you call that enabling or you call that really caring about people's lives it's probably kind of kind of both we're meeting people whereas here put the traffic lights right at their feet so people stop dying because they're on their phones. Like a mass mental illness has taken over our culture in the U.K. Telegraph you also read almost a third of children starting school are not ready for the classroom many lacking social skills having speech problems or not toilet trained right we're talking you know four or five year olds here which by the way if you read a spirit of privacy we don't want to be putting our kids in school quite that early we want to be waiting till eight to ten to have them with the mother should be the only teacher until later ten come to the session this afternoon up at the ADD building chapel and we'll talk a little bit more about that topic but these days early childhood kindergartners in the U.K. The teachers are the primary school teachers and staff are saying we're seeing alarming changes in trends here. With the kids coming into school with no social skills with no with speech problems and many of them not even potty trained teachers warned that children who suffer from a lack of attention and interaction from their parents the parents because their parents are obsessed with their smartphones one head teacher said there is limited parent child interaction four year olds know how to swipe a phone but haven't a clue about conversations that is so sad I mean the early years of childhood are a time for the children just to be interacting with their mother constantly Right and this is how you develop language this is how you develop interactive abilities and they go to school and they don't have the ability to speak and to have any language skills by the way verbal skills are the foundation for all later intellectual development so when you miss out on those in the first three years four years you're really really missing out on something special and a critical key time window another primary school leader warned we're having more and more children entering our early years stage with the late speech in the state of education report found four fifths of teachers were worried about poor social skills or children having speech problems more than two thirds had seen children lacking self help skills so they don't know how to do anything for themselves and they've they're not really learning how to be human and I've started to think about that concept like we have to we have to really learn what it means to be human because we've become so so digitized so robot a sized but since the children are neglected by their parents and then they go into school not knowing how to talk. And we got all these kids and no no no adults caring for them so our federal government has invested nearly half a million dollars in a project to create social robots. Little cute fuzzy robots that will take the place of issue in being and children can interact with a robot instead and the robot will tell the children their stories the four year old. In preschool it's like what is wrong with us I mean let's reestablish the family God had it right with in Deuteronomy six he said these commandments parents hide them in your hearts and talk about them with your children as you rise up as you lie down as you walk by the way are you getting the picture that God's idea is that we actually do life with our children it's kind of a novel concept in today's culture but it's so real and basic and true and historic and traditional and every culture around the world has gotten this it's not complicated but our culture somehow has missed the boat as we've all become so busy and we've got a million things to check in on on our phones and we've now got maybe robots will just take it from there as our kids are raised by screens and teachers in the worldly schools and now robots now they did a recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics found that commercial media is radically transforming the way that children play the read the report found that even though free and unstructured play is essential to the cognitive physical social and emotional wellbeing of children the amount of time that six to eight year old spend playing creatively has been declining dramatically over the one nine hundred ninety S. And for nine to twelve year olds over the same period creative play has declined a staggering ninety four percent again not a small decline and this is a you know fifteen year old study that reported on this twelve years ago but over the one nine hundred ninety S. there were witnessing a dramatic decline in creative play now children need to be imaginative and creative and take their truck and I'm going to do this and do that you see him do it right it comes naturally but when all they do is watch T.V. and play video games then that's all they know and they act out the scenes that they watched in the show or the movie you know I'm. Do the exact same thing Spider-Man just did or whatever the example might be or I'm in a play the video game and then I'm just you know bouncing around the screen and doing that and well ninety four percent decline that's almost one hundred percent one hundred percent decline would be totally annihilating all creative play so this is totally an. All creative play except six percent remaining that's a really really alarming finding that they discovered recent comint OK so before I share that one. So when we're all isolated into our own little virtual worlds right and we're not connecting person to person human to human mother to child rather to Sister father to son etc We have a loneliness epidemic that is absolutely skyrocketing right I mean the millennial generation the teens of today and those who just grown up in the social networking world they're the most connected generation in history right the most connected ever but they're also the most isolated and lonely and so we've non-SI in the development of and I'm not