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Un-doctrinated: Wordly Schooling & Media

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • June 13, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Father in heaven we think you so much for light and truth and we pray that you'd help us to walk in the light we know that you've given us sometimes a hard teaching something that might challenge us and and contradict our preconceived notions and we just pray that you would help us along in that journey of coming closer to you and closer to your plan for us for our church for our children for our community in Jesus' name amen the session is intitled and Dr unaided and the subtitle is How home education and schools of the prophets will produce the last generation now you might say well you know I don't have kids in the home I'm not involved with education at all and so does this matter to me how about this quote one who has long been our instructor was speaking to the people he said the subject of education should interest the whole Seventh Day Adventist body so if you're a Seventh Day Adventist and here today you're going to be familiar with all the different books and citations if you're coming in as sort of a guest we've got like a pile of books on education that were written at the time of the founding of our church and we look to these as authoritative in our midst and when I went through and I mowed through every page of those books education fundamentals of Christian education councils the parents teachers and students you name it all of them it was the journey in a joyride of a lifetime I loved it right I'm sitting on airplanes flying around doing media on the brain seminars got to do something productive when you don't have why fire outside get out the books if you're at the morning session you know you actually have better comprehension from paper books and so when you read this quotation It says the decisions regarding the character of our school work should not be left wholly to principals and teachers from testimonies volume six this is something we all take an interest in the topic of the preparing of our children to be the ones who present the final message of warning and hope and the three angels messages to the world if you missed the morning session over in the Commons a powerful quote from madness home from the great controversy talking about the role of children in the last days I don't have time to review all that doesn't raising the remenant if you go through that series from the A.B.C. but basically counsels the parents teachers and students there's a statement that jumped out at me and it said Every man or woman in our ranks whether a parent or not should be intensely interested in the Lord's vineyard meaning meaning the children and in reaching these children reaching the world through the children and there is another. Statement that that really applied to me in my journey in the book education it says that our ideas of education take too low and too narrow a range Now I grew up as those of you who were at the last session No I lived in school from age three to age thirty three that was my full time gig as a kid in preschool all the way up through being a teacher for eleven years and then quitting that on going on to doing seminars and full time ministry presently but that of that thirty year experience gave me a template of viewpoint it gave me a download into my brain on what school is and what education is now the book education confronts us and it says our ideas of education take too narrow and too low of a view so what you're about to see today will probably challenge preconceived notions about true education indeed they did for me and it was hard as a teacher but you know I always used to think the purpose of education was basically produce good citizens who will be hardworking contributors to a market economy so that you can have prosperity you can have a stable Republic you can have people with a decent character so that you can have a respectable society and have people be able to be self-sufficient and self-reliance and those are good things in a society in a free society you need those but there's a whole lot more to the subject of education from a spiritual standpoint and let's get into that it says in the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are one ha so anybody who says I'm not interested in the topic of education because I'm out of school and I don't have kids and all of this it's it's irrelevant to me whoa wait a minute the the work of education and the work of redemption are one and I hope everybody's interested in the work of redemption you know we never really graduate we do it from true education we're always growing in the Lord's service always becoming more and more like Jesus each day that's the work of rich. Demps in our life that's the work of true education as well they are synonymous one in the same thing and I want to tell you the story of true education yesterday we had a horrific story of the worldly education and how it's controlling the minds of children indoctrinating them with false worldviews breaking apart the family doing all the dumbing down the population I mean it was a pretty alarming history when I studied through that as a historian but now as a as a lever in the Bible when I look at this incredibly beautiful narrative the most inspiring picture of God's plan for education and for our children it starts in the Garden of Eden in fact and this is all plain and clear in the book education read the book education for yourself it's not meant just for teachers and school personnel read that book it's called education by Ellen G. White the system of education established in Eden centered in the family so the origins here let's go way back to the beginning what was the original school the family the system of education established in Eden centered in the family Adam was the Son of God and it was from their father that the children of the highest received instruction theirs in the truest sense was a family school in the divine plan of education adapted to man's condition after the fall also here Christ ordained that men and women should be his representatives the family was the school and the parents were the teachers so if you had to give a name or a term to that you might say that that would be called home education or God's original Eden home school but we got to be careful with the term if we just get our in our mind the cultural viewpoint of what home school looks like you'd probably conclude that this means taking the exact. Same curriculum and routine and schedule from the worldly schools and just putting it in to the kitchen table setting in at home instead of in a desk at school but what God means by education is something radically different We're going to see that but so far we've got the location we've got a ridge God's original idea here that the parents were the educators of the children that was in Eden God the Father being the educator and then after the fall the parents in the home being the educators in the family school now in early ages we see the same thing oh by the way before I say that child guidance two ninety four says that this system that was established at the beginning was God's plan his his template his program for all after time as well and now we're going to follow that timeline what happened after time after the early Eden period and says in early ages with the people who were under God's direction life was simple they lived close to the heart of nature their children shared in the labor of the parents and studied the beauties and mysteries of nature's treasure house this in this sounds so nice like how to live there and in the quiet of field and would they pondered those mighty truths handed down as a sacred trust from generation to generation such training produced strong men what kind of training was that well it was a country setting it was in the beauties of nature it was the families united and connected one to another receiving the troops from generation on down but then it also you read in an education page forty one in ordinary life the family was both a school and a church so reading on in God's plan for Israel so that was in in early ages what we just heard So let's fast forward now to the time of God's plan for Israel after the Patriarchal times of Abraham Isaac and Jacob you have now God's plan for Israel every family had a home on the land with sufficient ground for tilling thus were provided both the means. And incentive for a useful industrious and self-supporting life and no devising of men has ever improved upon that plan you see God has a blueprint doesn't he he has a divinely ordained programme for what is best for the development for children and it is working with their hands it's being outdoors it's all of these things and most ideally here in the home setting as you've read in both Eden after the fall and then the Patriarchal times and that was God's plan for Israel as well in the home the home and the school were one it says in fundamentals it says in the place of stranger lips the loving hearts of the father and mother were given were to give instruction to their children I have to just pause right there on that the concept of in the place of stranger lips as a teacher for a period of time in different kinds of schools public schools charter schools non Adventist Christian schools and then the last three years in the advent of said occasion system what I was what I was surprised by most as a teacher what I was surprised by most was how few of the parents wanted to get to know their children's teacher and I was essentially a stranger to so many of them and that's what reminded me of this in this quote it says the home and the school where one in the place of stranger lips the loving hearts of the Father in the mother were to give instruction to their children such was the training of so here is quite a list of those who were educated in the home Moses of Samuel of David of Daniel such two was the early life of Christ such was the training by which the child Timothy learned from the lips of his mother Eunice and his grandmother Lois the truths of Holy Writ you see these people