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Panel Discussion: Youth in Our Church Today

Ivor Myers Adam Ramdin Taj Pacleb




  • September 5, 2009
    10:00 AM
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one thousand and one at the time we went straight panel discussion with our our speakers result with you conference two thousand nine and we have the privilege of introducing this new segment this year elegant start off with some questions and rely related to issues that you face in the church today so without further delay this began here as a young person what do you do if the Bible church and spiritual things are born born to me okay so Bible and church version things are born boring to you and your young person or in writing so we all exciting so you want the Bible and the church and spiritual beings to be exciting okay then my question to you is what is your definition for excitement so before you before you determine that the Bible and the church of these things are boring you have to define what makes you excited and may I say to you that the Bible the ultimate purpose of the Bible in my own humble understanding is not to make you excited why I guess you can get excited to think about going to heaven and however in the book of Revelation chapter twenty two notice how the Bible and for at least the relation it ends with these words religion twenty two verse twenty one the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all a net so Bible becomes exciting if you are so excited about the grief if you are not excited about the new grace of God and the Bible would become more and then what makes you so excited about the grace of God is because you you really know how and and you are not also excited to know that you are a great sinner so the bottom line is if you want the Bible and the church in the spirit of things to be really exciting you must be born again and helped the ball again at your first step is for you to see how sinful you are and I comes working going to all the details but athletic now size for someone who is struggling with their faith how would I know that unaffected by time and it hears my prayers and how do I know you in question COC in response to that is that the struggle is a sign of life that you're showing shows additional ganache on and so personally he rejoice that there is even a show that event there's even a desire in your heart for righteousness forgiveness for him and when I'll see according to second Corinthians chapter five number seven it says that we walk I think not by sight and so this is a young person that is and you were given our personality with an icon really struggling with this is what God will I think enough I settled what is faith based upon many people as you have faith but many people have the wrong type of the face without a solid foundation so we have to have the correct type of data so what is the faith that we need that enables us to know that were forgiven Romans chapter ten verse seventeen it says Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God as a how do we know that were forgiven how do we know that God is real not by how we feel not by what we see not by our circumstances but because God has said it and that he cannot lie and his word has the power to do exactly what it says it wouldn't Esalen God says if you confess your sins I have faithfully just to forgive you of your sins of the current give all unrighteousness when we take that by faith even though we may not PRC got working when we said goodbye baby becomes reality even though it may not have felt like reality before assuming you have the right of the faith of faith it is bounded and rooted in a bus if the Lord and it is written in a good chapter on another getting to read is read the books that's the price that is a beautiful book read it over and over and over again and read a chapter what to do without and will find some precious truths in that you ask questions for Adam how can we as young people find good influences and limits worldly influence or friends on Cummins Southwest and is a thing County volume friendly influences is hard to find good friends if you are in the wrong places for one salsa how to find good friends good influences if it did if you're a bad person so to speak John Amis for the thought in that sometimes been said that when you looking for someone to marry you should be the person that you hoping to define I think a similar principle applies to friends that in as is you become more Christlike yourself you'll attract more Christlike friends and vice versa in the reverse as well you know how to find good ones whatever in it's good to come to places where there's other people of like mind as you but you can associate with them gets in over the people and network with them as far as limousine will befriend the influences I don't think there's anything necessarily actually do wrong in heaven will befriend please be careful of that all in a gavel will differently out and have it I will give is upon you but it's how you minimize the info to have upon the that really is is what counts if you find that you few friends that may be on the Christian having a negative influence you are allowing them to life than that in we think as Christians it's the sometime this Association the symptoms best withdraw yourself from if that is the case but well different himself ominously wrong with if we can't handle the pressure that they given to us than is necessarily unavailable to is it going to give you I ever say anything about dating nonbelievers in his quest for cellular free of familiar with the second time in six fourteen which tells you not on you together with unbelievers and reasons why God is not one to be unequally built with unbelievers one reason is because when you join yourself a nonbeliever you have a tendency to begin soon go the way of the unbeliever someone that but I think an even more important reason is because God loves the unbeliever and you mess things up when I unbeliever begins to see all of this letter Christian does Christian compromises in a Christie and you know fellow says then you actually destroy the very image that God has been trying to work on with this unbelieving soul for the unbelievers say we should keep the counseling and customer question five I is a reason why I should not listen to worldly and secular media this question is for talk there many of the reasons why God warns us in the Bible he says open over again that we needed gone are the avenues of our soul this is a Psalms one oh one verse three hours that no wicked thing before monarchs and the reason for that the devil is seeking to destroy seeking to the come in and conquer ourselves and the Avenue when she comes in is to our senses but we see what we hear we watch so for that so on and the reason why one of