making this up cuddling with strangers craze among young adults particularly where they actually have apps where you can go and find people who are just strangers and you want to just cuddle with them and just lay and snuggle OK this is then that's it right and I know that's kind of weird and creepy but people are so they just want to hug and so they're like let's go to a cuddling cafe these are emerging around the world where you go to a cafe and you just cuddle with people and just snuggle with them and get some human physical touch Now I know that's weird and creepy but it shows that we should be getting that in our family right there actual professional Cuddlers now where they're like in all my services and you know for you know thirty dollars an hour or whatever you know we can have a coddling session and you can you know kind of feel filled up in your love Cup and I'm like wow we are sick as a society when we need to hire somebody to cuddle with because that creepy how about this one though. The South Koreans have invented something so that if you're a little weirded out by cuddling with strangers if you're lonely this chair will hug you back so after a long day of work with people you necessarily don't you know really connect with you go home to your isolated you know urban apartments and you turn on the sitcom isn't like in the ninety's they found that people who watched the show Friends thought that they had more friends because they're actually like fulfilling like this friend connection but it was all a counterfeit right so it's are not on your favorite show on your do whatever you connect with your video game friends but you're still lonely so you sit down in this chair and the arms in the back fold down it's got these electronic you know levers to it and the chair hugs you and you can feel loved you need Jesus in this age or was and we need the Lord Jesus more than ever in history right now. About this from the Daily Mail would you marry a robot artificial intelligence will allow people to find lasting love with machines expert claims so they're talking to computer scientists say humans will form close relationships with robots and they will have cloud computing that allow machines to become more lifelike and there are also degraded immoral lustful manifestations of this that I won't get into in detail but that's a very real thing a virtual reality I mean what are you going to need marriage for now right I mean men can have all of those fantasies fulfilled already through the Internet but even more so through virtual reality and robotic servants of this type so experts predict that people could even go to court in a bid to marry their robots and might sound crazy amounts and I sound like some kind of science fiction or like comedy show but these are serious futurists and techno forecasters and they're saying this is what's coming down the pike so what is the real agenda here what is the real agenda what the Bible says See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy so we're not to be taken captive by this world you ever read Romans twelve to that says. Not conformed to this world I mean God wants us to do it another way right he doesn't want us to be mind controlled and brainwashed into this conformist way of doing things that our culture is sort of just handing to us as a preprogramed template that we just download into our experience and we just follow through as everybody else's Nonono Jesus wants us to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Jesus Christ so are we thinking for ourselves are we asking ourselves you know what kind of interaction do I have with the media as led by the Lord prayerfully and asking our family you know do you think I'm on my phone too much or you know I don't think any kid would say Mom I kind of wish you were on your phone more and paid less attention to me you know I don't think that's a very common thing right and so we ask the Lord and we ask our family and we look into this in search in in our own selfish corners of our heart and say Lord take my thoughts captive so I don't just take the cues from the culture around me be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind you're going to share a quote from you that takes you back to the origins of modern media because this crazy world we live in today started about one hundred years ago with the advent of modern media and interesting Lee By the way do you know what year the telegraph was invented. Eight hundred forty four now the Telegraph of course was the birth of modern telecommunications and was a wonderful invention but isn't it interesting that right in one thousand nine hundred four the very thing that the devil would be like it his best tool in his tool box modern media was born also in one thousand nine hundred four the same year that God began this advent movement or you know birth of the movement Post October twenty two eight hundred forty four with the sanctuary cleansing beginning and haven't so here we are at this epic time in earth's history God has a plan but the devil is trying to counter it and we're not going to let him our way but here's the program from Edward Bernays the founder of modern propaganda and public relations in media he says if we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind so we say OK we've got a whole group mine to collect. Mine here and he says it's possible to control them into a regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it so this is the whole system this is a nefarious plot of evil from the devil himself over the last hundred years or so he was the nephew of Sigmund Freud writing in the one nine hundred twenty S. after he was a propagandist for the U.S. government and World War One and what he wrote became the Nazi template for propaganda also so they're very propaganda playbook came from Edward Bernays brilliant guy one of the most influential people in American history he says we're establishing a system where we will control the group