in the Bible Times did not outsource their parenting and training and education of their children they knew that it was their responsibility in our culture our children are basically raised by the entertainment media and by strangers in public schools with these yellow buses that carry them off each day to be raised by people who have a completely. Different world view and you know the Lord has some ideas to speak into the situation that we have a much more beautiful and better program further provision was made for the instruction of the young by the establishment of an here's for the first time we read about schools the schools of the prophets if a youth was eager to obtain a better knowledge of the Scriptures to search deeper into the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and to seek wisdom from above that he might become a teacher in Israel this school was open to Him So God established schools in Israel were going to see for two reasons The first reason here was if a youth was desiring to become a teacher in Israel to learn more of the deep truths of God and study you know under a new member the schools of the prophets and in the Book of Kings they were known as the sons of prophets sons of the prophets they would study under the life and they would have this this experience of studying deeper into the mysteries of God as a youth that was one reason that God instituted the schools of the prophets but we also read that the education centering in the family was that which prevailed back in the days of the patriarchs again as we saw and for the schools thus established talking about home education Jacob and his twelve sons and remember the stories in my Bible friends about Joseph and Benjamin the no weaving the coats and of course in your Bible the story of that family under Jacob it says those schools for the schools thus established the Home School God provided the conditions most favorable for the development of character so his Eden plan his model of home education was most favorable for the development of character and we read that no devising of man has ever improved upon this plan the man who held fast god. Principles of life dwelt among the fields and hills they were tillers of the soil keepers of the flocks and herds and in this free independent life with its opportunities for Labor in study and meditation they learned of God and taught their children of his works and raise and this was the method of education that God desired to establish in Israel so God's going this is the ideal This is the best this is the Eden plan the Patriarchs are doing a great job at it and then we're getting into the time of Israel meaning after captivity in Egypt they're taken out into the Promised Land and God's wanting to desiring to establish and continue this home education program but it's kind of like as you're reading the story through the book education as this discordant note of how what happened to disrupt this plan it was says when brought out of Egypt there were among the Israelites few prepared to be workers together with him in the training of their children so what did the Lord do well in many very very many households the training appointed by have been in the characters thus developed were alike rare fathers and mothers in Israel were became indifferent to their obligation to God indifferent to their obligation to their children through unfaithfulness in the home and idolaters influences without many of the Hebrew use received an education differing widely from that which God had planned for them they learned the ways of the heathen So when you've got an unfaithful nation teaching their children infidelity God saying we've got to do something here and so to meet this growing evil God provided other agencies Samuel by the Lord's direction established the schools of the prophets and the schools of the prophets were instituted in this case to meet the growing evil of parents not properly home educating their children God's original plan was not able to be. Put in place in this context the parents needed help and so the Lord brought the schools of the prophets to meet the growing evil of failing home education in the case of an unfaithful nation now that's that that's two reasons why God established the schools of the prophets one to meet the growing evil of parents not home educating and then the second was the diff the youth wanted to study deeper and become a teacher in the in Israel now let's fast forward in the history to the New Testament times OK So that was Israel now onto Jesus time what kind of education to Jesus get and says as a little child he was daily at his mother's knee taught from the schools to the scrolls of the prophets Isn't that a wonderful picture of Mary opening the Word of God and to the boys Jesus and his mind comprehending these these infinitely huge truths that that he's growing in his understanding of as a child would an amazing amazing experience Jesus followed the divine plan. Of education which you know what that is if you've read the previous parts in the book education you know what that Divine Plan was the schools of his time with their magnifying of things small and their belittling of things great he did not seek what did he do his education was gained directly from they have been appointed sources the heaven appointed sources of true education you ready for your curriculum here is this is for all of us by the way is not just for kids here are the heaven appointed sources of true education from useful work from the study of the Scriptures and of nature and from the experiences of life God's lesson books What a beautifully simple yet so deep and vast and profound an all consuming way to view education it totally challenges the way that I used to view it and I'm like wait a minute that can. B. You know I got to how some brilliant you know masters degrees ideas about what we should be doing in the curricular standards and all of this Jesus learned from heaven appointed sources and of course you need to have expectations of where you're going in a direction of what you want to teach but here you have it's boiled down to its ultimate core the study of the Scriptures useful work the study of nature and the experiences of daily life now we have eight hundred seventy two I'm going away a forward in the future now OK The Advent movement began in one thousand nine hundred four and before eight hundred forty four but eight hundred forty four is that key hinge point in the history of redemption and by eight hundred seventy two the Lord had taken issue with our people on a number of different things along the way and we were growing in our understanding eight hundred seventy two was a big year because this was the year that the first testimony on true education was written and you might say well if God's ideal plan and his program was home education why give a vision to his last days people to establish schools take a look at these quotes about us now so we've heard the history now these quotes are directly toward our people in the one nine hundred centuries and us today it says the necessity of establishing such schools is urged upon me very strongly because of take a guess why do you suppose but yes one of those two reasons same thing in Israel of the necessity of a stablish in such schools is urged upon me very strongly because of the cruel neglect of many parents properly to educate their children in the home does that sound familiar were we kind of repeated the history of Israel here didn't way we're failing we're struggling in the Lord's like we've got it we've got to bring in a stop gap measure we've got to bring in a safety net we've got to help we've got a new pro another program to augment to be in addition to what folks are really. Drug ling with cruel neglect of many parents to properly educate their children in the home is the reason one of the reasons that the seventh day had been a schools were were founded and why the ward instructed us to do that schools should be established and it's not just any schools though when I say the word school I almost feel like I need to like dial back and go you know redefined the word because we have our own you know so surely conditioned views from the culture around us in the world around us and what school looks like and what that word means when God says education and God says schools it means something drastically different from what the world means by the word so what are we talking about here in the Adventist setting it says schools should be established with teachers who will adopt the same plans that were followed in the schools of the prophets so same thing as happened in Israel we're going to do and that wasn't just any old school that wasn't any old you know normal way of doing education as the culture dictates no the schools of the prophets that we are to model after we're pretty radically divergent from what you would know as school in our culture today in the in the world the school model so let's take a look at what kind of school God had in mind now we you could spend a lot of time OK books and books and books the stack is awesome OK but I'm not going to obviously quote everything in there I got four hours on it and I tried to boil it all down and we're boiling the four hour version down to one hour today so what these are to some highlights OK we've got a beautiful blueprint with so many different features and so many different facets of what administering education looks like comparing and contrasting that with the world and how different we are to be and it's an exciting journey to go through all those quotes and you can watch it on the full D.V.D. set but right now I want to bring out one very very very important point that is all true and neglected by I'd never heard any discussion about this and as I'm reading through it I'm going my eyes are bugging out of my head and my jaw is hitting the floor I'm like whoa I get. I didn't get it as a teacher for eleven years the Lord is showing me you ever find that experience where you have to have your viewpoint corrected and it's like this exciting thing you're like I was so wrong but now I'm so excited to find some light here so here's how it goes OK testimony's