the main reasons why it is so important in this vision illustrates the broad avenues of our souls against worldly and entertainment and media like the question says is because of the principle that we all know of in second Corinthians chapter three University it says in second is reading what is that Chris was says we as we behold we become change and that is a universal principle applies to anything that were beholden to become just like that our parents used to say birds of the same feather flock together we become what we surround ourselves with it so please run us over these things we become just like and then it says in first John chapter two a very challenging subject you can send if you want first John chapter two beginning with verse fifteen John the beloved he understood the love of God more than any of the other disciples the youngest of the deck you are the closest disciple and he said he is speaking about God 's love in verse fifteen of first John chapter two love not the world neither the things that are in the world if any man love the world the love of the father is not in God does not share our hearts with the work if you did he is Lord of all or not Lord and this is for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the father but is of the world decided to hold the world what it does it Krause the love of God out of our hearts it causes to become this interested in spiritual things and it desensitizes us to the still small voice of God 's Holy Spirit as he speaks to his work is also important it says in verse seventeen the world is passing away and the lust thereof but he better do it the will of God all by its forever everything in this world all the entertainment all that the things that distracted suspicious young people you know this generation we visited that the dark dispute in Israel's history the temptations of the previous generations are nothing compared to what we are tempted with actually believe just like John God Joseph you are in Egypt and Daniel if you and I want God to keep us secure in this wicked and perverse generation and that as we do his will we cannot live forever so the question is what do you value more the value these things El Paso a orgy desire heaven with Jesus more than all the all those things just like a song I'd rather have Jesus than anything in technology nice asses exactly seem know this scene Jesus said Watts the devil also says watch and what you find is that as you watch what the devil wants you to watch when it's time to pray you find that you can't because it's not exciting it is the word of God becomes boring because we begin to watch what the devil does Isaias to watch when you go down the prey instead of you know seeing Jesus you are seeking the last movie you just watch and so on just a lot of the context of the theme let us be diligent to truly watch as Jesus 's artist wants to know driver I where I got the music practical well what a question Thomas Parkland has a booth upstairs and is the eight add him not by me you have to search for God when using as though you're searching for sure is his insurance is going to take you some time now for those of you that the player not sure your libraries nineteen sometimes defined of the song here and a good song and you got a service inserts inserts and sometimes up on iTunes and Allah young a lot in this July thirty second song on the Internet first thirty seconds nonwhite man this sounds good and I get real nervous because I'm about to purchase a song for old dollars some saw the first song I listen to it on my another job and write a second thirty one so the application you got a policy for it ask its razor and thus seeking you will find there is a godly music and find out I would like to encourage musicians you know don't go the way of the world they are young people who are poor hungering and thirsting for something that is your if your musician musicians begin to provide for the people who are seeking something that is pure art of his next question is where Adam and or cuter how important is it for young people going to full-time ministry considered considering the time that were living history and where can I get all him and I think is very important Bolivian serious island of what is cloning is a full-time ministry these are the you may wonder how do you know God is calling you and that is the question who has always went to the question for myself I knew God was gloomy to full-time ministry when I felt that I wasn't able to do anything else not bad enough that ability of the talent to do anything else in life but this was the only thing that I could do that would give me satisfaction and that would give me fulfillment because it was local it was gloomy today and is not everybody but for me I felt up all my life I have to do this this had to answer because of that emphysema will open those in the open doors that and I'm cemented unless it is very important but only if one is you've got smuggled even the number of mechanical big picture I leaned that spiritually speaking should all be in the ministry full-time however there is different between full-time in the ministry and that's your livelihood versus your livelihood is something else maybe medicine for business ball engineering I am not sure if I can say God wants us to just stop everything over doing and just completely do golf work at this time in order for you to know that God has called you to do all work full time you really have to pray that God has called like passive animal reinvention that you you need to know that God is calling that direction I don't give on the topic to know how snowballs will but I believe God is well pleased with people that are working as a well-known barber were post office mission work in seventh in own some of these regular job while there always in tune with God when God gives them the opportunity to witness the ready to speak so in essence which is a full-time now having said this but I do believe in the last things more young people will join full-time because it looks like the money whenever there anyhow I cannot so this is something that you really need to have that connection with God in order to know and again when we talk about full-time history are not just talking about full-time preaching it can be full-time teaching or full-time selling goals which is attending medical missionary work but it can be something of a publishing so for children's education elementary patients older various ways of doing golf fun history and trusting I don't think God God it is not just one almost become preachers of liberalism so I think on these of the present in our next question is two times and I will now live clear definition of is what is the question is I would say no simplest definition of a Christian is one who follows Christ Christian is one who grows with