mind and they won't even know about it the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society the by the way that doesn't sound very democratic I know to have to have these like secretive shadowy elites controlling the minds of the people doesn't sound like a free country right but what he's saying is in a democratic society you can't control people through external political structures of authoritarian power so you have to get into their mind since you can't do it other ways in a free society you can't be a dictator so you got to dictate to people's minds in fact it goes on and says that those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country so yes we still have elections yes we still have freedom of speech and freedom of religion but so many people are under a dictatorship of the mind that they are not free there is an invisible government ruling over our nation and the whole world for that matter we are governed our minds molded our tastes form our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of these are the men we hand our children over to when we put them in front of the screen and let them play endless hours of video games and get involved with worldly media we're handing them over to a deliberate calculated plan to control the mass mind by the way back in the day before I was around in the sixty's and seventy's it was not consider. Acceptable legally morally ethically to advertise your advertising campaigns directly at children like it is today in the one nine hundred eighty S. that became tolerable and it became popular and the guy who pioneered it was named James you McNeil and he said the following The consumer embryo begins to develop during the first year of existence children begin their consumer journey in infancy and they certainly deserve consideration as consumers at that time so your little baby in your arms already has a target on his or her back on the part of these propaganda artists to reach them so that they will buy and believe and act and behave the way that the controllers of society in the social engineers want them to by the way it has really work since one thousand nine hundred four they've been advertising directly to children OK And since that time we have seen a thirty five percent per year increase in children's spending now that might not sound like a lot but typically spending in the whole economy grows like three percent per year if it's a good year you got three point five percent G.D.P. growth gross domestic product increase in spending of three point five percent for everybody on average now if you take the children's demographic out they have been growing at thirty five percent per year that's ten times the rate of everybody else that puts in a little perspective that's huge right there children now spend forty billion dollars per year and influence their parents to spend another seven hundred billion dollars The. What do they call them the P.R. men you know Madison Avenue advertising experts call this the nag factor. They board rooms they sit around how can we get the children to nag their parents enough so the parents give in and buy their children whatever they want is this good for the children to be able to say I just asked for something in line for something private something or ask enough times and I get it cut course not right. This is indulgence this is spoiling this is going to ruin them but it's working it's working in our culture the advertisers are doing a tremendous job now there's this lady named Lucy Hughes and she was asked about this this whole system of manipulating the minds of children and c says Somebody asked me Lucy is that ethical you're essentially manipulating these children well is it ethical she asks herself and her answer is I don't know now that's an amazing thing right there that you've got these people with you know how I salaried high intense Madison Avenue advertising campaigns in corporate America and they sit in their boardrooms and occasionally the question will come to mind should we really be doing this and they haven't thought through it enough to have an answer they go I don't know moving on so she goes on with the quote and says what our role at initiative technology is to move products and if we know you can move products with a certain creative execution place in a certain type of media vehicle then we've done our job children are tomorrow's consumer tomorrow's adult consumer So start talking with them now build that relationship with them when they're younger and you've got them as an adult I hope that makes us get our defenses ready to go and say you know call the children what was it in the in the time of the Exodus when the when they were to paint the blood on the doorposts of the houses with a bunch of his stuff and it was gather your children in right and we are to have a sacred shield around our homes says in Spirit of Prophecy for the Lord is our shield and very great reward right and so we don't want to be exposing our children to these faceless strangers who are using hypnotic and mind manipulative methods in fact I should share with you that thing about the hypnotic and this is in the main media on the brain seminar but if anybody hasn't see that scene this you really need to have this tucked away and so in your your memory through the channel of mesmerize and we read in science of the times through the channel of Mesmer ism state and. Comes more directly to the people of this generation and works with that power which is to characterize his efforts near the close of probation so this was a statement over one hundred years ago saying when you get to near the very end of time so as right now watch out for the use of Mesmer ism it's going to be a widespread deception of Satan now I don't know a lot of people that go to a hypnotist like a professional hypnotist and sit on his couch and go through his you know. His is routines of hypnotizing and doing you know they're a P. That way I don't know a lot of people that