volume six page two a and for those listening to the M P three on the audios and you're not getting all the citations for all of these you know of course you can always posit and google it but if you want to email me I can send you the quotes and you can you can have the citation so Scott writes I'm a G. Mail dot com Here's the here's the quote that's on the screen right now our schools should be as blank as possible no I left the blank in there to get you think and what do you think might be in there now you could there's a lot of good things that you could put in there right I mean as Christian as possible you know you could put a million different wonderful adjectives in there but interestingly what surprised me is what is emphasized in not just this quote but a number of them we're going to see it's our schools should be as homelike as possible. Interesting now let's it's not just this one let's look at some others they should be family schools. Where every student will receive special help from his teachers as the members of the family should receive help in the home now by the way you remember the schools of the prophets What were the students call the what of the prophets the sons of the prophets starting to get this it's a family concept right as members of the family the students should be under the. Teachers our school homes did you know that they used to board in homes in the olden times of the advent of spying years our school homes had been established that as far as possible a home atmosphere maybe provided that probably wasn't very difficult to guess at but the quote goes on and it says teachers who are placed in charge of these homes are to act as what do you think yes fathers and mothers showing an interest in the students one and all such as parents. Show in their children when the youth come to our colleges they should not be made to feel that they have come among strangers they should there should be fathers and mothers in Israel who will watch for their souls parents guardians place your children in training schools where the influences are similar to those of a rightly conducted take a guess home school now that's a modern term that wasn't used so much back then that the homeschool movement is a modern phenomenon that's really mimicking what took place in the olden times we'll talk about that more in a moment but it's interesting to see the term show up you know one hundred years ahead of its time saying if you're going to have a school it needs to be like the schools of the prophets and needs to be as homelike as possible not just like any home not like a dysfunctional home it needs to be like a rightly conducted home school that's going to be true education and as I was thinking about this I was thinking about it as an analogy of vitamins OK let's say for example that you are vitamin D. deficient OK if you're deficient in vitamin D. your vitamin D. levels are low do you go to the health food store as quick as you can to pick up a vitamin C. supplement and take vitamin C. No that would be silly that would be not making any sense right what's the same thing if we are home deficient if our home education in Israel or an eight hundred seventy two was not functioning very well in the Lord's like we're going to bring in something to help out is that thing that the Lord brings in going to be drastically different from a rightly conducted home or is it going to mimic a good home right so this idea that I had my whole life that home and then there's the school thing in the school concept has a totally different framework to it and it just doesn't feel at all like the home and it's just this new. Entity this new creature that's been invented That's not what we have here the schools of the prophets were to mimic a good home education a good rightly conducted home school as a said in Child Guidance page three o three where the spiritual atmosphere is the savor of life on to life so our schools should be as homelike as possible now that's a number of like blatant statements that we just saw that say make your schools homelike and all of that we just saw but then as you start to look at the features of the blueprint this is Adventist jargon we call the the type of educational model that we've been given our educational philosophy is often referred to as the blueprint the blueprint for how to do education once you start looking at those features and we're not going to be able to go over them all but we'll look at some of them you'll go Oh I see how that's making the home oh I see how OK so we're going to go through a few of those and the whole picture becomes so beautifully clear I was so excited as I was studying through this it's like wow as a teacher just man everything I did was wrong you know this is councils to parents teachers and students to eleven our teachers should not think that their work ends with giving instruction from books several hours each day should be devoted to working with the students in some line of manual training in no case should this be neglected hoops that was convicting to teacher Mr Scott right some because I never would've seen me doing that you know I was like Mr book nerd like the SIS keep me with the academic stuff and all the practical stuff is like the most scary thing on earth for me to actually try and do and so when I read this I was kind of you know that's that's going to really challenge my my view of what it means to be a teacher several hours each day in work with the students in some line of manual training in no case should this me be neglected by the way in in the schools of the prophets What is the most famous story and there's a hint on the screen if you've ever read the my Bible friends to your children what's the most famous story. About his students they're chopping down trees right isn't that something right they're building their own buildings and so what I'll tell you that when I read that I start coming across the other quotations that say like it's supposed to be fifty percent half of their experience should be mental versus manual and I'm like that's totally totally different than anything I've ever thought or done or imagined but as weird as it sounds and as countercultural as it is and as challenging as that might be to my status quo I have to say Lord you know what you're talking about and I've got to follow your program not my ideas because that's going to fail epically every time if I follow my own ideas but let's look at some more statements here it says teachers often fail of coming into sufficiently into social relation with their students as shared with their pupils I shared with the folks yesterday that you know I would teach one hundred twenty students and I'd hardly get to know any of them right they'd file in and out of my classroom in fifteen minute blocks and twenty to thirty of them at a time and you know we'd have good discussions and I enjoyed being a teacher but really there wasn't that relational like familial connection at all teachers often fail of coming sufficiently into social relation with their pupils and some schools the teacher is always with his pupils in their hours of recreation he unites in their pursuits accompanies them in their excursions and seems to make himself one with them that's a beautiful picture one with them well would it be for our schools and by the way our homes to this is this is the same blueprint whether it's home or school well would it be for our schools or homes for where this practice more generally followed being with the children in the youth all the time what a wonderful lesson to bond hearts and to make your influence and your teaching really reach down deep because there is that relational love connection one to one social relation that. That's that's that's a beautiful picture that we've seen there of God Himself because God is three Father Son Holy Spirit and when he created Adam and Eve he said first he created Adam and he says it's not good for man to be alone and then he makes a helper suitable for him and then he builds this thing called the family and this is a message in the ongoing great controversy with the on looking universe wondering about the character of God And so they're learning about God's character by observing a well conducted home setting with the family and what a privilege we have as families and or in a school setting in a school of the prophets setting. Man Big big picture stuff but how about some more of these features of the blueprint students need to become familiar with the duties of daily life they should be taught to do their domestic duties thoroughly and domestic duties is this an education book or as a parenting book this is a this is six testimonies but it's about students in the school domestic duties thoroughly and well and no more study should be taken than can be attended to without neglecting to household duties so this has got to be like in my curricular framework as a my teacher mind going OK what kind of things we want to make sure the kids walk away with in home or school OK You know we want to make sure that we have social relation with them that we're doing manual trades and labor and fixing and building things and growing things and you know we're digging our hands in the soil and getting the shovels in the hose and all of that you know all of those manual things and domestic duties OK So this is this is part of my curriculum now as a dad thinking about this with my own kids if need be oh I love this quote if need be a young woman can dispense with the knowledge of French and algebra or even the piano Don't you like the order there it's like the piano is the one that gets even the piano so she could dispense with the knowledge of French and even the piano but it is indispensable that she learn to make good bread. Now the first time I read that I kind of laugh too because I'm like This is the so different than everything I thought before I it's just that this is serious so I mean it's like practical health message cooking kitchen domestic duties manual all the social connection all of this is what it means to have a connection as in a family have you noticed by the way all these features of the blueprint that we've seen so far are