the likes of meeting when God reveals a truth the way back that it is determined whether a person is truly Christian and not is that he will walk this is one of the reasons why as a church we believe that there are many sincere Christians and other denominations that are living up to our delight at the Christian is very simply one who obeys God when God speaks and one who helps his brother and him and him and I and that Christian is one was like Jesus course I want to the get of what Chrysler that would Christ be Messiah war anointed one is a Christian is one who is anointed just like Jesus Christ in the book of Luke Jeff the four and verse eighteen of Jesus speaks and he says the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he had anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind at the set at liberty them that are bruised to preach the acceptable year below suggested Jesus was anointed to do these things a Christian is also one was anointed by the Holy Spirit to do the same things and following the footsteps of the messaging here what is our identity and mission as a church and what is the role of young people playing with the big question you can summarize it somehow while the stop there identity what if we know our identity to the mission is on its but if I can summarize the urgency of our church I'll have to say just hook up in Revelation chapter fourteen specialty verse six through twelve that is our mission and that is our identity at the same time and we are here for a special purpose our movement is based on office God has prophetically placed us to this generation and that is to give and to live and to share opening his message and let's not just make a quick conclusion to say the three messages is talking about the beast is only a part of but the biggest part is to worship the creator with the faith of Jesus which is justification by faith which is righteousness in connection to the lasting message such as the market beats so that is our destination in order to extend the worshiping the created so I believe him she studied much more than ever before taught how do we address or avoid compromise in the church how important is it to avoid compromising standards in these enzymes is very very important home every night of application design pages where says higher than they should the highest human thought can reach is God 's ideal for his children God is a high standard for saving and what is the standard used to be just like Jesus and his final generation the last days God is going to have upon the generation that will be just like Jesus to refute all the accusations that Satan has has has as put forth in his great controversy and sort are rationalizing the compromise the Lord assented the standard is not to be God 's ideal God higher than the highest human thought ever reaches God is ideal for us and the reason why you saw high because God wants us to realize that there is no possible way that we in our sales can ever reach is far higher than we can and the only thing that can bring us up to the standard is the cross the cross is going on if we can just get that across the cross is a lack that brings us up to that standard of being just like Jesus and so when you don't want compromise me to be faithful to everywhere the proceeds of a month of God and this make sure that we have the right motivational in segregation of the five tells us what our motive should be in aiming for the highest and we should not ask Lois that you know sometimes we think to ourselves what is the least I can do is to go to have was a Lisa what do you know just to get by but we need to aim with perfect conformity to look at it's just that surprising what is the thing that enables us is encrypted by verse fourteen it says for the love of Christ constrains us know if a constrained scum pales or motivates us is only by love and so we can have all these reforms dress reform health reform but it is not motivated buyer love all these reforms are just for them they amount to fill the racks and so what we learned to love the blessed Jesus they will want to do the things that please and so that is make sure that we focus on the that that is the heart of our message that is the compelling power and that's how we can avoid compromise by seeing Jesus didn't compromise you hold anything back Jesus surrendered on the cross because of that we can surrender all is well Peter how important is victory over is it possible wolves overcome all things and is very very good question how important is the server-side turn your Bibles with me to first John chapter five first John chapter five how important is it to have victory over sin and that was me inverse for four whatsoever is born of God overcoming the world and this is the figure told me that over comments vote world even our faith how important is it that we should overcome sin overcoming sin the Bible says is a result of born-again overcoming sin as a result of living by faith so if we if we refuse to overcome sent that means you are refusing to be born again you are refusing to live by faith and Jesus says unless you are born again you cannot see the kingdom of God I think that's very important we imagine is possible for us to come all set while messing with the Bible says let's go to first Corinthians chapter ten seven in verse thirteen there have no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able to will with the temptation also make it what way of way to escape that he may be able to their suit do you believe that God provides a way to escape for every temptation conducted a the you believe that God is stronger than your condition if you do then we should be able to overcome all sin through Jesus and the last question and obviously just add in June twenty four dollars and him that is able to keep you from falling unless the school drama point something out to you that I believe is very important June June twenty one children verse twenty four is as known to him that is able to keep you from falling and to present new haulers before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy so this is where your excitement in a but it is cool it is cool that can keep you from falling God so please do not look to yourself total comes clean look to Jesus so because of that look at verse on twenty one is says keep your songs in the one of love of God looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto so that's what you need to keep keep yourself in May I turned at work he to watch and pray watch and pray keep yourself in the love and the mercy of God if you do that as long as you do that than it is gauze obligation that would outweigh to keep you from falling so make sure you cooperate with and the Bible says is a necessary total loss and you need is it necessary to give up all sends widely much it's on one of my