go to to do that formally but the question is are there other ways and means and mechanisms whereby Satan is hypnotizing the masses because if he isn't then the statement isn't true and I believe the same is true so there's got to be some ways and here's how it is for us this is absolutely amazing hypnosis does not take place like with a watch in front of our eyes so much anymore that you know that's kind of the traditional way write like Look into my eyes kind of thing but according to the modern texts and how you hypnotize like Dr three takes here he says Light and Sound do the work for deep relaxation in a fraction of time of traditional methods by using specific frequencies of audio and visual input so that using frequencies of visual input frequencies of a flashing light now can you think of a place perhaps where we put ourselves and our children on a daily basis where it has a frequency of flashing light aimed at your eyeballs right we're talking about our use of modern media here and does this bear out in the research Absolutely because your brain can be in various different brain wave frequency states like right now you're in beta waves this is a good thing because you're thinking critically you're engaged your moral filter is up if anything that were ever to be said when you're in beta waves you're thinking through it thoroughly and hopefully based on the Bible in the Spirit of God that you would catch anything that is not true but when you're an alpha waves it's a slower brain wave frequency where you're down in this sort of new age meditative highly suggestible dreamy hypnotic state and them. Moral filter comes down and you enter into that altered state of consciousness then anything can just be sunk right into the subconscious and so you probably have seen somebody anecdotally with that weird look on their face when they're watching T.V. rights or even playing video games because video games change the brain waves as well in fact when video gamers stop playing they lose their beta ways while they're playing this is Dr Akil Morey's research in Japan and he found that even after the game is turned off their brain waves have been altered so that they stay in a different state even while not playing OK so that's a very serious thing but with with with television I remember once I'm sitting watching T.V. with my wife we used to be worldly and watch a lot of T.V. and I was sitting next to her on the couch in the commercials came on and I knew that the commercials were especially like rapid frequency you know high intensity hip hop you know rapid drum beats that are good are all it's also altering brain consciousness and hypnotize in the brain like they're using high tech twenty first century multibillion dollar methods to alter your brain and enter into your subconscious it's real it's professional it's legal and they're doing it on a daily basis and so I was kind of aware of that but I was naive enough to think Well as long as I don't watch the commercials and I'm safe How foolish is that right because the show is doing the same thing think every three seconds there's a frame of reference change and so a flash flash flash flash it's not like watching a sermon or watching a D.V.D. about media where there's a guy who's going to stand on that platform just talking to Doc and it can be kind of boring. T.V. entertainment is not boring I because they are trying to keep that you're your eyes engaged in the screen his eyes are trained to see motion in movement and so they go boom boom again again again flash flash flash and it in the brain doesn't know how to handle all that it's like reality doesn't come at you That way God didn't design us to have that high intensity stimulation coming at us so the brain just like I give up I'm going into alpha and one time I looked at my wife and I said during the commercial she was watching them what a husband it is but my wife she's watching the commercials anyway praise the Lord for conversion in your life and so I said to her Hey honey what do you want to have for supper and a response to me was literally just this. She didn't turn and look at me she had that look like that days you know I'm just in this in this trance watching television in fact that's what it is take a look oh by the way after the commercials ended she said she turned and said Did you say something to me like she snapped back into reality psycho physiologist Thomas Mulholland found that after just thirty seconds of watching television the brain begins to produce alpha waves which indicates to orbit almost comatose rates of activity alpha brain waves are associated with unfocused overly receptive states of consciousness I should note that the goal of Hypnotists is to induce a slow brain wave states alpha waves are present or in the light hypnotic state used by hypnotherapists for suggestion therapy viewers automatically enter a trance state while watching television this has been known for decades not some brand new thing I'm bringing out here in fact I talked to a guy in media and I was doing media on the brain at a public venue and the news organization was called out to interview the guy doing these presentations at the Community Center and he said to me Scott that thing that those of the cameramen and he said that thing that you share about the alpha waves in the hypnotic trance and all that he's like we all know that I learned that in my one o one or you know ur lower level communications class on philosophy of media and so this is something we're all aware of and I'm like then why are you doing it now most of them probably aren't doing it from some nefarious purpose they just they have a job they want to make the entertainment entertaining but there's also nefarious things going on and I want to share with you the testimony of Mark J. Ryan I want to show you the video this is on disc two of media on the brain but some marching Ryan talks about how he's a professional hypnotist and he says all Hollywood studios are