very very very much like a well conducted home school and that's what homes are like parents are with their children all the time they're doing work together they're doing these kinds of things and then it says and to perform efficiently the many duties that pertain to home making it goes on it describes a bunch of them boys as well as girls just in case you're like wait a minute what is this sexist stuff about young ladies should learn to make good bread no boys as well as girls should gain a knowledge of household duties and girls could learn to use the saw and the hammer as well as the rake and the hoe There you go this is this is truly ahead of its time in terms of making making all of the youth be able to have various practical skills there can be no employment more important than that of housework to cook well to place wholesome food upon the table in an inviting manner requires intelligence and experience is the most important form of employment that we have housework whether men or women they should learn to mend wash and keep their own clothes in order they should be able to cook their own meals they should be familiar with agriculture and with mechanical pursuits and by the way I'm kind of preaching to myself that I'm like oh yeah I got to become familiar with mechanical pursuits I feel very comfortable and at home behind a book and writing are you know speaking in these kinds of you know academic things but you know this is a challenge for many of us who are still in process in true education and we're confronted with wow you know we want to become practical people people that can do things right so what do students carry with them when they leave school so what do you want them to get out of an education right have they been educated to be true fathers and mother. Can they stand at the head of a family as wise instructors. The only education worthy of its name is that which leads young men and women to be Christ like which fits them to bear life's responsibilities fits them to stand at the head of their families Well so OK let's back up with that history and remind ourselves God established home education as his original plan an ideal then home education was failing so God established schools of the prophets What is the purpose then to end this cycle right to help them to have healthy whole well functioning homes so that these youth come out of the schools with an understanding of what it means to run a household that's what your education one of the many facets one of the very most important facets of true education and about this one of all the features of an education to be given in our school homes the religious exercises speaking of morning and evening worship in the context are the most important so we're mimicking a mimicking the home again in this quotation and by the way in page two hundred of the book education it talks about teaching the students how to have happy homes how to how to have a how to have a happy family how to have a host of visitors Well and and do these very practical and real things as we've seen already now this one really reminded me that a lot of what I had done was was was in error for many years as a teacher the teacher should carefully study the disposition and character of his pupils that he may adapt his teaching to their peculiar needs when you've got one hundred twenty students that's really hard to do or even eighty so how many did Jesus have by the way twelve and he's Jesus OK so I don't think I can handle eighty or one hundred so you've got to study their disposition their character each child is unique right if you notice the trends in the last century in school have been standardizing standardizing everybody having the exact same standard schooling and testing and all of that when in reality every child is unique image bearer of God with with unique gifts and dispositions. In character and developmental challenges or gifts and they have creativity of their own they're individuals right we want to help them to flourish and to blossom as image bearers of God with the power to think and to do not merely to be reflectors of other men's program for them which I really regret I wish I could go back and do more of that so I guess I teach about it now let the older assists the younger the strong the weak but wait a minute in a lot of the schools that I taught in the big schools especially in public schools there would be like tracks of the students that are in this you know a track that track and and they would never associate because we have no this idea of segregating them out into their different categories but education two eighty five says the older and younger and the strong the weak are working together the older and the younger but don't we age segregated this is just what we do in our culture the seven year olds are in class with the seven year olds the eleven year olds are in class with the eleven year olds and you don't really have a whole lot of interaction with people of various ages not God's plan how many families have twenty five eleven year olds and we're trying to mimic the home here so this is not going to be the best model if we have it that way so let the older assists the younger the strong the weak in the first disciples was presented a marked diversity Jesus made sure that he had twelve various dispositions and ages for that matter I mentioned yesterday you know Peter and Andrew They were brothers different ages right in the same class if you will under Jesus School of the prophets the dangers of the young are greatly increased as they are thrown into a society of a large number of their own age so we have a large number of their own age who's going to be teaching them not really the teacher you know in terms of really getting close to them and really influencing them you can have some influence but if you've got vast quantities of children and youth like I had. And then they're away from their parents it's like really the education is being gained from peers more at that point peers in the media and so we want to really try to become close to the children and keep them in a in a more natural real set. Saying then somewhat what the culture gives us says the artificial manufactured version that we call modern schooling testimony six one seventy two says here in the school homes students are daily surrounded by opportunities which if improved will greatly aid in developing the social traits of character Now notice it says they will develop social skills in what kind of setting by by sitting in desk with in a room with everybody their own age with a teacher at the front and then you know you don't that's not really the best for social skills development what we read here is it's in the school homes because it's a home like setting that God created for optimum social development when God created the Eden plan and he said Home Education and it's going to work great and then it works great with the patriarchs and he's like hearing it on this is his thing did he forget that they weren't properly socialized I mean did God make a mistake on that they say oh I forgot they're supposed to go to like the the banquets in the football games in the Homecoming in order to get proper socialization that's not something of course that our Lord who is all knowing over look he knows what's the best way to bring social developments for children in the school homes mimicking a home where they're boarding they're in homes they're going to improve and develop their social traits of character now of course during the time of Israel it was in ordinary life the family was both the church and the school and the parents being the instructors in secular and religious lines but notice this for Social Development says three times a year seasons were appointed for social intercourse and worship so they were to go to the festivals to the feasts right kind of like we're doing right now right at camp meeting and so this was part of God's program to have a family centered education where you got various ages interacting together and you got you know people in your community and so on but but mainly the family cell unit then goes to the wider social setting in the Festival of. The Jews like Tabernacles and so on and so forth so by the way many people have said that they doubt God's original blueprint of home education because they say you know that homeschoolers are awkward and you know they're socially weird and they're not socialized properly and you know I grew up in the one nine hundred eighty S. And I'll agree that a lot of the homeschoolers that I knew back then they were kind of that way but then as I've traveled around in the more modern wave of you know sort of like this huge massive movement called home education in our culture today I meet homeschoolers throughout the country different different different ages different cultures different walks of life different socio economic backgrounds and I've started a little game with myself where I noted I notice when I meet a family I can tell who is coming from a well conducted home school and I say well conducted because that's that's an important disclaimer. The idea of you know spurning the public schools you heard last session from yesterday and you're like oh my goodness this is horrible we need to get our children out of the worldly public schools because they're indoctrinating the children with all these false worldviews Let's take them home and even play video games all day is that a good plan so rightly conducted a home school is what we're talking about here but I mean these kids and I started a little game with myself where I would guess are you homeschooled and I started to get it correct so many times that I'm like wow this is kind of fun and not because I have some special insight at all the kids stood out and what the what I noted about them was not their academic achievement or anything like that what I what I noticed was different about them compared to their school counterparts in students and kids that I've been hanging around with for in the in the teaching profession these days homeschooled kids on average were more border had more social skills they were better and better able to interact with an adult and