consultant I don't I know you don't like the pathetically yummy yet the people asked questions why really have to overcome every sand is a necessary okay what then will what are you thinking a geologist you want to as a souvenir or something or I an issue if she wanted to okay okay let us explain why the working woman to what is absent the human key isn't necessary for you to geodesic yes Amy is a necessary tool I'll send I ask you a question is it necessary for you to keep this and are you planning to keep us in heaven so is it necessary to ask the question him that it is a I need to customize as my eyes wouldn't learn from Christians in other countries were persecuted even killed whether these stingrays simply when we we send neither of those Christians who you know Justin needs to worship is a sacrifice and softened we can take savings for granted country where these things are happening yet I believe that we take a lesson from then in diligence while we have the freedom while it is yet a white you know that is the a bona fide business because soon the night coming when no man right of where close to the closing of the segment with hundreds more questions okay this next question is repeater and anyone who would want to answer this question as well what does the Bible teach in regard to ordaining women as pastors or elders and ended how many e-mail passers and elders are there in the book in the Bible and have times changed while he asked us questions ordained minister at after I have this question am I going to be bloodied and westerly winds at on the temperature and telephone his hunt for him to enjoy him you want to come back to that question well is a good question and the praise and thank you Susan and Chris in the Third World countries as far as I can study from the Bible of when comes to old being or being woman as a minister I found no examples of others when sitting over at here's the principle is the principle we should do what the Bible says it's possible to the right but we should hesitate to do something positive elite when the Bible does not give strong positive support now I thought I could be more real to be the most sympathetic the reason than the motivations of certain people at once to ordain woman but what I can see from the Bible especially first Timothy is declared that the Bible says old being held or even holding the should be a man with one life and not Dallas that yes the Bible says the woman should not speak however that is in connection to usurping authority and their other confusions regarding church organization soul in terms of cat woman teach the Bible in the Bible we do have examples of woman Bible workers and we have woman profits but when it comes to gaining someone to be of minister of the church I don't see any examples now it is there interesting that I can DL MySpace believe it or not is that they gave out preaching license preaching not ordaining ministers but preaching license to certain woman so in terms of gentlemen teach French units as far as I can see by the candidate he ordained as a minister in the church I don't see also to example in the Bible of therefore we should not be so hasty to go that direction when we do not have positive support but not just the opposite you know some countries in all of even though this is what I believe was from countries that lack of manpower development manpower because it's like nine papers in woman into person that had to present men are about to be fired so sometimes you know Dangerfield woman feel the burdensome step up and step out into something insult I am sympathetic towards that of motivating reasons behind it but we comes to the Bible brings action on Wednesday sold in order to solve this problem is maybe yes we have to understand this theological meaning from Bible view at the same time in order to solve this we need more hair step step up that the latest cleanses gently saying here at that time in a quickly any exercise after that you know symbolism the symbolism is an important thing the reason why there were in the Old Testament you look at the priests they were always made and that was for a reason not in the New Testament Bible says husbands love your wives even as crimes not the case this is pictured here on a husband wife relationship and the priests filling in the police or you know representing all Christ Christ being the great high priest of the Presidio is a picture of crimes so this relationship between the priests and shirts was up to be a picture of this husband wife relationship with a husband being the head of the household just as God had spoken to Adam and Eve in the car and so when you consider all the role of court gaming podcast what is the visits when a pastor and an ordained pastor in a recent automation is a single it's a symbol that the reason why God why we don't find something command for a woman to the over the house of God is the very same reason that God told Adam that in the garden your they had no year to be serving to the church the psychopaths is to be serving to the chest and once again a present of teachers of the world and we don't want to mess up God 's pictures I wanted to help you brother and I realized something when I became a Christian I was fourteen years old I actually want to be a female pastor because I did not know the Bible and when I began my walk with the Lord started writing I thought only and permanent teachers in that great food great passer and I believe anyone because of a lack of male power in the church then anyone is and I totally agree with you but I came to present truth and as I learn the Bible and I saw the thing I realized just with joy there is ending a woman and I have no desire to be a pastor invite him to a hundred reasons why a supporting my brothers and I in my role and I'm perfectly at peace with it publishes Suzanne I know I was the accounts I would not be in my life presently I know that Thanksgiving and ethically construed my life to the Lord I am fully fully at ease enjoy not be masturbated to commitment to Jesus Christ the visa lists each of the panelists amino C men him love you Leslie Stevens or the question-and-answer session we must we went over times we will prayer the bar father in heaven were sold thankful for the opportunity you given this army to be anointed ones to finish your Lord were so thankful problem leadership that we are seeing Ryan in these anti- ministries and movements Lord you have brought us this far and we do not want to come up short but we want to surrender our entire lives to you you may be working to us because he we at we know that sanctuary will learn seemingly always were a of this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse will feel like this is more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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