doing with this movie Inception did and this movie Inception use hundreds of ways he said to enter into your subconscious and to hypnotize your brain and he says all Hollywood studios are doing the same thing all of them don't like what and by the way he says it's a good thing so this isn't some sort of you know he's exaggerating it to make him look bad no no he's like This is so great this is the best movie I've ever seen it's he'll. Everybody's interest in all this spiritualism mumbo jumbo that's what hypnotism is it's spiritual ISM so he says it's a great thing and they're all doing it but then he says some of it is nefarious some of it is bad and so I don't watch television at all and he's not even a Christian he's saying I don't watch television because I know it's getting in there and affecting me right how much more should we protect our children from these things and put a sacred shield around our house especially when you hear the media executives say things like this reporter Pittman the founder of M.T.V. said the strongest appeal you can make is emotionally if you can get their emotions going make them forget their logic you've got them so he's saying if you can get their frontal lobe turned off and their limit system turned on that's how you get them and then he says at M.T.V. We don't just shoot for the fourteen year olds we own them so again our parental defenses should come up a little bit and not that we need to wage a culture war and we're going to like shut down Hollywood These are the bad guys and we're in some sort of war with them No Our battle is not against flesh and blood Our battle is against principalities and powers of darkness not against these people but this is this is truly what's going on now I know that many times we might say things like oh come on do we really have to go all out and you know give up all worldly media it's like we can watch some stuff that's not really that bad because it's not like we're going to go out and do it I used to say that when I was a teenager Come on I can listen to that and play this and watch that and it's OK because I'm not going to go out and do these things so it's OK it's fine it's acceptable now there's some science as the bunk that in Italy they did a research on monkeys brains and they wanted to see what goes on inside a monkey's brain while he does various activities one of the things that they had the monkey doing was eating peanuts and they learned what goes on inside the monkey's brain all very interesting these sorts of neurological activity and then they took a break OK and they took the peanuts and they set them over here on the other side of the room and now a scientist is eating the peanuts and the monkey doesn't have anything to eat and he's still strapped down being monitored so now. What all animals do right they'll just watch people eat and that's an interesting thing to watch so the monkey is watching peanuts being eaten now one of the scientists discovered. That what's going on inside the monkey's brain while he's watching the peanuts being eaten looks kind of familiar he says wait a minute this scan is an awful lot like the earlier scan Let's put them want to get another and they take a look at both brain scans and they find that it's a carbon copy it's the exact same neural signature whether he's eating the peanuts or watching them being so what they call it was mirror neurons and they said whatever you see with your eyes it's interpreted by your brain as if you were not merely seeing it but doing it so when our children or any of us watch or play out on a video game something that is contrary to God's law. It's not like we're just seeing it because by the holding we become changed. Jesus says if you lusted after a woman you've committed adultery if you it is somebody who committed the commandment against murder violated it and same thing here when we watch something Our brain takes it in as if it is our experience as if we are actually doing it ourselves so it's not external to us we empathize right we identify with whatever we see and so let's take take that you know very seriously when it comes to what we expose our children to but there's a little study that was done it's not an actual study but it's a little a little laboratory of understanding with this Amish kid didn't watch any T.V. growing up you probably heard stories like this before it's all over the place and he watched his first western movie ever as a youth and he had never watched any movies or anything and our Western movie is pretty tame right it's not really that intense or shocking but it was his first thing you'd ever watched and when he saw somebody shot and that Western movie he turned totally white pale and ran out of the house and threw up. Because it's just shocked and horrified when he saw somebody shot and that is so all my this is horrible and it just it just physiologically. Affected him and repulsed him so much and we look at that the first time I heard that I'm like that's kind of weird that was my initial response but then as I thought about it more I said wait a minute he lived a more natural life growing up never was exposed to this stuff. I didn't live a natural life I was bathed in this from early ages I wonder if we're all the weird ones and he's the normal one that's the upside down world we live in where like the frog in the pot you ever heard that analogy we were put in the pot very very low temperature and we don't really notice that it's not getting hotter because it's so incremental and slow but slowly and slowly and slowly it turns up and then pretty soon the frog passes out and boils and dies in there and he never noticed that the water was getting warmer because it was slow it was incremental he was the sensitized to his immediate surroundings but the Amish kid is like the frog that was thrown into the pot of already boiling water and he jumps right out of there he's like oh another with this is just as terrible so we bathe ourselves in a more alley