to look in the eyes and so on and so forth and so just approaching the families together and you know well behaved and stuff like that so. I've been keeping track I'm up to fifty one out of fifty two I've got one wrong it's kind of awkward like or you know but most of the time they're like yeah how did you know like that's kind of crazy that you just guessed that and well they stand out in a good way socially and you're like well then why were they weird in the one nine hundred eighty S.. I don't know maybe because the people and by the way if you were homeschooled in the eighty's I'm not saying universally everybody I'm not calling you weird but just like two out of the three that I knew where it's kind of a stereotype that's out there right that they're not properly socialized but at that time this was very cutting edge you kind of had to be pretty radical in some cases it was illegal and so there were some pretty peculiar like radical minded people who were willing to be different and sometimes people who are the of that mindset are a little bit different and you might say they might use negative words to describe that but I admire and I think it's a great thing and today it's really really really working and in the fruit the proof is in the putting They did a study on socialization and social skills with home school kids versus public school kids and the public school kids were much lower than the home school and by the way if you're public school and here I'm not trying to slam anybody either but you know there are varying degrees of of what can be better right and everybody's moving in that direction of what does the Lord want me to do next to grow in my relationship with him and he presents this ideal and I know this can kind of sometimes be overwhelming like man this blueprint is intense This takes some radical radical changes I can't handle this all right so so I ask the Lord OK what steps shall I take today to more pattern my life and my home after your plan and he'll take you step by step but today we're going to were taking a look at the whole picture so how do we develop social skills number one in the home school in the school home if it's if it's a school setting and of course in the home if it's a home school setting but here's another one during their school life as they handle these books talking about canvassing and selling Christ object lessons a ministry of healing they may learn how to approach people courteously and how to exercise tact in can. We're seeing with them on different points of present truth so that's a really cool thing to incorporate a canvassing program in your in your educational curriculum if you will to develop that ministry mindedness in that outreach minus it's also a good way to teach them to handle money to to do you know effective sales and most importantly or most importantly to win souls but in this quote The idea is to help them to converse with people and interact with tact and courteous courtesy So what about those things like you know your socials and your football games and all of that these are things that are cited by many people you know if I were to put my kids in one of those small school of the prophets type of schools or if I were to homeschool my kid then I would end up you know MIT they would miss out on you know the what do you call that the homecoming dance and all of these things right and all these worldly things it's like every child must have these experiences or they will like be less human somehow no way let's take a look at what the Lord has shown us about these about how to interact in in settings with other use gatherings for social intercourse may be in the highest degree profitable and instructive when Here's the conditions OK for a good positive social engagement among youth when those who meet together have the love of God glowing in their hearts when they need to exchange thoughts in regard to the Word of God or to consider methods of advancing his work and doing good to their fellow men and I've seen some wonderful situations like that where that is the case with youth and that's exciting and thrilling and inspiring to me and I look to some of those you don't like me I look up to you guys I mean this is just you this is get me fired up about the about the work of the Lord but then many times many many many many times in our culture you get gatherings of you separated out from their families separated out from any adult mentorship influence and it becomes degraded it becomes negative it becomes dirty jokes and entertainment oriented and making fun of people and it's all these horrible things that you there. You witness or maybe you don't and you're gonna be glad you don't but in contemplation of the word their hearts burn within them as did the hearts of the two disciples as they went to him a Christ walked with them by the way and opened his scriptures concerning himself so that's a beautiful thing by the way if you want to read what not to do in terms of social gauge ment with with with that you read counsels to parents teachers and students they Relations C T pages three forty seven and three fifty one it's a sobering read it talks about parties of pleasure and various things that are referred to as Satan's banquet really Satan's banquet trifling conversation instead of prayer and talk of spiritual things they says Jesus is not even an honored guest at these places but Satan presides and that there's mere vanity there's meaninglessness as it's empty that there's a pride of dress and there's music that makes the angels weeps and there's lots of energy and laughter but that is inspired by Satan it's a really sobering read those few pages counsels of parents teachers and students page three hundred seventy three fifty one I don't have time to do all the quotes right now but anyway that's the social program so let's let's sum up let's bullet point all of the features of the blueprint that we've seen and there's like two plus more hours to talk about with how to really build our home education or our school of the prophets way of doing true education I don't have time to get into it all so I'll just bullet point what we've seen so far our home schools or our schools of the prophets are to be like a rightly conducted home school there to be family schools there are teachers to act as fathers and mothers the teachers are to spend several hours each day in manual labor with the students teachers are always to be with their students during their hours of recreation students are learning all the many domestic duties indoor and outdoor students are learning how to be fathers and mothers themselves and most importantly the most important part of the school part of the school day is family worship and in the school setting in the home school or school home rather the teacher has fewer students gets to know each one of them very well and students are with others of various ages like. Family and students learn social skills through the home like setting in the school home through canvassing through witnessing through meeting to converse on religious themes so have you seen how these just these features of the blueprint all very very clearly show us sort of the thesis statement that our schools are to be as homelike as possible that was the giant light bulb that went off for me where I totally had to do a one eighty a revolutionary revamping and reap revitalizing of how I view school and education as a teacher that really you're not you're not doing this other thing you know you're trying to do what was missing in the home and mimic the home like a vitamin D. deficient person would need to get out into the sun and get some actual vitamin D. So there you go now so just to sum up there we have two options option one is God's original Eden plan his original home education plan so as seven they have been as Christians those who take these councils and these books to be authoritative as a reflection of what God is looking at is asking us to do which by the way Deuteronomy six Deuteronomy six is such an awesome text on this like everything we've just read some Asian as a distillation of this powerful powerful credo of doing life together as a family Deuteronomy six says that parents hide the words of God in your hearts and then talk about them with your children as you rise up as you lie down as you walk beside the way so we're doing life with our children and we're really developing what God designed in the Garden of Eden model he asked us to do the same and so that's the first and best original plan that God had in mind it's the way that the patriarchs did it home education is the way that Jesus was educated home education and then the other option for those who want to seek more deeply into the mysteries of God so that they can become teachers in Israel and for those when we see the cruel neglect of many families to be able to do this and for folks that need some help and that's not meant to be a slam on anybody by the by the way it's just it's reality we all struggle right and so we have this other option available to us the schools. The profits which you see are mimicking the home so now you might say well why does all of this really matter if we're talking about education are we just talking about the academic reading writing arithmetic I mean my kid can get that in a public school just as well as anywhere and why do I need to worry about that in fact the public schools have better chemistry labs and they're you know they've got these big you know wonderful programs going what did I tell you yesterday I think I did it for those who were here in that study called cognitive Genesis they found that that smaller seventy had been a schools actually outperform bigger bigger admin to schools on average academically academically So you know you don't have the the chemistry lab and all of the advantages that you might have in a big school but you have the advantage of having you know more interaction of various ages more detention probably by the teachers right you have a smaller so home more homelike setting in that context but this is not just about academics when when when when you I'm glad you came to this because many people would go I don't want to go