but then sometimes we. Turn to Christian entertainment assuming that it's safe oh boy this one really shocked me when I saw this convicted heavy metal Christian singer Christian singer at MIT's being atheist duped fans to sell music Christian News dot net a so-called Christian heavy metal band whose front man was convicted of attempting to hire a hitman to murder his a strange wife has admitted that the band duped fans into believing that they were Christian in order to sell their music fully I was an atheist to him Lambesis the lead singer and founder of As I Lay Dying told the alternative press in a recent interview I actually wasn't the first guy in the bands to stop being a Christian in fact I think I was the third the two who remained kind of stock talking about it and then I'm pretty sure they dropped it to publication noted that his wife. Meghan had likewise divulged in divorce papers that Lambesis had become an atheist now he goes on in the article and says here's the really important thing not just one guy or one band he says nine out of ten bands that I toured with in the Christian rock touring circuit is the same thing and if you get the back story in the backstage info and not to name any names but basically there's a whole lot of scandalous stuff going on in the Christian entertainment industry and so just to step into that naively assuming it's safe is not a good plant by the way we should know that the musical style is not pleasing to God Also disc four of media on the brain takes you through musical composition styles and when and how to understand that and its effect upon the mind and its sacred nature or lack thereof but how about this one from Christian news Kirk Franklin to appear in a Kirk Franklin is a prominent Christian gospel singer Kirk Franklin to appear on Kanye West's gospel album with a whole lot of cursing that's what Kanye West called it he's a very very intensely intentionally immoral anti-Christian rap artist OK Kanye West is about as bad as it comes with regard to his lyrics and what he's putting out there with Jay Z. and all these others and he's putting out a gospel album but he's calling it a gospel album with a whole lot of cursing because that's what they do in their hip hop music now that shouldn't surprise us to expect Kanye West to put out immoral stuff and we have nothing to do with it but maybe some of us were going Hey Kirk Franklin and all of the you know cool Christian artists Kirk Franklin is now equally yoked here with Kanye West appearing on his gospel album with a whole lot of cursing not to criticize Kirk Franklin or make an issue of any of these people it's not the people that are the issues are public figures so we want to you know understand what's going on here but the. Most important thing to understand is we've got to be protecting our children from the on slot of things that we even think are safe now about T.V. shows that aren't necessarily Christian but we look at them and we figure they're OK and acceptable like I Love Lucy totally acceptable show right in general is just funny innocent humor although somebody pointed out to me the other day Scott I knew it wasn't innocent I didn't have to see the scene of a seance in the show which they did have totally not innocent right but they're like every show she's lying to her husband deceiving him and that's not acceptable I'm like You're right spot on thank you for that so many of us were duped into thinking that that was OK because it's innocent it's the olden days or it's the fifty's or slacken white therefore it's OK this is kind of how we sometimes think which is just silly but how does she make the decision to play this part in the show it was the spirit of actress Carole Lombard who guided Lucille Ball into taking a chance and accepting the offer to star in I Love Lucy the glamorous comedian who had died in an airplane crash in one thousand nine hundred two appeared to Lucy in one nine hundred fifty one so you know this was not her friend the Bible says that the dead know nothing that they do not praise or give thanks or have hope that they are asleep but it says here her dead friend appeared to her and then because Lucille Ball accepted the spirits urging to take a chance honey she made television history so her the demon appeared to her and said become Lucy and I Love Lucy and then there's a seance scene and there's all this stuff in there like wait a minute I thought this was innocent I thought this was OK how about this band from the music industry so he said I we were trying to do witchcraft trying to do witchcraft music he also says I'm doing a spiritual sound white spiritual sound religious music that's the whole movement that's where I'm going it's going to scare a lot of people boy I probably was already avoiding that band right I mean this is probably some like dark heavy metal you know evil witchcraft band right no you know who said this was Ryan Wilson of The Beach Boys now I listen to the Beach Boys as a kid like my dad would you play them as an innocence about surfing you know driving down the beach in your car. Are right and just like it's innocent stuff right so we we go to the early media the day and we think we can select things that are acceptable but then like wait a minute maybe I shouldn't be at this buffet at all because I'm learning some things about what goes on on the inside that I would not have guessed and would not have known by my own discernment so our discernment should say let's leave the buffet and go take our kids to better places about this quote from her who's a ball she was a actress in the witchcraft movie called The craft and she says a lot of actors who who don't mention their names of course are very much into this now in the full media on the brainstem and I have dozens and dozens and dozens of quotes of musicians and actors admitting that they are into demonic practices and very dark spirit possession and all this nastiness OK sparing you that right now and just giving you this quote because all I need to know is this or what all those actors like Denzel Washington and and Robin Williams and all the others and all these singers like Jay Z. and Beyonce and the Beatles and all of them admitted Michael Jackson I mean just go down the list they all admit it openly but not every person in the entertainment industry admits it because they're not all talking publicly about their private spiritual practices but what the insiders tell us is a lot of folks in the entertainment industry are into spiritualism Now you might look at something like Disney and say well then finally there's at least one one avenue of safe happiest place on earth kind of like come on we can just finally rest and lay down our guard because Disney has the best interests of our children in mind I gotcha on the world of music and you know we want to avoid constantly being on our phones and all that but at least once a month or so we can sit down and enjoy a Disney movie as a family completely naively trusting in people we don't know who are hypnotizing our brains and gating into our children world views and ideas what are those world views and ideas how about let's just take the movie Aladdin just for a second OK. The plot of the movie goes like this Aladdin is a professional thief that means like the devil who comes to steal and kill and destroy but he isn't in Deering professional thief because when he steals he gives the bread to a poor child or to his hungry monkey and so we fall in love with this handsome charming Aladdin and he's so wonderful because he comes to Jasmine and they can teach a thing or two to her bumbling doofus father who doesn't know a thing or two of the earth they don't know a thing about what she needs in life he's got an idea of who she should marry and he's wrong so his authority his law his is rule for her is spurned as a lad and sweeps her off her feet literally on a magic carpet ride and now we're going to go against what your father has said are you catching the rebellious tones here and by the way when you go on a magic carpet that should. Send a message to us about you know should we have our children involved with magic I mean that would be spiritual is a minute self but the story goes on like this he takes her and sings these words to her she says he says no one to tell us no or where to go so so the message of this song in this movie is no one can tell you no you set your own rules you set your own authority so while K. that's pretty blatantly in your face I mean any parent reading those lyrics would go OK Don we're not doing Disney like that's the cigarettes or the song that's a no brainer right there preaching to my children no one to tell us no yes children sometimes I will tell you no because it's for your best interest right but it gets a little bit more insidious here when you realize that he sings to her these words he takes her up on a high elevation so if you remember something like this from the Bible he takes her up on a high elevation and he sings to her I can show you the world and he says it is splendid I can show you the world. And it's splendid wait a minute I've read that in Matthew four the devil took Jesus up on a high mountain and showed him the world in its splendor word for word I'm going OK Is that an accident that could be a coincidence is possible but then I look out in the moon in the in the song and I'm going OK he also sings to her. Let me show you this clip this video I mean this image rather he takes her up above the clouds now who was that the said I will ascend above the clouds of heaven this is Lucifer in Isaiah fourteen so he got it comes to seal and kill and destroy he's a professional thief right he's going to show her the world in its splendor the message is no one to tell us no takes her up on a high elevation and says and then above the clouds also and he also sings to her follow your heart When's the last time you let your heart decide the Bible says that the heart is the seat full desperately wicked above all things but the message here is to follow your heart not the rules of your father but follow your heart but then it goes on just in case we don't quite catch who he is at this point and he sings to her I'm like a shooting star. I've come so far I can't go back to where I used to be wait a minute I know that's talking about Lucifer son of the Don Morning Star how the art fallen from heaven a falling a shooting star who's come so far that he can't go back to where he used to be. Now this is like Have you ever heard the analogy of you know you're walking through the woods and you see a fencepost in the ground but it's only one of them you're like that's kind of weird maybe there was a fence here but I don't know it's just a random post I'm moving on I'm not going to draw any conclusions but then you look down and you see another fence post you're like oh interesting then you see a third and you're like oh those three line up OK We just like eight OK Right so it's kind of looking like this is the devil's behind us in some way I don't know if the songwriter knows the Bible or if this is some sort of you know a spiritualist infiltration into the the artistry of or whatever that is we're seeing it for what it is but now this next one it's like you just walk right into the fence you're like oh yeah there. Is offense there OK here it is he swoops down into a garden and he plucks a piece of fruit and hands it to I'm sorry Jasmine Jasmine. And then he sinks to her I can open your eyes what are the devil say to your eyes will be open knowing good and evil so that was all pretty blatant but it doesn't get much more blatant then the lyrics in frozen. She sings I quote There is no right or wrong no rules for me I am free Did you catch that like how much more cool air and in your face can it get and all the children are watching this and we're all you know affirming other than approving of it let me see those lyrics again in the song because somebody said Scott you gotta