to a talk on education because you know when I got my education I graduated and moved in and what is this why would this matter to me education our view of education has taken too low and too narrow a range we read right and so let's go school way way way way beyond this idea of just reading writing arithmetic those are important we've got to develop those We've got to become thinkers through academic matters but the ultimate goal of the raising the in training these children is this our schools and I would add our homes are the Lord's special instrumentality to fit up the children and use for missionary work and we're teaching that from day one from the time that they were babies were showing them what it means to serve others to be servants in God's kingdom and missionary laborers in his great last days effort so think about this for a second if our Let me let me do it with a quote OK why do we have such a lackluster you know Laodicean generation that comes up with out that missionary. Ferber take a look it's because so many parents and teachers profet us to believe in the Word of God all their lives deny its power that the teaching of the Scriptures house no greater effect upon the youth at times they use are brought to feel the power of the word they see the preciousness of the love of Christ they see the beauty of his character the possibility of a life given to his service but in contrast they see the life of those who profess to revere God's precepts that's sad that's a sad sad discouragement now by the way I want to say something really really positive though on what God has in mind with this true education direction he has been taking us all along because the subtitle of this is how home education and schools of the profits will produce the last generation and I mean that with every fiber of my being because of this quote these series of quotes watch this in the training of his disciples the savior followed the system of education established at the beginning the twelve first chosen form to the take a guess the family of Jesus Jesus was mimicking the homeys doing a home like school here they were with him in the house at the table in the closet in the field they accompanied him on his journeys shared in his trials and hardships and as much as in them was entered into his work sometimes he taught them as they sat together on the mountain side sometimes beside the sea or from the fisherman's boat sometimes as they walked beside walk by the way now Jesus ran this school of the prophets if you will this home like school and what were the results was he successful Well yeah to every nation under heaven was the gospel carried in a single generation OK well what if we do the same. It says here the presence of this. Same guide in the educational work today capital G. guide Jesus the presence of Jesus in our educational work today if we do what he did it will produce the same results as of all this is the end to which true education tends this is the work that God designed it to accomplish I hope your view of education just got about one hundred thousand times bigger Do you realize that if we get this thing right if we raise up that generation of children and youth who are empowered who are energized who are converted who are missionary minded then what we just read here is we will do the same thing that the disciples did those youth Jesus had youth right here we have the same possibility before us if we get this thing right there is a proviso So success in any life demands a definite aim such a name is set before the youth of today the heaven appointed purpose of giving the Gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest that can appeal to any human being many a lad of today growing up as did Daniel in his Judean home or we may add home like school studying God's Word and His works and learning the lessons of faithful service so many a lad of today just like Daniel learning from God in his home setting will yet stand in legislative assemblies in halls of justice or in royal courts as a witness for the King of Kings millions upon millions have never so much of as heard of God or of his love revealed in Christ and it rests with us who have received the knowledge with our children to whom we may impart it to answer their cry did you hear the part with our children I'm coming to believe that in addition to the most important words Jesus God Bible the Holy Spirit. The. Word with is perhaps one of the most profound words that has revolutionized the way that I view this whole thing about the children and the and the youth with our children to whom we may impart to the millions who have never so much as heard of God or His love revealed in Christ because our scene our world is a scene of misery that we dare not even while our thoughts to dwell upon did we realize it as it is the burden would be too terrible yet God feels it all think about that every ounce of pain and suffering are infinitely empathetic sympathising God feels every bit of pain and misery and suffering in this world. Wow that's amazing I apologize that this slide is so small I see some people squinting e-mail me I'll send it to you God feels all of it the order to do so in order to destroy sin destroy sin and it's result he gave his best beloved and he has put it in our power through cooperation with him to bring this scene of misery to an end did you catch that sometimes we ask God you're all loving and all powerful How could you allow sin and misery and pain and suffering to continue on this earth why don't you bring an end to it you know what that big philosophical question that has perplexed the theologians for thousands of years God's asking us that question why are you I've been put it in your power to finish the work why have you not hastened my coming at Reading on with a quote Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature is Christ's command to his followers to all great or small learned or ignorant old or young with our children right the command is given in view of this command can we educate our sons and daughters for a life of respectable conventionality. A life professedly Christian but lacking his self-sacrifice. The life on which the verdict of Him who is truth must be I know you not thousands are doing this thousands of people through their example through precept are teaching the children in youth that what it means to be run of the mill Laodicean cultural Adventist is to kind of warm the pew go through the routines in the cultural expectations but there is no fire in our belly to finish this work and when they catch that vision or lack there of that picture that distorted watered down vision of what it means to be God's last days people can you blame them when they catch the Laodicean disease themselves from those who pass it on to them thousands are teaching that being respectable and conventional is good enough that is a tragic tragic thing because there's a lot of sin and suffering there are people passing into the grave last and here we are asking ourselves What must we do to receive that revival that we so desperately need we've got to get on our knees and seek Reformation we're not going to have revival until we're relink willing to be reformed revival and reformation go hand in hand Lord What must we do to transform the way that we conduct our homes our church culture our school settings and you name it so that we have that view of things I have to look in the mirror every day this is not me up here preachin I'm preaching to myself May the Lord be speaking to each one of our hearts on this but the story continues because that for those who were here yesterday for those who weren't let me review a bit of it because this is absolutely amazing to see how everything that the devil was doing God was countering everything you heard about the horrible you know worldly school that came about through it began in one thousand nine hundred four interesting date right so so God in the devil are competing here you got two lines two streams of history eight hundred forty four the Day of Atonement begins the great disappointment you have the formation of the Advent movement that. They became the seventh Day Adventist Church eight hundred forty four also the foundation of worldly universal public schooling according to Prussian model I can't repeat all of that but basically a type of school that's not going to help children really flourish came to this land beginning in one thousand nine hundred four it took about fifty years really to start to take hold and then another seventy years to become universal but eight hundred forty four is where that began the profit of modern schooling we saw Vilhelm violence right so there you have the prophet of God in the last days the spirit of prophecy from about eight hundred four late eight hundred forty four on to nine hundred fifteen writing two hundred thousand pages wait a minute that sounds kind of familiar in this case a counterfeit arose with the prophet of modern schooling writing many many many pages during that exact same time period you had John Dewey saying that teachers are bringing in the kingdom of God Wait a minute you're talking about like in a topi a utopian social experiment bringing about a new social order he's not talking about the true kingdom of God we've got the true kingdom of God on the march in the Advent movement the devil is countering that through the schools of the world John Dewey was was an educational philosopher saying through the schools we're doing this then you have a spirit of prophecy countering the Prussian move the worldly public schooling model that was coming in at the time saying wait a minute what are we doing age segregating our students there is soon as we can find a better way to do something different We're going to do that once we catch this view of what your education is I apologize I'm going through these kind of quickly these are review from yesterday if you missed that the D.V.D. called schooled has all of these quotes on it but it and on doctrine a did both of those have these on it actually some of them are on one some of them are on the other then you have the Spirit of Prophecy speaking out against other Prussian education methods like having very young children like age five and six in school already and not just in school but in school for as much as three to five hours per day and this was something that we are a gas that in education to zero seven the idea that young children would be in school for three to five hour. As per day Prussian school was countered by the Adventist Lu print all along many parents have kept their children in school nearly the year round we read in Christian education this whole idea of this school year for early children three to five hours a day with these young kids by the way something else as we see that history continuing and to follow up with what happened after yesterday this is still review from yesterday remember eight hundred seventy two this was the first testimony on true education that was given to our people eight hundred seventy two was also a time where the power elites of the society were saying we need to stop the movement of true education and bring in Prussian education and that was the eight hundred seventy two first testimony on education by the eight hundred ninety S. Remember the compulsory schooling laws were in place public schooling was becoming much more widespread so that virtually every state in the country had a law that children must go to school at an early age and this became what we now know today as the mindset that we all have that which kind of take that for granted it's just the way the things work that began in the eight hundred ninety S. and also in the eight hundred ninety S. One of my heroes a Sutherland had I had a revival in Battle Creek the church schools were then formed as I said yesterday and the purpose of this idea was these are missionary training institutions these aren't just like schools that are going to mimic the world what would be the point of that right I mean the Lord has called us to a dramatically diametrically radically different version of True education we almost need a new word for it every time I say education or school I wish we had a new word for it but here you go with eight hundred ninety is God's countering the Prussian move with the formation of the Adventist church school system to raise up that army of youth that we just read about now the rest of the story that I didn't get to yesterday goes like this. Prussian schooling made its march universal compulsory public schooling in America with its nefarious purposes and programs to do all the things we talked about yesterday and for those who weren't there you can see that on schools this whole movement had a ton of success by the one nine hundred seventy S.. Virtually everybody in the country was bought into this idea of cradle the you know eighteen idea of you know early early age five check in and you're around long long periods in the clutches of custody whatever you want to call it of the state in the public school system by the one nine hundred seventy S. there were literally less than ten thousand people in the entire country that still had their children in the home so you might call them home school there that concept really with the term modern term homeschool was not popular at the time but it kind of used to be the way that people defaulted to for thousands of years right in the early Republican America just raising the children in the home and you know you have different ways and means by which they gain various different academic and practical skills and in training and tutors and grandpa and mother and father and and you've got you know what do you call that when you apprentice you know apprenticeships and so on that was a more traditional way of doing things it changed by the eight hundred ninety S. by the one nine hundred seventy S. we have a whole new way of living life the whole new view of what it means to be a kid you go to school and you're in school all day for your childhood and that's just got that's kind of the way things went in the one nine hundred seventy S. and sixty's and fifty's building up it reached its climax in the seventy's with less than ten thousand people less than ten thousand people still home educating their students and then a man came on the scene that I would say is probably the second most influential Seventh Day Adventist in our history and I say that I say probably the number one most influential and I mean I influential I mean influential outside of the church OK John Harvey Kellog an innovator ended up going rogue and we don't like where he ended up but he did so much right that people latched on to within the health community and so on and just revolutionize a lot of things invented a bunch of stuff in the cereal aisle that like Kellog big name right but then the man on the screen I would suggest. As a historian I could be wrong you can correct me on this I'm not going to dogmatic on the order there may be some others that I'm forgetting but when in one thousand the late and late one nine hundred seventy S. when Dr Raymond Moore went on the what was called the focus on the family radio program which aims to he promoted in one nine hundred seventy nine a very radical concept that at first Dobson was not keen on and he actually came out and said I know that almost nobody is doing this but I've got some inside info from reading the book education and he didn't say that of course but I know what the Lord has in mind and his original plan and blueprint and program for home education is really really awesome and we've seen the Decora get degradation of the public schools and the indoctrination of humanism that's coming in and you have the Dobsons and other people just up in arms and even Christianity pulling their hair out on what do we do when they're forming Christian schools and Dr Raymond Moore gets on there and says I got an idea he didn't come up with it but he says why don't we just keep our kids at home why don't we just have home education why don't we just teach our kids it's like this radical novel idea that people have been doing for thousands of years being a family but but to at the time it was well it was like illegal in most states and it is really really you know scary thing but it really started to catch on in the one nine hundred seventy S. He had already made his name known by being an advocate for delaying formal education because he read the book education and it says I'll give you those quotes in a second but then then when he got it was he became the most visible and most celebrated homeschool leader in the nation so he's the guy that launched the modern homeschool movement so this is this thing that has like become so vast where there's like two million homeschoolers or more than that now it's hard to keep track but I mean there's this massive movement within Evangelical Christianity and by the way a lot of it has some incorrect theological strains of dominionism and in bad you know End Times the ologies so you don't want to just like jump in bed with some you know philosophy out there because it has some things correct we want to go back to the Bible and follow the spirit of prophecy like that the Lord has given to us but this is a great movement I think when when people are coming out of the public school. And you see such success with this movement in general let me share with you a interesting graphic actually before I show you the graphic more important also that this is academic success of homeschoolers outpacing the median eighty ninth percentile eighty fourth percentile it's working and by the way their scores on standardized tests are out ranking the rest of the country irrespective of the Educational you know prowess of the parents and whether they have teaching degrees and whether you know their socio economic economic status is high or not know it's just families committed to doing things that way are having tremendous success but more importantly they found in the research of homeschoolers that they actually. Adopt their parents values at much higher rates than those who are in school and which Would that was that was really an encouraging thing to me because that was God's program and I'm going he was so right about that but then. The academic stuff not nearly important but there's an interesting study where they found at various different universities from home school graduates versus not home school graduates but some all this talk about home education you might say well is this relevant you know for us of course we've got we've got we've got schools right and then that is a wonderful thing that we have an alternative to alternatives to the world the public schools that are ruining minds and souls and so I praise the Lord for that in fact. This is relevant for all of us because we're the children in the home when they're not X. school are being homeschooled aren't they it's like every Christian is a home school family if you really think about it that way because we're all educating our children in the afternoon in the evening and all weekend and on vacations right so even if we're having our kids in a school we're still ultimately responsible we're still the ones that God looks to as the primary educators for our children and so in that respect it is it is relevant and also we ought to be did laying our formal education and not having age five. Getting into all these academic things and in early reading and so on and so forth it says and in the spirit of prophecy the only school room for children until age eight or ten years old years of age should be in the open air amid the opening flowers and nature's beautiful scenery so the only school room until age eight or ten the parents should be the only teachers of the children until they have reached age eight or ten eight or ten years of age mothers let the little ones play in the open air let them listen to the songs of the birds and learn to love the love of God as expressed in his beautiful works teach them the simple lessons from the Book of Nature and the things about them and as their minds expand then lessons from books may be added and firmly fixed in the memory so this kind of begs the question then why would we even you know open up grades to to the younger kids and you might say why you know we're not doing that right but there's a little