look up frozen I'm like I don't even know what that is for I guess I better learn about it for the sake of the kids that are being exposed to it and help warn people about it and I don't go home and actually like study everything that's going on in the media it's not my idea of a good time I'd rather you know be odd how doors with my kids and read the Bible and study positive things but. The lyrics go there's no right or wrong no rules for me I'm free so true freedom is found when you have no rules and there's no right or wrong that's an amazing statement OK Can I give you two slides of something better and I know I'm out of time so the slides will go quickly but by the way this is kind of like a springboard into this afternoon at three thirty this afternoon at three thirty in the admin building chapel I'll talk more about these these principles of how to do life and how to be human again and it's actually kind of a parenting session outside of yells purview it's just kind of how it landed but let me let me show you the end of this quote and then we'll do the beginning OK It says there would now be a more elevated class of youth to come up on the stage of action to have influence in molding society if if something happens we'll see what the something is in a second but there would be a more elevated class of you they would have perseverance fortitude and courage to surmount obstacles and so. Principles that they would not be swayed by a wrong influence however popular OK So what's got it what you get this is going to be something big I mean this is going to build the greatest generation of youth ever right this is got to be something super amazingly crazy watches had there been agricultural and manufacturing establishment connected with our schools and had competent teachers been employed to educate the youth in the different branches of study and labor devoting a portion of each day to mental improvement and of course into physical labor then you would have an elevated class of youth who would have the perseverance and fortitude to be these amazing great Christians like really just like working with their hands so in the media on the brain seminar it's kind of like what not to do so let's found let's find something real to do agriculture building things doing things real in the real three dimensional actual non virtual world with our children I come to believe that other than Jesus Christ and the Bible the most important word. In Sam only in parenting related issues is the word with. Or maybe the word together. When we are with our family instead of having this isolated experience of all being in these different media directions that we've seen whether it's doing real things outdoors finding a once again Discovery discovering what it means to be human last quote If the U.S. can have about a one sided education which is of the greater consequence a knowledge of the sciences with all disadvantages to health and life or a knowledge of labor for practical life we unhesitatingly answer the latter if one must be neglected which we don't need to but hypothetically if one much must be neglected let it be the study of books that an amazing statement as like doing real things in the real world with our hands with our children together is really really really important now these quotes are in the context of school and of true education schools of the prophets but how about those of us with our children in the homes who are not yet age eight. Or ten or about we're with our children the afternoons and in the evenings and on the weekends and during the summer and end and what are we doing right are we are we really really connecting really really connecting I want to I want to urge any parents of the room view the series called Raising the remnant because I feel like I you know when I share the media on the brain it's like we just did an hour and fifteen minutes of what not to do and it's kind of like or do we go from here go to the rest of Gayle sessions wonderful wonderful speakers this week telling you how to have some tips on how to do things differently I've also got raising the remnant it's six D.V.D.'s now it's an expanded edition for those who have the old one that was only one this is a sixty V.D.'s the last two discs are used to be called How to raise them and as a separate separate title Oh I'm sorry I have them here Sammy brought them so that I could show him and also so Gayle can do her drawings so why don't you come on down Gail for this. This is the one I'm doing this afternoon by the way at the ad building chapel and it's about true education true education how Home Education in Schools of the prophets will produce the last generation so I'm very excited to do that one. The. Phrase in the remnant one I do not have here you can imagine in my hand it's called Raising the remnant Dillagi twenty sixteen edition it's brand new just came out a couple of months ago and I highly highly recommend that so it's like the rest of the story on what to do as the Lord has called us two years captivated for the drawing and here's a media on the brain many for the drawing and as we close out some business why don't I just have a prayer to close out the audio for those tuning in on the M P three and then we can do the we can do the drawing after after that so let's have a prayer Father in heaven we think you so much for something better most importantly in the person of Jesus Christ who has purchased us with his own blood and that we are his prized possession and our children are. Well then we treat our children as younger members of the Lord's family as as true children of you so that we can see in them the promise of a hope and a future if we will find your will for our lives too to become human to become relational families once again reconnecting and protecting our children from the onset of the devil in this the general age Jesus name in. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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