bit of history to this that why it had been a schools what would allow enrollment for children under eight there was a school there were a number of schools that were saying no children may be unrolled at all and then what happened is in Ellen White's own back your backyard in California the seven eight nine ten year olds were running around in a ruckus in giving a bad example to unruly admin as families and so they had a meeting about this and they said what do we do about this and so what she wrote was mothers should be able to instruct their little ones wisely during the early years of childhood if every mother were capable of doing this and would take time to teach your children the lessons they should learn in early life then all the children could be kept in the home school until they are eight or nine or ten years old in many homes there is but little discipline and the children are allowed to do as they please those who are on able to train their children a right should never have assumed the responsibility of parents but because of their mistake in judgement shall we make no effort to help their little ones to form right characters therefore I from the light that God has given me declare that if there is a family that has not the capabilities of educating or discipline. Norton or the discipline in government over their children requiring obedience that the very best thing is to put them in some place where they will be required to obey so this idea of helping the children to learn obedience in a setting where where we're you know a cruel neglect of many parents too we're doing well conducted home school so that was second third selected message I think it's second selected messages actually to seventeen but then what kind of setting is that I mean are we jumping right into academics early then because we have this council to say you know take these kids in help them learn to obey help them to learn discipline was the message there so how about this here is a work that must be done for the families this is the same the same section and for the children that are as old as seven years and eight years and nine years so for the young kids who are coming in who are who are pretty academic age here is the work that can be done for them we could do the same as they have in Battle Creek they took me from place to place in the orphan asylum where there were little children little tables there were little children from five years old and upward and they were building or they were being educated on how to work and manage they had a great pile of sand of a proper quality and they were teaching the children how to work together how to make Noah's Ark and how to make the animals that enter into Noah's Ark They were all doing this kind of work so isn't that kind of a cool picture of like what you did in preschool right and so before you're of the academic age of really getting deeply into academic studies you may have a setting like this where children need to learn obedience and how to work together and you know how to how to be human you know how to how to have good behavior and that kind of setting isn't you know let's just lay on the academics early on just like the world does know we're not going to go the Prussian way just because that's the way the world does we want to go God's way now we saw how the home schools are outperforming the world how about the advent of schools and cognitive Genesis found that academic achievement outpaces ability. After three years within an admin a school setting so there's some there's some success rate to be said there as well just like you see among homeschoolers in our in our country so here's that here's a quote that I really want to land on because I know I've brought up these two options right it's like you've got home education and schools of the prophets are home like schools and like these are God's two options that he has given to us and they are to work hand in hand we have to have both and so many people will go well Scott what should I do then you know I'm not going to tell you let's look at this quote parents make every effort in your power to place your children in the most favorable situation for the formation of the character that God wants them to form so that pretty much sums that up we've got to take that to God and as long as time show last we shall have need of schools I want to emphasize that and I've brought up this thing about the Eden model and something that's not often talked about and it might send somebody off on a fanatical direction and be in you know anti any sort of you know organizational school and that's not what the Lord says we shall establish schools and they we need them till the end of time but they are to be of a particular order they're not to mimic after the worldly schools so we do have a work of reformation to do as we always do and as the person in the mirror each day does now I got to tear share a quick story with you in closing here because I know that this can cause a sometimes some like consternation and conflict between people because they're like there's like a competition mindset over these two and I'm like I want to promote both I'm like the enthusiastic about both home like schools and home education these are God's program and God's plan and let's talk about both in a positive light like in Red Bluff I love this because many people would say Scott you know if you talk about the Eden model and home education you know that could that could cause problems for for a school well in Red Bluff I love this place they said I was going there to speak on media and parenting and some other things and and they said half of the church home schools and half goes to the school and I was like oh no this is going to be like you know this going on here. When the two groups and I said Well how does that relationship go and they're like Oh it's wonderful the principal homeschooled her kids and you know she's she's favorable to the idea and she doesn't like you know go after that you know I used to do that as a teacher I used to say you know we should get all the homeschooled kids in the school because in our school culture will improve and will be better and I repented of that and I said wait a minute you know both of these are God's plan and you shouldn't try and drive people one direction or the other and so this this this principal didn't do that and she was embracing of all and and then the home school families weren't like you know angry people like you know fall and institutions you know this kind of talk at they were very supportive of this principal because she was making some radical reformation changes taking the kids canvassing we're going to get the manual labor and do these things and I was so thrilled to talk to this principal and talk to these parents and they're also joyful they're just happy people and we need to be more like that we need to be working together rather than feeling like it's a competitive thing that's just my experience from seeing them and so for those who are not directly connected with the school you can help to make it a blessing by giving it your hearty support councils to parents teachers and students and there is no work more important as we close than the education of our youth the church is asleep and does not realize the magnitude of the matter of educating the children and youth God requires that the church arouse from her lethargy and see what is the manner of service demanded of her at this time of peril the lambs of the flock must be fed the lot of heaven is looking on to see who is doing the work he would have done for the children and youth as a church as individuals if we would stand clear in the judgment we must make more liberal after efforts for the training of our young people because if we get this thing right if we do our home education in our schools in a home like fashion we will train up the final gospel workers of Earth's history and it is the army of youth that will go forth and not respectably conventional but radically unconventional and radically obedient to God's Gospel call that he has called each one of us too. So let us be seek Reformation individually seek the Lord's will for us individually and if you're in that family situation and and you know you're in the public schools are going Lord how do we make things work he will make the way OK he will make the way you've got to step forward in faith and he will follow through alright and if you can't say why I got to see all the you know dominoes lined up before I can step forward that's not faith and if the Lord is calling us out of Babylon we've got to come out about Alon right and he's got two wonderful beautiful options and if we're going to do a home school let's do it God's way and if we're going to do a school let's do it according to the home like model that he's called us to with all the beautiful features of the blueprint and let's not become angry critics right let's not say well this school isn't doing this and that and become you know just or just rude and critical and there's a there's some sort of quotes that I left out it's like you know you don't you don't want to enter into the feast of scandal and a bunch of different things like that you can see that in the D.V.D. on Dr Nader because I'm five minutes over but some Let's joyfully see you up build not tear down and seek to reform and train these children for the Lord let's pray shall we. Father we thank you so much for your grace and goodness that you've been so patient with us all these years of struggling in and muddling through our failures and our weaknesses and we seek you now for strength we can't find in our own selves an ability to take on such a high calling but we know that you have the power and every calling that you give to us is equally an enabling that you will empower where you call and we thank you for that promise we thank you for Jesus Christ and his soon coming we thank you for his educational model that that he was trained in in the home and that he did with his disciples maybe look to Him as our example and do likewise we pray this in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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